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Controversy in Zion

 by Niall Bradley

Germany1940 vs. Israel 2009

Israel’s colonization of Palestine is relentless. It’s become a pivotal issue in countries’ relations with Israel, but only to the extent that non-Israelis lip-synch their disapproval at press conferences while surrendering their conscience behind closed doors.

This curious ability of a tiny nation to bring tremendous pressure to bear upon the world’s leaders exemplifies the psychopath’s ability to subvert the will of others to do its bidding, only it’s happening on a macro-social scale.

The psychopaths of Israel are not exclusively the cause of this bizarre situation however – it requires the active participation and support of ‘like-minded people’ at every stage. They implicitly, or even explicitly in some cases, agree upon ‘the issues’ to be publicly discussed, all the while tremendous maneuvers of Machiavellian intensity and deceit take place behind the media curtain.

Despite the information veil, it’s not difficult to see the deeper schemes, although it certainly helps if you are not drugged out by the poisoned food and water supply, hypnotized by TVs, and making continuous efforts to grow in knowledge.

When it comes to the issue of Israel’s ‘illegal settlements’ in Occupied Palestine, dissent is permissible so long as it’s limited to criticism of territory yet to be colonized. It’s as ludicrous as trying to appease a psychopath with: “Please, Mr. Psychopath! Please stop there! When is enough enough?!”

It’s never enough. They cannot be appeased. Once Israel has its flag in the ground, woe betide the politician who looks to the past. The world leader who hits closest to the mark is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He reminds everybody from time to time that the ENTIRE settlement of Israel is illegal, immoral and a curse upon the Middle East. And for that, Israeli politicians want to exterminate him and, we must assume, countless Iranian civilians.

As Gaza notched its thousandth day under brutal siege last month, Vice President Biden arrived in the ‘Holy Land’ to talk shop with America’s regional partner in war crime. The Israeli government extended a welcoming slap in the face by announcing plans to build 1,600 homes for Jewish Orthodox Zealots in East Jerusalem, just as he was to sit down for the state dinner.

Ideally, Biden would have responded by getting back on his plane and flying home, but he played out the humiliation and meekly condemned the move, opening a month of speculation in the mainstream media about “tension in US-Israeli relations.” But if Biden was feeling the tension, he certainly masked it well, declaring on his visit to Theodore Herzl’s tomb: “You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.

I also see myself as a Zionist.” The Associated Press informed us that US Secretary of State Clinton “delivered a stinging rebuke” to Netanyahu, who brazenly claimed to be “unaware” that Israel’s Interior Ministry intended to announce the annexation of a suburb of Jerusalem on the day of Biden’s visit.

Israel certainly anticipated Palestinians’ reactions to the move, sealing the West Bank for several days as widespread protests threatened to become an insurrection. Netanyahu possesses a deft hand when it comes to applying game theory to eke out maximum possible territorial advantage. He pulled off the same ‘who, me?’ maneuver during his first stint as psychopath-in-chief of Israel in the 1990s:

Jordan had signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1994 only to see the architect of that accord, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, gunned down by an Israeli terrorist in 1995. When Netanyahu won the elections that followed, Jordan’s late King Hussein had hopes he could work with Bibi.

Hussein tried to build confidence by receiving the Israeli prime minister in Amman in August 1996, only to have the Israelis begin digging a tunnel under Muslim holy places in Jerusalem a few days later.

In February 1997, Hussein invited Netanyahu to Amman again, hoping to improve the atmosphere, but the next day the Israelis announced approval of a whole new Jewish neighborhood, Har Homa, to be built in East Jerusalem. In both cases the timing seemed planned not only to embarrass King Hussein, but to implicate and weaken him.

Finally, King Hussein wrote bluntly to Netanyahu: “You are destroying peace. I have no trust in you.” In his response to the king, Netanyahu professed to be “amazed by your personal attack.” (‘A Third Muslim-World War?’ Newsweek, March 18, 2010)

Palestine:  Girls Running
Palestinian children run to take cover during clashes between Palestinian and Israeli soldiers, not seen, in the West Bank city of Hebron, Thursday, Feb. 25, 2010. Palestinians in Hebron continued to protest Thursday over the Israeli decision to recognize a disputed West Bank shrine as one of its national heritage sites.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned earlier this week that the region could plunge into a “religious war” over the decision. (AP Photo/Nasser Shiyoukhi)

When Obama  impotently chastized the Israeli government about the “peace process”, “illegal settlements” the right-wing mad dogs in Israel went wild with derision. When he then sought to reassure them with a reference to the “need to confront Iran” they called him “anti-Semitic, pro-Arab and an agent of the PLO.” I suppose there’s no pleasing a right-wing fanatic.

Even Netanyahu’s brother-in-law got in on the act. Meanwhile IRmep (Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy) published documents pertaining to the FBI and other US government agencies’ ongoing investigations into Israel lobby group AIPAC.

They detail how Israelis are “compromising the authority of the President of the United States” by leaking information to US Congress, going behind the backs of US industry giants by “tactically divulging” classified documents, “usurping” the authority of the US government and confirming that at least one member of AIPAC’s staff is an asset of Israeli intelligence.

Given that Obama’s Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emmanuel, arguably the second most powerful member of the US government is an ardent Zionist and probably an outright agent of the Mossad, what else can Obama do to dampen Israeli exuberance? Well, he could rein in AIPAC for starters.

The US Department of Justice has been formally asked (the press release didn’t say by whom, though we can assume from someone in the White House) to begin regulating AIPAC as the foreign agent of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It’s certainly been a long time coming.

Sounds promising doesn’t it? Israel overreaches, humiliating its sugar-daddy in the process, so the US reacts by keeping its agents in check and ensuring it isn’t drawn into another war for Israel. However, there’s just one little problem. Beyond press releases and disapproving op-eds in Zionist-owned media, nothing has changed on the ground.

The lobby is marching full steam ahead in the halls of Congress, practically writing the laws that will soon commence the Siege of Iran.

Israeli jets (made in the USA) pounded Gaza mid-March to the sound of deafening silence from across the Atlantic Ocean. While ‘the issue’ of illegal settlements focused on the 1,600 homes announced during Biden’s visit, the media completely overlooked a separate announcement from the Israeli government to the effect that 50,000 new housing units for east Jerusalem had been approved!

Much was made of Obama diverting a cargo of “smart-bunker-busters” destined for Israel, but re-routed to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean instead. But few have picked up on the fact that this deceptive move brings these munitions within firing range of Iran.

It’s from this strategically located island (stolen by the British and its natives forcibly expelled before being handed over to the US as an airbase) that air strikes were launched during Operation Desert Storm against Iraq and currently against Afghanistan. I think Keith Johnson hit the nail on the head in his analysis of this sleight of hand:

This announcement brought cheers and jeers from opposite ends of the political spectrum while leaving those in the middle, well…perplexed. […] The diplomatic theatre going on between Israel and the Obama administration has everybody fooled. But this entire political circus is purely for public consumption.

The short-term goal is to create the illusion that there is a riff between the two nations, while the larger scheme is intended to give Israel complete inculpability when the U.S. finally decides to strike Iran. […]

But by creating the illusion that those weapons were intended on being delivered to Israel, the contrived “last-minute decision” to divert them to housing on Diego Garcia appears to be merely an innocuous logistics decision.[…] This is not a place where bombs go to sit in storage. This is a place they go before they’re launched. […]

This strategy to make Israel look like an estranged child from its parent gives them complete deniability once the bombs start dropping. They believe that this staged feud between Israel and the U.S. will put the kibosh on any allegations that the two are working in concert.

But behind the scenes, they hope to provoke Iran into a retaliatory strike on Israel in order to lend justification for their involvement and compel the American people to come to their defense. […]

Such is the game being played on us concerning Obama, his motivations and his true relationship with Israel. He’s a Muslim… He’s a Jew… He’s black… He’s white… He’s for Israel…He’s against Israel. It’s all drama, intended on keeping the audience confused and deceived. (‘Lights, Camera, Distraction!’ March 19)

It’s no coincidence that this public tantrum in US-Israeli relations happened on the eve of AIPAC’s annual war party in Washington, DC… with Netanyahu as its guest of honor. There was no “stinging rebuke” from Clinton this time as she told the delegates exactly what they wanted to hear.

What else could she say, given that nearly every Congressman and woman signed a letter to her supporting Israel’s Yahweh-given right to conquer what remains of Palestine? The strongest card that Emperor Obama could play in this charade was to stand Netanyahu up for dinner.


The conference ended to the news that Israel intends to rev up its colonization with plans to triple the number of settlements across the West Bank, while the IAF stepped up indiscriminate bombing raids on hapless Gaza. Israeli “Defense” Minister Ehud Barak made use of the all-Zionist parade at the AIPAC war party by securing another massive arms deal from the Pentagon. That’s chutzpah for you folks.

And yet, I do wonder if a real schism is developing between the US and Israel. Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor at makes a good case for this being so (‘The Special Relationship is Dead,’  March 16, 2010).

The problem is that the US is so thoroughly double-crossed by its partner in every sphere that any attempt to remove the parasite’s tentacles puts the country in mortal danger. For now, Obama is staying on message about the Israeli fantasy of Iranian nukes.

This episode has only emboldened Israel to brutalize the Palestinians some more, their US-made-to-order jets, helicopters and tanks terrorizing Gazans over the Easter weekend. In fact, Israel is menacing all its neighbors in the knowledge that it has the US over the barrel of a gun.


See larger image

9/11 The Ultimate Truth (Paperback)By (author) Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Joe Quinn 

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Dear All,

My day began with a phone call from Issa Souf (the same man as below, written Isa Suf).  I was at the hospital accompanying my spouse for a doctor’s appointment.  Issa lives in Hares.  He called to notify me that a house was being demolished. 

 At first I thought that it was his, and chills ran up my spine.  Issa was shot by an IOF soldier 8 years ago, when he went outside, unarmed, to get the women and children in, after he’d been informed by phone of an IOF incursion.  He survived, but has been in a wheel chair ever since, paralyzed from the waist down, thanks to a dum dum bullet exploding in his spine. 

 His oldest son was 2 months at the time.  Issa had been a physical ed instructor.  That, the doctors said, was apparently what saved his life.  His body was strong and in good shape. The army settled with him about 2 years ago.  But that would not stop the IOF from demolishing his home.  His house in fact has a demolition order on it, as do many other homes in Hares. 

The paper informing a resident about a pending demolition can come many years before the actual destruction takes place.  Palestinians do not receive permits to build or to add on to their homes, and so build without permits to meet the growth of their expanding families.  Why, in any event, should they need permits from the Israeli army???

After speaking with Issa, I phoned several contacts to try to get people to Hares to witness the event and to relate it.  But Neta had already talked to most of them.  So another family in Hares tonight has no home.  And also a family in El Khadar, whose home was demolished with all its contents—the family was not given even a smidgeon of time to remove its furnishings, clothing, pots and pans, family albums, etc etc etc. 

Can you imagine losing your home within a few minutes?  Can you imagine what it is like to see your domain, your comfort turn within minutes into rubble?

The reports following the one on the demolition give a smattering of what it is like to be a Palestinian in the West Bank and in Gaza.

The 4th and 5th items close this message with more news about the military order allowing mass deportations from the West Bank.  The army claims that it won’t deport.  We shall see.  I for one do not trust the army to keep its word.   The final message (the 5th) is Amira Hass’s analysis of what could happen.

Hope to bring you happier reading some day.


1. Ynet Wednesday, April 14, 2010    

Home Demolitions

Palestinians: Israel resumes demolition of West Bank homes,7340,L-3875955,00.html

Bulldozers raze illegal structures in Hares village; resident says act ‘politically-motivated response to recent events’

Ali Waked Published:  04.14.10

Bulldozers belonging to the Civil Administration razed structures in a Palestinian village located in the northern West Bank on Wednesday.

Local Palestinians said that the razing, which was supervised by IDF forces, was the first in months.

They claimed the bulldozers wrecked a home in the village of Hares, and then began razing a number of tin shacks that contain a carwash, a marble factory and other businesses.

IDF officials said the razed home was not occupied, adding that the structures in question were built without the necessary permits.

Hares resident Isa Suf told Ynet, “The residents were surprised by the arrival of the demolition crew, and the home-owner was not warned ahead of time. He was at work.

“This is apparently a politically-motivated response to the recent events. We have no idea where this destruction will end,” he said.

Palestinian sources said the Civil Administration razed another home in the village of el-Hader, near Bethlehem. They said the family of seven residing there was not given ample time to gather its belongings from the house, adding that the family’s home had been destroyed by Israel in the past.

 Earlier Wednesday, Ynet reported that the IDF has been relaying messages to the Palestinian Authority asking that it work towards curbing riots and demonstrations in the West Bank, particularly those surrounding the security barrier.

The army fears the protests may lead to further escalation, and IDF Central Command chief Major-General Avi Mizrahi has ordered a series of measures aimed at defusing tensions.


2. Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEYouth Shot in the Leg by Israeli Soldiers near the Nahal Oz Border Crossing

Mahmoud Shawa a 19 year old resident of Shaja’iyya district of Gaza
City, received a wound from a live round in his leg while
participating in a peaceful demonstration near Nahal Oz border
crossing. Mahmoud was urgently transported by an ambulance to the
Shifa Hospital in Gaza City bleeding heavily and suffering from
shock.The bullet entered at the back of the knee area and exited at
the other side and the x-ray shows that it nearly missed the bone.

The demonstration was a part of regular weekly protests against the
300 metre buffer zone imposed by Israel as a no-go area for
Palestinians, where live fire is frequently used against the
‘trespassers’. A group of over one hundred local residents and
activists from different civil society organizations and political
parties started marching towards the border at 11.30. They came under
the extensive live fire almost from the start which came from about 20
Israeli soldiers and at least 5 army vehicles which were visible at
the other side of the border wire.

The majority of demonstrators marched to about 400 metres away from
the border line and a group of about 30 including Mahmoud, went
further waving Palestinian flags. Mahmoud was wounded on the spot
about 150 meters from the border wire. The opposition to the buffer
zone has been on the increase in the recent months mobilizing with
burgeoning numbers of participants. The protests now take place
almost daily in different locations alongside the border.
Unfortunately firing at peaceful demonstrators have also become more
frequent with 4 demonstrators receiving bullet wounds in the recent
Land Day demonstrations in Abbassin and Magazi areas.

For more information including media inquiries call Mohammed Al Zak,
Popular Campaign Against the Buffer Zone on 0599461908

Ryan Olander – Media Coordinator
International Solidarity Movement


3. Haaretz , April 14, 2010

Mosque vandalized as settlers attack Palestinian village

By Chaim Levinson, Haaretz Correspondent 

 More than 300 olive trees were uprooted and two cars set alight in the West Bank village of Hawara in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Stars of David and the word ‘Mohammed,’ as well as racist slogans, were also sprayed in Hebrew across the town, including on the walls of a mosque.

A military official told Army Radio that the army suspected settler violence against Palestinians, part of some settlers’ policy of imposing a ‘price tag’ on a government order to freeze Israeli construction in the West Bank.

As part of the strategy, settlers from nearby Yitzhar have launched numerous attacks on Palestinians, including an arson attack on a mosque in December 2009.

Responding to news of the incident, Itamar Ben-Gvir, a spokesman for the right-wing Jewish National Front party, said:

“We are talking about a hostile village that has been the source of a large number of violent attacks against the residents of Yitzhar.”

He added: “The time has come for the Arabs to understand that Jews are not suckers and that Jewish blood will not be shed without consequence.”

The Israel Defense Forces condemned the attacks, promising to investigate and bring the attackers to justice. Shin Bet, the security service, will also open an inquiry into the incident, Haaretz has learned.

“The IDF conveyed a message to the Palestinians through the Civil Administration [which governs Israeli-controlled parts of the West Bank]to reassure them that the IDF takes the matter of harming or vandalizing of holy sites very seriously,” the army said in a statement.

“It should be noted that the Civil Administration erased the graffiti this morning.”

Tensions between Hawara residents the nearby settlements of Yitzhar have flared in recent weeks after two settlers were wounded when stones were thrown at them, one suffering permanent neurological damage.


4. Haaretz Wednesday, April 14, 2010  

Israel assures PA: We won’t deport Palestinians to Gaza

By Avi Issacharof 

Israel sent a calming message to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday, assuring him that Israel does not intend to harm residents of the Gaza Strip currently living in the West Bank, in light of a recent Haaretz report that a new Israel Defense Forces order will enable mass deportation from the West Bank.

According to the report, a new military order aimed at preventing infiltration was to come into force, enabling the deportation of tens of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank, or their indictment on charges carrying prison terms of up to seven years. Under the order, tens of thousands of Palestinians will automatically become criminal offenders liable to be severely punished.

“There is no truth in the publications that Israel intends to deport Gazans residing in the West Bank,” Brigadier-General Eitan Dangot, the coordinator of government activities in the Palestinian territories, told top Fatah official Hussein a-Sheikh during a phone conversation.

A-Sheikh told Haaretz that Dangot requested he pass the message on to Abbas, saying that “he [Dangot] explained that the order has been in place since 1969 and promised that not a single person will be deported to Gaza.”

“Regarding the security decisions, we agreed that we would cooperate as we have in the past,” said a-Sheikh about his conversation with Dangot, adding that “there is no intention to treat residents of the west Bank who are originally from Gaza as ‘illegal’. 

A-Sheik added that “Dangot said that Israel would not enable tourists who enter Israel with a visa to enter the Palestinian territories.”

However a-Sheikh also criticized the very existence of the military order which has existed since 1969, saying that it violated agreements signed between Israeli and the PA in 1994, and proves that Israel is still trying to enforce its sovereignty on the territories.

“Israel is still trying to enforce the occupation laws in the West Bank and does not recognize the West Bank and the Gaza strip as a separate geographical unit,” a-Sheikh said, adding that “these are signs that Israel wants to maintain the occupation laws as they are in the West Bank.” 


5. Haaretz , April 14, 2010

The right to deport

By Amira Hass 

 When Maj. Gen. Gadi Shamni, who was commander of the IDF’s units in Judea and Samaria, signed a military order six months ago in which 10 different variations of the Hebrew root for the word “deport” appeared, it seemed neither he or the faceless army jurists who formulated the edict verified which week the order would come into effect. As it turned out, the amended “order to prevent infiltration (into the West Bank)” coincided with the saddest of April’s days.

Once the order’s implications were published and once human rights organizations and the Palestinian grassroot groups and officials began fighting it, Israeli security sources sought to calm fears.  Advertisement

There is nothing new in this order, they say. The (military) law has always permitted the expulsion of illegal sojourners. Contrary to what has been written, the new edict is designed to ameliorate the lot of the individual being expelled by allowing for judicial oversight.

On March 25, the Hamoked Center for the Defense of the Individual dispatched a letter to current GOC Central Command Maj. Gen. Avi Mizrahi warning the officer of the danger inherent in enforcing the order. If the edict contains no new provisions, then why didn’t the military authorities offer clarifications to Hamoked’s legal experts before it reached the press?

The Israel Defense Forces’ reassurances address a second order, which joined the above-mentioned order against infiltration. This second order concerns the establishment of a military judiciary committee to examine the deportation process.

The army’s attempt to pacify public opinion ignores the main order and ignores the accumulated changes – for the worse – that the Israeli government introduced limiting Palestinian freedom of movement and residency.

By what right? By Israel’s right as a military regime that is above all. The vague language used in the order combined with the gradual changes are enough to sound the warning siren. This ambiguousness is not just any ordinary slip of the tongue.

Army order number 1650 expands the legal definition of infiltrator, the criminal, so that it can immediately be applied to the following population groups: Palestinians (and their offspring) who lost their residency status due to Israel’s actions since 1967; Palestinians whose ID lists them as Gazans; and foreign nationals.

That is killing many birds with one stone – birds who are already in the West Bank and those who plan to commit the crime of “infiltrating” it.

The goals are to limit the population growth of Palestinians in the West Bank; to complete the process of severing the Palestinian population in Gaza from West Bank society (in violation of the Oslo Accords); and to deter foreign nationals joining the popular struggle against the occupation (see: IDF raids in Ramallah in search of foreigners).

But the order also has the potential to add more categories of “infiltrators.”

The new key word in the amended edict is “permit,” without which an individual will be considered an infiltrator. Over the last 20 years Israel has instituted a complicated system of travel and residency permits for the Palestinians in the West bank and Gaza.

“Permit” is a euphemism for prohibition. The more Israeli politicians spoke of a two-state solution, the more complicated this regime of travel restrictions between Gaza and the West Bank became. The tentacles of this regime, which made travel between Gaza and the West Bank more difficult, and limited entry to individuals in certain areas of the West Bank, branched out further and further.

There are bans that were instituted for emergency periods and were later suspended. But the ban on living or entering without a permit to the area that lies between the Green Line and the separation fence – be it your home or land – remains in place. One mustn’t forget that permits are given sparingly.

When one takes into account Israel’s policy of disconnecting East Jerusalem from the West Bank, it is quite possible that the military ban on Palestinian East Jerusalemites entering areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority without a permit will be renewed.

The military commander of the area reserves his right – a right taken by force of arms and military coercion – to concoct new permits. The order implies that new permits/prohibitions might be invented, and more individuals defined as infiltrators.

Is this impossible? Is this the product of delusions? The delusional did in fact happen to the residents of the Gaza Strip. Since January 1991, Israel has instituted restrictions on their travel to education or residence in the West Bank. Now, as of 2000, they are even officially classified as illegal sojourners there.

Since 2007, those few Gazans who are permitted to exit the Strip are also required to apply for a permit to stay in the West Bank.

The regime, which constantly invents new types of permits, has become the trademark of Israel’s military rule. It grants junior and senior commanders the right usually reserved for authoritarian rulers or military dictators to determine whether people are able to study and where they can work, live or travel. It even allows them to decide whom they can marry. The new edict expands the right of the ruler to expel. 


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Shlomo Avineri? disgusting

It was strange to commemorate Yom Hazikaron in Gaza, during another demonstration at the buffer zone (No bullets. They would come the next day).

My Arabic teacher suggested that maybe the Israelis would interpret the march as a threat to their security.  So I wondered what the sniper training his gun on peaceful Palestinians from his watch-tower was thinking; if he was thinking of the Holocaust.

Anyway, the day before I had read Shlomo Avineri’s despicable essay in Haaretz:

One sametimes encounters the Palestinian argument that there is a basic injustice in the fact that they appear to have to pay the price for Europe’s crimes during the Holocaust. It’s true, of course, that Nazi Germany and its allies, and not the Palestinians, are those guilty of perpetrating the Holocaust.

Nonetheless, any argument that links the establishment of the State of Israel exclusively to the Holocaust ignores the fact that modern Zionism preceded the annihilation of the Jews in World War II, even if the Holocaust clearly strengthened the claim for Jewish sovereignty.

Yet the Arab argument that places all responsibility on Europe is not completely correct. When the Arab revolt against British rule in Palestine broke out in 1936, its aim was to change the British position, which had supported Jewish immigration to Palestine since the Balfour Declaration.

The revolt was also meant to hurt the Jewish community and discourage Jews who were planning to immigrate. The British, in time-honored colonial tradition, cruelly suppressed the revolt, assisted by the Jewish community and helped by the British Mandatory government.

Guilt for the Holocaust lies with Nazi Germany and its allies. But an untold number of Jews, perhaps as many as hundreds of thousands – including my grandparents from the Polish town of Makow Podhalanski – were not saved and did not reach Mandatory Palestine because of the position taken by the Arabs:

They succeeded in shutting the country’s gates during the darkest hour of the Jewish people. Anyone seeking reconciliation between us and the Palestinians must insist that both sides be attentive to the suffering of the other side, and that goes for the Palestinians as well as for us.

Put aside Avineri’s bullshit claim that the Holocaust “clearly strengthened the claim for Jewish sovereignty,” except in the obvious historical sense that guilt over the Holocaust contributed to the swell of support that led to the founding of Israel. (I think Avineri means “claim” normatively.) Avineri’s argument that “the Arab argument that places all responsibility on Europe is not completely correct,” because Arabs tried to shut the gates to Palestine in 1939, and Jewish immigration was cut off drastically, still, is considerably worse.

1939 was not the “darkest hour of the Jewish people.” Systematic extermination–genocide–had not started then. That wasn’t until 1942. What Avineri is saying, shorn of dis-ingenuousness, is that the Palestinians should have consented to national self-immolation because Jews were being persecuted in Europe, and because the Palestinian people didn’t accede to Jewish immigration as a component of a settler-colonial project, the same as any people would resist a settler-colonial project, they are responsible for the deaths of Jews who were not allowed into Palestine, even though the rest of the world turned them down, too.

Anyone can be held responsible for anything using such a ridiculous, fun-house measuring tool. Avineri is correct that responsibility should be shared. Nazis, Europeans generally; America, Australians. But anyone serious about distributing blame for the deaths of European Jewry wouldn’t resort to stateless Palestinians. The Jews of Europe were not desperate to flee from one conflict zone to another, anyway.

Avineri ducks and weaves around any phrasing edging close to: “Arabs/Palestinians are in part responsible for Jewish deaths in the shoah.” He does have a little shame. But there is no question that this is what he means. Otherwise, what’s the point of the essay? To narcissistically reflect on Jewish suffering? (That, too).  To effect “reconciliation” between Arabs and Jews? Because Palestinians have something to be penitent about other than being born here?

Here’s a suggestion for Avineri, if he wants reconciliation, with no quotation marks: stop abusing the memory of the Holocaust to justify the abuse of the Palestinians, and stop blaming them for anti-Semitism and its worst manifestations.

Anti-Semitic is a classically European bigotry. A position that blames the Palestinians for not surrendering their territory to Zionist settlers is one that is creating hierarchies of human beings: classical racism. You don’t reconcile two national groups when you insist that one has less rights than the other. You inlay bigotry and breed fury.

Any day of the year, that would be despicable. But on the day that Jews commemorate the Holocaust, isn’t promoting bigotry more sickening, sad, pathetic, tragic?

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“Racheli Gai” <>

Add sender to Contacts

“Racheli Gai” <>
Here is a good little summary.
I'd insert my opinion here, to claim that to my mind this is a great achievement, and a great
step forward, regardless of the final outcome of this particular bill.

The UC Berkeley divestment debate was a 12-hour nail biter. At one point, the Associated Students of the University of California Berkeley (ASUC) cast their vote: 12 votes to overturn veto of divestment at UC Berkeley. 7 votes in favor of veto. 1 abstention.

1 vote short of the number need to overturn President Smelko’s veto and divest from two companies–General Electric and United Technologies–that directly profit of off and sustain Israel’s military occupation and violations of Palestinian human rights.

But the debate raged on, and after 12 hours of testimony, debate, lobbying, and cheers, the ASUC tabled the motion to vote on at another time.

What happened last night and into this morning at UC Berkeley was amazing. A diverse coalition organized around human rights, made up of Israelis and Palestinians; Jews, Christians, and Muslims; students and members of the community; people of color and representatives of the LGBT-Q community; organized to challenge a status quo of silence and support for Israel’s violations of international law.

When divestment was first introduced at UC Berkeley 8 years ago, student activists couldn’t even get ASUC to consider a bill. Now, a majority of ASUC Senators support the bill, and only 1 abstention blocked divestment.

Even that 1 vote wasn’t enough to kill divestment–the motion has now been tabled, and will be taken up again by ASUC next week.

Regardless of the final vote, this night will go down in history. How often do we have 12 hour teach-ins, with Holocaust survivors and Nakba survivors speaking out about war crimes in the presence of representatives from the Israeli consulate? How often do student governments hear testimonies from refugees, from people who lost relatives in the assault on Gaza, from Israeli and Palestinian activists committed to human rights?

Cecilie Surasky, of US Campaign member group Jewish Voice for PeaceTweeted live from the debate. At one point she wrote: “This experience will change the lives of every student here. This discussion has to happen on every campus.”

We couldn’t agree more. This is exactly the conversation and the coalition building that needs to happen on every campus–the conversation about U.S. government and institutional complicity in Israeli war crimes, the conversation about what can be done to end that complicity, and the building of a coalition to do just that. The status quo–in Congress, on U.S. campuses, and in our communities–is silence and implicit (if not explicit) support for human rights violations against Palestinians. The UC Berkeley divestment debate has shattered that silence. We urge all of you to find your voice.

The decision to table the vote on divestment means that you can still send a message supporting divestment to ASUC student senators. Seize this opportunity to join one of the most interesting debates of our time, send an email to UC Berkeley Student Senators.

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This is your opportunity to put your concerns about human rights to Birmingham candidates for Parliament and for Birmingham City Council. The meeting has been organized by Human Rights For All, a cross-Birmingham group comprising a number of organisations concerned with human rights.

We would like our prospective candidates to commit themselves to resolving the Palestinian issue as a matter of priority. British foreign policy encourages human rights violations; in particular, Britain continues to support the Zio=Nazi regime in ‘Israel’ when it should be using its influence in the international community top ensure that the Zionist state  complies with its international obligations.

Venue: Carrs Lane Church Centre, Carrs Lane, Birmingham B4 7SX.


This is what the group would like you to do:

i) write to your candidates about your concerns on human rights*
ii) send any responses to the group
(humanrightsbirmingh am@yahoo. so that these can be publicised
iii) assist the group on street stalls planned for the election
iv) write to your candidates asking them to come to the hustings meetings

As you will have read in the previous newsletter, PSC national has an election campaigning tool at http://iparl. com/election- psc which you can use to identify your Parliamentary candidates and obtain a model letter/e-mail text. This sets out PSC’s six election pledges to which candidates are asked to commit – there is a briefing note on these on the site. If you wish, PSC national office will forward the e-mail to candidates on your behalf.


Venue : Shaheed Udham Singh Centre, 346, Soho Road, Handsworth, Birmingham B21 9QL

############ ######### #####

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To: “New Profile Info List” <>

The following item, reporting on the upcoming Chicago Hearing and elaborating on one of its major topics: US aid to Israel , was compiled cooperatively with The Only Democracy? editor, Jesse Bacon, and posted earlier today (April 15) on the The Only Democracy? website. The version on the site also offers a link (at the end) to a shorter version of Shlomo Swirsky’s 2008 followup to his 2004 report, “The Cost of Occupation.” The followup report is titled, “The Burden of Occupation.”

 Rela Mazali


A Bailout For Arms Dealers: US Aid and the Israeli Budget

April 15th, 2010 | by Rela Mazali | Add a Comment

By Rela Mazali and Jesse Bacon

The US Congress has shamefully abdicated its oversight role in US foreign policy and has become an apologist for the worst policies of the Israeli Government, all the while sending Israel billions of dollars in aid. Fortunately activists are not waiting for the US Congress to act. They are staging their own investigation, a first of its kind event.

The Chicago Hearing is modeled after a Congressional hearing and will be webcast live from a link on the home page. The Chicago Hearing will bring together witnesses to tell seldom-heard stories from Israel-Palestine that raise critical questions about the effects of U.S. policies in the region.

Does Israel ’s explanation of security legitimize its violations of international law? Does the U.S. government condone Israeli policies and practices that would not be tolerated if replicated in America by the U.S. government?

The Hearing highlights voices of those on the other end of the pipeline of U.S. aid to Israel . Israeli, Palestinian and American witnesses will testify to lives lost, freedoms denied and property destroyed by Israeli policies buttressed by U.S. aid and support.

The witnesses will testify to the collateral effects of U.S. policies toward Israel : military and financial aid that totaled over $3 billion in 2009 as well as unconditional diplomatic support for Israel in the United Nations”.

Yotam Amit, one of the organizers, asked New Profile, a feminist, anti-militarist movement in Israel , to provide background information  about the link between US aid and undemocratic aspects of Israeli society. The following piece is based on an ensuing exchange of emails between Amit, Rela Mazali, a founding and active New Profile member (and frequent contributor to The Only Democracy?) and co-editor Jesse Bacon, incorporating excerpts from a seminal study by Israeli sociologist  Shlomo Swirsky, “The Burden of Occupation,” which can be downloaded in full here.

For  years now, groups such as the US Campaign to End the Occupation have been trying to show how US aid reduces US social spending, New Profile works in Israel to make a somewhat analogous argument. While the $3 Billion in official US Aid is vastly more then we give any other country, the impact on Israeli’s spending is obviously much greater.

Based on various studies and, in particular, Shlomo Swirsky’s “The Cost of Occupation,” we suggest that the direct effect is not the repeated slashes in Israeli social spending, but rather a camouflaging of the fact that these slashes are the neoliberal policy of choice benefiting the economic and security elite, under the guise of necessary “security spending.” According to Swirsky,

It can be said that the American administration allowed Israel to conduct its military operations against the Palestinian Authority under highly favorable domestic political conditions. The government was not forced to strain the local capital market or to raise taxes, steps that would have distressed Israel ’s more affluent stratum.

This is the very stratum that, if faced with the threat of carrying a heavier financial burden, might have been able to press the government to consider changing its policy regarding the occupied Palestinian territories. As early as the first Intifada, the business community was reportedly ‘fed up with the devaluation of the benefits it derived from the occupation and with the increasing burden the occupation imposed on it’(Levy, 2003: 172).

Notably, this is the same stratum whose children had evinced a ‘motivational crisis’ regarding their service in the I.D.F. during the first Intifada (see Chapter 6).” p.119

So Israeli’s elites are not being inconvenienced by the Occupation. How can we change that?

The 2003 request for loan guarantees was not the first time Israel had turned to the U.S. for this type of assistance. About a decade earlier, in 1992, during the Rabin administration, Israel asked for American guarantees to fund the absorption of thousands of new immigrants from CIS countries. Then, the American government stipulated that it would grant the request only if Israel froze its settlement activity in the Palestinian territories.

In contrast, the guarantees requested in 2003 were not used to promote Israel ’s society or economy; they were utilized to fund continuation of the occupation, and they enabled the Israeli government to exempt affluent citizens from picking up the tab.” p. 119.

The 1992 Loan Guarantees are infamous as a source of tension between the US and Israel , with then-president George Bush the Elder threatening to cut them off. Obviously no such threat was made in 2003.

Until the second Intifada … no Israeli government had taken such extreme measures as the Sharon governments, and under normal conditions, it is highly unlikely that any government would have considered recommending such measures, wrapped as packages to be delivered in a flurry to the Knesset for hasty approval.

It is hard to imagine such far-reaching steps being taken without the prevailing atmosphere of the Intifada, particularly following the suicide bombings on buses and in restaurants and banquet halls. The combination of ‘military emergency’ and ‘danger of fiscal and financial collapse’ set the stage for the administration to take these drastic steps. … ‘even if we consider this military policy as a given, there were still other routes the government could have taken, such as increasing the capital gains tax; raising income tax for the upper income brackets – or at least not reducing it; imposing a war loan; cutting the salaries of senior government officials, local government officials, and high-ranking military officers; cutting the ‘fat’ in the military budget; or reducing government benefits to well-to-do sectors of the population, among them residents of the Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories.

The option chosen was to make cuts whose main effect was to lower the standard of living of Israel’s middle and lower classes.” p.122

Indeed, a June 2003 article by Akiva Eldar suggested that the US directly interfered with Israeli elections through its loan guarantees supporting the incumbent government which went on to a big victory.

Less then three months ago the Israeli government fell apart over a dispute between Likud and Labor over how the budget pie should be divided on both sides of the Green Line.

(Past Labor Party Prime Minister) Shimon Peres said last week during a campaign speech in Ramat Gan that Israel spent no less than $60 billion on the settlements, which he called ‘fanning the flames of the conflict’ – the equivalent of 20 years American aid. Amram Miztna (Labor Party candidate)  is trying to persuade the voters that the key to their physical and economic security is to be found in disengagement from the territories and the return of most of the settlers to the state of Israel .

And now, less than three weeks before the decision is made on Election Day, the U.S. is telling the Israeli voter that the Likud can preserve security, deepen the occupation and get funding from Uncle Sam.

Before the first word has been spoken in the discussions scheduled for today in Washington about the special aid and loan guarantees, the Israeli public is getting the message that the leader of the free world is pleased with the policies of the Sharon-Eitam (Likud Party) government:”

To conclude, the ’security threat’ actively perpetuated by successive Israeli governments–through their choices of continued occupation and repeated warfare–has provided an effective smoke screen allowing the extremely swift implementation of radically neoliberal economic policies.  Recurring severe slashes in social budgets result from these policies rather than the needs of ‘national security’.

But the official, as well as media, focus on national fear and ‘national security’ has successfully stemmed social unrest and potential protest. Meanwhile, these budget cuts actually feed directly into tax breaks for the highest salaried employees and richest property owners in the market. And the oversize, well heeled ’security’ apparatus stoking conflict while deflecting social resistance is bolstered annually both by a disproportionate slice of Israel’s own budget and by billions in US aid.

These same billions also directly benefit a related interest group within the US , because 75 percent of the funds are earmarked for purchases from US industry. Consequently, it’s no wonder that the aid agreement between the U.S. and Israel has for some years now been changing the ratio of military to civilian aid, increasing the former while incrementally canceling the latter.

As journalist Moti Bassok wrote in 2007,”Each year throughout the present agreement civilian aid was reduced by $120 million, while military aid grew $60 million. As of next year, annual U.S. aid will [… be] all military,” forming an integrated enabling component of Israel ’s continuing and destructive militarization.

It would seem that the economic and political elites of both the US and Israel have vested interests in continuing Israel ’s militarization, occupation and choice of warfare. Personally, we believe that it’s left to us as citizens of both these countries to make maintaining those policies too costly for both regimes.

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Dear Friends,

During this period before ZioNazi’s Indepence Day, you will be hearing of the numerous wonders that Zionist has achieved. The 4 items below offer a somewhat different picture. I have entitled the message “This is Zionism,” because they are some examples of life and behavior here.  The last of these is about an incident reported in my message yesterday, but is more detailed in the one below. 

Of course one can always find positive as well as negative incidents.  But because the Zionist PR is going out of its way to paint a beautiful rosy picture, it’s well to keep in mind the context–the Occupation and ethnic cleansing that all these ‘wonderful’ things take place within.

All the best,


1.From CPT Hebron <>


Border |Policeman Burns Palestinian Teacher with Cigarette

Paulette Schroeder

April 8, 2010

Every day teachers and students from many schools in the Hebron area must pass through several checkpoints on their way to and from school.  These checkpoints most often cause problems for a number of teenage male students and at unpredictable times for teachers and younger students. Detentions of these students and teachers at the checkpoints cause loss of school time and a disruption in the classes when the students or  teachers are late.

CPT received a very disturbing report from one of the teachers on April 6.  While this teacher was returning through the checkpoint back to his home, a Border Policeman stopped him at the Ibrahimi Mosque checkpoint and insisted that he repeat the phrase: “Yasser Arafat is a son of a bitch.”  The teacher refused this order so the policeman applied his burning cigarette end to the teacher’s chest. The lit cigarette burned two holes (see photo attached) in the teacher’s shirt and left a scar on his chest. 

          After twenty more minutes of detention, the policeman released the man.

Christian Peacemaker Teams is an ecumenical initiative to support violence reduction efforts around the world.  To learn more about CPT’s peacemaking work, visit our website Photos of our projects are at A map of the center of Hebron is at$File/ocha_OTS_hebron_oPt010805.pdf?OpenElement The same map is the last page of this report on closures in Hebron:


2. Haaretz , April 15, 2010

Letter shows gulf in funding for east, west J’lem students

By Akiva Eldar      

As far as education is concerned, East Jerusalem falls behind Tel Aviv and western part of the capital. A letter by the Jerusalem municipality legal adviser states Israeli students attending Arab schools in East Jerusalem get just over half the budget enjoyed by their cross-town peers.

According to the letter sent by Yossi Havilio to deputy mayor Yose (Peppe) Alalo (Meretz), official data he received states the municipality’s operational spending in West Jerusalem stands at NIS 408 per elementary school pupil per year, while in East Jerusalem the municipality spends just NIS 214 per pupil per year. The information applies to official and/or municipal schools. The operational budget is meant to cover water, phone, electricity and other day-to-day expenses. 

Havilio noted significant discrepancies in kindergartens, high schools and special needs schools. According to information from the municipal education administration, the sum allocated per pupil in East Jerusalem is just NIS 140 per year, but the city’s accounting department noted this does not include an additional NIS 74 per pupil per year.

The data was calculated after the municipality increased East Jerusalem school budgets by NIS 1 million. Havilio warned in his letter the budget gaps raise concerns of discrimination and infringement of the right to equality, “a basic principle in the State of Israel and in Israeli law,” and noted it might not withstand a legal challenge.

Havilio stressed the economic gaps have been in place for many years, and that the matter was brought up by the education department head during the last budget deliberations at city hall.

He rejected the claim the municipality was spending vast sums to rent buildings for schools in the east of the city, while the state is sponsoring the construction of new schools in the west. He wrote that this was irrelevant, since both the state and the municipality are obliged to provide housing for official educational institutions.

East Jerusalem has long suffered from a shortage of classrooms, and thousands of children are forced to study in cramped conditions, while others find themselves forced into private schools, including ones run by the Waqf Muslim religious trust.

A petition by the community administration for the development of Beit Hanina nine years ago prompted the Supreme Court to instruct the state to build 245 new classrooms in East Jerusalem.

The Education Ministry at the time presented plans to build 400 new classrooms over four years, but four years later the court said the authorities failed to honor the commitment.

Alalo said Havilio’s letter clearly showed discrimination against East Jerusalem. He added Mayor Nir Barkat personally committed to him to work on changing that situation.

A Jerusalem City Hall spokesman said in response that the legal adviser was “ignoring the enormous investment by city hall in the education system in the east of the city, and presenting a slanted picture that does not reflect the great efforts made by city hall on this front. In recent years, the East Jerusalem education budget was increased by 110 percent. The schools in the east of the city don’t use the Israeli curriculum and therefore have different needs.” 


3. Haaretz, April 15, 2010  

Otherwise Occupied / Can Israeli bureaucrats make job decisions at UNRWA?

By Amira Hass 

To the credit of the Interior Ministry, it must be said that it is not impressed by big names. The case before us involves a 41-year-old U.S. native whose resume is laced with prestigious institutions like Harvard University and Oxford University, work in the United States regarding labor laws and immigration, and consulting for the greatly respected South African Constitutional Court.

This is Leila Hilal, whose application to reenter Israel for work was denied. She is going through the extensive hassle typically experienced by people – mostly businessmen or academics – who are coming to work not in Israel but rather in the Palestinian Authority, or for organizations that work in the Palestinian community.

She first came to our region in 2002, as a consultant hired by the British development consultancy firm Adam Smith International, which manged, inter alia, the research project for the Negotiations Support Unit of the Palestinian Liberation Movement. For the project, it hired legal professionals and international experts on matters related to permanent status issues. The young, zealously discreet experts, who looked like yuppies from good homes, with fine educations, fit in well amid the atmosphere Ramallah was trying to broadcast – businesslike, professional, aspiring to progress.

Hilal, an expert on the development of international organizations, was employed by Adam Smith between 2002 and 2008. And no, she is not of Palestinian origin, and she does not have family here. Her obstacle course has included two denials of entry to Israel (in 2006 and 2009), forced absence from work, lobbying the American Embassy to intervene, accelerated blood pressure every time she has to renew her visa, and the accusations of border officials that she is lying by requesting a tourist visa, because after all, as she herself said, she works here. Go explain that you weren’t working in Israel but rather in Palestinian territory, and that the Palestinians don’t have the authority to issue a visa and therefore there are gentlemen’s agreements with Israel to let people like her to enter and leave the country every several months.

To all this must be added the abstruse, exhausting legalese of the state’s replies. Here is an example: “The request from the American Embassy reinforces the decision to refuse entry to Israel, as the applicant resides in Ramallah only. In light of all that has been said above, it has been decided to refuse her entry to Israel for fear she will settle.”

Is Ramallah part of Israel? Is work considered settling down? Haven’t you ever heard of international consultants who routinely work in countries that are not their own?

In September 2008, Hilal signed an agreement to work as a consultant on a special project of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East. Her contract was renewed once, and now ends on October 31.

However, the Interior Ministry is waging a new battle to end her tenure. After much difficulty and legal intervention, she was allowed to stay in the country until the end of 2009, and the Interior Ministry is refusing to grant her another visa.

Moreover, attorney Moran Braun, an assistant attorney at the Jerusalem District Attorney’s office who wrote the state’s reply to Hilal’s petition to allow her return, knows what is good for UNRWA.

“Insofar as the UNRWA organization is interested in the continuation of the project on which the petitioner was employed, the state, of course, has no objection. The state’s objection is to the petitioner filling this position … It would appear that an organization like UNRWA could find a suitable replacement for the petitioner, and work on the project would not stop only because the petitioner has left Israel.”

UNRWA, as a United Nations organization, does not get involved in legal proceedings in countries where it works, says Hilal’s attorney, Adi Lustigman of Jerusalem. Therefore it is remaining silent. However, three Israeli character witnesses have appended letters of support for Hilal: Ron Pundak of the Peres center for Peace; Israela Oron, a reserves brigadier general and now a researcher; and attorney Anat Ben Dor from the legal clinic at Tel Aviv University. All met Hilal at forums about solving the conflict, and were impressed by her professionalism.

On April 18, Judge Moshe Yoed Hacohen of the Jerusalem District Court, sitting as a court for administrative affairs, will deliberate her request to return. The state believes Hilal should not be present at the deliberation; Hacohen has ruled she can come for 72 hours, in return for a monetary deposit, even though thus far he has accepted most of the state’s positions. Thus, in December, he did not issue an interim order to enable her to remain in the country until the petition itself was deliberated.

At that time Hacohen ruled that the petitioner “has no status in the relations between UNRWA and the Israeli authorities, and since the organization applied to the relevant authorities (the Interior Ministry and the Foreign Ministry) and was turned down, the petitioner herself has no status to manage the disagreement of the organization (UNRWA) with the authorities.

“The Interior Ministry, which has been given responsibility for the country’s gates as far as noncitizens are concerned, has very broad authority to decide whether foreign citizens may visit, stay and work. The respondent is also exempt by law from the obligation to justify its position,” said Hacohen.

However, Hacohen did not accept the contention by the state or the Interior Ministry that Hilal’s attempts to receive a visa were tainted by a lack of honesty. The petitioner, noted Hacohen, “is the citizen of a country friendly to Israel and not of an enemy country.

“The refusal to grant her a work visa has not been justified by a criminal or a security reason,” he stated.

Will Hacohen rule that an Israeli bureaucrat has the right to intervene in UNRWA’s considerations and tell the UN organization to find another expert, in place of the one it has chosen 


4. Haaretz , April 15, 2010

No-one saw, no-one heard: 300 Palestinian olive trees uprooted

By Avi Issacharoff 

Some 300 olive trees belonging to Palestinians were uprooted on the night between Monday and Tuesday in groves near the village of Mihmas, close to the illegal outpost of Migron. Mihmas residents blamed settlers for the attack and said this was the third time the settlers had uprooted trees in the area.

Damaged live saplings could be seen littering the ground. Some were ripped out of the soil, and other had their slim trunks broken. The destruction appeared to have been well-organized, as trees were uprooted across a wide swathe and that required the cooperation of at least several people. The assailants apparently did not resort to saws of axes, but used their bare hands.

The owners of the trees told Haaretz that although the village was not involved in any violent confrontations with the settlers, the latter were doing everything they could to disturb village life. The deputy mayor of the village, Mohammed Al Haj (Abu Hussein) told Haaretz that in May 2008, trees were uprooted in plots close to Route 60, and in October 2009, more damage was done to local olive groves. The villagers filed complaints with the police and the Civil Administration.

The Judea and Samaria police confirmed that a complaint had been filed. The Yesh Din human rights organization told Haaretz that very few investigations of the uprooting of trees have resulted in indictments.

An Israel Defense Forces patrol passes routinely by the village, and Abu Hussein said that if the army guarded the villagers like it guards the settlers, “none of it would have happened.”

One of the grove owners who had trees damaged in the latest incident, Ali Aaref Mohammed, said some of the villagers owned groves on the other side of Route 60, close to Migron. “Every time we go there to take care of the trees, the settlers come down and start a confrontation. They’re not letting us near the trees,” he said. The financial loss to the grove owners is immense, he said. Another villager, Amran Ali Asaeid, said the damage amounted to thousands of dollars.

Abu Hussein said that every time the settlers uproot trees, the villagers will plant more. “If they uproot five acres of trees, we’ll plant six,” he said. “They won’t break us.” 

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Please send out to lists:

Israeli Peace Groups in Support of UC Berkeley Divest Bill   

Dear Members of UC Berkeley’s ASUC:

We, Israeli organizations, comprised of Jewish and Palestinian women and men, dedicated to building a just peace, promoting human and civil rights in Israel/Palestine, join the call made to the UC Berkeley Senate to overturn the veto of Senate Bill 118A and to stop investing in the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory.

It has come to our attention that the UC Berkeley student Senate voted 16 to 4 to divest from two American companies, General Electric and United Technologies, whose activities materially and militarily support and maintain the Israeli occupation, in violation of international human rights and humanitarian law.

We understand that the vote also advises divestment of ASUC and UC assets from companies that a) provide military support for the occupation of the Palestinian territories, b) facilitate the building or maintenance of the illegal apartheid wall or the demolition of Palestinian homes, or c) facilitate the building, maintenance, or economic development of illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.

We see UC’s investments in these corporations as contradictory to UC Berkeley’s commitment to international law, and the university community’s long standing commitment to peace, justice and democracy. 

As Jewish and Palestinian Israelis, we know better than most the long standing injustices of the occupation. On a daily basis we confront human rights abuses committed by the Israeli government such as land theft, blockades on civilian food supplies, systematic arrests and indefinite detentions of nonviolent demonstrators, and targeted destruction of Palestinian farm land and homes.

Far from serving to protect Israelis, these actions serve the interests of an Israeli extremist agenda which dehumanizes Palestinians, fuels rampant racism, and jeopardizes the safety of both Palestinians and Israeli citizens. 

Further, as Israelis, we reject the unsubstantiated argument that divestment delegitimizes Israel. We believe that the opposite is the case. Just as various civil rights movements served to strengthen and improve American society, our human rights groups are an integral part of the movement here which seeks to strengthen Israel/Palestine by making it a place for all of its citizens.

Apartheid in South Africa and the Jim Crow laws in the United States did not end because of silence. They ended because thousands, including students like you, took action to say NO. Like South Africa and the United States, we need citizens around the world to stand up and say NO to occupation, apartheid and oppression.

We recognize that members of the US Congress are far behind most US citizens who recognize that Israel’s illegal behaviors fuel anti-Israeli, anti-Jewish and anti-American hatred throughout the world. That is why, for the good of Israel, for the good of the United States, outside pressure from principled people, including students is needed to reverse the 43 year policy of illegal occupation.

Israel is unlike other countries that violate international law–, the US government does not hold Israel accountable for its illegal actions, making efforts like divestment necessary in encouraging corporate actors to do the right thing and in communicating to our political leadership that young people are disenchanted with US support for Israel’s occupation.

We therefore urge ASUC to overturn the presidential veto and to remove all corporations that support and maintain the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories from its investment portfolio. Do it for a better Palestinian future. Do it for a better Israeli future.

Coalition of Women for Peace


Yesh Gvul

Hithabrut – Tarabut

Union of Progressive Women 
(Affiliated with the National Progressive Assembly party – Tajamoa)

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD).

New Profile – Movement for the Civilization of Israeli Society

BOYCOTT Supporting the Palestinian BDS Call from Within  (Israeli)

Letter from Gush Shalom:

Tel-Aviv – April 10, 2010

Dear Members of UC Berkeley’s ASUC,

We, hereby join the call to stop “investing in the occupation”.

It has come to our attention that the UC Berkeley student Senate voted 16 to 4 to divest from two American companies, General Electric and United Technologies, because of their activities helping to maintain Israeli military rule in the territories occupied since 1967.

We see this as a vote for Israeli-Palestinian peace, for the upholding of human rights  and a stricter implementation of international law and thus as fitting with a university community  committed to peace, justice and democracy. 
As longtime Israeli peace activists, we know the injustices of the occupation and we have confronted them for decades.  We did that out of solidarity with the occupied Palestinians but also out of enlightened self- interest. The future of Israel and its citizens is not served by land robbery and oppressing another people.

As long as Palestinians are oppressed and don’t have their own state, the future of the state of Israel is at risk; there is no viable alternative to peace with the neighbors and integration in the region.

We therefore urge ASUC to overturn the presidential veto – for a better future for Israelis, Palestinians and the entire world.

On behalf of Gush Shalom,

Adam Keller

pob 3322, Tel-Aviv  61033





Lieberman and his pals want to keep the Cold War going.

Lieberman: Don't be a warhead
Chip in to help us fight back with ads like this one.


One year ago in Prague, President Obama declared his intention to rid the world of nuclear weapons. Yesterday, messages of support from 40,000 TrueMajority members like you were delivered to the White House while the President negotiated a great new agreement with world leaders to make our future safer.1

This big agreement comes on top of the new treaty with Russia to reduce nuclear stockpiles by 30 percent. But a group of Senate conservatives led by Joe Lieberman are stuck in a Cold War mentality, and lining up to stall the first progress in decades.2

We need the Senate to ratify that big arms reduction treaty NOW. If Lieberman and his pals succeed in stalling, we could lose the first real momentum we’ve had in decades. Can you chip in $10 right now to help us push back by running ads like this one?

Obama has called on the Senate to ratify this treaty as soon as possible.3 And with thousands of nuclear weapons at stake, each one capable of ending millions of lives, we can’t afford to wait.

But conservatives in the Senate like Lieberman, John McCain and Mitch McConnell are using Cold War logic to stall and potentially defeat the treaty.4 They think a world with more nuclear missiles makes us all safer.

We can’t let this kind fearmongering control our policy on nuclear arms. We need your help to stand up against out-dated Cold War ideas. The truth is, the world is safer with LESS nuclear bombs in it, not more.

Running this ad, and other ones like it, is our first and best defense. Putting the pressure on critics like Joe Lieberman and John McCain will help us achieve our goal of reducing nuclear stockpiles worldwide — eventually getting to a global total of zero nuclear bombs.

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Didi Remez | April 14, 2010 at 20:26 | Categories: Freedom of the Press, IDF, Satire | URL:
KammSince the gag order was lifted last Thursday(April 8 2010), the Israeli public debate has been largely engaged in indignant verbal stoning of whistle-blower Anat Kamm and journalist Uri Blau.

The most vicious attacks have focused on the treasonous criminality of the theft (Kamm) and possession (Blau) of classified documents. Indeed, Kamm has been charged with “aggravated espionage.”

A few writers (albeit mostly bloggers and Haaretz columnists) have tried to provide some reasonable context.  In a country where the army is so closely integrated in society as it is in Israel, classified documents in civilian, certainly journalistic, hands are a very common occurrence. Noam Sheizaf and Amitai Sandy note how a similar incident from the recent past was closed with an ultra-light sentence and little fanfare, Yossi Gurvitch (summarized by Dimi Reider here) provides a catalog of very senior Israeli officials with a proven record of leaking top-secret documents and Yossi Melman reminds readers that the Deputy Chief of the Mossad received a slap on the wrist for a related offense.

Writing in Haaretz this morning (April 14 2010,) Aluf Benn neatly wraps this line of argument:

Let’s keep things in proportion…In a country where everyone serves in the army, all are exposed to sensitive information that cannot be erased or forgotten. Every plane of Israeli tourists abroad carries far more state secrets than Kamm’s lost compact discs…Even the closest-guarded secrets seem ludicrous in hindsight.

Satire should also have made a contribution. Sadly, there is not much of that left in today’s Israel. Eretz Nehederet (“It’s a Wonderful Country”) Channel Two TV’s Friday night program, which occasionally has a biting skit in its lineup, was off last week.

GottfriedCoteret readers may remember up and coming Israeli journalist Danit Gottfried, who broke the news that Pastor John Hagee was funding Im Tirzu, the group behind the NIF smear campaign. Gottfried is now trying to rectify the situation. Proclaiming “One document found, 1,999 to go” (Kamm reportedly took 2,000 documents), she posted on her Facebook wall a classified document found in the depths of the Ynet website.

Although it’s stamped “guarded” — level three out of five — the memo deals with an incident one would have difficulty describing as secret and still maintain a straight face. Read the full translation below (click on the image to see the original document in Hebrew.)

It’s funny stand-alone, but doubly so in the current context. Indeed, as Gottfried’s post spreads quickly on Facebook Israelis are crowd-sourcing comedy with wisecracking comments.

Armored Battalion 75 — Deputy Commander

— Guarded [“Shamur” classification”]

Re: Soldier attacked by peacock during Sunday culture day

1.      General:

a.       Description of the event: On September 9, 2005 the regiment went on a Sunday culture day to the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem. During the visit one of the soldiers provoked a peacock on display at the zoo and was attacked by it.

b.      The parties involved:

i.      Yigal Zaguri 72924690

ii.      A peacock from the Biblical Zoo

2.      Findings:

a.       Soldier Yigal Zaguri came on a visit to the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem during a Sunday culture day for the regiment.

b.      At the beginning of the visit the soldiers were told to stay away from the animals roaming freely on display at the zoo.

c.       While visiting the fowl area the soldier Yigal approached one of the peacocks and began provoking it.

d.      The peacock who saw the soldier as a threat attacked him and lightly injured him in the foot.

3.     Further findings:

a.       The peacock is a male and saw the provocation as a territorial invasion.

b.       Soldier Yigal Zaguri is known to be a problematic soldier.

c.      During the provocation another soldier was present and threw stones at the peacock.

5.      Conclusions:

a.     Cause: The attack occurred because the soldier provoked the animal.

b.     Points for future attention: Commanders’ alertness to the event and quick treatment of the casualty.

c.     Results: A light injury to soldier Yigal Zaguri’s foot.

4.      Lessons and conclusions:

a.       A safety briefing should be given before any Army visit to institutions where there is contact with animals.

b.      Units should be instructed on contact with animals at the base.

c.       Soldiers must understand the inadvisability of provoking peacocks.

For immediate distribution in all IDF command courses

Daniel Peleg, Sergeant

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