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* By Gideon Levy Haaretz *

Water trickles quietly down the rock, sending grasshoppers skittering to safety as it flows into two small ponds at the foot of the hill. Fields of stubble glisten in the valley below. A gentle wind breezes by. It’s an enchanting landscape, but the abiding tranquility is just an illusion. The waters of the spring are pure, but nothing here is clean.

Like a rising fountainhead, the battle for this spring has thrust another Palestinian village into what has become known as the “white intifada.” For the past four months, the residents of the village of Nabi Saleh, accompanied by left-wing activists from Israel and abroad, have staged demonstrations over the spring, which settlers have appropriated for themselves. One more piece of stolen private land – this time for a spa in Halamish, once known as Neve Tzuf, a settlement in Samaria.

The Israel Defense Forces, of course, didn’t waste any time in declaring the spring a closed military zone on Fridays. Signs put up by the Civil Administration’s staff officer for archaeology now prohibit entry into what has been designated an “antiquities site.” On one sign, someone scrawled: “No Arabs allowed,” and also, “The Lord is the king.” Dozens of Stars of David have been plastered on the white agricultural building in the Palestinians’ fields at the foot of the spring – the settlers’ handiwork.

They’ve also come up with a name for the Palestinian spring, accompanied by a memorial plaque at the entrance: “Meir’s Spring, in blessed memory of Meir Segal, a founder of Neve Tzuf, a man of faith and deed, possessing the virtues of grace and humility, lover of the Land of Israel, who fought for its well-being and clung to its soil.”

Armed with the virtues of grace and humility or not, the settlers took it upon themselves to install tables, camping benches and lean-tos at the site; one table is bound to a tree with an iron chain. There is also a barbecue set up and the remnants of a hafla, a large feast, with an empty orange juice bottle lying nearby. Yet another picnic site in the large and promised land, recommended for use on Shabbat and holidays. “Meir’s Spring,” always and for all time, it’s all theirs.

Only one minor detail has been overlooked: The spring lies in the heart of private land belonging to the inhabitants of the adjacent village, Nabi Saleh. The villagers, prevented from working the fields around the spring by the settlers’ threats – which are backed up by the army’s might – decided to launch a different, declaredly nonviolent struggle, through which they regularly attempt to return to the spring to reclaim their land. Dozens have already been wounded or arrested.

Read more at Haaretz

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 by Gordon Duff



By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Rumors of an upcoming terror attack to be blamed on Iran are moving around the world, “backchannel chatter.”  The primary suspect is Israel who is said to have a number of small “suitcase” type nuclear weapons, some primarily “dirty bombs,” possibly supplied secretly by a previous US administration. 

These devices are in the “40 ton” range, highly radioactive, extremely small and can be engineered to leave the signature of a primitive device.  They were originally designed for use against Soviet armor and troop concentrations in Europe if a massed attack on NATO were to occur.  Current conventional systems have made this type of weapon obsolete.

We have been told that federal authorities have interviewed, on video, a prominent individual with specific knowledge of the possession of this type of weapon.

This won’t be in the news.  All that “every day folks” will see is a story here or one there that don’t make sense.  Why would “ultra-Liberal” Senator Chuck Schumer, nightmare “anti-gun” nut, extreme lefty and staunch New York democrat turn on the president? 

In fact, why are extreme liberals and conservatives all attacking President Obama and, less visibly, our military leaders, all at the same time?  Who is orchestrating this oddest turn of political events in recent history? 

Why would the Pentagon ban Reverend Billy Graham’s son from a prayer breakfast as an “Islamophobe?” 

Dad, the famous Reverend Billy Graham, primary spiritual advisor to every American president since Harry Truman held different views.

Rev. Billy Graham openly voiced a belief that Jews control the American media, calling it a “stranglehold” during a 1972 conversation with President Richard Nixon, according to a tape of the Oval Office meeting released Thursday by the National Archives.
This stranglehold has got to be broken or the country’s going down the drain,” the nation’s best-known preacher declared as he agreed with a stream of bigoted Nixon comments about Jews and their perceived influence in American life.
“You believe that?” Nixon says after the “stranglehold” comment.
“Yes, sir,” Graham says.
“Oh, boy,” replies Nixon. “So do I. I can’t ever say that but I believe it.”
“No, but if you get elected a second time, then we might be able to do something,” Graham replies.

Consider this report as a form of “innocualtion,” meant to prevent an unseemly accident.

YouTube – Veterans Today –


Israel has never been in more trouble today, not from any imaginary Arab armies or a “holocaust” from Iran, a country with only minor defensive weaponry, a 4th rate military power, for those who really pay attention to these things.  Israel has gotten in trouble because of “chickens coming home to roost.” 

Americans and Europeans have been conditioned by the press, yes, Israel controls the press in the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere, to ignore ethnic cleansing and war crimes in Palestine.  Years of news and “infotainment” along with movies and TV series, always depicting Palestinians as crazed murders has done its job, covered mass murder in ways that Josef Goebbels could never do for Hitler.

Things started to go wrong for Israel when top military leaders became increasingly suspicious of 9/11.  None will openly admit to it, but as years have gone on, and Iraq and Afghanistan could no longer be called real security issues for the US, an unspoken movement toward lending a suspicious eye to Israeli involvement in 9/11 has festered. 

 Israel’s hand in propagandizing our news has become too obvious for trained observers to miss, with the direction not “pro-Israel” but looking more like a country covering for crimes. 

This is the potential list:

  • Possible complicity in some part of 9/11 with or without help from groups in the US and one other Middle Eastern nation known to secretly finance Israeli operations but pretending to be a “blood enemy” of the Jews
  • Israeli complicity in massive financial crimes in the US, including engineering of the sub-prime mortgage collapse as an operation meant to destabilize the United States.  That current financial reforms meant to prevent a repeat of this, pushed by President Obama (and military leaders) is opposed by groups financed by the Israeli lobby is a “smoking gun.”
  • Terrorist attacks in Iraq, Russia, Iran and Pakistan carry clear signs of involvement of one or more intelligence agencies being involved, among them Israel.
  • Israeli political machinations backed by a massive propaganda and disinformation campaign attempting to justify an unprovoked attack on Iran, disinformation including “holocaust” rhetoric and clearly falsified intelligence on Iran’s non-existent nuclear program are an almost perfect repeat of the same operation that pushed the Bush administration to mistakenly attack Iraq.  Note this classic example of disinformation propaganda, conditioning “the west” to expect a dirty bomb attack:  Debka/Israel Hoax
  • Nuclear threats made by “extremists” in Israel against Western Europe went unheeded and the desired outcry of support for an attack on Iran never materialized.  Israel would never have allowed prominent sources in its defense establishment to voice “crazy threats” to “nuke Rome” unless some purpose were served.
  • Highly orchestrated attacks on the Obama administration, now finally working in close association with top military leaders, is meant to destabilize the US.  Moving threats against the US, the engineering of a new market collapse by Goldman Sachs, an ineffective attack by Israel on Iran, cutting off all oil to the west or attempts by Israeli controlled media giants to forment civil unrest in the US are all “on the table” and being pushed forward.


The deteriorating situation in Iraq and Afghanistan have tied down so many resources that our defense capabilities, the contingency response that our defense planners have spent years creating and over a trillion dollars financing is a shambles.  We are trucking supplies hundreds of miles through enemy territory to resupply in Afghanistan, that and flying everything thousands of miles across Russia followed by more trucking, hundreds of miles across enemy territory again. 

In the process, we are paying hundreds of millions of dollars a year to our own enemies, simply to keep ourselves in Twinkies and Ho Hos.

America is saddled with an incompetent and corrupt ally who has hopelessly embroiled us in his endless and ineffective plots, all with a massive subtext of drug dealing, selling weapons to the enemy and double dealing with foreign intelligence services.

How we got here is no secret and military leaders are unhappy.  America got herself led into these disasters for the good of, not Israeli security but a series of intrigues, more like a chess match, playing country against country, while raking in cash selling weapons to everyone, including the US and India, but, less overtly, to Iran and the Taliban as well.  These are some of the worst kept secrets in the world.  Even President Obama knows, heaven forbid.


With massive control of news organization, half our top retired military leaders taking regularly paid “junkets” to Israel and 363 members of congress indicating an “unbreakable bond” with Israel, no matter what they are caught doing, and they have been caught so many times, starting with the 1956 Suez/Sinai invasion, the 1967  USS Liberty attack,  which helped Israel sell the idea that they were attacked when quite the opposite is true, the belief is that that a new “false flag” attack can be covered easily.

Who could blame Israel, poor beleaguered country, the only “democracy” in the Middle East surrounded by vicious and dirty Arabs trying to sneak in and cut throats of small children in school?

We have already seen the stories about Iran’s planned “holocaust’ and how they are going to invade Israel, a technical impossibility” and set up gas chambers, start making soap and lamp shades out of Jews. 

If anything warns America that an attack is coming, hearing both “holocaust” and seeing Charles Schumer attacking a democratic president should be warning enough.

The rumors are that the weapons are in place in Europe and the US.  “The usual suspects,” Arabs, Persians, Pakistanis, some kind of Islamic terrorist group has either been recruited, invented or is being thawed out.  News stories are in place and with 9/11, film crews are ready to be onsite. 

Witnesses will be briefed, all to say, “yes it was an Arab dirty bomb, we saw them, Middle Eastern looking, they must have bought it from North Korea.”

That kind of story would hit the news within seconds from “stunned survivors” who will suddenly disappear, returning quickly to “you know where.”

Glenn Beck will cry.


Americans have the rare privilege of seeing the GOP, NRA, Fox News and the Tea Baggers aligned with 250 or is it 300 or 400, we aren’t sure, members of congress that have signed a letter promising to support Israel, in this case, against the interests of the United States. 

The names of those involved is difficult to find.  A search of 100 stories on this subject has failed to give a list.  Blog after blog is requesting the list of those who signed the letter but even Israeli papers don’t print it.

Sites claiming to list the members signing now show “FORBIDDEN” or “NO LONGER AVAILABLE.”

What we do know is that congress’s most liberal members, those most outspoken for gun control and all of those listed by the Tea Bag movements and GOP as the most liberal and “unpatriotic” of our politicians are now lined up with the supporters of Goldman Sachs and all, the most conservative and most liberal, are signed up against the President and the Pentagon, aligned with Israel.

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, the entire “liberal” and “conservative” political hoopla of the last few years is turning out to be a subterfuge to keep Americans from uniting together to regain control of their own country, a control that, for awhile, ran our military, our intelligence services and even the oval office.

Now it runs only Congress, no party, just those addicted to AIPAC/Israeli funding more than allegiance to the United States of America.

What they may earn us through this “moral flexibility” and indifference to allegiance to their own country is another major terrorist attack.  These same members of congress will receive the call, be told how to vote, what to say and exactly what they get in return, same as with Iraq.

Ah, the foibles of living in a democracy for sale to the highest bidder!

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City Husting 22nd April 2010 Video

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Ladywood Hustings

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Saturday 1st of May 4 pm Shaheed Udham Singh Centre, 346 Soho  Road, Handsworth Birmingham B21 9QL

All Ladywood Candidates invited

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Dear Candidate

I am writing to you as the elections approaches about my concern on Human Rights both in the UK and internationally. I am particularly concerned about the impact that the erosion of human rights and civil liberties is having on some of our communities.

I would therefore like our candidates in the upcoming elections to commit themselves to upheld human rights for all and improve the lot of some of our most vulnerable communities.

I ask all candidates to commit themselves to improving the conditions of asylum seekers, in particular by:

· granting all asylum seekers the right to work;
· Ending forced evacuation to countries where asylum seekers’ safety cannot be guaranteed;
· Grnting full benefits to asylum seekers;
· Giving asylum seekers the same access to the National Health Service as the rest of us do.

I ask all candidates also to commit themselves to eliminating human rights abuses in the UK and in particular to:

· The 10 Pakistani students, either deported or facing deportation are allowed to complete their education in this country.
· We demand that the British resident still held at Guantanamo be brought back to this country.
· The newly elected local and national candidates must do everything possible to ensure the proper investigation of all allegations of complicity in torture of an ex-Guantanamo detainee by our intelligence services.

I ask also ask candidates to commit themselves to eliminating human rights abuses of the Palestinians in Israel and occupied territories. 

· The British government continues to protect Israel against charges of human rights and international law violations.
·  Israel has nor been punished for its unprecedented attack on Gaza killing over 1300 Palestinians in 2009. 
· Britain should use its influence in the international community to ensure that the State of Israel complies with its international obligations
· The British government must stop military trade with Israel as part of an overall trade boycott until Israel meets its international obligations

As you seek to represent me in the next parliament I would like to hear your views on these issues I would like you to respond with what would be your position on the concerns I have expressed in this letter.

In the meantime I hope to receive your response as soon as possible so that I can decide my vote on the basis of your response to issues of concern to me.

I await your early response.


Yours sincerely                 

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Jewish organisations team up to fight political racism

By Jessica Elgot, April 22, 2010


More than 50 religious organisations have lent their support to a pledge which asks UK citizens to use their votes to help fight racism and discrimination in politics.

Although the pledge does not specifically name the British National Party as the target, it urges voters to be “aware of the political forces who would seek to divide our country by promoting ideology of racism and prejudice.”

The initiative, organised by the Board of Deputies, ‘the Jewish Council for Racial Equality and the Three Faiths Forum, has signed up 56 organisations to the pledge.

It states: “We are immensely proud of the fundamentally British characteristics of equality, respect and fairness and of British society’s uncompromising rejection of the demonisation of any group, whether religious, ethnic or otherwise.
“We therefore urge every British citizen to use their vote to support any party of their choice which stands opposed to the destructive politics of hatred, to vote for freedom not fear, partnerships not prejudice, and hope not hate.

“We are united in our opposition to the politics of hate. “

The pledge has been signed by the United Synagogue, Liberal Judaism, Masorti Synagogues and the Chief Rabbi. It was also backed by Jewish welfare organisations including the CST, the Holocaust Educational Trust and Jewish Care.

The full list of signatories

Aliph Aleph UK, Assembly of Masorti Synagogues, Board of Deputies of British Jews, British ORT, Christian Muslim Forum, Church of England, Churches Together in England, City Circle, City Hindus Network, City Sikhs Network, Coexistence Trust, Community Security Trust, Resource – The Jewish Employment Advice Centre, Faith Matters, Federation of Poles of Great Britain, Federation of Student Islamic Societies, Federation of Synagogues, Friends, Families and Travellers, Hindu Academy, Holocaust Educational Trust, Hope Not Hate, Institute of Jainology, Jain Samaj Europe, JAMI, Jewish Action & Training, Jewish Council for Racial Equality, Jewish Blind and Disabled, Jewish Care, Jewish Community Housing , Jewish Leadership Council, Jewish Lads and Girls Brigade, Joseph Interfaith Foundation, Kick It Out, League of Jewish Women, Leo Baeck College, Liberal Judaism, London Jewish Forum, Maccabi, Methodist Church, Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board, Movement for Reform Judaism, Muslim Council of Britain, Muslim Safety Forum, Office of Chief Rabbi, Operation Black Vote, Sikh Human Rights Group, Sikhs in England, Spanish & Portuguese Jews’ Congregation , St Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace & Reconciliation, Three Faiths Forum, UJIA, Union of Jewish Students, United Synagogue, World Jewish Relief, Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe.

Last updated: 5:13pm, April 22 2010
See: JC

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The Prime Minister fields questions on peace in the Middle East, the Dubai passport scandal, faith schools and JFS, the rise of antisemitism and attacks the Tories for their far-right allies.

By Martin Bright, April 22, 2010


What would a new Labour government do to kick-start talks in the Middle East in order to bring about over a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict?

I was incredibly proud to be the first British Prime Minister to address the Knesset and as long as I am Prime Minister Israel will always have the firmest of friends in the British Government.

The Israeli and Palestinian people’s both deserve the lasting peace and shared prosperity that can only come with a just two-state solution, and I am determined to do all I can to bring that about.

That means actively supporting those in both Israel and Palestine who are advocates for peace rather than violence; working closely with the US, our EU allies and moderate Arab states to support a peaceful resolution to the conflict; and resolutely maintaining our implacable opposition to the minority committed to the tactics of terror. I am optimistic that a lasting settlement is within our grasp, and that direct talks between the parties need to resume as soon as possible.

What is the Prime Minister’s position on Israel’s actions in Operation Cast Lead and what should Israel do to calm international opinion on this issue?

We recognise Israel’s right to protect the security of its citizens and have consistently condemned the firing of rockets in to Israel by Hamas and other organisations. Equally we believe very strongly that the current blockade of Gaza should be lifted to allow humanitarian assistance through and the reconstruction effort to begin, in a way that is consistent with Israel’s continuing security imperatives.

I think there were legitimate concerns about some of the actions undertaken by Israeli forces during Operation Cast Lead, and believe that Israel should conduct its own investigation into allegations of war crimes.

What is the PM’s view of the current state of UK-Israel relations in the light of Israel’s use of British passports in Dubai? What further action will be taken if the investigation of the Dubai authorities confirms that Israel was responsible for the assassination of the Hamas operative?

The security relationship between the UK and Israel is a close and important one, and it is essential that such relationships are built on trust. Misuse of British passports was a clear and serious breach of that trust and we were obliged, in defence of our own citizens’ rights, to take action. This has not fundamentally damaged the strong relationship between Israel and Britain, or the friendship between our two peoples.

The government has been accused of political opportunism in raising the issue of the Conservatives’ allies in the European parliament. Why is this such an important issue for British voters?

This isn’t about opportunism, it’s about accountability. David Cameron has chosen to leave the grouping of the German Chancellor and French President, to ally with marginalised figures who do not share Britain’s values, and it is legitimate to ask him why.

The former Czech Prime Minister, Topolanek, has had to resign from his party leadership because of his homophobic and antisemitic remarks, but these are the friends David Cameron has chosen, in order to satisfy the Eurosceptic wing of his party. I think that demonstrates poor judgement, and that British voters should understand the compromises to British values and British influence that the Tories are prepared to make in order to appease a significant section of their fanatical backbenchers.

Jewish parents and students are very concerned about the rise of antisemitism and Islamic radicalism on campus. What measures would a Labour government take to stamp these out?

We will never compromise on the right to freedom of speech in our universities, but where that crosses the line and becomes intimidation or discrimination I think universities have a responsibility to take strong action and the authorities must step in where the law is broken. Universities and colleges have a responsibility to protect all their students and staff from those who seek to promote violence, incite hatred, intimidate or bully others.

Many universities are already doing a great job on this, and they are to be commended, but it is precisely because we recognise that some are falling behind that we have set up a campus working group to tackle the specific issues raised in higher and further education, as part of our wider commitment to implement the London Declaration Against Anti-Semitism. I was very pleased to be the first head of Government to sign that Declaration and I know that all members of the cabinet are working hard to ensure its recommendations are being implemented in their department.

Will a Labour government make funds available to improve security around Jewish institutions including schools as recommended in the recent all-party report on antisemitism?

We make significant sums available to local authorities to fulfil the security needs of community institutions and schools. In particular, we support formal arrangements between schools and police to work together to keep young people safe, reduce crime and improve behaviour. As part of these arrangements, a police officer or police community support officer will work at a school or cluster of schools with pupils and staff.

These Safer School Partnerships can benefit all schools and they should be the norm, not the exception – available to schools wherever parents or headteachers demand them.

We are proud of the strong relationship between the police and the Community Security Trust, and we will of course continue to take the CST’s advice on the specific safety concerns of the Jewish community. But we will not make ring-fenced funding available for Jewish institutions as Jewish institutions – instead local authorities must assess every school on a case by case basis so we can be sure we are giving the greatest support to those most at risk.

What is the Labour Party’s commitment to faith schools?

We very much value the contribution faith schools make to education and the choice they provide for parents. Almost a third of maintained schools are faith schools, including 38 Jewish schools. We have made unprecedented investment in Jewish faith schools, particularly those in London and Manchester that moved from independent to state sector and have benefited from new buildings and resources.

I was pleased to honour some of our pioneering Jewish educationalists at our recent Downing Street Chanukkah celebrations, and very much appreciate the difference Jewish schools are making in the lives of our young people.

Is there any legislative remedy to the Supreme Court decision over JFS?

We will uphold the decision of the Supreme Court based on their interpretation of existing legislation. Faith schools have played an important part in our education system for generations, but must follow admission procedures that are non-discriminatory, and consistent with both the law and the admissions Code.

JFS has, I believe, amended its admissions policy in light of the updated guidance from the Office of the Chief Rabbi. We are open to any proposal to resolve this issue that comes from the leadership of the British Jewish Community and look forward to working with Jewish Chronicle readers to find a way to uphold both the integrity of our non-discrimination legislation and the ancient Jewish laws about membership of the community.

In December, the Prime Minister and David Miliband committed to amend the universal jurisdiction legislation, which allows magistrates to issue arrest warrants for visiting foreign politicians and military staff. Now that the government has pushed the issue into the long grass until after the election, what guarantee will you give to the Jewish community that you will introduce the law change immediately afterwards?

We have made clear that we are committed to legislating in the first session of parliament to ensure that the principle of Universal Jurisdiction is respected, but also to ensure that that it cannot be misused against Israel or any other friend and ally of the UK by opportunists who want to embarrass politicians they dislike.

In fact it was the Conservative Party that prohibited the use of the only legislative vehicle that would have enabled Parliament to act prior to the start of the election campaign. The Labour Party is and will remain fully committed to the principle that politicians of democratic nations should be able to travel to Britain freely.

There is serious concern in the Jewish community over comments made at a recent House of Commons event by Labour MPs Sir Gerald Kaufman and Martin Linton, who warned about Israeli “tentacles” influencing the forthcoming election? What can the Prime Minister do to reassure readers of the JC that he will act against MPs who use such language (with its clear anti-semitic antecedents) in future?

I am pleased that Martin Linton has since apologised for his remark, which was totally unacceptable. Labour Friends of Israel has worked for over 50 years to build stronger relationships between Israel and Britain and we are proud of the ties that bind our two people’s together.

Labour will continue to oppose prejudice and bigotry in all its guises, as the vigorous efforts of the Jewish Labour Movement bear out. In government we have taken action to pass laws to prohibit speech that is designed to stir up racial or religious hatred.

Last updated: 12:16pm, April 22 2010

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Gordon Brown: Tory extremists betray British values

Exclusive: PM lambasts Cameron for ‘appeasing’ Tory fanatics in EU alliance

By Martin Bright, April 21, 2010

Brown: Cameron&#039;s EU allies betray British principles. Brown: Cameron’s EU allies betray British principles

Gordon Brown has accused the Conservatives of compromising British values and British influence by allying with “marginalised” figures in Europe accused of holding extremist antisemitic and homophobic views.

In a fiercely worded attack in an interview with the JC, the Prime Minister said the Opposition leader had abandoned the mainstream grouping of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in order to appease a section of “fanatical” Eurosceptic backbenchers.

Mr Brown significantly raised the temperature in the debate over the Tories’ allies in the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) grouping in Brussels.

The controversy over the ECR has been raging since Mr Cameron decided to leave the established European People’s Party and ally with right-wing nationalist parties in Europe. Matters reached a head when Mr Cameron invited Michal Kaminski, the Polish leader of the ECR to Conservative Party conference last year.

Mr Kaminski has consistently said that he does not believe the Polish people should collectively apologise for the massacre of Jews carried out at Jedwabne in north-east Poland during the Nazi era.

However, he has always denied claims that he is an antisemite and has a long record of support for Israel.

Mr Brown raised the case of former Czech Prime minister Mirek Topolanek, who was forced to resign as leader of the Civic Democrats (another Tory ECR ally) after making allegedly homophobic and antisemitic comments.

“These are the friends David Cameron has chosen, in order to satisfy the Eurosceptic wing of his party,” he said. “I think that demonstrates poor judgment, and that British voters should understand the compromises to British values and British influence that the Tories are prepared to make in order to appease a significant section of their fanatical backbenchers.”

Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague responded furiously.

He said: “These are slurs from a Prime Minister who has no positive vision left to give.

Our allies are mainstream parties, like the party of the late President Kaczynski, the first Polish president to attend a service at a Polish synagogue, to celebrate Chanucah at the presidential palace and to support a Jewish history museum on Polish soil.

“As the head of the Federation of Czech Jewish Communities has said, Mirek Topolanek is ‘certainly not antisemitic’, neither is he homophobic.”

Mr Brown also blamed the Tories for blocking his attempts to amend the universal jurisdiction legislation that allows magistrates to issue arrest warrants for visiting Israeli politicians and military figures.

He said the Opposition chose to oppose the only Home Office bill that could have been used to push the legislation through before the election.

Within his own party, the Labour leader slammed as “totally unacceptable” comments by Labour Friends of Palestine chair Martin Linton, who warned of Israeli “tentacles” influencing the election.

Meanwhile, Mr Brown emphasised his unique claim among British politicians to be a friend of Israel by expressing his pride in being the first British Prime Minister to address the Knesset.

“As long as I am Prime Minister, Israel will always have the firmest of friends in the British government,” he said. ‘ MORE OF KISSING ASS’ *

However, he called on Israel to lift the blockade of Gaza and conduct an inquiry into Operation Cast Lead.

The Prime Minister described the use of British passports in an operation of assassination against a Hamas commander in Dubai as a “serious breach of trust” but said it had not fundamentally damaged the relationship between Britain and Israel. ‘ WHAT ABOUT THE INTERNATIONAL LAW ZIONIST BROWN??.

On the domestic front he attempted to reassure Jewish parents that the government was aware of concerns about the rise of antisemitism and radical Islam on campus. ‘ IT IS ELECTION TIME AND BROWN WANT TO KISS THE ZIONIST LOBBY ASS’ ** These would be addressed by the working group of university leaders headed by University College Provost, Professor Malcolm Grant.

However, he specifically ruled out making extra funds available for security around Jewish institutions including schools.

Last updated: 9:28am, April 22 2010

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“THERE SHOULD BE NO MERCY SHOWN TO ANY living Nazi war criminals regardless of their age.”This was declared by the German Zionist, Charlotte Knobloch, President of the Central Council Of Jews In Germany, upon the arrival of 89 year-old John Demjanjuk from the United States on May 12, 2009.

Although never found guilty before a jury of his peers, Demjanjuk faces charges filed against him by German Jews that he was an “accessory to murder” in connection with his alleged time as a guard at the Sobibor internment camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Demjanjuk’s sorry plight began in 1986, when he was stripped of his US citizenship and deported to Israel when accused by Zionist leaders of being “Ivan the Terrible” – a notorious prison guard at the Treblinka internment camp.

The Zionist Supreme Court in ‘Israel’ overturned Demjanhuk’s conviction and death sentence for war crimes, when evidence emerged that he was not “Ivan The Terrible.” Demjanjuk was returned to the US and settled in Cleveland, Ohio, where after regaining his citizenship in 1998, he was employed as an auto worker.

But Knobloch and the rest of German Zionist, which Knobloch represents, not satisfied with Demjanjuk’s vindication, announced, “Now after Demjanjuk’s legal wrangling to block his expulsion from America, German authorities must move forward swiftly to try him.”

Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder of the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, said that Demjanjuk “deserves to be punished.” In other words, in Zionist “justice,” a man is GUILTY before charges are proven.

Even though Demjanjuk denies the charges made against him by the bloodthirsty Jews, claiming that he was a prisoner of war when captured in German-occupied Ukraine and never a camp guard, Knobloch urges “swift justice” (”Zionist justice”) against Demjanjuk, saying, “We have waited too long to see Demjanjuk answer for the charges filed against him.

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ON MARCH 24 1933 on the front page of the London Daily Express, appeared the headline: Judea Declares War On Germany: Jews Of All The World Unite. The headline followed with:

“The Israelite people of the world declare an economic war on Germany. It is not sufficient that we should buy no goods made in Germany. We must refuse to deal with any shopkeeper who sells any German-made goods. What we are proposing is to bring the German people to their senses by destroying their export trade on which their very existence depends” Here.

Hitler’s boycott order on March 28, 1933 was in direct response to the Declaration of War on Germany. Today, Hitler’s boycott order is described as a naked act of aggression, yet the circumstances leading up to the order are left out of even the most detailed histories of The Holocaust.

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ON SEPTEMBER 29, 1938, an agreement was signed between Hitler and Great Britain’s Neville Chamberlain which called for a peaceful revision of the wrongs committed by the Treaty of Versailles. A four-power conference was planned which would preserve the peace. The four powers were Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy.

An ambassador for the Munich Agreement, a Mr. Oswald Pirow, was sent to Germany to ease the tension on the Jewish issue. Neville Chamberlain told Pirow that pressure of International Jewry was one of the principal obstacles to the Munich Agreement and that it would greatly help him resist that pressure if Hitler could be induced to moderate his policy towards the Jews.

Pirow stated that Hitler viewed this idea with favour and an Anglo-German agreement was in sight. However, the Jews purposely put an end to this.

On November 7, 1938, the Polish Jew, Herschel Grynszpan, murdered the German Secretary of State, Ernst von Rath, in Paris. The five bullets fired were the logical result of the Jews’ Declaration Of War On Germany and put an end to the peaceful resolution of the European conflict envisioned by the Munich Agreement.

The assassination provoked an anti-Jewish backlash in Germany which in turn incited public opinion in Great Britain and the USA against Chamberlain’s efforts to relieve Anglo-German tension. In the United States Germans were assaulted and persecuted. The Zionist-controlled press and movie industry intensified its efforts in lobbying for an unpopular American role in pursuing a war against Germany.

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