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Hi all,
Please find below link to photos from the demonstration in London, which I hope you might find useful.
More to follow later
Please feel free to forward on to your networks and use with acknowledgment in your campaigns.
If you want the full size photo just click on all sizes and dowload the full image.

Kind regards
Geoff Dexter
Birmingham Ramallah Twinning Initiative.


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When we worked as wardens fot THE BALSALL HEATH FORUM, we have been instructed by our line manager Pat Wing, Dick Atkinson And Abdul Hamid Wardens Ci-Ordinater to report Islamic activist’s who deliver leaflets in the area we cover.


Mr Wing explained to us that he will take the information i.e ” Name’s Addresses” ane he will give them to the ” SPECIAL BRANCH” we refused and explained to Mr Wing we are Community Wardens NOT  Community Spies.


Signed by: 4

4 Witnesses


* Corrupt Pat Wing is ex-Plice officer he work for his Freemason RACIST Dick Atkinson.


Cc: Community Members

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June 7, 2010

by Michael Leon

From the Free Gaza movement and allies:

Thousands of words have already been written about the Freedom Flotilla, Israel is out with its talking heads trying to justify murdering nine human rights workers, brutally hijacking our boats and hauling us all into Israel, a country none of us wanted to visit.

But we have to remember why we care and why we go and why we are so outraged at governments’ inaction. This piece by Roger Waters says it all.

Roger Waters on Israeli terrorism and Gaza:

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June 7, 2010

by Chuck Palazzo

June 7, 2010

Chuck Palazzo

Da Nang, Vietnam

Victims of Victims

Saturday afternoon, the heat of the summer is upon us in Da Nang.  The comforts I enjoyed back in the US still exist for me in some ways – air-conditioning, hot water, a decent meal.  I am reminded every moment of every day, however, that this is Da Nang, Vietnam.  This is my adopted new home. I am also reminded each and every day that I am one of the fortunate few.  Still relatively healthy.  So many of my own as well as millions of Vietnamese are not so fortunate.

Why Da Nang?  It is where I first landed.  It is where, as a very young Marine, my political and human beliefs changed dramatically.  I realized, first hand, that what we did as an American Nation was wrong.  The effects of Agent Orange immediately manifested themselves on the environment here so many years ago.  Sprayed by the US on the jungles, on the rice fields, the river banks, on the people – spilled onto the runways, the tarmacs, the storage facilities.  Leached into the water supply, the food supplies.  The crops, the animals and the humans – the children, the adults, the elderly.  Plants and trees withered quickly, just to die and never to return to normalcy again. 

The toll on the animals and sea life were next – it was slow, but gradual and deadly.  The water supply was contaminated early on – but the lies from the US Government as well as from Monsanto and Dow were told with such convincing and straight-faced language, the people of this country, as well as I and my fellow veterans believed it. “Agent Orange is not harmful or deadly to human beings”, said the liars.  “In fact, you can drink it and nothing would happen to you”, was stated time and time again by these greed filled and soul-less people.

The lies continued over the years and remain so to this day.  My own government refuses to accept responsibility.  The chemical companies continue to lie.  All of them continue to fill their bank accounts.  The tragedy?  Today, 4 generations after the first spraying occurred, people continue to die.  Children continue to be born with severe physical and mental deformities.  Disease is rampant.  Satan himself could not have contrived such an ideal evil.  Over 7 million victims and still counting by the second.

As I travel to one of the orphanages here in Da Nang, I ponder several things.  This city in Central Vietnam is one of three hot spots designated by independent as well as government studies and tests – Da Nang is one of the worst contaminated cities in the world.  Yes, poisoned from dioxin – the core of the evil which is produced by Agent Orange. 

Who knew, that after so many years dioxin would still be present in the soil, in the water supplies?  Who knew that so many would become sick? Who knew so many would die?  The US knew.  Monsanto knew.  Dow knew.  Documents obtained through the Freedom of Information act as well as what is now in the public domain reveal with no doubt that the US Government knew exactly what they were doing and what the effects would be.  Ditto Monsanto.  Ditto Dow.  Ditto all the rest who conspired to keep this evil secret – secret.

I think about so many of us who were exposed, who have become untreatable, and who have died.  So many who have children who were born with such horrific disabilities, much of society has turned its back on them.  Children who have been damned as a result of corporate and government greed.  Children who did absolutely nothing to deserve their fate, but suffer they do.

I think about some of my students at the local university.  Students who have experienced firsthand the devastation of Agent Orange.  Students, who should hate, but do not. Students who should be at the beach on this hot Saturday afternoon.  Students who recognize the evils we have committed here in Vietnam, but students who care for their own.  The victims. The students, like so many other Vietnamese, have forgiven us.

 These students volunteer their time to help children and adults alike.  They try, and try and try, to put smiles on the victims’ faces.  A hug, a kiss, a handshake – babies and children who might not reach their 21st birthday.  Children and adults who have continued to live, but under the care of a public facility.  Babies, children, adults – all victims.  But these are very special victims.  These are victims of victims. 

 Their own families cursed with disease and poverty as a result of Agent Orange and war.  Parents and loved ones who could not afford in so many ways, the proper care-giving for their own.  Infants, children and yes, adults, who are now wards of the state.  Victims of victims.

I enter the gate and am reminded immediately that this is no private or comfortable facility.  However, the government here does its best.  They depend on people like the students, the other volunteers, the staff, and yes, other victims, to assist in every which way that we can.  Homelessness will not become a sad reality for these victims.

As I walk through the facility, I am greeted by those who can greet me – victims with such obvious dioxin caused conditions, it is devastating and heartbreaking.  I must not show my emotion.  I have to put myself aside and focus.  Focus on the victims.  Focus on making them smile.  Focus on loving them.  But I have to fight back my own feelings – anger, sadness.  The feeling of deceit.  Deceived by my own government.  So many victims, so much horror, and so much sadness – a smile is priceless in this environment.

Incredibly, they all smile.  Those who can, at least.  But they want to be loved.  They need to be spoken with, rocked, and fed.  The students show me.  They take me by the hand and lead me to the individual activity areas and to the orphans’ homes.  I follow their lead.  They, these twenty-something young adults, teach and show me how to care for these orphans.

During the Vietnam War, between 1962 and 1971, the United States military sprayed 2,000,000 US gallons of chemical defoliants in South Vietnam as part of the aerial defoliation program known as Operation Ranch Hand. 20 percent of South Vietnam’s jungles were sprayed over a nine year period.

The first objective was to reduce the dense jungle foliage so that Communist forces might not use it for cover and to deny them use of crops needed for sustenance. In 1965, 42 percent of all herbicide spraying was dedicated to food crops. The second objective was spot clearing in sensitive areas such as around base perimeters. It was also used to drive civilians into RVN-controlled areas.

In 1963, the United States (suspecting the negative effects) initiated a study on the health effects of Agent Orange that by 1967 confirmed that the chemical caused cancer, birth defects and other serious health problems. The outcome of the study had no affect whatsoever on the use of Agent Orange.

4.8 million Vietnamese people were exposed to Agent Orange, resulting in 400,000 deaths and disabilities, and 500,000 children born with birth defects. 2.4 million Americans (in addition to allied forces and the Vietnamese people) were exposed in various ways to Agent Orange.

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June 6, 2010 

by Bob Higgins

* By Dave Gilson Mother Jones *

Who’s BP’s favorite politician ever? If you’re just going by the numbers, it’s none other than President Barack Obama, who leads BP’s lifetime campaign donation list with $77,051. That puts him just ahead of reliable oilmen such as Alaska Republican Rep. Don Young, his retired colleague Sen. Ted Stevens, and George W. Bush. According to data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics, BP and its employees have given more than $3.4 million to federal candidates since 1990, with much of their largesse going to these 20:

President Barack Obama


Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska)


Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska, ret.)


President George W Bush


Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)


Sen. George Voinovich (R-Ohio)


Sen. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio, ret.)


See the rest of the chart and read more at Mother Jones

Related stories:
Why Won’t the GOP Criticize BP?
US Government, Brought to You By Big Oil

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June 6, 2010

by Gordon Duff



By Gordon Duff and the Old Guard Veterans at Veterans Today

Over 20,000 veterans sleep on the streets of Los Angeles county while sacred veterans land is stolen, acre by acre, by the rich and infamous of Brentwood, America’s least patriotic community.  While the warriors are locked out, the rich and rotten play.  After two years of protests, scandals over missing funds and “behind the back” deals that benefit the powerful and destroy the lives of the heroes who sacrified for our nation, the battle still goes on.  The stench of corruption has hung over the Los Angeles National Veterans Home for a dozen years now.

See the story.  Watch the video.  Make sure everyone you know, everyone you can reach, everyone you meet knows what has been going on.  First they lied to us and then they lied some more.  Then the threats began, wiretapping, surveillance and intimidation.  Then the assaults.  Next they tried illegal arrests and that didn’t work.  They tore down our flags the way they are tearing our nation apart.  Learn about the “Veterans Park Conspiracy.”

Brentwood and their private congressional stooges, Reps Nancy Pelosi and  Henry Waxman along with Senator Diane Feinstein, we are talking to you.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

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June 6, 2010

by Sherwood Ross

What the United Nations independent investigator on extrajudicial killings would like is for countries that employ surprise drone attacks to first prove they have attempted to capture or incapacitate suspects. The investigator, Philip Alston, issued a 29-page report Wednesday that the New York Times termed “Highly Critical” of such attacks by  the U.S. and, says the Associated Press, “called on countries to lay out rules and safeguards for carrying out the strikes.”

By going after terrorist networks, Alston warned, the U.S. example “could quickly lead to a situation in which dozens of countries carry out ‘competing drone attacks’ outside their borders against people ‘labeled as terrorists by one group or another,’” Charlie Savage reported for the Times. “I’m particularly concerned that the United States seems oblivious to this fact when it asserts an ever-expanding entitlement for itself to target individuals across the globe,”

Alston is quoted as saying. “This expansive and open-ended interpretation of the right to self-defense goes a long way towards destroying the prohibition on the use of armed force contained in the U.N. Charter,” Alston pointed out.

Alston can demand restraint all he likes but the administration of Nobel Peace Prize recipient Barack Obama is not apt to listen. Obama has dramatically stepped up such attacks by the CIA over the occasional sorties resorted to by his predecessor. Washington’s thinking appears to be, Why should U.S. troops risk storming some alleged terrorist hideout when a CIA operator in far-off Langley, Va., needs only to manipulate a computer screen to have a drone wipe them out?

Reasons against using the drones include the possibility there may be innocent persons in the same building as the alleged terrorists. Only a week ago the military conceded its own drone operators called in an airstrike in February that killed 23 Afghan civilians, including women and children.

Another argument against drones is that the alleged terrorists have no opportunity to surrender or to get a jury trial. The U.N.’s Alston also warns that for CIA operators thousands of miles from the point of attack “there is a risk of developing a ‘PlayStation’ mentality to killing.” Yet another argument against the drones is that the survivors of those killed regard such attacks as cowardly and each successful (from the CIA’s viewpoint) air strike only increases the public’s resolve to resist the U.S. occupation.

Friends and relatives of the slain innocents turn bitterly against the U.S. This situation, by the way, is nothing new. U.S. and British air attacks on German facilities in occupied France during World War II were frequently so off target that the French Resistance pleaded with the U.S. to stop the bombing and to let them take out the Nazi targets from the ground, even at great risk to themselves. Sadly, 70,000 French civilians were killed by Allied aerial bombardments gone awry.

“So far,” says international legal authority Francis Boyle of the University of Illinois at Champaign, “all CIA drone attacks have been murders, assassinations, and extrajudicial executions–a grave violation of international human rights law, the laws of the countries where the attacks took place, and of US domestic law.” Boyle added, “All CIA drone strikes in Pakistan are criminal and a grave violation of international human rights law.”

While the laws of war apply to insurgents engaged in armed combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, Boyle says, they do not apply “when they are sleeping at their homes with their families.” Moreover, “it appears that the Pentagon’s use of drones has serious problems of discriminating between civilians and insurgents engaged in armed combat, (resulting in a seriously disproportional ratio between allegedly dead insurgents and civilian casualties) which raises the issue of war crimes accountability.”

In about his first 10 months in office, President Obama okayed at least 41 drone strikes in Pakistan that killed between 326 and 538 people, many of them “innocent bystanders, including children,” according to a study by the non-profit New America Foundation of Washington, D.C.  Example: on his third day in the White House, Obama sanctioned two strikes, the second of which mistakenly struck the home of a pro-government tribal leader that killed his entire family, including three children, one as young as five.

 “The point is,” Louise Doswald-Beck, a professor of international law at the Geneva Graduate Institute in Switzerland, told the AP, “innocent people have been killed, this has been proved over and over again.”

Civilian casualties raise the issue of whether remote controlled drones “can ever be used in a manner consistent with the laws of war in actual war zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan,” Boyle says. “I suspect that…the Pentagon has consigned this ‘wet-work’ to the CIA,” Boyle added, because “they have a long history of doing it, especially in Operation Phoenix during the Vietnam War.

The CIA is an organized and ongoing criminal conspiracy under international law and US domestic law. Does the Pentagon want to or intend to become the same?” he asks.

The CIA’s key role in carrying out what academic critics call international crime, raises troubling questions about who actually is running the United States of America. It should be recalled that Obama—who was employed after graduating Columbia University as a business writer for CIA-front Business International Corp.—wrote a letter to the CIA on April 16, 2009, that stated, “It is a core American value that we are a Nation of laws, and the CIA protects and upholds that principle under extraordinarily difficult circumstances every day.” “Laws?”

When Obama has declined to prosecute CIA thugs for torture (in violation of U.S. law) and who obstructed justice by destroying taped recordings of torture sessions! By contrast, Pentagon jailers accused of torturing in the Middle East have been tried and convicted. Bluntly, CIA officials appear to be above the law. The bottom line today is that CIA officials seated at computers in Langley, Va., can decide who lives or dies most anywhere on the planet without regard for international law or fear of prosecution from Obama’s Justice Department. 

And we have a president formerly employed by the CIA who is empowering its crimes, including assassination, which Webster’s defines as “to kill suddenly or secretively, especially to murder a politically prominent person.” (Italics added.)

(Sherwood Ross is a Miami-based writer and author of “Gruening of Alaska”(Best Books). His articles have been published by The New York Herald-Tribune, The Washington Post and the U.S. Information Agency, among other media outlets. Reach him at  



June 6, 2010


It’s ludicrous that in a matter of weeks Mr. Karzai has gone from being a frail, faltering, unqualified leader hampered by a deceitful family, to the man who will magically bring together the disparate welfare of Afghans with his commendable leadership.

The boosting of President Hamid Karzai’s credibility that now paints him as a true national leader not only shows the West’s insincerity in Afghanistan but exposes the futile inconsistencies in efforts by the United States to accomplish its goals; especially regarding the recent Loya Jirga and the upcoming Kandahar operation.


One of the few critical bargaining chips left to Mr. Karzai, that he had to bring to the table in an effort to reconcile the disenchanted Taliban, was the recent professed peace Jirga convened in Kabul.

In his opening statement Karzai said, “Make peace with me and there will be no need for foreigners here. As long as you are not talking to us, not making peace with us, we will not let the foreigners leave.” But the opposition answered him with their own message of rocket attacks and violence that disrupted the Jirga assembly for over 45 minutes; and the fact that he later had to oust two of his trusted security personnel for security breaches, as a result, only accentuated this sure sign of failure.

As Jawaharlal Nehru said, “Failure comes only when we forget our ideals, objectives and principles.”

There is no doubt that Afghanistan is the land of Jirgas; and for centuries Afghans have used Jirgas to resolve differences amongst each other, no matter what outcomes resulted. But markedly, the ancestral Afghans convened Jirgas per their own discretion that was free of foreign interference and demands.

The aforesaid Jirgas many decades ago were all an indigenous mindset of ideals, objectives and principles; but the recent one, failed at its outset core mindset foundation. Ironically, these most recent Afghan Jirgas have become submissive, less spirited, and above all biased where the participants are handpicked for their positive assertions in favor of puppet governments. And since the outcome is already declared positive by the majority of participants ahead of the meeting, it is fair to say that this customary tribal council is now being abused to confirm pre-planned outcomes because of its grassroots footing.

In our indigenous view, the simple outcome to that notion is; it will not work in the long run!

The Russian puppet communist regime in Kabul headed by Dr. Najibullah had a relatively better understanding of Afghans. He convened the Loya Jirga three months after Soviet withdrawal, on May 20, 1989. The planned idea was to sell a similar reconciliation initiative to the Afghans by painting the notion that the foreign forces were already out of Afghanistan. But it was also marred with violence and disrupted for several hours, and it evidently failed in its core concept.

There is a misconception, by the fact that too many in the West think that the recent consultative Loya Jirga was entirely an Afghan-led process, and the West never participated in its course of action. It is a bewildering fact, and equally an, Afghan mindset that suggests that the presence of foreign forces deeply tarnishes the trustworthiness of the Jirga.

In hindsight, Mr. Karzai’s bargaining chip for the Loya Jirga was a waste of time for not convening in a normal tribal structure with true participation from the people; and more importantly, because the central government has foreign allegiance and lacks indigenous norms.


The next bargaining chip for Mr. Karzai is to prove his effectiveness in concert with the NATO alliance in Kandahar where the rumored view is a go-for-broke move.

But the results in Marjah associated with the failed “government in the box”, profoundly reflects the probable outcome in Kandahar. If the current measure for victory in Marjah is allowing Taliban rule at night and government rule during the day, then I would consider that a hollow and disastrous one. Thus, by these standards, believing the Kandahar operation with a much bigger populace will also fail is only par for this course of action.

Moreover, General Stanley McChrystal in a statement said, “This is a bleeding ulcer right now.”

The progress in Marjah has been slow, however, in part because no one who planned the operation realized how hard it would be to convince residents that they could trust representatives of an Afghan government that would send in corrupt police and inept leaders who would cause people to turn to the Taliban.

Another factor of Karzai’s bargaining chip in Kandahar is the issue of his half brother Ahamad Wali Karzai, who drastically exerts his family’s power over the entire Kandahar tribal makeup and is viewed as a hindrance to any operations in Kandahar.

General Stanley McChrystal’s team once talked openly about the need to remove him from power but that idea is now in reversal mode; for now Wali Karzai will stay and continue en route to his manipulative achievements.


For the past nine years, American governments have been naïve and confused in their big business with Karzai. During this time, the Afghan president has never considered good governance to be a serious issue –why should he suddenly be expected to do so now? The lack of trust between Karzai and America is in ascension, and if his bargaining chips cannot bring achievements, then what is next for Mr. Karzai? Or will he be given more chips to play with?

Here are a few chips that I would like to lay on the table:

Mr. Karzai, what Afghanistan needs today is a leader in the image of America’s George Washington, and South Africa’s Nelson Mandela. Here are two leaders who could have ruled for as long as they wished, but both men chose to be leaders rather than rulers. Neither sought personal power, and neither was corrupted by the power of their office. Both men taught their nation and the world about the responsibility of leadership after a great struggle by teaching others by example. By knowing when and how to properly let go of power, both leaders became beloved treasures who set the cornerstones for national leadership behavior for future generations. They both taught fighting men how to heal their nation’s wounds.

What can you do Mr. Karzai? You can call for a real Afghan government that the entire nation can accept: a Constitutional Monarchy, headed by a descendant of the former royal Head of State. You could call a real Loya-Jirga for the purpose of choosing candidates for the crowning of a new 21st Century royal Afghan Head of State; a new Constitutional Monarch; a new Afghan King.

The nation would then have to change the existing constitution from the current Presidential System to something like a parliamentary system with a prime minister, or go back to the old constitution that predates the Soviet Invasion of 1979.

The people of Afghanistan would love you forever if you returned them to the kind of leadership that they know and understand; the kind of Afghan leadership that they themselves have chosen for and among themselves for thousands of years.

I also would start to sing your praises, and would call for a new city to be built and named in your honor.

Khalil Nouri is the cofounder of New World Strategies Coalition Inc., a native think tank for nonmilitary solution studies for Afghanistan.

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 NOVANEWS Steve McCabe


 07 June 2010

My thoughts on the Queen’s Speech


Returning to Westminster after the election has been interesting. I am an Opposition MP ‘(????? WHAT OPPOSITION????? THEY ARE ALL THE SAME) for the first time.  Last week saw the first PMQ’s and the week before, with the usual pomp and ceremony, the new coalition unveiled its legislative programme. Of course, as ever, the devil is in the detail and we will need to wait a while for that.

The Armed Forces Bill looks like a good idea. ( WHAT ABOUT LABOUR ARMED BILL YOU STARTED THE WAR????)

For many people the Equitable Life Compensation Bill will be a relief. I will be looking closely to check it meets the demands the Tories and Lib Dems made before the election.

The Police Reform Bill is going to be an interesting battle – I am all for change and reform but not just for its own sake and not if it is going to cost £50 million with little to show for it.

I am disappointed in what I have heard about the Parliamentary Reform Bill. It seems like a very shoddy compromise and not much evidence of the ‘new politics’.  I note with interest that you will be able to sack your MP but not the Government.

Anyway, I will not be automatically opposing everything. ( WHY NOT YOU ARE OPPOSITION ARE YOU NOT ?????) I will be talking to lots of people and I will use my  Listening Panel to hear from both individual constituents and people with experience in specific areas.( YOU REALLY LISTEN ?????).

I will be back in touch.  In the meantime feel free to let me know what you think by replying to this email. ( I THINK NOTHING).

Steve McCabe MP

Labour MP for Birmingham Selly Oak Constituency.


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Links and Video about the Gaza Freedom Flotilla

Documents explaining international law and law of sea applicable to the Flotilla:

  • Video: Daniel Machover, Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights, summary of analysis of international law applicable to flotilla attack.

and a Diakonia analysis on the law of sea applicable to flotilla attack:

Link concerning the criminalization of the four Palestinian citizens of Israel who were on the Flotilla (and are now under house arrest and travel ban):

  • Adalah press release on the criminalization of four Palestinian citizens of Israel on the Flotilla, their house arrest and travel ban

Two excellent links on the aim of the Freedom Flotilla, particularly it’s position vis-a-vis humanitarian aid:

Articles concerning the actual and verbal attacks “Arab” Knesset Members following the attack:

More Recent Articles

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