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 NOVANEWS Steve McCabe


 07 June 2010

My thoughts on the Queen’s Speech


Returning to Westminster after the election has been interesting. I am an Opposition MP ‘(????? WHAT OPPOSITION????? THEY ARE ALL THE SAME) for the first time.  Last week saw the first PMQ’s and the week before, with the usual pomp and ceremony, the new coalition unveiled its legislative programme. Of course, as ever, the devil is in the detail and we will need to wait a while for that.

The Armed Forces Bill looks like a good idea. ( WHAT ABOUT LABOUR ARMED BILL YOU STARTED THE WAR????)

For many people the Equitable Life Compensation Bill will be a relief. I will be looking closely to check it meets the demands the Tories and Lib Dems made before the election.

The Police Reform Bill is going to be an interesting battle – I am all for change and reform but not just for its own sake and not if it is going to cost £50 million with little to show for it.

I am disappointed in what I have heard about the Parliamentary Reform Bill. It seems like a very shoddy compromise and not much evidence of the ‘new politics’.  I note with interest that you will be able to sack your MP but not the Government.

Anyway, I will not be automatically opposing everything. ( WHY NOT YOU ARE OPPOSITION ARE YOU NOT ?????) I will be talking to lots of people and I will use my  Listening Panel to hear from both individual constituents and people with experience in specific areas.( YOU REALLY LISTEN ?????).

I will be back in touch.  In the meantime feel free to let me know what you think by replying to this email. ( I THINK NOTHING).

Steve McCabe MP

Labour MP for Birmingham Selly Oak Constituency.


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