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Helen Thomas Tells the Zionist Jews — Get out of Palestine!

The now quite elderly Helen Thomas is America’s foremost female journalist. She has covered White House press conferences since John F. Kennedy. In an interview last week she stated: “The Jews should get out of Palestine. They should go back to where they came from – Poland, Germany, the U.S.”

Her forthright statement unleashed a torrent of hateful attacks from Jewish spokesmen.  They demanded that Hearst Publications fire her and that she be denied her reserved seat at White House press conferences. Under pressure, Thomas apologized and resigned her position. However, no Jewish leader issued a single word of acceptance of her apology.

In fact, we do not recall the extremist Jews who control the Jewish community ever accepting an apology from anyone. They stick to their ancient slogan, “Never Forgive – Never Forget!”

Historians recount that in 1917 British leaders, Lloyd George, Winston Churchill and Sir James Balfour hit upon a scheme to defeat Germany in World War One. They would pledge Palestine as a Jewish homeland to World Zionist leader, Chaim Weizmann, if the Zionists surrounding the weak President Woodrow Wilson would persuade him to enter the war on Britain’s side.

Thus, a war that was at a stalemate, with peace negotiations under consideration, jumped into high gear instead of coming to a sensible and humane peace. In 14 months of more senseless fighting another one million men were slaughtered, including 325,018 Americans. The war aims accomplished, the Balfour Declaration, promising the Jews Palestine, was issued to Baron James Rothschild, the richest and most powerful Jew in the world, on Nov. 2, 1917.

The British had no right whatsoever to make such a promise. Palestine was then part of the Turkish Empire and had never belonged to England. At the time there were only 57,000 Jews living there, compared to 700,000 Arabs.

Helen Thomas is to be congratulated for bringing the root cause of the tragedy of the Palestinian people to the forefront! Israel was created by a massive ethnic war crime against the Palestinian people, and has for 60 years been the cause of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children dispossessed, tortured or murdered, not only in Palestine but in the surrounding nations as well.

The Grand Ole Dame of Journalism sure did go out with a bang and not a whimper!

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Is Israel Exempt from International Law?

Is Israel Exempt from International Law?

‘Never has Israel’s violation of international law been as flagrant and widely publicized as last week.’

By Rev. Ted Pike — MP3

Jewish “civil liberties” groups, especially the Anti-Defamation League, increasingly enforce their own perverted definitions of crucial moral terms such as love, hate, bias and tolerance. No one seems particularly bothered by their self-anointed right to form moral judgments for society. Today—after Israel’s deadly raid on the relief flotilla—we see that the Jewish state rivals ADL in creating its own self-serving definitions.

During the raid, a 19-year-old American (who became a Turkish citizen) was shot five times in the face, leg and back of the head from a range of less than 20 inches. The nine slain Turks were shot a total of 30 times. Israel and its US supporters defend all the commandoes’ actions. Here are some of Israel’s skewed terms, elucidated by a Daily Star interview with renowned international law expert, Marcello Kohen:

  • “Armed Conflict” and “Blockade” — Israel says it is at “armed conflict” with Gaza’s leadership, Hamas, and this justifies its blockade. Yet international law says a blockade is justified only in international armed conflict (IAC) between nations – not a non-international armed conflict (NIAC). Gaza is not a state but an occupied territory of Israel. Despite violations, Hamas did agree to a truce after Israel’s bombardment 17 months ago. According to UN General Assembly resolution 3314, the Israeli blockade is illegal – an act of aggression and collective punishment against the people of Gaza.
  • “Custody” — Israel says it has the right, as do nations at war, to intercept (possibly violently) and seize ships of other nations in international waters who might penetrate their blockade. These include ships in the flotilla registered by Turkey, Greece, and the United States. Yet if Israel’s blockade is illegal, Israel’s commandeering of such ships in international waters is an act of war against non-combatant nations.
  • “Self-Defense” —If Israel’s interception of the flotilla was illegal, then it was defenders of the flotilla, not Israel’s commandos, who acted in self-defense. They were entitled to defensive, even violent resistance.
  • “Terrorist Sympathizers” — Israel asserts that since some of the flotilla passengers from 40 countries have ties with Hamas, all 700 may be arrested, detained, deprived of free speech and action, and looted of belongings such as cameras and computers. By such actions, Israel says anyone in the world who strongly sympathizes with Palestinian rights has no rights under Israel’s interpretation of international law.
  • “Provoking” and “Violent”— Days before the flotilla was raided, Israel described its relief efforts as “violent propaganda” meant to discredit the Jewish state. Israel implies that Israel’s critics are unstable and imminently lawless; they should be restricted before they actually commit violence.

Israel and its heavy-hitting public relations arm, ADL, are now engaged in a propaganda war to persuade the world that their twisted definitions jive with international law.

Unfortunately, tens of millions of evangelical Christians accept such disinformation. In this, they believe a source that—in every regard—is a proven foe of Christianity itself!

The Anti-Defamation League, like the Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center and Jewish-dominated ACLU (See, ACLU Top Heavy with Jews), is the fiercest opponent of Christian and conservative values. It aggressively promotes homosexuality, abortion, and hate crimes laws and opposes every Christian effort to redeem society through political and social action.

Yet Christian/conservative leaders (WorldNetDaily, Family Research Council, John Hagee Ministries, American Center for Law and Justice, and OneNewsNow, etc.) all parrot ADL/Israel’s justification for the flotilla attack. Evangelical sympathy with Israel grows so quickly that 39 percent of respondents to a WorldNetDaily poll believe Israel should have sunk the entire flotilla!

By echoing ADL/Israel disinformation, evangelicals ignore the central issue: Does Israel alone, of all other nations fighting the “War on Terror,” have unique rights to transgress national boundaries and sovereignties to punish those it views as “terrorist sympathizers?

Why Israel’s Special Rights?

ADL held a special emergency conference last week in Israel to consider how the Jewish state should deal with what they view as the exponential increase of anti-Semitism worldwide (, June 2).

ADL considers practically the whole critical world to be in a desperate offensive to delegitimize Israel, encourage its enemies, and end its existence. This war, they say, can only be compared to previous Arab wars against the Jewish state. ADL director Abe Foxman says the flotilla:

is part of the latest version of the 62-year assault against Israel’s very existence. The first took place during the 25 initial years of Israel’s existence and it was called war —1948, 1956, 1967, 1973. The second phase was terrorism, highlighted by the suicide attacks between 2002 and 2005.

Now we are in the third phase, the growing campaign to delegitimize the Jewish state, to make it a pariah among nations and ultimately end its existence. There are many ways this is happening — through the campaign of boycotts, divestment, and sanctions against Israel and, of course, the Goldstone Report.

Now add the flotilla affair to that growing list, a tragedy that didn’t have to happen but is yet another example of how human life is expendable in the cause of attacking the state of Israel.


Israel is more determined than ever to have rights to cross national boundaries anywhere on the planet in order to attack “terrorist” enemies. Today, perceived threats to Israel’s existence include the flotilla activists.

Tomorrow it could be anyone who has compassion on Palestinian suffering (“terrorist sympathizer”), says the Jews killed Christ or is strongly critical of Israel (“anti-Semite”), or questions the accuracy of the six-million figure of Jewish Holocaust dead (“Holocaust denier”).

Israel has long violated national boundaries through military offensives, targeted assassinations, and kidnappings of those it wants to silence (such as nuclear whistle blower Mordechai Vanunu). But never has Israel’s violation of international law been as flagrant and widely publicized as last week.

If Israel admits actual piracy, as Arab Knesset member Hanin Zoabi (Balad) accused on the floor of Knesset, the Jewish state may have to surrender its special exemption from international law.

Israel will never do so. It rejects international investigation of the flotilla raid and insists its own investigation will be enough. Israel knows an international coalition of jurists would recognize the raid for what it was: illegal. This, more than ever, would justify critics who have for decades described Israel as a rogue nation, violating international law and UN resolutions by perpetuating illegal settlements, torture, and human rights violations. (See, Torture in Israeli Prisons).

“Israel-First” Christians Oppose Themselves

Tragically, evangelicals do not realize that in uniting with ADL/Israel they are helping break down the authority of international law. Christians could be the first victims of such loss of freedom.

As architect of hate crimes laws worldwide, ADL is in the supremely powerful position of deciding who is an “anti-Semite,” “hate criminal,” or even “domestic terrorist.” ADL’s Department of Global Anti-Semitism in the US State Department already says any Christian who publicly asserts that the Jews had Christ killed is a “classic anti-Semite” (See, U.S. State Department Says New Testament is ‘Anti-Semitic’?).

Called the “blood charge,” this New Testament doctrine is already a hate crime under ADL’s Canadian hate law; it is punishable by at least a $5,000 fine and prison, if repeated.

Orthodox rabbi Nachum Shifren describes ADL’s power to define society’s “hate criminals:”

‘And what is the definition of ‘hateful,’ you ask? Simple, whatever the ADL dictates. And how, you’ll ask can that possibly happen here in the land of the Free, the home of the Brave? Again, simple: just play the anti-Semitic race card, and you will have people tripping all over themselves to acquiesce to your every whim.

The facts are: not one Christian today in America dare read the Bible, with its exhortation against bestiality or homosexuality, without looking over their collective shoulders to see if the ADL is monitoring… ADL is ‘working’ 24/7 for their new ‘messianic’ legislation…

The ‘Hate Crimes Bill,’ where the ADL will be positioned to establish a massive, pervasive, and fascist bureaucracy that will monitor every single American and impose in this country Nazi Germany-styled control – the ultimate vision of the leftist ADL….

The Day of the multiculturalists is here, aided and abetted by the ADL, using ‘hate speech’ as the Trojan horse that will destroy our once-great America. (See, The A.D.L. vs. Faith and Freedom)


Already, ADL and its parent organization, B’nai B’rith International, have permission in many countries to seize, deport and imprison anyone who questions the veracity of the sacred six-million figure of alleged Holocaust dead. (This includes the United States.)

Jewish thought police initiated deportation of Holocaust questioner Ernst Zundel from his home in Tennessee; he was imprisoned in Canada, then Germany, for a total of seven years. They seized revisionist scientist Germar Rudolph from Chicago, sending him to a similar fate in Germany where he was detained and imprisoned for four years.

Will Israel’s right to go outside its national boundaries and seize “Hamas sympathizers” be severely rebuked or indulged again? If it is allowed, Israel will only be empowered to globally lengthen its “anti-terrorist” reach. Again, Rabbi Schifren confirms ADL has such persecutive global ambitions.

There is a second camp – a more sinister group, that has done more damage to the Jews and caused more murder and destruction that all of Israel’s enemies combined…. It holds a vision of a One World Order, together with Marx, Trotsky, and Lenin – an evil that, to date, has claimed nearly 200 million souls.

With these international bandits and mind-control wizards stand the ADL… The ADL’s agenda is simple: anything that will increase their power and control is good…. In order for their to be a One World Order, man’s spirit and soul must be brought low, be subjugated to the level of the beasts… In this camp we find the ADL.


Jesus said in the last days His followers will be dragged to Jewish synagogues and authorities to be condemned and imprisoned (Luke 21:12). In that day, Israel’s power (as “ Babylon the Great”) (See, Israel: On the Way to Empire in the Mideast) to seize and deport “hateful, anti-Semitic” Christians to Israel will have been established through countless precedents.

How will those precedents be carved? By doing exactly what the evangelical world now advocates: granting Israel privilege over international law!

Thus, the same evangelicals whom Jesus said will suffer Jewish persecution now stand mutely while ADL puts an “anti-Semitic,” “domestic terrorist” noose around them. By joining with ADL/Israel to distract from Israel’s flouting of international law, Christian/conservative authorities do more than lead their followers into a trap ADL/Israel has set for believers everywhere. They help to create it.

Evangelicals, you are supremely confident that you have the whole truth on the flotilla affair. Yet Jesus predicted that in the last times falsehood would be so pervasive that even the very elect, if possible, would be deceived.

Does it bother you, even a little, that you have received such enlightenment from those Jesus described as “the synagogue of Satan?” (Revelation 3:9)


TALK SHOW HOSTS: Interview Rev. Ted Pike on this subject. Call (503) 631-3808.

The freedom-saving outreach of Rev. Ted Pike and the National Prayer Network is solely supported by sale of books, videos and your financial support. All gifts are tax-deductib.

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News Letter 09/06/10

The Saville Inquiry report on Bloody Sunday will be published on the internet next Tuesday afternoon, the government has confirmed.

Prime Minister David Cameron will address the House of Commons at 3.30pm, after which the vast £191 million, 5,000-page report will be published on the inquiry website,

The report into the events of Sunday, April 19, 1972, in which 14 men were shot dead by the Army in controversial circumstances, will bring to an end the 12-year inquiry process begun by the then prime minister Tony Blair in 1998.

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell yesterday demanded that the report, believed to be between 20 and 30 million words long, be published on the internet for free.

The DUP MP said: “The government should be making it available online free of charge as well as in libraries.

“And for those seeking a hard copy there should not be an exorbitant fee which will generate little money as virtually no one will be able to afford to purchase a copy.”

But, responding to his call, the government said that it had already been decided that the report would be made available on the internet on the day when it is published.

Government documents are generally published online for free but paper copies have to be bought through the government’s official publisher, The Stationary Office.

But Mr Campbell said he believed that the government should pay to make the report available in paper format for free distribution to any interested parties.

“As if to add insult to injury after costing almost £200 million to conduct the inquiry the general public are to be asked to pay such huge amounts whilst lawyers and political parties could receive the document for free.

“It would be completely unacceptable for the general public to be asked to pay what I understand could be as much as £400 or more for a copy of the Saville report.

“There are a number of lawyers who have earned millions from the public purse through the course of this inquiry.

“It is wholly inappropriate for example if these lawyers were to get their copies for free, and the tax-paying public forced to pay hundreds of pounds for this document should they wish to buy it.”

Secretary of state Owen Paterson, who has been highly critical of the Labour government’s costly and open-ended inquiries into the past in Northern Ireland, said that he was attempting to have the report published as sensitively as possible.

He said that families of both soldiers and those killed and injured on Bloody Sunday would have access to the mammoth report at a secure location seven and a half hours before the prime minister delivers his statement to the Commons.

Five hours before the report is published some politicians and lawyers for the families and soldiers will have access to the report at secure locations, he said.

Mr Paterson said that neither he nor any other member of the government will receive the report until 24 hours prior to the prime minister’s statement.

He said: “I have not seen the report and will not do so until 24 hours before publication.

“To anybody who might want to speculate on the contents I would urge them wait until next Tuesday when they will be able to comment on the actual report.”

Troops Out Movement

Campaigning for British Withdrawal from Ireland

PO Box 1032 Birmingham B12 8BZ  Tel: 0121 773 8683 Mob: 0797 017 4167

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Find Out What Really Happened to the USS Liberty

June 10, 2009

by John Allen

Why Did Israel Attack the USA?   Why Did U.S. Government and Israeli’s Cover it Up?


The USS Liberty incident was an attack on a neutral United States Navy technical research ship, USS Liberty, by Israeli jet fighter planes and motor torpedo boats on June 8, 1967, during the Six-Day War. The combined air and sea attack killed 34 crewmembers (naval officers, seamen, two Marines, and a civilian), wounded 171 crew members, and damaged the ship severely. The ship was in international waters north of the Sinai Peninsula, about 25.5 nautical miles (47.2 km) northwest from the Egyptian city of Arish.

Shortly after the attack ended, Israel informed the U.S. that its forces had attacked the Liberty in error—a friendly fire incident. An Israeli inquiry by Colonel Ram Ron concluded that the attack was caused by a chain of mistakes by Israel Defense Force (IDF) personnel. The IDF, in its History Report about the attack, says that an IAF (Israel Air Force) ‘Nord’ reconnaissance aircraft discovered a ship approaching the war-zone area, during early morning hours.

A marker for the ship’s location was placed on an IDF control table. The ship was eventually identified as USS Liberty. At about 1100 (local time), the Liberty’s marker was removed from the control table because the ship’s current location was unknown.

On June 5th, the United States government was asked to inform the IDF of any U.S. ships in the area, they were not told of Liberty’s mission.(p.22,24) During the attack, the IDF air and naval forces, respectively, misidentified the Liberty as an unknown destroyer and the Egyptian cargo ship El Quseir.[8] Supporters of Israel’s explanation say that no credible motive existed for Israel to initiate a surprise attack against an important ally and the possibility of such mistakes were inherent in the tense atmosphere of the Six-Day War.

The United States government was concerned about such dangers and ordered the Liberty farther away from shore but the order was not received in time due to a series of communication failures.[9] The IDF’s History Report about the attack points out that “though the attack on the armed forces of a friendly nation is a most regrettable and painful occurrence, incidents of this kind do occur in war-time.”

Some American government officials and others did not believe the attack was an innocent mistake. They noted that various aircraft, apparently Israeli, flew over Liberty at regular intervals—some at low altitudes—before the attack; and that Liberty was about twice as large as El Quseir, designated with Latin rather than Arabic letters, displaying the US flag, and differently configured. Proponents include the surviving Liberty crewmen, and some former U.S. government officials, including then-CIA director Richard Helms and then-Secretary of State Dean Rusk as well as Admiral Thomas Hinman Moorer, former Chief of Naval Operations and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The Johnson administration did not publicly dispute Israel’s claim that the attack had been nothing more than a disastrous mistake, but internal White House documents obtained from the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library show that the Israelis’ explanation of how the mistake had occurred was not believed.

Both the Israeli and American governments conducted inquiries into the incident, and issued reports concluding that the attack was a tragic mistake, caused by confusion about the identity of the USS Liberty. The conclusions reached in the inquiry reports remain controversial, and some veterans and intelligence officials who were involved in the incident continue to dispute the official story, claiming Israels attack on the USS Liberty remains the only major maritime incident in American history not investigated by Congress.

In May 1968, Israel paid US$3,323,500 as full payment on behalf of the families of the 34 men killed in the attack. In March 1969 Israel paid a further $3,566,457 in compensation to the men who had been wounded. On 18 December 1980 Israel agreed to pay $6 million as settlement for the U.S. claim of $7,644,146 for material damage to the Liberty itself.

On December 17, 1987, the issue was officially closed by the two governments through an exchange of diplomatic notes.

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June 14, 2008

by John Allen

Insider Tells the Truth About the Cover-up of the Attack on the USS LibertyIsraeli Spies in the U.S. Government?

Insider Tells the Truth About the Cover-up of the Attack on the USS Liberty 

by Mark Glenn

‘Son, I spent 2 years as a special agent in the FBI and over 30 yrs in the military, and if it is one thing I learned through all of this, it’s that when you get an order, you say ‘yes sir’ and carry it out with no questions asked.’

This was the response given by Capt. Ward Boston, USN (Ret) to this reporter in a series of recent interviews he gave for American Free Press Newspaper. For those not familiar with Capt. Ward Boston, he played what will one day be recognized as one of the most pivotal roles in recent human history. 40 years ago this upcoming June, he was the senior legal council for the Naval Board of Inquiry concerning the June 8, 1967 attack on the USS Liberty by Israeli Air and Naval forces that resulted in 34 Americans killed and 171 wounded.

His job in 1967 was to be part of a hastily-called investigation into the attack, and–as he has recently revealed to the shock of many–to rule that Israel’s 90-minute bloodfest waged against America’s young men was all an ‘accident’ that occurred during ‘the fog of war,’ all the evidence to the contrary be damned.

In 2002, Capt. Ward broke his silence of 3 decades and released an affidavit to the public in which he admitted that the entire investigation was a sham, and that he was under orders (from persons of no less authority than President Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara) to rule that the bloodiest day in American naval history since WWII took place as a result of ‘mistaken identity’ and that America’s ally, Israel–was innocent of any wrongdoing of the attack on the USS Liberty…

For 35 years Capt. Ward lived with the bitter knowledge that his fellow servicemen had been deliberately murdered in what was an act of war by a foreign power and yet because of the orders he received was powerless to say anything. A conflux of events however led him to make the decision to ‘damn the torpedoes’ and to let the chips fall where they may. ‘I’m an old man’ he told AFP.

‘They can’t threaten my job, and if they throw me into jail, so what? The truth has to be told for the benefit of the survivors and for the American people whose sons and daughters are dying today.’

The first of these events leading him to break his silence was the 2002 release of a book entitled ‘The Liberty Incident’ written by Judge Ahron Jay Cristol at a time when America was being drawn into a series of long-term military engagements with countries that just so happened to be enemies of Israel.

Through his book and subsequent speaking tour, Cristol (a slavish, shameless, fanatical apologist for the Jewish State who is on more-than-friendly terms with a number of people in both the military and arms industry in Israel) did the usual song and dance when it comes to discussing the terrorist state that attacked America in 1967, which was to argue for unconditional acquittal, using a collage of sloppy yet deliberate misrepresentations and omissions of fact. In Capt. Boston’s words, it was Cristol’s ‘insidious attempt to whitewash the event that pushed me to speak out.’

‘These rats,’ he said, referring to Israel and her defenders. ‘They lie about everything. You can’t believe a word they say’ he told AFP. What was so important about this statement was that Capt. Boston was not just talking about the past, but about the present and future as well.

‘They’ve completely infested the entire Intelligence and Defense apparatus of the United States’ he said. ‘Perle, Feith, Wolfowitz, and all the rest of them…They’re spies for Israel, every damned one of them’ he said. ‘Just consider the 5 guys who were arrested after 9/11, cheering and celebrating, and then afterwards we come to find out that they were Mossad and then they get sent back to Israel.

They knew all about it and yet our government, the government I worked for most of my life did nothing about it. Can you imagine if these guys were Arabs?’ he asked. ‘It’s been the same thing, ever since 1967’ he said with unmistakable aggravation. ‘Protect Israel, protect Israel…In the meantime, our boys are dying over there and those who don’t die are coming back here with all sorts of problems, both physical and psychological.’

It was his visit to Israel some years back that clinched it for this man in terms of his feelings for the ‘great experiment’ in Jewish self-rule. ‘The way they treat the Arabs…it’s unconscionable’ he said. ‘You go into Israel, into the only places where they allow the tourists, and it’s the picture of paradise, just as the Soviets used to do.

Then you take a detour off the approved itinerary and you see what it is really like…The poverty, misery, abuse. Arab kids being gunned down in broad daylight. It’s worse than South Africa. Only a person with a ice water in his veins could see the way the Arabs are treated and not be outraged.’

As far as the future goes, Capt. Boston is not hopeful. ‘If either they (the Israelis) or the US launches a war against Iran, it will be the beginning of the end’ he said. ‘Armageddon…You’ll have Muslims pouring into the area from all over the world and no army will be able to stop them. They will tear Israel and the Americans to pieces.’

As far as his reaction to the predictable accusations of ‘anti-Semitism’ that have been leveled against him for telling the truth concerning the attack on the Liberty, he laughs it off. ‘One of my closest friends growing up was Jewish’ he said. ‘I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body. What we are dealing with here is an act of war initiated against the United States, the country I swore an oath to defend, period.

If a proper investigation into the attack on the Liberty had been allowed to take place and the American people made aware of what happened, we would not be in the middle of this mess in the Middle East now.’

Correspondent–American Free Press Newspaper

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April 1, 2008

by John Allen

Why hasn't the Department of Defense conducted a complete investigation into the attack on the USS Liberty?Why hasn’t the Department of Defense conducted a complete investigation into the attack on the USS Liberty?

Left, the flag that flew during the air attack. This was the second of three flags that flew during the attack.

As we approach another anniversary of the USS Liberty’s assault by Israel, it is important to remember these courageous heroes who stayed the course until the end of this surprise attack that shocked her crew. 

Joe Meadors, Director of Operation, for the USS Liberty Veterans Association  has submitted the following article from the VFW magazine telling in vivid detail the story of the USS Liberty’s awesome peril–and bravery in the face of this surprise attack that was and continues to be ignored.

Joe Meadors writes, “The War Crimes Report has an interesting history.  I believe it was in 2003 that I discovered the DoD Law of War Program (  If you read that Directive you will learn that the Department of Defense is required to conduct a complete investigation of all allegations of violations of the laws of war whether committed by or against the United States…

On June 8, 2005 we filed our report with the Department of the Army as required by the Directive.  The report was forwarded to the Department of the Navy where it was promptly filed away without any action being taken by the US Navy.  In 2007 we learned that the DoD had decided to take no action on the Report we filed and that they felt no obligation to inform us of this action.  Further, they refused to provide a spokesperson to address our 2007 reunion in Washington, DC claiming that they had nobody who was familiar with the attack.  Our plea that the request we made was for someone to speak to the treatment accorded our War Crimes Report by the US Navy was similarly ignored.

We had hoped that the Department of Defense would conduct the complete investigation demanded by their Law of War Program which would require us and others knowledgeable about the events of June 8, 1967 would be required to give testimony under oath.  The question that is uppermost in our minds is why were rescue aircraft that had already been launched to come to our assistance ordered recalled while we were still under fire.   

To date nobody in the Department of Defense and not a single Member of Congress has felt any obligation to find out the answer. 

I hope this email will tweak your interest enough to take the action necessary to find the answer to that question and the other allegations made in our War Crimes Report.

\Heroism in defense of the USS Liberty
by Richard K. Kolb, VFW  

On June 8th, 1967, the spy ship USS Liberty withstood an unparalleled assault by Israeli torpedo boats and planes off the coast of Egypt. Despite official and public abandonment the courageous crew deserves recognition on this 40th anniversary of the costliest hostile U.S. ship action since World War II.

They [the Bureau of Naval Personnel] sent a message back, and they said, ‘Wounded in what action?,’ ” recalled Ensign Pat O’Malley. “‘Killed in what action?’ They say it wasn’t ‘action,’ it was ‘an accident.’ ”

O’Malley was incredulous because his ship had just been subjected to intense incendiary, machine-gun and rocket fire by jet fighter aircraft and motor torpedo boats of what turned out to be an ally.

Even today, 40 years later, this reaction remains typical when a Liberty veteran relates the ordeal he experienced in the eastern Mediterranean Sea that summer day. Despite the fact that this ship sustained the highest per capita casualties—70% equating to 206 Purple Hearts—in hostile action of any American ship since World War II.

Medal citations related to the surface battle are replete with references to hostile fire. At least a half dozen use the phrases “rocket and machine gun fire,” “strafing fire” and “attacking torpedo boat.” Yet how many Americans—even those older than 55—are aware of what
their sailors underwent during the Six-Day War of June 1967?

A highly sophisticated intelligencegathering vessel, the Liberty was in the area to ascertain if Russians or Egyptians were piloting six Cairo-based Soviet bombers flying missions against Israel.

Virtually all magazine accounts of this action focus on why Israel would have intentionally attacked an American craft, as well as on the Johnson Administration’ s cover-up. Suffice it to say that crewmen have no doubt the attack was deliberate. Unfortunately, the heroism
of the crew is far too often lost amidst this controversy.

So for a change, the story of the gallantry of the sailors aboard will be told. Only then can the battle the Liberty waged find its rightful place in the annals of U.S. naval combat. Instead of being swept under the historical rug, their actions should be celebrated along with those of other valorous ships’ crews throughout history.

The official attempt to deny what happened that June 8 knew no bounds. Yet the evidence was clear to see: The Liberty sustained 821 shell holes. All forms of recognition, however, were stalled and/or concealed.Hostile fire pay was denied the crew;when it was finally granted, only the wounded were deemed worthy.

The prestigious Presidential Unit Citation was not presented to the men; they didn’t know anything about the award until years later. And it did not even identify the attackers, making only vague references to “foreign” aircraft and boats. Though the citation used phrases like “heroic achievement,” “extraordinary heroism” and “exceptional courage.”

Likewise, the ship captain’s Medal of Honor citation failed to delineate those responsible. The Navy secretary, not the President as usual, presented the actual medal at the Washington Navy Yard, instead of in the White House. 

Harrowing Ordeal

At 2:03 p.m. on June 8, two Israeli Mirage fighters attacked the ship, killing nine sailors. Mystere aircraft trailed, dropping napalm on the deck. Torpedo boats followed close behind, launching their lethal projectiles at 2:34 p.m.

By all measures, the 72 minutes of combat experienced by the Liberty was intense. In his book Assault on the Liberty, James M. Ennes, off-going officer of the deck at the time, provides ample graphic descriptions. “The air filled with hot metal as a geometric pattern of orange flashes opened holes in the heavy deck plating,” he wrote of the initial volleys. “An explosion tossed our gunners high into the air—spinning, broken, like rag dolls.”

He continued: “With incredible noise the aircraft rockets poked eight-inch holes in the ship; like fire-breathing creatures, they groped blindly for the men inside. Already the pilothouse was littered with helpless and frightened men.”

Below deck, an Israeli torpedo—one of five fired—explosion flooded the Research Operations Department, instantly killing 25 cryptologists. Some died while burning code lists and destroying a crypto machine—performing their duty to the very last. The bulkhead had disintegrated before the crew’s eyes.

“With a great crunch,” Ennes wrote, “flesh and steel were compressed into a distant corner as the blast hurled men and equipment the width of the ship.” After a futile search for the living, a Marine conceded, “No one is alive down there.”

Meanwhile, on the deck, sailors had furiously attempted to fight off the merciless machine gun fire. Gunner’s Mate Alexander Neil Thompson manned one of the four unprotected .50-caliber machine gun mounts over the bodies of dead shipmates.damaged_400

His posthumous Silver Star citation reads: “Courageously and single-handedly operated machine gun 51 and continued to fire on the aircraft in the defense of his ship and shipmates until he was fatally wounded by a rocket blast. His aggressiveness and coolness under
fire was exceptional inspirational leadership in an hour of awesome peril.”

Seaman Dale D. Larkins also received the Silver Star for solely manning Mount 51 and firing on the attacking torpedo boats until ordered to stop. Fireman David Skolak and Lt. Stephen Toth were awarded posthumous Silver Stars, both  fatally wounded while performing their
duties without regard for their own personal safety.

Skolak was even a candidate for the Medal of Honor for attempting to evacuate wounded sailors under heavy fire. Unfortunately, there were not enough witnesses.

The Navy Cross went to Lt. Cmdr. Philip Armstrong, as well as Petty Officer Francis Brown, both of whom died at their posts. Armstrong was trying to jettison the gasoline drums on the bridge and organize a party of men to extinguish the blazing lifeboats, all the while being fired upon. Brown was acting as helmsman, standing fast to maintain the ordered course until torpedo boat strafing-fire cut him down.

Others performed extraordinary lifesaving measures. Dr. (Lt.) Richard F. Kiepfer administered first aid—including a major surgical operation—throughout the ship despite enemy fire. Ensign David G. Lucas assisted in controlling the ship though he was already wounded.

Capt.William L.McGonagle, a Korean War veteran, received the Medal of Honor one year after the attack, on June 11, 1968. Constantly exposed to fire, he kept control of the Liberty and cared for casualties.Weakened by the loss of blood, the commander nonetheless remained at his battle station for 17 exhausting hours.

Severely wounded, he steadfastly refused any treatment. To the bitter end, McGonagle declined medical attention until convinced that all his crew had been tended to first. None of the sailors onboard would have expected “Old Shep” to be commended with anything less than
the nation’s highest honor for bravery— for his “extraordinary valor” and “courageous fighting spirit.”

In an ironic twist of historical fate, it was a Russian guided-missile destroyer that first arrived to offer assistance to the Liberty. Though declined, the Soviet ship stood by until U.S. warships made it to the scene of the action in international waters 13 nautical miles off the
Sinai Peninsula near El Arish.

What the crewmen of the USS America, Davis and Massey witnessed was appalling. The torpedo had hit the starboard side of the superstructure, leaving a gaping 40-foot hole. Even the life rafts had been fired upon and, symbolically, The U.S. flag was shot down.

Ennes described the Main Battle Dressing Station as “a bloody scene that seemed somehow reminiscent of the American Civil War.” Three men were so badly mangled that they could not be identified; three others were swept away into the sea. All six found a common grave in Arlington National Cemetery.

The treatment meted out to USS Liberty survivors by their country for years after the Israeli assault constitutes a mark of shame. Denied respect and real recognition, they were never accorded their proper place in U.S. Navy history. Eventually awarded the Combat Action Ribbon, crewmembers still never saw their action join the pantheon of heroic sea engagements.

Only relatively recently has the recognition Liberty vets so richly deserve come their way. (For the efforts of Liberty vets to erect memorials to their shipmates.

Instead of being shunned, the record of that ship should go down in the Navy’s proud past as the vessel that engaged in the most intense surface combat since WWII.

A Superlative Naval Action

The Liberty had a complement of 294 men, including a 94-man National Security Agency contingent. Of the crew, 34 were KIA (25 of them cryptologists) and 172 were WIA (three so severely that they were not expected to live.) Two of the 34 dead were Marines (the three Marines aboard were Russian and Arabic linguists) and one a civilian. That calculates to 70% casualties. Eighty-eight of the men were not physically wounded.

How does that compare with other U.S. ship casualties due to hostile action since WWII? Let’s take a look.

The frigate Stark, hit by an Iraqi aircraft missile on May 17, 1987, in the Persian Gulf, had a crew of 221.With 37 KIA and 21 WIA, that left the ship with a startling 26% casualty rate.

During the entire Vietnam War, the Navy’s greatest single ship loss was that of the USS Westchester County. The landing ship, tank, anchored in the My Tho River, counted 18 sailors KIA (five U.S. soldiers also were killed) on Nov. 1, 1968, due to two mines planted by VC frogmen. Another 22 crewmen were WIA. With total Navy losses at 40, the “Wesco” had a 30% casualty rate among its 132-man crew. 

For the Korean War, it was the destroyer Walke that sustained the Navy’s severest single loss. On June 12, 1951, either a mine or a torpedo claimed the lives of 26 sailors and wounded 40 others in the Sea of Japan. With a crew of 300, that amounted to a casualty rate of 22%.

Four months after the end of WWII, on Dec. 29, 1945, the minesweeper Minivet hit a Japanese mine in the Tsushima Straits between Japan and Korea. The crew of 91 counted 31 KIA—34% of all sailors aboard. Ten also were WIA, for a total casualty rate of 45%.

Several better-known land operations also suffered fewer KIAs. Neither the Dominican Republic (1965-66), Koh Tang Island off Cambodia (1975), Grenada (1983), Panama (1989) nor Somalia (1993) equaled the number of KIA of the Liberty.

Moreover, the Liberty crew certainly qualifies as one of the most highly decorated for a single ship action. With one Medal of Honor, two Navy Crosses and 36 Silver or Bronze Stars for little over a one-hour action, few crews have been so courageous.

As Vice Adm.William I. Martin, commander of the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean Sea, said in July 1967, “I commend to every man who sails in the Sixth Fleet the fact that the USS Liberty has become a legend in her own times.”

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The “Hidden Day” Israel Deliberately Attacked American Ship, Killing

October 10, 2007  by John Allen

The "Hidden Day" Israel Deliberately Attacked American Ship, Killing 34For 40 years, intelligence analysts have kept this knowledge secret, a testament to our country’s widespread fear of the Israel lobby.
By Ray McGovern

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee brags that it is the most influential foreign policy lobbying organization on Capitol Hill, and it has demonstrated that time and again, and not only on Capitol Hill.

Nowhere is the lobby’s power more clearly demonstrated than in its ability to suppress the awful truth that on June 8, 1967, during the Six Day War:

  • Israel deliberately attacked the intelligence collection ship USS Liberty, in full awareness it was a U.S. Navy ship, and did its best to sink it and leave no survivors;

  • The Israelis would have succeeded had they not broken off the attack upon learning, from an intercepted message, that the commander of the U.S. 6th Fleet had launched carrier fighters to the scene; and

  • By that time, 34 of the Liberty’s crew had been killed and over 170 wounded…

Scores of intelligence analysts and senior officials have known this for years. That virtually all of them have kept a 40-year frightened silence is testament to the widespread fear of touching this live wire.

Even more telling is the fact that the National Security Agency destroyed voice tapes seen by many intelligence analysts, showing beyond doubt that the Israelis knew exactly what they were doing.

But the truth will come out — eventually. All it took in this case is for a courageous journalist (of the endangered species kind) to listen to the surviving crew and do a little basic research, not shrinking from naming war crimes and not letting senior U.S. officials, from the president on down off the hook for suppressing — even destroying — unimpeachable evidence from intercepted Israeli communications.

The mainstream media have now published an exposé based largely on interviews with those most intimately involved.

A lengthy article by Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter John Crewdson appeared in the Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun on Oct. 2 titled “New revelations in attack on American spy ship.” (For the full story, click here.)

To the subtitle goes the prize for understatement of the year: “Veterans, documents suggest U.S., Israel didn’t tell full story of deadly 1967 incident.”

Better 40 years late than never, I suppose. Many of us have known of the incident and coverup for a very long time and have tried to expose and discuss it for the lessons it holds for today.

It has proved far easier, though, to get a very pedestrian dog-bites-nan article published than an article with the importance and explosiveness of this damning story.

A Marine stands up

On the evening of Sept. 26, 2006, I gave a talk on Iraq to an overflow crowd of 400 at National Avenue Church in Springfield, Mo.

A questioner asked what I thought of the study by John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago and Stephen Walt of Harvard titled “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.”

The study had originally been commissioned by the Atlantic Monthly. When the draft arrived, however, shouts of “leper!” were heard at the Atlantic. The magazine wasted no time in saying “thanks, but no thanks,” and the leper study then wandered in search of a home, finding none among American publishers.

Eventually the London Review of Books published it in March 2006.

I had read that piece carefully and found it an unusual act of courage as well as scholarship. That’s what I told the questioner, adding that I did have two problems with the study:

First, it seemed to me the authors erred in attributing virtually all the motivation for the U.S. attack on Iraq to the Israel Lobby and the so-called “neoconservatives” running our policy and armed forces. Was Israel an important factor?

Indeed. But of equal importance, in my view, was the oil factor and what the Pentagon now calls the “enduring” military bases in Iraq, which the White House and Pentagon decided were needed for the United States to dominate that part of the Middle East.

Second, I was intrigued by the fact that Mearsheimer and Walt made no mention of what I believe to be, if not the most telling, then perhaps the most sensational proof of the power the lobby knows it can exert over our government and Congress. In sum, in June 1967, after deliberately using fighter bombers and torpedo boats to attack the USS Liberty for over two hours in an attempt to sink it and kill its crew, and then getting the U.S. government, the Navy and the Congress to cover up what happened, the Israeli government learned that it could — literally — get away with murder.

I found myself looking out at 400 blank stares. The USS Liberty? And so I asked how many in the audience had heard of the attack on the Liberty on June 8, 1967. Three hands went up; I called on the gentleman nearest me.

Ramrod straight he stood:

“Sir, Sgt. Bryce Lockwood, United States Marine Corps, retired. I am a member of the USS Liberty crew, Sir.”

Catching my breath, I asked him if he would be willing to tell us what happened.

“Sir, I have not been able to do that. It is hard. But it has been almost 40 years, and I would like to try this evening, sir.”

You could hear a pin drop for the next 15 minutes, as Lockwood gave us his personal account of what happened to him, his colleagues and his ship on the afternoon of June 8, 1967.

He was a linguist assigned to collect communications intelligence from the USS Liberty, which was among the ugliest — and most easily identifiable — ships in the fleet with antennae springing out in all directions.

Lockwood told of the events of that fateful day, beginning with the six-hour naval and air surveillance of the Liberty by the Israeli navy and air force on the morning of June 8.

After the air attacks, including thousand-pound bombs and napalm, three 60-ton torpedo boats lined up like a firing squad, pointing their torpedo tubes at the Liberty’s starboard hull.

Lockwood had been ordered to throw the extremely sensitive cryptological equipment overboard and had just walked beyond the bulwark separating the NSA intelligence unit from the rest of the ship when, he recalled, he sensed a large black object, a tremendous explosion, and sheet of flame.

The torpedo had struck dead center in the NSA space.

The cold, oily water brought Lockwood back to consciousness. Around him were 25 dead colleagues, but he heard moaning.

Three were still alive; one of Lockwood’s shipmates dragged one up the hatch. Lockwood was able to lift the two others, one by one, onto his shoulder and carry them up through the hatch.

This meant alternatively banging on the hatch for someone to open it and swimming back to fish his shipmate out of the water lest he float out to sea through the 39-foot hole made by the torpedo.

At that, Lockwood stopped speaking. It was enough. Hard, very hard — even after almost 40 years.

What else we know

John Crewdson’s meticulously documented article, together with the 57 pages that James Bamford devotes to the incident in Body of Secrets and recent confessions by those who played a role in the coverup, paint a picture that the surviving crew of the USS Liberty can only find infuriating.

The evidence, from intercepted communications as well as testimony, of Israeli deliberate intent is unimpeachable, even though the Israelis continue to portray it as just a terrible mistake.

Crewdson refers to U.S. Navy Capt. Ward Boston, who was the Navy lawyer appointed as senior counsel to Adm. Isaac C. Kidd, named by Adm. John S. McCain to “inquire into all the facts and circumstances.” (Yes, the father of presidential hopeful, Sen. John McCain.)

The fact that they were given only one week to gather evidence and were forbidden to contact the Israelis screams out “coverup.”

Capt. Boston, now 84, signed a formal declaration on Jan. 8, 2004, in which he described himself as “outraged at the efforts of the apologists for Israel in this country to claim that this attack was a case of ‘mistaken identity.'” Boston continued:

“The evidence was clear. Both Adm. Kidd and I believed with certainty that this attack … was a deliberate effort to sink an American ship and murder its entire crew … Not only did the Israelis attack the ship with napalm, gunfire and missiles, Israeli torpedo boats machine-gunned three lifeboats that had been launched in an attempt by the crew to save the most seriously wounded — a war crime … I know from personal conversations I had with Adm. Kidd that President Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara ordered him to conclude that the attack was a case of ‘mistaken identity’ despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.”

Why the Israelis decided to take the draconian measure to sink a ship of the U.S. Navy is a subject of speculation.

One view is that the Israelis did not want the United States to find out they were massing troops to seize the Golan Heights from Syria and wanted to deprive the United States of the opportunity to argue against such a move.

James Bamford, in Body of Secrets, adduces evidence, including reporting from an Israeli journalist eyewitness and an Israeli military historian, of wholesale killing of Egyptian prisoners of war at the coastal town of El Arish in the Sinai.

The Liberty was patrolling directly opposite El Arish in international waters but within easy range to pick up intelligence on what was going on there. And the Israelis were well aware.

As for the why, well, someone could at least approach the Israelis involved and ask, no?

The important thing here is not to confuse what is known (the deliberate nature of the Israeli attack) with the purpose behind it, which remains a matter of speculation.

Other indignities

Bowing to intense pressure from the Navy, the White House agreed to award the Liberty’s skipper, Capt. William McGonagle, the Medal of Honor, but not at the White House and not by the president (as is the custom).

Rather, the secretary of the Navy gave the award at the Washington Navy Yard on the banks of the acrid Anacostia River.

A naval officer involved in the awards ceremony told one of the Liberty crew, “The government is pretty jumpy about Israel … the State Department even asked the Israeli ambassador if his government had any objections to McGonagle getting the medal.”

Adding insult to injury, those of the Liberty crew who survived well enough to call for an independent investigation have been hit with charges of, you guessed it, anti-Semitism.

Now that some of the truth has emerged more and more, others are showing more courage in speaking out. In a recent email, a former CIA analyst-colleague shared:

“The chief of the analysts studying the Arab/Israeli region at the time told me about the intercepted messages and said very flatly and firmly that the pilots reported seeing the American flag and repeated their requests for confirmation of the attack order. Whole platoons of Americans saw those intercepts. If NSA now says they do not exist, then someone ordered them destroyed.”

Leaving the destruction of evidence without investigation is an open invitation to repetition in the future.

As for the larger picture, visiting Israel this past summer I was constantly told that Egypt forced Israel into war in June 1967. This does not square with the unguarded words of Menachem Begin in 1982, when he was Israel’s prime minister. Rather he admitted publicly:

“In June 1967, we had a choice. The Egyptian army concentrations in the Sinai approaches do not prove that [Egyptian President] Nasser was really about to attack us. We must be honest with ourselves. We decided to attack him.”

Israel had, in fact, prepared well militarily and mounted provocations against its neighbors, in order to provoke a response that could be used to justify an expansion of its borders.

Israel’s illegal 40-year control over and confiscation of land in the occupied territories and U.S. enabling support (particularly the one-sided support by the current U.S. administration) go a long way toward explaining why it is that 1.3 billion Muslims “hate us.”

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Gaza flotilla update June 8, 2010

1. Public rally – hear eyewitness accounts from the Mavi Marmara

Released hostages have returned home to give accounts of Monday’s attack that differ greatly from that pushed by Israel in the immediate aftermath of the incident. Contrary to Israel ‘s claim that its soldiers acted in self-defence, witnesses have described how the Israelis shot to kill, with at least four activists being intentionally shot in the head.

It has emerged that the truth behind Israel ‘s claim that activists on the boat were armed is that some passengers desperately tried to defend themselves with whatever was to hand after the Israelis began firing live rounds. Witnesses also described how the injured were denied medical treatment for several hours, as Israeli soldiers ignored pleas for help.

Come to a public rally to hear first-hand what actually happened aboard the Mavi Marmara and beyond. The meeting will feature several activists from the flotilla.

7pm on Wednesday 9th June in Conway Hall, Red Lion Square . (nearest tube: Holborn).

Called by PSC and Viva Palestina with trade union and other support.

2. 20,000 march against Israel ’s Gaza flotilla attacks

More than 20,000 people to the streets of London on Saturday to protest against Israel ’s brutal attack on the Mavi Marmara.  Marchers heard eye-witness accounts from those returning from the flotilla, many of whom witnessed passengers dying of gunshot wounds and injuries, as Israeli forces ignored pleas for help.

PSC Director of Campaigns Sarah Colborne paid tribute to the nine Turkish citizens killed by Israel — Furkan Dogan, Ibrahim Bilgen, Ali HaydarBengi, Cevdet Kiliçlar, Çetin Topçuoglu, Necdet Yildirim, Fahri Yaldiz, Cengiz Songür, Cengiz Akyüz. She called on everyone to ensure they had not died in vein – by renewing our efforts to end the siege on Gaza and the occupation of Gaza .

Demonstrations also took place across the country and around the world – PSC would like to thank everyone who helped mobilise for the demo at just four days notice.

 Watch clips from the demo here >>

3. In the papers: PSC calls for a boycott of Israeli goods

Thanks to a very generous member, PSC published two adverts in this Saturday’s Guardian and Independent newspapers calling for people to take action against Israel ’s continuous violation of human rights and international law. Boycott Israeli goods – check the label on: grapes, dates, herbs, fruit, potatoes and flowers – these are the major exports from Israel . View it here: advert 4.pdf

Help us do more. Donate to PSC by visiting:  

4. BDS news: Pixies, Gorillaz sound system, Klaxons boycott Israel over Flotilla attacks

American rock band Pixies cancelled their upcoming concert in Israel on Sunday saying ‘events beyond our control have conspired against us’. It follows recent concert cancellations by the Klaxons and the Gorillaz Sound System in the wake of Israel ’s attack and killings on the flotilla.

5. Take part in Oxfam’s and Amnesty actions calling for an end to the siege and an international enquiry

Oxfam – ‘Lift’ the blockade on Gaza

Send an email to the Foreign secretary to call for an emergency international conference to lift the blockade of Gaza, allowing the free movement of people, humanitarian aid and commercial goods >>

Lift the blockade – text ‘Lift’ to 70066 (text charged at your standard network rates).

Amnesty – International enquiry into activist killing

Use Amnesty’s email tool to send an email to William Hague calling for an independent international enquiry into the killings on the flotilla here >>

Both actions take less than 30 seconds. Don’t forget to share the links with family, friends and colleagues.

6. Guardian letters: trade unions demand an end to the siege on Gaza

We condemn the Israeli attack on the Gaza flotilla taking urgently needed aid to the blockaded Palestinian people of Gaza . We condemn the unlawful actions which led to the killing of at least nine peace activists and injuries to many more. We call for an immediate and unconditional end to the Israeli government blockade off Gaza .

We call on the British government and the European Union to suspend the EU-Israel association agreement and to end their support for the blockade and collective punishment of the men, women and children of Gaza . We call for support for a policy of boycott of Israeli products, disinvestment from Israeli companies and sanctions against Israel until justice for the Palestinian people has been achieved.

Betty Hunter General secretary, Hugh Lanning Chair, Palestine Solidarity Campaign; Tony Woodley Unite the Union, Dave Prentis Unison, Christine Blower National Union of Teachers, Billy Hayes CWU, Bob Crow RMT, Mark Serwotka PCS

7. Twitter, facebook and forward this update – available on


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Dear All,
On Friday night June 4, I was on the satellite phone with the MV Rachel Corrie, the latest boat setting sail for Gaza with desperately needed humanitarian supplies. I was interviewing Nobel Laureate Mairead Maguire for JVP’s blog,, when the Israeli naval vessel following them suddenly sped in their direction.

Maguire was brave and upbeat, and she remained calm and hopeful they would successfully complete their mission, which unfortunately was not to be. From then on, they had only intermittent contact with the outside world, as Israel attempted to seal them off from the world, first by jamming their communications, then by taking control of their ship, towing it to Ashdod, and holding them incommunicado.

Israel did not want us to hear their stories, but those stories will come out. Despite horrific bloodshed, despite the fact that activists are still missing and injured, despite a massive and poorly implemented propaganda campaign complete with doctored video and audiotapes, the mission has already succeeded.

It was not about that one delivery of aid, but inspiring people everywhere to oppose the siege of Gaza. Now the whole world is watching Gaza, and speaking out.

9000 of you have sent 25,000 letters to Obama and Congress telling them to condemn the immoral and illegal May 31 attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, demand a full and independent international investigation, and withhold military aid to Israel until it abides by international law.

Sign the letter now so we can turn that 25,000 into 100,000. For the first time ever, world opinion is turning against the siege, and we have an opportunity to influence President Obama and Congress.

The U.S. National Security Council spokesman said, “The current arrangements are unsustainable and must be changed,” and we at Jewish Voice for Peace couldn’t agree more. However, we want to see real change, and not small adjustments.

There is no morally acceptable or legal way for Israel to blockade Gaza Israel has an obligation to protect its citizens, but the fact remains that this blockade is mostly harming 1.5 million Gazans while arms are still getting in. Israel has endangered its own citizens by rejecting repeated offers for a truce and is blockading humanitarian items necessary for survival. 8 of 10 Gazans are dependent on food aid and 95% of the water fails to meet World Health Organization standards.

Ending the siege will finally allow Gazans to begin rebuilding from the war. It could reduce Israel’s isolation. And it will be a small but significant step to a just and sustainable peace based on human rights and equality.

Jesse Bacon, Jewish Voice For Peace

P.S. You can listen to interviews with with Gaza Flotilla Passengers Mairead Maguire, Denis Halliday, and Huwaida Arraf at Jewish Voice for Peace’s
The Only Democracy? blog.


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Listening to World Service I heard about what happened in Zimbabwe in 2009:

“A BBC investigation in Zimbabwe has uncovered evidence that senior people around President Robert Mugabe are benefiting from the sale of illegal diamonds. World Affairs Editor John Simpson has just returned from a visit to Marange, in eastern Zimbabwe, which contains the largest known concentration of diamonds in the world.

Until six months ago the Marange diamond fields were occupied by hundreds of illegal local diggers.
The diamonds were easy to find. They either lay on the surface or just a few feet below.

The diggers sold them to dealers in nearby town of Mutare, who smuggled them out of the country.

Then on 31 October, we were told, the government moved in.

Helicopter gunships, soldiers and police were sent to attack the illegal diggers.

At least 150 of them were killed. According to survivors we spoke to, some of them were set on by police dogs and torn apart.

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