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Gaza Flotilla Is Victim of Terrorism At High Sea

June 22, 2010

by Michael Leon

– And why should ye not fight in the cause of Allah and of those who, being weak, are ill-treated (and oppressed)?― men, women, and children, whose cry is: “Our Lord! rescue us from this town, whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from Thee one who will protect; and raise for us from Thee one who will help!” Al-Quran 4:75 –

Editor’s Note: The world press outside the United States has covered the Massacre on the Mediterranean roughly in the manner expected of a spectacular act of terrorism wrought against human rights workers.

Following is an excellent account of the war crime of a major power demonstrating the contempt for international law that Israel has maintained with White House support. For continuing updates, see OpinionMaker, Cultures of Resistance, Al Jazeera, and Witness Gaza.

By Raja G Mujtaba

Flotilla comprising of 3 large ships, MV Mavi Marmara and 2 other cargo vessels left Istanbul on Jun 13, 2010. This flotilla was joined by 3 other ships on the high seas that made it a total of 6. The flotilla was headed by Fehmi Bulent Yildirim, the head of IHH (Insani Haqooq Hurriat) that is operating in a number of countries including Germany, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. and providing relief to war victims without discrimination.

 Prof Najamuddin Saqib, former Prime Minister of Turkey is the founder of IHH that was first established in Germany in year 1992 to provide relief to the victims of Bosnia war. People of Gaza are also under siege for decades, it was the moral obligation and in accordance with the charter of IHH to provide relief to these helpless people taken hostages by Zionist Israel.

Gaza being a war torn strip facing the atrocities of Zionist Israel for decades that is denied even the minimum basic human needs to meet its food, medicine, shelter, water etc. needs urgent world focus. All the governments of the West including some of the Muslim world had turned a blind eye to Gaza.

MV Mavi Marmara on her historic voyage

Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, a tout of the Zionists and the Zionist dominated American government blocked the only land route to provide relief to Gaza and denied the people move in and out of there.

The first Viva Palestina that left London on 14th Feb 2009 was allowed to cross over from the Egyptian side. The 2nd convoy that left from the USA on 4thJul, 2009 was meted some rough treatment but allowed partial entry thereafter this route on Israel’s demand was totally blocked.

 The third Viva Palestina that left London on 5thDec, 2009 could not gain access to Gaza. Nothing could move in or out, people mostly comprising of women, infants and the old were subjected to inhuman sufferings that was boosted by the Israeli war planes that did not spare even the UNO relief, education and health facilities.

One Shaukat Qureshi, a small trader in Wah, 30 miles from Islamabad was part of the first Viva Palestina that entered Gaza. He described the sorrowful conditions of the Palestinians there that were simply shocking and hair raising.

George Galloway a British parliamentarian and Yvonne Ridley a British Muslim journalist have been raising voice and mobilizing the people to provide relief and voice to the people of Gaza. Yvonne travelled to many countries to mobilize the people andalways found good response.


Israeli Commandos on the boat

The buildup of Freedom Flotilla was a consequence of Israeli and Egyptian arrogance and unconcerned attitude. Bulent Yildirim, the force behind this buildup soon caught the world attention that attracted people from over 40 countries to participate, one such person was Col Ann Wright, a bold and courageous lady from the US whom I am interviewing separately..

MV Mavi Marmara, the Flag Ship of the flotilla was bought at much under its value for US$ 1 million, it was like a donation by the Turkish government for the people of Gaza. If it had arrived at Gaza, more than likely it would have been handed over to the Palestinian authorities there.

There were approximately 700 people on this ship and there were 5 other ships that were carrying relief goods. Of the cargo ships, one was donated by Malaysia.

From Pakistan, the sole representative was Nadeem Ahmed who was accompanied by Tallat Hussain, a TV reporter and anchor person to document the voyage to break the inhuman and arrogant Israeli siege of Gaza.

Nadeem is a humanist who has setup Khubaib Foundation in Islamabad, providing relief to orphans, widows, prisoners and other such people.

Nadeem Ahmed Khubaib Foundation

Nadeem also provided relief in the earthquake torn Northern Pakistan where he established hospitals, schools and orphanages.

His narration of the journey is more than interesting. Here it must be mentioned that he was accompanied by Nalan, his Turkish wife who in herself is a great force for any humanitarian cause. She was also arrested by the Israelis and subjected to the same treatment that was given to all other prisoners taken by Israel who were on the Freedom Flotilla.

When the flotilla approached closer to Gaza but still on the high seas of Mediterranean it was intercepted by no less than 14 Israeli warships and 3 submarines. Besides this force, there were a number of smaller boats that were carrying Israeli commandos to board the ships.

These warships and boats started to scare the flotilla. Initially they fired blanks with a loud noise, seeing that it did not work then they resorted to live ammunitions. People from MV Mavi Marmara scared the boats with high powered water guns that kept them at bay.

While this battle was going on, Israeli helicopters appeared on the scene. Arrival of the helicopters was announced by live machinegun fire from the crew of the helicopters. This made the people on the deck to run for cover but did not scare them. The first eight Israeli commandos that descended from the helicopters via the ropes were captured by the people on the deck, immediately they were disarmed and made ineffective.

 In all probability the first eight to land were the bait for the peace activist to kill them or make some such like scene so that then this could be used as an excuse to kill and execute the people on board and tell the world that it all was done in self defence by the Israeli troops. If there was any such plan, it was very effectively put away by Bulent Yaldirim.

On this Bulent issued strict instructions that no Israeli commando would be harmed in anyway. The weapons captured from them were thrown in the sea. To avoid any further escalation, the commandos were allowed to land on the deck of the ship.

A man dying from Israeli firing

Now the terror and atrocities began. Israeli soldiers were ruthless and arrogant; they killed nine unarmed people on board the ship and wounded at least 20 of which the condition of the two was declared very critical, its more than likely that one the two must have died.

One such casualty was of Furkan Dogan, a 19 year old Turkish American youth. He was hit with four bullets in his forehead from a close distance. He died before he fell on the floor. In this scuffle one or two ladies were also injured.

In all approximately 300 commandos boarded the ship while as many were still on other boats and Israeli warships. All the people on board were unarmed as their objective was not to enter into any fighting but carry the relief goods to Gaza. Israel had declared that these ships carrying relief goods were in fact carrying weapons of destruction that they wanted to off load at Gaza.

Since the Israelis had their agents on board and also those of Ergenekon, a notorious gang that was created by the Zionists to secularise and plague the Turkish government with Israeli influence were there to keep a watch on the movement of the people on board and know the exact detail as to what all was being carried by these ships. These two distinct groups were visible through their behavior and body language.

Ergenekon, of which very little is known to the outside world, as mentioned inWikipedia, is the name given to an alleged clandestine, Kemalist ultra-nationalist organization in Turkey with ties to members of the country’s military and security forces. The group, named after Ergenekon, a mythical place located in the inaccessible valleys of the Altay Mountains, is accused of terrorism in Turkey.

Its agenda has variously been described as Eurasianist, and isolationist.[7] The defendants portray themselves as defenders of secularism, and national sovereignty. According to the indictment, the group’s claim to legitimacy is that it allegedly protects national interests, which the defendants believe are incompatible with the rule of the democratically elected government of Justice and Development Partyand are harmed by Turkey’s alleged concessions to the West.

In Turkey, the extensions of the state—the establishment—that are considered responsible for this are referred to as the “deep state”. The existence of the “deep state” was affirmed in Turkish opinion after the Susurluk scandal in 1996.

Alleged members have been indicted on charges of plotting to foment unrest, among other things by assassinating intellectuals, politicians, judges, military staff, and religious leaders, with the ultimate goal of toppling the incumbent government in a coup that was planned to take place in 2009.

 This follows allegations published in Nokta that several abortive coups with the same intent were planned a few years ago. The proximate motive behind these false flag activities is said to be to discredit the incumbent Justice and Development Party and derail Turkey’s accession process to the European Union.

Turkey has already been through four “successful” military coupssince democratic elections were first held in 1950. At the first coup d’état in 1960, the junta executed the first democratically elected Prime Minister of the country, Adnan Menderes and two of his ministers.

There were more coups in 1971, in 1980 and in 1997, with additional numerous attempted “un-successful” coups all through these years.

Ergenekon’s modus operandi has been compared to Operation Gladio’s Turkish branch, the Counter-Guerrilla. It has been said that the people who constitute the “deep state” are members of, or make use of, this covert organization, which was established at the beginning of the Cold War to contain communism. Furthermore, Ergenekon is allegedly a derivative of the Counter-Guerrilla.

Over a hundred people, including several generals, party officials, and a former secretary general of the National Security Council, have been detained or questioned since July 2008. Hearings began on 20 October 2008, and are expected to continue for over a year.

Commentators in the Turkish press have called Ergenekon “the case of the century”.

Back to the flotilla, the gory drama on board MaviMarmara began around 12 midnight. The total scuffle did not last

Protests in Turkey after israeli raid on the ships

more than 20 minutes; Bulent Yildrim had instructed the people not to resist and surrender so that there is no further loss of life. All the passengers were moved onto the lower decks where they were tied and locked up but the Mossad aganets and the Ergenekons were given preferential treatment and they were made to sit like some special guests.

While the flotilla was still on the high seas, the Israeli force commander challenged Captain Mahmood commanding Mavi Marmara; asked him his destination that he refused to divulge saying that he was in the International Waters as such no one could question him.

Israelis kept on pressing him to divulge the destination that was certainly Gaza and the movement was in that direction. But to avoid any unpleasant scene, he diverted it to the nearby Egyptian port of Rafah but that did not deter the Israelis.

Now that the Israelis had taken complete hold of the flotilla they moved it to Israeli port of Ashkelon where other Israeli agencies boarded the ships. The media at the Israeli port was kept at bay, none were allowed to get closer to the ships or the passengers while being shifted to the prisons.

After taking prisoners, “we were made to go through at least 10 different government agencies,” said NadeemAhmed. All these people did not give a human look, they either looked like robots or some cloned generation of a different kind.

Although the announcement had been made on board the ship that none would be taken to the prisons as arrangements had been made to transport them on buses to Jordan but that was not the case. Those from countries that had diplomatic ties with Israel would be put on planes to their respective countries. All this was a false hope.

As reported, Israelis poisoned the captives through food. At least nine such cases surfaced but the test to establish what poison was used is not yet complete.

One strange thing to happen was that on the intervention of the US Embassy in Tel Aviv, the Pakistanis were the first to be released from the prison who did spend a single night there. When Nadeem asked one of the American diplomat as to why they had come to get their release, the reply was, ‘You are next to our kin, you helping us in Afghanistan.’

But the fact was that had these Pakistanis been detained there for a longer period of time, anti-American feelings would have spilled on the streets that for them would have been a disastour.

Turkey that had moblised its defence forces on this Israeli attack of the Flotilla has taken a very strong stance with Israel. Israel has been asked to make a public apology to the people of turkey and also accept an international commission to enquire the siege of the flotilla, failing which the consequences shall rest with Israel. In the meantime, Turkey has cancelled defence contracts with Israel worth over 3 billion US dollars.

Mr M Babur, very handsome and smartTurkish Ambassador to Pakistan whom the scribe met over lunch said that the immediate effect has been the softening up both of Israel and Egypt towards the passage of relief and humanitarian goods. This is evident from the fact the way Egypt responded in opening up of road to Gaza. What is to follow is too early to say.

Here it must be mentioned that Turks are no ordinary people, they have a very strong sense of national pride. They can sacrifice everything but their pride. Here Israel is left between the devil and the deep sea, if Israel apologieses, it loses its arrogant and fearful face and if it does not then it loses all its support that it had for so long in the western people.

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Asif Zaradri’s Formula for Perpetual Power

June 22, 2010

by Michael Leon  


It is the same Formula that General Musharraf Tried but Failed

By Usman Khalid

 Asif Zardari (AZ) thinks of himself as a political genius. He may well be right. After all he has managed to obtain complete control over the reins of power even though he is supported by no more than 15% of the electorate. It is rare to get an insight into his thinking; he makes his best political speeches from the grave site of his beloved wife – Benazir Bhutto – in Garhi Khuda Bakhsh.

Yesterday, 21 June, the country was celebrating the 57th birthday of his wife. Celebration may not be the right word to describe an event linked to a person who is dead – particularly one who was brutally assassinated in full public view. But it was indeed an occasion to celebrate by AZ.

If she had not been assassinated, AZ would have been kept out of sight of the public because of his reputation. After all his only link with politics was his renown as the commission agent who charged 10% for every permit and sanction given by his dear wife. However, it is also well known that the couple were leading separate lives.

If Benazir had been alive, she would have been a popular Prime Minister and he would have been confined to Dubai the same way as the mother of Benazir, Begum Nusrat Bhutto. With such dubious political background, AZ has come to own every thing that belonged to the Bhutto family. Even Benazir’s seat in the National Assembly is occupied by AZ’s his sister – Faryal Talpur. He has to be a political genius to accomplish such feats.

 In his speech on the 57th Birthday of Benazir, he made some remarkable statements. He said: ‘he has put in place such a formula that his PP would win even if it loses the elections’. He explained that his formula was based on ‘firm links with the MQM and the ANP’; with his allies he was sure to have a foothold in power in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa (KP) as well as the Sindh Provinces .

 In his scheme, the Punjab – 58% of the population of Pakistan – would continue to sidelined, by its caution owing to the fear of the Sindh Card that he has so deftly played. He expressed annoyance that the workers of the PPP did not appreciate his grand design and are still suspicious of the MQM.

He said that he is seeking accommodation with the MQM in accordance with the vision of his beloved wife – Benazir. He said he had not forgotten her assassins but reiterated that he would not resort to revenge. To confuse matters further (or perhaps to advance his peculiar politics) he fired off a letter to the UN Secretary General expressing his dissatisfaction with the UN Report on her assassination.

Whatever he said was self contradictory; it offended many and confused even more; he satisfied no one. That cannot be deft politics, but it is!

AZ formula for perpetual rule over Pakistan is the same as that of General Musharraf (GM). He is a Mohajir; the MQM was his political home; and he sought an alliance with the PPP – the party of rural Sindh. An alliance of urban Sindh (MQM) and rural Sindh (PPP) can easily sideline the Punjab and KP who are remote from the sea.

Karachi is the sea port through which almost all the trade of Pakistan and Afghanistan passes. With the MQM in  control of Karachi , it can hold entire Pakistan to ransom. Besides, the dictator in chief of the MQM lives in London from where he collaborates with enemies of Pakistan and receives directions. AZ knows enough about the links of the MQM with India and Israel to be afraid.

He has his own links with them but he knows that the MQM links are closer. He is struggling to secure a similar constituency of loyalty for himself to rival that of the MQM. The minorities he is cultivating are the Shias and the Qadianis. That is remarkably similar to the politics of GM who shook hands with Ariel Sharon and had a Qadiani – Tariq Aziz – as his close confidante, courier and international gofer.

AZ is a shia in a country where the shia population is no more than 10% (Mohajir population is 7%); he had dinner with Israeli Ambassador in New York and has Rehman Malik as his close confidante, courier and international gofer. The question is: would AZ succeed whereas Musharraf failed?

It appears that AZ may fail much more spectacularly than GM. The public support for AZ is only 15% which is lower than the lowest for GM. His policy of appeasing the MQM while target killing of PPP workers and Pathans goes on relentlessly in Karachi is making the PPP rank and file very angry.

It is well known that the massacre of PPP workers upon the arrival of Benazir in Karachi was the work of the MQM. The workers of the PPP also believe that AZ has something to do with the assassination of Benazir. Why a proper criminal investigation has not been ordered so far, they ask! Bhutto legacy would continue to attract votes but Zardari as the leader of the PP is becoming unacceptable in Sindh.

While the effort by GM to make an alliance of a minority that is dominant in Karachi (MQM) with a party with country wide support (PPP) made sense, the effort of AZ to make the same alliance is viewed with revulsion and contempt.

It is seen as submission to blackmail by a minority of the majority. Perhaps AZ is aware of that. After all, he did seek an alliance with PML(N) and formed a coalition with it at the outset. They fell out on the issue of restoration of Judges dismissed by GM.

 There was a likelihood of the alliance being restored after their restoration but the PML(N) was wise to stay away. It realised that the embrace of the PPP is like that of a python – the Boa constrictor.

PML(N) government in the Punjab is not providing good governance; it is even trying to ape the PPP with its ‘prone to waste and corruption’ scheme of ‘Two Rupee Roti’. But the PML(N) has avoided strategic errors. It led the movement for the independence of judiciary; it did not rejoin the coalition after the judges were restored; it co-operated for the revision of the Constitution and NFC Award; and it opposed the renaming of NWFP. But it has made two errors since.

It needs to review its position on Hazara Province , and it should stop saying that ‘Generals destroyed institutions’. The demand for Hazara Province is the natural outcome of what AZ calls ‘giving that province an identity’. The Hazarawals do not share that identity  – the gift of AZ. Nawaz Sharif (NS) must see that and say that.

The accusation against the Generals is a lie. When they were managing the Electricity Departments (WAPDA/PEPCO etc) , Railways, Steel Mills, PIA etc, these companies were profitable; under ‘civil’ management they need a subsidy of 350 billion rupees.  Ex servicemen as VCs of universities eliminated indiscipline among students as well as teachers and made them a place for learning rather than politics.

The fashion to revile the services symbolises ingratitude for their service and sacrifices; it is not good for the solidarity of the nation. NS cannot promote national cohesion by reviling the armed forces.

It is wise to have raised the issue of the Kalabagh Dam. Its rejection is associated with the ANP and MQM and now the AZ PPP. All these parties call themselves ‘secular’, which is an expression which means ‘irreligious’ to most people.  Overwhelming majority in Pakistan does not see themselves as ‘irreligious’.

The JUI, which is a Takfiri, group, is also a part of the AZ formula for perpetual power. The JUI is an ally of the ‘irreligious’ because it has a soft corner for India and the ‘secularists’ are all pro-India. PML(N) subscribes to Islam as the polity of Pakistan . Each component of the ruling coalition is natural nemesis of the PML(N).

It is not good politics to question vague objectives of the adversary; but it is good to attack them when they come out with an evil objective. Opposition to Kalabagh Dam is an evil objective. Dams do not consume water; they store water which can be used by all the barrages downstream.

More water would be available to Sindh if the Kalabagh Dam is built. If the fears of Sindh cannot be eliminated without dropping the proposal for high level canals from the dam, it should be dropped. 

AZ has declared his hand. He wants to rule Pakistan and Punjab being ruled by his opposition suits him. That is the scheme of the devil that wishes to undermine Pakistan by imposing upon it rule of enemy collaborators. To advance the enemy agenda, AZ continues to pick fights – one at a time – inside the country in order to neutralise the potential of Pakistan to project its power outside to protect its interests.

 It is time, as the Americans say, “not to be mad but to get even”. It is time to pick a fight with AZ on Kalabagh Dam, on Drone Attacks and on Iran-Pakistan Gas pipeline.  I am sure AZ would end up losing all these fights and his dream for perpetual power would end in nightmare.

The writer is the Secretary General of Rifah Party of Pakistan


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June 20, 2010

by Gordon Duff


By Joe “Ragman” Tarnovsky for Veterans Today Dear Mr. Stantis (

 While having coffee and reading the morning newspaper with my wife the other morning, she handed me the newspaper with your political cartoon showing the Vietnam and Afghanistan combat veterans. Being a Vietnam Combat Veteran, Sir, anything anybody publishes about our war piques my interest greatly.

I do not have to tell you the history of our war and especially the aftermath of the homecoming experience, and to be quite frank, Mr. Stantis, many of us still have emotional and mental pains even 40 plus years after we finished our combat tours in that Southeast Asian country.
There is one thing about your cartoon that is a very important matter of contention to me and probably will be to many other Vietnam Veterans that see and read your cartoon as well. You have the dates of the Vietnam War listed on the helmet of the Vietnam Veteran caricature as 64-73 which is just not true. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial lists the dates of our war from July 8,1959 to May 7, 1975, with the first United States official death listed as June 8, 1956.

By putting the dates of our war from 64-73, Mr. Stantis, you have omitted 544 men that died for their country in Vietnam whose deaths were not in the time-frame for your published political cartoon. What war did these 544 men die in, Sir? These figures and dates that I am presenting to you are from the National Archives and are the officials statistics for our war.

I have also heard television news journalist now state that Afghanistan is the longest war that United States has ever been involved in and they, too, are incorrect. I do not understand why people want to revise history and propagate their version of the past to be factual when it simply is not true.

I would respectfully request to you, Sir, please do not try to rewrite history. If the war in Afghanistan lasts longer than Vietnam, Vietnam Veterans will gladly relinquish the title of “longest war” and acquiesce our place in history to the valiant young men and women fighting for all of us in Afghanistan today.

For me, I hope Afghanistan will not linger as long as Vietnam for one reason, I do not want to see any more American casualties. I do not want more of our Afghanistan veterans coming home in body bags and others severely disabled physically and mentally that will need help from the Department Of Veterans Affairs because they cannot take care of the veterans using the system now.

Vietnam Veterans have never had any reluctance to give proper recognition, respect and thanks to the subsequent generations of veterans that have followed us in service to America, something we did not receive, Mr. Stantis, from most of those that preceded us in uniform. I have heard more than one Afghanistan veteran say, “The first person to thank me for my service and welcome me home after getting off the plane was a Vietnam Veteran.” 

 Over the years Hollywood and journalists have disrespected, demeaned and treated us as the ultimate miscreants of society but that attitude and treatment started to turn around with the dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in 1982. Vietnam Veterans have forgiven the less than stellar reception from the people of America, although we will never forget it, because by forgetting the past we might allow that same type of anti-veteran sentiment to happen again to another generation of men and women that choose to serve America in the military.

Unfortunately, Mr. Stantis, and I sincerely believe you meant no disrespect, but 544 names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial were disrespected and forgotten by being omitted, and I am sure probably many more Vietnam Veterans feel the same way, just by the dates you inscribed on your political cartoon.

 Although the mental and emotional wounds of Vietnam Veterans have healed, Mr. Stantis, the scar tissue over those wounds is thin. For many of us that served in that war it will probably always be that way until the day they put us in the ground.

Those of us that are still here today, we are survivors, survivors with the mission to always make sure those names inscribed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial are treated with honor, respect and remembered for their ultimate sacrifice. If the war in Afghanistan lasts until 2016, and I pray that it does not, maybe then you can republish your political cartoon and it will be factual at that time.

One thing I can guarantee you, Mr. Stantis, if Afghanistan does last that long, those of us that served in Vietnam and are still lucky enough to be on this earth, will be welcoming home and thanking our brothers and sisters from America’s longest war! 

 Joe ‘Ragman’ Tarnovsky

Vietnam Combat Veteran

In-Country 28 August 68 to 22 Oct 70

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U.S., Obama Stand and Lie with Israel

June 20, 2010

by Michael Leon

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Does President Obama realize that if he loses every American progressive voter appalled by Israeli militarism and human rights violations, he will not be reelected? War and bigotry are not the change we had in mind, Mr. President.

By: Ira Chernus, t r u t h o u t | Op-Ed

“We stand by Israel,” State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley declared, as he voiced the State Department’s support for Israel’s internal investigation of the attack on the flotilla bound for Gaza. Israel “has the institutions and certainly the capability to conduct a credible, impartial and transparent investigation,” Crowley said.

Over at the White House they stand by Israel, too. Though the White House press release forgot to use that exact phrase, the rest of the words of praise from the highest level of the US government were much the same as the State Department’s: Israel “is capable of conducting a serious and credible investigation and the structure and terms of reference of Israel’s proposed independent public commission can meet the standard of a prompt, impartial, credible and transparent investigation.”

At the highest level of Israel’s government, though, things look a bit different. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to persuade his cabinet to approve the commission he appointed to investigate the killings at sea. On the Israeli right, any kind of investigation looks like capitulation to hostile world opinion.

To blunt charges of weakness, Netanyahu started off the cabinet meeting insisting that the whole purpose of the investigation is to prove that the Israel Navy operation and the ensuing investigations were appropriate and met international standards: “The government decision will make it clear to the world that Israel is acting legally, responsibly and with complete transparency.”

“Two principles guided us,” Netanyahu said. His first principle was “maintaining the freedom of IDF [Israel Defense Forces] soldiers to act and the credibility of the IDF investigation.” To that end, Netanyahu told the cabinetthat the committee he is appointing will not be able to talk with IDF soldiers, as any international investigating body no doubt would.

The Israeli panel will have to rely on summaries of the IDF’s own investigations and an interview with IDF Chief of Staff (and one of Israel’s most powerful political figures) Lt. Gen. Gaby Ashkenazi.

Israel’s civilian politicians are typically afraid of the political power of the military. So, their first rule is never to limit or impinge on the freedom of the IDF. That means letting the IDF investigate itself and then rubber-stamping the results.

The second principle, Netanyahu told his cabinet, is “giving a credible and convincing response to the responsible states in the international community.” Before meeting with his cabinet, Netanyahu addressed a gathering of his Likud Party and decoded those words. He assured his followers bluntly that he was appointing the committee only to appease the international community.

The editors of Israel’s most respected newspaper, Ha’aretz, got it right : The panel is “aimed at appeasing the world, in particular the United States. Its authority is too limited to conduct a real investigation and its makeup raises the suspicion that it is designed more as a public-relations tool than to properly examine the events and reveal the responsible parties.” It offers only “the deceptive appearance of a real investigation.”

Another Ha’aretz editorial, denouncing the charade as “a farce” and “a whitewash,” pointed outthat the panel will have no real powers, not even those of a government probe, and that the head of the panel, retired Israeli Supreme Court Justice Yaakov Tirkel, “does not believe in such a panel.”

In an interview, he “made clear that he is not a devotee of drawing conclusions about individuals and dismissing those responsible for failures.”

Tirkel also opposed having foreigners on the panel. But to give the appearance of transparency, there will be two. One of them, David Trimble, a Northern Irish Nobel Peace Prize laureate, is a co-founder of a new initiativecalled “Friends of Israel” – along with neocon John Bolton and an eminent Likudnik, Dore Gold.

For all these reasons, as Ha’aretz concluded, the panel is bound to fail both at finding the truth and at appeasing the international community. It will be obvious to anyone watching closely that the investigation is intended to substitute appearance for truth, that the results of the investigation have already been determined in advance.

When truth disappears, all that’s left is lies. So, if the US stands with Israel on this matter, as the State Department says, it stands with an Israeli government that seems ready to lie.

There’s a similar move brewing in Congress, this one aimed at discrediting the flotilla movement by keeping all its participants out of the US because they are “terrorists.” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are circulating a bipartisan letter calling on Obama to put the Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (IHH) on the US “terrorist” list.

At a press conference pushing this effort, Rep. Eliot Engel justified Israel’s blockade of Gaza and its attacks on ships trying to break the blockade, using the familiar mantra: “The United States must stand with Israel as it seeks to carry out legitimate acts of self-defense.” “Legitimate acts of self-defense” will surely be the conclusion of the Israeli probe, too.

But defense against what? What is it, exactly, that the US is standing with? Netanyahu has an answer, one that wraps all the particular distortions of truth inside one big overarching lie. To his cabinet, he saidthat the flotilla “was not a one-time thing. We find ourselves in the midst of a difficult and continuous battle against the State of Israel. The flood of hate is being led by Israel’s enemies all over the world. They are trying to pinch us with the metal pinchers of missiles and terror and revoke Israel’s right to defend itself.”

In his talk to Likud, Netanyahu put it in a broader and more dramatic historical frame. “There is a difficult and continuing struggle against Israel being led by the country’s enemies…. Dark forces from the Middle Ages are raging against us,” he warned ominously.

Netanyahu is usually content to equate all critics of Israel with Nazis and charge that another Holocaust is in the making. Now, though, he conjures up a much larger history of oppression going back to the Middle Ages, identifying Israel’s critics not merely with Hitler, but with ten centuries or more of anti-Semitic persecution, violence and rage.

It might be tempting to dismiss such florid rhetoric as mere window dressing. But it would be a mistake. Because when a lie is repeated often enough, it becomes the big lie. And when so many people believe the big lie, it takes on a life of its own. Ignoring it means letting it go on doing its destructive work.

The popular picture of Israel as a defenseless ghetto, packed with innocent, vulnerable Jews surrounding by raging anti-Semites, is the big lie that lets all the little falsehoods about Israeli policy flourish.

Apparently, it’s increasingly popular in Israel. Reporting on a poll that shows Netanyahu’s popularity growing (though still at only 52 percent approval), Ha’aretz commented: “The [Israeli] public apparently buys Netanyahu’s narrative, which seems to suggest that the world is hypocritical, that we are the only just people and that whoever is not with him – with Netanyahu – is against Israel.”

Israeli columnist Doron Rosenblum agrees that Netanyahu gets political mileage out of this narrative of victimization: “The National PR man has once again succeeded in explaining to the domestic consumer, who is wallowing in his fears and hatreds, that there really is a reason for the sense of siege, isolation and persecution: The world is hypocritical, the wave is getting stronger, the vise is closing in.” And Rosenblum points out the tragic irony: the more Israelis base their policies on their fear of being ostracized by the world, the more they take actions that insure they’ll be ostracized.

Unfortunately, we don’t have polls that ask the public here in the US about that narrative. If we did, I’d bet the farm that it would be accepted by a sizable majority, in one form or another. There are many versions, some more subtle than others. But they all reflect the basic image of the Jews as victims of an unbroken chain of oppression and victimization, leading right up to the present-day woes of “poor little Israel.”

There would be many Americans who would know the facts that disprove this narrative: Israel’s immense military power, which it does not hesitate to use, and Israel’s obvious position as dominator, not dominated. Some would know that the history of the Jews is hardly one of unrelieved persecution. Jews have often lived amicably with Christians and Muslims in many places around the world. Certainly, today, most Jews in the US and many other lands live freely, with virtually full acceptance and no discrimination.

Yet, even those who consciously know these facts are unconsciously affected by the story of endless suffering, which Netanyahu and so many other Israeli leaders have relied on to justify Israel’s violence. That’s how the big lie works, spreading its tentacles beneath the surface of consciousness as well as above it.

And I suspect that it reaches up to the highest levels of power, in Washington as well as Jerusalem. There’s no hard proof; the evidence is anecdotal. But when you grow up in a culture suffused with the big lie, it is very difficult to escape. With a public so primed to see Jews as defenseless victims, policymakers who are on the fence find it politically safer to “stand with Israel.” And if they still aren’t sure which way to go, the emotional tug of the Israeli narrative, no matter how slight, can be enough to tilt them to the Israelis’ side.

That’s not to say Washington always takes the Israelis’ side. In the wake of international outrage over the flotilla attack, President Obama called on the Israelis to ease the Gaza blockade. Though they’d previously refused, the Israelis are now taking steps, albeit slowly and ambiguously, to comply. As one Israeli analystput it: “The right flank of Netanyahu’s cabinet is far from thrilled with these steps, and the same goes for senior defense establishment officials, But when the Obama administration insists, the Netanyahu government gives in.

This was the price Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak paid for Obama’s stamp of approval on an internal investigation that would save those leaders’ political skin, according to Israeli journalist Amos Harel: “Netanyahu and Barak fought like lions over the status and powers of the committee that has been appointed to examine the naval raid. The narrow mandate accorded the committee, with U.S. agreement, ensures that no harm will befall the two leaders.”

It also insures that little or no harm will befall the big lie with which all Israeli governments have justified their violence against Palestinians and the ensuing cover-ups. And it encourages the Israelis to count on the big lie to justify future violence against the many flotillas yet to come.

The same big lie is part of the reason the U.S. government so often stands, and lies, with Israel – even when that policy obviously runs counter to U.S. interests and alienates the U.S. from the international community, as in the current case of the flotilla investigation. How big a part the lie plays is anyone’s guess. There’s no way to prove it. But it would be dangerous to underestimate it.




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White House Statement on Gaza

June 20, 2010

by Michael Leon

Independent Media Defeats Zionist Israeli Controlled Media

Via Steve Clemons, here is  the White House statement on Gaza following the announcement that Israel unveiled steps to ease the Gaza blockade, hailed as a major change in policy in the face of continuing international outrage.

Office of the Press Secretary

June 20, 2010

Statement by the Press Secretary on Israel’s announcement on Gaza

The President has described the situation in Gaza as unsustainable and has made clear that it demands fundamental change. On June 9, he announced that the United States was moving forward with $400 million in initiatives and commitments for the West Bank and Gaza.

The President described these projects as a down payment on the U.S. commitment to the people of Gaza, who deserve a chance to take part in building a viable, independent state of Palestine, together with those who live in the West Bank.

These announcements resulted from consultations with the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.

Today, the United States welcomes the new policy towards Gaza announced by the Government of Israel, which responds to the calls of many in the international community. Once implemented, we believe these arrangements should significantly improve conditions for Palestinians in Gaza, while preventing the entry of weapons.

 We will work with Israel, the Palestinian Authority, the Quartet, and other international partners to ensure these arrangements are implemented as quickly and effectively as possible and to explore additional ways to improve the situation in Gaza, including greater freedom of movement and commerce between Gaza and the West Bank.

 There is more to be done, and the President looks forward to discussing this new policy, and additional steps, with Prime Minister Netanyahu during his visit to Washington on July 6.

We strongly re-affirm Israel’s right to self-defense, and our commitment to work with Israel and our international partners to prevent the illicit trafficking of arms and ammunition into Gaza. As we approach the fourth anniversary of the capture of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, we call again for his immediate release, and condemn the inhumane conditions of his detention.

We believe that the implementation of the policy announced by the Government of Israel today should improve life for the people of Gaza, and we will continue to support that effort going forward. We urge all those wishing to deliver goods to do so through established channels so that their cargo can be inspected and transferred via land crossings into Gaza.

There is no need for unnecessary confrontations, and we call on all parties to act responsibly in meeting the needs of the people of Gaza.

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Ethnic Cleansing in Israel

June 20, 2010

by Michael Leon


Palestinian Jerusalemites: Your home is not your home, says Israel

From Voluntary Ethnic Cleansing:

An Israeli that goes abroad and stays there for a period of two to six years can return to Israel with the full ‘rights’ of a new immigrant. This includes the tax free purchases of home essentials, an automobile, and a good rate on a mortgage.

A Palestinian from Jerusalem that goes abroad for purposes of education or work CANNOT RETURN TO HIS HOME…

Palestinian Jerusalemites go work abroad and get residency revoked upon return

 Palestinians who choose to study and work abroad are finding out – too late – that they have imperiled their right to return to their hometown.

By Amira Hass

Palestinians who choose to study and work abroad are finding out – too late – that they have imperiled their right to return to their hometown.

Last Wednesday afternoon a “shabah,” an illegal sojourner, sat in the small conference room of Jerusalem District Court Judge Noam Solberg. That’s how he was described by Solberg and a representative of the Interior Ministry, attorney Gur Rosenblatt.

The illegal resident reads and writes Hebrew, but in the small room he had difficulty following the learned claims of the judge to the effect that a person born in Jerusalem’s neighborhood of Sur Baher 43 years ago, whose parents and grandparents and great-great grandparents are from there, who went to elementary school and high school in Jerusalem, who recently paid NIS 120,000 for a construction permit from the Jerusalem municipality, is an illegal sojourner. In other words, a criminal.

Meet the criminal: Dr. Imad Hammada. He’s a father of three, with a fourth on the way. Married to a nurse who works for the Leumit HMO in Jerusalem. This biography includes other elements that could sound very Israeli: studied electrical engineering in the United States and worked in Silicon Valley to pay for his doctoral studies and to get experience.

Speciality: nanotechnology (a nanometer is one billionth of a meter ). Frequent visits to his family at home, in Jerusalem.

Dr. Imad Hammada Dr. Imad Hammada and his wife at his graduation ceremony in the United States.


True, his stay abroad lasted longer than expected, from 1989 to 2007. That’s familiar to us, too. Now, three months after receiving his doctorate, in August 2007, he and his family packed their suitcases and returned home, a year after he received American citizenship.

An Israeli company and an American company with a branch in Israel wanted to employ him and changed their minds. The Interior Ministry informed them that he was a tourist.

Tourist? How come? That is how he discovered that the Interior Ministry had revoked his residency status. Through attorney Leah Tsemel he petitioned the Jerusalem District Court sitting as a Court for Administrative Matters, against the revocation of his permanent residency permit.

For the past three years he has been living in his homeland, in his city, in his parents’ home – without health insurance for the children, without rights, in constant danger of arrest and expulsion.

“The prolonged illegal stay in the country is to the detriment of the petitioner,” said Judge Solberg in a stern voice. He said that it could be a reason for rejecting the petition out of hand.

In the corridors of the District Court on Salah al-Din Street it was said that as opposed to liberal judges David Cheshin and Yehudit Tzur, who have left, Solberg is known for summarily rejecting similar petitions. It turns out that this time Solberg had inner conflicts, as he put it.

It’s natural to go abroad

On the one hand, he said, the illegal stay causes us “to say that this is a reason for rejecting the petition out of hand.” On the other hand, the judge said: “It’s natural that people go [abroad] to study and stay for a while. There’s room for a certain amount of forgiveness when you read that the man works in Herzliya (for a Taiwanese company with a branch in Ramallah ) and his wife works…. My initial feeling is that his connection with Israel is sincere.”

Attorney Rosenblatt mentioned the “illegal stay” of the petitioner several times. Tsemel objected: This argument has not come up until now. My client entered legally and was born here and you know that it’s his right to be here.

 In principle, said Rosenblatt, “he can leave the court and be arrested by a policeman because he’s an illegal sojourner.” And Tsemel: “In principle he can leave the court and be arrested because he’s an Arab.”

Solberg tried to calm things down. He said he was actually seeking a compromise. Let the petition be erased, he suggested, and let Dr. Hammada ask to begin a proceeding for “family reunification” (with his wife ). The parties had to reply by today. Afterward, next to the stairs, Rosenblatt would explain to Tsemel that it was nothing personal, but that he was operating according to the law.

The 1952 Law of Entry into Israel determines that anyone who is not an Israeli citizen or the holder of an immigrant’s permit or immigrant’s certificate does not have the right to live in Israel, and his residency in Israel is conditional on a residency permit that has been granted to him according to this law.”

The Law of Entry was imposed on Palestinians living in that part of the West Bank – East Jerusalem and the surrounding villages – that was annexed to Israel in 1967. “Israel entered us,” bitterly say the people to whom the Law of Entry applies, “It wasn’t we who entered it.”

Solberg mentioned that there is logic to the statement that the case of a (non-Jewish ) Frenchman who immigrated to Israel is not the same as the case of a Palestinian who was born in Jerusalem. But it wouldn’t be right, he said, to discuss the matter of principle in connection with the present petition.

In addition to the Law of Entry there are regulations for entry into Israel which stipulate that the expiration of the permanent residency permit: A person will be considered to have settled abroad if one of the following conditions exists: he lived outside Israel for a period of at least seven years; he received a permanent residency permit in that country; he received citizenship of that country.

One of the three conditions is sufficient to revoke the resident status of a Palestinian in East Jerusalem.

Until the end of 1995, the authorities were flexible and made do with visits by those living abroad at intervals shorter than “seven years of absence” in order to maintain residency. But in December 1995, during the term of Haim Ramon as interior minister in the short-lived government of Shimon Peres, the policy changed.

Without previous warning, people who lived abroad but came for frequent visits discovered that their resident status had been revoked. A prolonged public battle – which involved Palestinian, Israeli and international organizations – created pressure that produced results early in 2000, when the interior minister was Natan Sharansky.

 In a declaration to the Supreme Court, he promised that the policy would revert to the pre-1995 practice. For those living abroad for any reason, their periodic visits would once again maintain their residency, whereas those who had lived abroad in the past (or who were living, for lack of housing, in a part of the West Bank that had not been annexed to Israel ) would get back their residency status if they proved that the center of their lives was in Jerusalem.

With the outbreak of the second intifada in 2000, the Interior Ministry resumed mass revocation of the permanent residency status of East Jerusalem Palestinians.

Imad Hammada is one of 289 Jerusalemites whose residency was revoked in 2007. In 2008, the residency of Murad Abu-Khalaf, 33, a native of Ras al-Amud, who has a doctorate in electrical engineering, was revoked. His family lived in the Baka neighborhood in West Jerusalem, from which it was expelled in 1948.

The eight pages of his resume include a series of scientific publications, areas of expertise, fields of research, lectures, awards and prestigious places of work. In 2007, he completed his post-doctorate (with a stipend from the research division of the U.S. Army ). He also visited his family periodically.

He knew that upon his return it was likely that he would not be hired for work in Israeli firms, and that he would teach at university. “I wanted to get some experience in the professional world outside the university,” he said two days ago in a phone conversation from his Boston home.

An engineer in Boston

Since 2007, he has been working as a software engineer in an American firm in Massachusetts, The MathWorks, whose clients are the aircraft industry and security firms, including Israeli ones such as Rafael. The U.S. requires those employed in its security industry to receive a green card.

This is not permanent residency for family reasons, or that of an asylum seeker – but for purposes of work only, emphasized Abu-Khalaf in the conversation. “Had I known that a green card would lead to the revocation of my right as a resident of Jerusalem, I would have returned after the post-doctorate. But what could I have done then, without practical experience? Sold falafel?”

Deliberations on Abu-Khalaf’s petition will take place in his absence before Solberg next Thursday. Since January 2009, Abu-Khalaf has been seeking legal redress, also with the help of attorney Tsemel. His frequent but short visits (because of job commitments ) in 2009 did not satisfy the authorities.

The validity of his travel document expired in January 2010. Since then, he hasn’t seen his parents and his brother. His entire family lives in Jerusalem. His father is a family doctor, his brother is a doctor who works at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem. He lives in Boston and he misses his friends and the streets of his childhood.

Attorney Achva Berman, an assistant to the Jerusalem District Prosecutor’s Office, explained her opposition to permitting his return to Israel: “The policy of the Interior Ministry is a consequence of the sovereignty of the state and its exclusive authority to decide who can remain in its territory.

For that purpose stringent criteria were determined, based on weighty humanitarian considerations… The acquisition of the status of a permanent resident in another place in the world… is what leads to the expiration of residency… In recent years (the petitioner ) has even been working in the U.S. By doing so the petitioner severed his connection with Israel.”

Abu-Khalaf is one of 4,577 Jerusalemites whose residency was revoked in 2008, according to the data provided by the Interior Ministry to the Center for the Defense of the Individual. That is the highest number of residency revocations since the policy began in 1995.

The previous record was in 2006 – 1,363 people whose residency status expired. In 1995, the number was 91. In 1996, the number 739. In 1997, there were 1,067 cases. In 1991, the number was 20.

It’s believed that the vast majority of cases are people like them – Jerusalemites who went abroad for reasons of higher education and work experience, with the aim of returning after acquiring that experience and funding – intending to ameliorate the quality of their society.

Expelling them from their country and from their hometown is the other side of the statistics of poverty and misery that typify Palestinian Jerusalem, which is under Israeli control.

Dr. Murad Abu-Khalaf Dr. Murad Abu-Khalaf during one of his visits back to his native Jerusalem.




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June 20, 2010

by Gordon Duff



By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

Jim Dean at Heritage TV in Atlanta sent me this one.  I couldn’t help but put it up.  I look on this as a test, if you are comfortable with this person and how they think then, well, you are showing a tremendous amount of moral flexibility.  We call people like her sociopaths. 

Enjoy the short video with a delightful surprise at the end.  It isn’t often an Israeli admits to be a Nazi. Please scroll down for more enjoyable photos, quality Israeli “war tourism” shots.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

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June 20, 2010

by Gordon Duff


By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

To millions of Americans, the “end times” seem to be on us.  The BP disaster in the Gulf may leave 25% of America virtually uninhabitable, eco-systems destroyed for sure but maybe much more, a destroyed sea floor, toxic gas clouds moving inland and warnings of something worse, a geological disaster of biblical proportions sitting offshore like a ticking time bomb. 

Millions of American believe the president is a foreign born Muslim, a puppet of the terrorists while millions believe he is working for Israel.  Every speech, every state visit, everything done is seen to support one side or another, sometimes both.  The destruction of the American presidency is only part of it, part of a program of racial division, fear, hate and a descent into class warfare and violence.

The end result of the disasters, political infighting, religious extremism, the total collapse of trust in America’s system of government and the infiltration of terrorist elements into every institution, America’s military and political core, financial terrorists working to destroy America’s standard of living, its industrial base, its currency and, eventually the last of its freedoms will be the division of America, starting with an apartheid state and ending in “Balkanization” and the world’s largest nuclear arsenal being unleashed on the world. 

This has been heard before, it is a story that faith based broadcasting has been sending out to the American people for the past thirty years.  The biblical flood began when the money disappeared.


The serious side is the economic meltdown.  Even with the hundreds of billions Americans borrowed to give to our “banksters” who our ”congress critters” decided were too big to allow to fail, we have no banks, simply depositories for stolen money while it waits to be shipped overseas.  Money is taken in, none loaned out, not for jobs in America anyway. 

All the government did was to push the burgeoning debt left us by the Bush/Cheney failures even higher, topping $13 trillion dollars this month, money we owe to pay back money we never got from people who had no right to print it in the first place. 

More and more Americans are becoming aware of the fact that our system, the Federal Reserve, is nothing but a racket where foreign bankers, all thinly disguised Rothschilds, sell us our own money while maneuvering us into debt, really a massive mortgage on America’s future, we can never keep up the payments on. 

America has been systematically destabilized, the most powerful nation in the history of the earth, living on borrowed money and, frankly, borrowed time.


When Americans look at television and see half their politicians crying about BP, a company that laid waste to more of the planet than any in history, they see a world upside down.  They know their politicians take money, everyone knows this, but to think they would be brazen enough to scream out “yes, we are crooks, what are you going to do about it?” is more than that. 

It is an announcement that anyone in government can do anything they want, anything, and never answer for it, not even face reelection problems.  The more crooked a politician, the more favorable press he gets, the more the Israel lobby supports him, the more the Tea Baggers support him, the more “heroic” he is portrayed by the pundits and fear mongers. 

Things have gotten so bad that Senator Josef Liebermann (I-srael) has introduced a bill that would allow the internet to be closed down in case of “emergency.”  Liberman talks about terrorism or espionage but the real problem was that the ”corporate press” got caught lying over the Freedom Flotilla massacre and millions of Americans have turned to the internet for the news, news sometimes bizarre, conspiratorial and fringe, often however, much more accurate and truthful than the newspapers and TV networks. 

 His bill, written in Tel Aviv, is designed to make Americans who depend on the internet for news and communication feel helpless, isolated and ready to turn to violence. 

Picture yourself going to the computer.  Your email is blocked, nothing in, nothing out.  You are looking at one screen, the same thing on every computer in the country.  The logo, a simply, DHS, Department of Homeland Security.  In the middle of the screen is a new search engine, “Safety Friendly Family Approved Searches.”  Below that are approved news stories, linking you to ABC, CNN, FOX, CBS, MSNBC, the WSJ, NYT, WP and Family Security  Below that is a warning:

“Your microphone and webcam are in active mode.  Do not attempt to mute, shield or disable under penalty of law.”

Senator Lieberman is trying to start a civil war, more than just planting the seeds, this is a provocation, a clear and present danger to American freedom.   


Let’s talk about “social cohesion.”  Israel has shipped their five million Palestinians to Jordan, Lebanon or Gaza to have social cohesion, one country, one race, one religion, no room for outsiders, no matter how long they have been around. 

 America did the same thing with the Indians (Native Americans), eventually wiping most of them out in a series of wars, treaties and resettlement programs.  However, America’s problems with social cohesion are far greater than Israel’s or even those of America during the pioneering years.  Today, we are a society divided on, not only race and ethnicity but region, religion and, worst of all, extremist political views. 

The government that is supposed to join us together and the constitution that is meant to guarantee our belief in equal justice for all have been ground into the dust, twisted, bought, obliterated and disfigured.

America is heading for a meltdown.  Another civil war is possible, even likely.  40% of states are bankrupt.  This means they can’t pay police or teachers or fix roads except with borrowed federal money.  It also means their pension plans, all that is meant to keep millions of Americans out of dire poverty in retirement, are gone. 

The states lost their pension plans in the 2007  collapse.  Only federal bail outs, which aren’t going to happen, will cover this massive shortfall.  Eventually, workers, hundreds of thousands of families who worked and saved for financial security will be told it isn’t there anymore.  This isn’t the future, it happened, its real and it can’t be hidden very long.

There is no federal government to step in and carry the load.  Wars have left it drowning and political corruption has crippled America to where it is no more stable than many of the nations of Africa.  Hiding behind years of scare tactics, terrorism, tiny countries with nuclear weapons, or the real problem of Mexico’s collapse under the rule of drug lords and the millions flooding into our country, financial criminals have looted America and a worldwide criminal conspiracy of financial criminals, headquartered in Tel Aviv and New York, protected by congress and Mossad death squads traveling the world with German passports. 

The press, something we generously call either the “mainstream media” or “corporate controlled press” isn’t just a mechanism for censorship, its part of a long term effort to destroy the faith Americans have in their own ability as people to rule themselves and trust, not the criminals presented to vote for in elections, but their own ability to reject the lot of them.


Radicalization of America has been the goal all along.  Who would have ever believed that internet conspiracy theory would end up being, not only more believable, but more fair and certainly more balanced than traditional media sources that have been discredited to such a degree in recent months.  A key area of division in America has been religion. 

For awhile, financed by the Israeli lobby and the “bankster” criminal elements, the “neo-cons” were able to build a bridge uniting Evangelical Christians with Christian Zionists, groups that are, from a scriptural standpoint light years apart. 

To this, the abortion/women’s rights issue drew many Catholics to abandon their traditional values and join with these groups which had shared little in common with them.  Catholics are urban, typically well educated with a Euro-centric culture, while Evangelicals shun higher education for religious instruction. 

The first American Taliban may have been the Puritans but they have been eclipsed in American history by the atavism of the Mormon Church, whose beliefs deeply parallel the most frightening and profound heresies of Islam, church over state, no rights for women and an undercurrent of violence unrivaled by any sect seen in a western society since the Albigensians. 

Mormons, chased across America, seized much of the Southwest and set up a defacto government, one with little in common with the rest of America.  As the Mormon regions of America come into conflict with the massive Hispanic Catholic population, the roots of dissolution, border wars, draconian race laws and eventually full apartheid will take hold.  It will start in Arizona and spread through the American West.

Perhaps the largest threat is the religious theory of Zionism.  Originally a race theory based on Jewish racial superiority and political supremacy, offshoots of Zionism have entered Evangelical Christian belief systems creating the heresy known as Christian Zionism. 

Original Zionism, a violent and radical offshoot of Judaism is more racial than religious or political in nature.  Though a minority of American Jews practice Zionistic beliefs, most are coerced into either financial support or even into sending children into military servitude in Israel in order to avoid social ostracism. 

As the result of the founding of Israel in Judea or Palestine, a slow decline in social,cultural and intellectual traditions has infected the Jewish community in America, one known for the advancement of social causes and broad advocacy of American freedoms. 

With the increased radicalization of America and her economic decline, many Jews have looked to Israel as an anchor, failing to take into account the role Israel has played in the onset of the entropy they fear.  This situation could be equated with burning down your home to save your garage.

Christian Zionists have only anecdotal similarities with the Judaic variety.  They tend to be rural, poorly educated, envious and resentful, not only of what they call “elites” but many other groups as well but primarily African Americans.  The basis of Christian Zionism is hatred of African Americans.

  All other monikers or descriptions are a subterfuge to escape the labels these same groups had been associated with in the past, Klan, racist or bigot. 

Hiding behind tortured and obscure biblical references and using bizarre stories of disaster and apocalypse, stories oddly well supported by current times, these simple rural people unable to grasp much of the complex modern world. 

 They have been melded into a political front serving the interests of Israel, a state they understand poorly, and the class of economic criminals, many associated with Israel but also with the movement in America called “conservatism.”  Their political role has been to serve as a vocal and sometimes violent front for the economic oligarchy, a very real monied elite, that has assumed broad control over America’s policitcal and social life.


America’s security has been tied, for 65 years, to NATO.  Today, our newspaper and TV gurus are telling us to dissolve NATO.  With the breakdown of the alliance between Israel and Turkey, Israel, who controls 444 members of congress and 50% of America’s wealth has demanded that America either throw Turkey out of NATO or leave herself.

yet, Israel is allowing the United States to remain in the United Nations because America’s security council veto, used hundreds of times to save Israel from sanctions for war crimes or nuclear proliferation violations, is vital to the welare of Israel.

This week, Israel was discovered on the verge of bombing Iran.  Little real damage would have been done.  Iran has no nuclear infrastructure tied to weapons manufacture.  The intent would be, as Israel had planned it, to enter Iran from the north where there are few defenses, bomb useless and remote targets, safe targets so all planes could return and claim a major victory, destroying that which did not exist. 

 As Saudi Arabia has already been set up as the fall guy, said to have allowed the attack in advance, something the Saudis deny, they would become hated among Muslim nations.

Israel’s plan is to force Iran to attack Saudi Arabia, close the Straits of Hormuz and push America and Western Europe into total collapse.  With 60% of the world’s oil supply eliminated, world financial and currency markets would collapse and the world’s armaments industry would explode with orders.  Israel is the third largest exporter of weapons. 

 Israel prides itself as the inventor of “game theory,” the method of strategic planning making use of deception, manipulation, “false flag attacks,” assassinations, bribery and blackmail in a complex chess match meant to bring the world to a chaotic state subject to their mathematical models.  Israel is filled with Nobel Prize winners.  This is what they work on.

The apolcalypse that Christian Zionists prayed for, the “end times” though to begin with a series of natural disasters has been hurried along.  Pushing for a nuclear war has always been a part of it but the possiblity, not yet proven, that the BP disaster in the Gulf could eventually turn the Gulf Stream and leave Europe uninhabitable is a continual subject of discussion with America’s religious broadcast community. 


With collapse in the trust in America’s institutions, a Supreme Court with five neo-Fascist judges, congress with 444 “Israeli-firsters,” and millions of Americans believing the president is the Anti-Christ, one more economic disaster, the one Israel is attempting to stage right now, would make the 2007 collapse seem like a joke.  With the broadcast media having worked the country into fear, distrust and ready to pick up weapons to use against their neighbors, all carefully staged, the scripts have been passed out.

You will know when you see the face of Sarah Palin on every network, perhaps in a pantsuit with a miltiary cut.  Do you think she will be wearing a beret?  There will be a flag behind her and the Star Spangled Banker will fade to silence as she makes the announcements.

Nuclear arsenals will be seized by patriotic groups from within our military, led by Israeli commandos and helped by our armies of private defense contractors.  Those secret “FEMA/UN” prisons will suddenly turn out to be real, with local police in riot gear, American flags on their cars and uniforms, hunting down journalists, activists and, eventually, the educated.

Senator Lieberman will pull the plug on the internet.  Private logins will carry arrest lists.

After the educated classes and politially progressive groups are rounded up, then the African Americans and Hispanics will be cataloged, given travel restrictions.  Pass laws will be enacted.

Then, surprise of surprises, they will start rounding up Jews.

Welcome to the hell of your own making.

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Afghanistan: Is the Mineral Deposit Saga a Reality or Myth?

June 21, 2010

 by Khalil Nouri

Afghanistan Hamid Karzai Taliban Washington Capitol


It is obvious that there is no military solution to the struggle in Afghanistan; therefore a political solution could be on the horizon. So far that too has proven to be a failing effort when the Taliban, who were supposedly partaking in the recent consultative Loya-Jirgah gathering in an effort to reconcile in Kabul, answered instead with a barrage of explosive attacks that consequently disrupted the council.

So, what else is on the table to justify the war in Afghanistan and keep the government of Hamid Karzai afloat?

Apparently the US military brass and Mr. Karzai did some brain storming recently, and they were in approval of introducing another plan by giving the tip off of vastly untapped mineral deposits in the Hindu- Kush mountains of the Central Asian state; which quickly jumped from $1 trillion value to $3 trillion in a matter of 36 hours. There are many legitimate questions as to whether the mineral deposits are authentic or a hoaxed, but the fact remains, many Afghans and many people in the West are not accepting this joint U.S.-Afghan government idea.


In Afghanistan myths are the same as fables, legends, folktales, fairy tales, anecdotes or fiction, but their sloppy usage in politics and religion has blurred the distinctions in many people’s minds. They are sometimes used in a bad way in reference to a belief of culture or for a belief in a religion by implying that the story is both believable and factual. Consequently, considering the past history of British colonial deceit and manipulation of Afghan society and interference in the internal affairs of Afghanistan, some Afghans do not believe anything conveyed by the West is genuine anymore.

Not long ago UK’s Defense Secretary Dr. Liam Fox, called Afghanistan, a “broken 13th-century country.” Of course, his view reverberated in the world as Afghanistan is a tribal and medieval society. In fact, Afghanistan by 13th-century was at the heart of the Islamic renaissance, boasting magnificent architecture, art, calligraphy, literature, advances in mathematics and production of poets akin to Jalaluddin Rumi who was born in 1207 in the northern city of Balkh.

That said, in most rural areas in Afghanistan, time is frozen in a centuries old antiquated system, technology advances are null, illiteracy is high and societal beliefs are of conservative Islam, therefore, in such a society, mythology is perceived as authentic, and dominates people’s thoughts and daily lives. Afghans are not simpleminded people; they have retained their complex oral traditions. However, their oral traditions do suggest the possibility of mythical beliefs that can be manipulated by a lack of understanding of foreign technology.

This limited exposure to foreign technology allowed past colonial rulers like the Britain to manipulate Afghan customs and beliefs to temporarily gain a foothold over religious leaders, and thereby gain control over public will long enough to overthrowing past Afghanistan rulers.

The late progressive Afghan King Amanullah who gained Afghanistan’s independence in 1919, 28 years ahead of colonial India’s independence, miscalculated British ability to topple his government by turning traditionalists and mullahs against him. While visiting India, the young King appeared to be very enthusiastic about liberating Muslim countries from the rule of colonial power.

He was greeted as a hero in India and the Indian freedom fighters asked him to give a fetwa announcing that he become the King of India too. King Amanullah, however, did not issue the fetwa, but his appearance in India forced the British to see that India would be next in line to become free of their colonial rule if Amanullah were to remain in power.

King Amanullah and Queen Soraya

Therefore, the British conspired against Amanullah by using the mullahs and traditionalists limited knowledge of technology to their advantage; they produced false and shocking photographs of queen Soraya, wife of Amanullah, half naked with foreign men. Seeing these (photo-shopped) images, religious leaders believed Amanullah could not be a true Muslim and therefore did not deserve to be King.

This little technology advantage yielded great political advantage to the British and consequently was a factor for the collapse of the king’s reign. But now, awakened to the technology, Afghans rightly blame the Britain for this plot, and regret losing such an iconic figure as their leader.

There are many tales of how new innovations leaked forward to produce such public manipulations in Afghanistan’s past; one short narrative example is when a mullah fools the public by converting water into milk and the audience kneels down in deference to the man of religion for his astounding power. Of course, this was in the early days after the invention of powdered milk in 1832.

The most obvious case is shown in a Hollywood picture plot about the true (1888) story of “The Man Who Would Be King” written by Rudyard Kipling and starring Sean Connery and Michael Caine. The story is about two British colonial soldiers who after crossing the border from India became kings of a remote area in Afghanistan called Kafiristan—now Nuristan—they were treated as Gods by the locals but ultimately lost everything when locals become aware of their deceit.


Afghanistan Minerals

However, another way of looking at all this is that finally after decades of war some good news about Afghanistan has finally raised to the surface; it could be an omen to all that beneath the landmines, Afghanistan is sitting on a goldmine.

This information sounds rather astonishing; it leads us to assume that Afghanistan has actually hit the jackpot in the world’s economy arena. However, the $1 trillion figure, where did it come from? It appears highly misleading. It is a theoretical number and may have little relation to the value of resources that could actually be exploited. Furthermore, it will be of little benefit to Afghanistan if its $1 trillion resources would cost $2 trillion or more to dig up.

Thus, to justify the validity of this perception, –which apparently lacked proper homework—the figure was immediately increased to $3 trillion; apparently the first figure did not sound awesome enough.

This suspiciously round number appears to be based on geological surveys made decades ago as well as recent on the ground and in the air 3 dimensional ground scanning technology. How thorough it really has been is an open debate, given that it takes the world’s best miners about a decade to explore a new area.

Even if there were $3 trillion of mineral resources in Afghanistan, and even if those resources were economically feasible, it would be years before a large Western miner establishment could get anywhere near the country. They currently have no intention of moving into Afghanistan because the risk is far greater than the reward. The investment would be too risky anywhere the Afghan government does not control; plus all the territory and contract laws are far from solid.

The only people who might show interest in exploring the aforementioned mineral deposits are the Chinese, but they had to abandon a far simpler project than the untapped Afghan treasures; the Kajaki’s Helmand Province hydroelectric dam project was forsaken due to a lack of security in the area.


There are vague hypothesis attached to this recent joint perception of mineral wealth announced by the US and Afghan governments.

Is it time to change course and divert attention from the failed hearts and minds operation in Marjah, the failed reconciliation Jirga, failed opium eradication, the stalled Kandahar operation, Mr. Karzai’s tantrums, the Afghan government corruption, thriving drug trafficking, warlordism, Kandahar’s power brokers, fraudulent presidential elections, heightened insurgency, Pakistan’s uncooperative effort to contain the Taliban on its soil, regional powers proxy wars, so on and so forth?

Some in the West share the mining industry’s skepticism that massive amounts of mineral wealth could be easily extracted from Afghanistan’s rugged mountains and remote regions. This is believed to be in conjunction with the growing public sentiment that the war is not worth the cost.

Similarly, some Afghans, view that the era of past colonial manipulation of Afghan society, thought and sensibility is once again repeating itself. If so, then the public sentiment will be far damning than now.

In any event, time is of the essence for either success or failure in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, so far, the momentum has been on the path of failure.

If there is vast mineral wealth in Afghanistan, then the world needs to realize that this wealth belongs to the Afghan people. There are Afghans around the world with the skills and knowledge to do this job themselves on behalf of the people of Afghanistan.

A good friend of my family speaks about how decades of fighting has left the Afghan people with physical and mental health issues that no one is addressing. What is needed today is an Afghan to Afghan initiative that takes charge of the research and development of any potential mineral and mining deposits first and foremost for the benefit of those Afghans who have suffered from abuse and neglect on their own home soil over the decades.

We expatriate Afghans need to look out for our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan who are not aware of 21st Century methodologies, ideologies and technologies that can rob them of their inheritance. It is our job to protect and enlighten fellow Afghans who are at risk.

Khalil Nouri is the cofounder of New World Strategies Coalition Inc., a native think tank for nonmilitary solution studies for Afghanistan.


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GORDON DUFF: Israel Planned Iran Attack From Caucasus Base

June 18, 2010

 by Gordon Duff

Israel Mission Attack Iran  

Israeli Ruse Allows Use of Turkish Air Corridor


By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

A week ago, Israel leaked to the press that they had permission from Saudi Arabia to use their air space to attack Iran.  The Saudi’s quickly denied this.  The effort on Israel’s part was a ruse to cover their real plans, to attack from the Republic of Georgia, close to Iran’s northern border.  However, the breakdown in relations with Turkey after miscalculating the response to their Flotilla raid on a Turkish ship in international waters may have ended this operation. 

Israel, whose arms agreements with Turkey mounted to nearly $5 billion dollars over a period of years, had been training pilots in Turkey for bombing attacks on Iran.  During these training missions, Israel was smuggling aircraft through Turkish airspace.

Sources indicate that Georgia has become a major transhipment point for narcotics from Afghanistan and other countries in the region.  Both a land route through Turkey and into Northern Cyprus and air and sea routes directly into Europe and North America have been cited.

Turkey had allowed Israel to use their air space for training because their terrain closely resembled areas of Iran that Israel planned to attack.  However, Turkey was unaware that planes involved in this effort were being relocated to forward staging areas in the Republic of Georgia, making Turkey, technically, fully complicit in this planned illegal attack. 

Helping coordinate the attack are intelligence units forward stationed in Azerbaijan, under the guise of technicians, trainers and advisors under the broad armaments agreements with that small nation.

Supply operations, moving necessary ordnance, much of it supplied by the United States under ammunition storage agreements, is being moved through the Black Sea to the Georgian Port of Poti, a major site for exporting coal and manganese ore. 

Cover for the supply operations is being performed by the Georgian Coast Guard, set up by Israel and manned with Israeli observers.  Their job is to keep Russian surveillance craft away from supply operations under the guise of a “Gaza type” naval blockade of Abkhazia, a separatist province supported by Russia. 

Abkhazia and South Ossetia have both separated from the Republic of Georgia and are seeking independence with Russian backing.  Georgia attempted to “reattach” South Ossetia with Israeli help in 2008 until Russian forces moved in after the killing of peacekeeping troops by Israeli “commandos.”

US Naval forces began operating in the Black Sea in late May, with the USS Graple (T-ars 53), a service and salvage ship, visiting the George port of Poti for joint military exercises which ended June 8th.  Prior to that, the last US Navy ship in the region was the USS John L. Hall (FFG-32), a Perry class guided missile frigate.  A Russian spokesman said, “The US is trying to turn the Black Sea into an American lake.”

The US is also maintaining a training and observation command in Tiblisi, a unit from Ramstein AFB in Germany, that is coordinating air traffic and radar functions.

With regular visits by the US Navy scheduled and ramping up at the same convenient time Israel is building up its arms cache in Georgia for the upcoming attack on Iran, the current debacle with Turkey may have set things back or ended this gambit completely.  Turkish air controllers had to know something was afoot when the attack bombers failed to return to the agreed upon flight plans and return to Israel. 

A critical issue, of course, is the S300 air defense system that Russia has agreed to withhold from Iran as part of the program of sanctions.  The current Tor 1 system, though robust, can be defeated by a well planned low level attack.  As the use of Georgia may be seen as a provocation by Russia, even if the attacks never manifest as anything other than more “firing blanks” like Israel’s tussle with Hezbollah in Lebanon, Russia may reconsider the delivery of this vital defense technology.

Without the ability to use forward bases in either Georgia, Azerbaijan or Kazakhstan, Israel would be unable to attack Iran at all except by flying a circuitous 4500 mile “each way” route or using the limited capabilities of its nuclear armed submarine off the coast of Iran.  It is uncertain how Turkey will deal with the illegal use of their airspace by Israel as relations are already at a low ebb.

With a number of former Soviet airfields spread across Georgia and 4 of 5 fields in Azerbaijan available for operations and support, the region makes a perfect area for broad operations, not only against Iran but for movement of contraband of every variety.


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