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Since April 2009, the BSP have been in regular discussions with the three Respect Sparkbrook Ward Councillors about the introduction of this scheme.

The Sparkbrook area is now ringed by these ANPR cameras, of which the Moseley cameras form the southern border. The objective of the ANPR cameras is to monitor the vehicle registrations going in and out of the Sparkbrook area.

The cameras will highlight to the police any stolen, untaxed or uninsured cars entering Sparkbrook. The ANPR cameras will also be linked to the police’s central computer and identify any cars driven by terrorist suspects. All details of car registrations will be stored on the police central computer for two years.

Mindful, that the Respect  Sparkbrook Ward Councillors have not objected to the installation of the cameras. Your local Ward want understand Sparkbrook residents views. Are residents happy with the installation of these cameras in principle; if the camera columns were blended in more, so that they don’t stick out like a sore thumb, would they then be acceptable.

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