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1. Don’t say we did not know #232

The olive harvest has just begun. On Tuesday, 28/09/10, ‘Awarta village inhabitants detected (Jewish) settlers harvesting olives in a grove that belongs to the village.

The alerted the Israeli army, requesting that it remove the invaders from their land, but to no avail.

Only after Israeli human rights activists contacted the army, after about five hours of settlers “work”, did soldiers finally arrive and chase off the thieves. None were arrested, and the stolen harvest has not been returned to its owners.

Three days later, On Friday, 01/10/10, settlers from Itamar torched some 40 olive trees on ‘Awarta land. According to testimonies, the arsonists arrived in a vehicle that belongs to the security officer of the said settlement.


On Monday, 04/10/10, state agents arrived in Hashm Zane in the Negev, and demolished three homes.

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2. Haaretz Tuesday,

 October 05, 2010

The IDF can’t play the victim on its actions in Gaza

Two soldiers convicted of using a Palestinian child as a human shield appeared in court wearing T-shirts claiming, ‘We are Goldstone’s victims’.

Haaretz Editorial

The brothers-in-arms of the two Givati soldiers who were convicted on Sunday of using a Palestinian child as a human shield during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza went to court wearing T-shirts claiming, “We are Goldstone’s victims.” They described their comrades’ conviction as “a stab in the back,” and some even declared they would no longer serve in the reserves. They thereby proved that they have not learned the lessons of Cast Lead, which include the court’s conviction of their friends.

The two convicted soldiers, who in the meantime had been demobilized from the Israel Defense Forces, forced an 11-year-old child to open bags in his home to ensure that they were not booby-trapped. The military court convicted them of exceeding their authority while endangering human life and of conduct unbecoming a soldier.

This justified conviction began with a report by the UN secretary general’s Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict. This once again shows that not all the international reports published after the operation were false.

The Supreme Court has ruled the use of human shields illegal. But the use of a defenseless child is particularly grave. The two convicted soldiers, their comrades and the public must internalize this fact. And anyone who wishes to pride himself on the IDF’s morality must also know how to recognize its ethical and legal lapses and bring those responsible to justice.

In Cast Lead, like in every other military operation, not everything was permissible. The fact that 150 complaints about soldiers’ conduct during Cast Lead, including 36 for alleged war crimes, have produced only 47 criminal investigations – most of which have since been closed – is suspicious. But the fact that these two soldiers were tried and convicted redounds to the IDF’s credit.

The real victim in the case the court just concluded was the 11-year-old child from the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood, who was forced to risk his life in front of his terrified family. The convicted soldiers are not “victims of Goldstone,” but soldiers who committed a crime and therefore should have been tried and convicted – both to make them pay for their actions and to deter other soldiers from similarly unacceptable behavior in the future.


3. Haaretz Tuesday,

October 05, 2010

Tourism Minister: U.K., Spain to boycott OECD tourism conference because it’s in Jerusalem

Palestinians pressure Europe to shun October conference on sustainable tourism, which normally takes place in Paris.

[See also Al Jazeera, which has additional data Dorothy]

By Irit Rosenblum

Britain and Spain will not send delegates to the OECD’s biannual tourism conference on October 20-22, because it will be held in Jerusalem, Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov (Yisrael Beiteinu ) said yesterday.

This is only the second time in its history that the conference, which this year will deal with sustainable tourism, is being held outside Paris.

“OECD officials demanded that we not bring the delegates to East Jerusalem, or that we move the conference to Tel Aviv,” Misezhnikov said. “If we agreed to that, they promised to send many delegates. We held a meeting with the Foreign Ministry and decided to reject” the Tel Aviv idea.

But even after Israel agreed not to take the delegates to East Jerusalem – and even to eschew any mention of East Jerusalem during the conference – the Palestinians urged OECD members to stay away from it, Misezhnikov charged.

“The Palestinians, who insist they are a reliable negotiating partner, are continuing to cause us damage,” he said. “We exerted intensive pressure via the ambassadors and decided to hold the conference despite certain countries’ decision not to send delegates, including England and Spain.”

“I strongly denounce the states that surrendered to threats,” he added. “But the conference – with the participation of 21 ministers, deputy ministers and organization heads – will take place as planned in Jerusalem. This will be a declaration of intent and a seal of approval on the fact that we have a state whose recognized capital is Jerusalem.”

Delegates from Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, South Africa, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia and Turkey, among others, are expected to take part in the conference.

The British Embassy said in response:

“The U.K. won’t be attending this conference, but it is entirely false to suggest that this is due to a boycott of for political reasons. The U.K.’s opposition to boycotts against Israel is well known. The UK will actually be chairing a session at the OECD’s international data protection and privacy commission later this month in Jerusalem. The only reason there’s no U.K. representation at the tourism seminar is because that right delegates simply weren’t available.


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