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Nurses and doctors are warning the government’s scheme to massively change the health service is a risk to the future of the NHS. They’ve called the plans “slash and burn” and said they’re a “£80bn gamble with no evidence base or electoral mandate” [1]

The government hopes it will be able to slip these plans through on the quiet. We need to make sure more people know the truth about what’s really going on.

Already 25,000 of us have come together to share our stories about why the NHS is worth protecting. If we spread the word and get more people involved in our campaign to stand up for the NHS, we’ll make it harder for the government to force their plans through.

Please forward this email to your friends. Let them know about the risks facing the NHS. They can see all our stories of why the NHS matters, and join the campaign, by clicking here 

Doctors and nurses are warning that the government’s NHS plans:

  • Will waste money – they say it will create “waste, bureaucracy, and inefficiency” [2]

  • Haven’t been tested – nurses warn that this is the biggest reorganisation of the NHS since it was created, and no one has tried them out to see if they’ll work

  • Are bad for patients – they’ll increase commercial involvement in the NHS, which “has not been beneficial to the NHS or patients” [3]

  • Will make the NHS unstable – which could affect our health care

Doctors are not exactly famous for attacking government plans. If the people responsible for treating us are warning about the threat to our NHS, we should probably be taking notice. They are in a better position to know what the plans will really mean for patients than government officials in London.

Nearly 25,000 of us have now joined the campaign to stand at the NHS. We’ve started to fight back against those in government and the media who want to talk the NHS down. We’ve shared our own stories of why the NHS matters to us. Now let’s make sure that the nurses and doctors’ warnings start getting heard.

Please forward this e-mail and ask your friends to join the campaign by clicking here: 

Thanks for getting involved,

David, Hannah, Johnny and the 38 Degrees team

[1], BBC:, Nursing Times: and Unison:

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