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Gove to open Academies in DfE buildings?

Michael Gove’s speech to the Tory Conference this week included the announcement that
“The Department for Education owns or has a lease on more than 100 buildings….. At the moment there is floor space in those buildings lying empty or under-used…….. We will open new academies in the Department for Education’s buildings.”
There are 2 obvious problems here.

The first is that the government cancelled the BSF programme that left thousands of pupils to study in schools that are falling down. So they are preparing to hand over millions of pounds worth of property to Academies, while doing nothing for community schools.
Secondly we have to ask whether these schools will be appropriate places to learn, and are they where they are needed?

How many DfE buildings have playground space, sports facilities or fields? Are they equipped for Special Needs pupils?

How many DfE buildings are there on housing estates and new build housing areas? Perhaps Michael Gove can release the list of 100 buildings he is proposing to turn into schools?
TES article here

How can the Anti Academies Alliance help your school?

In the last 2 weeks a number of schools have approached us to help them campaign against Academy proposals that are being pushed on them.

The Anti Academies Alliance is happy to work with head teachers, governors, parents and staff to develop a campaign to prevent your school becoming an Academy.
Please contact the office if you need help.
TUC conference: The future for our schools

The TUC have organised a major conference on education on Saturday 27th November.
More details and registration here

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UNISON Briefings

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Anti Academies Newspaper – over 50,000 despatched

Over 50,000 newspapers have now been despatched around the country and are being distributed to parents, teachers, governors.

It includes updates on the impact of the Academies Act, the case against ‘Free’ schools, who loses? consultation, campaign news.

Please download the order form and post in your order here

Or email in your order and we will send you an invoice.
Anti Academies DVD

We have an excellent new 13 minute DVD outlining the case against Academies and ‘Free’ Schools.

It is perfect for union meetings / parent meetings / campaign meetings.
If you would like a copy they are £10 to union groups / £2 to parent and campaign groups. Send orders to the office and we will despatch them with an invoice.
Anti Academies poster

Download your copy here

Campaign materials

Make your campaign stall / meeting complete with Stickers / Balloons / Mugs / T Shirts

Having trouble keeping up with the news on Academies and Free Schools?

You can follow the Anti Academies Alliance on
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