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repression of non-violence in Beit Ommar, West Bank

While Bil’in’s Abdallah Abu Rahmah is sentenced to a 12-month jail term,

Around 70 Palestinian, Israeli and International solidarity activists demonstrated in Beit Ommar against the Israeli settlement of Kamei Tsur, which is built on village land. Israeli Forces arrested four Palestinians, three international, and one Israeli solidarity activists. An Israeli Special Forces unit disguised in Palestinian clothes snuck of on the rear of the demonstration and arrested three youth. Additionally, the Israeli and international solidarity activists were pepper sprayed before being arrested. Sound bombs and tear gas were used against the demonstrators and members of the press were also beaten.


Yazid Sayigh writing on the First Intifada:

The extensive use by Israel of undercover units to capture or, more frequently, kill intifada activists, couple with its successive decisions to outlaw Fateh’s Shabiba movement, relax IDF rules of fire, and allow widespread use of supposedly non-lethal plastic bullets (which killed dozens of Palestinians in following months) encouraged militarization of the uprising.

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