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Destroying Euro ghettos and pushing the problem elsewhere

14 Oct 2010

Europe’s growing anti-immigration racism reminds us of dark periods in the continent’s history:

“These are dark-skinned people [Roma], not Europeans like you and me,” said Riccardo De Corato, who is Milan’s vice mayor from Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s ruling party and who is in charge of handling the camps. He later added: “Our final goal is to have zero Gypsy camps in Milan.”


Have Zionist nukes, will travel

14 Oct 2010

A new book by Avner Cohen on Israel’s “secret” nuclear arsenal. New York Times:

Mr. Cohen delves deeply into the Israeli psyche as he analyzes — and debates — the reign of nuclear ambiguity. He argues that the bomb represents for the Jewish people the link between shoah and tekumah, that is between the Nazi holocaust and national revival through the creation of the State of Israel. Nuclear weapons are the embodiment of “never again,” Israel’s unofficial motto.


A terrorist because we say so

14 Oct 2010

Yes We Can” imprison people indefinitely under the “war on terror”:

When Judge Henry Kennedy Jr. ordered the release of a Guantánamo Bay detainee last spring, the case appeared to be a routine setback for an Obama administration that has lost a string of such cases.

But there turns out to be nothing ordinary about the habeas case brought by Uthman Abdul Rahim Mohammed Uthman [2], a Yemeni held without charges for nearly eight years. Uthman, accused by two U.S. administrations of being an al-Qaida fighter and bodyguard for Osama bin Laden, is among 48 detainees [3] the Obama administration has deemed too dangerous to release but “not feasible for prosecution.”

A day after his March 16 order [4] was filed on the court’s electronic docket, Kennedy’s opinion vanished. Weeks later, a new ruling [5] appeared in its place. While it reached the same conclusion, eight pages of material had been removed, including key passages in which Kennedy dismantled the government’s case against Uthman.

In his first opinion, Kennedy wrote that one government witness against Uthman had been diagnosed by military doctors as “psychotic” with a mental condition that made his allegations against other detainees “unreliable.” But the opinion the public sees makes no mention of the man’s health and discounts his testimony only because of its inconsistencies.

The alterations are extensive. Sentences were rewritten. Footnotes that described disputes and discrepancies in the government’s case were deleted. Even the date and circumstances of Uthman’s arrest were changed. In the first version, the judge said Uthman was detained on Dec. 15, 2001, in Pakistan by Pakistani authorities. Rewritten, Kennedy said in the public opinion that Uthman admitted being captured “in late 2001 in the general vicinity of Tora Bora,” the cave complex where bin Laden was thought to be hiding at that time.


The struggle for a free Burma

14 Oct 2010 


Censoring millions of Chinese posts daily

14 Oct 2010

A revealing insight into the world of Chinese internet censorship. Massive and growing:

According to the report at tech.163 on 13 of October 2010, the head of Baidu Tieba, an automatically generated forum through keyword search, Shu Xun said that the forum on average deleted 1 million posts every day. The report said:

“During a speech at the “2010 China Internet Marketing Business Summit” yesterday , Shu Xun stressed that information accuracy is the founding stone to the development of virtual community. “However, currently there are too many “navy” hanging around in the Internet. And if users and corporates fail to distinguish if the informations reflect the genuine need of the consumers, the online marketing scale cannot be fully expanded”.

Shu Xun revealed that Baidu Teiba on average deleted 1 million posts everyday. One of the main reason is to clean the robot spam posted by online marketing company.”

It is also well-known among Chinese internet users that Baidu Teiba imposes very strict political censorship, in particular in blocking and deleting politically sensitive terms defined by the propaganda department.


Serco continues its glorious work in the UK

13 Oct 2010

Guess who runs this privatised detention centre in Britain? Serco:

A pregnant woman detained at Yarl’s Wood immigration centre who was told by a midwife she could not find her baby’s heartbeat was refused a scan for four days despite repeated requests and a high court order.

Theresa Diedericks, 26, a South African who has suffered from anxiety and depression since a miscarriage last year, was panic-stricken and believed her baby was dead.

Despite her growing anxiety, she says, it took a second court order before staff from the UK Border Agency (UKBA) finally took her to hospital for a scan. Michael Randle, her British fiancé and the father of her unborn child, said he was “appalled” at the medical treatment she received and was considering civil proceedings against the Home Office, UKBA and the medical staff at Yarl’s Wood.


They don’t hate us for our freedoms

13 Oct 2010

News flash!

The prime cause of suicide bombing globally is foreign, military occupation.


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