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18 October, 2010

Please sign this petition

Please see below a very moving appeal from Kath & Russ and consider signing the petition. I worked for 30 years with children in the care system and know firsthand the problems of kinship carers in their struggles with authority.

I dread to think how these problems will increase under the present government!

Please support

Yours in hope

Mary x

Dear all

Please can you find the time to sign the petition to improve the support

given to kinship foster carers. As many of you who know mine and Russ’s

situation, you will already be aware that support for those who take on

their granchildren/nieces nephews etc is nonexistent, financially and

otherwise. Keeping children with people who they know and trust when

removed from their parents has to be the best for them.

Taking on someone else’s children as an alternative to them going into

care places great strain on carers both emotionally and financially,  it

changes your whole life which places a great strain on relationships and

household finances. It is important that support is forthcoming so that

kinship foster caring is seen as a real possibility for potential carers

and ensure that those who are already caring are well supported to

undertake the task and to ensure that the placement does not break down.

Thanks for your support 🙂

Kath and Russ


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