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We hear all about the sudden danger of Sharia Law coming to America, Fox News causes hives for regular viewing audiences. Sometimes I get it confused with Shakira law. They sound so similar.
I had a recent conversation with a seemingly intelligent, successful businessman, and was astonished to learn what he claimed about the religion of Islam. He had ‘studied’ it astutely, he assured me. Sadly but not surprisingly, Tom is a regular Faux News viewer.
In the course of our conversation, He said with disdain how the prophet Mohammed married a 13 year old girl. This in his mind is tantamount to pedophilia.

So When I reminded him that  in Connecticut legal age of consent to marry is 13 under some circumstances, he seemed unnerved.
And when I told him that many US States the legal consent is 16 (Ohio, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa etc, he was even more unnerved and perplexed, neurons were not connecting, nor were some of the facts I brought up, I surmised.

Many Mormons marry quite young in Utah, and in Mexico the consent age is from 12-14, and at puberty in some Mexican states. In Mexico City, the legal age ofconsent age is 12, among the lowest in the world, but this seemed to cause just confusion in his head….I wasnt getting through. (Canada recently raised their age of consent in 2008 from 14 to 16. Those Canucks sure got it together dont they? Take off. eh? Oh, I digress.)
So naturally I told him I had no concerns of Sharia Law in the uSA, after all we have only 4-6 million Muslims living in America, but well over 30 Million Mexican Illegals and Nationals, who incidentally have killed over 50,000 Americans since 911, but why let facts get in the way of a good argument?

No, I dont fret of ‘Shakira’ Law or this time when the musical hit ‘Hips Dont Lie’ will be blast ad infinitum, 5 times per day, and we are all forced to hide our womens and ‘chillens’ (that’s Ebonic urban dictionary talk for kids) and run for our lives.
Yes, It is with a heavy heart that I write this. We Americans sadly hear of the many prosperous, peaceful and successful Muslims that have contributed so postively in our past and present world. That the fastest group of successful entrepreneurs and millionaires in America is among Arab and Persian Muslims. So many Lies, so little time.
Its interesting to note that During the centuries when the West was considered to be ‘asleep’, many developments took place; including The Discovery of Pulmonary Circulation, The First Complete Medical Encyclopedia, The First successful surgeries, The Founding of chemistry, Founding of Algebra, Discovery of the laws of refraction, Determination of the Solar Year. This all took place in the Middle East, and were dsicovered and invented BY Muslims.
There are many more discoveries that took place during the 6th-16th century that shaped up the world immensely. In researching this topic (all of a few hours), I learned that the discoveries that took place between 6th-16th century by Muslims, could be also called The Golden Era of the World.
Coffee, Checkbooks, The Crankshaft, Pre Fab Housing, High Rise Architecture, Advanced Mathematics, Optics, to name just a few. How can this be?

How can our media and ‘advanced’ school curriculum forget to mention or note that any of these inventors and inventions, relative to this group of people, are Muslims!?  I smell Bagels…..
Apart from Science, Islam has produced Great number of Leaders, that shaped our history. Among these leaders were also some Muslims thinkers, inventors, artists, scientists, sports icons and warriors.
Those that have added to our culture, have influenced us in postitive ways. I wonder why Fox News and the Neo-con establishment media is remiss in mentioning their contributions? Perhaps it doesnt serve the agenda, on the course they’ve charted for us in the near future. And this has nothing to do with peace, either. Oh contraire.

Its blood that vampires feed on, our foreign policy directives from Israel have indeed made a blood junkie of us. Household and recognizeable names like Muhammed Ali, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Prince Haseem Hamed, Cricket great and Guinness Record holder Imran khan, Musical Great CAT Stevens, revered for their talents, but live their lives as Muslims so quietly as to be almost enigmatic.
Great men and women like: The Father of Chemistry: Jabir Ibn Haiyan , ABU ABDULLAH AL-BATTANI (Astronomy) , Great Optician: ABU ALI HASAN IBN AL-HAITHAM , ABU AL-NASR AL-FARABI( Sociologist, philosopher) , Master Physician: ABU MARWAN IBN ZUHR (Averroes) , Doctor of Doctors: Ibn Sina (Avicenna) , ALI IBN RABBAN AL-TABARI (Physician , Mathematician, sociology) , Greatest Botanist and Pharmacist of the Middle Ages: IBN AL-BAITAR , AL-FARGHANI (Astronomer) , Ibn Battuta – The Incredible Traveler , ABUL HASAN ALI AL-MASU’DI (Traveler) , Father of Surgery: ABU AL-QASIM AL-ZAHRAVI, ALI IBN RABBAN AL-TABARI (Physician) , Discoverer of Pulmonary Circulation : IBN AL-NAFIS , IBN RUSHD (Philosopher ,Logic) , MOHAMMAD IBN ZAKARIYA AL-RAZI (Chemist, Philosopher) , One of the Greatest Mathematicians: MOHAMMAD BIN MUSA AL-KHAWARIZMI , NASIR AL-DIN AL-TUSI ( Philosopher, Mathematician, Astronomer, Theologian and physician) , Thabit Ibn Qurra (Mathmatician) , OMAR AL-KHAYYAM (Mathematician, Astronomer, philosopher, physician) , YAQUB IBN ISHAQ AL-KINDI (philosopher, mathematician, physicist, astronomer, physician) , AL-IDRIS (Botony) , ABUL WAFA MUHAMMAD AL-BUZJANI (Mathematician) , Gamal Abdul Nasser( Egyptian Revolutionist that gave his country freedom,tried to combine Arab power) , Benazir Bhutto (First Muslim female Head of state in Pakistan, assasinated by Israeli Mossad and CIA).
All of these legends and greats are are basically ‘anonymous’ in our history books and lamestream media today. Yet the aforementioned names were All influential and successful people in their own right, whose contributions have made lasting impression on most, if not all of us. But Seldomly are their names uttered.

Rather their respective religion is blasphemed, shamed and mocked and all Muslims are vociferously smeared with the same broad brush so as to demonize these human beings, Gods own Children, as purveyors of hatred,; bloodlust and war, when it is their own lands that have been Invaded and Occupied On Lies. (1) (2).

When their own families have become refugees, political prisoners, or ‘statistics’, otherwise forgotten.

(1) ‘Iraq did not have the weapons our intelligence believed were there.’
-Bush 10/7/2004

(2)’The CIA gave us bad intelligence.’
~George W. Bush, July 11, 2003

Enough is enough..I beg of my Christian and Muslim brothers and sisters to counter the lies, with the sword of Truth. I beg of you To continue your efforts to Blog, to operate websites that proudly display your culture in the perspective of its own reality, not the perverted fictional lies that our Kosher western media has protrayed of you. To undermine the efforts of those that Christ called ‘snakes, serpents, liars, hypocrites and Of Their Father the Devil.’

My own religion has been demonized and it is heart breaking to see it now a bad parody of what it once was, sad to see that in less than 2 generations since its overt assault on our cultre, Western traditional families and values are no more.
I cannot stand to watch yet another, proud and noble people be blamed and forced to succumb to the lies that are prostrated forth to the American populace. Stay well my brothers and sisters-Christian and Muslim alike.
May God be with you.
Bill in Ohio



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