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Global giant Gems joins the gold rush for academy profits

Gems, a profit making education supplier based in Dubai is the latest firm lining up to make profits out of Academies and ‘Free’ schools. Gems made a loss from its 12 British-based private schools last year, but believes this can be offset by profit from the Government’s moves towards more independence in state education.
This comes at a time when the Swedish government is looking into limiting the profits that education providers can make. The Swedish government will be discussing for-profit education and to what extent free schools should be allowed to withdraw profits if they are found to not live up to minimum quality standards.
The debate remains controversial after a series of high profile cases in recent years of large dividends paid to owners of schools and pre-schools in the private sector.

National Agency for Education (Skolverket) figures which show that teacher/student ratios vary significantly.
While municipal-run schools had the equivalent was 7.9 students per 100 teachers, for-profit free schools only had an average 6.8 teachers per 100 students.
New Literature from the Education unions

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NUT on Free schools

The following amendment was tabled by Wandsworth Council Labour Group
“This Council supports the provision of additional secondary school places where this is

warranted by demand.  If this cannot be provided by expanding existing LA schools, then

we support the establishment of a new Local Authority Funded school.  Any proposal for

establishing a new school should be financially viable and not at the expense of existing LA schools.”

The Tories withdrew their original motion so the amendment was never put, but it is a formulation

other council groups may wish to follow.
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