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October 30, 2010

by crescentandcross   Quantcast

(c) 2010 by Waqar H. Rizvi, News Anchor/Commentator–Press TV

One can only laugh at the desperation shown when a government resorts to “terrorist threats” whenever it needs to garner enough support for its sinister plans.

Department of Homeland Security statement: “[Commercial airline passengers are being told to expect] an unpredictable mix of security layers that include explosives trace detection, advanced imaging technology, canine teams and pat downs, among others.”

That ought to be the right dose of fear. So, how did things get so bad?

Well for one, there was news of the US spending double in the following years on intelligence agencies since 2007, while misplacing, for lack of a better word, some 18 billion dollars in Afghanistan. But, wait, this isn’t about THAT silly, it’s about suspicious packages emanating from Yemen, found on planes headed to the US. The boogeyman’s out to attack the freedoms and rights Americans enjoy!

The boogeyman really hates American elections, be they presidential, mid-term, or the like. He hates democracy. After all, how else can one explain how he’s managed to rear his ugly, unwanted, and fear-instilling head every time the US public has been set to vote, recently?

The alternate reality: that of Obama instilling fear to win an election, is just too implausible a scenario for anyone in their right, patriotic, and brainwashed mind to accept.

Facts such as…

– Gibbs dodging a direct question by a journalist on whether this was a ploy to garner votes.

– the US using the term ” apparently contained explosive materials”, right before backtracking and saying this still does present “a credible terrorist threat”

… and many others, cannot be but simple coincidences. Right?

Much applause is being directed towards Obama and his team for not only discovering the threat before the first package was even spotted, but also acting swiftly in reaction. This is all down to “good intelligence” and the partnership with allies around the world. Allies like Saudi Arabia, were Wahhabism emanates from and where Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and other extemists receive their most warped-ideology. But thats not important. Saudis are allies.

Whats important is to loudly ask: “Was this a dry-run, a test of US security measures? Who in Yemen sent this and why?” Remember here that it’s been claimed the 9/11 hijackers put forth dry-runs as well, in order to test US security at the time. THAT certainly didn’t go well!

Back to the nightmare at hand. All those addressed were in the US. Let’s also throw in a spicy tidbit: those addressed were synagogues. To that, Linda Haase, associate vice president of the Jewish United Fund and Jewish Federation of Chicago said: “Sadly, this is not the first time the Jewish community has had to deal with a security issue.” A terrorism expert on CNN was quick to snap: “This was an attempted Anti-Semitic attack.”

Words are important people. Israel needs every opportunity possible to garner undying support for its brutal occupation. Question not the Jewish state’s actions, for the world hates the Jewish people, and they must protect themselves. The cost or method is not important.

Whose being praised is important too..

The White House says communication among US intelligence agencies and between these agencies and foreign counterparts played a big part. So, in other words, don’t you dare, be you a concerned-Senator or citizen, question funding for the wars, intelligence services, security contractors, weapons manufacturers, bribes for allies, etc. All this money we, as the US government, are spending on your safety, though you may not have food on your table or a roof over your heads. Question not our motives, while we finance these berserk goals with YOUR hard-earned money, of which you have none left now anyhow!

It’s all really very clear. The war-mongers have to win these mid-terms, and for that they have to keep fear alive. Fear of fellow Muslim Americans who are out to take over hallowed grounds, and destroy every freedom, right, and privilege you enjoy living in the land of the free. Silly me though. Gibbs says he wants you all to keep travelling and not put your holiday schedules on hold. Fear not, the skies are safe, even though “suspicious packages” were found on planes that were meant to blow you all up into the minutest of pieces. Got that?

Toner cartridges everywhere, beware; you’ve been discovered for what you really are!

(c) 2010 by Waqar H. Rizvi, News Anchor/Commentator–Press TV

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