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November 4, 2010

Ahmadinejad accuses Russia of being influenced by ‘Satan’ over ban on sale of S-300 missiles

AP News

Nov 03, 2010 09:43 EDT

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad criticized Russia on Wednesday for banning the delivery of S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems to Tehran, accusing Moscow of having caved in to “Satan.”

In comments broadcast on state TV, Ahmadinejad said the 2007 contract Tehran signed with Moscow for the S-300s remains valid and warned that Russia must pay compensation and penalties for unilaterally canceling the deal.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev issued a decree in June banning all sales of the S-300 systems to Iran. He said then that the latest round of U.N. sanctions — imposed in response to Tehran’s nuclear program — prevent Moscow from delivering the missiles to Tehran.

The U.N. Security Council sanctions ban Iran from developing ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons, investing in nuclear-related activities and buying certain types of heavy weapons. But they do not specifically prohibit Russia from supplying the S-300.

The defense system is capable of shooting down aircraft and missiles at ranges of over 90 miles (144 kilometers) and at altitudes of about 90,000 feet (27,430 meters). The system could have boosted Iran’s ability to defend against airstrikes. Israel and the United States had objected to the deal.

“Some people are influenced by Satan. They thought the Iranian nation will be harmed if they unilaterally and illegally stop or cancel defense contracts they signed with us,” Ahmadinejad said. He did not mention Russia by name, but it was clear that he was referring to Medvedev and the Russian leadership. Ahmadinejad said Moscow must pay compensation for canceling the deal.

“The contract is valid. They must implement it. If they don’t, the Iranian nation will obtain its rights, including compensation and penalties,” he said.

Sergei Chemezov, the head of Russia’s state-controlled Russian Technologies, said last month Moscow will return $166.8 million it received as payment from Iran. But he insisted that Russia owes nothing else to Iran, since the 2007 contract for the delivery of the S-300 missiles was canceled because of U.N. sanctions on Iran.

Ahmadinejad said Iran’s security won’t be at risk without the missiles.

The Iranian president has had harsh words for Moscow since Russia backed the latest tough sanctions against Tehran. In the past, Iran had depended on allies Russia and China — and their veto power at the Security Council — to block tough penalties.

The change signals Russia has become impatient with its longtime ally in the nuclear standoff.


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November 4, 2010

Deputy mayor backs anonymous service, saying he wants to ‘maintain Jewish nature’ of northern city

Nadav Mayost

Carmiel’s local paper is running an ad calling on residents of the “Jewish, Zionist city” to email anonymous information on home sales to Arabs. “I side with keeping the Jewish Zionist character of Carmiel intact,” says Deputy Mayor Oren Milstein.

Milstein said the email service is run by an individual who, though a good friend of his, has no ties with the municipality. However, in an interview with the website Besheva, he referred to himself as one of the recipients of the emails.

“Residents of the city are welcome to write to us if they know of an apartment in Carmiel being sold to a resident from one of the villages. Once an Arab family buys a home in the city it will be a statement of fact for generations upon generations,” he said, adding that 30 sales had already been prevented in this manner.

“We need to prevent unnecessary conflict between Jews and Arabs,” he explained. “We should be living one next to the other and not in such close proximity. Carmiel already has 1,000 Arab residents, and soon they will want a mosque.”

Milstein went on to say that though he cannot legally prevent Arabs from buying homes in Carmiel, he would prefer to bring in more Jews from central Israel to “strengthen the city”.

“The State of Israel is investing in areas that are not under national consensus, while the western Galilee in general and Carmiel specifically are under consensus. There are currently 580,000 residents in the area and just 32% of them are Jewish,” he said.

It was not the first time Carmiel had been flooded with such sentiment. Recently a mass-distribution email called on residents not to rent their apartments to Arabs or immigrants from Eastern Europe or Ethiopia.

Mayor Adi Eldar demanded that police launch an investigation, explaining that “Carmiel Municipality had nothing to do with this ugly and dangerous incitement, and certainly nothing to do with the individual behind this email”.

The prior email was sent from the same box as the most recent one, belonging to Attorney Koren Neumark. But Milstein explained that his friend’s email account had been broken into and that he had not been the distributor.

“Illegal use was made of the email account and a widely distributed email was sent from it,” Neumark said. “However, I had nothing to do with this letter and, on the contrary, I object to its content.”

source–Jerusalem Post

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War criminals not welcome
Yesterday, the Foreign Secretary William Hague reiterated the government’s commitment to urgently resolve the “unacceptable situation” with regard to universal jurisdiction during his visit to Israel.
The coalition government want to change the current legislation to give the Director of Public Prosecutions power over issuing arrest warrants against alleged international criminals who visit the UK
The change will make it easier for war criminals to escape justice – please take two minutes to email your MP and ask them to sign EDM 108 and make public their opposition to any change in the law. (If your MP has a ministerial position, please write to them anyway, asking them to write to the Foreign Office).
Currently, for a magistrate to issue an arrest warrants, serious evidence must be presented against the person concerned. The proposed change adds a political dimension to a legal decision and introduces a source of delay when urgent action may be required to stop a suspect escaping justice.
Britain has a duty to seek out and prosecute those responsible for war crimes.
Now more than ever, we need you to join the Palestine lobby of Parliament in three weeks and lobby your MP on the illegal siege of Gaza and universal jurisdiction. Email your MP and arrange a meeting for November 24th (2-6pm at the House of Commons).  
For more information on what the change on universal jurisdiction would mean for Britain, read our briefing at:
Let’s make sure Britain doesn’t become a safe-haven for war criminals.
In solidarity,
Sarah Colborne
Director of Campaigns and Operations
p.s. Join us for the rally after the Palestine lobby on November 24th at 6.30pm with speakers including Gerald Kaufman MP, Andy Slaughter MP, David Ward MP and Baroness Jenny Tonge.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) aims to raise public awareness about the occupation of Palestine and the struggle of the Palestinian people. PSC seek to bring pressure on both the British and Israeli government to bring their policies in line with international law. PSC is an independent, non-governmental and non-party political organisation with members from communities across the UK. Join PSC today!

Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Tel: 020 7700 6192
Fax: 020 7609 7779






People power got Vince Cable to stand up to Murdoch.

Murdoch’s empire will strike back. His lobbyists will be out in force today and his papers will be gearing up to attack Cable.

Let’s make sure our MPs back Vince. Email your MP now.

Email Your MP

Amazing news! We’ve had a huge breakthrough in our campaign to stop Rupert Murdoch grabbing full control of BSkyB. Just hours after Murdoch put in the paperwork, Vince Cable accepted our demand and called an inquiry. [1]

Thousands of us have worked together to take on one of the most powerful men in the world. When we started, political insiders said we didn’t have a hope of winning. But we knew that Murdoch grabbing even more power would be bad for our democracy. So we had to try to stop this deal going through on the nod. Today, we did it!

Rupert Murdoch will be furious. But he won’t have given up just yet. His lobbyists will be all over Westminster today. His newspaper editors will be getting ready to attack. They’ll do everything they can to make sure the inquiry is soft on Murdoch.

Today we need to make sure MPs are hearing from us more than Murdoch’s lobbyists. If MPs are lining up to tell Vince they’re on his side, we can make sure he knows he’s got public support for a proper investigation with teeth.

Click here to send your MP an email asking them to back Vince’s stand against Murdoch:

We know that Vince Cable has stuck his neck out on this. There are reports of splits in the government. Murdoch has powerful allies and they’ll be pushing hard to restrict what the investigation can look at. If thousands of us email our MPs today, we can make sure hundreds of them get behind Vince’s decision quickly. [2]

An inquiry with teeth would investigate what the Murdoch BSkyB power grab means for all UK media, now and in the future. It would look at everything under Murdoch’s control, not just BSkyB. That’s the last thing Murdoch wants. But if enough of us contact our MPs today, we can make sure his lobbyists don’t get their way.

It’s not often MPs hear from lots of us to say we are pleased with a government decision. But today Vince Cable needs public support for taking the right decision:

Getting Vince Cable to call an investigation really is a massive victory for people-power. Together, over 30,000 of us signed the petition, another 20,000 of us signed our open letter to Vince, and thousands of us have already emailed our MPs. But while we’re celebrating this huge achievement, let’s also keep the pressure up by emailing our MPs again today and telling them to support Vince in holding an inquiry with real teeth. [3]

Write to your MP by clicking here:

Thanks for being involved,

Hannah, Johnny, David, and the 38 Degrees team

P.S. When you hear back from your MP, please share what they say so we can keep track of which MPs back an enquiry with teeth and which ones are in Murdoch’s pocket. You can share your MP’s reply, and see what other MPs are saying, here:

Today though, let’s make sure MPs are hearing from thousands of us – click here to send your MP a quick message:



[2] Financial Times: Tension rises as cabinet split over BSkyB bid:


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Thanks to Greg for this uplifting video, with Mahalia Jackson’s help and the shining faces of Palestinian children making the v sign, though not all is light and happy in the video.  I was so taken with it that I forgot to time it.  Probably between 5-8 minutes.


—– Original Message —–

Sent:November 04, 2010

Subject: On my way…

Mahalia Jackson behind Palestinian journey home:



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Obama and Bush share the same view on abusing “terrorists”

04 Nov 2010

Salon’s Glenn Greenwald spoke last night at the University of Wisconsin on “Civil Liberties and Terrorism in the Age of Obama”. Suffice to say, to any on the Left who think Barack Obama is radically different to George W. Bush, they need to get their head read. 

Glenn Greenwald on civil liberties and terrorism after Obama from The Badger Herald on Vimeo.


Getting out of colony building is making business sense

03 Nov 2010

Another victory in the growing BDS movement:

Africa Israel, the flagship company of Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev, announced this week that it is no longer involved in Israeli settlement projects and that it has no plans for future settlement activities. Africa Israel subsequently denied that this was a political decision. However, in the last few years numerous organizations, firms, governments and celebrities have exerted pressure and severed their relationships with Leviev and his companies over their involvement in settlement construction and other human rights abuses, in response to a boycott campaign initiated by Adalah-NY.

Israel’s Coalition of Women for Peace disclosed on Monday that in an official letter to the Coalition, Africa Israel stated, “Neither the company nor any of its subsidiaries and/or other companies controlled by the company are presently involved in or has any plans for future involvement in development, construction or building of real estate in settlements in the West Bank.” In follow-up articles in the Israeli media on Monday, Africa Israel said that the statement was “a description of the business today” and that “Africa Israel builds for all the public in Israel, and does not deal in politics or any other policy.”

Ethan Heitner from Adalah-NY explained, “Following years of settlement construction, and pro-settlement statements and activities by Lev Leviev, the public announcement by Africa Israel that it has no plans to build Israeli settlements is clearly a result of pressure from the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. This provides concrete evidence of the way in which the BDS movement can change companies’ behavior. But Africa Israel can’t speak out of both sides of its mouth and expect a clean bill of health. Africa Israel must unambiguously renounce settlement activity, and all other involvement in violations of Palestinian rights. And Lev Leviev needs to end his involvement in settlement construction through other companies like Leader Management and Development, as well as his support for human rights abuses in the diamond industry in countries like Angola and Namibia.”


Interview with Australian writer Christos Tsiolkas

03 Nov 2010

During my recent visit to the Ubud Writers Festival in Bali, Indonesia, I interviewed successful Australian writer Christos Tsiolkas. It was a robust conversation and we covered vulgarity, politics, gender relations and offending readers.


Who do we want to control us?

03 Nov 2010

This year’s Sydney Peace Prize winner, Indian Vandana Shiva – I saw her speak last night at the Sydney Opera House and she was powerful and courageous, a woman dedicated to fighting the privatisation of our entire society – doesn’t mince words and nor should she:

A handful of corporations and of powerful countries seeks to control the earth’s resources and transform the planet into a supermarket in which everything is for sale. They want to sell our water, genes, cells, organs, knowledge, cultures and future.

Britain is experiencing the shock doctrine in action

03 Nov 2010

John Pilger on Britain’s disaster capitalism:

These days, the stirring lines of Percy Shelley’s The Mask of Anarchy may seem unattainable. I don’t think so. Shelley was both a Romantic and political truth-teller. His words resonate now because only one political course is left to those who are disenfranchised and whose ruin is announced on a government spread sheet.

Born of the “never again” spirit of 1945, social democracy in Britain has surrendered to an extreme political cult of money worship. This reached its apogee when £1 trillion of public money was handed unconditionally to corrupt banks by a Labour government whose leader, Gordon Brown, had previously described “financiers” as the nation’s “great example” and his personal “inspiration”.

This is not to say Parliamentary politics is meaningless. They have one meaning now: the replacement of democracy by a business plan for every human activity, every dream, every decency, every hope, every child born. The old myths of British rectitude, imperial in origin, provided false comfort while the Blair gang, assisted by venal MPs, finished Thatcher’s work and built the foundation of the present “coalition”. This is led by a former PR man for an asset stripper and by a bagman who will inherit his knighthood and the tax-avoided fortune of his father, the 17th Baronet of Ballentaylor. David Cameron and George Osborne are essentially fossilised spivs who, in colonial times, would have been sent by their daddies to claim foreign terrain and plunder.

Today, they are claiming 21st century Britain and imposing their vicious, antique ideology, albeit served as economic snake oil. Their designs have nothing to do with a “deficit crisis”. A deficit of 10 per cent is not remotely a crisis. When Britain was officially bankrupt at the end of the second world war, the government built its greatest public institutions, such as the National Health Service and the great arts edifices of London’s South Bank.

There is no economic rationale for the assault described cravenly by the BBC as a “public spending review”. The debt is exclusively the responsibility of those who incurred it, the super-rich and the gamblers. However, that’s beside the point. What is happening in Britain is the seizure of an opportunity to destroy the tenuous humanity of the modern state. It is a coup, a “shock doctrine” as applied to Pinochet’s Chile and Yeltsin’s Russia.

In Britain, there is no need for tanks in the streets. In its managerial indifference to the freedoms it is said to hold dear, bourgeois Britain has allowed parliament to create a surveillance state with 3,000 new criminal offences and laws: more than for the whole of the previous century. Powers of arrest and detention have never been greater. The police have the impunity to kill; asylum seekers can be “restrained” to death on commercial flights and should fellow passengers object, anti-terrorism laws will deal with them. Abroad, British militarism colludes with torturers and death squads.


Britain desperate to insulate Zionists from examination

03 Nov 2010

How far will Western states go to protect the Zionist state from legal prosecution?

Israel has postponed all strategic dialogue with Britain in protest at a law which allows UK courts to prosecute visiting Israeli officials for alleged war crimes.

Strategic dialogue between the two countries takes place annually and focuses on defence and security issues.

“The strategic dialogue has indeed been postponed,” Yigal Palmor, a foreign ministry spokesman, said on Wednesday.

The development came as William Hague, the British foreign minister, arrived in Israel for a two-day visit on Wednesday.

“The visit by foreign minister Hague is an important phase in the ongoing exchange between the countries and the question of Israeli officials being unable to travel to Britain will be on the top of the agenda as far as we are concerned,” he said.

The law in question gives British courts “universal jurisdiction” to issue warrants against individuals accused of war crimes, including visiting foreign politicians.

Sherine Tadros, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Jerusalem, said that this issue was top on the agenda for Hague’s visit.

“This is something that is vital for Israel and they are not happy how, time and time again, its’ officials have to cancel trips to the UK because of fear of being arrested for war crimes,” she said.

“The UK has said that this law needs to be changed but the question for Israel is when will the change happen.”

Earlier this week, Dan Meridor, Israel’s intelligence minister, cancelled a trip to London over general concerns he risked being arrested, with local media speculating it was in connection with Israel’s deadly raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in May.

Britain’s embassy in Tel Aviv confirmed that the government was taking the issue very seriously and said that a draft amendment to the law would be put before parliament “in the coming weeks”.

“The British government understands that we have a real problem and we are dealing with it,” spokeswoman Karen Kaufman told AFP, saying it would take “several months” before any amendment was passed.

“We will present a draft (amendment) in the coming weeks with the goal of passing it in this current sitting of parliament,” Kaufman was quoted as saying.

This year’s strategic dialogue meeting, which had been expected to take place in Britain last month, did not happen, a diplomatic source said.

But a spokesman for the prime minister’s office refused to comment on the issue, saying: “We don’t talk about strategic dialogue. It’s a sensitive issue.”

Israel has been pushing for Britain to amend the legislation for five years after a number of high-profile political and military officials were forced to cancel visits over arrest fears.


Serco says it’s doing a wonderful job

03 Nov 2010

Seriously, Serco has nominated itself for Australia’s Employee of the Year and the Australian government may back it, I hear on the grapevine.

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November 4, 2010Quantcast

History of Fake Attacks Cement Belief Saleh Govt Using AQAP as Excuse

by Jason Ditz,
November 03, 2010

“The truth is there is no al-Qaeda.” Such a comment rarely finds currency in a nation’s popular consciousness but in Yemen, home to what the CIA calls the most dangerous of al-Qaeda’s many affiliates (al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP), it is all too common.

For some AQAP is just a cynical excuse for the Saleh government to get increased foreign military aid from the US and others. Other Yemenis, particularly in the south, see it as an excuse to attack separatist groups that have nothing to do with international terrorism.

It isn’t naivete on the part of Yemenis, however, but a natural function of the Yemeni government’s constant use of “al-Qaeda” as a justification for attacks on separatist-linked civilians, and as a catch-all for the many different groups that have bones to pick with the Saleh regime.

Indeed AQAP appears responsible for precious little of the internal violence in Yemen, and the group’s focus on overseas targets makes it difficult to sell the idea of them being something for the Yemeni military to focus on.

What few attacks they have claimed were usually clear retaliation for the government offensive, raising the inevitable question of whether the Saleh regime is simply hitting a hornet’s nest over and over and claiming a “threat” when it gets stung.


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United Against Fascism Presents ….

An afternoon with Moazzam Begg

Uniting to challenge

Islamophobia and the new wave of racism.

2pm Sunday 7th November

Central Mosque, Highgate, Birmingham 

Everyone is welcome – please pass this email to friends and family.



Nov 3, 2010




Amir Oren reports:

According to Ross, for all the importance of the recent increase in American military aid, Israel’s long-term security depends on real peace with its neighbors – and therefore, on the victory of the region’s moderates over its extremists. In the Palestinian context, this means seizing the fleeting opportunity provided by the leadership duo of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. This, he added, is an American interest, not just an Israeli one. Thus it is not subject to Netanyahu’s sole discretion.

Ross – that is to say, Donilon, which is to say, Obama – outlined the link between peace negotiations and Israel’s nuclear program in delicate but clear diplomatic language. In September, at the International Atomic Energy Agency’s General Conference, the U.S. managed to foil a condemnation of Israel’s nuclear program (which had been pushed by Egypt ). The Obama administration will of course “continue to stand up for Israel in these organizations, but there should be no mistake that our efforts are strengthened when Israel is actively participating in peace negotiations.”

Between “Hoss” and Ross, the meaning is clear, and it does not depend on the outcome of today’s elections: You want to keep Dimona? Then you’ll pay the price to keep talking with Abbas – namely, a settlement freeze. And as for Iran, don’t be an idiot. Leave it to Obama.

Again, this is further evidence that Obama is wavering between maximal support for Likudnik policies of territorial maximalism, policies that the Lobby strongly supports, and a Fayyad-Abbas-brokered apartheid-lite arrangement, policies that J Street strongly supports. There is no significant element in the policy-making apparatus of the American government that supports either a one-state “solution” or even Clinton-esque “parameters,” (Fayyad-esque apartheid lite won’t even go so far as the American government was prepared to go in 2000) because no one has made the case to corporate America how their interests will be served by a peaceful settlement of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Freeman, Walt, and Mearsheimer can keep clacking those fingers on their keyboards, insistently making the case, but very few are listening. If they do listen, it will require an out-and-out rupture in the ruling class, between what Michael Klare used to call the Prussians, profiting off war and energy conflicts, and Traders, profiting off “globalization” and breadth regimes of capital accumulation. The problem is that American accumulation is concentrated in the finance, insurance, and real estate sectors, and for them, it doesn’t matter too much what the hell America does vis-a-vis Israel. They barely care.

Furthermore, one way to keep the electorate distracted while capital movements transfer the surplus from the middle-class to the upper-class is wars. Another source of capital accumulation is the increased presence of financialization even within traditional physical industries, including both manufacturing and oil firms, too. Finance is king, and finance, except for George Soros, does not seem to care about solving the Israel-Palestine conflict on any terms that even allude to the word “justice.”

While finance doesn’t care and oil and the military-industrial sectors, want war, something simple follows. There is no structural rupture in the ruling class large enough that it can be exploited to serve justice for Palestinians. It follows that it is our job to make that rupture, and the only way to do so is by raising the costs of pursuing the current policies beyond what the ruling-class will bear. The only way to do that is in concert with people who find other policies intolerable, linking the demands, and raising the stakes. There is a reason that the leftist solution remains relevant. Here’s why. It’s the only solution.

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