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Institutionalised Racism And UCU.


A recent letter of resignation (or 2) from the University and College Union highlights how the proposed boycott of Israelis has weakened the Trade Union movement in Britain.

Despite numerous letters and resignations UCU still doesn’t take seriously the question of its institutionalised racism, from Shalom Lappin’s resignation and those that followed, on and on and on.

As Shalom Lappin wrote:

“In my view, matters have reached the point where the UCU is no longer an effective agent of industrial democracy or a credible representative of its members in the struggle for improved working conditions in the University sector. It has allowed itself to be infected by the raw prejudice of a small group of political extremists, who are using it to pursue an appalling agenda. In these circumstances I see no alternative but to withdraw from the union. I will work against the discrimination that the boycott campaign is attempting to promote in a more efficient way than by allowing myself to be placed in the defendant’s dock by agents of bigotry in an endlessly recurring, stacked “debate” within the UCU. If the UCU ever frees itself from the malevolent grip of the boycott obsession which it has permitted to flourish in its midst and returns to its intended role as a genuine labour union, I will be delighted to return.”

It is a terrible state of affairs when a modern trade union can’t address the issue of institutionalised racism within it and forces members who resigned in protest.

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A video and commentary (5 min) that show how Israel uses its soldiers to steal land from Palestinians.


November 13, 2010

Soldiers Shoot Tear Gas at Farmers in Saffa

CLICH TO VIEW: shot tear gas at farmers in Saffa today as they attempt to work their land near the Bat Ayn settlement. A group of about 30 Palestinian, international and Israeli activists accompanied Sheik Mohammad Aady to his land on the hillside opposite Bat Ayn, which has been marked for annexation by the settlement. The group marched to the land waving Palestinian flags and carrying signs. They worked for an hour, tilling the land and setting small fires to clear the brush.

Soldiers gathered at the top of the hill above the activists, and two jeeps parked on the road at the bottom of the hill. Soldiers shot tear gas at the group, who responded by shouting and throwing stones. As the group was leaving the soldiers shot more tear gas at the crowd at head level.

6 international activists were arrested last Sunday while accompanying farmers in Saffa. On Tuesday Ali Ahmed Thalj Aady and Hani Nimr Aady were detained in their land for 5 hours and threatened with arrest if they returned. The Israeli military claims that the land is Israeli state land, despite the fact that all the farmers have ownership documents. The army’s attempts to keep the farmers from working on their land clearly indicate their intention to annex the land to the Bat Ayn settlement









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Sigmund Freud is credited as being the father of the Sexual Revolution. He repeatedly stated that he found sexual morality “contemptible.” In fact, Freud was Zionist supremacist and Stalwart Zionist who saw himself as a Hannibal who was conquering Rome  (Rome signifying the Church and European morality)

This video show how Zionist dominated media promotes a destruction of higher human values. It shows from mainstream Zionist sources how atavistic hatred against Europeans and Christians is a motivating factor in promoting sexual degeneration and even as a motivation for defiling people with pornography.

You will find this an amazing video!

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26 October 2010

The Jewish National Fund is a prime example of how Apartheid in Israel operates. Unlike South Africa there are no ‘Jews only’ signs. Apartheid in Israel works differently. Towns like Kiryat Shmona in the Galilee are Jewish only and Arabs are physically prevented from entering (unless it’s for work) but there are no signs saying this.

It is therefore surprising that of all the Israeli organisations with which to lend their name to, British Prime Ministers beginning with war criminal Tony Blair, duffer Brown and now Eton’s very own David Cameron are ‘patron’s of the JNF and Israeli Apartheid.

That is why, originating in the Boycott Israel Network, a letter with 50 signatories was drawn up urging Ed Miliband, brother of torture supporter David, not to become a patron of this Jewish-only charity. When Miliband chose not to respond it was decided that the next step would be to have the letter published nationally. We therefore sent the letter to The Guardian, which published it on 7th October.

Now a funny thing happened. Usually when you criticise Israel you have legions of spotty Zionists descend upon you shouting ‘anti-Semite’ – eager to refute what you say with whatever lies and hasbara that come to hand. Yet strangely there was nothing, at least nothing until 16th October when the Chair of the JNF in Britain Samuel Hayek finally responded.

It is difficult to think of a weaker letter. Apparently our letter was ‘misconceived in its approach and inaccurate in its content.’ No specifics of course.

Apparently ‘since its creation, JNF’s focus has been on developing and sustaining the environment in Israel…. Our current focus on the Negev region clearly reflects these aims. To accuse the JNF of being “actively complicit in the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians” represents a distortion of the truth on the grandest of scales. Our environmental and humanitarian work is not based on any political or religious affiliation, but rather on supporting Israel and its population – whatever their background. This was the case before the modern state of Israel was created and will continue to be the case long into the future.’

Virtually every other word contained a lie within it. Just the name itself ‘Jewish’ not ‘Islamic’ or ‘Christian’ National Fund betrays its purpose. But the facts are even more damning. Hence this was a golden opportunity to shine a light under the Zionist stone and see what crawls out.

I therefore replied to Hayek and on 19th October not one but two letters were published, from myself and Dr Barry Stierer, also of Brighton PSC!

Has Hayek responded? Well if he has it’s not been printed. It is almost certain that Hayek and his compatriots have decided that discretion is the better part of valour. They don’t wish to have the JNF discussed in the media because the facts are so damning. Instead the increasingly manic Jewish Chronicle took up the cudgels.

In a particularly stupid article of 20th October, Jennifer Lipman stated that ‘Mr Greenstein, a long-time anti-Zionist, implied in a letter to the Guardian newspaper that JNF UK’s chairman Samuel Hayek had been lying for his country.’ Duh! No I made it quite clear that he was lying, not on behalf of his country but another country! Lipman clearly didn’t understand the import of the comparison with a diplomat. It had nothing to do with representing one’s country. Rather that whereas diplomats are at least paid to lie for their country, what was Hayek’s excuse?

My letter ended with a simple question that no Zionist has yet managed to answer. What if a British National Fund were to do in Britain was the JNF does in Israel? What is the BNF were to only lease land to non-Jews or Christians? Would that be anti-semitic? Well it’s a no brainer and even Zionists like Jonathan Hoffman of no brain understand very well that the only answer can be ‘yes’.

The facts are extremely clear but I am going to lay them out for activists so that they are at peoples’ fingertips.

Why the Jewish National Fund is as Racist Organisation

The Jewish National Fund is an organisation which was founded in 1901. It has been one of the key organisations of Zionist colonisation in Israel. It originally purchased land from primarily absentee landlords for Jewish settlements. After 1948 it took control, at bargain basement prices (there is no evidence that any money actually changed hands) of 2 million dunums of confiscated Arab land, doubling its land holding from 1 million which it had bought pre-1948 to over 3 million dunums.

In 1901 a Resolution to establish the JNF established it as “a trust for the Jewish people, which… can be used exclusively for the purchase of land in Palestine and Syria.” Ironically Herzl had opposed the formation of the JNF when it was first raised at the second Zionist Congress in 1898. He feared it would undermine his efforts to establish the Jewish Colonial Trust, a bank to finance the Zionist movement.

Herzl also feared that the JNF would end up subsidising the existing Hovvei Zion (Lovers of Zion) settlements which Herzl deprecated. Although Hovvei Zion, established by Leo Pinsker in 1882, was a Zionist supporting group, its settlements in Palestine – Rishon le Zion and Petah Tiqva – financed by Baron Edmond de Rothschild, who was not a Zionist, rapidly turned into classic colonial settlements whereby the settlers sat back and allowed the Arabs to do the work.

This was anathema to the Zionists. Such settlements would create a class of effendi Zionists who sooner or later would be ousted by an incipient national movement. Jews must do the work as well as own the settlement. Hence why the Zionist Kibbutz was born – it was the only such institution that could ensure that the settlers worked the land which had been ‘redeemed’ from the Palestinians.

In 1903 slightly modified proposals were adopted by the Zionist Congress and the JNF was authorized “to build on or to have cultivated or also to lease (subleasing being prohibited) the purchased land to Jews”; this meant that the JNF “could either itself develop the land or lease it, but only to Jews.”

In April 1907 the JNF was incorporated in England as the Juedischer National-fonds (Keren Kajemeth Le Jisroel) Limited. According to the Memorandum of Association, the “primary object” for which the JNF was organized was “to purchase, take on lease or in exchange, or otherwise acquire any lands, forests, rights of possession and other rights, easements and other immovable property in the prescribed region (which expression shall in this Memorandum mean Palestine, Syria, any other parts of Turkey in Asia and the Peninsula of Sinai) or any part thereof, for the purpose of settling Jews on such lands.” [Clause 3(1)]

In 1953 the Knesset passed the Jewish National Fund Law which made the JNF into an arm of Israeli Government land policies. It was official a non-governmental organisation but in reality was accountable to and implemented the policies of the Israeli state. But because it was nominally a private Zionist organisation, the Israeli government could deny responsibility for its practices. The JNF law followed the passing of the World Zionist Organization/Jewish Agency (Status) Law of 1952. The WZO/Jewish Agency owned and controlled the JNF so one can see the spider’s web of deception which was instituted to allow the Israeli government to deny it practiced racist land discrimination. It simply contracted it out to the WZO and JNF, for which it could then deny responsibility, even though in practice it controlled the latter.

New Memorandum and Articles of Association were submitted and approved on May 20, 1954, under which the new Israeli JNF Company acquired all the assets, liabilities, etc. of the JNF, incorporated in England in 1907. The “primary object of the Association” was now “to purchase, acquire on lease or in exchange, or receive on lease or otherwise, lands, forests, rights of possession, easements and any similar rights as well as immovable properties of any class, in the prescribed region (which expression shall in this Memorandum mean the State of Israel in any area within the jurisdiction of the Government of Israel) or in any part thereof, for the purpose of settling Jews on such lands and properties” (Clause 3, Sub- clause a).

Once again the JNF’s constitution, which is what a Memorandum of Association is, made clear that the JNF’s activities was for the purpose of settling Jews on such lands and properties. And because some settlements, Kibbutzim and the individualistic Moshavim, were now becoming like colonials of old and sub-leasing their JNF land, in 1967 the Knesset passed the Agricultural Settlement Law which probibited the sub-leasing of land to non-Jews on pain of a fine. In other words it is a criminal offence to lease JNF lands in Israel to non-Jews.

The JNF was the primary means of allocating the land of the expelled Palestinians. It’s Director and member of Ben Gurion’s Transfer Committee, Josef Weitz, made the intentions of the JNF crystal clear in 1940. Note the date. Eight years before the establishment of the Israel state. This in itself gives the lie to those like Benny Morris who say that the expulsion and flight of the Palestinians was a cause of the war of 1948, the invasion of the Arab armies etc. Its reasons were simple. To create a Jewish state in a state where even in 1948 the majority of inhabitants of the Jewish allocated area were non-Jewish was unacceptable. On December 20, 1940 Weitz wrote in his Diaries that:

“it must be clear that there is no room in the country for both [Arab and Jewish] peoples . . . If the [Palestinian] Arabs leave it, the country will become wide and spacious for us . . . The only solution [after the end of WW II] is a Land of Israel, at least a western land of Israel [i.e. Palestine since Transjordan is the eastern portion], without [Palestinian] Arabs. There is no room here for compromises . . . There is no way but to transfer the [Palestinian] Arabs from here to the neighboring countries, to transfer all of them, save perhaps for [the Palestinian Arabs of] Bethlehem, Nazareth, and the old Jerusalem. Not one village must be left, not one [Bedouin] tribe. The transfer must be directed at Iraq, Syria, and even Transjordan [eastern portion of Eretz Yisrael]. For this goal funds will be found . . . An only after this transfer will the country be able to absorb millions of our brothers and the Jewish problem will cease to exist. There is no other solution.” (Benny Morris, p. 27 & Expulsion Of The Palestinians, 131-132, also cited in the now defunct Davar, paper of the Histadrut of 29.9.67).

From its very beginnings, the JNF was dedicated to the ‘redeeming’ the land of Palestine for Jews and Jews only. Before 1948 it might just have been termed a quaint colonial outgrowth, a chauvinist but semi-private organisation. After the declaration of Israel as a Jewish State in 1948 its racist character was in no doubt.

In November 1961 the JNF and the Israeli government signed a Covenant clarifying the relationship of the JNF to the state and spelling out their respective powers and responsibilities. Under this Covenant, based on legislation enacted by the Knesset in July 1960, two bodies were set up, the Land Development Assocation and the Israeli Lands Administration. In 1960 a series of Acts of the Knesset were passed defining the parameters of the joint work of the ILA and JNF, – The Basic Law: Israel Lands (July 19, 1960), Israel Lands Law, (July 25, 1960), and Israel Lands Administration Law (July 25, 1960), op. cit., pp. 85-94.

Title to the land purchased by the JNF was to be held in perpetuity, “as the inalienable property of the Jewish people,” [Article 3, Constitution of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, adopted August 1929; quoted in John Hope Simpson, Palestine: Report on Immigration, Land Settlement and Development (Cmd. 3686; London, 1930].

Article 3 also stated that: “The Agency shall promote agricultural colonization based on Jewish labour, and in all works or undertakings carried out or furthered by the Agency, it shall be deemed to be a matter of principle that Jewish labour shall be employed….” The Jewish Agency, the Palestine wing of the (World) Zionist Organisation, was established in 1929 by the Sixteenth Zionist Congress in Zurich to draw support from Zionists and non-Zionists. The latter was always a fiction. In practice they were often Zionists who suffered from sea-sickness and the Zionist Organisation and Histadrut continued to control it in practice.

All of the terms of a Lease Agreement, including the lessee’s rights, were subject to one over- riding condition: the lessee must be Jewish. Accordingly, the land could not be leased to a non-Jew, nor could the lease be subleased, or sold, or mortgaged, or given, or bequeathed to any but a Jew. Non-Jews could not be employed on the land or even in any work connected with the cuLltivation of the land. Violation of this term of the lease rendered the lessee liable for damages to the lessor, and the third violation gave the lessor the right to abrogate the lease without any compensation to the lessee.

For example the JNF lease, article 23, states inter alia: “The lessee undertakes to execute all works connected with the cultivation of the holding only with Jewish labour. Failure to comply with this duty by the employment of non-Jewish labour shall render the lessee liable to the payment of a compensation of ten Palestinian pounds for each default. The fact of the employment of non-Jewish labour shall constitute adequate proof as to the damages and amount thereof, and the right of the Fund to be paid the compensation referred to, and it shall not be necessarv to serve on the lessee any notarial or other notice. Where the lessee has contravened the provisions of this Article three times the Fund may apply the right of restitution of the holding, without paying any compensation whatever.” Quoted in the Report of Sir John Hope Simpson p. 53, published in August 1930.

Among the conclusions in this Report, held as a result of the 1929 riots in Palestine and consequent on a recommendation of the 1929 Shaw Commission into those riots, the terms under which the JNF purchased and leased land were described as “objectionable,” and it was recommended that they “should be radically altered” (p. 142)

As Uri Avneri, an ex-member of the Knesset, founder of Haolem Hazeh and Gush Shalom:

“Hebrew Labour meant, necessarily, No Arab Labour. The ‘redemption of the land’ often meant, necessarily, ‘redeeming’ it from the Arab fellahin who happened to be living in it. A Jewish plantation owner who employed Arabs in his orange grove was a traitor to the cause, a despicable reactionary who not only deprived a Jewish worker of work, but even more important, deprived the country of a Jewish worker. His grove had to be picketed, the Arabs had to be evicted by force. Bloodshed, if necessary, was justified.” He further notes that Arab tenants “were simply evicted when the land was redeemed by the Jewish National Fund in order to set up a kibbutz.” Israel Without Zionists: A Plea for Peace in the Middle East (New York: Macmillan, 1968), p. 85.

This article cites extensively from the classic article by Walter Lehn, The Jewish National Fund, published in the Journal of Palestinian Studies Vol. 3, No. 4, Summer 1974, p.80).

See also Is the JNF racist?’ by Shahar Ilan in Haaretz 25th July 2007 which shows how even the ‘left’ and ‘marxist’ Zionist Mapam, which was the second strongest party in Israel but has now almost disappeared, was equally a party to the co-opting of the JNF as an the executive arms of Israeli policy.

Here is an embarrassing fact: In 1957, when the Knesset passed the Jewish National Fund (JNF) Law, one of the great leaders of Mapam (the United Workers Party), Yaakov Hazan, said: “The JNF lands, which were purchased with the money of the Jewish people, are sacred for Jewish settlement, just as the Muslim waqf [land held in religious trust] is sacred to the Muslim community.”

Now, Hazan’s ideological successor, Haim Oron (Meretz), argues that the bill seeking to designate JNF lands for Jews only is racist. Oron explained that “only a fossilized movement doesn’t change its mind over the years.” Yet one cannot help but wonder how what was sacred turned into racism.

Article 3A of the JNF’s articles of incorporation states that one of its goals is to purchase and lease lands on which to settle Jews. The JNF bill, which passed its preliminary reading last week, requires the state to manage JNF lands in keeping with this principle. The bill, by the way, is not intended to circumvent a High Court of Justice ruling; its goal is to preempt a ruling on a petition now before the High Court. In other words, it is a preemptive bypass of the High Court.

The immediate reason for the bill was Attorney General Menachem Mazuz’s opinion that the lease of JNF lands to non-Jews should be permitted. Thus for now, this is a bill to bypass Mazuz. The Knesset presidium has the authority to bar racist laws from the floor. But the Knesset’s legal adviser, Nurit Elstein, ruled that “only bills whose essentially racist nature cries out to heaven and shakes the very foundations” should be barred. Elstein felt that the JNF bill does not cry out to heaven. But is it silently racist?

Law professor Amnon Rubinstein of the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center chose not to deal with this question in a letter he sent to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann. However, he did write that the bill “contradicts the Basic Law on Human Dignity and Liberty and harms the basic values of the State of Israel.” In other words, it might be overturned by the High Court. He also wrote that the bill “will cause great damage to our reputation and will serve the campaign of boycotts and ostracism that is being waged against us by haters of Israel.”

There is certainly room to ask what reputation Rubinstein is talking about. Haim Sandberg, a doctor of jurisprudence at the College of Management, is about to publish a book entitled “Israel’s Lands, Zionism and Post-Zionism.” Sandberg does not understand how it can be argued that using land purchased for Jews in order to settle Jews is racist. “There is no reason not to designate JNF land, or most of it, for Jews,” he said.

The chairman of the National Union-National Religious Party, MK Uriel Ariel, said: “Generations of Jews collected their pennies to bring to fruition the Zionist enterprise of redeeming the land, in the clear and certain knowledge that the money would be used for Jews.” The problem with this argument is that the state transferred to the JNF about a million dunams (approximately 247,000 acres) of land belonging to absentee owners. It could very well be that to designate JNF land for Jews only, this one million dunams would have to be restored to the state.

The chairman of the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, MK Menachem Ben-Sasson (Kadima), is not prepared to say whether he believes the bill is racist or constitutional. He would only say that “in principle, I want to discuss it, and I am not prepared to be told at the outset that I can’t.”

Quite how Samuel Hayek can proclaim in the Guardian, and keep a straight face, that the JNF ‘is not based on any political or religious affiliation, but rather on supporting Israel and its population – whatever their background.’ without his nose becoming extended is a matter of some curiosity. Clearly Pinnochio had nothing on him!

As the JNF’s own web page said of the visit of Avigdor Lieberman to Britain:
‘KKL-JNF UK board members lead by the KKL-JNF UK Chairman, Samuel Hayek and Dubi Bergman, Head of Delegation, took active part in all Lieberman’s meetings and events. The visit made an important mark on the Jewish life in the UK and succeeded in raising KKL-JNF’s profile in the Anglo-Jewish community.’

Lies come to these people easily.

Tony Greenstein



November 13, 2010

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions: Clothing and Shoecare Products 

INITIAL POST:Youth Against Normalization has many useful lists of products manufactured by companies that support Zionism: Here’s one example:

Company: AUCHAN

Brands to Boycott:

Types of Support:
Israeli Products


Mother Company: MARKS and SPENSER
Brands to Boycott:
Marks and Spencers

Types of Support:
Israeli Products
VIP supports Zionism

Mother Company: CATERPILLAR

Brands to Boycott:
Caterpillar (CAT)

Types of Support:
Israeli Products


Mother Company: PRYCA

Brands to Boycott:

Types of Support:
Israeli Products


Mother Company: SARA LEE

Brands to Boycott:
Just My Size
Nur Die

Types of Support:
Israeli Products
Israeli Investments
Operates in Israel (’48)
Operates in OT (’67)
Supports Zionist Charities
Supports Zionist Cause


Mother Company: PROCTER and GAMBLE

Brands to Boycott:
Boss Hugo Boss

Types of Support:
Israeli Products
Operates in Israel (’48)


Mother Company: TIMBERLAND

Brands to Boycott:

Types of Support:
VIP supports Zionism


Mother Company: CARREFOUR

Brands to Boycott:

Types of Support:
Israeli Products


Mother Company: J. C. Penny

Brands to Boycott:
J. C. Penny

Types of Support:
Israeli Products


Mother Company: J-Crew

Brands to Boycott:

Types of Support:
Israeli Products



Brands to Boycott:
Banana Republic

Types of Support:
Israeli Products


Mother Company: CALVIN KLEIN

Brands to Boycott:
Calvin Klein

Types of Support:
Israeli Products
Operates in Israel (’48)


Mother Company: DONNA KARAN / DKNY

Brands to Boycott:
Donna Karan / DKNY

Types of Support:
Israeli Products
Operates in Israel (’48)


Mother Company: GAP

Brands to Boycott:

Types of Support:
Israeli Products


Mother Company: HEMA

Brands to Boycott:

Types of Support:
Israeli Products


Mother Company: LINDEX

Brands to Boycott:

Types of Support:
Israeli Products


Mother Company: RALPH LAUREN

Brands to Boycott:
Ralph Lauren

Types of Support:
Israeli Products



Brands to Boycott:
Victoria’s Secret

Types of Support:
Israeli Products


Mother Company: STRUCTURE

Brands to Boycott:

Types of Support:
Israeli Products


Mother Company: TCHYBO

Brands to Boycott:

Types of Support:
Israeli Products


Mother Company: SELFRIDGES

Brands to Boycott:

Types of Support:
Israeli Products
Operates in Israel (’48)


H and M
Vero Moda Zara



Mother Company: SARA LEE

Brands to Boycott:
Kiwi Polish

Types of Support:
Israeli Products
Israeli Investments
Operates in Israel (’48)
Supports Zionist Charities
Supports Zionist Cause 

Please disseminate to anyone you think might be interested.

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BDS Action: Protest IKEA, which Delivers to Israeli Colonies but not Palestinian Cities in West Bank

02 November 2010

IKEA Don’t Buy into Occupation! Campaign

You may have heard that this summer, Swedish Radio revealed that the Swedish furniture company IKEA, through its local franchisee in Israel Northern Birch Ltd. makes home deliveries to Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory. They refuse to deliver to Palestinian communities nearby.

The settlements are illegal according to international law, and considered illegal also by the EU. Delivering furniture to the settlers means giving legitimacy to the dual system called apartheid by many operated by the Israeli government.

At the same time IKEA takes pride in being considered as one of the frontrunners of CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility. The company has an extensive Code of Conduct, based on the eight core conventions defined in the Fundamental Principles of Rights at Work, ILO declaration June 1998, the Rio Declaration on Sustainable Development 1992, The UN Johannesburg Summit on Sustainable Development and the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact 2000. IKEA recognises the fundamental principles of Human Rights, as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations 1948).[1]

Swedish renowned professor of international law, Mr. Ove Bring, stated after reviewing the case that IKEA is breaching the spirit of the universal human rights by its delivery policy.[2]

Shortly after IKEA Israels delivery policy was revealed, a campaign was launched in Sweden and spread to other countries. The campaign was inspired by the non-violent struggle against the Israeli occupation and oppression of Palestine and in particular the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) call made by the Palestinian civil society in 2005. Throughout the summer letters were written to IKEA, pickets were organized outside IKEA stores and IKEAs management was contacted on several occasions. Much of the campaign material can be found on the blog:

IKEA certainly felt the pressure but it did not make them change their policy. In statements, IKEA said: “We as well as our Israeli franchisee regret any limitations preventing any customer from visiting the IKEA stores or from using the services offered by the IKEA partners.” IKEA is referring to competition legislation in Europe that forbids them “to instruct anyone to prevent delivery of goods to end-consumers located in other countries/territories when the end-consumer has visited the IKEA Store to make their purchases”.

It is now time to step up the campaign and we encourage you to join the protests to put pressure on IKEA. IKEA is a worldwide company with 314 stores in 38 countries (all info can be found at Together we can potentially make IKEA stop contributing to the occupation. This can also deter other companies from doing the same.

We need your help with the following:

1. Do you have any judicial contacts that may be of use, particularly with knowledge of the European Unions legal system? As IKEA is referring to EU competition laws we need to investigate further whether these laws in fact absolve IKEA from any legal responsibility or not.

2. Do you have any contacts with expert knowledge of international law? To us it appears extremely problematic that EU competition laws contradict international humanitarian law but again, this needs to be investigated thoroughly.

3. Do you have anyone within or outside your organization that would be able to help with layout and print design?

4. Ideas for how we could approach and influence IKEA. Note that some suggestions for flyers and letters to IKEA is available at:

Please share with us any information and material that could be useful for the campaign such as video, photo or written material to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


The IKEA, Dont buy into occupation! campaign

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Dear All,

Just 4 items tonight. 

The first is an analysis of what is happening among Palestinians who have Israeli citizenship, and believes that the next chapter in the Israel-Palestine conflict will focus on the internal Palestinian population vs Israel.

In item 2 Gisha asks (and answers) ‘Who controls the Palestinian Population Registry”  You of course can guess who: Israel.  This is a throw-back to the Oslo Accords.  Arafat for some reason that is unintelligible to me left Palestinian residency rights in the hands of Israel.  It was a crucial error, and Palestinians have been paying for it ever since.

Items 3 and 4 are about immigration, 3 about the Falashmura, 4 about returnees from abroad receiving rights similar to those given to immigrants.  Something tells me that Israel is worried sick about not having enough Jews!  The Falashmura are not Jewish, but it is presumed that they will become so when they arrive here.  Wonder where Israel will look next for more Jews to up its demographic lot.

All the best,



[I’m grateful to Yael for having forwarded this.  I’d intended to distribute it yesterday, but felt that 5 items were probably enough, especially since Gideon Levy’s was fairly long.  Then I forgot about this item while reading today’s news on line.

It is an important analysis, and I fear accurate.  Moreover, it seems to me that Israel’s leaders are doing all they can to rile Palestinians with Israeli citizenship.  Should the Palestinians become violent or ‘proven unloyal’ it will make it easier for Israel to kick them out.



[forwarded by Yael Korin]

An expectedly perceptive analysis from the Guardian’s Seumas Milne.

The indigenous Palestinians who are citizens of Israel are increasingly rebelling against Israel’s special flavor of apartheid, asserting their Palestinian identity and closely examining the South African model of resistance for inspiration.


The Palestinians of Israel are poised to take centre stage

With the peace process going nowhere, common experience on both sides of the Green Line is creating a new reality

Seumas Milne, Wednesday 10 November 2010 21.00 GMT

In a quiet street in the Sheikh Jarrah district of occupied East Jerusalem 88-year-old Rifka al-Kurd is explaining how she came to live in the house she and her husband built as Palestinian refugees in the 1950s. As she speaks, three young ultra-orthodox Jewish settlers swagger in to stake their claim to the front part of the building, shouting abuse in Hebrew and broken Arabic: “Arab animals”, “shut up, whore”.

There is a brief physical confrontation with Rifka’s daughter as the settlers barricade themselves in to the rooms they have occupied since last winter. That was when they finally won a court order to take over the Kurd family’s extension on the grounds that it was built without permission – which Palestinians in Jerusalem are almost never granted. It is an ugly scene, the settlers’ chilling arrogance underpinned by the certain knowledge that they can call in the police and army at will.

But such takeovers of Palestinian homes in Sheikh Jarrah have become commonplace, and the focus of continual protest. The same is true in nearby Silwan, home to upwards of 30,000 Palestinians next to the Old City, where 88 homes to 1,500 Palestinians have been lined up for demolition to make way for a King David theme park and hundreds of settlers are protected round the clock by trigger-happy security guards.

Throughout the Arab areas of Jerusalem, as in the West Bank, the government is pressing ahead with land expropriations, demolitions and settlement building, making the prospects of a Palestinian state ever more improbable. More than a third of the land in East Jerusalem has been expropriated since it was occupied in 1967 to make way for Israeli colonists, in flagrant violation of international law.

Israel’s latest settlement plans were not “helpful”, Barack Obama ventured on Tuesday. But while US-sponsored Israeli-Palestinian negotiations go nowhere and attention has been focused on the brutal siege of Gaza, the colonisation goes on. It is also proceeding apace in Israel proper, where the demolition of Palestinian Bedouin villages around the Negev desert has accelerated under Binyamin Netanyahu.

About 87,000 Bedouin live in 45 “unrecognised” villages, without rights or basic public services, because the Israeli authorities refuse to recognise their claim to the land. All have demolition orders hanging over them, while hundreds of Jewish settlements have been established throughout the area.

The Israeli writer Amos Oz calls the Negev a “ticking time bomb”. The village of Araqeeb has been destroyed six times in recent months and each time it has been reconstructed by its inhabitants. The government wants to clear the land and move the Bedouin into designated townships. But even there, demolitions are carried out on a routine basis.

At the weekend, a mosque in the Bedouin town of Rahat was torn down by the army in the night. By Sunday afternoon, local people were already at work on rebuilding it, as patriotic songs blared out from the PA system and activists addressed an angry crowd.

The awakening of the Negev Bedouin, many of whom used to send their sons to fight in the Israeli army, reflects a wider politicisation of the Arab citizens of Israel. Cut off from the majority of Palestinians after 1948, they tried to find an accommodation with the state whose discrimination against them was, in the words of former prime minister Ehud Olmert, “deep-seated and intolerable” from the first.

That effort has as good as been abandoned. The Arab parties in the Israeli Knesset now reject any idea of Israel as an ethnically defined state, demanding instead a “state of all its people”. The influential Islamic Movement refuses to take part in the Israeli political system at all. The Palestinians of ’48, who now make up getting on for 20% of the population, are increasingly organising themselves on an independent basis – and in common cause with their fellow Palestinians across the Green Line.

Palestinian experience inside Israel, from land confiscations to settlement building and privileged ethnic segregation, is not after all so different from what has taken place in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. After 1948, the Palestinians of Jaffa who survived ethnic cleansing were forced to share their houses with Jewish settlers – just as Rifka al-Kurd is in Jerusalem today. The sense of being one people is deepening.

That has been intensified by ever more aggressive attempts under the Netanyahu government to bring Israel’s Arab citizens to heel, along with growing demands to transfer hundreds of thousands of them to a future West Bank administration. A string of new laws targeting the Palestinian minority are in the pipeline, including the bill agreed by the Israeli cabinet last month requiring all new non-Jewish citizens to swear an oath of allegiance to Israel as a Jewish state.

Pressure on Palestinian leaders and communities is becoming harsher. A fortnight ago more than a thousand soldiers and police were on hand to protect a violent march by a far-right racist Israeli group through the Palestinian town of Umm al-Fahm. The leader of the Islamic Movement, Ra’ed Salah, is in prison for spitting at a policeman; the Palestinian MP Haneen Zoabi has been stripped of her parliamentary privileges for joining the Gaza flotilla; and leading civil rights campaigner Ameer Makhoul faces up to 10 years in jail after being convicted of the improbable charge of spying for Hezbollah.

Meanwhile Israel is also demanding that the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah recognise Israel as a Jewish state as part of any agreement. Few outside the Palestinian Authority – or even inside it – seem to believe that the “peace process” will lead to any kind of settlement. Even Fatah leaders such as Nabil Sha’ath now argue that the Palestinians need to consider a return to armed resistance, or a shift to the South African model of mass popular resistance, also favoured by prominent Palestinians in Israel.

As for the people who actually won the last elections, Mahmoud Ramahi, the Hamas secretary general of the Palestinian parliament, reminded me on Monday that the US continues to veto any reconciliation with Fatah. He was arrested by the Israelis barely 24 hours later, just as talks between the two parties were getting going in Damascus.

The focus of the Palestinian-Israeli struggle has shifted over the last 40 years from Jordan to Lebanon to the occupied territories. With the two-state solution close to collapse, it may be that the Palestinians of Israel are at last about to move centre stage. If so, the conflict that more than any other has taken on a global dimension will have finally come full circle. 


2.  Gisha,

November 11, 2010

Who Controls the Palestinian Population Registry?

When the Palestinian Supreme Court in Ramallah issued a new ruling on 22.10.2010, commentators were quick to declare a breakthrough for the 35,000 Palestinian residents who live in the West Bank but whose registered addresses are in Gaza and who therefore live under the threat of deportation. The ruling ordered the Palestinian Interior Ministry to carry out all the necessary procedures to change these residents’ addresses from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank.

According to the Maan news agency, the ruling “will allow thousands of Palestinians to move freely within the West Bank”. It seems, that Maan (along with one of the members of the Turkel Commission to Examine the Maritime Incident), believed that the Palestinian Authority, rather than Israel, controls the Palestinian population registry and is therefore authorized to change addresses and inform Israel thereof.

The Palestinian Interior Ministry, which issues identity cards after receiving Israeli permission, has long stopped giving the Israeli army notice of address changes from Gaza to the West Bank. This is due to the fact that since 2000, Israel has refused to register changes in address of Palestinians who moved from Gaza to the West Bank. Equipped with new military orders, Israeli soldiers even arrest and deport such residents, meaning many of them restrict their movement within the West Bank out of fear they will be arrested at a checkpoint and deported to Gaza.

But the Palestinian Supreme Court ruling stated that under the Oslo Accords, the authority to change addresses was transferred to the PA which is required to update its records and then inform Israel of the change.

And that is indeed what the Palestinian Interior Ministry did in the last few weeks. At the request of around 1500 enthusiastic applicants, the Ministry changed their addresses in its registry from Jabaliya to Nablus and from Rafah to Ramallah. As per the court ruling, the Interior Ministry then sent approximately 1500 change of address notices to the Israeli District Coordination Office in Beit El.

However, when the Israeli coordination officials informed the Palestinian Interior Ministry that they refused to change the addresses in the Israeli computer file, the Palestinian Interior Ministry returned its records to their previous status: from Nablus back to Jabaliya and from Ramallah back to Rafah. It appears that the PA can print any identity card it wants, but only the Israeli army can decide whether a resident is allowed to move within the West Bank and avoid deportation. The soldier at a checkpoint takes his orders from his commander and not the Palestinian court. When he decides whether to deport someone or not he relies on the Israeli registry and not the Palestinian. 

The Palestinian Interior Ministry therefore decided it is better for residents to carry papers approved by the one who controls the borders – the State of Israel. And so control of the borders continues to mean control of the Palestinian population registry common to Gaza and the West Bank.


3.  Haaretz,

November 14, 2010

Israel unanimously approves immigration of 8,000 Falashmura from Ethiopia

Unlike Ethiopian Jews, Falashmura are not allowed into Israel under the Law of Return and will convert during absorption process.

By Jonathan Lis

The cabinet on Sunday unanimously approved a plan to bring 7,846 members of the Ethiopian Falashmura community to Israel over the next four years, after years of lobbying.

Over the past decade, the cabinet has voted several times to bring to Israel the remaining members of the Falashmura in Ethiopia. But each time, it discovered that the transit camps in northern Ethiopia, where they were based, were being filled with Ethiopians who claimed to belong to the “Seed of Israel” and had relatives in Israel.

Activists who support the rights of the Falashmura to immigrate to Israel had promised to end all lobbying activities on their behalf if the proposal was approved.

The rights of the Falashmura to immigrate to Israel has sparked controversy, with opponents arguing that members of this community are Christians whose link to Judaism either does not exist or is weak, and for this reason, it is impossible to estimate how many will eventually seek to immigrate to Israel. 

Unlike Ethiopian Jews, the Falashmura are not being allowed into Israel under the Law of Return. Consequently, as part of their absorption process, they undergo conversion and become naturalized citizens.


4. Haaretz,

November 12, 2010

Returning citizens to get similar rights as immigrants

Absorption Ministry announces ‘revolution’ in effort to persuade expat Israelis to come home.

By Raphael Ahren

Returning citizens will receive benefits “similar to those of new immigrants,” the Absorption Ministry announced this week. Speaking about a “revolution” in the state’s policy toward returnees, Minister Sofa Landver presented a new plan Wednesday at a session of the Knesset Committee for Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs to attract returnees by offering perks in taxation, customs, health, education, employment and entrepreneurship.

To reach its declared goals of bringing 15,000 overseas Israelis back home every year, the ministry listed several areas in which citizens are now eligible for unprecedented benefits if they choose to return.

For example, returning citizens will for the first time be eligible for individual income tax credits, “just as a new immigrant arriving in Israel,” the ministry declared in a statement.

“For the first time, the status of a returning citizens will be equivalent to that of a new immigrant, for those residents returning to Israel after a stay abroad of at least six years (including car rights, but in accordance with the terms stipulated in the Transportation Law ),” the statement said.

Additionally, those who return to Israel after only two years abroad will receive customs exemptions on household items, a benefit previously only available to citizens who were overseas for at least six years.

In the framework of the new campaign, the Education Ministry will also add 1,600 hours of weekly supplementary instruction to assist children recognized as returning citizens by the education system. For the first time, senior citizens who complete a waiting period will be recognized as eligible for health insurance.

“Returning citizens are an asset and an important contribution to the strength of the state,” Landver said. “The Israeli economy needs returning citizens to flourish.”

Esther Blum, project coordinator at the Council of Immigrant Associations, lauded the initiative.

“The program indeed might help many Israelis come back to Israel, as returning citizens are given almost the same rights and benefits that new immigrants receive,” she said.

Other colleagues in the field cast doubt that Israelis would return for these benefits unless they were already sitting on the fence.

The bulk of returning citizens were previously residing in the United States, according to ministry figures. Between November 1, 2007 and September 1, 2009, some 9,850 Israelis returned from the U.S. The U.K. followed with 1,190. About 900 Israelis moved back from Canada, compared to 380 from Australia and 310 from South Africa.

Against a backdrop of special incentives offered for Israel’s 60th anniversary and the global economic crisis, the numbers of returnees jumped from 4,680 Israelis in 2006 to 11,160 in 2009.


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German gov’t, Jews disagree over funds

Orthodox Jewish community accuses federal government of discrimination for not funding Rabbinical Seminary in Berlin while providing money to more liberal seminary

Germany’s Orthodox Jewish community is accusing the government of discrimination for not funding the Orthodox Rabbinical Seminary in Berlin while providing money to the country’s only other seminary, which is more liberal.

For almost a year, Orthodox Jewish leaders have repeatedly asked the federal government to support their seminary with the same amount of annual funding that it gives the liberal Abraham Geiger Kolleg – about €300,000 ($410,000) through the German Interior Ministry – Rabbi Josh Spinner of the Orthodox Rabbinical Seminary told The Associated Press on Thursday.

‘A Horse for Hanukkah’ is filmmaker and author Myriam Halberstam’s first attempt to cater for Germany’s 200,000-strong Jewish community. It’s important to have a book in which ‘Jews are normal and nothing terrible happens to them,’ she says
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Now, Spinner said, he has decided to make his complaints public.

“What has begun as a simple request for funding has turned into discrimination and a case about what moral, historical and legal rights the German government has to choose its Jews,” said Spinner, who is a board member of the seminary. “We are expecting the government to treat all religious denominations equally.”

But Rabbi Walter Homolka, the director of the Abraham Geiger Kolleg – founded in 1999, 10 years before the Rabbinical Seminary – defended the German government’s stand, saying that the Orthodox seminary had only been around for a very short time and needed to prove the value of its education first.

“Otherwise, every religious group could come and say it wants money from the German government,” Homolka said.

Despite not providing the Rabbinical Seminary funds, the German Interior Ministry noted it supports the education of Orthodox rabbis in Germany by providing an annual grant of €500,000 ($685,000) to the Heidelberg Learning Center for Jewish Studies.

However, the Heidelberg school does not ordain rabbis, the school’s spokeswoman Desiree Martin said.

A spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry, who did not give her name in line with department policy, said the ministry was continuing talks about the issue but had no further comment.

Stephan Kramer, the general secretary of the Central Council of Jews – which represents both liberal and Orthodox Jewish communities – criticized the government for treating the two denominations “unequally” but said he wouldn’t go as far as saying the government was discriminating against the Orthodox community.

“It is obviously not correct that the liberal seminary gets extra funding which the Orthodox seminary does not get,” Kramer told the AP.

Around 250,000 Jews live in Germany today, far less than the country’s flourishing Jewish community of 560,000 – and its cultural and intellectual prominence – before the Third Reich. Some six million European Jews were killed in the Nazi genocide, including 200,000 from Germany.

According to Kramer, the majority of Jews in Germany who belong to religious communities can be described as living a traditional form of Judaism that’s “somewhere between liberal and Orthodox.”

“There are about a handful of communities who are truly Orthodox and the same amount of liberal communities,” Kramer said.

There is a separation of church and state in Germany. No religious group has the right to expect financial support from the government, but once the government decides to provide funding for one group, other groups can demand equal treatment and also demand funding, said Benjamin Ladiges, a lawyer familiar with the case.

Traditionally, the government collects church taxes from people who register themselves as Catholic or Protestant, then transfers the money to the churches. The government does not collect taxes from Muslims or Jews, but it does support the Central Council of Jews in Germany with €5 million grant annually for rebuilding Jewish life in Germany.

Recently, the German government also gave a €300,000 grant to train imams at a new program at the University of Osnabrueck which will last through 2013.

Al-Qaeda denies plot to target Muslim pilgrims

Yemen-based al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula denied on Sunday it would stage any action to coincide with the Muslim Hajj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia after a Saudi minister said such an operation could not be ruled out.

“We are against any crimes against pilgrims … Hajj is a pillar of Islam and we are most eager (not to spill) the blood of Muslims, wherever they may be. Mecca is more sacred than any other place,” AQAP said in a statement posted on an Islamist website often used by militants. (Reuters)


Bush on post-presidency: I miss being pampered

Former President George W. Bush says he doesn’t miss much about the White House, just the pampering.

Bush told more than 3,000 people at a sprawling central Florida retirement community on Saturday that he misses the convenience of the presidential jet Air Force One and never waiting in traffic jams. The 43rd president said, most of all, he misses being commander in chief of the US military. (AP)


Allegations of racism and questions about an Israeli town’s character

By Joel Greenberg


(Washington Post) In the winding stone alleys of this Galilee hill town, a centuries-old center of Jewish mysticism, a campaign is underway.

It is being waged by the town rabbi, Shmuel Eliahu, who along with other area rabbis issued a religious ruling several months ago forbidding residents to rent apartments to Israeli Arab students from the local community college.

The rabbi has warned that the Jewish character of Safed, long revered as sacred, is at risk and that intermarriages could follow if the students mingle with the locals.

Last month, Eliahu called a public meeting to sound the alarm. On the agenda was “the quiet war,” a reference to the feared Arab influx, and “fighting assimilation in the holy city of Safed.”

Several days later, a building that houses Arab students was attacked by a group of young Jews, and an elderly Holocaust survivor renting a room to students received threats.

To civil rights advocates and other critics, the unsettling developments in this normally quiet community of 32,000 are a window into ugly currents of racism in Israeli society. The events here, the critics say, reflect a general atmosphere of growing intolerance under a government and parliament dominated by parties of the nationalist right.

Hagai El-Ad, executive director of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, said that public attitudes have been legitimized by proposals in parliament that send a message of exclusion to Israeli Arabs. One bill authorizes rural Jewish communities to review applications for residence on the basis of social and cultural compatibility, language that critics say is code for keeping out Arabs.

But people in Safed dismiss the accusations of racism, saying that the issue is a culture clash between rowdy Arab students and the city’s strictly religious Jews who feel that their way of life is being threatened.

In a city park next to a college building on a recent afternoon, “Death to Arabs” was scrawled on a gatepost. The park is a hangout for the Arab students, who were scattered on benches during a break between classes.

Nasrat Ghadban, a student from the village of Arrabeh, said that he had been trying to find an apartment to rent in Safed but that his phone inquiries were repeatedly turned down.

When people hear my accent, they say they’re sorry, but they don’t rent to Arabs,” Ghadban said. “Other times, if they hear you have an Arab name, they say they have tenants already or that they’ll get back to you, but they never do.”

Similar accounts were heard from other Arab students, who make up about half of the student population at the school, the Tzfat Academic College. Because of a shortage of dormitory space, many Arab students commute from their villages. Some who have found apartments in Safed said they have recently felt uneasy walking the streets and preferred to stay in at night, fearing run-ins with religious Jewish youths.

Last month, a group of young Jewish men attacked apartments of Arab students near the old city of Safed. An indictment against two of the assailants said that before the attack, the group had talked about an increasing presence of Arabs in town and their alleged harassment of local Jewish women.

The mob gathered outside a building housing Arab students, shouted “Death to Arabs!” and “Stinking Muslims!” and hurled stones and bottles, smashing a window, according to the indictment. The Arab students threw stones back, and a shot was fired by one of the Jewish youths. He and the other indicted youth were charged with racist incitement, rioting and vandalism.

Eliahu Zvieli, an 89-year-old resident of the old city who rents a room to three Arab students, said he had received numerous phone calls and visits, including from Rabbi Eliahu, urging him to remove his tenants. One caller threatened to burn down Zvieli’s house, he said. A sign was posted on the gate calling the Arabs’ presence “a shameful disgrace.”

Zvieli, a Holocaust survivor from Hungary who endured forced-labor and prisoner-of-war camps, said he was not fazed. “I’ve been through a few things, and I’m handling it,” he said. “You can’t surrender to terror.”

Across the street at his food stand, Yosef Pe’er, bearded with a large knitted skullcap, said that providing housing for Arab students in the heart of the old city, where many strictly Orthodox and newly observant Jews live, is a provocation.

“This place has a particular character, and it’s preferable that it remain Jewish,” he said. Arab students drive by in cars blaring loud music on Friday night, during the Jewish Sabbath, and generally “don’t respect where they are,” Pe’er said.

Safed’s mayor, Ilan Shohat, said the students were “behaving like they were back in their villages.” He said the municipality had received complaints from religious residents after Sabbath weekends of disruptive behavior by students, ranging from playing loud music to smoking a hookah opposite a synagogue and badgering young women.

“Safed is not a racist city at all,” Shohat said. “There’s a cultural problem, which because of the Jewish-Arab divide in Israeli society, is interpreted by the residents as a provocation.”

Arab students denied the allegations of inappropriate behavior, saying that most stay home on weekends and that those in town were often at work at hotels, replacing Jewish employees who were off Saturdays. Some students noted that they had warm relations with their Jewish landlords, who they said treated them like family.

On the streets of Safed, memorial plaques commemorate Jewish fighters killed in the town during Israel’s war of independence in 1948. Safed’s Arab majority fled the fighting, changing it from a mixed city to a Jewish one. The sign plastered on the home of Zvieli, the man threatened for renting to Arab students, accused him of “returning Arabs to Safed.”

Yisrael Lee, an architect and a neighbor, said that the past still hangs heavy over the town. “Memories here are strong,” he said.

British politician: ‘Israel is the root cause of terrorism’

Liberal Democratic peer asks why world allows Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to continue – “Is it Holocaust guilt?”

LONDON – In the second attack on Israel by Liberal Democrat politicians in the same week that the party’s leader said the party got it wrong on Israel, Jenny Tonge claimed on Friday that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is the root cause of terrorism worldwide.

Possibly “Holocaust guilt” allows this treatment to go unchecked, Tonge said, adding that it might also be the “power of the pro-Israel lobby” in the UK and US.

The Liberal Democrat peer was speaking in the House of Lords at the Strategic Defense and Security Review, which sets out how the British government will deliver the priorities identified in its national security strategy.

On the issue of world conflict prevention, Tonge then said: “It is a disgrace to us all that problems such as Kashmir and Palestine are still alienating Muslims all over the world.

“The treatment of Palestinians by Israel is held up as an example of how the West treats Muslims,” she said, “and is at the root cause of terrorism worldwide.”

“Even [the Quartet’s Middle East envoy] Tony Blair has now admitted this publicly,” she claimed.

“Why do we let it continue? Is it Holocaust guilt? We should be guilty – of course we should. Is it the power of the pro-Israel lobby here and in the USA?” The peer went on say that “cynics might think” Britain is at the ready to help Israel attack Iran.

“Or is it the need, maybe, to have an aircraft carrier called Israel in the Middle East, from which to launch attacks on countries such as Iran? The cynic might think that that is why HMS Ark Royal and the Harriers [fighter jets] can be dispensed with [as part of UK defense cuts] – [since] we already have a static “Ark Royal” in a strategic position, armed to the teeth and ready to fight, provided that we do not offend Israel,” she said.

Tonge, a lifelong anti-Israel activist, continued: “I feel sorry for the people of Israel sometimes. Their government’s policies have made that country the cause of a lot of the world’s problems, yet now they are seen in the middle as the remedy and the base for the West to fight back.”

The party has distanced itself from Tonge’s comments, which “do not reflect the views of the Liberal Democrats,” a spokesman told The Jerusalem Post on Saturday. “Indeed, last week [party leader] Nick Clegg stressed that Israel’s right to thrive in peace and security is non-negotiable for Liberal Democrats.”

Last week, Liberal Democrat peer Lord Phillips told a meeting of the radical fringe group Palestine Solidarity Campaign in parliament that “Europe cannot think straight about Israel because of the Holocaust, and America is in the grip of the well-organized Jewish lobby.”

These two incidents came in the same week that Liberal Democrat leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg told a meeting of Liberal Democrat supporters of Israel that his party had got it wrong on Israel.

“I’m not certain that we have always made ourselves clearly heard on this, so let me say it again now: Israel’s right to thrive in peace and security is nonnegotiable for Liberal Democrats.

“No other country so continually has its right to exist called into question as does Israel, and that is intolerable. There can be no solution to the problems of the Middle East that does not include a full and proper recognition of Israel by all parties to the conflict,” he said.

“Campaigning for justice for the Palestinian people has been heard loud and clear from the Liberal Democrats, [and] it should always have been accompanied, equally loudly and equally clearly, by an awareness of the security challenges faced by Israel, and of the right of Israel to defend itself against the threats that it continually faces,” Clegg added.

In February, Clegg sacked Tonge as health spokeswoman in the Lords after she suggested that Israel set up an inquiry to refute allegations that its medical teams in Haiti “harvested” organs of earthquake victims.

It is not the first time the Liberal Democrat politician has been sacked by the party for her comments on Israel.

In 2006, then party leader Menzies Campbell dissociated the party from Tonge and condemned her for “clear anti-Semitic connotations” after she said that “the pro-Israeli lobby has got its grips on the Western world, its financial grips. I think they have probably got a certain grip on our party.”

In 2004, Tonge was sacked as a spokeswoman on children’s issues after suggesting she could consider becoming a suicide bomber.

NY Times urges Netanyahu to ‘stop playing games’

Editorial accuses prime minister of choosing domestic politics over peace

WASHINGTON – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prefers to maintain his coalition over making peace with the Palestinians, the New York Times charges.

“It’s time for him to stop playing games, reinstate the moratorium, get back to negotiations and engage seriously in a peace deal,” the paper said in a scathing editorial.The PM “spent a lot of time trying to persuade President Obama and others that he was serious about making peace with the Palestinians,” the NY Times wrote. “Only a hard-liner, like him, could pull it off. If only.”

The article, titled “Politics over peace,” argues that at this time it doesn’t look like Israel’s’ prime minister is willing to make the “hard choices” needed to secure a peace agreement.

“What is evident is that he has decided that mugging for his hard-line coalition is more important than working with President Obama to craft a peace deal,” the paper says.

The NY Times also slams the Netanyahu government for planning more construction in east Jerusalem. The paper says both sides to the conflict must do more, but that “the burden is on Mr. Netanyahu to get things moving again.”

To that end, the editorial urges the prime minister to extend the settlement construction freeze, arguing that “resuming the moratorium will in no way harm Israel’s security or national interest.”

U.S. offers Israel warplanes in return for new settlement freeze

Netanyahu presents security cabinet with Clinton’s incentive of 20 F-35 fighter planes and security guarantees in exchange for 90-day West Bank building moratorium.

(Haaretz) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s seven-member inner cabinet discussed Saturday an offer by the United States to reinstate a freeze on West Bank Settlement construction in return for a package of incentives.

Netanyahu presented Saturday the U.S. offer, which was discussed by Netanyahu and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday, to the forum of seven.

netanyahu - Reuters - November 11 2010

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at their meeting in New York, November 11, 2010.

Photo by: Reuters

According to the offer Israel would stop construction in the West Bank for 90 days. The freeze includes construction that began after the end of the first settlement moratorium on September 26.

The moratorium would not apply to construction in East Jerusalem. The U.S. will not ask Israel to extend the new moratorium when it expires.

Saeb Erekat, the Palestinian negotiator, said the Americans had not officially informed the Palestinians about the details of the proposal, “but they know we have a major problem in not including east Jerusalem”.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will put the U.S. plan before Palestinian
decision-makers and call for an immediate session of Arab League officials before announcing an official decision, Erekat said.

In return for an Israeli freeze, the U.S. government would deliver 20 F-35 fighter jets to Israel, a deal worth $3 billion. Moreover, if an Israeli-Palestinian agreement is achieved, the U.S. would sign a comprehensive security agreement with Israel. The U.S. and Israel are to discuss the nature of the new security arrangements in the next few weeks.

According to “The Cable” blog, White House Middle East adviser Dan Shapiro told a group of American Jewish leaders on Friday that U.S. was committed to fighting delegitimization of Israel, and listed recent efforts to advocate on behalf of Israel.

Such efforts included: curbing actions by the United Nations on the Goldstone Report; blocking anti-Israel UN resolutions concerning the Gaza flotilla raid; defeating international resolutions aimed at exposing Israel’s nuclear program at the International Atomic Energy Agency; and strengthening pressure on Iran and Syria in regards to their nuclear and proliferation activities.

U.S.-sponsored direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority broke down on September 26 when a 10-month Israeli freeze on settlement construction in the West Bank expired. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has said he would not restart negotiations with Israel while settlement construction continues.

Britain’s top soldier–”Al-Qaeda cannot be beaten”

General Sir David Richards


( General Sir David Richards, new head of Britain’s armed forces, said the threat posed by ‘al-Qaeda and its affiliates’ meant Britain’s national security would be at risk for at least 30 years. He said defeating Islamist militancy was “unnecessary and would never be achieved”.

However, he argued that it could be “contained” to allow Britons to lead secure lives.

Gen Richards, 58, said the threat posed by “al-Qaeda and its affiliates” meant Britain’s national security would be at risk for at least 30 years.

The general, who will tomorrow lay a wreath at the Cenotaph in Whitehall in memory of Britain’s war dead, said the West’s war against what he described as a “pernicious ideology” had parallels with the fight against Nazi Germany in the Second World War.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, the general disclosed that Prince William was unlikely to serve in Afghanistan but suggested that his brother Harry, training to be an Apache helicopter pilot, could return to front-line duty in Helmand province.

He said the British military and the Government had been “guilty of not fully understanding what was at stake” in Afghanistan and admitted that the Afghan people were beginning to “tire” of Nato’s inability to deliver on its promises.

However, he said the sacrifice being made by the Armed Forces in Afghanistan, where 343 soldiers have been killed since 2001, “has been worth it”. Progress was being made and Nato was “in the right parish”. He said: “Don’t give up folks, it’s all to play for.”

The general also dismissed suggestions that troops badly injured fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan would ever be “forced” to leave the Armed Forces, but said most of those seriously wounded wanted to leave to begin new careers.

He rejected claims by former senior Royal Navy chiefs who said scrapping the aircraft carrier Ark Royal and the Harrier force would jeopardise the security of the Falkland Islands. But it is the general’s assertion that victory against militant Islam cannot be achieved that is likely to prove most contentious.

The general said: “In conventional war, defeat and victory is very clear cut and is symbolised by troops marching into another nation’s capital. First of all you have to ask: do we need to defeat it [Islamist militancy] in the sense of a clear cut victory? I would argue that it is unnecessary and would never be achieved.

“But can we contain it to the point that our lives and our children’s lives are led securely? I think we can.”

He also said the real weapon in the war against al-Qaeda was the use of “upstream prevention” as well as “education and democracy”. The problems that gave rise to militant Islamism were unlikely to be solved soon, he added.

On the issue of future wars, the general said he could see no case for military intervention in other countries “at the moment” but added that he would be “barmy to say that one day we wouldn’t be back in that position”.

Clinton offers Netanyahu security pledge on peace talks

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) pose for photographers before their meeting in New York, November 11, 2010. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) pose for photographers before their meeting in New York, November 11, 2010.

By Jeffrey Heller

NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton assured Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday that Israel’s security requirements would be fully taken into account in any future peace deal with the Palestinians.

In a move that could allow Netanyahu to persuade his governing coalition to back a new freeze on Israeli settlement construction, Clinton and the visiting Israeli leader ended a marathon round of talks in New York with a strong declaration of Washington’s “unshakable commitment to Israel’s security and to peace in the region.”

“The prime minister and the secretary agreed on the importance of continuing direct negotiations to achieve our goals,” the two sides said in a joint statement, which did not mention the settlement issue directly.

But Clinton repeated that the peace talks — which have hit an impasse over the settlement issue — could yet yield an independent Palestine living next to Israel “with secure and recognized borders that reflect subsequent developments and meet Israeli security requirements.”

“Those requirements will be fully taken into account in any future peace agreement,” the joint statement said.

It added that any future Palestinian state should be based on its 1967 borders with “agreed swaps” of territory, holding out the prospect that Israel might retain some of the occupied West Bank in exchange for giving the Palestinians other Israeli territory.

Israeli officials said Netanyahu has pushed Clinton for broad new U.S.-Israel understandings on Israel’s security needs in any eventual peace agreement.

“The chances of reaching a peace agreement will be improved significantly by achieving comprehensive security understandings between Israel and the United States,” Netanyahu said before Thursday’s talks began.

Israel wants a long-term military presence in the Jordan Valley along the eastern border of a future Palestinian state as well as financial help to pay for security arrangements that would be necessary if a peace deal is achieved.

Thursday’s talks marked the Obama administration’s latest attempt to restart the direct peace talks that began in Washington on Sept. 2 but were suspended by the Palestinians three weeks later when Netanyahu refused to extend a 10-month limited building freeze in West Bank settlements.

(Writing by Andrew Quinn; editing by Mohammad Zargham and Stacey Joyce)

Israeli military invades Palestinian village after Israeli Settlers attack family

( On Thursday morning, in Tiqua village, near Bethlehem, a Palestinian family was attacked by Israeli settlers, which led to a clash between the residents of the village and Israeli forces.

According to Ma’an News, the incident happened when a Palestinian mother taking her two children, age 10 and 11, to school, was attacked by Israeli settlers, who threw stones at the family.

The three civilians were injured during the attack, which was followed by an Israeli military invasion of the town. Villagers angered by the incident were seen burning tires and throwing stones at the invading Israeli troops. According to the Israeli military, a crowd of around 50 Palestinians gathered to confront the invading troops.

Local witnesses said that when the Israeli forces raided the village, they fired tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets at the residents.

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Israel’s Self-Destruction

November 14, 2010

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November 14, 2010 

by Jonathan Azaziah

Prior to the fascist, destructive, genocidal US-UK-Israeli occupation of Iraq, Sunni and Shia, Muslims and Christians, Arabs and Kurds lived together in a harmonious atmosphere of brotherhood and unity that paralleled that of occupied Palestine before the Zionist occupation in 1948. It is egregious. Disgusting. Despicable. Ignorant. Absurd. And erroneous on every factual basis to assert that the aforementioned ethnic and religious groups are now massacring each other, when in reality, they are being massacred by the murderous occupation armies.

Dividing Iraq via partition and driving it into a hell of ethnic cleansing was a Zionist plot that was originally designed in 1982 by Israeli foreign policy advisor Oded Yinon (1). The policies for destabilizing Iraq were reestablished in the ‘Clean Break’ papers written for mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu by Zionist spy Richard Perle and several Zionist war criminals including Douglas Feith, David Wurmser, Meyrav Wurmser and Robert Loewenberg (2).

Agents of the international terrorist group known as Mossad have been operating in Iraq as early as the 1950s, when the Zionist entity engaged in a false flag campaign of terror against the Iraqi-Jewish community (3). It has always been the absolute goal of the illegitimate usurping entity to destroy Iraq as a nation, so it can bring its ‘Greater Israel’ dream to fruition, settling its colonial extremists on the banks of the ancient Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

The bloody travesty of humanity that occurred on October 31st, 2010 which left 58 Iraqis dead in the Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral in Baghdad (4) was not the work of Al-Qaeda. The gunmen didn’t belong to Islamic State of Iraq. The homicidal shooters weren’t even Iraqi. The best way to honor the victims of senseless violence is to expose the truth of the attack. And the truth is, this massacre has Zionist fingerprints all over its blood-drenched structure.

SITE Intelligence: Mouthpiece of Mossad

As the events that led up to the massacre unfolded, the Zionist mainstream media reported that an Al-Qaeda offshoot known as Islamic State of Iraq was behind the horrors. The media obtained its reports from an organization known as SITE Intelligence Group (5). SITE is the primary source that the falsehood-spewing Zionist media, Zionist-designed Homeland Security, and even the FBI and CIA obtain their information from regarding Muslim and Arab affairs (6). When Israel is accused of a crime, SITE says otherwise and the media follows SITE’s lead. When SITE says Muslims commit a crime, the media follows SITE’s lead as well.

SITE is controlled by Rita Katz, a former soldier in Israel’s Occupation Forces who has close ties to Mossad via her working relationship with Mossad agent Ben Venzke’s Intel Center (7), as well as the FBI (8). Katz, who comes from a deep-rooted Zionist family and whose father was executed in Iraq due to his spy activity for the Zionist regime, has admitted to disseminating false information to the United States government itself about ‘Jihadists,’ Al-Qaeda, and other ‘Islamic extremist’ groups (9).

Rita Katz collaborated with fellow Zionist Jane Harman, by delivering testimony on ‘Islamic terrorists’ using the internet as a weapon, before a congressional committee so the ardently pro-Israel congresswoman could pass Orwellian legislation to monitor anti-Zionist and anti-war activism online (10). Katz violated the privacy of hundreds of Muslim-Americans in their mosques, community centers and other social functions by illegally spying on them on behalf of the US government, and is currently being sued by several organizations (11).

The former Israeli soldier is considered to be a protege of Zionist Steve Emerson (12), the notorious xenophobic propagator of Islamophobia, whitewasher of Zionist crimes against Palestinians and Lebanese and creator of the repulsive propaganda film, ‘Jihad In America (13).’ Rita Katz’s SITE organization has even been endorsed by the bloodthirsty killers at Blackwater, now known as XE (14), who are responsible for civilian murders across occupied Iraq, including the infamous massacre at Nisour Square (15).

Rita Katz is an ultra-Zionist who clearly works as an asset for the Israeli-invented ‘war on terror’ which has claimed millions of lives in occupied Arab and Muslim lands already. Her lies have affected Iraq directly, as she has attempted to sow division through spreading lies about the long-dead CIA asset Osama Bin Laden and the Shia population of the occupied nation (16). She is a noxious propagandist whose words, writings and actions are completely immersed in unequivocal falsity for the benefit of the usurping Tel Aviv regime, and whose SITE organization is an utter fraud and obvious front for Mossad. Only the oblivious, the deaf, dumb and blind would be unable to see through her lies.

Islamic State Of Iraq Doesn’t Exist

Al-Qaeda doesn’t exist. It should be reiterated for emphasis: Al-Qaeda. Does. Not. Exist. Even the atrociously pro-Israel apologist news agency known as BBC has admitted this undeniable fact through a documentary it released, in which CIA agents admit that the ‘terror’ organization is a sheer fabrication (17). The aforementioned Zionist propaganda outfit SITE Intelligence Group has reported Islamic State of Iraq is linked to Al-Qaeda. But if Al-Qaeda doesn’t exist, how can Islamic State of Iraq be linked to it?

The answer is simple: Islamic State of Iraq doesn’t exist either. Something that exists can’t be linked to something non-existent; such notions are the peak of illogic and preposterousness. The US military itself, most saliently a Brigadier General, have already declared that the leader of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq, Omar al-Baghdadi, is an invention (18). The officials went on to declare that they needed to give an ‘Iraqi face to a foreign-run terrorist group.’ Typical.

SITE is an Israeli intelligence dummy company. Al-Qaeda and Islamic State of Iraq are Zionist-concocted fallacies. The question remains then: Who carried out the heinous massacre that martyred 58 and injured 78 others at Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral?

Karada: Crawling With Israeli Agents and Mercenaries

The Karada district of Baghdad where the Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral is located, a mixed neighborhood of Sunni, Shia, and Christians, has faced atrocity after atrocity by the invaders since the savage Zionist occupation began. In March of 2008, Karada was rocked when twin IEDs detonated and murdered 68 innocents, and injured 150 others (19). In September of 2008, Karada was shaken to its core when five car bombs and IEDs exploded and claimed the lives of 27 innocents and injured 84 more (20).

Earlier this year, in January, a car bomb rattled Karada and 18 lives were taken along with 80 more people being injured (21). In the summer of 2009, the churches of Karada were slammed repeatedly, including a triple IED attack in July that murdered 4 innocents and injured 20 others (22).

As is the case with every bombing, kidnaping, robbery, rape, assault and murder in occupied Iraq, not a single suspect was taken into custody by the malicious Western forces of the US and UK, nor the puppet forces of the disgraceful Iraqi regime. All of the blasts in Karada (as well as everywhere else in Iraq) were the products of IEDs and car bombs. The Zionist media propagates a ridiculous theory that the car bombs are the work of ‘Islamic militant’ suicide bombers, and that the IEDs are explosives made from scratch by the same militants.

This is an insult to anyone with a functioning brain. The sophisticated and destructive force of an IED, as well as the meticulousness and strategic placing of car bombs throughout Iraq, especially in Karada, can only be the work of one group in the world: the Mossad (23).

In late September of 2003, a private military contractor named Zapata Engineering began operating in occupied Iraq with a $200 million contract from the Pentagon; its function was to destroy unusable Iraqi munitions and store usable munitions in American safe houses (24). Zapata Engineering received another contract for over $32 million in February of 2004 from the Army Corps of Engineers (25). The relationship between the US occupying army and Zapata turned sour in 2005 however, when 19 of its employees were arrested by Marines after firing on American checkpoints (26).

The Zapata contractors were carrying illegal weapons, which the US military identified as anti-tank weapons (27). The weapons identified were the rifles of Rafael Advanced Systems Limited, the chief weapons manufacturer of the Zionist entity (28). When the Marines took the Zapata employees into custody, the detainees claimed they were humiliated and the Marines ripped their religious medallions off of their necks; the symbol on those religious medallions was the six-pointed star found on the flag of the Zionist entity (29).

Under the microscope, Zapata Engineering is exposed as a Zionist company with offices in North Carolina, Hawaii and Tel Aviv (30). Zapata has a partnership with Rafael in the production of IEDs, with Rafael making the IEDs (many of which are equipped with depleted uranium tips) as well as the neutralization technology which it sells to the US (31), and Zapata manufacturing the triggers (32). Israeli occupation forces were even called into Iraq by high-ranking American generals to help the US ‘combat’ the ‘problem’ of IEDs (33).

These IEDs are powerful enough to lift a 70-ton tank clear off of the ground and pierce military-grade armor; the Iraqi Resistance has noticed the high level of sophistication of these killing devices, and has made it clear that no Iraqi group has the capability to assemble such devices, although foreign intelligence and secret service agencies do (34). Though Zapata Engineering is no longer officially operating in Iraq, its Rafael Advanced Systems-linked IEDs are; wreaking havoc every single day on the innocents of occupied Iraq.

It is vital to point out, that prior to the horrific Western occupation that began in 2003, car bombs weren’t detonating in Iraq. But after March 20, 2003, like the Zionist IEDs, car bombs have become a nearly-everyday occurrence that Iraqis have been forced to cope with due to the illegal and barbarous occupation. It would be a monstrous mistake to link these attacks to anyone other than the occupiers that brought this savage madness down on the ancient head of Iraq.

Contrary to Zionist hasbara, and the garbage spewed from the mouths of US-puppets within the Iraqi regime, the car bombs aren’t the work of ‘suicide bombers;’ they are the work of Mossad, working intimately with occupation forces (35). In fact, the car bomb has become the signature of the Zionist regime when carrying out assassinations and terror operations. The car bomb is the weapon it admitted to using to murder Lebanese Resistance Commander, the martyr Imad Mughniyeh (36). The Zionist entity used the car bomb to murder former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, as exposed by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (37).

It is the weapon that the sanguinary usurping regime used to assassinate a Resistance fighter in illegally blockaded Gaza last week (38). It is the weapon that the Mossad used to murder Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqir al-Hakim, a fierce critic of the US occupation (which wasn’t in line with the disgusting and traitorous nature of his family), in the massive bombing at the Imam Ali Mosque in Najaf that martyred 125 innocents in addition to the Ayatollah (39). And it is the weapon that has been used in an ongoing assassination campaign against Iraqi policemen and security forces (40); exactly the way IOF trained the US special forces to operate, as well as participating in the death and destruction themselves by posing as consultants (41).

It is not a coincidence by any means, that just months after the illegal occupation of Iraq began, an Israeli Center of Middle Eastern Studies was opened in Baghdad. Several Iraqi professors were sickened at the establishment of a Zionist entity satellite in the Iraqi capital, and they said in no uncertain terms that it was a Mossad front (42). Muslims and Christians united against this Mossad haven, and resisted steadfastly in a refusal to cooperate with the Zionist entity and the US (43).

A week after the opening of the Israeli Center, the UN headquarters in Baghdad was destroyed by Mossad with CIA assistance (44). Mossad has been caught traveling throughout Baghdad in armored SUVs (45). Four Zionist agents were killed by the Iraqi Resistance in 2005, when they were uncovered stealing archaeological artifacts and planting car bombs (46). The evidence is astonishingly overwhelming that Mossad has swarmed Iraq, Baghdad in particular, with its IEDs and car bombs to transform Iraq into a fractured state; Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khameini, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, has stated that Washington D.C. and Tel Aviv are the ‘root causes of all terrorist operations in Iraq (47).’

Not only is Karada riddled with parasites from the illegal occupier of Palestine, it is riddled with mercenaries and private contractors; United States-backed guns for hire, usually ex-military, who shoot with impunity and sign on to have no mercy whatsoever. Karada has been assaulted by United Resources Group, who murdered two innocent Iraqi women in 2007 (48). It has been attacked by Almco, when mercenaries inside four convoys opened fire on civilians and wounded an Iraqi woman named Roba Taha (49). The residents of Karada have been terrorized by none other than the infamous Blackwater, now known as Xe (50).

Dyncorp has its headquarters in Central Baghdad (51), just moments away from Karada, and its mercenaries have terrorized all of Baghdad, most notably shooting an Iraqi taxi driver dead in November of 2007 (52). As of 2009, there were over 132,000 private military contractors operating in Iraq (53), with membership across 27 private military companies (54).

Karada, a place where religious groups lived amongst each other peacefully, has been bombarded by agents of the Zionist entity, mercenaries and foreign occupiers from all angles since 2003. The fingerprints of Tel Aviv and private military contractors are revealed when the deconstruction of the official Zionist media story is brought forth and the false flag attack on the Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral is uncovered.

The Massacre, The Aftermath and Maliki’s Cover-Up

It’s disturbingly typical that the dreadful bloodshed in Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral began with the so-called ‘militants’ detonating a car bomb and four IEDs before storming the church and taking hostages (55).

A three hour bloody struggle followed before Iraqi security forces cut off the lights and entered the church to subdue the murderers and rescue the hostages. 41 Christians inside the church including 2 priests were slaughtered; 12 policemen died in the gun battle; and 5 innocents were murdered by the car bomb and the IEDs.

Though American occupation forces immediately issued a statement that they were at the scene only as advisors to provide reconnaissance, intelligence and surveillance, several eyewitnesses and a journalist noticed at least three US soldiers wearing assault gear outside of the church as well as American helicopters on Sunday night (56).

Iraqi security forces arrested five suspects and while they claimed that only some of them were not Iraqi (57), eyewitness accounts show that none of them were Iraqi, as none of them spoke Arabic in an Iraqi dialect nor with an Iraqi accent; the suspects spoke the classical form of the language which made it impossible to detect where they’re from (58). In addition, the Iraqi authorities investigating the massacre discovered 6 foreign passports; three from Yemen, three from Egypt (59).

Iraqi officials further discovered, that the assailants were able to pass through the occupier’s security checkpoints because they were dressed up as mercenaries of foreign contracting companies (60), and in addition to the passports, they were carrying fake ids (61).

War criminal, US-puppet and traitor Nouri al-Maliki immediately identified the tragic events as the work of Al-Qaeda and laughingly identified himself as an ‘honorable Iraqi’ who was horrified by the incident (62). There is nothing honorable about selling out your own countrymen to invaders; al-Maliki is a disgrace to the Iraqi people, and instead of protecting the innocents being butchered by Zionist bombs and barbaric American oppression tactics, he would rather protect George Bush from being hit with a shoe.

Al-Maliki used the massacre at the Karada cathedral as a pretext to shut down Al-Baghdadia newspaper; a publication that was providing live, eyewitness courage of the events unfurling and more importantly, that has given the Iraqis themselves a voice to criticize the occupation and the government’s collaboration with it (63).

Only two logical, intelligent theories could arise from the evidence presented: The shadowy assailants that stormed the Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral and perpetrated the massacre weren’t dressed as private military contractors and actually were private military contractors, employed by one of the agencies aforementioned; or the massacre was the sinister work of Mossad. The former theory is frail, private military contractors are hired guns, not the orchestrators of complicated false flag operations; the latter theory however, is perfectly plausible, and as the Lebanese Resistance movement of Hezbollah recently observed in a statement condemning the massacre, ‘The crime has all of the Zionist hallmarks in a Zionist scheme based on fragmenting the region into feuding entities in order to dominate it (64).’

Mossad has the ability to duplicate any passport of any nation with the technology located in an Israeli military base at Petah Tikvah; first quality passports, second quality passports and fake identifications are produced in this facility for all international operations (65). The most recent case of Mossad using fabricated passports to carry out its murderous operations would be its assassination of Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai (66).

Knowing Arabic has been a prerequisite to becoming a Mossad agent (and a CIA agent for that matter) for quite some time (67), and that is why to this very day, the corrosive Israeli terrorist group advertises in Israel for Arabic-speaking linguists (68). The usage of a car bomb and IEDs were damning enough to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the masked men were Mossad.

It eclipses the highest peak of inanity to believe that US occupation forces that had a security check point near the cathedral, along with helicopters hovering over the cathedral and the surrounding area to conduct reconnaissance, allowed ‘Islamic militants’ to carry out ‘martyrdom’ operations and take hostages before any official knew a thing about it. The US won’t even allow children through a checkpoint without searching them and violating them, is it reasonable to think it would allow mercenaries armed to the teeth through one without a security check? Nonsense.

As the late Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah remarked not too long before his passing, all violence in Iraq is linked to the ‘occupation,’ he said ‘the Zionist entity operates through its intelligence and political influence to keep Iraq divided (69).’ America’s military allowed the attackers through that checkpoint, because it was collusive in the incoming attack, as it always is. Though there is no direct evidence that the gunmen were Israeli, all of the circumstantial evidence points in only one direction as to where they came from: the usurping supremacist regime of Tel Aviv.

A Theory Based On Logic And Facts

The October 31st attack on the cathedral in the Karada district of Baghdad was a false flag operation carried out by the Mossad terror organization, with aid from the US occupation forces and collusive elements within Iraq’s puppet security forces. The attack against the Iraqi Christians was meant to look like a hit from ‘radical Islamists to sow discord and division amongst Muslims and Christians and ravage the relative peace that Karada’s people have experienced despite the illegal occupation, sending one more part of Iraq into absolute chaos.

Using Israeli-designed ordnance and firepower, the Mossad agents were given access to the church by US forces and protected from above by American helicopters; this cover allowed them to unleash hell upon the innocents within Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral for hours before being brought to a halt by Iraqi security forces.

Carrying documents made in an Israeli intelligence stronghold in occupied Palestine, the Mossad operatives left behind Egyptian passports to perpetuate the illusion of ‘Islamic extremists,’ as well as passports from Yemen to give further solidarity to the Zionist Obama administration’s plot to invade the gulf state based on lies. The agents were taken into custody to complete the fraudulent operation and their identities were concealed from the press, and of course, it will remain that way.

Seeking an American push in the stalemate of the disgusting sham Iraqi elections, al-Maliki weighed in by attributing the attack to Al-Qaeda despite a total lack of evidence, and with the blessing of the US, al-Maliki shuts down a newspaper that has been a thorn in the side of his puppet administration and the occupier for years. 58 innocents dead. 78 injured. No mention of Mossad, Israel or even American complicity in the crime by any Zionist media organization. Islam slandered again. Iraq’s blood spilled once more. The murderers not brought to justice. The families of the martyrs angry, confused and bewildered. Zionist mission accomplished.

Conclusion: Sectarian Division or The Illusion Of It?

One of the worst tragedies of the Iraqi genocide is the near extermination of Mesopotamia’s ancient Christian community; their systematic decimation is barely mentioned at all. It is shameful.

The Chaldean Christians have been under violent assault from Mossad operatives and Christian Zionist mercenary groups in Nineveh, Irbil, al-Hamdaniya, Bartella, Talasqaf, Batnaya, Bashiqa, Elkosheven, Aqrah, and Mosul (70). US officials were advised by their Israeli overlords that the Christian population of Iraq was instrumental in the fight against the British and its puppet monarch prior to the July 14th Revolution of 1958; they were advised that the elimination of the Christians as anti-occupation entity would be just as instrumental, which is why the US set up a puppet army of 200,000 men, nearly completely comprised of ‘Shia,’ to be led by CIA death squads to ravage the Christian population completely (71).

While the CIA and its puppet army of traitors terrorized Iraq’s Christian civilians, Mossad launched a campaign of mass killing against Iraq’s intellectuals, murdering 530 scientists and academics, several of whom were Assyrian and Chaldean Christians. The majority of the intellectuals had their lives taken in Baghdad universities and the universities in the southern Iraqi province of Basra (72).

Hunter-killer operations continue against the Christians of Iraq at this very moment; Less than two weeks after the Sayedat al-Najat massacre, five Christians were murdered and twenty others were injured on November 10th. The bombings that claimed the innocents’ lives were linked to ‘Sunni militants,’ but further scrutiny of the incident reveals that a dozen roadside bombs were the cause of the mayhem (73). Roadside bombs are also known as IEDs; IEDs equal Mossad.

Muslims across the Middle East, especially in Iraq itself, have shown their solidarity with their Christian brothers and sisters while Zionist Western nations have encouraged them to leave their ancestral land. This division needs to be rejected; it is another Zionist plot to fractionalize Iraq.

‘Sunni’ officials that once served as Saddam Hussein’s closet advisors have been tapped by the State Department and the CIA to carry out covert operations team to track down Shia Resistance movements and obliterate them; this team was formed into an intelligence agency called the General Security Directorate, and it was led by traitor and butcher Iyad Allawi (74).

The US also armed several ‘Sunni’ militias to target the predominantly Shia Iraqi police force as well as weaken the Iraqi Shia Resistance fighters clashing with US occupation forces in Baghdad (75). The CIA set up another puppet intelligence group comprised of ‘Sunni’ officials from Saddam’s regime to crack down on Shia and Sunni Resistance in Samarra, a city holy to the Shia, respected by the Sunni, and inhabited peacefully and brotherly by both (76). Maliki’s ‘Shia’ police forces, at the behest of the American occupier cracked down on Shia Resistance within Baghdad, massacring hundreds of innocent Iraqi Shia (77).

The US provided arms and massive amounts of funds to the Sons of Iraq, a ‘Sunni’ militia, that fought against Sunni and Shia Resistance across the occupied nation (78). The US created another ‘Shia’ militia, the Zulfiqar Army, to neutralize Muqatada al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army, and it brutally killed dozens of Sadrist officials (79). The ‘Shia’ Badr Organization has been a willing and even happy partner of the US occupation; they have not only been deeply involved in the arrest, torture and killing of Sunni Resistance fighters but the Shia Resistance as well, most prominently the Mahdi Army, who had many of their fighters massacred by Badr in 2006 (80).

The Kurdish military organization Peshmerga is another willing and happy collaborator in the illegal US occupation of Iraq and has launched deadly attacks on all of Iraq’s Resistance fighters, Sunni, Shia and secular. Peshmerga is fully trained, armed and financed by the Zionist entity, and several private Israeli companies operate in Iraqi Kurdistan, providing consultation and intelligence to the Kurdish collaborationists (81).

Grand Ayatollah Ahmad al-Husseini al-Baghdadi, a fiery critic of the American and Israeli occupation of Iraq, as well as the puppets and traitors currently running the Iraqi government issued statements in an interview 3 years ago that are crucial to understanding so-called sectarianism; the Ayatollah remarked that when the American occupiers were faced with an increase in the Iraqi Resistance, they established collaborationist death squads to be led by US intelligence in order to discredit the real Iraqi Resistance (82).

When a US-backed, US-financed ‘Shia’ organization murders a Sunni, it isn’t Shia killing Sunni; it isn’t sectarian violence, it is the US killing Sunni. When a US-backed, US-trained ‘Sunni’ militia murders a Shia, it isn’t Sunni killing Shia; it isn’t sectarian violence, it is the US killing Shia. When an Israeli-armed, US-supported Kurdish security squad murders an Arab, it isn’t Kurd killing Arab; it isn’t killing based on ethnic hatred, it is the US killing Arabs. When US-backed, US-financed, Israeli-armed ‘Muslim’ groups kill Christians, or ‘Christian’ groups kill Muslims, it isn’t Muslims killing Christians or Christians killing Muslims; it isn’t sectarian violence, it is the US and Israel murdering Muslims and Christians. When the CIA-backed, CIA-trained, repressive dictator Saddam Hussein brutally oppressed the Shia of Iraq for decades, including the savage torture and murder of Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr and his sister, Sayyeda Amina Bint al-Huda (83), it wasn’t sectarian violence; it was US-sponsored state terrorism.

And when the US-backed, US-financed ‘Shia’ puppet government tortures and murders Sunni dissenters, it isn’t sectarian violence; it is US-sponsored state terrorism. These ‘sectarian’ organizations don’t just kill innocents from outside of their own ‘sects’ and ethnic groups; they kill whoever criticizes the occupation and the puppet regime and whoever their American masters tell them to kill. The regimes are authoritarian and totalitarian, not sectarian.

All of these groups take their orders from Task Force 121, the elite CIA death squad that has been operating in occupied Iraq since 2003 (84) and Mossad; the crimes of these Iraqi traitors pale in comparison to the toxic crimes of the US and Zionist occupiers, but their cancerous collaboration has contributed greatly to the destruction of Iraq.

There are those who claim to stand with the oppressed; who claim to have the best interest of Iraq at heart while preaching nothing but disgusting, hateful, prejudicial propaganda and Zionist-designed sectarianism, directing the attention on the crimes committed in Iraq towards certain ethno-religious groups instead of the Zionist, American and British criminals that murdered 1.5 million innocent Iraqi men, women and children.

Never mentioned by these abhorrent persons are the declarations of the Iraqi people in 2003, “We are brothers, Sunni and Shia, we are not selling our homeland (85).” Never mentioned by these debauched hate-mongers are the Sunni and Shia who stood united in Baghdad one year after the occupation to inform the occupier that its ‘divide-and-conquer’ strategy failed miserably (86).

Never mentioned by these amoral, self-anointed geopolitical rejects are the thousands of Shia who gave blood to their Sunni brothers who had just been appallingly besieged by the American occupier in Fallujah (87). Never mentioned by these undignified, deliberately vicious lunatics is the massive support shown to Iraqi Shia Resistance leaders by Iraqi Sunnis during what the brutal occupier labeled an uprising (88). Never mentioned by these shameful peddlers of prejudicial propaganda are the men, women and children of a unified, Sunni-Shia Iraqi Resistance group fighting together due to the strong faith that links them all (89).

Never mentioned by these pathetic, fraudulent loudmouths are the more than 300,000 Iraqi Sunni and Shia that gathered in Baghdad in a jointly organized affair by al-Sadr movement and the Association of Muslim Scholars to protest the occupation and debunk myths of disunity in Iraq (90). And never will it be mentioned, by these ignominious, untruthful and useless idiots, that Shia and Sunni stood together once more to lend their support to the desecrated Iraqi Christian community (91).

A select few collaborationist groups do not equate to ‘sectarian’ violence when the nearly perfect majority of the civilian population stands together against the occupation; these groups equate to Zionism and they are the stooges in its plot to cripple Iraq irrevocably. All of Iraq’s ethnic and religious groups have suffered unimaginable, unspeakable and genocidal pain and suffering since the Zionist occupation of Iraq began (92); that must never be forgotten. The Israeli, British and American annihilation of Iraq must never be forgotten.

Do not say that you are against sectarianism when you spread sectarianism. Your gargantuan hypocrisy is legendary and unbelievably easy to detect, analyze, deconstruct and expose for the asinine hot air that it is.

It is a foregone conclusion that the conservative xenophobes, liberal propagandists and Zionist hasbara experts will crawl out of the woodwork and blame the Sayedat al-Najat tragedy on sectarianism and ‘volatile’ religious tensions. This tactic is a tired one that has been used consistently by the Zionist monsters for decades.

It is used to portray the Arab and Muslim peoples as barbarians; as animalistic savages who kill each other over petty ethno-religious differences and minuscule territorial disputes. It is the chief asset in their dehumanization campaign which has been in effect since Zionist meddling in the Middle East began over a century ago. It is the very peak of vileness; the pinnacle of the most malicious of falsehoods.

There is no sectarian division in occupied Iraq; simply the mere illusion of it. In reality, the only sectarianism that exists when discussing the occupiers and the indigenous people that they occupy, is the sect of the oppressors and the sect of the oppressed.

May Iraq, the land of prophets, saints, martyrs, scholars, poets, mathematicians, dignified women and righteous men be freed of all oppressors; foreign and homegrown alike.


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