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November 20, 2010


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Video: “No justice, no chickpeas!” activists tell Philadelphia shoppers
Press release, Philly BDS, Nov. 1

The Philly BDS Coalition dances into action in a local grocery store chain to push them to deshelve Sabra and Tribe of Hummus; both brands support Israeli war crimes. This marks the launch of our campaign:

Palestine Chronicle: My hummus tastes like apartheid, Nov. 4

Jewish Exponent: In West Philly, Hummus Stands In for a Sword, Nov. 11

World Jewish Congress: Israeli food giant removes support for IDF from English website, Nov. 18

Debbie Shlussel: DISGUSTING: Sabra Hummus, Elite Candy Cave to Israel Boycott Crowd, Nov. 18. From the article:

It’s really sad. Strauss Group could have either ignored this Philadelphia Marxist boycott or it could have turned it into a way to get more supporters of Israel to buy its products. But, instead, the company chose to betray its own country, Israel, and the fighting men and women who risk their lives to protect it . . . and, again, the company’s very existence in Israel. The Golani Reconnaissance platoon consists of some of the most elite Israeli soldiers, the country’s best and brightest and most patriotic. Every day, they risk their lives under attack from Islamic terrorists. And this is how Strauss treats them. Nauseating.

So, that’s why I will no longer buy Sabra hummus, Elite chocolates and candy, or Must gum (all products of Strauss–see Strauss Group’s complete product line). You’d think a company that is the second largest food and beverage company in Israel and the sixth largest coffee company in the world would have more guts.

JPost: Strauss removes support for IDF from English website Nov. 19. A comment on that article:

1. Gangsterism!
Author: Gnarlodious Country: Santa Fe11/19/2010 06:06

See how easy it is to cave in to antisemitism when a gang of angry dancers stages your grocery store? Much more graceful than jackboots.

Mondoweiss: Depaul University suspends sales of Sabra hummus; other campuses to follow?, Nov. 19

The Daily Princetonian: Students campaign for alternative hummus, Nov. 19

HuffPo: Princetonians Call For Sabra Hummus Boycott, Nov. 19

NY Observer: Princeton Students Attempt Hummus Boycott Over Israel, Facebook War Ensues, Nov. 19

Philly BDS: No Justice, no Chickpeas

Adalah-NY: Consumer boycotts against Israel, Jan.21, 2009

Video: iPhone4 vs HTC Evo, June 24

A personal note – It’s nearly midnight, and this has made me crave hummus. The bodega across the street gives me a choice; Sabra, or Tribe. I can either support the Golani Brigade, or the JNF. What’s a fella to do? Reckon I’ll just watch this again:




by Jeff Davis

There is in fact an isand of prosperity in this country, free of the Obama Depression, where the shopping malls are still crowded, home values are still sky high, and there’s not a food stamp in sight. It’s the area surrounding Washington D.C., and all those bureaucrats and government workers are living high on the hog off your tax dollars.

An article from reports: “The D.C. area makes plenty of Top 10 lists, and this one shows its residents make the big bucks. According to a new report from Newsweek, seven of the nation’s 10 richest counties are in this region. Virginia’s Loudoun County takes home the top spot, with its median household income exceeding $114,000 per year. Seventeen percent of Loudoun households make more than $200,000, while only 16 percent earn less than the national average household income of $50,000. The survey, based on 2009 data from the U.S. Census Bureau, names Loudoun neighbor Fairfax County the No. 2 breadwinner in the country. The county was the first in America to hit six figures with its median household income, and more than half its homes make more than that number now.”

Notice that the government refuses to lay off employees and cut back as it should. In California over a million people in the private sector have lost their jobs while the number of people caught up in mass lay offs by the California state government is zero. DC is even more arrogant in maintaining its opulent lifestyle thanks in part to lavish budgets provided to Congress.

The article continues “Fairfax County has traditionally been home away from home for many diplomats and officials who want to live in a rural community close to Washington, D.C.,” Newsweek explains. Maryland makes its entry onto the list with Howard County at No. 3. Thirty percent of its employed population earns six figures. The rundown on the rest of this area’s well-to-do counties goes like this: Arlington County at No. 5, Montgomery County and its median household income of $94,420 at No. 6 and Maryland’s Calvert and Charles counties at Nos. 9 and 10. The other counties on the list sit close to New York City in either New Jersey or New York state.”

Who, exactly, are these government workers who are still living high on the hog? Most of them, of course, are connected to the Democratic party in some way, or else they were brought in during the first eight years of the century by the neocons, or during the eight years before that by the Clintons, or even before that by Bush the First, so one way or another almost anyone who who was hired in the past 18 years is working a patronage job created by bad people.

Then there are the high-grade civil servants. I don’t know what the highest GS grades are these days, but these soulless bureaucrats are often involved with ensuring that Blacks and Latinos are forced into every big company or corporation according to government-mandated racial quotas (and not according to their abilities).

Most government employees in Washington DC and environs are either non-Whites of various kinds or Jews (of course) and/or dyed-in-the-wool liberals. Their prosperity is not ours, and their America is not ours. You get to lose your job, lose your home and end up living under a bridge or in a tent city. Government blacks and liberals get to go to the mall and jewelry stores in their new SUVs while previously productive Whites sit idle praying that a job turns up. Welcome to Obama’s America.




Israeli media provides a glimpse of how spin drives Israeli diplomacy

Didi Remez | November 21, 2010 at 19:32 | Categories: Diplomacy | URL:

On the front page of this morning’s Maariv, senior columnist Ben Caspit reports [full translation at the bottom of the post; Hebrew original here]:

At least three top Likud figures who were briefed recently by officials very close to Netanyahu on the talks with the Americans, on the letter that has not (yet) been written, on the promises that were not made and the stealth bombers that stole away, say that the prevalent view in the Prime Minister’s Bureau about the US administration is that it is “not a credible administration.” That is the reason, these sources say, for Netanyahu’s insistence on receiving the promises in writing. And that is the reason, say these sources, that some of the promises that Netanyahu heard from the Americans evaporated shortly afterwards.

Caspit agrees with the analysis but is astounded that the Prime Minister’s Bureau should actually say express it, pouring “oil” instead of “water” on the fires of the Israeli-American relationship when it’s “at an unprecedented nadir.”

The ‘moratorium extension deal‘ has created a rare agreement between Maariv and it’s arch-rival Yediot: Netanyahu’s government is diplomatically incompetent. In his Friday column, Nahum Barnea, explains how the deal morphed from an achievement into an embarrassment. as a result of creative communications at the Prime Minister’s Bureau [full translation at bottom of post]:

Netanyahu’s bureau has an original technique for marketing its messages: Briefings are emailed every few hours to reporters and commentators.  The condition is that the information not be attributed to Netanyahu, his advisers, his “surroundings” or his “associates.”  This way, the Prime Minister’s Bureau achieves broad circulation for its messages without having to answer questions and without taking responsibility for the facts.  It is a wonderfully convenient technique.

The problem is that in the absence of a father, the facts tend to run wild.  The impression that was created upon Netanyahu’s return from the United States was that he had obtained a commitment from the administration to accept Israeli construction in East Jerusalem.  It later became apparent that there was no such agreement.  The impression that was created was that after a 90-day freeze, construction would be resumed everywhere, with the blessing of the US administration.  Such an agreement was not reached.  The impression that was created was that the administration consented to support the continued Israeli control of the Jordan Valley.  Such consent was not reached.

The speed with which the list of American commitments shrank is reminiscent of the classic story about the Jew who wished to send a telegram to his relative in America.  The cost of the telegram was based on a charge per word.  Each word cost a fortune.  The man decided to omit every unnecessary word from the telegram.  By the time he reached the mail counter, his telegram had no words left.

Against this background, attacking Obama’s credibility is the logical next step. One spin creates problem A, which a second spin attempts to solve, creating problem B. If short-term image issues, compounded by media amateurism, guides management of the ’strategic relationship’. We can only hope that’s not the case when decisions are made on if and when to go to war. Just in case, it might be a good idea for pundits to stop making fun of Netanyahu over Iran.

A matter of credibility

Ben Caspit, Maariv, November 21 2010 [page 6 with front-page teaser; Hebrew original here and below this translation]

National Security Adviser Uzi Arad sat in the “Meet the Press” studio and handed out grades to the Americans. Obama’s administration, Arad said, began its battle against the Iranian nuclear program with a “policy of smiles” and believed the Iranians’ talk, “but then sobered up.” In principle, Arad is right. In practice, he isn’t supposed to say that on television. After all, even without this, the Americans don’t much like us.

International diplomacy is built on lies and half truths and in the delicate relationship between Israel and the US this week, there was no reason to give the Americans another reason to get annoyed at us. But every time that it seems to us that we’ve reached the bottom of the barrel, something happens and proves that we’ve still a long way to go before we get there. This something was the decision yesterday to send Arad to the studio. Perhaps because there was nobody else left to send.

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21 NOVEMBER, 2010Quantcast

Tibi: For Israel, the life of an Arab has less value

Israeli Arab lawmaker slams IDF court decision to hand suspended sentences to soldiers who used Palestinian boy to open suspicious packages.

By handing light sentences to IDF soldiers who knowingly risked the life of a non-combatant Palestinian child, an Israel Defense Forces court has conveyed a message that the lives of Arabs have less value than the lives of Jews, Deputy Knesset Speaker Ahmed Tibi said Sunday.

Tibi made the comments after an IDF court demoted two Givati Brigade staff sergeants to the rank of sergeant, and handed them suspended sentences of three months each for inappropriate conduct during Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip in 2008.

tibi - Emil Salman - October 11 2010 Deputy Knesset Speaker Ahmed Tibi spars with National Union MK Michael Ben Ari
Photo by: Emil Salman

The military court found the soldiers guilty last month of forcing a nine-year-old Palestinian boy to open a number of bags they thought could contain explosive materials. The bags eventually turned out to be free of any explosives.

“The entire system conveys the message that the life of a Arab, especially the life of a Palestinian child, is worth less. It’s no surprise that up to now, hundreds of Palestinian children have been killed by the Israeli army, and it has not led to any punishments or even condemnation,” Tibi said.

“This whole court case has been a grand deception from the start. These soldiers deserve to be sent to jail, with their commanders in tow,” Tibi added.

National Union MK Michael Ben Ari praised the convicted soldiers and condemned their demotion.

“The judicial lynch perpetrated on the Givati heroes is a sign of surrender to the enemies of Israel, who are interested in castrating our ability to pulverize the enemy. The Givati soldiers deserve to be awarded medals, not a judicial lynch,” Ben Ari said.

Following the sentencing, another Givati soldier told Army Radio that all the soldiers involved in the incident were left with “a sense of satisfaction and joy over the sentence.”

“I don’t know how many people have been in combat situations, but if it won’t end well if we are made to think about every thing we do,” the IDF soldier said.

The soldier added that “no one thinks that ‘neighbor procedure’ is positive… but does that mean that decision soldiers have to make during an operation should enter a courtroom? Will we find ourselves in court every time we are forced to confront a civilian population?”

Last month’s conviction triggered a wave of protests. The trial’s opening session was accompanied by a demonstration of more than 200 Israelis, including reservists, outside the court.


Zio=Nazi soldiers demoted after convicted of Gaza war misconduct

Two combat soldiers found guilty of forcing 9-year-old Palestinian boy to open bags they thought could contain explosive materials.

The Israel Defense Forces court on Sunday demoted two combat soldiers convicted of inappropriate conduct during Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip in 2008.

Givati soldiers in court (Nir Kafri) 21.11.2010 Givati Brigade soldiers receiving sentence in military court, Nov. 21, 2010.
Photo by: Nir Kafri

The two Givati Brigade staff sergeants were demoted to the rank of sergeant, as well as receiving suspended sentence terms of three months each.

The soldiers were convicted last month of forcing a 9-year-old Palestinian boy to open a number of bags they thought might contain explosive materials during Operation Cast Lead. The bags turned out to be harmless.

The incident in question occurred in the Tel Al-Hawa neighborhood in south Gaza City in January 2009, toward the end of the war.

While the demotions means that the two could still serve as commanders during their reserves service, the suspended sentence will be included in the soldiers’ criminal record.

In its ruling, the military court said that  “operational duty does not grant immunity” for actions, with the presiding judges adding, however, that one could not “ignore the difficult conditions in which fighters sent by the State of Israel had to operate.”

The judges stressed that by separating a 9-year-old boy from his mother, and using him for military aims, the defendants acted in contradiction to known orders, and in a way which represented an injury to “the moral stamina of the IDF and of the people [of Israel], which is tested in difficult times.”

On the other hand, the judges also indicated a long list of considerations which may have affected the soldiers’ actions, such as the fact that they did not seek to harm the boy, that they worked in dangerous conditions and under extreme time constraints, and that both soldiers had a record of excellence and good behavior.

The court also mentioned the possible damage a severe sentence could do to the future of the two Givati fighters, who completed their army duty 18 months ago.

Ilan Katz, the soldiers’ attorney, expressed satisfaction at the relatively conservative sentence, saying that the “military court has spoken and the only conclusion one can reach in its wake is that we could have reached a settlement that excluded criminal charges without having to put the [soldiers] through this ordeal.”

“They remain IDF commanders, and we need people like that in the IDF,” Katz added.

Following the sentencing, a fellow Givati soldier told Army Radio that everyone involved was left with “a sense of satisfaction and joy over the sentence.”

“I don’t know how many people have been in combat situations, but if it won’t end well if we are made to think about every thing we do,” the IDF soldier said, adding that “no one thinks that ‘neighbor procedure’ is positive.”

“But does that mean that decision soldiers have to make during an operation should enter a courtroom? Will we find ourselves in court every time we are forced to confront a civilian population?” the soldier asked, adding that he felt that such a situation would ‘hurt us as an army.’

Last month’s conviction triggered a wave of protests, as even the trial’s opening session was accompanied by a demonstration by more than 200 Israelis, including reservists, outside the court.

The supporters’ main argument was that the soldiers paid the price of international pressure on Israel. Some even claimed the army sacrificed the grunts in order to protect their superiors from prosecution.

Thousands of settlers converge on Jerusalem to protest U.S. freeze proposal

Infrastructure minister leaves cabinet meeting to join the demonstration held near PM’s office.

Thousands of Israeli West Bank settlers and their supporters converged on Jerusalem Sunday morning to protest a possible freeze in construction in their settlements, as proposed by the United States in order to get peace talks going again.

Settler protest - Tomer Appelbaum- 18\11\10 Settlers protesting against the freeze in Jerusalem Nov. 18, 2010
Photo by: Tomer Appelbaum

The demonstration, which took place opposite the Prime Minister’s Office as the cabinet was meeting inside, was a “warning” strike against accepting the freeze, settler leaders said.

Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau left the cabinet meeting to join in the protest.

Under the terms of the U.S. proposal, Israel will suspend construction at its West Bank settlements for three months, so as to get the peace talks out of the limbo they have been in since a previous Israeli construction freeze expired nearly two months ago and was not renewed.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has insisted the talks will not resume until and unless Israel renews the freeze.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is believed to be in favor of accepting the US proposal, despite the objections of many in his government, including around half the parliamentary caucus of his Likud Party.

However, he is waiting for the U.S. to provide written guarantees before he brings the proposal to a vote in the cabinet.


Israeli war jets resume airstrikes on Gaza




GAZA, Nov. 19 (Xinhua) — Israeli war jets late on Friday resumed striking on the Gaza Strip in response to earlier rocket attacks at southern Israel from the coastal enclave, security sources said.


An F16 warplane fired two missiles at a smuggling tunnel under the border area between southern Gaza Strip and Egypt, the unnamed source said, adding the tunnel was destroyed, but no injuries were reported.


Earlier on Friday, Israeli war jets struck three separate targets in the Gaza Strip, including a house east of the strip’s central town of Deir el-Ballah, and according to medical sources, at least six Palestinian civilians were injured.


The Israeli airstrikes were a response to earlier Palestinian Grad rocket and mortar attacks carried out by militant groups. The Popular Resistance Committees, loyal to the Hamas movement, claimed responsibility for the attacks, saying it’s a response to Israel’s daily violations against the Palestinian people.

US report: Religious coercion, violence in Israel rising

State Department’s annual International Religious Freedom Report points to strict conversion policy, segregated bus lines, violent haredi protests in Jewish state


The past year has seen a significant rise in religious coercion and violence on a religious background in Israel, a US State Department report on religious freedom issued on Wednesday stated. The report surveys religious freedom parameters in some 200 countries around the world and devotes a 29-page chapter to Israel.


Religious slam supervision of education content  / Kobi Nahshoni
Ultra-orthodox leaders call supervision of educational content ‘existential threat’

The report states that “approximately 360,000 citizens who immigrated from the former-Soviet Union under the Law of Return but are not considered Jewish by the Orthodox Rabbinate, cannot be buried in Jewish cemeteries, divorce, or marry within the country.”

It also noted that most of the Jews in Israel are not religious-Orthodox and oppose the Orthodox establishment’s control of crucial aspects of their lives.

The report also mentions the High Rabbinical Court’s 2009 ruling which cast a doubt on 40,000 conversions performed by the state.

According to the report, there has been a significant rise in hostility manifestations between secular Jews and religious Jews in the past year and pointed to violent haredi demonstrations involving vandalism and violence towards police officers.

Inter-religious conflicts are also mentioned: “There were reports on haredi Jews insulting and spitting at priests and nuns, and defacing with graffiti and throwing garbage and dead cats at monasteries in Jerusalem.”

In the field of religious coercion, the report pointed to the separation between men and women in services in the Western Wall and the operation of the ultra-Orthodox chastity squads.

The State Department also reported that the “public transportation company, Egged, continued to operate some sex-segregated buses along inter-and intra-city routes frequented by ultra-Orthodox Jews” and noted that “women who refused to sit at the back of such buses risked harassment and physical assault by male passengers.”

The report states that “ultra-Orthodox groups that proselytize secular Jews, encouraging them to adopt ultra-Orthodox practices and beliefs, enjoyed government funding.” On the other hand, it was also noted that the Supreme Court continued to issue rulings based on freedom of religion and equality. The report also addressed the growing tension between the Orthodox establishment and the secular courts, particularly in relation to the Emmanuel affair.

Chairman of the Hiddush foundation For Freedom of Religion and Equality, Rabbi Uri Regev said in response: “It appears that when it comes to religious freedom Israel is closer to radical Islam countries than the Western democratic world.

“The report discusses at length the Israeli government’s capitulation to the haredi parties’ extortion and the way in which it compromises  marriage rights, freedom of worship, women’s dignity, the immigrant population, the non-Jewish communities and many others as part of a policy which gains power by funding religious institutes and capitulting to religious coercion while disregarding the will of the majority of the Jewish people in Israel and in the Diaspora.”

Israel turns in 6th straight quarter of growth

Gross domestic product grew annualized 3.8% in third quarter, Central Bureau of Statistics says in initial estimate, but falling exports stemming from weak US and European economies slowed rate and are expected to dampen growth into 2011

Israel’s economy grew for a sixth straight quarter in the July-September period, but falling exports stemming from weak US and European economies slowed the rate and are expected to dampen growth into 2011.

Gross domestic product grew an annualized 3.8% in the third quarter, the Central Bureau of Statistics said in an initial estimate on Tuesday. A Reuters survey of nine analysts had forecast a 3.2% increase.

Growth slowed from a 4.5% pace in the second quarter but the economy has expanded at least 3.6% in every three-month period since the third quarter of 2009, as Israel rebound from a brief recession in the wake of the global financial crisis.

The Bank of Israel forecasts 4% growth in 2010, easing to 3.8% in 2011. The economy grew 0.8% to NIS 768 billion (about $210 billion) in 2009.

“The economy is very robust. We are seeing a rapid growth rate and other drivers are making up for the drop in exports, so the total economy is in pretty good shape,” said HSBC economist Jonathan Katz. “Because of the soft global environment, growth may come down a notch to 3.4%.”

Some analysts believe the data support another short-term interest rate increase later this month. Strong growth and high inflation expectations have already led to six, quarter-point rate increases to 2% since August 2009.

Israel’s two main growth drivers – exports and consumer spending – were weak in the third quarter and resulted in a slowdown from the previous quarter. However, a jump in government spending and in investments softened the blow.

“The composition of growth was disappointing. Private consumption was very weak, exports and imports declined sharply and most of the contribution to growth came from public consumption, from investment in residential construction and from the activity of start-up companies,” said Michael Sarel, head of economic research at Harel Finance.

Consumer spending slowed to a growth rate of 1.3%, mainly due to a large decline in spending on durable goods, while exports fell 9.6%.

Exports – which comprise more than 40% of Israel’s economic activity – grew sharply in the prior four quarters but slipped in the third quarter due to weak US and European economies, which account for some 70% of Israeli exports.

Imports dipped 4.6% for the first decline since the first quarter of 2009.

Government spending rose 10.2% after marginal gains in the prior two quarters and investment in fixed assets increased 9.7% to continue strong gains this year following a weak 2009.

“The composition of the data shows the start of a process moving to growth based on domestic demand compared with early stages of exiting the recession that was based on higher exports,” said Rafi Gozlan, an economist at Leader Capital Markets.

Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer believes the country needs to base its economy more on domestic activity than exports. He has urged exporters to expand sales to faster growing markets in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Excluding state spending, Israel’s economy grew 3.9% in the third quarter, slower than a 5.1% pace in the second quarter.


Second-quarter GDP growth was unrevised at 4.5%.

Onward, Jewish Soldiers


A surge of ‘knitted skullcaps’ is transforming Israel’s military—and that worries their secular countrymen.

Among the elite troops of the Israeli military’s Maglan special-forces unit, Naftali Bennett was an oddity. As an officer in the unit in the early 1990s, he commanded more than 80 young men, all of them secular and many from kibbutzim communities aligned with the left-center Labor Party. Bennett is an observant Jew, and among combat officers throughout the military he was one of the few who wore a yarmulke, didn’t travel on Saturdays, and never ate cheeseburgers because of the Jewish ban on mixing milk and meat.

Now long a civilian, Bennett had a chance recently to visit with new recruits in his old unit. Two things struck him: the large number of religious Jews among the young men, and the Army’s extraordinary efforts to accommodate them. “In my day, no one gave it a thought,” he says.

A transformation is sweeping the Israeli military: deeply religious Jews are now filling leadership positions in numbers far exceeding their share of the general population. Given that religious Israelis tend to be more hawkish than most, the trend raises a real question about whether Israel can rely on the Army to implement the toughest parts of any future peace agreement with the Palestinians.

U.S. efforts to keep the talks alive continued last week as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government weighed a new 90-day ban on construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank. But if a peace deal is ever achieved, it would undoubtedly require the evacuation of at least some settlements—a job for the Army. Some defense analysts and former officers worry that the military’s new religiosity could lead to mass insubordination. “If soldiers decide they don’t want to participate, that’s one thing,” says Mikhael Manekin, a reserve lieutenant who co-chairs the left-wing group Breaking the Silence. “If commanders don’t want to participate, that would be much more worrying.” (Manekin says all his commanding officers were settlers during his four years of active duty.)

The threat isn’t as farfetched as it sounds. Ever since the government demolished the West Bank settlement of Homesh in 2005, former residents have kept trying to establish an illegal outpost there, and authorities have kept sending troops to evict them. A year ago, during swearing-in ceremonies for new recruits of the Shimshon Battalion in Jerusalem, several soldiers unfurled a banner proclaiming: SHIMSHON DOES NOT EVACUATE HOMESH. The military court-martialed the perpetrators, sentenced them to the brig, and expelled them from their unit. But in the weeks that followed, similar signs were displayed at two other units’ training bases.

Although the military publishes little information about the backgrounds of its enlistees, a recent issue of the defense journal Maarachot reported that in recent years some 30 percent of graduates from the infantry officers’ course have defined themselves as “Zionist-religious,” up from only 2.5 percent 20 years ago. (About 12 percent of Israelis in general choose that label.) Many of those fledgling lieutenants, along with a number of higher-ranking combat officers, were drawn from Jewish settlements in the West Bank, and some are residents of outposts—smaller, makeshift settlements—established without authorization from the government.

The mere specter of widespread refusal is enough to make the government think twice before ordering evacuations, whether of settlements or of outposts, says sociologist Yagil Levy, who specializes in military trends. (The threat might explain why most outposts remain standing despite Israel’s promise to dismantle dozens of them under a U.S. initiative back in 2003.) Some analysts have suggested that the police should handle future evacuations, rather than the Army.

The rise within the military of the “knitted skullcaps” has been building for years. In the 1990s, after the controversial first Lebanon war, many liberal Israelis stopped encouraging their kids to go beyond the mandatory three years of national service. “We secular people can only blame ourselves for no longer being able to convince our kids to spend as many years in the military as in the past,” says Avshalom Vilan, a former member of Parliament from the left-wing Meretz Party and a kibbutznik.

At about the same time, more religious Israelis were concluding that their community should have played a larger role in building the country’s secular institutions decades earlier. Embracing military service more fervently was a way to make up for lost time. “The religious community has to be involved in all public institutions, not just the Army,” says Rabbi Eli Sadan, 62, at his home in the settlement of Eli, deep in the West Bank. “That’s the revolution we’re creating.” Sadan oversees one of a string of West Bank pre-military academies where rabbis teach Torah and Jewish philosophy for up to two years while preparing students for military service and imbuing them (this is where some secular Israelis get nervous) with a religious sense of mission. Most graduates forgo the option of serving in strictly religious units, mixing instead with the general population.

The religious-run military academies have had a big role in reshaping the Army. Of Eli’s 2,500 alumni, about half have served as officers in combat detachments, and a quarter have spent time in the military’s most elite units. Twenty-one of the graduates have been killed in action, most in recent years. Their names and photos are displayed on the wall of a memorial room at the academy, except for one—a lieutenant colonel, killed in Lebanon; his unit is so secretive that his photo cannot be shown even after his death, say people at the academy.

That kind of heroism has brought respect. Nevertheless, critics worry about the loyalty of religious Jews in uniform: if tested, would they obey their commanders or their rabbis? In fact, a number of rabbis in West Bank settlements have repeatedly urged soldiers not to evacuate Jews from settlements in case the order is ever given. “How can anyone even consider commanding a Jew, for whom the mitzvah [commandment] to settle the Land of Israel is so central, to destroy a settlement and to displace its residents?” wrote the influential Rabbi Eliezer Melamed of the Har Bracha settlement in an online column last year. When “a ruling of the Israeli government clashes with the essential commandment to settle the Land of Israel,” Melamed wrote, “there is clear and unquestionable preference for the law of the Torah.”

To be sure, not all religious Jews support the settler movement. Even among those who do, many believe that maintaining the Army’s cohesion is more important than even the most sacred political battle. Sadan is quick to point out that few religious soldiers disobeyed orders during Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in 2005. But the evacuation of Gaza involved only 10,000 settlers. They number 300,000 in the West Bank, which is much holier to religious Jews. That settlers are among the company and battalion commanders serving in the West Bank is itself problematic, says sociologist Levy. He cites cases of soldiers who leaked information to settlers about planned evacuations of outposts, giving settlers time to organize resistance.

Others say Israel’s center of gravity will move further than ever to the right as religious Jews retire from the military’s senior ranks and move on to prestigious roles in civilian life. Bennett, the former member of Maglan, is a good example. He went on to found a startup company that he eventually sold to a U.S. firm for $145 million. Bennett now serves as the director of the settlers’ main political arm, the Yesha Council. “It’s a sea change for Israel,” he says. He’s certainly no oddity now.

Obama’s ‘bribe’ is last hope for peace


Jonathan Cook

NAZARETH–Watching the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians drag on year after year without conclusion, it is easy to overlook the enormous changes that have taken place on the ground since the Oslo Accords were signed 17 years ago.

Each of those changes has undermined the Palestinians’ primary goal of achieving viable statehood – whether it is the near-trebling of the number of Jewish settlers on Palestinian land, or Israel’s increasing stranglehold on East Jerusalem, or the wall that has effectively annexed large slices of the West Bank to Israel, or the splitting of the Palestinian national movement into rival camps following Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in 2005.

Another setback of similar magnitude may be unfolding as Barack Obama dangles a lavish package of incentives in the face of Benjamin Netanyahu in an attempt to lure the Israeli prime minister into renewing a three-month, partial freeze on Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank.

The generosity of the US president’s package, which includes 20 combat aircraft worth $3 billion and backing for Israel’s continued military presence in the Jordan Valley after the declaration of a Palestinian state, is so noteworthy that one influential columnist, Thomas Friedman of The New York Times, said it amounted to a “bribe”.

Israeli officials said yesterday they were still waiting to see a text of the deal worked out between Mr Netanyahu and the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, in seven hours of negotiation.

But besides the Jordan Valley concession and the offer of combat jets that would effectively double the annual aid from the US, the deal is said to include a promise by Washington to veto for the next year any UN resolutions Israel opposes and to refrain from demanding any future limits on settlement growth.

With such a bounty in his grasp, it appears Mr Netanyahu will be able to gain agreement from his right-wing cabinet for a brief settlement freeze that this time, the US has indicated, will not include East Jerusalem.

In reaching this juncture in Palestinian-Israeli diplomacy, Mr Obama has nearly exhausted his political capital, and there were intimations this week that the White House felt it could afford no further humiliation and was going for broke.

The timetable for negotiation now calls for reaching an agreement on borders within three months – the duration of the settlement construction freeze – followed by a final resolution of the conflict within a year or so.

The logic behind this ambitious schedule – an expression of either confidence or wishful thinking, depending on your point of view – is that a renewal of the freeze will be unnecessary in three months because an agreement on borders will already have established whether a settlement is permitted to expand.

In a similarly optimistic vein, the US apparently expects the problem of refugees simply to dissolve through the creation of a special international fund to compensate them. The right of return appears to be off the table.

If these obstacles can be surmounted this way – a very big “if” – only one significant point of contention, the future of East Jerusalem, remains to be resolved.

This is where things get more awkward. The US is not proposing that the three-month freeze apply to East Jerusalem, after settlement-building there caused friction between Israel and the US during the last freeze.

This concession and the outlines of a previous US peace proposal under president Bill Clinton hint at Washington’s most likely strategy. East Jerusalem will be divided, with the large settlement blocs, home to at least 200,000 Jews, handed over to Israel while the Old City and its holy places fall under a complicated shared sovereignty.

In the face of this intense US-Israeli diplomacy, Palestinians are dismayed. They have described the agreement between the US and Mr Netanyahu as “deeply disappointing” and are demanding from the White House similarly generous inducements to ease their path back to negotiations. The Arab League, which has taken a prominent role in overseeing the Palestinian negotiations, has also objected to the deal.
According to the US-Israeli scenario, the Palestinians will be left with a patchwork of disconnected areas – what Israel has previously termed “bubbles” – as their capital.

If the Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, can be made to swallow all this, which seems highly improbable, he will then have to contend with Hamas, the rival Palestinian faction, which can be expected to do everything in its power to disrupt such an agreement.

And then there is Mr Netanyahu. It is by no means clear that he has become what Israelis like to call, with a different party in mind, a “partner for peace”. Few Israeli analysts think he has suddenly become more amenable to US plans.

Neve Gordon, a politics professor at Ben Gurion University in the Negev and author of an important study of the occupation, believes the Israeli prime minister is simply playing the part demanded by Mr Obama.

“He is taking the US ‘merchandise’ on offer, but will hold firm on key issues that guarantee the talks’ failure. That way he gets the credit for keeping the negotiations on track and lets the Palestinians take the blame for walking out.”

This sounds suspiciously like a re-run of the last proper peace talks, at Camp David in 2000. Then, Israeli intransigence stalled the negotiations, but Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader, was blamed by the US and Israel for their collapse.

The Camp David failure led to the outbreak of Palestinian violence, the second intifada, and the demise of the Israeli peace camp. Mr Netanyahu may be prepared to risk a repeat of both such outcomes from these talks if it means he can avoid making any real concessions on Palestinian statehood.

No, Mr. Netanyahu, you and yours are responsible for the “demonization” of Israel



By Alan Hart


When Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America recently, he was relaxed, charming and at his deluded best. For Jewish audiences which don’t want to know the truth of history, there’s nobody who can deliver Zionism’s propaganda lines and lies more effectively than him. (Though he didn’t say so, he was obviously delighted that President Obama had taken a hammering in the mid-term elections).

I could take issue with Netanyahu on many of his mad assertions but on this occasion I will settle for challenging just one of them.

At a point he was quite (not completely) fulsome in his praise for Theodore Herzl, who is generally regarded as the founding father of Zionism’s colonial enterprise. Herzl, Netanyahu said, was right about many things. “He was right about the conflagration that would soon engulf Europe and right about the need for a Jewish state and for a Jewish army to defend that state.”

What Netanyahu didn’t say is that before he came up with the idea of a Jewish state, actually in places other than Palestine, Herzl believed that the only way for the problem of anti-Semitism to be solved was by Jews converting to Christianity. As his complete and uncensored dairies reveal, Herzl put a great deal of effort into advocating such a course of action and trying and failing to make it happen.

Netanyahu went on (my emphasis added):

“Yet Herzl was too optimistic in believing that the rebirth of the Jewish state would gradually put an end to anti-Semitism.

“The establishment of Israel did not end the hatred towards the Jews. It merely redirected it. The old hatred against the Jewish people is now focused against the Jewish state… Today in many quarters Israel is demonized, singled out and denied the rights automatically granted to other nations, first and foremost the right of self-defense.”

My first point of challenge is this. After the obscenity of the Nazi holocaust, and because of it, the giant of anti-Semitism would most likely have gone back to sleep, remained asleep and, most probably, died in its sleep if – IF Zionism had not been allowed by the major powers to have its way, ethnic cleansing and all.

My second and related point of challenge is this. What we are witnessing in the world today is not anti-Semitism re-directed but a gathering, global manifestation of anti-Israelism.

This is happening because of the Zionist (not Jewish) state’s arrogance of power, including its resort from time to time to state terrorism; its contempt for, and defiance of, international law and a host of UN Security Council resolutions; and its insufferable self-righteousness.

Simply stated, the more the peoples of nations (if not their governments) become aware of Israel’s racist policies and criminal actions, and that its leaders are not interested in peace on terms the vast majority of Palestinians and most other Arabs and Muslims could just about accept, the more anti-Israelism will continue to grow.

Implicitly Netanyahu was saying to his audience – he didn’t need to be explicit – that if American Jews do not support without question whatever Israel does, there is a danger that it will not be capable of becoming the refuge of last resort for all the Jews of the world when it turns against them.

The truth and the tragedy in the making is the opposite of what Netanyahu was implying. The only way for American and European Jews to best protect their own interests is by distancing themselves from Zionism’s monster child.

In an article for The Financial Times on 7 December 2009, the late Tony Judt put it this way:

“If the Jews of Europe and North America took their distance from Israel, the assertion that Israel was ‘their’ state would take on an absurd air. Over time, even Washington might come to see the futility of attaching American foreign policy to the delusions of one small Middle Eastern state. This, I believe, is the best thing that could possibly happen to Israel itself. It would be obliged to acknowledge its limits. It would have to make other friends, preferably among its neighbours.”

In the Epilogue to Volume Three of the American edition of my book, ZIONISM: THE REAL ENEMY OF THE JEWS, sub-titled Conflict Without End?, I speculate that an Israel that was obliged by the Jews of the world to acknowledge its limits might also be an Israel that was prepared to listen to the wise words of one of its own – Avraham Burg. Between 1999 and 2003 he was the speaker of the Knesset. By the end of his term in that office he was a leading advocate of the idea that Israel and a viable Palestinian state could coexist in peace. In August 2003 he wrote a most remarkable essay which was published in its original Hebrew by Yediot Aharonot and subsequently newspapers in Europe and America.

His lead point was that Israel had to “shed its illusions” and choose between “racist oppression and democracy.” The Jewish people, he wrote, “did not survive for two millennia in order to pioneer new weaponry, computer security programmes or anti-missile missiles. We were supposed to be a light unto nations. In this we have failed.”

My own guess is that Netanyahu’s biggest fear is that America’s Jews might be on their way to understanding that support for Israel right or wrong is not in their own best interests. There is some evidence to suggest that might, repeat might, be so. If it is, perhaps there is some reason to hope that the countdown to Armageddon can be stopped before it is too late.

Pollard’s father: He’s served too long

Father of Israeli spy jailed in United States for 25 years calls for release of son in Washington Post editorial; asks whether Obama will ‘bring injustice to long overdue end or be partner in its perpetuation?’

Pressure in the United States to release jailed Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard continues to mount – The Washington Post on Saturday published an article written by Pollard’s father, Professor Morris Pollard, in which he calls for his son’s release.

The article, titled “Locked up for too long,” was published ahead of the 25th anniversary to Pollard’s arrest, which will be marked on Sunday.

“Twenty-five years ago this month, Jonathan Pollard, a civilian naval intelligence analyst, was arrested for passing to Israel classified US data concerning Iraq, Syria and other Arab states, including evidence of Saddam Hussein’s development of chemical weapons,” his father writes.

“Pollard was later sentenced to life in prison – the only person to receive such a punishment for spying for an American ally or neutral country,” he adds.

In his article, Pollard cites Lawrence Korb, an assistant secretary of defense at the time of Pollard’s arrest, who has been actively campaigning to release his jailed son.

Among his activities, Korb has appealed to President Barack Obama and asked him to mitigate Pollard’s prison sentence.

Prof. Pollard also mentions an editorial published by the newspaper in December 1993, which also called to alleviate Pollard’s punishment.”(Former) Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was urging President Bill Clinton to commute Pollard’s sentence to the eight years then served. That call was supported by members of Congress and a range of prominent religious and political figures,” he writes.

In the editorial, Prof. Pollard claims other spies received much lighter sentences: “CIA agent David Barnett, who sold the Soviets the names of 30 American agents, was sentenced to 18 years and paroled after 10. Michael Walker, a key figure in the Walker family Soviet spy ring, was sentenced to 25 years and released after serving 15. William Kampiles, a CIA officer who sold the Soviets the operating manual to the KH-11 satellite, America’s “eye in the sky,” received a 40-year sentence and was released after 18 years.”

According to Pollard senior, “The message of those still opposed to Pollard’s release is that, apparently, we can wink at espionage on behalf of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and China; we can limit the punishments of those who expose American agents, compromise sophisticated US electronic intelligence capabilities, advance the development of enemy weapons systems and even fight alongside enemy combatants – but that unauthorized transmittal of classified data about Arab states to warn Israel of existential threats is unforgivable. For that crime even 25 years in prison is not enough.”

At the bottom of the article, he concludes with an open ended question, writing “A petition for executive clemency for Jonathan Pollard sits on President Obama’s desk. Will he bring the injustice in this affair to a long overdue end or be a partner in its perpetuation?”


PM asks for Pollard’s release as part of freeze deal

‘Post’ told of new bid for jailed agent’s release on 25th anniversary of his arrest, with support of notable American and Israeli officials involved in Pollard’s arrest.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has asked the US to release Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard as part of a series of gestures made to Israel in an effort to restart peace talks with the Palestinians, sources with knowledge of the talks told The Jerusalem Post over the weekend.

Sunday is the 25th anniversary of Pollard’s arrest at the gates of the Israeli Embassy in Washington. He is serving a life sentence in prison in Butner, North Carolina, for passing classified information to an ally, a charge that normally carries a sentence of no more than 10 years.

When Army Radio first reported last month that Pollard’s name had been raised in talks with senior American officials about restarting the settlement freeze, Israeli officials denied that his fate was on the bargaining table. But sources confirmed that Netanyahu and American officials had discussed whether Pollard’s release could persuade Israeli ministers to accept another moratorium.

The sources said American officials had sought to determine whether Pollard’s release could result in Netanyahu agreeing to renew the freeze, and if so, by how much. The sources said such discussions had occurred recently, but they did not know whether Pollard’s fate had been raised in a seven-and-a-half-hour meeting between Netanyahu and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on November 11, in which the prime minister agreed to seek approval in the security cabinet for a three-month freeze in return for a series of gestures that reportedly do not include releasing Pollard.

The Post quoted sources last month who said that “no minister in Netanyahu’s government would oppose a two-month extension of the settlement freeze in return for Pollard’s freedom.”

Netanyahu faced criticism forrefusing to take along a letter from 109 MKs asking US President Barack Obama to grant Pollard clemency when he met with Vice President Joe Biden in New Orleans on November 8. But the source said Netanyahu had been active behind the scenes recently in seeking Pollard’s release.

Justice For Jonathan Pollard and the Committee to Bring Jonathan Pollard Home have unequivocally called for his release, “as a matter of simple justice, not as part of any deal that would weaken Israel or endanger other Jews in any way.”

Nevertheless, the organizations called it shocking that Israel would even consider making a major gesture to the Americans at this time without first pulling Pollard out of harm’s way.

“Israel’s continuing failure to demonstrate the most minimal responsibility for the fate of her agent is shocking, particularly in light of all of the latest revelations of government malfeasance by both the US and Israel toward Pollard for the last 25 years,” the organizations said in a statement.

“If there is any American ‘incentive’ to release Pollard as a gesture to Israel – and a matter of simple justice – it is particularly at a time when the US is negotiating with Israel for what it wants. Now is the time to secure Pollard’s release, before any gestures are considered by Israel. Our position remains, now more than ever: Pollard must be freed as a matter of simple justice – and he must be freed now.”

In the weeks ahead of Sunday’s 25th anniversary, notable American and Israeli officials who were involved with Pollard’s arrest have pushed for his release. The officials include Pollard’s former handler, Rafi Eitan, and Lawrence Korb, who was undersecretary of state under Caspar Weinberger at the time of Pollard’s arrest.

The latest to join the list was Supreme Court Justice Elyakim Rubinstein, who was an attaché in Washington and the most senior official at the Israeli Embassy on the day Pollard was arrested. In a speech at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem on November 15, Rubinstein said he heard about the arrest only after it happened.

“I hope and believe that the government of Israel will continue to act to free Jonathan Pollard,” he said. “Many mistakes have been made. But there is no way to go back and undo the past. The time has come, for both moral and humane reasons, to free Jonathan Pollard.

“Twenty-five years is a heavy price. It is my hope that the United States, as an enlightened country, will release him.”

On November 18, Congressmen Barney Frank, Bill Pascrell Jr., Anthony Weiner and Steven Rothman, along with representatives of major US Jewish organizations, held a press conference to call for Obama to grant Pollard clemency.

At the press conference, they released a letter to Obama, signed by 39 Democratic members of Congress, asking him to act on the Pollard issue.

“We believe that there has been a great disparity from the standpoint of justice between the amount of time Mr. Pollard has served and the time that has been served – or not served at all – by many others who were found guilty of similar activity on behalf of nations that, like Israel, are not adversarial to us,” the letter says.

“It is indisputable in our view that the nearly 25 years that Mr. Pollard has served stands as a sufficient time from the standpoint of either punishment or deterrence.”

The signatories stress that were Pollard released now, it would “not in any way imply doubt about his guilt, nor cast any aspersions on the process by which he was convicted.”

They called clemency for Pollard after his 25-year sentence an “act of compassion.”

The release of Pollard, a former US Navy intelligence analyst who is serving a life sentence for selling classified material to Israel, was recently floated as a possible bargaining chip for the US in its quest to convince Netanyahu to extend a settlement freeze that the Palestinians are demanding as a condition to restart stalled peace talks.

Additionally, Pollard’s lawyer has recently filed a clemency request with the White House after revelations suggesting government malfeasance in the case surfaced.

The congressmen who signed on to the letter to Obama did not cite these developments in making their appeal.

“The fact that Mr. Pollard’s sentence has been unduly harsh compared to sentences of other individuals convicted of similar crimes is wrong,” Rothman said. “The crime he committed was very serious, but the time that he has served, 25 years, has fully met the needs of punishment and deterrence. Also, Mr. Pollard has long expressed remorse for his actions.”

NATO planning integral role in enforcing Mideast peace deal


NATO chief tells Haaretz that alliance will enforce, but not forge, Mideast peace.

LISBON – NATO will play an integral role in enforcing a Middle East peace deal, but will not play a direct role in reaching that agreement, the alliance’s secretary general told Haaretz this weekend.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen NATO conference AP 20/11/10 Anders Fogh Rasmussen speaking at the NATO conference on Saturday.
Photo by: AP


“If a Middle East peace agreement is reached, an international military force will be needed to monitor and implement it,” Anders Fogh Rasmussen said.

At a press briefing in the Portuguese capital, the secretary general said that unlike its member states, NATO as an organization is not involved in the peace process, but expressed support for the efforts of the United States and the other members of the so-called Quartet of Mideast peace negotiators to reach a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Rasmussen will visit Israel in February of the coming year.

At center stage throughout the weekend summit was Afghanistan, and NATO member states agreed to continue the military campaign in the country until 2014 at least. Also on the agenda were NATO’s increasingly friendly relations with Russia, the need to bolster Europe’s defenses against surface-to-surface missiles and streamlining the alliance’s military and administrative networks.

Meeting in the Portuguese capital yesterday and the day before, the heads of government of NATO’s 28 members states signed on to a new strategic doctrine for the coming decade. The document’s central tenets are a reaffirmation of collective defense, deterrence and resource allocation, crisis management, and advancing security and stability – even beyond the North Atlantic theater of North America and Europe.

The doctrine was formulated based on the recommendations of a committee of experts assembled by former U.S. secretary of state Madeleine Albright. Among other issues, the panel’s report offered recommendations relating to the Israeli-Arab conflict, but prior to the document’s authorization on Friday, representatives of member states decided not to touch on the issue.

When asked why the document contained no explicit reference to Iran, a country highlighted by Albright’s panel as a multi-pronged threat and the primary reason to invest in the deployment of surface-to-surface missiles in Europe, Rasmussen reaffirmed NATO’s official stance – which cites the over 30 countries that own or seek to own advanced weapons that could cause harm to the Euro-Atlantic region.

This ambiguous phrasing was adopted following pressure from Turkey, a country widely seen as forging ever-closer ties to Iran. Ankara also expressed its opposition to providing information gathered by the European missile-defense system – planned to be based partially on its soil – to “non-NATO countries,” wording that could be perceived as code for Israel.

A high-ranking official in a Western government said that at the meeting of the heads of state, French President Nicolas Sarkozy raged against the “verbal contortions” surrounding the missile-defense system. “We all know we’re talking about Iran,” Sarkozy reportedly said.

Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul (representing the country in the absence of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan ) did not respond to Sarkozy’s remarks, but instead expressed opposition to what he called NATO’s preferential treatment of Cyprus in circumventing Turkey’s veto of the island country’s participation in NATO negotiations with the European Union.

One result of the new NATO doctrine will likely be closer relations with non-member states. This weekend, NATO sources said high-level officials at the organization’s Brussels headquarters are cognizant of Israel’s disappointment with its apparently downgraded ties with NATO over the past few years, and are laying groundwork for strengthening those ties.

The North Atlantic Council – NATO’s most senior governing body – also announced it would launch bilateral relations (in contrast to collective ties ) with Israel and the six Arab states that comprise the Mediterranean Dialogue. Egypt and several other of the Arab states have tried to prevent NATO from forging closer ties with Israel.

Pentagon Blows up Thousands of Homes in Afghanistan

Repeating the horrors of the Vietnam War

By Brian Becker

November 19, 2010 “ANSWER” — Borrowing a page from its infamous “pacification” effort in South Vietnam, where peasant villages were napalmed and burned to the ground to “save them from the communists,” the Obama-ordered surge in Afghanistan has been secretly blowing up thousands of homes and leveling portions of the Afghan countryside.

As tens of thousands of U.S. troops have surged into southern Afghanistan, villagers have fled. Then the Petraeus-led occupation forces have determined which homes will be destroyed.

“In Arghandab District, for instance, every one of the 40 homes in the village of Khosrow was flattened by a salvo of 25 missiles, according to the district governor, Shah Muhammed Ahmadi, who estimated that 120 to 130 houses had been demolished in his district,” reported the New York Times, Nov. 16, 2010.

The Pentagon asserts that they must destroy the homes because some of them may have explosive devices inside.

The Pentagon’s murderous rampage and terror campaign 40 years ago against South Vietnamese villages, in areas that were considered sympathetic to the resistance forces, used much of the same kind of explanation. In fact, the New York Times in a throw back to Vietnam quotes the Arghandab District Governor, who is working with the occupation forces: “We had to destroy them to make them safe.”

That this tactic is part of a high-tech terror campaign against Afghan villages and the people who inhabit them is evident even by the descriptions and accounts of western media outlets that are supporting the war.

Again, from the New York Times, Nov. 16, 2010, which describes weapons as tools:

“American troops are using an impressive array of tools not only to demolish homes, but also to eliminate tree lines where insurgents could hide, blow up outbuildings, flatten agricultural walls, and carve new “military roads,” because existing ones are so heavily mined, according to journalists embedded in the area recently.

“One of the most fearsome tools is the Miclic, the M58 Mine-Clearing Line Charge, a chain of explosives tied to a rocket, which upon impact destroys everything in a swath 30 feet wide and 325 feet long. The Himars missile system, a pod of 13-foot rockets carrying 200-pound warheads, has also been used frequently for demolition work.

“Often, new military roads go right through farms and compounds, cutting a route that will keep soldiers safe from roadside bombs. In Zhare District alone, the 101st Airborne’s Second Brigade has lost 30 soldiers since last June, mostly to such bombs.”

Activists at the organization Afghanistan Rights Monitor described the destroyed homes. “These are all mud houses, quite humble houses.”

When Gen. David Petraeus describes his counter-insurgency strategy, he always puts in a few diplomatic words about the need of surging troops to win the “hearts and minds” of the people in Afghanistan’s poverty stricken villages. That is purely for public consumption—a message echoed endlessly by the complicit corporate-owned media and the politicians of both parties that serves as a mask for the Pentagon’s campaign of systematic terror employed to subdue an occupied people.

On Dec. 16, 2010, anti-war veterans and people of conscience will stand up in a dramatic action in opposition to the terror campaign waged from the White House and Pentagon. Join us in Washington, D.C. on Dec. 16 and be part of history.

An American Bribe that Stinks of Appeasement



By Robert Fisk

(The Independent) – – In any other country, the current American bribe to Israel, and the latter’s reluctance to accept it, in return for even a temporary end to the theft of somebody else’s property would be regarded as preposterous. Three billion dollars’ worth of fighter bombers in return for a temporary freeze in West Bank colonisation for a mere 90 days? Not including East Jerusalem – so goodbye to the last chance of the east of the holy city for a Palestinian capital – and, if Benjamin Netanyahu so wishes, a rip-roaring continuation of settlement on Arab land. In the ordinary sane world in which we think we live, there is only one word for Barack Obama’s offer: appeasement. Usually, our lords and masters use that word with disdain and disgust.

Anyone who panders to injustice by one people against another people is called an appeaser. Anyone who prefers peace at any price, let alone a $3bn bribe to the guilty party – is an appeaser. Anyone who will not risk the consequences of standing up for international morality against territorial greed is an appeaser. Those of us who did not want to invade Afghanistan were condemned as appeasers. Those of us who did not want to invade Iraq were vilified as appeasers. Yet that is precisely what Obama has done in his pathetic, unbelievable effort to plead with Netanyahu for just 90 days of submission to international law. Obama is an appeaser.

The fact that the West and its political and journalistic elites – I include the ever more disreputable New York Times – take this tomfoolery at face value, as if it can seriously be regarded as another “step” in the “peace process”, to put this mystical nonsense “back on track”, is a measure of the degree to which we have taken leave of our senses in the Middle East.

It is a sign of just how far America (and, through our failure to condemn this insanity, Europe) has allowed its fear of Israel – and how far Obama has allowed his fear of Israeli supporters in Congress and the Senate – to go.

Three billion dollars for three months is one billion dollars a month to stop Israel’s colonisation. That’s half a billion dollars a fortnight. That’s $500m a week. That’s $71,428,571 a day, or $2,976,190 an hour, or $49,603 a minute. And as well as this pot of gold, Washington will continue to veto any resolutions critical of Israel in the UN and prevent “Palestine” from declaring itself a state. It’s worth invading anyone to get that much cash to stage a military withdrawal, let alone the gracious gesture of not building more illegal colonies for only 90 days while furiously continuing illegal construction in Jerusalem at the same time.

The Hillary Clinton version of this grotesquerie would be funny if it was not tragic. According to the sharp pen of the NYT’s Roger Cohen, La Clinton has convinced herself that Palestine is “achievable, inevitable and compatible with Israel’s security”. And what persuaded Madame Hillary of this? Why, on a trip to the pseudo-Palestine “capital” of Ramallah last year, she saw the Jewish settlements – “the brutality of it was so stark” according to one of her officials – but thought her motorcade was being guarded by the Israeli army because “they’re so professional”. And then, lo and behold, they turned out to be a Palestinian military guard, a “professional outfit” – and all this changed Madame’s views!

Quite apart from the fact that the Israeli army is a rabble, and that indeed, the Palestinians are a rabble too, this “road to Ramallah” incident led supporters of Madame, according to Cohen, to realise that there had been a transition “from a self-pitying, self-dramatising Palestinian psyche, with all the cloying accoutrements of victimhood, to a self-affirming culture of pragmatism and institution-building”. Palestinian “prime minister” Salam Fayyad, educated in the US so, naturally, a safe pair of hands, has put “growth before grumbling, roads before ranting, and security before everything”.

Having been occupied by a brutal army for 43 years, those wretched, dispossessed Palestinians, along with their cousins in the West Bank who have been homeless for 62 years, have at last stopped ranting and grumbling and feeling sorry for themselves and generally play-acting in order to honour the only thing that matters. Not justice. Certainly not democracy, but to the one God which Christians, Jews and Muslims are all now supposed to worship: security.

Yes, they have joined the true brotherhood of mankind. Israel will be safe at last. That this infantile narrative now drives the woman who told us 11 years ago that Jerusalem was “the eternal and indivisible capital of Israel” proves that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has now reached its apogee, its most treacherous and final moment. And if Netanyahu has any sense – I’m talking abut the Zionist, expansionist kind – he will wait out the 90 days, then thumb his nose at the US. In the three months of “good behaviour”, of course, the Palestinians will have to bite the bullet and sit down to “peace” talks which will decide the future borders of Israel and “Palestine”. But since Israel controls 62 per cent of the West Bank this leaves Fayyad and his chums about 10.9 per cent of mandate Palestine to argue about.

And at the cost of $827 a second, they’d better do some quick grovelling. They will. We should all hang our heads in shame. But we won’t. It’s not about people. It’s about presentation. It’s not about justice. It’s about “security”. And cash. Lots of it. Goodbye Palestine.

What If NATO Is Defeated In Afghanistan?



By Eric S. Margolis

Amazing as it sounds, NATO, the world’s most powerful military alliance, may be losing the only war the 61-year old pact every fought. All its soldiers, heavy bombers, tanks, helicopter gunships, armies of mercenaries, and electronic gear are being beaten by a bunch of lightly-armed Afghan farmers and mountain tribesmen.

This weekend in Lisbon, NATO’s 28 members face deepening differences over the Afghanistan War as public opinion in the United States, Canada and Europe continue to turn against the conflict.

President Barack Obama again painfully showed he is not fully in charge of US foreign policy. His pledge to begin withdrawing some US troops from Afghanistan next July has been brazenly – even scornfully – contradicted by US generals and strongly opposed by resurgent Congressional Republicans. Hardly anyone believes the president’s withdrawal date.

Obama is fresh from groveling before Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. He pleaded with Israel’s leader to impose a short, token freeze on settlement building in exchange for a multi-billion dollar bribe from Washington of advanced US F-35 stealth warplanes, promises of UN vetoes, and raising the value of US arms stockpiled for Israel’s use to $1 billion. Rarely has a US president crawled so low.

Israel will likely take Obama’s bribe, with more sweeteners, but not before rubbing his face in the dirt to show who really runs US Mideast policy and as a warning not to mess with Israel. The last US president to challenge Israel’s colonization of the West Bank, George H. W. Bush, was ousted in 1992 after one term.

Obama appears to want out of the Afghan War. His final gamble of sending 30,000 more troops into the $7.5 billion monthly war has so far failed to produce the hoped-for decisive victory. But powerful pro-war groups, including the Pentagon, the arms industry and Republicans, are thwarting the weakened Obama’s attempts to wind down the war.

US, Canadian and European politicians who backed the Afghan War fear admitting the conflict was a huge waste of lives and treasure. Their political careers hang in the balance.

Canada’s prime minister, who is trying to assume the former role of Britain’s Tony Blair as Washington’s most obedient ally, just announced 900 Canadian soldiers will remain in Afghanistan after his own pullout date, ostensibly for “training.”

That, of course, is the new euphemism for staying on as a permanent garrison to keep the Afghan client regime in power. “Training,” as with US forces in Iraq, really means the old British Raj’s native troops under white officers.

Canadian journalists who opposed continuation of the Afghan War, or exposed many of the lies that justify it, have been purged from their newspapers under pressure from the Harper government – which claims, ironically, to be fighting in Afghanistan for “democracy.”

While the US heads deeper into war and debt, its European allies are fed up with what was supposed to have been a limited “police action” to eliminate al-Qaida bases.

Instead, Europe got a full-scale war against Afghanistan’s Pashtun tribes raising uneasy memories of its 19th-century colonial “pacifications.”

France’s new defense minister, Alain Juppé, openly called the Afghan conflict a “trap” for NATO and called for an exit strategy. He is quite right.

By contrast, British Defense Chief Gen. Sir David Richards, warned, “NATO now needs to plan for a 30 or 40 year role.” In short, permanent occupation. That may be the bottom line, at least for the imperial camp. Central Asia’s resources are the real reason.

The US-installed Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, is demanding the US scale back military operations and night raids that inflict heavy civilian casualties. Washington counters that Karzai is mentally unstable. He is marked to be overthrown once Washington can find a suitable Pashtun replacement.

America’s rational for invading Afghanistan was to destroy al-Qaida. But CIA chief Leon Panetta recently admitted there were no more than 50 al-Qaida operatives left in Afghanistan. The rest – no more than few hundred – fled to Pakistan years ago.

So what are 110,000 US troops and 40,000 NATO troops doing in Afghanistan? Certainly not nation-building. Most reports show Afghanistan is in worse poverty and distress than before the US invasion.

While the platitudes and synthetic optimism flowed thick at Lisbon, giant US Army bulldozers, demolition teams and artillery were busy leveling wide swathes of Afghan homes around the Pashtun stronghold, Kandahar. In 2006, US Marines conducted a similar ruthless campaign to crush the rebellious Iraqi city of Falluja.

The US is using the same punitive tactics in Afghanistan and Iraq as Israel employs on the occupied West Bank: targeted assassinations, death squads, demolishing buildings and whole neighborhoods to punish and open fields of fire. In fact, the US military has often been guided by Israeli advisors in such operations.

Destroying large parts of Kandahar is a sign of growing US frustration and a sense the war is being lost. It certainly won’t win hearts and minds of the locals, the stated goal of US proconsul Gen. David Petraeus.

Like the rest of the Pentagon, Petraeus is determined that the mighty US military must not be defeated by Afghan tribesmen. The humiliation would be intolerable. Defeat in Afghanistan would bring demands for major cuts in the bloated US military, a Leviathan that consumes 50% of world military spending.

Washington’s so-called national security establishment (in Britain they used to be called “imperialists”) also fears failure in Afghanistan threatens to undermine the entire NATO alliance.

Europe is slowly re-emerging as a world power, however fitfully and painfully. NATO has been the primary tool of US geopolitical control of Western Europe since the late 1940’s. The Japan-US security pact has played the same role in north Asia.

The loss of the Afghan War by the US and its reluctant allies will call into question the reason for the alliance and likely hasten Europe building an integrated military independent of US control. America’s grip on Western Europe would be ended.

That is why Afghanistan so unnerves Washington’s right wingers. The defeat of Soviet armies in Afghanistan in 1989 began the collapse of the Soviet Empire. Could the same fate be in store for the American Raj?

Copyright Eric S. Margolis 2010 –

Statement From The Afghan Resistance–The Americans Can No Longer Conceal Their Defeat

By Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

The White House has determined July 2011 as the deadline to begin withdrawing their defeated invader forces from Afghanistan. It is therefore necessary for them to justify this withdrawal in front of their civilians and the world at large by achieving some meaningful or tangible gain in Afghanistan.

To this end they have stationed over 150,000 foreign troops in Afghanistan along with all the military technology they can muster. The Americans have chosen Kandahar as their battleground both for its sentimental and strategic importance.

For the past nine months the Americans have been attempting their utmost to achieve some sort of military or political gain in Afghanistan. They employed all the propaganda tools at their disposal to turn the people away from the Mujahideen. However, failing to win the support of the people, the invaders resorted to the indiscriminate carpet bombings of the people’s lands and the mass murders of the innocent civilians. All this has caused the displacement of thousands of families from their lands and villages. However, despite all their trickeries and force, the battle for Kandahar has settled steadily in the Mujahideen’s favour.

The Mujahideen were, from the start of these operations, to carry out precise Commando-led operations against the nerve centres of the foreign forces and their puppet partners, thus seizing the initiative from the foreign occupiers. Not only did the Mujahideen conduct these operations in Kandahar city, but also extending to surrounding areas such as the airport, Dand, Arghandab, Zhiri, Panjwaee, and Maiwand districts. The head of the foreign barbarian forces, Nick Carter, last month, could not give any information on these operations to the media. This is mostly because the enemy neither knows the military strength of the Mujahideen nor their main bases. The Mujahideen, profiting from the Dagger and Marjah operations, were able to introduce several new tactics that have completely demoralised the invader forces. These tactics are the main reason why the Mujahideen have not abated their operations in the area in the winter season. These new tactics have placed the foreign invaders under significant military and domestic pressure.

Their failure in the Kandahar operations was also the main reason behind Obama’s supporters, the Democrats, defeat in the mid-term elections. Also due to their failures in the Kandahar operations, Obama’s approval ratings in America have sunk to 46% while the myth of America’s military superiority globally has been shattered. This Friday’s NATO meeting in Portugal will also address how the foreigners can prevent the escalating death toll of their soldiers in Afghanistan.

Though the eleventh month in Afghanistan is generally very cold and naturally impedes any military undertakings, the Mujahideen have been so active in Afghanistan that midway through the month, the invaders (who hide 90% of their real casualties in Afghanistan) by their own count have lost over 23 soldiers in this month. In summary it has become clear that after nine years of occupation, the invaders are doomed towards the same fate as those that tread this path before them. Their troop surges, their new strategies, their new generals, their new negotiations, and their new propagandas have been of no avail.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan opines that the Americans have exhausted themselves in Afghanistan over the last nine years, and now will not stay long in our beloved country. What they could not gain in the last few months with their, then, fresh troops, they will not be able to gain in Kandahar, with their, now, demoralised and fearful troops. It is becoming manifest that the Americans will not be able to conceal their defeat in Afghanistan for too long. Therefore, the White House, instead of counting their mounting casualties in Afghanistan, would be better advised to formulate a withdrawal plan, to at least save those troops, which are still alive.

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Mock checkpoint brings the experience of Palestinian students to Columbia University

Nov 20, 2010

Adam Horowitz


For more information visit Columbia SJP and the Right to Education Campaign at Birzeit University.

Unfair to Chomsky

Nov 20, 2010

Philip Weiss


Outside on such a beautiful fall day, and I reflected with angst that I’d been unfair to Noam Chomsky in this post of last week, where I characterized his dismissal of Walt and Mearsheimer as “ethnocentric.” A friend corrected me a day later, and I failed to amend. If Chomsky is wrong about W&M (and I think he is), his error doesn’t spring from ethnocentrism, but a scientific-materialist reading of policy-making (which regards an individual’s ethnic identification and sentiment as so much noise). The fact that Chomsky was raised in an ethnocentric household is not evidence that he’s ethnocentric today. Jesus– a lot of us grew up and out of that kind of rearing. Tony Judt did, for instance. My apologies to Chomsky for a cheap shot.


‘End Military Aid to Israel’ message reaches thousands of Chicago commuters

Nov 20, 2010

Caren Levy-Van Slyke


Graphic 1  

The skeptics told us that this would never happen – and we were not too sure ourselves.

Last year, members of the Chicago-area Committee for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine (CJPIP) began developing a new public education campaign. After a decade of creating successful events, we were concerned that our audiences were largely made up of people who already understood the situation on the ground in Israel/Palestine and the role of U.S. policy in the conflict.

How, we asked ourselves, could we spend less time “preaching to the choir” and more time reaching fellow-Chicagoans who don’t have access to information about the U.S. role in perpetuating the conflict? Inspired by the Albuquerque Stop $30 billion to Israel billboard campaign, we decided to take the issue of military aid to Israel directly to tens of thousands of Chicago area commuters who travel the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) system.

Graphic 2We designed an ad campaign with a simple, thought-provoking graphic and text message that runs counter to the false dichotomy that requires people to be either “pro-Israel” or “pro-Palestine.” Our ads show side-by-side photos of Israelis and Palestinians together with this three-part invitation: “Be on our side. We are the side of peace and justice. End U.S. military aid to Israel.” The ads direct people to our website:, which contains content and action ideas for newcomers to the issue, as well as for issue-veterans.

As our target date approached, we could not get confirmation that the ads would go up for our announced date in early October. Maybe the skeptics were right – this campaign would never see the light of day. Undaunted, we were insistent on a response – positive or negative.  Our persistence paid off, and the ads went up as scheduled. 

Our CTA “ad buy” bought posters both on train cars and in underground waiting areas in downtown Chicago – sites that thousands of Chicagoan commuters pass through daily. We chose October as our launch date to get the message out to as many people as possible. Between the crowds on the trains for the annual LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon on October 10 and the massive outpouring for the annual Columbus Day parade on October 12 in downtown Chicago – we couldn’t get much better exposure.

Our central message is this: U.S. military aid is counterproductive for Palestinians, Israelis, and Americans and will not lead to a just and lasting peace. We also want to alert the public that the U.S. government had signed a “Memorandum of Agreement” to provide Israel with $30 billion of military aid between 2009 and 2018.  Obviously, this is a blank check allowing Israel to do whatever it wants with impunity—even if it runs against the interests of the American taxpayer who foots the bill.   
To build the campaign, we drew on the expertise and enthusiasm of other Chicago area individuals including members of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) Chicago Middle East ProgramJewish Voice for Peace-Chicago (JVP)Chicago Arab-Jewish Partnership, and the Chicago Faith Coalition on Middle East Policy. We also are grateful to the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation which has allowed us to link to invaluable action and informational resources.

The response has been terrific. In just a few weeks, thousands of visitors have flocked to the website and hundreds of people have joined our active Facebook page, which posts new information or action steps every day. Interest in the campaign extends far beyond the Chicago area; coverage on popular blogs (including Mondoweiss) has drawn visitors to the website from 48 countries around the globe.

Graphic 3As the ad buy ends, we are keeping the momentum going. We have produced packages of 4” x 6” full-color Pocket Cards based on the popular Fast Facts page on the website. We encourage people to use these cards for “guerrilla marketing” by passing them along to friends and acquaintances or using them as “leave-behinds” in high-traffic public spaces such as airports, libraries, cafes, university buildings, doctor offices, etc. Information on picking up the cards in Chicago or in having them sent outside of the city is found on the Pocket Cardpage on the website.

The campaign is spreading beyond Chicago. One of the most popular pages on the website is Bring the campaign to your city. This page contains four basic “how-to-get-started” steps for launching the campaign in other areas of the country. Since the ads and website are already created, we think of this as a “campaign in a box” that can be replicated in other media markets by activists who, like us, want to reach past the “usual suspects” to find big, new audiences.

Here in Chicagoland, we’re already raising the funds to make another ad buy on the CTA. Many people have already made contributions to the campaign because they are excited to see that we have pushed the door open for a robust public debate on the tragic consequences of U.S. military aid to Israel.

Caren Levy-Van Slyke is a founding member of the Oak Park, Illinois-based  Committee for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine (CJPIP), which will be sponsoring the Tenth Annual Walk for a Just Peace in Spring, 2011. Be on Our Side, a project of CJPIP, can be reached via the campaign website at Contact Us.

Wait– we are giving who?? 20 F-35 stealth attack jets?? for what??

Nov 20, 2010

Virginia Tilley


f35 1With 25 years of experience under my belt analysing the Middle East conflict, and as a close observer of US foreign policy with a pragmatic attitude toward its realist exigencies, I have never seen anything as destructive, humiliating and ruinously conceived as the “incentive” package now being offered by the US to Israel for a 3-month settlement freeze. It is our country’s foreign policy nadir: a deal is so damaging to US interests that it is hard to find words for it. What can be said plainly is that US citizens – yes, even those jaded, tired, embittered, disillusioned folks who have watched this stuff for too long – have to rise up and move fast to stop this, in the name of our country’s future.

Let us briefly consider just what’s being proposed here. Israel has been asked (asked!) to freeze illegal settlement construction in the West Bank for a lousy three months in the interests of the so-called peace process.

This brief hiatus is purely cosmetic. Jewish settlements in this occupied territory have been steadily and deliberately eradicating taking over East Jerusalem and the West Bank for over 40 years. The whole full-bore settlement construction programme makes open nonsense of partition now, as well as the putative “peace process”, by “eating the pizza”. But Israel has refused even a short-term freeze. And the US, egg all over its face, is being reduced to bribing the Israelis with a mind-boggling package of incentives – $3 BILLION in military hardware, equivalent to Israel’s annual automatic US package – just for three months of a partial freeze on construction, after which construction will continue unabated.

Israel’s refusal to freeze settlements even temporarily should surprise no one: the enigma is rather that anyone still finds that refusal confusing. Israel’s strategy for annexing the West Bank is recorded in Israeli government maps and settlement Master Plans dating back decades. For reasons too complicated to summarise here, deep divisions in Israeli society and politics make changing that policy effectively impossible at this late hour, as it is entrenched in Israeli doctrine, politics, policy and practice at levels so deep that the State’s very survival is implicated in it. The entire Israeli government, from the Agriculture Ministry to the World Zionist Organisation, is fully involved in and committed to building the West Bank settlements. But no one in the White House seems to have told President Obama this. He has already been deeply humiliated in world eyes when he insisted that Israel freeze settlement construction and Israel (predictably) gave him the diplomatic finger. Ever since that debacle, he has looked like a tin man in Middle East politics.

Many wondered – first when, then whether – the US might find some spine with Israel over a situation so obviously damaging to the country’s image and interests. But Obama’s language about the settlements lately has been mealy stuff about “unhelpful” and “both sides”. As billions of tax dollars sink into the Afghan morass and US soldiers are shot down in ditches, the US superpower can’t get Israel to do diddly to help out and isn’t willing even to try. On the contrary, the US is committed to helping Israel do the opposite of what it urgently needs and what its own rhetoric asks for. 

Normally, of course, the US would just strong-arm the Palestinians. But the Palestinian Authority is down to its last thong of dignity and even this is ready to snap. It can’t participate in a peace process that’s so openly idiotic. Politically, and despite the partial economic benefits that appointed Prime Minister Fayyad has brought to a narrow sector of Palestinian society in the West Bank, the PA is on the brink of implosion. Looking too much like a stringed puppet dancing in an empty diplomatic theatre, “negotiating” for a territory vanishing day by day, Mr. Abbas confronts a level of shame that even hard-core PA cronies have to consider soberly.

For years, he has cultivated the image of a much-abused Palestinian patriot on the brink of resignation, enduring endless insults from Israel and the US only to do his best by the Palestinian people. But that always dubious story is crumbling to reveal a sordid truth: whatever its individual members’ intentions, the PA is effectively a cluster of native clients sucking up funds and graces from enemy patrons who are happy to pay a self-serving indigenous elite to keep the native masses quiet. This classic colonial deal can be sustained only as long as the Palestinian people as a whole are not smacked in the face with it.

But why does the US care about sustaining this farce? To understand the outlandish military deal now being offered, we have to recognise the whole Middle East “peace process” as a survival pact. The US needs the PA to help keep alive the whole fake story about the PA – Oslo’s “Palestinian Interim Self-Government Authority”, supposedly “interim” to full Palestinian independence but actually “interim” to Israel’s final victory – to achieve what it needs to do in Afghanistan. Israel still needs the PA, too, because otherwise Israel will be identified for what it is: an Apartheid state. The Ramallah-PA elite relies on the coloniser’s needs — indirect rule of the natives – for its very existence. So everyone needs the game a little longer and, if all goes right, it will work out for all of them.

The US and Israel assume that when Israel’s eastern border (marked by the Wall plus the Jordan Valley) is finally consolidated, the PA will serve as the “self-government authority” – language straight out of the South African Bantustans, not incidentally – that will keep the natives quiet in assigned “reserves” which may or may not be called a state. The Ramallah PA hopes to land on its feet: a native elite that can enrich itself on sweetheart deals with Israel that it will cultivate by ensuring “security”. Counting on this pact, Israel need contemplate no true change to settlement policy because, token protests aside, the PA will take whatever it can get. No one in the US government really cares where Israel decides to put its borders, so the US government will not insist on any change either. The only concern is keeping up appearances. The short-sightedness of this plan is obvious and sad: it can’t but culminate in Palestinian revolt, Israeli violence, security dilemmas throughout the region and periodic regional upheavals. But then, colonists always assume that colonialism will win out somehow.

Even sadder is that the US actually has immense power in this situation and need do very little to deploy it. All it has to do to alter the entire power balance in the Middle East – in the interest of its own desperate situation in Afghanistan and its credibility as a world power – is sit back and abstain in the UN, leaving Israel to face the monumental international opprobrium that is brewing around its multitudinous human rights violations and sins against international security. Instead, the US is now doing the opposite: promising openly to protect Israel from any such blame, however legitimate, and handing over twenty – TWENTY – F35 stealth attack jets, the latest in US military stealth equipment, as well as unnamed satellite intelligence capacity and other cutting-edge technology.

And for what? A 3-month token freeze that will end with Israel bouncing back to exactly the same strategy as before, putting the US back in the same impossible situation by February 2011. 

Of course, it’s unlikely that the US is really doing this. Probably the deal was in the works anyway – maybe to capacitate Israel to strike Iran, in reality or as a threat – and some pro-Israel fanatic in the White House thought it might make slightly better sense to the world if cast as a sweetener to Israel regarding the always-fictive “peace process”. The opposite is true: attaching this colossal military transfer to a 3-month diplomatic nod from Israel makes the US look like a giant on its knees to a local mafia thug, handing over the family jewels (in both senses?) to cover the next short-term protection-racket instalment.

It announces to the world that the US has no foreign policy leverage whatever and is reduced to giving away its best goods for the slightest temporary cooperation by a rude ally that claims openly to control its foreign policy. It also announces to the world that we are ready to destabilise the entire planet to plead for the most immaterial of Israel’s diplomatic graces. It indicates an infatuation with Israel so craven as to betray the foundations of our country’s essential interests – to remain a credible power in world affairs. (And let’s not even go into how deeply it abuses and insults the millions of desperate jobless Americans for whom $3 billion in mortgage assistance, education and job training could make all the difference – and whose children are being killed or maimed in Afghanistan as this disgusting deal goes forward to make their lot worse.)

I don’t usually speak like this, but this is a matter for US patriots. I don’t mean tea-party dolts, I mean liberal principled citizens people who – even grown cynical after decades of disappointments and disillusionments – still in their hearts really care about the US and what we always believed it was founded to become. And I include people who don’t much care one way or the other about the Middle East.

For, although it will indeed be ruinous for the Middle East, and catastrophic for US relations with the Middle East, this crisis isn’t only about the Middle East. We cannot possibly hand over vast first-strike armaments at the tune of $3 billion on the utterly shaming rationale of coaxing an arrogant local power into a minor diplomatic gesture with a dinky 90-day limit. Doing so would mark the end of the US as any kind of sensible player in the world. 

Virginia Tilley is a professor of political science and international relations and author of The One-State Solution. She lives in Cape Town and can be reached at Thanks to John Haines for circulating her piece first.

Check out Laila El-Haddad’s new book Gaza Mom: Palestine, Politics, Parenting, and Everything In Between

Nov 20, 2010

Adam Horowitz


The video above is from an event Thursday night at the Palestine Center in Washington, DC launching Laila El-Haddad’s new book Gaza Mom: Palestine, Politics, Parenting, and Everything In Between. El-Haddad is a journalist and blogger from Gaza who maintains the Gaza Mom blog and has now published a book based on the blog. You can learm more about the book, and buy it, on the Just World Books website.

Me and my Israeli cousin

Nov 20, 2010

Mohammed Rabah Suliman


In the early 1980s my father was illegally crossing the borders as he stamped his passport with forged seals of the countries he wished to visit, from Libya to Syria, then on to Jordan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia he settled for 16 years, though he did not remain in one place for long and carried on his habit, moving from Al-Riyadh to Jidda, and from Jidda to Tabook— where I was born, and lastly coming back home. His brother, meanwhile, had already settled himself in a land far more handsome and graceful, mild and sunny, along the eastern shore of the Mediterranean sea far from the baking wilderness of the Arabian Peninsula. He had already gained a wide reputation as the best T.V. technician in the Galilee. By then, he had his own shop, and diligently worked so as to preserve his place in that heaven; he feared nothing more than the prospect of going back to a flaming Gaza.

I care not how low, inconsiderate, and void of principles this man might be regarded, nor do I care how discreet and realistic his attitude toward life was. He married an Arab-Israeli girl of fifteen from Kofor Kana, who as she crossed our doorstep in Beit Lahya thirteen years ago had already brought him three sons and two daughters, who joined the loosely connected extended family to which I belong.

That was the only time I met my uncle’s family, and before that I had no clue that I had an uncle from Israel! I was nine years old in those days. “Israel” was something completely unlike the “Israel” I know, hear, meet and think of at the present. All I knew about Israelis— or “Jews” for I used the two words synonymously back then, and they are still used interchangably amongst many Palestinians, especially little children like me at that time who knew nothing of the huge difference between the two terms; all I knew about “Israel” is that they were my most hated enemy, the worst enemy I could ever think of.

The first time I was taught about antitheses and contrasts, the teacher asked us to come up with a few examples of contrasts, so my mate sitting next to me wrote him a few words among which there were two in particular that, upon seeing, the teacher smiled: they were “Israel” and “Palestine”. “Israel and Palestine? Yeah, why not?” the teacher said before he went to check the other mates’ answers. When I wanted to curse some mate and made him feel really bad, all I needed to do was call him a “Jew”, referring to one of those near Jews who settled in the land we perceived as ours. I still remember how whenever I heard the word “Israel”, I just thought of death. I believed I was to be killed by a helmeted soldier, pointing his gun toward me. In short, I really hated Israel. It was enough of a shock to me when my uncle and his family from Israeli came along paying us a visit at home.

“Get ready, Mohammed! Now you’re gonna meet your ninth uncle,” My mother said to me, and observing my and my brother’s cold and passive reaction, she attempted to put on some sentiment of gratified excitement and continued, “from Israel; it’s gonna be something amazing…I mean you all will finally meet your uncle from Israel!”

And It worked. I got all excited. To meet somebody from there. From Israel. And that somebody is none other but my uncle, my ninth uncle who I hadn’t met yet. That would be really exciting. Nothing could have made me more excited than that. My heart swelled, and I felt I finally got something to boast about: something to steal my mates’ attention. I fancied that scene where, encircled by a whole lot of my classmates, all gaping with esteem in their eyes and listening attentively, I would tell my exceptional story with my Israeli uncle and his family. I was overwhelmed in part by the angst and beauty of the word ”Israel”.

This time all the dread, the horror, the agitation, and the disgust “Israel” usually sparked in my chest whenever I heard the word, all turned to a curious feeling that kept me hopeful that this uncle of mine would be unlike the rest. The fact that he was coming from Israel led me to think that be could be different. But then, there was that thought which struck me with its vitriolic harshness and acridity. I couldn’t get one question out of my head —how can I have an uncle from Israel?

Here began my journey of realization to the actual nature of a conflict that I had been hearing about since my early childhood. Israel was until that moment only an abstract, something remote and unreachable; it was in the middle of nowhere. I heard people talk of Israel; some talked of its breathtaking charm, its adorable environment, luxurious livelihood, splendid beaches, seductive and pretty women. The other image, however, was largely the fruit of what I heard on the news; occupation, brutality, killing children, demolishing homes, uprooting trees and olives and the like…Neither was real.

“How can I have an uncle from Israel?” Failing to figure it out for myself, I asked my mother.

“You already have one. His name is Kamal,” My mother told me. This answer didn’t satisfy my curiosity, and only added to my growing puzzlement. “How can he be named Kamal, and he is from Israel at the same time?” I thought to myself. My mother, however, as if my thoughts were laid out before her, resumed, “He is an Arab, just like us, but he lives in Israel. They call them Israeli Arabs. There are a great many of them living in Israel.”

The certainty of my mother’s statement left me no chance to doubt or bargain. And I still could not understand. As I reflect on it now, I believe that this situation brought together all the paradoxes of the conflict for me. My astonishment knew no boundaries, and even though I wanted to know more, to argue, to understand, and to tell my mother she was wrong, to tell her Israel and Palestine can never meet, it seemed the more I knew, the less satisfied and more confused I became. I thus decided to leave it at that point.

My uncle and his family at last arrived. I could now search for answers to the too many questions that roamed across my head by myself, and it was not too long before I had my first observation, which was not really naïve for a child at my age, living in a very closed environment and conservative society. Up to that moment all the women I had seen in my life were all wearing a scarf. To me a scarf was part of a woman’s body, of her face. My Israeli aunt was hence the first woman who I saw not wearing a scarf; and, as if I had not believed my mother to this point, this would have convinced me that my uncle and his wife had in fact come from Israel. I got alarmed and wanted to quit this company at once.

However, no sooner did I have my first observation about my aunt that she shocked me, and kept me from leaving. Probably noticing our diffidence, she very jovially and friendly bid me, my brother and sisters to come closer, in fluent Arabic! My mother was right. Those are Israeli Arabs (or Arab Israelis.) This was the first and only time I had a direct contact with people said to be Israelis.

The disparity between how I looked upon these people at that time and now is immense.

As I grew up and started to learn the facts about Palestinians in Israel, who also led a life of similar inhumane, subjugating, factual procedures, I felt my affection and devotion to the “Israeli Arabs” grow day by day, and understood that their suffering is by no means less than the Palestinians’…

I now understand they are part of neither “Israel”. A direct object of Israel’s discriminatory policies; looked down on as inferior enemies; regarded with contempt as Arabs; living in a racist Jewish state and obliged to swear allegiance, jailed and punished for sleeping together with Jewish women; neglected as an unwanted minority; treated with wicked brutality by the police; that we are of the same Palestinian identity, originally compatriots; every bit of that I now very well understand.

Mohammed Rabah Suliman, 21, is a student of English Literature at the Islamic University of Gaza. He blogs at

Saturday morning cartoons

Nov 20, 2010

Adam Horowitz


Here’s another historical reenactment, this one courtesy of Blogging the Casbah:

Seeing the elephant in front of you

Nov 20, 2010

Yossi Gurvitz


Shmuel Sermoneta-Gertel has basically accused me of being a racist, after referring to Avigdor Liberman as a Homo Sovieticus. I contend that claim.

The term “Homo Sovieticus” has a very distinct meaning. It refers to someone who accepted basic Soviet thinking, including blind acceptance of claims made by authority and isolation from and hatred of the outside world. You could add several other symptoms of the Soviet systems – disregard of human rights, contempt for democracy and the democratic process, and rampant racism towards “uncivilized people”, such as Asians or Muslims – and you would have described Avigdor Liberman, as well as most of his followers, to a T.

I never claimed that Israel was ever progressive; I am well aware of Israeli history. I have very little patience with yearning for the lost “little Israel” of 1967, if only because it still imposed military rule over its Arab citizens until, officially, 1966.

But to say that the massive influx of Soviet émigrés into Israel did not make it a more racist place is, so sorry, nonsense. The Soviet emigrants tilted Israel sharply to the right. Yes, there are exceptions; there are always exceptions, but exceptions are precisely that. A recent poll, looking for signs of fascism in Israel, found most Israeli reject the notion of a “strong leader” – but 53% of the Soviet émigrés support one. They still do, in the old homeland, where Putin is king and Stalin is making a comeback. Russian Jews have, to some extent, brought Russian political mores with them to Israel. Pointing out the obvious is not racism.

In the same vein, to say that the rising numbers of Jewish Orthodox in Israel has nothing to do with the rise of racism and human-hatred in Israel is, sorry again, patently bullshit. For the vast majority of the Jewish population in Israel, Judaism is the fuel which drives their racism. Polls have shown, time and again, that the more an Israeli identifies himself as an Orthodox Jew, the more likely is he to be racist and intolerant.

I made remarks regarding Liberman’s poor Hebrew. I stand by them, due to the – perhaps quaint – belief that if you want to be the Foreign Minister, then you bloody well have to master at least one of the official languages of the country, particularly if you claim to “speak Arabic”, i.e. being able to intimidate Arabs. Liberman is here since 1978. He had time to learn, but apparently that’s not important enough for him.

And finally, there is something exceptionally loathsome in an émigré whose politics are based on the idea of expelling the native population. If saying so means being called an Ahusal, I guess I’ll have to live with it.

Noah Feldman’s cruel pragmatism

Nov 20, 2010

Philip Weiss


Here’s a great coincidence. Henry Siegman, a longtime Jewish leader, and Noam Sheizaf, a young Israeli journalist, both said exactly the same thing in the last week:

Siegman: “Israel’s… denial of all rights to millions of Palestinians for nearly half a century…”

Sheizaf: “Palestinians are real people, people older than the age of almost everyone in this room, almost, who have never been one day in their life free.”

You’d think that Noah Feldman, who teaches law at Harvard Law School and who cares about power politics but also about universal human freedoms, might acknowledge the sad state of Palestinian freedoms for just one second.

But in his column on peace negotiations in tomorrow’s Times there is not a word about Palestinian statelessness or occupation. There’s this moment:

And if an Israeli-Palestinian deal were to emerge, new circumstances would give rise to new possibilities. In the wake of such a deal, Hamas would have the incentive to evolve from rejection of Israel to pragmatic acceptance and grudging formal acceptance — the path followed by the P.L.O. under Yasir Arafat.

As if good came of Arafat’s acceptance, even per Feldman’s realist assessment. Just more settlements, more statelessness. Is this a path to follow? You really have to give people more of an incentive.


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88 more Palestinian homes slated to be demolished in Silwan

Nov 19, 2010


And other news from Today in Palestine:

Settlers / Land, property and resources theft and destruction / Ethnic cleansing

88 Palestinian homes to be demolished in Silwan
19 Nov – Israel has ordered demolition of around 88 Palestinian homes in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, Palestinian officials warned. Israeli Attorney Yehuda Weinstein handed demolition orders in al-Bustan area claiming that the Arab houses were illegally built. Ahmed al-Rowaidhi, chief of Jerusalem Unit at the Palestinian presidency, said Israel’s move will result in 1,500 Palestinians being evicted from al-Bustan for the construction of a tourist center.

The story behind the tourist site
Once upon a time, where you’re standing right now, there was a small valley called Wadi Hilwah, part of the large Silwan village. Hilwah was the wife of the mukhtar Siyam. She was killed during armed clashes in the valley. Before her death, the valley was called Wadi Al-Nabah, Valley of Wails. They say that at nights one could hear among the hedges of cactuses the wails of the innocent girl who was viciously murdered by her brother. The Muslim village of Silwan started to develop in the 16th century. The village was famous for its quality agricultural produce, and served as a resting point on the way to the old city. Today the village counts 55,000 people. 5,500 live in Wadi Hilwah neighborhood, which lies on the Old City’s southern slopes.

Map of Wadi Hilwah

Ethnically cleansing East Jerusalem / Stephen Lendman
… Ethnically Cleaning Silwan — Silwan is an Arab village adjacent to Jerusalem’s Old City, extending along the Kidron Valley alongside the eastern slopes of Jabal al-Mukaber, another Arab community. Home to about 45,000 people, it’s one of 28 Palestinian villages incorporated into East Jerusalem. For years, settler encroachment fueled controversy and conflict. So does the area’s historical importance, archeology used for displacement to legitimize Jewish claims. Excavations have already claimed large tracts of Silwan land.

Israelis insist they have US backing to build in East Jerusalem (AP)
Israel says US has agreed to allow building in East Jerusalem but Washington has yet to produce letter showing it has agreed


3 airstrikes launched on Gaza
Six Gaza residents were injured Friday in when Israeli forces launched three air strikes on the coastal enclave, medics said. The strikes targeted sites in the southern and central Gaza Strip. Four were injured in a strike on Deir Al-Balah, where shelling targeted a two-storey home. The injured, who included two women, were transferred to hospital, Gaza medical services spokesman Adham Abu Salmiyya said. Two attacks targeted Khan Younis in southern Gaza. One strike on the southern area injured a man and a child, who were transferred to the Nasser Hospital, Abu Salmiyya said. No injuries were reported from the third strike, which hit a farmers’ field … The army said the strikes were in response to projectiles launched from the Strip into southern Israel.

IDF strikes Gaza after phosphorus bombs launched into Israel
Palestinian militant group claims responsibility for mortar fire in retaliation for Israel’s killing of two militants in Gaza on Wednesday — The Israel Defense Forces Spokesperson confirmed Friday that IDF attacked three targets in the Gaza Strip, following a barrage of mortar bombs and rockets fired at the western Negev. Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip fired a long-range Grad rocket and seven mortar shells at western Negev on Friday, following a night-long barrage of Qassam rockets fired from the coastal enclave. Police investigation showed that one of the mortar bombs fired at Hof Ashkelon council contained phosphorus. [from Israeli Cast Lead leftovers, presumably]

Activism / Solidarity / Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions

Protests against land confiscation met with riot gear
In the central West Bank tows of Bil`in, Ni`lin and An-Nabi Saleh, Israeli forces met groups of protesters with rubber-coated bullets and tear gas, with locals reporting one man struck directly by a bullet and lightly injured in Bil’in. The injured man was identified as Kamel Al-Khatib. The military said it was unaware of any injuries.

Today in Bil`in / Hamde Abu Rahme
19 Nov. Today one citizen was wounded and dozens suffered tear gas inhalation due to clashes that took place in the West Bank village of Bil`in. Peace activists and international supporters marched alongside village residents in the weekly demonstration against the wall and settlements, and in solidarity with activist Abdullah Abu Rahma, who was refused release by the Israeli military court of Ofer even after his sentence expired.

The Israeli military left it to settlers to monitor Palestinian farmers during the holive harvest
By the volunteers of the Harvesting Peace Project. On our first day in Jeb al Theeb as part of an Italian civilian peace intervention project during the olive harvest things were already hot. Four of us were accompanying two of the village farmers to their olive trees, when before even reaching their land we were stopped by two armed settlers who immediately called for reinforcements. Within minutes two jeeps with IDF soldiers as well as border police arrived, which then grew to be roughly 20 soldiers as several more jeeps arrived on the scene.

‘I am strong. We resist’: an interview in the village of Jeb al-Theeb
By the volunteers of the Harvesting Peace Project. Sitting in one of the houses of Jeb al Theeb, a small village south of Bethlehem, a Palestinian woman describes the living conditions. She is a teacher but in the darkness it is difficult to determine her age. Her home, just as the entire village, is without electricity. The only light that arrives comes from the mega-illumination of the adjacent settlements of El David, Nokdim, and Sde bar. … “Just the other day, as I walked to work early in the morning, I saw a settler turn a hundred of his goats on the olive trees belonging to a man near the village. The day before, that same man had defended his right to access his lands. The goats damaged both the trees and the olives.”

What young Israeli refused to do in Palestine she acted out on 1116th Street / Nancy Krikorian
I went to the Students for Justice in Palestine’s mock checkpoint on the Columbia campus this afternoon and handed out fliers for an hour and a half. Columbia’s LionPAC, HIllel, Just Peace, Grain Lavi and Tarbootnikim were counter-demonstrating, handing out fliers, some of them wrapped in Israeli flags, others of them attempting to get into provocative arguments, which for the most part SJP’ers were able to avoid. Maya Wind, one of the JVP/CODEPINK Shministim [Wind refused to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces] from last year who is now a freshman at Barnard, was carrying a cardboard rifle and helping to run the checkpoint. She was completely in character as a gruff and unpleasant checkpoint guard, so I didn’t even say hello, but the photo above shows her in the role that she refused to play in real life.

George Galloway kicks off controversial Canadian speaking tour
Former British parliamentarian was previously prevented from entering the country for meeting with members of Hamas — After being banned entry to the country for over a year, George Galloway, the outspoken former British Member of Parliament, is blazing his way across Canada with a speaking tour that addresses everything from freedom of speech to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Galloway is scheduled to speak in 10 cities in 11 days.

Student activism and the pro-Palestinian movement gains momentum / Samira Quraishy
The pro-Palestinian movement has been gaining steady momentum in student bodies and educational institutes in the West, especially after the most recent atrocities. According to Hasan, student activism in America on this issue has been increasing mainly due to “awareness… increasing over time [which has] recently reached a threshold where a lot of Americans either know the basics of what is going on or are interested in learning more”.

Road to Hope kidnapping statement / Ken O’Keefe
18 Nov [with videos] …It is ludicrous to even argue with someone who was not there about the circumstances to which we were taken against our will away from the port. Those who claim we were freely onboard the ship that was departing for a destination unknown, without our passports, separated from our convoy without even a change of underwear or a toothbrush or a bed are either aligned with the kidnappers, or dupes who simply were not there.


UNRWA head [John Ging]: Don’t boycott Israel
Q. Do you support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state, and how do you feel about the boycott/divestment/sanctions movement? A. The last time I was in the States I attended a celebration for Israel’s independence day with the Israelis at the UN. They know I’m pro-Israel. I celebrate Israel’s independence … It’s a concern that those representing themselves as pro-Palestinian are now linking that to anti-Israel sentiment and policies like divestment and boycott. I oppose that … The people of Israel need efforts to rebuild confidence that peace can be brought about. Talking about sanctions and boycotts is not going to bring about anything positive …

Detention / Exile

Martyr’s brother and nephew still detained; brother’s wife is released
Silwan, Jerusalem 19 Nov  — The wife of Ali Sarhan, brother of martyr Samer Sarhan, was released from Israeli custody yesterday after questioning, during which authorities probed her for information regarding her husband. Ali Sarhan and his wife, along with his nephew Sultan Halisi, the son of the martyr’s sister, were arrested earlier that morning by Israeli forces. Later in the day, Israeli troops returned to Ali’s home with a canine unit and searched the premises. Meanwhile, Ali Sarhan’s hearing was converted from public to private, and ultimately extended Ali’s detention by ten days without offering a reason, on the pretext that his file was secret.

Israeli intelligence suggests exile of a number of prisoners
Palestinian news agency, Ma’an reported on Thursday that Nizar Mahagneh, the lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners Club was able to visit many Palestinian prisoners in interrogation centers in which they have been detained for more than a month … The lawyer highlighted a serious issue that an Israeli intelligence major has repeatedly suggested the idea of exiling those detained and their families. The State of Israel has used this policy of “exile” significantly in the past; prisoners are both internally displaced within the Occupied Palestinian Territories, as well as sent into external exile. The most recent case has been that of Akram Anteer. Anteer was imprisoned at a detention facility in the Negev, but was given permission to travel initially to Jordan, and then onto Spain for medical treatment following his diagnosis of cancer. Anteer has subsequently been informed that he has been exiled and will not be permitted to return to the Palestinian Territories.

Detained Palestinian legislator released
The Ahrar Center for Detainees Studies reported Wednesday that the Israeli Prison Authorities released, on Tuesday evening, one of the detained Palestinian Legislators, from the Tubas district in the central West Bank. Ayman Daraghma, member of Hamas’ Change and Reform Bloc, was kidnapped from his home in March 2009 and never faced charges. Last week, Israeli soldiers abducted legislators Mahmoud al-Ramahi and Hatem Qfeisha. Meanwhile, detained Legislators Bassem al-Zaarir from Hebron, and Abdul-Jabbar Foqaha from Ramallah, received renewed administrative detention orders for the fifth consecutive time. Their detention was extended by four more months; no charges were presented against them. Currently, the number of elected Palestinian legislators imprisoned by Israel stands at nine.

Siege / Restriction of movement / Humanitarian

Israel wages war against Gazan rubble collectors
28 year old Ibrahim Yousef Ghaben from Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza personifies the trials of life for Palestinians and their families, and the multitude of hardships brought by Israel’s siege and violent attacks. It would not normally have been Ibrahim’s choice to collect rubble with a donkey cart as a means of providing for his sick mother, wife and 8 young children. But in Gaza, external pressures force people to make choices that anywhere else would be deemed beyond reason and perhaps beyond imagination. The shooting on the 10th of November was the latest setback for Ibrahim, the most recent of the 10 rock collectors shot near or in the Israeli imposed ‘buffer zone’ during the last 3 weeks.

Israel’s answer for Gaza: If they haven’t bread, let them eat gravel
The eve of Eid al-Adha celebrated this week brought news of a shortage of flour in the Gaza Strip. For the past two weeks, traders and flour mill owners have warned of shortages of wheat in the Strip, claiming that the mills have been providing about half of their production capacity. The mathematical formulas, which the army used to determine the level to which they would allow the stock of flour in Gaza to be reduced, are no longer in effect. So why is there a shortage?

Soldiers block scouts from approaching Hebron mosque
HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces stopped a scout march Thursday approaching the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, onlookers said. The group was marching toward As-Sadaka park in the Old City where an Eid event was taking place, the event coordinator said. Majed Aby Subeh said forces forbade the scouts from entering and “attacked them.” Mus’ab Abu Sneneh, 15, sustained injuries.

How one man turned Israel’s blockade into a business opportunity
Ahmed Ramlawy’s plastics company survived Israel’s Gaza blockade by buying garbage at $395 a ton and turning it into products all Gazans need, like trash bags.

War crimes/criminals

Over 100 British MPs against change to universal jurisdiction law
More than a hundred British MPs have opposed the coalition government’s plans to alter the law prosecuting Israeli leaders for alleged war crimes, Press TV claimed on Friday. A parliamentary Early Day Motion has so far been signed by 102 MPs. The MPs oppose any legislation that restrict the power by British courts to apply the universal jurisdiction law. Based on this law, arrest warrants are issued to those accused of committing war crimes.

Kai Wiedenhöfer’s ‘Gaza 1010’ causes stir in Paris
Powerful Zionist umbrella group accuses German photojournalist of propaganda — A CRIF press release called the show anti-Israeli propaganda, adding that the photographer chose to ignore the numerous Israeli victims … Wiedenhöfer’s portraits are at once unbearable and utterly compelling. One photo finds Wafa al-Raddiaa clutching her child; when she was on her way to give birth at the hospital in January 2009, she was hit by two missiles, lost a leg and was left for dead … The exhibit will travel to London’s Qattan Foundation in in early 2011. [See some of the photos here ]

‘War criminals’ site exposing personal details of IDF soldiers taken down
Web site called ‘Israeli war criminals’ displayed pictures, names, and details of over 200 IDF soldiers; Kadima MK says people behind site deserve to be punished — A web hosting service removed Thursday a Web site which displayed more than 200 pictures, names and personal details of Israel Defense Forces soldiers who were dubbed by the editor “war criminals” for their actions in Operation Cast Lead in Gaza in December 2008. The site, “Israeli war criminals” was published in recent days by an anonymous source in the U.K. and declared that its goal was to focus on the personal level and not on the national level of those responsible.


Grad rocket explodes near Okafim
Escalation in Gaza: For first time since July, and after assassination of two senior Army of Islam members, Palestinians fire Grad rocket into Israel. Rocket hits open area in Merhavim Regional Council; three cows injured. Two Qassam rockets fired from Strip overnight,7340,L-3986912,00.html

Racism / Discrimination

US report: Religious coercion, violence in Israel rising
State Department’s annual International Religious Freedom Report points to strict conversion policy, segregated bus lines, violent haredi protests in Jewish state … The report states that “approximately 360,000 citizens who immigrated from the former-Soviet Union under the Law of Return but are not considered Jewish by the Orthodox Rabbinate, cannot be buried in Jewish cemeteries, divorce, or marry within the country.” … Inter-religious conflicts are also mentioned: “There were reports on haredi Jews insulting and spitting at priests and nuns, and defacing with graffiti and throwing garbage and dead cats at monasteries in Jerusalem.”,7340,L-3986722,00.html

Love thy neighbor / Chaim Levinson
Following his halakhic ruling that prohibits renting to Arabs in Safed, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu offers his proposals for coexistence — The three Arab students observed the chief rabbi of Safed, Shmuel Eliyahu, with curiosity, as he entered the courtyard of their home and knocked on the door of the landlord, Eliyahu Tzvieli. Rabbi Eliyahu wanted to show the press that in spite of the prohibition he had imposed on renting apartments to Arabs, he is on good terms with his 89-year-old neighbor. Tzvieli was not at home, and the students invited the rabbi in.

If anti-Semitism justifies ethnic cleansing, then what does anti-Palestinianism justify? / Ahmed Moor
Jerome Slater tries to make the claim that Zionism isn’t racism. Many of the commenters who responded to his post presented more eloquent and knowledgeable arguments than I can, so I’ll keep it brief. According to Slater, Zionism isn’t racism because it’s just Jewish nationalism. Likewise, White nationalism isn’t racism. It’s the legitimate expression of White people’s cultural aspirations. Furthermore, it doesn’t take land inhabited by non-whites as its geographical locus – which Zionism does.

Protesting the Hebron Fund, I remember a long afternoon at a segregated swimming hole / Seán O’Neill, CPT
Hebron Fund held its annual fundraiser in New York Tuesday night
. A report from O’Neill, a former member of Christian Peacemaker Teams in the South Hebron Hills, who attended the protest: I was just leaving Hebron’s Old City one day in August 2009 when a friend of mine, Hamzi, invited me to go swimming.

Political/Diplomatic news

US obstructs Palestinian statehood moves in UN agencies (Reuters)
Palestinians claim that even small symbolic steps have been rebuffed — Away from the headlines, Palestinians have been trying to advance their statehood agenda in small but symbolic ways in United Nations agencies that fall off the radar for most people. But even on the outer reaches of the sprawling UN system, their efforts have been blocked by a United States resolved not to display the slightest tilt toward Palestinians as it tries to act as honest broker in their halting peace talks with Israel.

Abbas: US aid to Israel must not be linked to talks
DUBAI (AFP) — President Mahmoud Abbas said he refuses to link the troubled Middle East peace process with a US offer of additional military aid to its Israeli ally, in a newspaper interview published on Friday.

Mofaz: Freeze a major strategic mistake
Kadima’s No. 2 warns that after new settlement construction moratorium, Israel will be required to accept ‘another one and another one.’ It’s time for big moves, he says, adding that ‘waiting for core issues will only lead to 20 years of conflict’ … He stressed that “we will not pull through before a decision is made on stabilizing the borders and the security arrangements.”,7340,L-3986804,00.html

Other news

Gazans shocked at how many neighbors, coworkers, officials are ‘spying’ for Israel
An intelligence source says that the number of Gazans arrested by Hamas for collaborating with Israel are in the ‘high hundreds’ [out of 1.5 million people] — Gaza City – To citizens of Gaza, the Hamas government’s campaign to uncover and uproot the network of collaborators with Israel has been shockingly effective … Gazans were astounded not only by the number or arrests, but by who was arrested. Prominent figures in society, including many doctors, were reportedly among those caught in the sweep. As the hunt for spies continues, Gazans say the revelation of the network’s reach is eroding trust between neighbors, coworkers – even family members. It’s tearing at the fabric of a close-knit society, where families, friends and neighbors often depend on each other.

Fatah officers, tribesmen clash in upper [?] Egypt
A number of Palestinian officers affiliated to Fatah movement living in the Egyptian town of El-Arish clashed with Egyptian citizens from the Al-Fawakhriyeh tribe in a northern Sinai brawl Thursday night. The severity of the clash led to a closure of the road between the city and Rafah, the border town split between Egypt and Gaza, for more than two hours overnight. Police said several cars were damaged and one man injured before police and security forces arrived on the scene.

‘Cartoons in conflict’: a new approach to Israeli-Palestinian dispute
Starting from November, the exhibition “Cartoons in Conflict”, organized by the Israeli-Palestinian association Parents Circle-Families Forum (PCFF), will visit different cities in Europe, such as Rome, Paris and Berlin, to show, in a graphic way, the pain and suffering from both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

‘I saw Ariel Sharon murder 2 Palestinian toddlers in Lebanon’
Israel officials call report by Dutch director George Sluizer a ‘modern blood libel’ after he director claimed to have seen then Defense Minster shooting children from close range near the Sabra-Shatilla refugee camp in 1982. By Cnaan Liphshiz

Palestinian arrested on suspicion of attempting to stab woman in Jerusalem
Police say suspect said during his questioning that he did it “to prove he is not a cooperator,” as he was accused by his former prison cell mates.

After foiled assassination plot, Nablus governor tours city
Nablus Governor Jibrin Al-Bakri toured the city’s markets and congratulated shoppers and merchants on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, days after PA forces said plot to assassinate him was foiled, and one day after Israel handed full PA security control over to the city’s police.

Israeli Jews at odds with liberal US brethren (AP)
As descendant of famed Zionist visionary, Hillary Rubin made aliyah to what she thought was her true home. Now she has second thoughts after Israel’s religious authorities refuse to recognize her marriage. ‘It’s becoming a tyrannical Jewish state’,7340,L-3977657,00.html

Analysis / Opinion / Human interest

Education at gunpoint II / Ramzy Baroud
The problems faced by the education system in Palestine were difficult enough during my childhood. Now they have compounded to unforeseen levels, with the educational sector divided between two educational ministries in Gaza and the West Bank, the former under Israeli siege and the latter under military occupation. Were it not for UNRWA, the already severe obstacles would have become completely insurmountable long ago. But today even UNRWA is struggling with depleting funds and political haggling between competing Palestinian authorities and an ever atrocious Israeli occupation.

Palestinian aid models must change / Kieron Monks
Far from offering sustainable development, the UNRWA’s Peace Starts Here aid campaign is simply life-support for Palestine … So why are the major donors happy to keep pouring money into a black hole? What have the US and Europe bought for their tens of billions since 1994? Stability, which could just as easily be called stagnation. Their money is compensation for half a century of political failure.

Are we allowed to say Lieberman is a Soviet emigre? / Yossi Gurvitzt
Stating the obvious is not racism — Shmuel Sermontea-Gertel has basically accused me of being a racist, after referring to Avigdor Lieberman as a Homo Sovieticus. I contest that claim. The term “Homo Sovieticus” has a very distinct meaning. It refers to someone who accepted basic Soviet thinking, including blind acceptance of claims made by authority and isolation from and hatred of the outside world. You could add several other symptoms of the Soviet systems – disregard of human rights, contempt for democracy and the democratic process, and rampant racism towards “uncivilized people”, such as Asians or Muslims – and you would have described Avigdor Lieberman, as well as most of his followers, to a T.

‘He shall dwell with thee’ / Naftali Rothenberg
The latitude we extended to ourselves, and which we received, as a people fighting for survival is not relevant. We can no longer ignore our moral responsibility toward Arab citizens — Halakha underscores the right of minorities to live among us peaceably and with security. It says that members of these groups have the right to choose their places of residence according to their needs, without anyone discriminating against them or injuring them with words or deeds. Indeed, halakha sets unmistakable, fundamental standards with regard to minorities’ places of residence in Eretz Israel, as in Deuteronomy 23:17, which states: “He shall dwell with thee, in the midst of thee, in the place which he shall choose within one of thy gates, where it liketh him best … ”

A bribe too good to refuse / Stephen Lendman
When all else fails, offer money, or in this case weapons for peace (a clear oxymoron) via for a three month settlement construction moratorium in name only. In fact, new building is unimpeded, Obama’s offer a facade to hide reality on the ground. More on the deal below.

New clothes, toy guns highlight of young Eid revelers
…Parents, preparing for the celebrations, have bought new clothing for their children for years now, and for some time the most popular gift has been toy guns, which the youngest generation then takes to the streets for hours of games mimicking the ungamely realities of occupation. The traditions picked up by Palestinian children seem to gape when compared to what older generations experienced. Eid for many was a time to pray and sacrifice for the poor; donating portions of lamb to families less fortunate.

Despite Hamas-Fatah split, Gaza’s sportsmen score a truce. Game on.
Gazans from Hamas and Fatah have overcome the deep political divide to reopen sports clubs, many of which Hamas had turned into police stations and military bases.


Thursday: 1 Iraqi killed, 25 wounded
The Eid al-Adha holiday continues in Iraq, where at least one Iraqi was killed and 24 more were wounded in new violence. The numbers likely fall short of the real toll as religious observances have cut into the number of reports leaking out of the country. Meanwhile, Christian leaders are worried that a new exodus could spell the end of Christianity in Iraq. In Baghdad yesterday, a prison riot left 20 detainees wounded while 30 others escaped. Two civilians were wounded by a blast in Jisr Diyala.

The unending occupation of Iraq / Gareth Porter
A special envoy from President Barack Obama raised the possibility in a secret meeting with senior Iraqi military and civilian officials in Baghdad Sep. 23 that his administration would leave more than 15,000 combat troops in Iraq after the 2011 deadline for U.S. withdrawal, according to a senior Iraqi intelligence official familiar with the details of the meeting.

The deadly lie of democracy in Iraq / Ahmed Habib
“It has been almost a million months since Iraqis ran to the polls, to fill holes in their souls with bloodstained ballots. Hundreds of candidates dressed up as maggots colored the liberal lining in occupied skies, and perpetuated the lies that there is democracy. Hypocrisy of the highest order, politicians blaming their failure on porous borders, while blindly following American orders on everything from defense to education. The death of a nation, systematic assassination and relentless dehumanization of millions of people. The burning of mosques, schools, hospitals and steeples for crumbs of rotten bread. Iraq is dead, shot in the heart and stabbed in the head.” — Excerpt from a new spoken word piece entitled, “Unfinished Letters from Iraq.”

US urged to reveal locations of depleted uranium in Iraq
18 Nov – Despite the reports on the soaring cancer in Iraq and ever rising concern it might have been caused by the contamination with depleted uranium (DU), the United States refuse to reveal the locations the DU containing weapons were used. During the two conflicts in 1991 and 2003 in Iraq, the US has used at least 400 tonnes of the DU, the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons (ICBUW) stated.

Lebanon, other Mideast

Lebanon pressured to improve Palestinians’ lot
BEIRUT, Nov 19 (IPS) – Abu Yussif doesn’t want to talk about his work any more. “It’s not going to help and nothing will change anyway,” he says. The tall, white-haired Palestinian has just returned from work and relaxes in his little garden in the refugee camp Bourj ash-Shamali near the southern Lebanese city of Tyre. Abu Yussif is a pharmacist. But the massive discrimination against Palestinians on the Lebanese labour market has forced him to give up his profession and work as a taxi driver.

BBC delays program on Lebanese ex-premier’s murder
LONDON (AFP) — The BBC said Thursday it had delayed a documentary film series about the murder of ex-Lebanese premier Rafiq Hariri amid tensions in Lebanon over a UN-backed probe into his death. In a statement, the British broadcaster said it needed more time to check that “Murder In Beirut”, a 3-part series due to begin screening on the BBC World News channel Saturday, complied with its editorial guidelines.

Lebanon army chief: We must be wary of Israel’s military schemes
Lebanese soldiers should keep a watchful eye on the movements and “schemes” Israeli army, the commander of the Lebanese Armed Forces told troops on Thursday, adding that political disputes should be resolved through political means not through the use of force. Comments by LAF chief Jean Kahwaji came a day after a senior Israeli official told Haaretz that Israel would ask the United Nations to announce that once the Israel Defense Forces withdraws from the northern section of Ghajar, it will no longer be in violation of the international border with Lebanon.

UN welcomes Israel’s decision to withdraw from Lebanese [? Syrian] site
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Thursday welcomed Israel’s decision to pull its troops out of Lebanon’s Ghajar region, as an “important step” in settling hostilities in the region.

US army chief pledges support to Lebanese military
BEIRUT (AFP) – General James Mattis, the US Central Command chief, on Friday pledged his country would continue to support the Lebanese army, a week after Washington lifted a freeze on military aid to Beirut.

Long awaited Egyptian minimum wage sparks discontent
CAIRO (AFP) — Egypt’s decision to raise the minimum wage for the first time since 1984 has been sharply opposed by the very activists who demanded it, because at 400 pounds ($69) a month, it skirts close to the poverty line. After a long battle, the National Council for Wages was ordered by a court in October to review the minimum wage, set in 1984 at 35 Egyptian pounds — roughly the price of a fast food meal in 2010.

Amnesty Int’l: Fresh claims of abuse of Indonesian domestic workers in Saudi Arabia
Amnesty International today called on the Saudi Arabian authorities to protect domestic workers from abuse, following the reported discovery of the mutilated body of an Indonesian woman found in a skip in the town of Abha.

U.S. and other world news

J Street: ‘Right wing activists and donors regularly intimidate Jewish communal institutions’ re Israel / Philip Weiss
The cancellation by a Reform synagogue in Newton MA of a J Street event tonight has had a salutary effect. Some folks are speaking out. J Street has started a petition for more open discussion in the Jewish community: “Know that this is not an isolated example. All across the country, week in and week out, small numbers of right-wing activists and donors regularly intimidate synagogues, Hillels, and other communal institutions out of presenting views on Israel they don’t like. We’ve had enough, and I hope you have too. It’s time to draw the line and say we simply won’t be silenced any more.”

Jewish advocate disappointed in Newton synagogue’s cancellation
BOSTON — When it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there’s no such thing as an easy conversation — not even in Boston. In Newton this week, a reform synagogue abruptly canceled a speaking appearance by Jeremy Ben-Ami, the executive director of J Street, a lobbying group known for its advocacy of a peaceful, two-state solution. In an interview Wednesday with WBUR, the rabbi at Temple Beth Avodah, Keith Stern, said he was “utterly blind-sided” by the anger from some of his congregants after he agreed to host the speaker. (Listen to interview]

The Anti-Defamation League should own up or pack up / Mohammed Talat & Tom Pessah
The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), founded in 1913, was long one of the nation’s foremost civil rights organizations. Primarily established to fight anti-Semitism, it became revered for combating hate and bigotry in many forms. In its later years, however, it got mixed up in clandestine spying on American civil rights organizations, which made headlines after law enforcement seized thousands of intelligence files in its San Francisco and Los Angeles offices. Today, it is cashing in its legacy for a full-time lobbyist position on behalf of the Israeli government.

Why the TSA gets to grope us / Justin Raimondo
The Transportation Safety Administration is bringing the war home – and the American people don’t like it one bit. Stories of TSA outrages are everywhere, from the “Don’t touch my junk” guy to that photo of a nun in full robes being searched by a TSA thuglet … the real source of our troubles isn’t the TSA, or Homeland Security … the real problem, as Rep. Paul understands very well, is our foreign policy of permanent war … The Shoe Bomber compelled us to give up our shoes to the TSA. The Underwear Bomber gave the government access to our genitalia. And soon enough the Suppository Bomber will give them free entry to the very crevasses of our personhood, and what is left of our dignity will perish along with the Constitution.

The Ghailani verdict and American justice / Glenn Greenwald
…even had he been acquitted on all counts, the Obama administration had made clear that it would simply continue to imprison him anyway under what it claims is the President’s “post-acquittal detention power” — i.e., when an accused Terrorist is wholly acquitted in court, he can still be imprisoned indefinitely by the U.S. Government under the “law of war” even when the factual bases for the claim that he’s an “enemy combatant” (i.e. that he blew up the two embassies) are the same ones underlying the crimes for which he was fully acquitted after a full trial.

Guilty until proven guilty – threatening the presumption of innocence / Tom Engelhardt and Karen Greenberg
How at Risk Is the Justice System? The presumption of innocence may be slowly dying in the courtrooms where our terror trials are being held, as Karen Greenberg, executive director of the Center on Law and Security at NYU Law School and author of The Least Worst Place: Guantanamo’s First 100 Days, points out in today’s post. Here’s the curious thing, though: that presumption is stronger than ever when it comes to those who once ran or carried out the Global War on Terror. Afghanistan to Washington, Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo, they all continue to live within a bubble of official innocence.

Palestinians’ white knight blots his escutcheon / Stuart Littlewood
From champion of the vulnerable to betrayer in one bound… Nick Clegg, Britain’s new deputy prime minister, is surprisingly agile … In January 2009, at the height of Israel’s murderous blitz on Gaza, he rode to the rescue and railed against the British government … First sign [of change] was at the Liberal Democrats’ conference in September when Clegg attended a Friends of Israel fringe meeting but cold-shouldered the Friends of Palestine.

Obama arrives at NATO summit with a revised US strategy in Afghanistan: Stay past 2014
As Obama prepares for a longer commitment in Afghanistan, he must also convince allies convening at this weekend’s NATO summit in Lisbon to extend their support.

Sweden issues international arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder Assange
Swedish authorities, stepping up their persecution of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, have issued an international arrest warrant for his detention in relation to trumped-up “rape” charges.

DePaul University suspends sales of Sabra hummus; other campuses to follow?

Nov 19, 2010

Adam Horowitz 

Sami Kishawi reports on his blog Sixteen Minutes to Palestine:

Today marks another win for the global boycott, divestment, sanctions (BDS) movement against corporations that profit from severe human rights violations. Chicago’s very own DePaul University just announced that their dining services will be discontinuing the sale of hummus manufactured by Sabra, an Israeli brand known for its vocal and material support of Israeli Defense Forces. The administration has temporarily suspended the sale of Sabra products and will likely move towards permanently banning the brand from campus.

A little over two weeks ago, members of DePaul’s Students for Justice in Palestine expressed concern over the sale of Sabra products after discovering that Chartwells, which provides dining services to the university, had introduced the Israeli-brand hummus to food and dining facilities throughout campus. Acting on their concern, the students compiled research and revealed that the Strauss Group, co-owner of Sabra, has direct monetary ties with elite Israeli military forces currently and historically involved in the illegal occupation of Palestinian land. One week after bringing the issue to the attention of campus administrators, the university informed campaign organizers that Sabra products are set to be removed from shelves for the remainder of the school quarter and will most likely not be sold on campus in the future. (Read the email sent to administrators at the end of the post.)

The ultimate success of this modest divestment campaign isn’t that it resulted in the removal of a product from campus cafeteria shelves but, rather, that it has undoubtedly set the framework for future campaigns in college campuses throughout the United States. With exactly 156 colleges and universities using Chartwells for their campus dining needs, the BDS movement against IDF-sponsoring companies like Strauss Group and Sabra can potentially reach national heights. By discontinuing the sale of Sabra products, DePaul University has made its stance clear: Any product or company involved with flagrant human rights violations against Palestinians or any other people does not mirror the principles on which the university is founded and is therefore not welcome on campus. The administration’s quick response indicates the importance of preserving and respecting Palestinian rights by divesting from companies that do the exact opposite.

Email sent to DePaul administrators:

Hello Stephanie and Joe,

My name is Shirien and I’m part of Students for Justice in Palestine at DePaul. I’m writing you because it has recently come to our attention that Chartwells has started selling Sabra hummus products at DePaul. Many SJP members, as well as several other students, are deeply disturbed about this development. SGA President Ross R., as well as DePaul alumni Ben M. (both CC’d) recommended that we get in contact with you both in order to assist us with this matter.

The reason why we are concerned is because the company which manufactures Sabra hummus, the Strauss Group, has been a voice of support for the ongoing Israeli occupation through its ties with Israel’s military. This is apparent in their vocal support and material sustenance of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), namely the Golani Brigade. The Golani Brigade, Israel’s elite force, is known for its history of severe human rights violations. Many instances of these violations are well documented, from the assassination of Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin to the torture and humiliation of Palestinian detainees. Because of this, a boycott campaign against Sabra is happening at many universities in cities across the nation.

Many of us students are concerned about DePaul affiliating with a company with such strong military and political ties. We feel that continuing the sale of Sabra products at DePaul is in violation of our Vincentian values, which require us to stand against injustice. This goes for any other companies affiliated with human suffering.

We would like to meet with you both so that we can discuss this matter more in-depth. CC’d to this email are key board members from SJP, as well as Erez, who is on the Fair Business Practices Committee. We want to voice our concerns and perhaps present alternative hummus brands that are more socially conscious. We hope that you can hear us out and help steer us in the right direction of how to go about addressing this.

Would it be possible to set up a meeting some time next week? I included everyone in one email thread so we can all be in the loop. Please let us know what you think. Thank you for your time and consideration!



The Israeli military left it to settlers to monitor Palestinian farmers during the olive harvest

Nov 19, 2010

The volunteers of the Harvesting Peace Project



Avigdor Lieberman’s home settlement of Nokdim.

Jeb al Theeb, a small West Bank village south of Bethlehem, is under constant threat by the illegal Israeli settlements surrounding it. The small house we called home for a month had a view of the so-called Lieberman Road, which connects Jerusalem with the settlement of Nokdim, where Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman lives, and the settlement of Tekoa. Construction in these two settlements continued during the partial settlement freeze, while the Palestinians in the area, as in many other cases throughout the West Bank, were not permitted to build houses or roads allowing access to their land.

On our first day in Jeb al Theeb as part of an Italian civilian peace intervention project during the olive harvest things were already hot.

The IDF and settlers appear on the scene.

Four of us were accompanying two of the village farmers to their olive trees, when before even reaching their land we were stopped by two armed settlers who immediately called for reinforcements. Within minutes two jeeps with IDF soldiers as well as border police arrived, which then grew to be roughly 20 soldiers as several more jeeps arrived on the scene.

The soldiers presented us with a document written in Hebrew, including a map of the area. They informed us that, from 7:00 that morning until 7:00 the following morning, the area had been declared a closed military zone, preventing the Palestinians who were with us from picking olives on their own land. They repeatedly refused to provide further explanations or copies of the document, specifying they don’t deal with “leftists.” When we asked, “Can you show us where we are on the map?” the commanding officer solicited help from none other than the settlers! “Shouldn’t you know where we are?!”

We were told to leave the area within 5 minutes or face arrest. But one of the farmers insisted, asserting his right to access his land. After lengthy discussions with the soldiers, interspersed with endless phone calls to their commanders as well as our demands for explanations, the officer in command finally allowed the Palestinians access to their land to harvest their olives.

We were not permitted to accompany the Palestinians because, as the soldiers explained to us, our presence would “irritate the settlers, causing clashes.” The IDF therefore blatantly demonstrated that they respond directly to the settlers and not the law. As further proof, it should be noted that while the area was off limits to us as closed military zone, the settlers, with machine guns slung over their shoulders, circulated freely. In fact, these same settlers followed the soldiers who went along to monitor the Palestinians.

We waited under the sun until the farmers returned, and after all the commotion above, their “harvest” was nothing more than a handful of olives, five uprooted trees and two iron fence poles found on their land.

As we started making our way back to the village, the settlers, unhappy that the Palestinians had been allowed to access their land, decided to have the last word. They claimed the fence poles the Palestinians were carrying belonged to them! After yet another round of discussions, the farmers were forced to carry the fence poles back to the exact place where they were found, escorted once again by the soldiers.

While we were at least successful in obtaining “permission” for the Palestinian farmers to access their own land, we immediately made plans to go back to the same spot the following day at 7:00am when the order for the closed military zone was set to expire.

However, the next day got off to an earlier start than we had anticipated. We were awakened by the shouts of two children of the village who were banging on the door to our house screaming the few words we knew in Arabic: “zeitun, mustauten, YALLA YALLA!” (“olive trees, settlers, let’s go!”).

We threw on some clothes and followed the children as they charged up the hill near our house, dreading what we were to find. As we arrived at the scene of the crime, one of the two Palestinian farmers we had accompanied the day before told us what had happened: at dawn a settler had set loose his goats among the olive trees belonging to the Palestinians, destroying the olives as well as the trees.

By the time we arrived, the settler had already fled, most probably because the Palestinian owner of the land was armed with a video camera from B’Tselem, whose camera distribution project provides Palestinians with a way of recording the realities of the occupation. We watched the video and recognized the settler from the previous day’s encounter. He would become a recurring theme during our stay in Jeb al Theeb.

The Volunteers of the Harvesting Peace Project

Harvesting Peace is an Italian civilian peace intervention project in Palestine to support the olive harvest and the work of Popular Struggle Coordination Committee ( The project is promoted by Service Civil International – Italy, Association for Peace and Un Ponte Per. Volunteers will be providing international accompaniment for four weeks in the village of Jeb al Theeb near Bethlehem, under threat by the nearby illegal settlements and settlers.

Helen Thomas get standing 0 from 500 as Sam Donaldson declares her the ‘best ever’

Nov 19, 2010

Jefferson Morley 

From Jeff Morley at World Opinion Search:

The American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee honored Helen Thomas at a dinner in northwest Washington last night. The evening was all Helen, all the time, featuring accolades from the (still!) irrepressible Sam Donaldson(!), sweet Rosemary Oakar, and the pungent James Abourezk.

Donaldson called Thomas “the best White House correspondent ever!”  Abourezk gibed Thomas was not fired because of comments she made about Jews. Her “fatal sin,” he said, was asking President Obama if any countries in the Middle East currently possessed nuclear weapons. The always-self-righteous Ralph Nader said, “If ten reporters had acted the way Helen acted there never would have been an Iraq war.”

He’s probably wrong about that but it is an inspirational thought for ill-paid scribes. In the course of the evening there were a couple of references to Arab dictatorships but with the superb Seared Filet of Wild Salmon with Pinot Noir Sauce paid for by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (”Ultimate Underwriter”) the focus wisely remained on the 90-year old honoree.

The crowd of well-dressed crowd five hundred welcomed Thomas to the podium with a standing ovation.

“U.S. policy is supporting man’s inhumanity to man,” Thomas  said in brief remarks accepting the ADC’s award. ”I pray that my country will return to the morals and ideals that made it so great.”

A personal aside: At one point, Abourezk said “Israel doesn’t have a lot to do with Judaism. It has a lot to do with fascism.”  Without passing judgment on the latter proposition, I paused over the former. “Israel doesn’t have a lot to do with Judaism.”

That struck me (a secular, non-practicing Judeo-Christian by culture and marriage) as true as a matter of theology but not of practical politics. The most public sign of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory in Washington D.C., I realized, are the signs on the lawns of the synagogues where I used to attend bar mitvah’s when my kids were younger.  These expressions of concern for Israel’s security are  worth respecting  but they do amount to code words for occupation. So I would have to say that in northwest Washington  Judaism does have something to do with Israel. An irritating thought with uncertain implications. Maybe it was Helen Thomas that made me think it


Today in Bil’in

Nov 19, 2010

Hamde Abu Rahme


IMG 0014

Today one citizen was wounded and dozens suffered tear gas inhalation due to clashes that took place in the West Bank village of Bil’in. Peace activists and international supporters marched alongside village residents in the weekly demonstration against the wall and settlements, and in solidarity with activist Abdullah Abu Rahma, who was refused release by the Israeli military court of Ofer even after his sentence expired.

The march participants carried Palestinian flags and pictures of Abu Rahma, coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bil’in, and chanted slogans condemning the policy of occupation, settlement expansion, and repression against the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. They also chanted slogans condemning the attacks on the houses of Jerusalem, plus calls to stop the policy of deportation and exclusionand to release all detainees and political prisoners, particularly those involved in the non-violent resistance.

The demonstrators marched from the village while calling for unity and rejection of differences, and confirmed the need for a resounding Palestinian resistance to occupation and freedom for Palestine.

IMG 0063
A burning tear gas canister in Bil’in. (All photos: Hamde Abu Rahme)

The march headed toward the wall, where the military force of the Israeli occupation army was waiting behind concrete blocks. They had closed the gate of the wall with barbed wire. The army fired sound bombs and rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas at them from all directions, resulting in injury to 18-year-old Kamel Khatib, who was shot in the hip by a rubber-coated metal bullet. Dozens of participants experienced suffocation and the effects of tear gas inhalation.

The Popular Committee Against the Wall in Bil’in calls for condemnation of the military court’s refusal to release Abdullah Abu Rahma, and appeals to the international community and international human rights organizations to stand with Abu Rahma, whose prison term has expired yet still remains in jail.


IMG 9996

Khalidi and Mearsheimer offer qualified endorsements of Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions

Nov 19, 2010

Philip Weiss 

Yesterday the Institute for Middle East Understanding had a conference call with Rashid Khalidi and John Mearsheimer to talk about the latest offer in the peace process. Both men used the word “charade.” It’s an entertaining conversation, go to that link. Some of my notes:

Mearsheimer is a two-stater, but he says that Palestinians ought to declare for one state. “I think this whole process is a charade…This demonstrates clearly that you’re not going to get a viable Palestinian state.” Palestinians should accept that reality and say that Israel can have one state, “and we insist that it be a democratic state.”

The men were asked (at 34 or so) if they support boycott, divestment and sanctions as a means of changing the balance of power between Israelis and Palestinians. Qualified yes from both. Khalidi said that “anything that can change the political climate in this country… is much to be supported,” though he is not for a blanket, cookie cutter approach to boycotting Israel, out of deference to public opinion, which is so far from understanding anything about Israel. A campaign has to be aimed at giving people the “lineaments” of the issue.

Mearsheimer said, “I would support the U.S. cutting off all aid to Israel, boycotting Israel and putting sanctions on Israel, and that would all be done in support of the two-state solution. … I believe American pressure if it were possible to execute it could be employed to get a two-state solution.”

Khalidi told a funny story. Funny/horrifying.

He had a “little encounter” at the State Department a few months ago, some colleagues and he were talking to the State Department about Jerusalem. “Our interlocutor said to us, Well, I hope this doesn’t develop into Israel bashing and the delegitimization of Israel at the General Assembly. My response was, you know it’s sort of funny, when Palestinians resist what’s being done to them militarily you call it terrorism, and when they resist in a peaceful way you call it delegitimization. What do you expect them to do, roll over like sheep to have their throats cut and just shut up?”


Mearsheimer said a couple of other startling things. Israel is slipping right so fast that Netanyahu will be seen as a centrist before long. “I would not be surprised if within 20 years, Avigdor Lieberman becomes prime minister… that’s where this country is headed.”

And he said that American Jews don’t have a clue because of the media sugarcoating they get over the fact that Israel is committing suicide. “One of the reasons that American Jewish community are not more mobilized in favor of the two state solution is that they have no idea what’s going on.” If America wanted two states, they could get em, no problem, but it would require real pressure.

But as to the lobby: “The United States has a relationship with Israel that has no parallel in recorded history.”

Mearsheimer called Dennis Ross an “agent” for the Israeli government, a delectable phrase, operating inside the American government, though Khalidi demurred on that one. “I don’t know that I would call him an Israeli agent, but he has played a tremendously destructive role since the Reagan administration.”

Then Khalidi said that Obama’s reported offer of F-35s to Israel, and the offer of a security zone in the Jordan Valley to the Israelis, comprising 40 percent of the territory of the West Bank, recall the Balfour Declaration– a third party gives a second party something that belongs to a first party. Straight out of Night at the Opera. By the way, they played the contract scene from Night at the Opera at Tony Judt’s memorial service at NYU Law School. Beautiful. Khalidi was there. You have to channel Groucho to explain the peace process.

Military industrial complex replaces Oedipus complex in psyche of proud Jew

Nov 19, 2010

Philip Weiss 

I’m catching up a week or two late to this: Israel recently hosted the first international homeland security conference, bristling with high tech weaponry.

Israel will share its experience and knowledge in counterterrorist activities and homeland security with 700 delegates from around the world. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the initiative to hold the first international conference on Homeland Security in Israel. The conference was organized by the Export Institute, in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry.

What did it look like inside? Well it was all in English. This blogger-attendee calls himself “Proud Jew,” but his handle is Double tapper, he’s into guns; check out all his pictures from the convention floor, and captions:

WeCU Technologies Ltd develops an automated system for the detection of a person’s intent…

Reps from North Carolina, Ohio and Fairfax County Virgina were here to try and entice Israeli HLS Companies to open shop in their regions. The Israeli Export Agency was on hand to assist in the export process.

Jeff Halper likes to point out that Israel is now selling more arms than all but four countries in the world. Big business. (60 percent of the Israeli economy, according to commenter at that link, citing Halper.) Here’s the frightening speakers’ list from the conference. Many high-tech weaponsmakers in Israel, and the police chief of Memphis, and two other public officials:

Timothy W. Manning, Deputy Administrator for Protection and National Preparedness at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), USA.

Jan E. Mul – International Marketing Director at the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA). Jan joined the FCEDA in March of 2004 and his primary role is to assist foreign firms with their market entry into the U.S. and Fairfax County.

This guy’s right about ‘chosen people’ hocus pocus

Nov 19, 2010

Philip Weiss 

I think Baruch Spinoza said similar things in Amsterdam and got excommunicated. Matt Miller in the Washington Post. Miller, come to Israel and then talk about chosenness.

As a Jew I’m familiar with this issue in another context. According to the Torah, Jews are said to be “the chosen people.” Though this was a relatively affirming thing to be when you’re a kid in Sunday school – who wouldn’t want to be part of the club chosen by the Man Upstairs, after all? – as an adult, I’ve never taken it seriously. With all due respect to Jews who take this notion literally, it’s always struck me as presumptuous, if not offensive.

As it happens, the congregation we belong to in Los Angeles is “reconstructionist,” meaning it adapts Jewish thinking to modern life. One of Reconstructionism’s chief tweaks has been to reject the idea of “chosenness” altogether. I’m sure some Jews frown on this edit, preferring to retain the idea of Jewish exceptionalism. But to many of us it’s only common sense to affirm that other religions and groups can be terrific, too.

Quotation of the day

Nov 19, 2010

Philip Weiss 

I have to get Timothy Snyder’s book Bloodlands. Snyder is an important thinker on Europe, in the pathways of the late great Judt, and his book got a spectacularly bad review in the LRB, one of those reviews that makes you take the victim’s side completely. And on that note, a quote from the book, passed along by a friend. A passage about Hitler’s response to any criticism of his regime:  

“Hitler used unfavorable attention in the foreign press to build up a rationale for the more radical policies to come. The Nazis presented European and American newspapers as controlled by Jews and any foreign criticism as part of the international Jewish conspiracy against the German people.  

An important legacy of the March 1933 boycotts was thus rhetorical.  Hitler introduced an argument that he would never cease to use even much later, when his armies had conquered much of Europe and his institutions were killing millions of Jews.  No matter what Germany or Germans did, it was because they were defending themselves from international Jewry.  The Jews were always the aggressors, the Germans always the victims.”

Video disproves settler hasbara and demonstrates how the settlements expand through intimidation

Nov 19, 2010

Adam Horowitz 

Ma’an news is reporting on the video above which disproves a widespread report quoting Israeli settlers that Palestinian farmers and Israeli leftists have been destroying Palestinians olive trees in an attempt to frame the settlers.

Ma’an reports:

Ynet news and Arutz Sheva, two Israeli media outlets, reported Sunday that “leftists” and “foreign anarchists” were caught in an arson attempt near an illegal settlement between Bethlehem and Hebron.

“Residents who witnessed the incident said they [believed] the group was planning to blame the arson attack on the Jews,” Arutz Sheva reported alongside video footage it and Ynet broadcast as evidence.

A dozen people “can be seen wandering around the field, stopping occasionally to bend over and set new fires. The group does not appear anxious, and does nothing to extinguish the flames,” the report continued.

Those present, however, have dismissed the reports as nonsensical and point to new footage, filmed on the ground rather than the hillside where settlers taped and later edited their “arson” evidence.

In reality, the farmers were just conducting a controlled burn of brush that is a typical part of maintaining the olive groves. Here is a first hand account from one of the activists who witnessed the events shown in the video above:

On Sunday (November 7th, 2010), we joined several Palestinian farmers who own land in the Saffa area of Beit Ummar as they headed to clear all of the weeds on the land and prepare it for replanting. We were 8 internationals from around the world and aged 18 to 82. Folks brought gloves and shovels/picks so that we could chop away at and gather the weeds (brush) and make way for the farmers to plant new trees.

The farmers’ land was located in a valley just below the Israeli settlement of Bat Ayin, labeled by Israelis as part of the “Gush Etzion bloc” (another larger settlement). We gathered and began chopping away at the roots of the various weeds or brush, piling them atop one another, and then having the farmers set them ablaze to burn them away (this is presumably how Palestinian farmers get rid of weeds/brush to prepare the land for replanting). After working for an hour or more, I began noticing activity up in the settlement… Earlier I had heard a settler yell something at us but it was brief and wasn’t repeated. We all generally ignored the settlers as they were a higher up and a good (read: safe) distance from us. However one of the farmers who knew there might be problems began zooming in and caught footage of exactly what was taking place up above the valley we were in.

As we finished up about an hour and a half of work, all of us reasonably exhausted, we began heading back up the hill toward the village. As we did this, we spotted Israeli soldiers popping out of jeeps above and heading our way. We all sort of walked in the same direction, continuing as they approached us. At the point that our paths crossed, we put down our farming equipment and soldiers threatened us “not to leave.” We began asking what the problem was, but all they said was “Do not leave. The police will tell you what the problem is.” At one point, a soldier repeatedly stated “you was definitely doing something wrong.” A lot of these exchanges are in the video above. Eventually we were led, as a group (Palestinian farmers & internationals together), to another area as they told us the Israeli police could not come onto the land.

When pushed for explanations, you will see in the video, soldiers could not provide any. Presumably the reason has to do with their lack of a mandate to govern the area we were in, and so in typical sly fashion, the Israeli army was taking us up to an area the Israeli police (as an occupational authority inside the Palestinian West Bank) is supposed to have authority inside of. In the video, you might not be able to differentiate between Israeli police & the Israeli army as they both dress in similar uniforms.

Eventually, back toward the village, individuals who had been communicating with settlers up in the hills, presumably military or other intelligence individuals (as identified by individuals in the village), showed up with a camera and photos they had taken. They called for all of the land owners to come and, in the photos on the digital camera LCD, point out what they owned. The farmers (land owners) also had their ownership deeds with them. What ensued was the arrest (what Israelis call “detainment” – being held for several hours) of 6 of the 8 internationals. Despite earlier comments by the lead soldier, none of us was provided an explanation of why we were arrested, but rather just told to get in the jeeps by aggressive soldiers.

At one point, in a jeep, an international (still recording) can be heard asking a soldier why he’s detained (yes, we were still with soldiers, not police when taken away it seems). The exchange that ensues is telling. We were taken to a police station inside of the same “settlement bloc” (Gush Etzion) that the Bat Ayin settlers are from, later learning that Bat Ayin is trying to annex the farmland we had been working (this would be the “natural growth” that they speak of in terms of settlements).

After nearly 3 hours of detention, where various police officers (some seemingly high ranking) entered and asked us why we were there, to which we said “We don’t know – can you please tell us?” Nearing the end, no charges were pressed against us and we were told we were being “warned” for being on “unregistered” land and threatened not to return. We asked maybe 10 minutes after first being told, for the allegation to be repeated, and the same police officer couldn’t remember it to which one of the internationals said “unregistered land” and he said “oh yes, yes, unregistered land.” We were released, but not before copies of our passports were made. Thankfully in all of this, none of the Palestinians were arrested.

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November 21, 2010 

by Jonathan Azaziah,

When an event occurs that changes the dynamics of the geopolitical spectrum, there is only one question that needs to be asked, no matter what kind of information is being force-fed to the public by the Zionist media: Who does this event benefit? The answer to this question is always: The Zionist elite.

The official story presented to the masses in the laughable (and criminally false) 9/11 Commission Report, overseen by Zionist Philip Zelikow, is so dubious and so nonsensical in its arrogance, it is truly amazing that the story was swallowed by the world’s population as truth to begin with. It doesn’t take a scientist, an architect, or an engineer to determine that something else other than planes brought down the Twin Towers and Building 7 at free fall speed on that infamous day. Al Qaeda, Arabic for “The Base” because it was the CIA’s base of operations in Afghanistan, was not behind the September Eleventh attacks, the Mossad and its Zionist criminal network were. Wake up.   

Shocking Prediction or Evidence of Planning?

On September 23, 1979, a very disturbing interview took place between Zionist Michael D. Evans and founder of the Mossad, Isser Harel. Evans asked the former director of the Mossad if (Islamic) terrorism will eventually come to America. Harel proceeds to tell the American Zionist that terrorism will indeed come to the United States, the attack will take place in New York City and it will be on its tallest building (1). Isser Harel was asked to step down from his post as Mossad chief by the architect of Al Nakbah and notorious racist David Ben Gurion because his terrorist tactics were drawing too much attention to the Zionist State.

Harel was behind the failed Lavon Affair of 1954, in which Egyptian-Israeli agents placed bombs inside British, American and Egyptian targets hoping Muslim groups would be blamed, and Western relations with Egypt would be irrevocably damaged. He was also responsible for ‘Operation Damocles’ which left scores of German scientists, writers, and public officials dead under the guise of Nazi-hunting (2). After his resignation and subsequent ‘retirement,’ Harel remained involved with Mossad, serving as a consultant and advisor to the terrorist agency before it released any information to the public (3).

Harel’s Hand Surfaces Again

Avraham Bendor, former head of Shin Bet, and Peter Zvi Malkin, agents that worked with Harel since he founded Mossad, gained control of the World Trade Center’s security through an agreement with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in 1987. The name of the company was Atwell Security of Tel Aviv, a subsidiary of Eisenberg Group, owned by Israeli tycoon and Mossad-connected arms dealer, Shaul Eisenberg. The agreement was terminated shortly thereafter for what Edward J. O’Sullivan, the Port Authority’s Director of Special Plans, called “a lack of satisfaction.” The executive director of the Port Authority at the time, who exerted the pressure on O’Sullivan, was Stephen Berger, who has deep connections with other criminals in the Zionist network behind the 9/11 attacks, including Larry Silverstein, the current leaseholder of the World Trade Center (4).

It is illogical to believe that the executive director of the Port Authority, a Zionist himself, would hire an Israeli company directly connected to Mossad for World Trade Center security, then terminate the agreement for something as vague as ‘lack of satisfaction.’ It is logical however, when considering the facts that will be uniformly laid out later in this article, this agreement was initiated and kept in place just long enough, for blueprints and intelligence to be gathered for what was being planned by Mossad for the future.

The False Flag of 1993

Ramzi Yousef wasn’t the mastermind of the failed attack of February 26, 1993 just like Osama Bin Laden wasn’t the mastermind of the 9/11 operation. Yousef and his co-conspirators were trained in the art of bomb-making by high-ranking officials in the FBI. Not only was the FBI aware of the bomb that killed 6 people and injured 1,042, it supervised the process and had dealings with members of Yousef’s group as early as 1991 (5). Ahmad Ajaj, a Palestinian who was imprisoned in connection with the ‘93 bombing, was exposed by investigative reporter Robert Friedman as a Mossad agent who was trained in an Israeli prison.

It was Ajaj who was portrayed by the Zionist media as the ‘author’ of Al-Qaeda terrorist manuals based on information received by the FBI. This was a Mossad PSYOP to establish Ajaj as a ‘legitimate’ activist amongst Palestinians (6).  Tridata Corporation, a subsidiary of Systems Planning Corporation, owned by PNAC member and dual Israeli-American citizen Rabbi Dov Zakheim, was granted the contract to oversee the investigation which commenced after the botched bombing, and gained valuable intelligence with its unlimited access to the World Trade Center (7). Dov Zakheim would play a major role in the 9/11 attack and its cover-up.      

Project For A New American Century (PNAC)

In 1997, two neoconservative Zionist commentators, William Kristol and Robert Kagan founded an ultra-aggressive, militaristic think tank which developed and studied ideas that would expand America’s hegemonic dominion over the globe, in association with emphasizing the necessity of strong relations with the Zionist regime. Named “Project for the New American Century,” it was the single most influential entity in the policy-making decisions of the murderous Bush administration, with many of its members actually serving in the administration.

In September of 2000, PNAC released a document entitled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategies, Forces, and Resources For a New Century” which discussed the removal of Saddam Hussein and the total destruction of Iraq as a nation due to its threat to Israel, and suggested America would need to “fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars” to further establish its dominance in the Middle East (8). The most disturbing part of the document however, came with its call for a New Pearl Harbor, “the process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic catalyzing event — like a New Pearl Harbor.” Nobody can deny 9/11 served that exact purpose, galvanizing the American masses behind illegal wars and genocides against Afghanistan and Iraq, all in the name of American patriotism.

Members Of PNAC

The authors of Rebuilding America’s Defenses (RAD) were credited as Zionists Donald Kagan (Robert Kagan’s father) and Gary Schmitt, but contributions were provided by many of its elite Zionist members including: Gary Bauer, Robert Bernstein, US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton, Rudy Boschwitz, former CIA agent William F. Buckley Jr., Frank Carlucci (CIA murderer of Prime Minister of the Congo Patrice Lemumba), war criminal Vice President Dick Cheney, Eliot Cohen, David Epstein, Frank Gaffney, Aaron Friedberg, Charles Krauthammer, aid to the Vice President Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Lewish Lehrman, Martin Peretz, Richard Perle (who was pegged by the FBI for spying for Israel in the 1970s, but never prosecuted), Norman Podhoretz, AIPAC official Stephen Rosen, war criminal Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Randy Scheunemann, Pentagon official Abram Shulsky, architect of the first genocide against Iraq Stephen Solarz, Caspar Weinberger, architect of the second genocide against Iraq Paul Wolfowitz, Heritage Foundation Director Larry Wortzel, and Rabbi Dov Zakheim (9). All of these men played their role in the orchestration of the tragic events on 9/11, whether it was the planning, the propagation of the mythologically false Zionist media-enforced official story, or the aftermath with the illegal military occupations overseas. RAD can easily be found by placing the title into any Internet search engine.

Lies, Myths and Propaganda Of The Official Story

Any independent investigation into the events leading up to, occurring during, and following 9/11 will automatically lead to being labeled with the inflammatory and degrading title of “conspiracy theorist.” However, a closer look at the evidence proves it is the ludicrous official story that is the only real conspiracy theory.

What the Zionist media has led the masses to believe is that 19 Muslim men, under orders of mastermind Osama Bin Laden, with funding from various Muslim charities that were fronts for terrorist operations, hijacked 4 planes with box cutters, bypassed the $400 billion air defense system of the United States, flew the planes into the Twin Towers and The Pentagon with another plane going down in Shanksville, Pennsylvania; the Twin Towers then collapsed followed by Building 7 (which wasn’t struck by a plane, but collapsed anyway) several hours later; despite the US government knowing absolutely nothing about the attacks, it knew who the hijackers were, who plotted the operation, where they were hiding, and how they carried out the terror in a matter of hours though no formal investigation was conducted. That is the actual, literal, widely-accepted mainstream theory. And it is pathetic.

There were no Arabic/Islamic names on the passenger lists released by United Airlines and American Airlines (10), so where did the Muslim men come from? At least 8 of the men which are said to be the suicidal hijackers by the FBI, are actually alive and well in various countries (11). Osama Bin Laden, whose name has been used to justify a genocidal occupation in Afghanistan that has claimed hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, is dead. It’s been a known fact worldwide that he’s dead for 9 years and it’s even been reported (perhaps out of intentional arrogance) by Mossad (12).

Osama Bin Laden worked for the CIA under the name of Tim Osman and had numerous personal and financial ventures with the Bush crime family and the corrupt Saudi regime, extracting funds from both of them and taking orders from US intelligence until his death at the very end of 2001. If the CIA ever had any intention of arresting Bin Laden to begin with, they would’ve done so when Bin Laden met with CIA officials in Dubai just two months before 9/11 (13). All of the reports for Muslim charities funding terror, the Al Qaeda videos, and the Bin Laden recordings have all been the work of two Mossad-connected contractors. The Intel Center is run by Mossad agent Ben Venzke, and is notorious for releasing videos of an ‘Al-Qaeda’ operative named Adam Yahiye Gadahn, whose real name has been revealed as Adam Pearlman; he is the grandson of a former director of Israel’s propaganda arm, the ADL of B’nai B’rith (14). SITE Intelligence Group, founded by former IOF soldier Rita Katz, is the major provider of intelligence on ‘Islamic terror groups,’ not just for the Zionist media, but the government’s agencies as well (15).

The multi-layered, extremely advanced air defense system of the US along with the F-16 responses to any foreign activity in restricted airspace were rendered ineffective due to three main factors. The first factor, was Vice President Cheney issuing stand-down orders from the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (16). The second factor was the multiple war game exercises being conducted by the American military to deter the attention of the response from the actual attack (17).

And the final factor, perhaps the most important and most damning piece of evidence, is the subversion of US government computer networks by a company called P-Tech, controlled by yet another Mossad agent named Michael Goff. Goff’s father and grandfather were deeply involved in Zionist activities as their initiation into the B’nai B’rith Commonwealth Lodge in Worcester, Massachusetts confirms (18). Flight 93, which was the subject of the romanticized Hollywood film “United 93,” entirely written and produced by Zionists (Kate Solomon, Lloyd Levin, Paul Greengrass, Eric Fellner, Liza Chasin, Michael Bronner, Tim Bevan and Mairi Bett), did not crash into a field in Pennsylvania. It landed at Cleveland Hopkins Airport as was reported by local media on 9/11 (19). The only plane that hit the Pentagon was an unmanned global hawk, and there is eyewitness testimony to substantiate this revelation (20).

A 32-story Spanish skyscraper, the Windsor building, burned for 24 hours but remained standing. The idea of buildings collapsing from fire is absolutely asinine. It has never happened in the history of modern architecture. 1,277 verified architectural and engineering professionals have already signed a petition demanding a reopening of the 9/11 investigation due to the illegitimacy of the mechanics in the official story. Professor Steven Jones of BYU discovered thermate and thermite (extremely destructive chemicals used in explosives) in samples he collected from Ground Zero, exposing the truth of a controlled demolition (21).

Ultra-Zionist Larry Silverstein, leaseholder of the Twin Towers and chief asset in the Mossad operation on 9/11, raised the eyebrows of many during an interview with PBS in September of 2002, “I remember getting a call from the, er, fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were going to be able to contain the fire, and I said, ‘We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.’ And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse (22).” ‘Pull it’ is common terminology used before the demolition of a building. Silverstein had much to gain from the destruction of the Twin Towers, and even more to gain with the destruction of Building 7, which went down at 5:20 p.m. though it wasn’t struck by a plane. If there wasn’t anything questionable about the collapse, why wasn’t it mentioned in Zionist Zelikow’s distorted 9/11 Commission Report?

Privatization, Insider Trading and Profiteering

On July 23, 2001, Zionist Lewis Eisenberg, a prominent member of the pro-Israel Lobby, and HBVFthe head of the Port Authority at the time, finalized the deal that would privatize the World Trade Center for the first time in its history (23). Ronald Lauder, of the notorious Zionist company Estee Lauder Cosmetics, is a major player in the pro-Israel Lobby, boasting active membership in the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, World Jewish Congress, Jewish National Fund, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Abraham Fund, Jewish Theological Seminary, and the ADL of B’nai B’rith. He also donated a school named after him, The Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy to the Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya, a Mossad training ground. Lauder was the chairman of two organizations, the New York State Commission of Privatization and the New York State Research Council on Privatization, that introduced the concept of privatization to the Port Authority, and aggressively lobbied for it after the introduction (24).

The new leaseholders were United Jewish Appeal board member, ultra-Zionist Larry Silverstein, and former Haganah terrorist and Golani Brigade Commando, billionaire Frank Lowy, whose mall conglomerate Westfield America was guaranteed 427,000 square feet of retail floor space. Eisenberg, Lauder, Lowy and Silverstein all had close, friendly ties with Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, and Ariel Sharon; Silverstein even had phone conversations with the current Zionist entity prime minister every Sunday (25).

An anti-terrorism insurance contract was established with Swiss Re Insurance which would pay out $3.5 billion for a single terrorist attack, and an additional payment of the same amount for two terrorist attacks, hence why the Solomon Brothers Building, better known as Building 7 was destroyed. Silverstein adopted this policy six weeks before 9/11 (26). Silverstein’s battle with the insurance company was eventually decided in his favor by Zionist Judge Michael Mukasey, who determined the planes crashing into the Twin Towers constituted multiple terror attacks, and the fate of Building 7 wasn’t necessary for the ruling (27).

Mukasey would play a crucial role in discharging the Mossad agents captured on 9/11, and would later go on to become Attorney General for war criminal George W. Bush’s administration (28).

Between August 26th and September 11th 2001, a group of financial speculators identified as Israeli citizens by the SEC, short sold 38 stocks and purchased put options in mass on Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, AIG, Swiss Re and Munich Re Insurance, United Airlines and American Airlines. All of these companies were directly involved with the 9/11 attacks. The Israeli speculators were never investigated any further, and they were most certainly not arrested (29). 70,000 tons of World Trade Center steel were shipped to China and India for $120 a ton.

The purchaser of the scrap was Metals Management, owned by Zionist Alan D. Ratner (30). It is no coincidence that Zionist Michael Bloomberg (31), became mayor of New York right after the 9/11 assault. One of his first acts as mayor was to cover up AIG CEO and Zionist criminal Maurice Greenberg’s put option scam through Bear Stearns and Swiss Re Insurance (32). It was Bloomberg that awarded the clean-up contract to Ratner’s company so the steel would be disposed of and prevent its examination by NIST, which was controlled by yet another Zionist, Stephen Cauffman (33), the ‘Leader of the Structures Group of the Materials and Construction Research Division’ according to the official NIST website.        

John O’Neil: Sabotaged And Murdered

His name is one not known by the majority of the American people, but John P. O’Neil knew more about Tim Osman (Bin Laden) than any other person in the world. He became the FBI’s counter-terrorism chief in 1995 and quickly rose through the ranks. Because of his unorthodox investigative methods, and a tendency to go against protocol, it didn’t take long for John O’Neil to come into direct conflict with his superiors. The FBI higher-ups continuously blocked O’Neil from digging deeper into the ‘Al Qaeda’ network, starting with the bombing of Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia (34).

It is of extreme significance to note, that the Zionist entity typically and erroneously blamed the attack on Khobar Towers on Hezbollah, the Lebanese Resistance movement. The same type of military grade explosives used in the truck bomb at Khobar Towers, was used in the 1983 marine barracks bombing in Lebanon and the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. These two incidents were also blamed on Hezbollah by the usurping Zionist regime. The marine barracks bombing has now been linked to Israel by former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky (35), and the assassination of Hariri has been extensively exposed as an Israeli operation by Hezbollah Secretary General, his eminence, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (36).

After the bombings of the US embassies in Nairobi and Tanzania, which are now also linked to CIA and Mossad (37), John O’Neil was eager to be involved in the investigation due to the so-called Al Qaeda fingerprints on the attack. The ‘superiors’ in Washington had a severe dislike for O’Neil however, and the NY FBI office where O’Neil worked was left out of the loop. This jaded O’Neil even further, and in October of 2000, the beginning of the end came for O’Neil when he came into conflict with Zionist Ambassador Barbara Bodine over the USS Cole bombing. O’Neil suspected the truth of the matter was larger than he ever imagined, and that Al Qaeda may not be the main culprit (38).

Bodine received her orders to undermine O’Neil’s team by Zionist Secretary of State Madeline Albright, the fervent defender of the genocidal sanctions against Iraq. A former CIA agent echoed O’Neil’s suspicions when he said O’Neil and his team were kicked out of Yemen because they were getting close to uncovering that the US Navy ship wasn’t bombed by Al Qaeda, but an Israeli cruise missile launched from a Zionist Dolphin-class submarine (39).
O’Neil would return home to the United States frustrated, 20 pounds lighter and in doubt of his future in the intelligence community. He continued investigating the USS Cole bombing, but was ordered to cease and desist when the FBI pulled out of Yemen.

Less than a month before the September 11th attacks, John O’Neil was forced to step down from his position as counter-terrorism chief of the FBI due to pressure from the Bush administration and a smear campaign from his FBI bosses (40). He was approached by Zionist Jerome Hauer of Kroll Inc. founded by Zionist Jules B. Kroll immediately after he reluctantly resigned from the FBI. Kroll had gained control of the World Trade Center’s security after the 1993 false flag attack, and it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Marsh-McLennan Companies and AIG, owned by aforementioned Zionist 9/11 accomplice Maurice Greenberg, and later his son, Jeffrey Greenberg.

The family of Jerome Hauer had deep Zionist fund-raising roots in New York’s Jewish community, and Hauer himself was very close with Larry Silverstein. Hauer was responsible for placing the Office of Emergency Management inside Building 7, much to the dismay of the NYPD. Classified information linking the CIA and the Zionist companies that profited from insider trading were located in this office (41).

The younger brother of George W. Bush, Marvin Bush, was a director of the other firm with a security contract for the Twin Towers called Securacom, later known as Stratasec from 1993 until 2000. A year before Bush stepped down, his cousin, Wirt D. Walker III became Stratasec CEO (42). Kroll and Securacom were behind the mysterious power-down the weekend prior to 9/11 where masked men entered the Towers with excessively large amounts of wire that they claimed would be used for rerouting internet cables (43).

Though Larry Silverstein had breakfast in the ‘Windows on the World’ restaurant on the 107th Floor of the North Tower every morning (44), he was conveniently absent that fateful morning. Jerome Hauer, Maurice Greenberg and his son, Marvin Bush and Wirt Walker, Jules Kroll, Frank Lowy, Ronald Lauder and several other key Zionist assets in the Mossad operation were not present in the World Trade Center on 9/11. John O’Neil however, went to work like it was a regular day. The former FBI counter-terrorism chief died in the World Trade Center. Due to the affiliations of the Zionist personalities involved in smearing him and hiring him as a consultant with Kroll, it would appear O’Neil was murdered.

Re-Enter Zakheim And Lauder

Israel is the pioneer of drone technology like remote-controlled planes and armored assault vehicles, and has made billions off of video game style murder in occupied Palestine, occupied Kashmir, occupied Iraq, and Lebanon (45). Remote-controlled vehicles are not something out of a sci-fi film, they are an everyday reality, being used by oppressive regimes worldwide to terrorize civilian populations. Rabbi Dov Zakheim, the owner of a company that produced such technology, was also Pentagon comptroller from 2001-2004. Zakehim was in charge of the Department of Defense’s flow of money and on the day before 9/11/01, war criminal Donald Rumsfeld announced that $2.3 trillion had vanished. By the time Zakheim stepped down, another trillion dollars had gone missing, totaling $3.3 trillion that seemingly couldn’t be accounted for.

But when the Zionist entity received a weapons package in the form of a military surplus from Bush’s neo-conservative Zionist administration, including a fleet of F-16 and F-15 fight jets, it was none other than Zakheim who negotiated the deal. These new planes would be used in brutal Israeli genocides inflicted against Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza in 2008-09 (46).

The name of Zakheim’s aforesaid company is Systems Planning Corporation (SPC), a defense contractor that specialized in new age warfare, and specifically, the implementation of remote control software into military aircraft. SPC manufactures a Flight Termination System (FTS) equipped with long range transmitters, which allows a flight to be hijacked and controlled at any time. Shortly before 9/11, Zakheim’s SPC contracted with an air force base in Florida to test the FTS on at least 32 Boeing 767 aircraft, as part of a tanker deal between Boeing and the Pentagon. Boeing, according to an overview on its website, has had a working relationship with the Zionist entity for over 60 years. Zakheim’s company reformatted the planes with several key parts, and it is explicitly crucial to note, Flight 175 which struck the South Tower and Flight 11 which struck the North Tower, were both 767s.

In photos of the remains of Flight 175, there is an object under the fuselage that sharply resembles SPC’s FTS. Comparing the pictures of the demolished ‘hijacked’ airplanes and the tankers on SPC’s website, it is impossible to ignore the likelihood that the airliners were actually Zakheim’s refitted, reformatted Pentagon-Boeing tankers (47).

Ronald Lauder, the chairman of the New York State Commission of Privatization and the New York State Research Council on Privatization, wrote a book in 1992 called “Privatization for New York: Competing for a Better Future.” In 1994, Zionist Lauder suggested to New York Governor George Pataki, whom he had given excessive donations to (48), that privatizing airports would bring in huge revenue for New York. Pataki, intrigued by the idea, commissioned Lauder to bring his ambitious proposal to life. Lauder had his sights set on Stewart Airport in Newburgh, New York.

On March 31st, 2000, Lauder vaunted that New York became the first state in the nation to privatize a commercial airport, awarding the contract to UK-based National Express Group, which at the time, was owned by Zionist William Rollason (49). Stewart Airport, is where the paths of Flight 175 and Flight 11 oddly and chillingly converged on 9/11 (50).

No Arab names on the passenger lists. The suicide hijackers turning up alive. The erratic flight paths of the airliners that became frighteningly precise before impact. The so-called hijackers who were exceptionally poor pilots, though described as excellent by the Zionist media (51). Rabbi Zakheim’s corporation that produces Flight Termination Systems, along with the strange events surrounding him immediately before and after 9/11. Flight 11 flying directly into the secure computer room in the North Tower of Marsh-McLennan Company/Kroll, the company of Zionist partners Jules Kroll and Maurice Greenberg (52).

Mass murderer Netanyahu, who was in New York City on 9/11, stating the attacks benefitted Israel and swung American opinion in the favor of the Zionist entity (53). Dulles, Newark, and Logan airport security being controlled by a single Israeli company, ICTS/Huntleigh, owned by former Shin Bet agents Menachem Atzmon and Ezra Harel. ICTS never being questioned by the 9/11 Commission (54). Ronald Lauder’s privatization exploits. When a coincidence turns into a string of coincidences, it ceases to be a string of coincidences, and it becomes a pattern. In the case of 9/11, there is an undeniable pattern of criminal Zionist involvement.

Michael Chertoff: Savior Of The Israeli Spy Ring

One of the more telling anomalies on September 11th were the seismic spikes recorded by  Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory just prior to the collapse of the Twin Towers (55). Combine this with the hundreds of eyewitness accounts (many of them New York firefighters) that state they heard explosions resembling bombs detonating before the collapse of the Towers (56), in addition to the piles of molten metal found in the footprint of where the Towers once stood, burning at temperatures that jet fuel at its hottest cannot produce (57), and there is convincing, corroborated evidence that a controlled demolition is the cause of the World Trade Center collapse.

In an investigative report by Carl Cameron of Fox News, 60 Israeli spies, in the fields of military intelligence and explosive ordinance were detained on 9/11, and more than 140 Israeli spies were detained shortly before the events (58).

The spies detained on that day, tested positive for explosives, including the ill-famed five dancing Israelis who claimed to be in New York to ‘document the event.’ They were pulled over on the George Washington Bridge by the FBI, and their van tested positive for explosives as well (59). Their names were Yaron Shmuel, Omer Marmari, Sivan and Paul Kurzberg, and Oded Ellner. They worked for a counterfeit moving company named Urban Moving Systems, owned by Israeli Dominick Otto Suter. Once federal agents apprehended the dancing Israelis, they returned to the offices of Urban Moving Systems to interrogate Suter, but he had already departed.

These men were discovered to be Mossad agents, and the moving company was a Mossad front to gather intelligence on various Arab organizations in the Tri-State Area (60).

The large majority of the Israeli spies were posing as art students, an ancient Israeli spying technique started by early asset to the false flag on 9/11, Mossad spy master, Peter Zvi Malkin (61). Many of them were also employees of Amdocs, an Israeli company founded by Zionist criminal Morris Kahn, which collects processing data for 90% of the phone calls, emails, and text messages in America, including several agencies of the federal government, as well as Comverse Technology headed by Zionist Kobi Alexander, which provides wire-tapping technology for many law enforcement agencies across the US (62).

On September 4, 2001, Zim Integrated Shipping Services, partially owned by the Israeli government, paid $50,000 to break its lease and move its headquarters to Norfolk, Virginia. Zim’s officials were never questioned regarding what prompted them to move a week before the most devastating ‘terror attack’ on American soil in history (63).

Four thousand Israelis were warned via text message of impending attacks in the New York area by Zionist company Odigo, founded by Israeli brothers, Avner and Maskit Ronen. Only three months after 9/11, the Ronen brothers negotiated a deal with Kobi Alexander’s Comverse, which already had a minute stake in Odigo, to be fully bought out (64). Alexander, a former Israeli intelligence officer, along with fellow Comverse executives, William Sorin and David Kreinberg, both of whom served in Israeli intelligence with Alexander, were on the run from US prosecutors after they were brought up on charges of securities, wire and mail fraud. In 2006, they were strangely allowed to leave the US despite several warrants for their arrests.

They hid all over the world, including Sri Lanka and Namibia before being apprehended (65).

The reason for the poor investigation of these anomalistic occurrences, (or the lack thereof for that matter), despite all of these personalities and corporations being deeply connected to the Zionist entity, is one man: Zionist Michael Chertoff. Chertoff, a dual-citizen of the illegal Zionist state like most of the criminals connected to the plot on 9/11, is the son of impassioned Zionists. His father, Rabbi Gershon Baruch Chertoff, was the last in a long line of a family of Talmudic rabbis from Russia, and his mother, Livia Eisen, was the first hostess of El Al, and one of the earliest Mossad operatives, working under the aforementioned Isser Harel.

Chertoff’s mother was instrumental in Operation Magic Carpet, which brought Jewish families from Yemen into Israel for cheap labor. Due to the malicious anti-Arab sentiment of Zionism, the Zionist leadership felt the need to de-Arabize the Yemeni Jews, and authorized the kidnaping of Yemeni babies to then be delivered to European parents to strip them of their culture and their ethnic roots (66). Michael Chertoff’s wife, Meryl, is a chairwoman of an ADL of B’nai B’rith regional organization in New Jersey.

Prior to becoming the second Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff was chief of the criminal division of the Justice Department from 2001-2003. It was Chertoff who blocked the efforts of several agents across the FBI’s ranks to investigate the hundreds of Mossad spies detained in connection to the attacks on 9/11. He also supervised the destruction and confiscation of evidence that would have linked Israel and the US to the attacks like videotapes, eyewitness accounts, written testimonies and debris from Ground Zero. Within months, all of the Israelis in custody, were released, with no coverage from the Zionist media, and no objection from Bush’s government. Though Chertoff had no problem using torture while interrogating foreign nationals (67), these Israeli spies were subjected to no such action, and upon their release, were quietly sent back to the terror state of Israel (68). To finalize the cover up and take the public’s attention off of the Israeli spy ring, Zionist Chertoff orchestrated the capture of 1,100 Muslim citizens, tourists and immigrants, falsely labeling them as suspects connected to the September 11th attacks.

These innocent people were physically abused in secret facilities, denied the right to legal counsel, psychologically abused in secret military tribunals before they were deported, or released back into society after these criminal acts were committed against them. Chertoff was also the primary author of the Patriot Act, an Orwellian piece of legislation written months before 9/11, and signed into law on October 26, 2001 (69).

A New Analysis

An operation 20 years in the making, the attacks of September 11th in New York City and Washington D.C. were a false flag carried out by the Mossad, its close-knit network of wealthy sayanim (70) and criminal elements within the Bush administration, the FBI and the CIA with dual loyalty to the genocidal state of Israel. Through espionage, privatization, and infiltration, this Zionist criminal network gained control of the World Trade Center, its security, as well as several government communications outlets which were subverted once the terror operation commenced. Using flight termination system technology in remote controlled tanker jets and nano-thermate/thermite charges strategically placed in the Twin Towers and Building 7 by its experts in military intelligence and explosive ordinance, the criminal network brought down the World Trade Center by controlled demolition.

Using the Zionist media to incite fear and hysteria amongst the public through disinformation, the criminal network successfully covered up the Zionist regime’s mass murder in Occupied Palestine during the height of the Second Intifada. With the mission accomplished, and the public totally programmed and petrified of the unknown, the criminal network advanced with the next phase of its PNAC agenda: expanding executive power in America through totalitarian legislation and securing Israel through multiple regional wars. To complete the cover up of the attacks, the criminal network used its sayanim in NIST and the 9/11 Commission, as well as top sayan (singular form of sayanim) Michael Chertoff to obliterate proofs of Israeli-US involvement and to perpetuate the lies already enforced by the media.

For the families of the 2,973 innocents that died in the attacks, the criminal network employed its agent, the Zionist Kenneth Feinberg, to set up the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund. Under Feinberg’s sinister direction, each family received an average of $1.25 million, but they waved their right to sue the government for criminal negligence (71).

The criminal network used the Zionist media to dub its war, the “War on Terror,” taking a page right out of Benjamin Netanyahu’s book, ‘Terrorism: How The West Can Win,’ published in 1986 (72). This would allow the criminal network to extend its occupations abroad indefinitely, since the enemy had never been clearly identified. With American troops conducting genocidal operations in Afghanistan, the Patriot Act being passed along with the creation of Homeland Security, granting immeasurable governing power to the Zionist administration, the involvement of Israel and America in the attacks silenced, and the next destruction of a nation being planned for Iraq, the criminal network slowly disbanded, eventually finding their way back to the Zionist entity, or fading into obscurity elsewhere like Michael Chertoff’s cousin, Benjamin Chertoff, who aided the criminal network by smearing the campaign for 9/11 truth (73). 

On a secondary, but still vitally important level, the Zionist criminal network, specifically the Mossad and the CIA, strengthened its hegemonic domination of the world even further by profiting enormously from reorganizing and taking full control of the amerceable heroin trade in Afghanistan and setting up business operations to take control of the neighboring oil fields in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan (74).


Scholars like Noam Chomsky and the late Howard Zinn have suggested that the 9/11 events are ‘in the past’ and seeking the truth as to who perpetrated the attacks ‘do not have any significance’ (75). If your family was murdered, would you think their deaths were in the past and identifying the murderer or murderers wouldn’t have any significance? Their position is ridiculous at best and collusive at worst. 9/11 is the reason over one million civlians have been murdered in the last 9 years in Occupied Afghanistan. 9/11 is the reason 1.5 million innocents in Occupied Iraq have been slaughtered.

It is the reason for increased billion dollar aid packages to Israel and increases in brutality by the Zionist entity in Occupied Palestine. It is the reason behind full US support and encouragement of the Zionist aggression used against Lebanon in 2006, which resulted in the genocide of over 1,200 Lebanese civilians. It is the reason for drone attacks in Pakistan which murder civilians daily. It is the reason for covert wars which are slowly becoming genocides in Yemen and Somalia.  It is the reason for every future act of aggression, all to be waged on the basis of ‘the war on terror.’ Investigating the criminals behind 9/11 isn’t just significant, it is ESSENTIAL to the worldwide pursuit for truth, peace, justice, and freedom.

9/11 was not blowback. 9/11 was not done by Al Qaeda, an organization which doesn’t even exist (76). 9/11 was a Mossad-CIA intelligence operation, and the evidence exposed here is only the tip of the iceberg.

Journalists and activists like Christopher Bollyn, Wayne Madsen, Jerry Mazza, academic Joel Kovel, and Freedom Flotilla activist Kenneth O’Keefe have all exposed Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks, but there needs to be more efforts like those put forth by these brave men. Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, former head of Pakistan’s ISI Hamid Gul, and former Director of Studies at the Army War College Alan Sabrosky have also gone on record stating Mossad was behind 9/11 (77). War criminal Barack Obama’s new Regulation Czar, Zionist Cass Sunstein, has said that 9/11 truth groups need to be infiltrated because they pose a threat to the government’s ‘anti-terrorism’ policies (78). That means seeking 9/11 truth is hurting the occupiers, oppressors, murderers, thieves, and financial gangsters that have turned the poor and downtrodden masses into their slaves. It means that the truth is winning.

It is the duty of every activist, journalist and scholar fighting to end tyranny in the occupied nations of the Middle East to investigate, discuss and expose 9/11 due to it being the pretext for which the fight to end tyranny stems from. Once the people of the world know the pretext was a lie, they will know everything that followed it was a lie too.

They will know that Muslims, Arabs and Islam itself aren’t the enemy, but the US-Zionist alliance that has sat at the top of the world’s power structure through a reign of terror for what seems like the duration. With this newfound knowledge, the people will then unite in truth and revolution, and the Zionist criminal network that orchestrated 9/11, will be eliminated once and for all.

~ The End ~  


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(41) Who is Jerome Hauer? by Christopher Bollyn; Suppressed Details of Criminal Insider Trading Lead Directly into the CIA’s Highest Ranks by Michael C. Ruppert

(42) Secrecy Surrounds 9/11 Investigation by Craig Cox

(43) ‘Power Down’ Condition at the WTC on the Weekend Preceding 9/11 by Scott Forbes; 9/11 Security Courtesy of Marvin Bush by What Really Happened?

(44) The Weekend Interview with Larry Silverstein: Rebuilding Ground Zero by Steven Malanga

(45) Drones and Death: The Israeli Connection by Ed Kinane; Israel Paves The Way For Remote Control Killing by Jonathan Cook

(46) Following Zakheim And Pentagon Trillions to Israel by Jerry Mazza

(47) The Mastermind Behind 9/11? By Stephen St. John

(48) Pataki’s Favorite Conservatives by Wayne Barrett

(49) Governor Pataki Hands Stewart Airport Keys to National Express by New York State Department of Transportation Office of Media Relations

(50) 9-11: Animation Showing Military Precision of Flight Paths by Looking Glass News

(51) Operation 9/11: No Suicide Pilots by Carol A. Valentine

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(53) Report: Netanyahu Says 9/11 Terror Attacks Good For Israel by Haaretz and Reuters

(54) More Questions on 9/11 by Pepe Escobar; All 9/11 Airports Serviced Owned By One Israeli Owned Company by What Really Happened?

(55) 9/11 Seismic Data Refutes Official Explanation by Christopher Bollyn

(56) The September 11th Records by The New York Times

(57) Me, Art Bell, and 9/11 by Lisa Guliani

(58) Carl Cameron Investigates Part 1-4: Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S. by Fox News

(59) Mossad – The Israeli Connection To 9/11 by Christopher Bollyn

(60) Five Israelis Were Seen Filming As Jet Liners Ploughed Into The Twin Towers by Neil Mackay

(61) Peter Zvi Malkin, Israeli Agent Who Captured Adolf Eichmann, Dies by Margalit Fox

(62) An Enigma: Vast Israeli Spy Network Dismantled in the US by Sylvain Cypel, translated by Malcolm Garris

(63) Profile: Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co. by History Commons

(64) Why Was Kobi Alexander Allowed to Flee: The Israeli Fugitive, Odigo, and the Forewarning of 9/11 by Christopher Bollyn; Myth-Debunking Snopes Obscures Israel’s Role In 9/11 by Maidhc Ó Cathail

(65) Former Comverse Chief Alexander Arrested in Namibia by Allan Dodds Frank and Bob Van Voris

(66) The Missing Yemenite Children by Doron A. Tal

(67) Chertoff OKs Torture: Bizarre Choice for Homeland Czar Deep in Scandal by James P. Tucker

(68) Controlled Press Conceals Chertoff’s Israeli Roots by Christopher Bollyn

(69) Failing Upwards: The Rise of Michael Chertoff by Mike Whitney

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(78) Obama Staffer Wants ‘Cognitive Infiltration’ of 9/11 Truth Groups by Daniel Tencer

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Website reveals details of hundreds of Israeli soldiers it claims took part in Gaza war. ‘I stand by everything I did in Operation Cast Lead, and I have nothing to be ashamed of,’ says First Sergeant (res.) Ziv Danieli, one of toops included on list

Shanni Gurkevitch

A website that went online Tuesday has published a list of 200 IDF soldiers which it classifies as directly involved in operations carried out in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead. Each entry features the soldiers and officers’ pictures and personal details, including identification numbers and addresses.


“In underlining them we are purposefully directing attention to individuals rather than the static structures through which they operate,” the website states while calling on visitors to spread the info “widely”. The reliability of the information is as yet unclear.

Final Point?


UN releases rival reports on Gaza conflict / Associated Press


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon introduces results of Israeli, Palestinian investigations into alleged war crimes committed during Operation Cast Lead, with no input from Hamas

Full Story


“Underlining the following people is an act of retribution and affront. They are the direct perpetrators, agents for the state of Israel that in Dec. – Jan. 2008- 2009 attacked scores of people in the besieged Gaza” noted the website. The website has no special design or graphics, just a table of names of soldiers listed in alphabetic order which the site claims, served in the army in the winter of 2008-2009. 


Soldiers listed include officers from the very top of the IDF hierarchy – Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi and down to a sergeant in the infantry training program.


“The people listed here held positions of command at the time of the attack therefore not only did they perform on behalf of a murderous state mechanism but actively encouraged other people to do the same. They bear a distinctive personal responsibility. They range from low-level field commanders to the highest echelons of the Israeli army. All took an active and direct role in the offensive,” claimed the website.


A website counter at the top of the page states that over 3000 people have viewed the website so far. They claim that the information “was received anonymously; presumably from a member of the Israeli Military”.


It seems that the information was collected via the internet, doubtlessly through extensive use of social networks. A quick search reveals that many of the pictures on the site, especially those of the younger low level soldiers, were taken from facebook profiles.


“This information was pirated. We encourage people to seek out other such similar information, it is readily available in the public sphere and inside public officials’ locked cabinets,” they said. The person or group behind the website remains a mystery as does the level of exposure that the website receives.


The reliability of the information displayed is also in question, since other than in the case of the senior officers listed, it is impossible to tell whether those listed even served in the IDF during Operation Cast Lead.


“In underlining them we are purposefully directing attention to individuals rather than the static structures through which they operate. We are aligning people with actions. It is to these persons and others, like them, to which we must object and bring our plaints to bear upon”, they further stated.


The project organizers declare that “this is a form of resistance that can be effectively sustained for a long while”. Visitors to the website are told that “this project for one, has only just begun, do your bit so that this virtual list may come to bear upon the physical”. The manifest signs off by calling all web surfers to get involved and: “Disseminate widely”.

‘I have nothing to be ashamed of’

Ynet has discovered that many of the details appearing on the website are correct. The photos were taken from various news publications and social networks like facebok. The officers and soldiers aren’t quite sure how their details got into the website’s hands, but clarified that they were proud of their actions and happy to be included in the list. 

First Sergeant (res.) Ziv Danieli from Ramat Gan served in the 101 paratroopers regiment and received a regimental commander citation for his actions in Operation cast Lead after he extracted his wounded commander while under fire from Hamas militants.


Danieli doesn’t know where the website got his personal information from but he stressed that he had no problem with the website. “Enjoy it! Whoever wants to can talk to me, I’ll share my phone number as well if they want it. I stand by everything I did in Operation Cast Lead; I have nothing to be ashamed of.”

‘The enemy within’


Danieli thinks that Israeli sources are behind the site. “The same people that the State protects are those that go out against it; sadly the enemy is within, as if we didn’t have enough problems from outside.” He isn’t worried about harassment: It doesn’t scare me, it doesn’t bother me, I have taken trips abroad and will continue to do so, and more than that, I would be happy to meet whoever is behind the site. 


Noam Kashivski who served as a deputy tank company commander was also surprised to see his picture and personal information on the website. “I don’t know who these people are but I’m at peace with my actions,” he told Ynet.


“I guess they found some of the information illegally, my picture was taken from my facebook account,” Kashivsky added and claimed that this was nothing more than a political attack: “The site lists no sources and no details are added, they just rushed to a conclusion that suited them.”


Kashivsky said that he was “happy and proud to be on the list next to honorable men and women,” adding that he wouldn’t change his ways because of the site. “I’m not afraid, and I won’t avoid going abroad. The orders we received were all honorable and necessary, I have no regrets.”

The site which is operated through British servers has already raised furious responses. An Israeli organization called My Israel has already picked up the gauntlet – offering 10,000 shekels ($2,712) to “anyone who will present information that will lead to catching those responsible for the website calling IDF soldiers ‘war criminals’ and responsible for publishing their personal information.”


The IDF spokesman stated that the army “is distressed over the publication of the names and information of 200 officers and soldiers under the heading of ‘war criminals’ slandering them and their reputations without any concrete evidence whatsoever.”

The website was eventually removed for breaching user rights.  


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Terrorism by Sexual Humiliation

By Ralph Iver

TSA: The Systematic Humiliation of American Citizens, and the Jews Behind It

The terrorists have won. And they are the TSA.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been transformed into Terroristm by Sexual Assault. Internet news and blog sites are now flooded with stories and debates over the backscatter porno scanners at the airports, and the punishing direct touching of sexual organs of individuals who “opt-out”, be they men, women, or children. The employees of the TSA have become legalized felony sex offenders. Millions of United States passengers are now victims of sexual humiliation.

I received an emailed article today that has been the “straw that broke the camel’s back”. The story was written by a young mother who boarded an airport in Dayton, Ohio with her infant, and with her she had a bottle of breast milk. Because she had flown before she knew she would be called to step aside with the breast milk for a routine that has already been degrading enough since Americans lost their backbone on 9/11/01. She wrote the following excerpt of the physical “search” preformed on her by a female TSA employee:


She patted my left arm, my right arm, my upper back and my lower back. She then said, “I need to reach in and feel along the inside of your waistband.”

She felt along my waistline, moved behind me, then proceeded to feel both of my buttocks. She reached from behind in the middle of my buttocks towards my vagina area.

She did not tell me that she was going to touch my buttocks, or reach forward to my vagina area.

She then moved in front of my and touched the top and underneath portions of both of my breasts.

She did not tell me that she was going to touch my breasts.

She then felt around my waist. She then moved to the bottoms of my legs.

She then felt my inner thighs and my vagina area, touching both of my labia.

She did not tell me that she was going to touch my vagina area or my labia.

She then told me that I could put my shoes on and I asked if I could pick up the baby, she replied Yes.

She then moved back to my belongings to finish scanning them with the paper discs for explosives. When she finished she said I was free to go.

I stood there holding my baby in shock. I did not move for almost a minute.

I stood there, an American citizen, a mom traveling with a baby with special needs formula, sexually assaulted by a government official. I began shaking and felt completely violated, abused and assaulted by the TSA agent. I shook for several hours, and woke up the next day shaking.


This woman was essentially raped.

I am withholding this young woman’s blog address as she has expressed the wish to protect her family, but at the same time has a need to warn people.

How many other passengers have had their travel experiences trashed on account of the emotional trauma of sexual violation? How many will carry both the emotional and physical memory of being touched or x-rayed through their clothing for some pervert’s viewing for years to come, even the rest of their lives. Later in this mother’s post she states she intends to use counseling services for her traumatic experience and it will be paid for by the TSA. The Terrorists by Sexual Assault.

With this story in front of me, 9-11-01 no longer means a damned thing to me. 9-11 has been turned into nothing but a shtick to gain ultimate control over the Citizens of the United States.

Deliberate violation of peoples’ sexual privacy is an act of power over. Sexual predators hold emotional power over most of their victims forever. Predators are repeat offenders, even if they commit their crime no more than once, for the memory of their crime recurs in mind, emotional, and/or bodily memory of the victim throughout their lives. Ask any victim of rape how she or he feels about sex with a loved one after the crime. Ask elderly people who remember being molested as children how their experience affected their lives. Even people who were violated at such a young age they have no conscious memories later develop personality disorders that rob them of normal living for decades. All victims of sexual offenses battle the demons inserted by their perpetrators for untold lengths of time.

The employees of the TSA have been transformed into organized ritual abuse sex offenders. All of them. The whole point of sexually assaulting passenger in the “pat down” is to punish and force people to walk through the XXX-ray scanners. This is about mass control in the worst way.


Chester the Molester

Who would be attracted to this kind of employment? Who would be attracted to apply for a job where he or she would sit if front of a computer screen leering at the images of one naked body after another for hours a day? Who would be attracted to a position where they would put their hands onto the bodies of numerous people, their breasts, their buttocks, their penises, and their vaginas? Who would do such a thing? And who would do it for any amount of money? Even of children? There are now hundreds, if not thousands of personal accounts, both written and video, exposing the abusive attitudes of TSA personnel, including one where a man beat his own chest and yelled, “I have power! I have power!”

Exactly. TSA cannot possibly attract workers who have any real consciences. The TSA attracts people who seek to exert their power over other people. Sure, TSA can do criminal background checks and exclude people who have felonies of sex offenses. But they can’t exclude the people who have escaped discovery by courts of law. How many victims of sexual offenses have never turned in their molesters or rapists? How many never speak of the offense their whole lives? Theirs are the predators free to work at the TSA. Those are the men and women who stare at your body if you are coerced into stepping in the the scanner. Those are the men and women who touch your private parts, and touch your children should you refuse the scanner. Six in one, half a dozen in the other: It’s all criminal.

What is the illegality of sexual assault? There are different levels of assault. There’s one called a “simple” assault. If you touch another person in a non-sexual way and they don’t want you to touch them, you just committed a misdemeanor should they decide to press charges. Try touching a cop and see what happens.

Sexual assault is non-consensual sexual contact. Wait a minute–the TSA states that when you purchase a flight ticket, you consent to having your naked image viewed or your body touched. WRONG. Any form of coercion, including the requirement of submission to this kind of search, nullifies “consent”. Travelers are being blackmailed into choosing one basic human right at the expense of another: Airline customers are now being forced to choose between their right to freedom of movement by means accessible to them (including public transportation such as flying) and their right to privacy. Choosing to eat over being housed, or being housed over being able to eat is not a choice. It is the loss of human dignity either way. Having to give up the right to one’s own sexual privacy so that they can travel a long distance by air is not a choice. It is an abusive situation. This is not consent. It’s coercion. Airline customers now must choose between the right to privacy or the right to freedom of movement. Imagine how travelers who must fly to a funeral today are forced to add sexual trauma to their pain of grief.

Aggravated sexual assault involves violence. This is a felony. Yes, there now more passengers who have submitted to searches who have gotten the hell beat out of them by exuberant TSA thugs. As bad as this is, there is one level of this felony people often forget. Any sexual touching of a child 14 or 13 (depending on the state) and under is a felony offense. That means every TSA employee that has put their hands onto the bodies of children to search them has committed a felony. Not all pedophiles get caught. Most of them don’t. Just ask their adult victims.

Imagine what is happening to flyers who are themselves victims of previous sex crimes. Every one of them is being re-traumatized. Beyond them, more victims are being created every time another person stands in a scanner or stands for physical assault. Do TSA workers ever wonder if one of their victims will remember their name and look them up?

Why hold the TSA employees responsible? They are “only doing their job”. That’s what they said at Nuremberg. What was the response of Nuremberg when Nazi soldier said they were “only following orders”? Should all employees do whatever their supervisors tell them to do, no matter how criminal the act? Ever hear of Refuseniks? Even Israel has refuseniks. Some US soldiers refused to fight in an illegal war in Iraq. If the TSA employers told their workers to steal from passengers, lowlifes the bunch of them are, they’d do that, too.

Why would TSA employees do this to American citizens? I’ve been to many airports in cities. Chicago, DC, New York–could it be the minorities that work there take delight in inflicting their angry harm on mostly white passenger who have the funds to fly while they don’t? Certainly, jealousy (another word for greed) is a powerful emotion–powerful enough to turn a government employee into a criminal. How much do gropers and leering predators get paid?  Enough to afford a plane ticket?  Hardly.

I have another observation about this. A few days ago I stopped for gas at one of the cheapest stations in an area where there is a high population of Hispanics and Muslims. Every time I go, most of the customers are Hispanic, many Arab, and the people who own the pumps are Middle Eastern. On top of their pumps is a small placard advertising jobs with the TSA. An add located in an area frequented mostly by foreigners. Yes, there are a lot of foreigners working the airports that I use. How is it in high alert years that the US government would exponentially increase the employment of foreign-born people’s, especially while US Citizens lose their jobs? These people don’t care about Americans. They are not from here. They are paid mercenaries. I’m seeing a lot of articles on the internet where Muslim women are allowed to avoid both the scanner and the extremely invasive search while American passengers are forced into it. Americans are specifically being singled out.


Who Would Dream Up Such a System of Invasion of Privacy?

How about two Jews?–Michael Chertoff and Janet Napolitano

Did the prono screeners come about because of the underwear bomber? Think again. Think sex, money, and power. Dual citizen of Israel, Michael Chertoff, former head of the FBI and the Department of Homeland “Security” ordered the first batch of naked body screeners in 2005. That was FIVE YEARS before the underwear bomber. Chertoff retained this company, Rapiscan past his DHS appointment as his client of his consulting firm, Chertoff Group (or should I say grope?) With their foot in the government’s door, Chertoff used his former titles to expand their business and the prostitution dollars in his own pocket. Chertoff, the Israeli citizen, is using his high level, American-tax funded positions to bring about a widespread sexual invasion of privacy against the American public while he lines his pockets. Chertoff has gained this power over the American public through the constant fear-mongering inflicted on American since 9-11.

You gain power over others through fear. Fear of another terrorist attack, fear of anthrax, fear of bird flu, fear of mad cow disease, fear of swine flu, fear of the DC snipers, fear of the mortgage crisis, fear of financial collapse, fear of the shoe bomber, fear of the underwear bomber. If you want power over others, you never let up on inflicting fear. And if you really want power, you sexualize it. This is what Michael Chertoff, former director of the Department of Homeland Security has done to the American people.

Janet Napolitano is telling American citizens if they don’t want to submit to coercive sexual invasion, then they can choose not to fly. Amazingly, she was the attorney who represented sexual assault victim, Anita Hill, during the Clarence Thomas hearings. If anyone should know about the traumatizing effects of unwanted sexual touching or leering, it’s this woman. That she would tell airline customers to submit or get off is breathtaking. Is that not how predators treat their victims?

With an attitude like that it is no surprise she was chosen to succeed Michael Chertoff. It disgusts me that a graduate of the University of Virgina, founded by Thomas Jefferson, would have no sense of constitutional, civil, or basic human rights. She must have studied them so that she could deny them. However, being a descendant from both parents of a tribe that ritualizes blood sexual humiliation of all its male infants, it’s clear she has an agenda of control over the innocents of America. By supporting sexual predation at the airports, she is a predator herself.

What does the Jewish religion have to do with sexual predation? One hell of a lot. These are people who have for thousands of years unified themselves in a most disgusting way–by amputating the foreskins of all of their own sons. Until recently, circumcisions have been done without anesthesia, for circumcisers didn’t’ believe infants had feelings, or if they did, would not remember it. All bodies retain the memory of physical trauma whether or not the brain has developed to a stage to mentally remember or make sense of it or not. In fact, pre-lingual traumas can be the worst kind for human beings grow up not understanding what is wrong with them.

But the mothers of circumcised infants do remember. They do not protect their own birth children from the knifing of the most painful and humiliating kind. Mothers are supposed to protect their babies from harm. Yet, Jewish mothers promote the worst harm of all.

Victims often become predators. It is no wonder the entire Jewish race is so messed up. It is no wonder they are most always involved one way or another in violent conflicts such as the genocide of the Palestinians, or inflicting and promoting sexual humiliation of non-Jews through the Jewish-dominated pornography business, or continue to participate in human trafficking of Eastern European women into sexual slavery in Israel, or poisoning the minds of Westerners against family integrity and marriage commitments through their control of television and Hollywood. It is no wonder they co-created and promoted the legalization of sexual offense at our nation’s airports.

And it is no wonder Jews are known for the intensity of their audacious greed. Holding money is a way to hold power–and they aren’t just greedy for money. Money is not enough. Having power over other people is the endgame. Setting up backscatter scanners all across the United States and Europe is not just about making money, although profit is part of it. Obtaining power over masses of other people in the most effective way is the real goal: Power over through sexual humiliation.

What is Really Being “Sacrificed”?

“There has to be some sacrifice”, we are being told. Sacrifice for what? Of what? The loss of sexual and personal safety in exchange for safety? The loss of on of the most basic human rights in order to enjoy another basic human right? How about the US Government stop making enemies around the world, meanwhile target-search only those people who would be dangerous?

I’ll tell you what’s being sacrificed: The American People as a whole. We are being turned into a nation of sexually traumatized victims. This form of humiliation is now affecting millions of people.

One way to destroy a people is to destroy their pride as a people. Overt war doesn’t work as well as covert humiliation. Victims of war will rally together, help each other, share their pain with one another, vow to stand up to their enemies together, even be identified internationally as a group of people through their experiences as victims. Yet, history demonstrates that the very worst of war experiences are not the deaths, but the humiliation victims experience at the hands of their perpetrators. The worst kind of humiliation is sexual, especially if it is public. This is the reason the United Nations have come to define rape as a form of torture. Gang rape, for example, is a way to degrade and destroy not only the victim, but her people as well.

Mass sexual humiliation programs an entire generation of people to feel shame. Sexual trauma is a form of brainwash, and in fact is often used along with other forms of torture for brainwash. Sexual trauma is hypnotic. The effects last for generations. Mass trauma in a shameful way at the hands of dark forces changes the way a whole group of people sees itself–and that view is one of a loss of self-respect. This is what happens to individual victims of sexual violence, and it happens to whole groups of people who are victims together. Individual victims of sexual violence experience long-term, often lifelong shame, depression, anxiety, unexplained fears, low-self esteem, loss of personal pride, loss of trust, loss of safety, loss of identity–the list of profound change is endless. The worst crimes that can be committed against human beings are those that target humiliation. Victims live, most often silently, in the shadow of shame. Their lives are poisoned, and the poison spreads to those around them.

Victims of sexual humiliation have had the reverence for their lives striped from them, and they often feel they can never rebuild a life of reverence. Since 9-11-01, we Americans have lost so much regard for ourselves as a people in the face of constant re-traumatizing with the latest fear. The numbness such constant terrorizing of us by our own government and its lapdog media is deliberate–all for the purpose of controlling all of us. Topping it off with sanctioned sexual terror of mostly the middle class at the airports is intended to render us helpless and transform our numbness into deep shame. Silence all too often comes with sexual shame. It is in being profoundly silenced we will ultimately lose ourselves as a people, and as a nation.

Silence is never golden. We must not submit to the US Government’s infliction of psychic trauma upon our entire citizenry. We must stop the literal striping of our rights, one by one. None of us can stop this monster alone. We have to band together and refuse to be separated. The line in the sands are not between American across political lines. The real line is the one between our nation’s people and the people who have usurped the powers of our government. Anything that does not honor our long history of the American People with Backbone must cease. For ourselves, for our children, and for future generations, we must collectively take a brave stand.

Article Source:  Heresies Examined




OUTRAGEOUS: Joe & Jill Biden lie about military families speaking out against the wars

November 20, 2010

by Robert L. Hanafin


Vice-President and Mrs. Biden lie when they say that they hear no complaints from Military Families who Question or Oppose the Wars

A significant number of Military Families Who Question, have concerns, or oppose the continued occupations, wars and multiple deployments of their love ones are OUTRAGED by the words used by Dr. Jill Biden, the wife of Vice-President Joe Biden during an interview on Larry King Live this past week.

A review of the transcript of the program clearly shows that both the Vice-President and Mrs. Biden were intentionally trying to distance themselves from any Pro-Peace or Anti-War Image the Obama campaign had acquired during the run up to the last Presidential election.

To any political strategist distancing themselves from any anti-war sentiment would have been the politically correct thing to do, but what has some Military Families outraged is that both the Vice-President and Second Lady lied about any knowledge of Military Families that do have complaints about the wars and want their love ones home NOW.

The responses to hints given by Larry King that there is a Pro-Peace movement out there that includes military families paints a deceitfully rosy picture of how Military Families endure without complaint.

Second Lady Jill Biden says the Vice-President and her NEVER hear from military families who say we [our government and American people] do not support them. It was a loaded and vague question until one reads the follow on questions asked by Larry King that attempted to get acknowledgment from the Bidens that there is opposition to the wars from within the military community. The responses sounded like Larry was interviewing Vice-President and Mrs. Dick Cheney.

Larry King: “We know we always hear about the military families who say, we support them. Do you hear from people who say we don’t support them?”

Dr. Jill Biden:  “NEVER,” response of Jill Biden, November 18, 2010

“If I had gone [to Iraq] when [my son] Bo was there, I couldn’t have left him there. You know, I don’t think any mother who goes to a war zone could ever leave a child in a war zone.” Second Lady Jill Biden to Larry King, November 18, 2010


We at Veterans Today just don’t get it.

The Democrat Party just got a shellacking from the Republicans, and their Tea Party allies, the last Congressional election. Yes, all parties concerned with the help of mainstream media managed to keep the wars out of the public eye as if Iraq and Afghanistan were blacked out media coverage.

But, why are Democrat leaders (or their spouses) doing everything  to further alienate the base of their party? DUMB

We can almost see the logic and political strategy of distancing themselves from a significant number of VOTES that got Obama elected, but why doom their administration to a one term Presidency. Obama and Biden are on a course to as Mr. Obama once feared LOSING THE REST OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!!

Both First Lady Michelle Obama and Jill Bidan have consistently been approached by, and know that there are, military families who either question or outright oppose the continued occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. However, the knowledge Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Bidan have about such opposition to the wars is evidently to be kept behind closed doors and not made public, since admitting that even an insignificant number of military families oppose the wars in someway is politically  incorrect among almost Republican Blue Dog Democrats (a minority within the party most of whom did not get re-elected ANYWAY!)

For the record: While military families who blindly support the wars get direct access to the First and Second families, any military families the question or oppose the wars only get access to White House staff members allowing the First and Second families to distance themselves from any anti-war or Pro-Peace image. This could very well be disastrous for the Democrats when the American electorate begins to one day focus on the growing fiscal costs of the wars as already reflected in public opinion polls showing the majority of Americans DO NOT support the continued occupations of Iraq or Afghanistan.

However, do they have to lie about it for political convenience?

Be forewarned Democrats the more YOU alienate and distance yourselves from the Pro-Peace movement, and potential independent voters with brains, folks you needed and did not get a few weeks ago thus handing the House of Representative back over to the Republicans, the more President Obama is doomed to be a One Term President and the Democrat vulnerable for yet another shellacking.

When Mrs. Obama, or as in this case, Mrs. Biden go on TV and say they have NEVER been contacted by any military family that questions or opposes the continued wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that military families go about their commitment to war without complaint, these fine ladies are LIARS!!!

Such a response is only going to cost their husbands, and the Democrat Party direly needed VOTES circa 2012.

We at Veterans Today suggest that every reader who agrees [regardless of your political affiliation] contact the Larry King Live blog to set the record straight that the Vice-President and Mrs. Biden lied to Larry King, then contact the White House and demand that both the First Lady and Mrs. Biden come clean about what they know and think about military families who were against the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan. Lastly, as suggested and made easier to do by MFSO send letters to the editor, letters to your members of Congress expressing your outrage at this very deceitful and deceptive interview on Larry King Live.

Robert L. Hanafin, Major, U.S. Air Force-Retired, GS-14, U.S. Civil Service-Retired, Veterans Issues Editor, Veterans Today News Network

Leaders of Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) Outraged that the wife of the Vice-President Bidan is a Liar.

Dear Members and Supporters of Military Families Speak Out,


On November 17, Jill Biden was on Larry King Live, and spoke about her and Michelle Obama’s work with military families.

Larry King asked if Mrs. Biden ever heard from military families who were against the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan and she responded “Never”.

This is a lie.

In August, 2008, MFSO members Pat Alivso and others spoke with Jill Biden at the Democratic National Convention. They spoke about their work with Military Families Speak Out, their opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and their belief that the troops should be brought home and taken care of when they get here. Mrs. Biden said that she would do what she could.

In addition, on August 21st, 2009, a delegration of military families met with White House staff and talked with them about what Michelle Obama could do if she really wanted to support military families.

We need your support to let the country know that there are a growing number of military families who are speaking out against these wars.

Whether you are a member or a supporter, you can help spread the word.

We’ve made it easy for you. Go here to send a letter to the editor to the papers in your area.

Thank you for your efforts, please contact us if you would like information about how to get more involved.

On behalf of Military Families Speak Out,

Jack Amoureux, Rosanna Cambron, Debbie Carruth, Rosalie Donatelli, Sarah Fuhro, Adele Kubein, Jeff Merrick, Emiko Ortega, Diane Santoriello, Larry Syverson, Katy Zatsick –

MFSO Board of Directors
Nancy Lessin and Charley Richardson – MFSO Co-Founders
Deborah Forter, Samantha Miller, Nikki Morse, Zaskya Perez — MFSO Staff

P.S. You can also sign our petition to Obama and Congress asking them to bring our troops and our tax dollars home. Sign today!

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Transcript of Larry King Interview with Vice-President and Mrs. Biden, 18 Nov 2010

KING: I see you a lot with Michelle Obama.

JILL BIDEN: Right, yes.

KING: PSAs, public service announcements. How do you two really get along?

JILL BIDEN: We really like one another. And I think from the very beginning when we got together, I think, you know, fate brought us together. And she had her projects that she was interested in and I had mine, but the one thing that we came together was military families. And so that’s what we’re working on together and we have a lot of fun together.

KING: We just heard your husband talk about Iraq and Afghanistan. Now you talk to military families, right?


KING: Wives, husbands, children.

JILL BIDEN: Children, yes.

KING: We know we always hear about the military families who say, we support them. Do you hear from people who say we don’t support them?



KING: They don’t say – [not giving Larry time to finish his question]

JILL BIDEN: Not from Americans, no. I think –

KING: They don’t say we wish you’d bring them back?


JILL BIDEN: Of course we wish would bring them back, but –


JOE BIDEN: We always hear, can you get my son home quicker or my daughter home quicker.

JILL BIDEN: Right. Yes.

KING: What do you say to that?


JILL BIDEN: Well, I think that — you know, I saw the earlier segment [about Progress in Afghanistan], and I think that’s what Joe and Barack are trying to do. They’re going to — you know, they brought our troops out of Iraq like they said that they were going to, and now they’re going to start to bring them out of Afghanistan.

JOE BIDEN: It was interesting watching Jill’s reaction when she came to Iraq, into a war zone with me on the 4th of July. And it was interesting to watch her — well, you — it was just kind of fascinating.

JILL BIDEN: Yes. I met with [a] women soldier who, you know, had kids going off to college and had –[Mrs. Biden failed to finish that thought]  I met with mothers who had to actually — their husbands were deployed and they had to leave their children with another family. And you know, they’re incredible men and women, and they never complain about their circumstances. And really, I just feel such pride in our forces.

KING: Back to the military — that was funny. The outgoing chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Ike Skelton, says he worries that there’s a kind of chasm — a chasm between American civilians and the military families and their thoughts. In other words, a lot of civilians say we should get out of there. The military families, let’s stay in there.

That seems like a contradiction in terms. You would think the military family would be more interested in them coming home.

JOE BIDEN: I also think he [Obama] said, if you don’t mind my saying — I know Ike really well. He [the President] and I have talked at length about, here you have one percent of the population fighting these wars –

KING: Right.

JOE BIDEN: — and does the other 99 percent understand what they’re going through? And that was one of the chasms that Ike spoke about.

 And Jill has worked with — I mean, anyway — you [Jill] were asked the question [You would think the military family would be more interested in them [their love ones] coming home.]. I apologize.

(LAUGHTER) JILL BIDEN: But I think that they are so proud of what they’re doing. I mean, that’s their job. That’s what they’re committed to do, and they have pride in their work and what they’re doing.

KING: Do they understand it?

JILL BIDEN: I think they do understand it. And how could they not understand it with all the news coverage?

KING: You came in an administration headed by a man very opposed to war. Well, who isn’t opposed to war?


KING: But voted against Iraq.

JOE BIDEN: Well, look –

KING: Has that perception in him — and maybe both of you — changed since — in the past two years?

JOE BIDEN: Look, he [President Obama] was against the war in Iraq because he thought it could have been avoided and it should have been avoided. He at the very beginning was not against — he thought we had to react in Afghanistan where al Qaeda was where they — where they came in and — and actually killed us. And the thing that’s interesting about the confluence of his commitment to make America safe and what Jill does running around the country is — you notice there’s this great phrase, only one percent of the Americans are fighting the war, but 99 percent owe them their support. And it’s — it’s really interesting. Both Jill and Barack are from the Vietnam — not the Vietnam era. They did not — their — their –

KING: But you are.

JOE BIDEN: I am. I am. And — and so what Jill and Barack wanted to make sure and Michelle was — and I agree with them — that — that coming home from these wars, that they never are treated like the guys in my generation who came home. Instead of being spat upon, they’d be embraced. And so that’s why I think — in fact, I know — why Jill and Michelle spent so much time going around the country reminding people.

KING: You meet with people who’ve lost people?

JILL BIDEN: Oh, yes. All the time.

KING: How do you deal with that?

JILL BIDEN: Well, it — it is really hard and Joe and I have spent a lot of time — a lot of time with wounded warriors. Actually, next Monday, we’re having a dinner for wounded warriors at the residence. We did it last –

JOE BIDEN: We have three Thanksgivings a year.

JILL BIDEN: Yeah. We did it last Thanksgiving. We’ve been to many, many hospitals, burn centers. It’s tough. It’s really tough.

KING: There’s no formula, is there?

JILL BIDEN: No. There’s no formula. And — but the one thing that — one of the reasons I wanted Joe to join this team, to join this administration is that Barack wanted to get — wanted to get out of Iraq. And I so badly wanted to get out of Iraq, especially since I had a son going to Iraq.

JOE BIDEN: Well, I wanted to get out of Iraq, but it’s interesting, I did not initially want to be vice president. And when asked initially, I said — he said he needed an answer right away and I — I said, well if you need an answer now, Barack, the answer’s no. And he said, well, go home and talk to your family about it and get back to me. And it really surprised me when I went home, Jill said, you’ve got to do this. And this is not a woman who’s pushing me to run for President before or wanted me to be vice president. But it was her firm conviction about Iraq.

KING: We only have a short time left but I want to ask about the reaction your boy had after Iraq to before Iraq.

KING: Did Iraq change your son?

JILL BIDEN: I don’t think so. Do you, Joe?

JOE BIDEN: I don’t think it changed him. I think it — he came away with an overwhelming impression about the men and women he served with.

Not — no — no — no joke. I mean, he said, dad, you’d be amazed at these guys and these women. You’d just be amazed. And I — I was not amazed. I was there so many times. But Jill came with me, and an interesting thing. On the way back I said, you know, Jill, I feel guilty. I was here four times during the year Bo was here in Iraq. And I always felt guilty I got to see him. And I said, I wish you had. And tell him your reaction to that.

JILL BIDEN: Yeah. I said if I had been — if I had gone [to Iraq] when [my stepson] Bo was there, I couldn’t have left him there. You know, I don’t think any mother who goes to a war zone could ever leave a child in a war zone.

Transcript of Larry King Interview With Vice President Joe Biden and Second Lady Jill Biden

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