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November 23, 2010

The Jewish federation of New Mexico responded to a speech of Ali Abunimah by publishing a despicable and stupid cartoon that compares, nah, identifies, BDS with Nazism. This is the cartoon, published by “the link,” the newsletter of the fascist Jewish federation of New Mexico (why fascist? Look what they sponsor, “Israel’s threat from within“. Hey guys, why not just say “fifth column”?).

I’m not going to spare anybody from watching it by a mere link. The depravity of Israel’s willing apologists, comparing a non-violent movement against a racist state to Hitler, should be wildly publicized and condemned. This shameful use of the holocaust chepeans the memory of Nazism’s victims. It also defames Jews. There is no name low enough for people who make scarecrows and dirt shovels from the bones of their murdered kin.






Just for the record

Former Vice President Spiro Agnew Protested the Zionist Domination of America  

In the 1970s and 1980s Spiro Agnew was one of the few public officials who had the guts to speak out against the Zionist problem plaguing America. During an appearance on NBC’s Today Show with Barbara Walters he warned that a “Jewish cabal” controlled America’s news and information. In 1976 he courageously called for the United States to withdraw aid to Israel, citing their horrifying treatment of Christians. Again in 1982, he blasted Zionist power in a letter to activist Hans Schmidt expressing “outrage” over “the domination of this country by Zionists” the “Zionist control of our media” and “the 70 years of indoctrination” that has “brainwashed the western world.”

Some of Agnew’s quotes along with his letter to Hans Schmidt are reproduced below:

Spiro Agnew: “The people who own and manage national impact media are Jewish and, with other influential Jews, helped create a disastrous U.S. Mideast policy. All you have to do is check the real policy makers and owners and you find a much higher concentration of Jewish people than you’re going to find in the population. By national impact media I am referring to the major news wire services, pollsters, Time and Newsweek Magazines, the New York Times, Washington Post, and the International Herald Tribune. For example, CBS’ Mr. (William) Paley’s Jewish. Mr. Julian Goodman, who runs NBC, and there’s a Leonard Goldenson at ABC.

Mrs. Katherine Graham owns the Washington Post and Mr. Sulzberger the New York Times. They are all Jews!

You go down the line in that fashion…not just with ownership but go down to the managing posts and discretionary posts… and you’ll find that through their aggressiveness and their inventiveness, they now dominate the news media. Not only in the media, but in academic communities, the financial communities, in the foundations, in all sorts of highly visible and influential services that involve the public, they now have a tremendous voice.

Our policy in the Middle East in my judgment is disastrous, because it’s not even handed. I see no reason why nearly half the foreign aid this nation has to give goes to Israel, except for the influence of this Zionist lobby. I think the power of the news media is in the hands of a few people…it’s not subject to control of the voters, it’s subject only to the whim of the board of directors.” — Source


Letter to Hans Schmidt recently made public courtesy of National Vanguard:

M. Hans Schmidt
303 E. San Rafael Drive
Palm Springs, California 92262

Dear Mr. Schmidt:

Thank you for sending me your letter of August 26th and the enclosures. Having been for a long time in the vanguard of those who protest the domination of this country by Zionists, I am always encouraged to see that others share my outrage.

Even in the face of these horrible actions by the arrogant state of Israel, the broad spectrum of American opinion leaders seem to cling to the fallacy that Jews, because of the so-called Holocaust, can do no wrong. The 70 years of indoctrination that began with the years that immediately followed the Balfour Declaration have brainwashed the western world, and Zionist control of our news media has kept the fields green for Israel.

The vituperation of organized Jewry is zealous to say the least. As one who has endured 10 years of well-organized attacks in the media and in the courts, I can attest to that. One can assume only that Israel is more important to these people than their own country.

I also like President Reagan, but he must develop a more positive attitude on this subject. Reagan must be told that the tail cannot continue to wag the dog. The American people are prepared to follow a strong leader who will refuse to protect a welfare state that insults its donor.

Kind regards.


Spiro T. Agnew — Source

Photo Credit: National Vanguard

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November 25, 2010


    In the name of humanity


Op-ed: Israelis who drive Palestinian women to Tel Aviv beach are heroines, not criminals,7340,L-3989284,00.html


Anat Meidan


In recent months, a group of Israeli women that includes editor Ilana Hammerman and author Klil Zisapel is undertaking a controversial campaign. They use their vehicles to drive Palestinian women from their villages in the territories to the Tel Aviv beach.


These women, who never saw the sea before and whose only contact with Israelis is with armed soldiers at roadblocks, encounter a different life on the Tel Aviv beachfront promenade. After some hours of bathing, observation, and amazement upon seeing the sea for the first time in their lives, they return to their daily routine, which is light years away from their Israeli experience, armed with a joyful memory and a horizon to cling to.


Yet the Forum for the Land of Israel heard about it and raised a hue and cry. In an inquiry with Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein, the group’s legal representatives presented 10 clauses which the Israeli women violated by driving those considered foreigners and bringing them into Israel. Hammerman was recently questioned by the Israel Police and without playing any games admitted that she knowingly violated the “Entry into Israel Law.”


Some will be outraged and say: Hammerman and her colleagues did not drive women, but rather, female terrorists; after all, every Palestinian carries explosive devices in their underwear. Others will say that these bleeding hearts are traitors, enemies of Israel, collaborators and whatnot. Yet in my view, they are heroines.


Indeed, they are violating the law and they are the first ones to be aware of it. They openly declare that they are unwilling to recognize the legality of legislation that allows every Jew to freely travel through most of the land between the Mediterranean Sea and Jordan River yet deprives Palestinians of this right. 


Not a ticking time bomb


Have we forgotten Abie Nathan, the peace hero who spent time in jail because he engaged in talks with Palestinians and knowingly broke the law? Some years passed and that law appeared to be illogical and incomprehensibly foolish and was annulled. Isn’t it time to re-examine the righteousness of the Entry into Israel Law and shake up bias that has become too entrenched? Do we need to wait for years before we understand this legislation’s needlessness? 


A woman who never saw waves and sand on the beach is not a ticking time bomb. She’s merely a woman joyful over the sight of a blue sea, which we take for granted. A Palestinian woman from a West Bank refugee camp also deserves once in her life to visit the beach. Making people happy is not a crime; it’s a privilege.


Ilana Hammerman and her colleagues have presented to us with the bar for graciousness, limitless giving without any interest, and the assumption of personal risk, as the offences attributed to them carry a two-year jail sentence. These women are a small reminder to the fact that not all of us had become brutal and that the corrupting occupation nonetheless left some humanity in some of us.


Hammerman and her colleagues are fans of humanity. They salvage the quality of life of a handful of Palestinian women, and somehow also our own quality of life. One of these days, an olive tree will be planted in their honor rather than being uprooted.

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November 25, 2010

by Jonathan Azaziah


New York (City) is a place that is heavily influenced, and in the majority of instances, utterly controlled by the obscenely wealthy Zionist elite. 

The governorship is currently occupied by David Paterson, who replaced the disgraced Zionist Eliot Spitzer. Just two days after Spitzer stepped down, New York’s Zionist leaders fully endorsed Paterson, who had been well known for his charity activities in the Zionist community even prior to becoming governor (1). His lieutenant governor, who controls the state senate, is Richard Ravitch. Though his ascension to the position was ruled unlawful (2), he remains in power.


Ravitch is a powerful Zionist whose construction company built Manhattan Plaza and Waterside Plaza and who has been involved in Zionist fund-raising for half of a century (3). The speaker of New York’s State Assembly is Zionist Sheldon Silver, and earlier this year, he made a request that Ravitch, and not Paterson, should take control of New York’s budget crisis (4).


New York’s US Senate members include the junior official, Kirsten Gillibrand, who stated that she will be an ‘unwavering supporter’ of the Zionist entity and ‘continue to assure Israel’s strategic military advantage in the region (5),’ and the senior official, long-familiar Zionist politician Chuck Schumer, who made it known that he thinks it makes sense to strangle Gaza economically (6).


New York City’s representatives in the US House are entirely Zionist. Anthony Weiner, Jerrold Nadler, Nita Lowey, Steven Israel, Eliot Engel, and Gary Ackerman all support Israel unabashedly. New York City’s mayor is 9/11 criminal, the Zionist billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who regularly donates to pro-Israel charities (7). New York’s Department of Education is headed by Zionist Joel Klein, selected to serve by Bloomberg. Klein and Bloomberg finalized an agreement with the United Federation of Teachers’ President, Zionist Randi Weingarten, to have total dominion over New York’s school system (8).


The diamond industry in New York has always been a ‘Jewish’ establishment since the city’s inception (9), and once the plot to create Israel was hatched, the diamond district began funneling dollars to the Zionist power brokers. The Diamonds Dealers Club (DDC), the elite ‘club’ within the diamond district that makes all of the important decisions, has a board of directors and an arbitrators’ committee comprised of several Israeli-born Zionists, and is owned and operated by Zionists Moshe Mosbacher, who serves as President, and Martin Hochbaum, who serves as Managing Director (10).


The former president of DDC, Jacob Banda, who recently died, was a staunch Zionist who contributed substantial amounts to Hatzalah, a Jews-only ambulance service that is prominent in Israel (11). New York’s diamond district is going through a renovation process that will model it after Israel’s Diamond Exchange (12). All of Israel’s top diamond exporters have offices within the New York diamond district. The transactions being processed represent billions of dollars for the Zionist entity (13).


The most famous, and most influential New York city paper is the New York Times, owned by the Ochs-Sulzberger family, a wealthy Zionist creed that has donated to pro-Israel causes for more than 100 years despite outwardly opposing the usurping entity at times so the family appears ‘non-Zionist’ (14). To this very day, it operates with a strong bias for the Zionist state and reinforces the negative portrayal of Arabs and Muslims in accordance with the other mainstream media outlets (15).


The NASDAQ is controlled by Zionist Robert Greifeld, who signed an agreement with Ester Levanon, the CEO of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange to formalize a ‘closer relationship’ between the two markets (16). The Dow Jones is controlled by the CME Group, owned by Christian Zionists Terrence Duffy and Craig Donohue. Duffy and Donohue purchased the stock exchange from News Corp, owned by infamous Zionist Rupert Murdoch. Duffy and Donohue were honored by Hebrew University earlier this year for their ‘strong support of the state of Israel,’ with Duffy receiving the Zionist school’s National Scopus Award (17). Hebrew University is built on illegally occupied land in Jerusalem. Wall Street is crawling with Zionists, and every company involved in the recent criminal bailout of the banking industry had deep loyalties to the illegitimate terror state. Several of the financial giants were also connected to the 9/11 false flag attack (18).


It is perfectly reasonable to hypothesize, considering how much financial clout and political power the Zionists possess, that any project, structure, or event going against their interest in New York wouldn’t be able to come to fruition. The Park51 ‘community center’ is within this realm of discussion, and the hypothesis is in fact, a reality. It was approved by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission to move forward (19). Every official on the board is selected by the New York City mayor (in this case, Zionist Michael Bloomberg). Another official selected by Bloomberg, the New York City comptroller, John Liu, has recently suggested that Park51 should be granted public funding (20).


As the evidence that will be uniformly laid out in this article will prove, Park51 is nothing but a Zionist PSYOP designed to mislead and galvanize the masses around a complete non-issue, especially the Muslim masses, and divert their attention from what actually matters: 9/11 truth, worldwide US-Zionist aggression, and the worsening illegal occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine.


Visionary or Stooge?


Feisal Abdul Rauf has been hailed by his supporters as a man who has taken on the complexities of Western-Muslim relations and triumphed by bridging the gap with his scholarly books and numerous lectures which he has delivered around the world. This is a fairy tale. Nothing could be further from the truth. He is a staunch capitalist with numerous connections to the US elite, US intelligence, the Zionist Power Configuration and whose primary concern is making a dollar; not the welfare of his ‘fellow’ Muslims.


The criminal use of usury in the United States, coupled with the use of fiat money, is the sole reason for the ever-growing national debt, and the increasing deterioration of the US economy. The tax dollars collected by the intimidation organization known as the IRS pay the interest on the US debt to the privately-owned, Zionist-infested Federal Reserve Bank, not social programs for the poor, health care for the elderly, superb education for future generations, or research and development into bettering society as a whole (21). Due to the criminality associated with usury throughout history, as well as the erosion of spiritual and moral principles that accompanies it, Islam strictly forbids the charging of interest (22).


Feisal Abdul Rauf however, doesn’t concur. He has suggested that the lack of engaging in usury has ‘held the Muslim world back,’ as well as the reason that the Muslim world is ‘lagging behind (23).’ This is an insulting and ludicrous position. Setting morality and honor aside, Islamic banking has proved to be exceedingly profitable and beneficial to the public living under such a financial system, especially in the Islamic Republic of Iran (24). The force that has ‘held the Muslim world back,’ as Rauf so disrespectfully and egregiously expressed, is the United States’ and Zionist entity’s unrelenting aggression that has facilitated countless genocides, occupations, and desecrations of land, as well as subsidizations of brutal, suppressive dictatorial regimes that have developed an uncanny ability to violate human rights.


Feisal Abdul Rauf has taken great pride in his physics degree from Columbia University, his New York Giants fandom, and his niece’s US Army service in occupied Iraq (25). Columbia University is an infamously Zionist institution that has a partnership with the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, a school built on stolen land in occupied Palestine and a key asset to Israel’s nuclear program (26). The New York Giants are co-owned by the powerful Tisch family, which have been active in Zionist causes for as long as the usurping Israeli entity has existed, with the patriarch of the family, Preston Robert Tisch, being honored by the United Jewish Appeal with the George Young Award (27).


The US army has heavily contributed to the murder of 1.5 million civilians in occupied Iraq, committing unfathomably gruesome crimes that have terrorized men, women, and children for seven years. Serving in the army isn’t something to be proud of; it is something that should secure life imprisonment for mass murder and crimes against humanity. In his attempts to convince the American public that he is just as ‘American’ as them, he has enforced some of the many things that are wrong with US society: consumerism, support of illegal wars, attending universities contributing to Zionism, and the pointless obsession with entertainment and games that distract the masses from their government’s plethora of evils.


Rauf has attempted to portray himself as someone who stands against injustice, but this too is a carefully orchestrated public relations campaign, catered to Muslims and the anti-war movement to garner support for the Park51 project. If he was in fact a person that believed in the triumph of the just over the unjust, Rauf wouldn’t have assisted the FBI in its ‘counterterrorism’ efforts after the 9/11 false flag attack (28). The FBI has functioned as a terror organization from its inception. Whether it was being involved in the assassination of legendary revolutionary Malcolm X (29), its COINTELPRO program that helped destroy the Black Panther Party (30), its involvement with the 1993 false flag attack on the World Trade Center (31), or its recent raids on anti-war and pro-Palestine solidarity activists (32), FBI policy has never been about ‘countering’ terrorism; it has been about perpetrating it.


The US State Department also has a long-standing relationship with Rauf. War criminal George Bush’s administration sent Rauf on speaking tours across the Middle East in 2006 and 2007 (33), including a conference in the US client state of Qatar, which houses the largest wing of the US Airforce on Al-Udeid Air Base, a strategic location vital to US-Zionist occupation operations across the Middle East (34).


The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is a powerful New York-based foreign policy think tank that has had an incestuous relationship with the United States government since its creation nearly 90 years ago, with every administration being overrun with CFR members (35), including the administration of Zionist war criminal Barack Obama (36). The CFR was founded as a part of notorious colonialist Cecil Rhodes’ ‘Round Table’ plan, which was designed to spread the principles of globalization throughout the upper echelons of finance and politics using the influence of think tanks (37).


Rhodes was heavily financed by Lord Nathan Rothschild, of the vastly powerful Rothschild banking dynasty, the godfathers of Israel (38). It was Lord Nathan Rothschild’s son, Lionel Walter Rothschild, that formulated what is now known as the ‘Balfour Delcaration,’ the infamous document that paved the way for Britain’s criminal partition of Palestinian land and the illegal creation of the Zionist entity.


Feisal Abdul Rauf is a member of this treacherous organization (39); he sits on its Religious Advisory Committee with several influential Zionists including Madeleine Albright, the former Secretary of State who thinks the genocidal sanctions imposed against Iraq, which annihilated 1.5 million people including more than half a million children, were ‘worth it (40);’ Ruth Messinger, the CEO of American Jewish World Service, who blogs for the Maryland chapter of Hillel, the loathsome Zionist student organization whose motto is ‘Wherever we stand, we stand with Israel (41);’ David Saperstein, the director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, an organization that has an international affairs budget that provides ‘assistance’ to Israel, and which believes ‘robust’ foreign assistance is key to achieving ‘peace (42)’ and openly advertises AIPAC on its website; and Rabbi Arthur Schenier, the honorary president of Religious Zionists of America, the honorary chairman of the American section of the World Jewish Congress, a member of the Executive Committee of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, and a close associate of the illegitimate regime in Tel Aviv that has helped spread the Zionist entity’s propaganda throughout the world (43).


Another member of the CFR Religious Advisory Committee is Jim Wallis, the founder of Sojourners Magazine. Rauf has an extensive working relationship with Wallis, and they’ve participated in many lectures and conferences together including several for Sojourners itself (44). Though Wallis initially denied any connection, he finally admitted that his magazine receives funding from George Soros (45), the corrosive Zionist billionaire who bankrolls J Street (46), a Zionist organization that portrays itself as peaceful when it supports the illegal sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, the apartheid two-state solution and the continued illegal occupation of Jerusalem. Soros is an internationally known financial criminal who was convicted of insider trading in France, who bankrupted the Bank of England (47), and who assaulted Malaysia’s currency to undermine the vehemently anti-Zionist Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad (48).


Another organization that Rauf is connected to is the Aspen Institute, a Zionist think tank advertised by the hawkish Zionist organization, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs under its ‘useful links’ section, and which recently hosted the Zionist entity’s ambassador to America, dual-citizen Michael Oren (49). Rauf has taken part in many ‘working groups’ at the Aspen Institute to promote religious tolerance (50). This is unadulterated hypocrisy. Zionism is the most intolerant ideology on earth; it is against the human rights of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Arabs, Asians, Latinos, Blacks, Caucasians and anyone else who opposes it.


The Aspen Institute is a purveyor of Zionism, as indicated by its Board of Overseers which is comprised of several authoritative Zionists including CEO Walter Isaacson, the chairman of the US-Palestinian Partnership, a Zionist front that lobbies for the apartheid two-state solution and more tourism in Israel (51), and a strong supporter of collaborationist puppet Salam Fayyad (52); Lester Crown, of the massively wealthy Crown family, a high-ranking political consultant on Israeli affairs in the Zionist lobby, a huge financial supporter of Zionist war criminal Obama, and gargantuan contributor to pro-Israel causes (53); Margot Priztker, a staunch supporter of the apartheid wall (54), and whose elite family has donated generously to many Zionist causes, including the Jewish Community Relations Council, a pro-Israel group which advocates the purchase of Zionist products and engages in political sabotage when Israel is condemned (55); and Ranji Nagaswami, who also sits on the Board of Trustees at the New York City Employees’ Retirement System, an organization that routinely purchases bonds from the illegitimate state of Israel (56), and is a former chief investment officer of Alliance Bernstein, a global investment management firm, whose executives have been honored by the aforementioned Hebrew University, built on occupied land in Palestine (57).


If Rauf’s numerous connections to the murderous Bush administration and the elite Zionists in the highest peaks of politics and finance aren’t disturbing enough, then his self-proclaimed support of the terrorist state of Israel should put the proverbial nail in the coffin for anyone who still supports him (58). Rauf isn’t a shimmering visionary who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of peace, justice, religious unity and tolerance; he is a capitalist slumlord (59) that was tapped by the elite power brokers in America to be a stooge in their latest media fiasco to direct the public’s attention elsewhere, while they continue their raping, pillaging and plundering of ancestral Arab and Muslim lands.


The Usual Suspects


Follow the money. This is the rule of thumb when discussing any major geopolitical occurrence as well as the illusion of a major geopolitical occurrence. Park51 would most certainly fall under the latter category. The money trail leading to the ‘Islamic’ Center, as well as its board of directors are connected to the same sources behind any shake-up that occurs globally. It is the same bloody, corrupt, elitist, Zionist money.


The site where Park51 is supposed to be built was sold to Soho Properties, where Rauf is an investor (60), by the Pomerantz family, a powerful real-estate dynasty in New York connected to the equally powerful Milstein family via their former ownership of a Burlington Coat Factory near Ground Zero (61). The Pomerantz and Milstein families are active in Zionist causes, and the patriarch of the latter, Monroe Milstein, donated a $125,000 ambulance to the Zionist entity last year (62).


The Cordoba Initiative, Rauf’s official sponsor of the Park51 project is overseen by a Board of Advisors. The board includes R. Leslie Deak, a former CIA official, private security contractor and heir to a drug money laundering dynasty (63), Rabbi Joy Levitt, a supporter of the Zionist regime’s apartheid wall and a harsh critic of anti-Zionism, which she equates to anti-Semitism (64), Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, an absurd Zionist apologist who recently blogged about the illegitimate usurping entity building human dignity and securing human rights, along with the typical pro-Israel idiocy regarding it being the only free and democratic ‘country’ in the Middle East (65), and a member of the aforementioned Rothschild-founded CFR, noted globalist, John Edwin Mroz, who also sits on the board with Rauf at the One Voice Movement, a Zionist organization pushing for an apartheid two-state solution with an Honorary Board of Advisors consisting of Mossad officials, Zionist bankers, racist Israeli Knesset members, Fatah collaborationists and agents of the monstrous Rothschild and Bronfman dynasties (66).


The other organization that Rauf is using to promote the Park51 project is the America Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA). ASMA is being funded by a ‘who’s who’ of global elitist ‘charity’ organizations, each one loaded with intelligence officers, CFR members, bankers and Zionist policy makers. The moneymen include the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Rockefeller Brothers, Rockefeller Philanthropy, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Global Fund For Women, William and Mary Greve Foundation, The Sister Fund, The Russell Family Foundation, Danny Kaye and Sylvia Fine Foundation, Graham Charitable Foundation, Deak Family Foundation, Henry Luce Foundation, The Elizabeth Foundation, The Ms. Foundation and Hunt Alternatives (67). These are not charitable foundations; these are image-cleaners for the Zionist warmongers and corporate thieves who run them, covering up their genocidal crimes throughout the globe with a pinch of forced ‘good will’ here, and another pinch there. It’s abominable.


If Park51 was anything other than a US-Zionist propaganda operation, why are such revolting organizations habitually funding it? Why did a known Zionist family, who contributes to the destruction of Arab and Muslim lands via their donations to the terrorist state of Israel, sell Rauf and his constituents the property to build Park51 to begin with? And why, if Rauf’s intentions were to build understanding between Islam and the West, as well as to secure the betterment of his fellow Muslims, are there Zionist hatemongers sitting on the boards of his organizations? The answer to all of these questions is a relatively simple one: Rauf is a stooge, and Park51 is exactly what it appears to be, a Zionist PSYOP.


Zionist Control Over Both Sides of the Argument


The Hegelian Dialectic is defined as ‘thesis, antithesis, and synthesis used as analytic tool in order to approach a higher unity or a new thesis.’ In other words: Problem, Reaction, Solution. The Hegelian Dialectic is a common tactic used all over the world by the Zionist criminal network. Create the enemy, fund the opposition to the enemy, then broker a deal between the two factions to appear heroic, democratic, peaceful, etc. The Hegelian Dialectic was used prominently in the Park51 ‘controversy,’ as the Zionist criminal network inserted its agents on both sides of the ‘raging debate,’ with those against the project represented in the media as anti-Islamists and those for the project as ‘Jewish’ voices for religious unity and tolerance. The latter is a fallacy. There was no ‘Jewish’ support; only Zionist control.


Opposition to the community center included influential neo-conservative journalist Stephen Schwartz (68), a hawkish Zionist posing as a Sufi who has defended the genocide in Iraq by the US-Israeli alliance and has accused those seeking 9/11 truth as ‘Jew-haters (69);’ Zionist war criminal Joe Lieberman and his Zionist constituent in the US Congress Peter King (70); Long-time New York politics stalwart Richard Brodsky (71), an active member of the Zionist fund-raising community (72); Defender of the Freedom Flotilla massacre Congressman Steve Israel (73); the criminal ADL (74), the despicable Zionist Organization of America (75), and the ageless, propaganda-spreading Simon Wiesenthal Center (76) which abhorrently concocted a project to build a Zionist museum on a Palestinian cemetery (77); the right-wing extremist Tea Party (78), bankrolled by Zionist billionaires David Koch, Charles Koch and infamous ultra-Zionist Rupert Murdoch (79); and of course, the notoriously vile Islamophobes Pamela Geller (80) and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch (81), both of whom are heavily funded by the Zionist power couple of Aubrey and Joyce Chernick, who have donated to the aforementioned ADL and Zionist Organization of America for decades (82).


Supporters of the community center included 9/11 criminal Mayor Bloomberg himself (83); the American Jewish Committee (84), one of the oldest Zionist organizations in America; the Zionist New York Times, which presented several articles depicting Rauf’s globalist project in a positive light (85); the Zionist New York Representative Jerrold Nadler (86), another defender of the Freedom Flotilla massacre (87); Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer (88), who marched in the ‘Salute to Israel’ festival, a parade honoring the murderous Zionist entity, earlier this summer (89); former Bush speech writer Michael Gerson (90), a sickening defender of the Zionist genocide of Gaza in 2008-09 (91); the aforesaid Soros-funded Zionist lobby organization J Steet (92); Mormon Zionist Utah Senator Orin Hatch (93), who enjoys singing songs for the brutal occupier of Palestine (94); and even the Zionist entity’s mouthpiece Haaretz, which has published a handful of articles supporting Rauf and his project (95).


In addition, every Western television station, exclusively owned by the Zionist criminal network, broadcasted nonstop coverage of the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ controversy, making it the must-see news story every single day for months on end, raking in billions of dollars in the process while simultaneously depriving the public of any real news, as always. Indeed, the only beneficiaries of this project have been Israel, its supporters and its collaborators in spreading worldwide hatred of Islam and covering up its slew of international crimes.


A Note Regarding The Qur’an Burning


Amidst the height of the Park51 controversy, another level of the PSYOP was brought into play: Burning the Holy Qur’an on the ninth anniversary of 9/11. This detestable act was to be carried out by Pastor Terry Jones of the tiny Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida.


While the plot was internationally condemned by Muslims and non-Muslims alike from Egypt to occupied Kashmir, occupied Afghanistan to occupied Iraq, Europe to America, the voices speaking up regarding who was behind such a repulsive act were non-existent other than those coming from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad slammed Jones’ plan as a ‘Zionist plot, and against the teachings of all divine prophets (96).’ Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khameini, called the Qur’an burning a ‘stage in the extending trend of anti-Islamism led by Zionism and the American regime (97).’ Several bloggers and activists chastised the Iranian leaders and insulted them, remarking that ‘not everything is a Zionist plot,’ and even going as far as calling the Resistance leaders ‘idiots.’ However, upon further scrutiny of the evidence, it is clear that the Ayatollah and the Iranian President are correct in their accusations and observations.


Terry Jones is in fact, a self-admitted Zionist who thinks Islam is cursed because Islam cursed Israel (98). It should go without saying, that Islam never cursed Israel; Israel cursed Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Arabs, Hebrews and all of humanity with its very existence. The illegitimate terror state has desecrated holy sites, holy relics, holy books, holy prophets and the righteous people of dignity and faith from occupied Palestine, Lebanon, occupied Kashmir, Syria, Jordan, Pakistan and occupied Iraq since its bastardized creation 62 years ago. The ‘icing on the cake’ regarding the issue of Terry Jones’ Qur’an burning being a Zionist plot is revealed in the publisher of his ‘book.’ Jones threw together a pack of filthy lies, racism, ignorance and xenophobia, bound them together and called it a book, entitled ‘Islam Is Of The Devil.’ The publisher of this vicious drivel is a company called Creation House; Creation House is a subsidiary of Strang Communications, owned by none other than evangelical fanatic, Stephen Strang (99).


Stephen Strang is the director of operations in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina for Christians United for Israel (100), the parasitic Zionist organization which has donated millions upon millions of dollars to the usurping regime.


It would now appear that the idiots are not President Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Khameini, but those who closed their minds and eyes to the fact that everything pertaining to Islamophobia and divisions amongst indigenous peoples is connected to the Zionist regime. These persons tend to forget that the entire Western media is owned by Zionists; this in and of itself is evidence that the Qur’an burning was a Zionist plot, excluding the undeniable evidence presented above; it is illogical to believe that a bantam church with a congregation of 50 people could make national headlines without the Zionist media networks making sure it did so. It was broadcasted to achieve a certain purpose; that purpose was to place a schism between Muslims and Christians and drive another dagger into the heart of Islam.


This plot though, like so many other plots against Islam, didn’t go according to Zionist plans. Just in Washington D.C. alone, 180 men and women reverted to Islam after seeing its beauty attacked via the depravity of Terry Jones (101).


Conclusion: The Real Issues


Though Rauf and his Park51 project have not been extensively featured in the Zionist-owned media in the past month, its existence will always serve as a weapon for the propagandists to use when a distraction is needed during moments of crisis that have massive geopolitical repercussions. Hate-monger Bill O’Reilly of Zionist Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, ranted on The View, of ABC, owned by Zionist Robert Iger, about the Ground Zero Mosque while spewing 9/11 falsehoods on October 16th (102), and the Sulzberger-owned New York Times just featured a piece on Rauf’s wife, Daisy Khan, and the Park51 project on November 14th (103). This ridiculousness isn’t going away; unless Muslims and non-Muslims reject it as the fraud, the sham, the joke and the disgrace that it is. The religious scholars of al-Azhar University in Egypt slammed the Park51 project as a ‘Zionist conspiracy,’ further saying that the community center represents the ‘devious mentality of connecting 9/11 with Islam though Islam is innocent (104).’


The righteous scholars of al-Azhar couldn’t be more correct. The Park51 community center will feature a memorial for the victims murdered in the 9/11 attacks which Park51 attributes to ‘extremism and radicalism (105).’


The issues at hand are not religious freedom and understanding between the Muslims and the West. And even if they were, Park51 does not represent these issues; Park51 represents the Zionist desecration of these issues and the cover-up of Western crimes against Muslims. Park51 represents the mask being placed on the war against Islam and other Godwary persons of the Jewish and Christian faiths living in Arab and Muslim lands under Zionist occupation and oppression. Park51 represents the disgusting idea that the only way Muslims can be ‘American’ is if they assimilate into the American culture of materialism, war, depravity, entertainment, corrupt politics and half-hearted religiousness.


The real issues at hand are the Zionist-designed American and British genocidal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, the Zionist occupation of Palestine, the Zionist-assisted Indian occupation of Kashmir, the Tel Aviv occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights, the Israeli occupation of Lebanon’s Ghajar, Kfar Shouba Hills and Shebaa Farms, murderous drone strikes in Pakistan, the US-backed AU-UN occupation of Somalia, the incoming Zionist-requested occupation of Yemen (106), the Zionist-designed ‘war on terror’ which has ruined thousands of Muslim lives across the globe, most notably Omar Khadr and Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, and 9/11 truth, which is supported by overwhelming evidence that shows the attacks were an intricate Mossad false flag attack to justify the aforementioned crimes (107).


As if the concept itself wasn’t deplorable, the Park51 project is going to cost somewhere in the range of $150 million (108). The supporters of Park51, and the Muslim supporters in particular need to ask themselves two simple questions: Was Islamophobia started by everyday Westerners, or is it the product of a Zionist-propaganda campaign that began after the Zionist criminal network attacked the World Trader Center? And is a $150 million ‘Islamic’ community center the most practical remedy for the plight that Muslims are experiencing all over the world? The answer to the former is obviously the product of a Zionist-propaganda campaign, and the answer to the latter is a resounding ‘NO.’


$150 million could be used to rebuild the lives of the 5 million tormented refugees of occupied Iraq or its 5 million orphans left parentless by the systematic US-Zionist destruction of their nation (109).


$150 million could be given to the suffering people of illegally besieged Gaza, where 80% of the population lives below poverty due to the criminal Zionist blockade (110).


$150 million could be used to build rehabilitation centers for the more than 9,000 women raped by the Indian occupier of Kashmir since 1989 (111).


$150 million could be used to give proper shelter to 3.2 million Afghan refugees who have fled to the Islamic Republics of Iran and Pakistan after their lives were destroyed by US-British occupation forces (112).


$150 million could be used to provide extensive medical care to the Lebanese innocents still feeling the devastation of the Zionist entity’s cluster bombs that ravaged their nation in 2006 (113).


$150 million could sure be used to aid the 21 million displaced Pakistanis forced from their homes by HAARP-induced brutal floods that demolished their country earlier this year (114).


$150 million could be used to rebuild the countless neighborhoods in Somalia utterly destroyed by UN and AU mortar attacks which have slaughtered thousands of civilians already (115).


$150 million could be used for anything but a pointless, arrogant, Zionist-supported community center that has about as much to do with Islam as comatose butcher Ariel Sharon has to do with humanity.


Park51 is the latest Zionist PSYOP in a long line of psychological warfare operations forced upon the public by the pro-Israel media. Park51 shouldn’t be supported; it should be boycotted, along with its Zionist backers. Building a ‘mosque’ near Ground Zero, where nearly 3,000 people were murdered by Mossad and CIA, is not a First Amendment victory for Muslims or a triumph of religious freedom; it is an insult to their faith, their intelligence, their innocence and their dignity.


A triumph of religious freedom for Muslims will be the day the fascist armies of Britain and America are driven out of occupied Iraq, and the mosques of Fallujah, The City of Mosques, are rebuilt so Muslims can worship in peace once more; or the shrines and mosques of the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala are no longer disturbed, damaged and ruined by Israeli IEDs and Mossad car bombs.


A triumph of religious freedom for Muslims will be the day they can worship at al-Aqsa in occupied al-Quds without repulsive and racist IOF forces occupying the holy site and harassing them, as well as any other mosque throughout occupied Palestine for that matter. A triumph of religious freedom for Muslims will be the day that the Indian occupation of Kashmir ends, and the barbaric Indian military curfew is lifted, so Kashmiris can worship at their mosques and shrines freely. A triumph of religious freedom for Muslims, will be the day that the world knows the ugly truth about 9/11, and Muslim women are no longer glared at for wearing their hijab, Muslim men are no longer jeered for keeping a long beard, and Muslim families are no longer attacked when leaving the mosque after Friday prayers because Westerners think of ‘9/11 terrorists’ when they look at a Muslim.


The only time that Muslims should be mentioned in the same breath as 9/11 is when discussing the numerous malevolent crimes committed against them in its name. 9/11 had absolutely nothing to do with Islam and absolutely everything to do with Israel’s Mossad, its sayanim and its allies in the CIA. May the truth behind the atrocious Park51 operation be an eye-opener for all Muslims, as well as all courageous people fighting for justice around the world. And may it prepare them for any other criminal Zionist buffoonery that is sure to be brought forth in the future.


~ The End ~




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DeLay Convicted of Money Laundering Charges

( – After almost 19 hours of deliberations, a Travis County jury today convicted former U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay on felony charges of political money laundering.

DeLay faces two to 20 years in prison on a conspiracy charge and five to 99 years or life on a money laundering charge. DeLay remains free on bail, with sentencing tentatively set for Dec. 20.

DeLay and his family did not react when the verdict was read. But after the court was dismissed, DeLay received a hug and a kiss from his wife. Then, his adult daughter, Dani, buried her face into DeLay’s shoulder and began sobbing. DeLay’s face turned red as he fought back tears.

DeLay’s defense lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, who has claimed no money laundering actually occurred, decried the verdict.

“This is a terrible miscarriage of justice,” DeGuerin said. “We will appeal. I’m very, very disappointed. This will never stand up on appeal.”

DeLay, as he has from the beginning, said the case was all politics, but said his religious faith is getting him through.

“I’m not going to blame anyone,” he said. “This is an abuse of power. It’s a miscarriage of justice. And I still maintain that I am innocent. The criminalization of politics undermines our system.”

Lead prosecutor Gary Cobb said the jury acted without a political agenda and made a decision based on the facts.

“We thought the citizens of Travis County would see this case for what it was, a corrupt politician who was caught violating the laws of the state,” Cobb said.

The case against DeLay originally was brought in 2005 by then-District Attorney Ronnie Earle. DeLay claimed Earle was conducting a Democratic political vendetta.

Earle’s successor, District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, noted that as the DeLay case began, her office won a corruption conviction of state Rep. Kino Flores, D-Palmview. She said the cases together show there is nothing partisan about her investigators and prosecutors.

“This case is a message from the citizens of the state of Texas that the public officials they elect to represent them must do so honestly, ethically or else they will be held accountable,” Lehmberg said.

The six-man, six-woman jury promised each other that they would not talk to the media afterward. Visiting Judge Pat Priest assured them he would not immediately release their names.

“It has been conveyed to me by the bailiff that you do not wish to become instant celebrities,” Priest said.

One juror agreed to speak briefly to reporters so long as neither the gender nor any identifying features be given away. The juror said the decision was based on the weight of the evidence in the case.

“It was just everything,” the juror said.

DeLay and two political aides were accused of arranging to trade $190,000 in corporate money with the Republican National Committee in 2002 in exchange a like amount of money raised from individual donations that the RNC gave to seven specified Texas candidates. Texas law bars the use of corporate contributions in candidate elections.


Erdogan: We won’t be silent if Israel attacks Lebanon, Gaza

In Beirut, Turkish PM says Israel cannot “enter Lebanon with the most modern aircraft and tanks to kill women and children”; Armenians clash with troops in protest of visit.

( Turkey will not stay silent in the event of an Israeli attack on Lebanon or the Gaza Strip, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in Beirut on Thursday, according to an AFP report.

“Does (Israel) think it can enter Lebanon with the most modern aircraft and tanks to kill women and children, and destroy schools and hospitals, and then expect us to remain silent?” Erdogan asked on the final day of a two-day visit to Lebanon.

“Does it think it can use the most modern weapons, phosphorus munitions and cluster bombs to kill children in Gaza and then expect us to remain silent? We will not be silent and we will support justice by all means available to us,” he added.

During the course of his trip, Erdogan met with officials and visited the north and south of the country.

On Thursday in Beirut, hundreds of Lebanese of Armenian descent clashed with army troops during a protest over the Turkish prime minister’s visit.

He was inaugurating a hospital in the southern port city of Sidon as hundreds of protesters gathered in the capital’s Martyrs’ Square.

When demonstrators tore up a large poster of Erdogan and pelted troops with rocks, security responded by beating up a number of them.

There were no reports of major injuries.

Lebanon has 150,000 Armenians, or nearly 4 percent of its population, which harbors deep animosity toward Turks over the 1915 killing of up to 1.5 million Armenians.

On Wednesday, Erdogan attempted to ease tensions in Lebanon over the soon to be released findings of the UN tribunal investigating the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri.

Erdogan, during a speech in northern Lebanon, said that if Hizbullah were found guilty of the Hariri assassination, it would impact the entire region.

He suggested that the tribunal delay releasing its findings for another year.

Arab League: Referendum law proves Israel’s aggressive nature

Deputy Arab League chief accuses Israel of placing ‘one obstacle after another’ to halt efforts to renew Mideast peace process.

The Arab League on Wednesday condemned Israel’s new law requiring a referendum on land concession as “illustrating the aggressive character” of the Israeli government and its “disregard for international law.”

Israel “continues to place obstacle after obstacle to harm efforts to renew the peace process,” Deputy Arab League chief Ahmed Hali said.

Arab League meeting in Cairo

Arab foreign ministers and delegations attending a meeting of the Arab League in Cairo on July 29, 2010.

Photo by: AP

Every step Israel takes in that direction amplifies the tension and instability in the Middle East, added Hali. He called on the global community to intervene and force Israel to abide by international law.

The Arab League issued its response to the new law a day after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned that the move “puts obstacles in the way of the political process.”

“The Israelis want to tell the whole world that they will not withdraw from Jerusalem or the Golan,” Abbas told reporters on Tuesday at the opening of the new headquarters of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Ramallah.

The Knesset on Monday approved that law, which stipulates a two-thirds parliamentary majority to cede land in east Jerusalem to the Palestinians or in the Golan Heights to Syria. Failing that, either withdrawal would become subject to a referendum.

While noting that he did not object to Israel putting the final peace deal to a referendum, Abbas said a referendum “on this part or that” meant “obstructions on the way to peace.”

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat told a news conference that the Israeli parliament vote “is a violation of international law,” which considers Jerusalem and the Golan Heights occupied territories.

The two Arab leaders were not the only ones to criticize the bill; Defense Minister Ehud Barak said it would likely be used by Israel’s enemies as proof that it is averse to advancing the Middle East peace process.

“A Palestinian state is in Israel’s clear interest,” Barak said. “This [law] won’t do anybody any good. We must get pass the obstacle of settlement freeze, because is a weak point for Israel that cannot be explained to the world.”

Syria also condemned the bill, saying it was further proof that the Israeli government was not interested in peace.

A Syrian Foreign Ministry official said Tuesday the bill makes a mockery of international laws and UN Security Council resolutions.

Syria lost the Golan Heights to Israel in the 1967 Mideast war and wants it all back as the price for peace.

Israel denies any role in death of German politician

Berlin paper blames Mossad for assassinating Uwe Barschel in 1987 because of his supposed knowledge of Israeli-Iranian arms deals.


BERLIN – Swiss chemical professor Hans Brandenberger has issued a report that appears to lay a scientific basis for the theory developed by a self-identified former Mossad agent that an Israeli hit team assassinated scandal-plagued German politician Uwe Barschel in his Geneva hotel room in 1987.

Under this scenario, Barschel was killed because of his knowledge of illegal Israeli-Iranian arms trading, according to a lengthy article on Sunday in the Berlin-based Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

The paper’s headline read “New lead in the case of Barschel. Trace leads to Mossad” and drew parallels between the contentions of the former Mossad agent, Victor Ostrovsky, and the report issued by forensic specialist Brandenberger.

The 89-year-old toxicologist said “the chemical findings indicate a murder…. Because of the complexity of the murder it must be assumed that a professional hit team, and not an individual, was at work.”

Ostrovsky wrote in his 1994 book The Other Side of Deception: A Rogue Agent Exposes the Mossad’s Secret Agenda that Uwe Barschel was killed by a five-man Israeli assassination team.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor issued a statement to the German news service DPA on Monday, saying “There’s no basis on which one could connect Israel to this case.”

In terms of a new German investigation, Palmor said, “It’s not up to us to tell the German authorities what they should do or not do.”

Palmor dismissed Ostrovsky’s contentions, saying “Half of what he says is lies, and the other half is invented.”

Uwe Barschel was a member of the Christian Democratic Union and was governor of Schleswig- Holstein from 1982-1987. Engulfed in a political scandal because of his involvement in a mudslinging campaign against his opponent, Barschel resigned in 1987. Though Barschel denied participation in discrediting his Social Democratic opponent, it was revealed that he played a role in the campaign attacks.

The Swiss authorities – including a number of forensic experts – concluded that the 43-year-old Barschel committed suicide by taking sleep medication in Geneva’s Beau-Rivage hotel, where he was found dead in the bathtub.

Brandenberger argues in his pathology report that the killers gave Barschel powerful sedatives and then a lethal cocktail of drugs. According to Brandenberger, his report is based on an analysis of tissue and organs detailing the trajectory and timing of the several drugs.

Germany’s media and legal system have pursued leads over the years to determine if Barschel’s death was a suicide or the result of foul play. The case has become something of an obsession over the years among German media and authorities. Brandenberger’s report is now fueling wild conspiracy theories about Israel in the blogosphere.

The public prosecutor’s office in Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, announced on Monday that it plans to reopen the Barschel case. According to a 1998 Lübeck prosecutor’s investigation, there were “discrepancies” in Ostrovsky’s account that did not provide credibility for his theory that the Mossad was responsible for Barschel’s death.


‘Congresswoman halts Israel-Cuba diplomatic opening’

Politico: Incoming Rep. Ros-Lehtinen let Israel know she was displeased with the possible rapprochement, leading to apology from Netanyahu.

US House Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen helped shut down a recent diplomatic opening betweenIsrael and Cuba, according to Politico.

Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), the incoming chairwoman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, let Israel know she was displeased with the possible rapprochement, Politico reported. The congresswoman is a Cuban exile and violently opposed to Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

In an interview with The Atlantic reporter Jeffrey Goldberg, Castro defended Israel and Jews and criticized Iran, leading to praise from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a friendly letter from President Shimon Peres

Ros-Lehtinen complained to Israel about the warm reception to Castro’s words, leading to an apologetic call from Netanyahu, Politico reported.

“I just said look, this guy has been an enemy of Israel, just because he said something that a normal person would say — after 50 years of anti-Israel incitement, it’s one phrase from an old guy who doesn’t even know where he’s standing,” Ros-Lehtinen told Politico.


Sarah Palin: ‘We’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies’


A slip of the tongue by Sarah Palin mixing up North and South Korea is a reminder of the credibility hurdles she faces


Sarah Palin addresses a 9/11 event in Anchorage, Alaska 

( Palin never claimed she could see Russia from her house – that was Tina Fey – but she went one better on Glenn Beck’s radio show in discussing the tensions in the Korean Peninsula and saying: “We’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies”.

A transcript of the radio show reads:

Interviewer: How would you handle a situation like the one that just developed in North Korea?

Palin: Well, North Korea, this is stemming from a greater problem, when we’re all sitting around asking, ‘Oh no, what are we going to do,’ and we’re not having a lot of faith that the White House is going to come out with a strong enough policy to sanction what it is that North Korea is going to do. So this speaks to a bigger picture that certainly scares me in terms of our national security policy. But obviously,we’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies – we’re bound to by treaty….

Interviewer: South Korean.

Palin: Yes, and we’re also bound by prudence to stand with our South Korean allies, yes.

Although it was obvious from her preceding remarks that this really was just a slip of the tongue, it’s exactly the kind of slip that Palin can’t afford to make if she wants to be a credible presidential candidate in 2012.

It wasn’t long before Twitter wags got on the case:

Like the brave Sarah Palin, I, too, support our allies in North Dakota

A book on the 2008 presidential election campaign, Game Change, had some revealing if unsourced claims about Palin’s lack of knowledge, presumably coming from one of John McCain’s advisors. Page 397 of the paperback edition described events from September 2008:

[M]embers of her traveling party met Palin at the Rtitz-Carlton near Reagan airport, in Pentagon City, Virginia – and found that, although she’d made some progress with her memorization and studies, her grasp of rudimentary facts and concepts was minimal. Palin couldn’t explain why North and South Koreawere separate nations. She didn’t know what the Fed did. Asked who attacked America on 9/11, she suggested several times that it was Saddam Hussain. And asked to identify the enemy that her son would be fighting in Iraq, she drew a blank.

A slip of the tongue is the bane of any politician’s life: ask Barack Obama, who in the presidential campaign said he’d visited 57 states and has rarely been allowed to forget it. So if Palin is a serious candidate for the Republican nomination it’s better that she mix up South and North Korea than North and South Carolina, where a crucial early presidential primary takes place.

Aside from the North Korea mistake, Palin’s full response to the question was foreign policy boilerplate: stand by South Korea and try to put pressure on China. Hardly maverick stuff – and almost certainly what the White House is already doing.

Poll: Americans Oppose Going to War Over Korea


Voters Wary as Officials Pledge Unquestioning Support for South

by Jason Ditz,

Obama Administration officials made a big show of pledging to commit American soldiers to a potential resumption of the Korean War, and the head of the US Air Force even offered to “pitch in” if South Korea started launching bombing raids against the North. But a new Chicago Council on Global Affairs poll showed a large majority of Americans are averse to getting involved in a new Korean War.

Indeed, 56 percent of Americans opposed unilateral military action in the extremely unlikely event that North Korea launched an all-out invasion on the South. The poll also showed massive opposition to the US taking it upon themselves to “punish” North Korea for affronts against the South.

Of course, while tensions are on the rise on the Korean Peninsula in the wake of this week’s brief artillery clash, a ground invasion by the struggling North seems remarkably unlikely. In fact, even official war games held in and around the peninsula universally assume an invasion of the North in an attempt to stabilize the nation or enforce a regime change, not the other way around.

The poll was not confined to Korean matters, though this was clearly the topic of most immediate import this week. The poll also showed growing opposition among voters to the planned “permanent” bases in Afghanistan and the possibility of such bases in Iraq, suggesting the era of knee-jerk support for America’s ever-growing collection of overseas bases is coming to an end.


Who Voted for More War?

by Philip Giraldi,

Something strange has occurred in the aftermath of the November 2nd midterm election.  Even though the United States is fighting two major wars and is involved as well in a number of lesser military conflicts in Africa and the Middle East, foreign and security policy was not on the ballot anywhere.  Apart from a couple of candidates in Illinois trying to outdo each other in terms of affirmation of loyalty to Israel, not a word was heard about America’s international engagements and their consequences. 

Yet, we find ourselves only three weeks later learning that the election and its Republican Party triumph is an affirmation of the foreign policy of the Bush Administration and a sign that the American people want a more assertive role for the United States internationally.  More torture by all means but let’s call it something else, keep Guantanamo open, and don’t forget that pat down at the airport.  As the great George Orwell put it, freedom is slavery and war is peace.  Ain’t it hell?

Not being able to vote on major issues because one is not offered the choice by the two dominant parties is nothing new in the United States.  Searching for the antiwar vote is somewhat akin to the curious case of the dog that didn’t bark. The inside the beltway consensus on foreign policy, that the US is a force for good and should be involved everywhere and at all times, is deeply ingrained in the system even if the voters often don’t quite get it.  Even when Americans do think they are voting for change they are invariably disappointed.  One need only recall the Barack Obama electoral victory, obtained through an antiwar vote that was subsequently discounted when the Democratic version of the Great Decider ascended to the throne in the Emerald City. 

Today, under Obama, we have more war, more citations of state secrets, and a justice system that has been so perverted that a recent federal jury trial of terrorist suspect Ahmed Ghailani is being roundly condemned on both sides of the political aisle because it failed to convict on all counts.  Congress will no doubt soon move to dispense with trials altogether, opting instead to declare verdicts in advance, avoiding all the expense of defense attorneys and summoning juries.  The money saved can be used to reconstruct Afghanistan or to build more prisons here at home to accommodate the surge in convictions.

But absence of evidence that Americans want more war is not necessarily evidence of absence, as the sagacious Donald Rumsfeld once put it.  The subliminal desire to kill more ragheads could well have been there, quite possibly expressed through oblique references to mosques defiling the sacred soil of ground zero or rumors of Sharia law emerging full blown in Oklahoma.  Sensing the possible mood swing, we now have a number of leading Republicans and at least one independent charging full speed ahead, sounding as if they had just emerged victorious from a national referendum calling on congress to declare war on those parts of the world that are not already under assault by US forces. 

Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain discern a new will to go toe to toe with Islamofascism while Sarah Palin, from her bully pulpit, is calling for victory in both Iraq and Afghanistan and using force to support America’s “friends” all around the world.  Joe Lieberman is talking openly of a possible congressional resolution that would endorse war against Iran.  Barack Obama has responded to the challenge characteristically by surrendering on all fronts, announcing that the US will be in Afghanistan until 2014, not leaving in 2011 as he had previously pledged.  The date is providential as it promises eventual departure to the delusional who still believe that the president is a man of his word while offering an end strategy where nothing actually has to happen before the next presidential election in 2012.  He will also be giving Israel a whole lot of new warplanes in exchange for absolutely nothing, making it more likely that Joe Lieberman’s dream of an Iran reduced to a bubbling puddle by Zionist nukes might come about.

Just as Bristol Palin’s lead footed performance on television’s Dancing with the Stars proves that you don’t actually have to know how to dance to enter the finals of a dance competition in the United States, so too has it proven unnecessary to know anything at all to wind up in congress or to aspire to even higher office. The dittoheads from both parties have taken control of Washington.  Being voted into office by a largely ignorant electorate that has been led by the nose for years appears to have become something close to sanctification, turning a used car salesman into a latter day Palmerston. 

Both voters and those they elect confuse the ability to bomb the crap out of half of the world with sound judgment and statesmanship.  What goes through the brain of someone who casts a vote for a Lindsey Graham or a John McCain or a Joe Lieberman?  Or, God help us all, a Sarah Palin?  Is it a form of mental illness or some kind of Armageddonite impulse that is seeking a war that will terminate the world as we know it?  Well, with the new Republican majority and a cipher in the White House they just might get their chance to end everything.

But as it is Thanksgiving, it is perhaps appropriate to ditch the gloom for just one day and look on the bright side.  There has been no war against Iran in spite of the best efforts of Graham, McCain, Lieberman, Palin, the Israel Lobby, and the mainstream media.  That is largely due to the intelligence community’s having developed a backbone in its 2007 Iran NIE, but it is also the product of alternative media sites like that make sure that the downside of yet another military adventure is made clear to an increasingly well informed and vocal public. 

Antiwar has a stable of staff and contributors who put in long hours to produce unique content for the site, reflecting a wide range of viewpoints even if neocons are not generally welcome, thank you very much.  On Thanksgiving I personally want to thank the many contributors whom I read and listen to every week:  Justin Raimondo, Kelley Vlahos, Scott Horton, Ivan Eland, Chuck Pena, Jeff Huber, Jim Lobe, Gareth Porter, Paul Craig Roberts, and so many others.  And I particularly will drink a toast later today to my fellow former spooks who have done so much to rip the veil of secrecy that surrounds the National Security State and its bankrupt policies:  Ray McGovern, Michael Scheuer, and the Christisons.  Floreat in aeternum!

Please check out the brand new book detailing Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS LIBERTY here

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Gabriel Ash is an activist and writer. Ash is a core member of IJAN (Inrternational Jewish Anti-Zionist Network), and he co-writes the blog Jews Sans Frontieres.

In this article Ash points out a tendency within the Israeli left to blame groups – other than the ruling elite – for the growing racism of Israeli society. Ash claims that it’s the policies of the ruling class (“AHUSALIM” – secular Ashkenazi veteran socialist nationalists), not various other groups, even ones who are more overtly racist than those in control, that are responsible for Israel’s perpetual motion towards ever growing racist reality. Any strategy aiming to deal with the underclasses – the religious, the emigrants from the former Soviet Union, or the Mizrahim, ends up propping up the ruling class, and is self-defeating. In Ash’s words: “The upshot of this analysis is also clear. Supporting white Ashkenazi (ahusalim, if one prefers) domination in Israel, in addition to having no moral justification, is, to the extent that the past is any indication, a recipe for further disaster.”

Racheli Gai

Gabriel Ash: Israel’s ashkenazi elite, not Russian immigrants, are responsible for the country’s ever increasing racism
Nov 22, 2010

Before syphilis was baptized with its modern name, it used to be called the “French disease” in Italy, Poland and Germany, the “Italian disease” in France, the “Spanish disease” in the Netherlands, the “Polish disease” in Russia and the “Christian disease” in Istanbul. Something quite similar appears to be today the fate of overt racism. Bad people always seem to be bringing it from elsewhere. For some unfathomable reason nobody wants to claim ownership.

Thus, of all places in Israel, Yossi Gurvitz informs us that “disregard of human rights, contempt for democracy and the democratic process, and rampant racism towards ‘uncivilized people’, such as Asians or Muslims” are symptoms of the Soviet system, the portrait of a homo sovieticus.

To be clear, I don’t call Gurvitz “a racist,” a term that I believe should, for reasons of discursive hygiene, be reserved to those who advocate racial discrimination. “Identify the racist” is often a loser’s game, and merely replacing the figure of the homo sovieticus with that of a homo ashkenaz would achieve little that is worth achieving. What is worth achieving is understanding how racializing reinforces relations of power and domination. To do that one must start with dismissing Gurvitz’s defense, not in order to prove that he is indeed a racist, but to understand the work expressions such as homo sovieticus perform.

Gurvitz’s main defense is that he cannot be a racist because he has the facts on his side. Russian immigrants have measurably more racist attitudes. To argue with such facts would be to defy common sense. But racism almost always proceeds from facts. To be sure, fictional racism exists, witness Joan Peters, Alan Dershowitz and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. These however are the exceptions. Racist arguments are generally based on facts, badly selected, misused and misinterpreted, but nonetheless facts. Racism is not ignorance of the other. On the contrary, it is a form of knowledge.

Russian immigrants do hold more authoritarian and racist news than average Jewish Israelis, but what Gurvitz does with facts such as this is crude. He presents a one tone stereotype of a “Lieberman voter.” Do really people vote for Lieberman because they are “isolated from the outside world?” Do issues of class, resource allocation, power and identity have nothing to do with that vote? Then he attributes that caricature to “the soviet system.” Is “blind acceptance of claims made by authority” really the result of living under the soviet system? I was born in a communist country, and the people I know took from the experience a general belief that claims made by state authorities are lies. Perhaps I am not as well informed about Soviet life as Gurvitz. Finally, he asserts that these racist attitudes inherent in Russians made Israel more racist, a very questionable claim. What motivates Gurvitz’s anger?

Gurvitz assures us that he knows all about Israel’s history. Unfortunately he shows little effort to draw insight from this knowledge. Let us begin with the end: Gurvitz says that “there is something exceptionally loathsome in an émigré whose politics are based on the idea of expelling the native population.”

Israel exists by virtue of Jews arriving from Europe and expelling the native population. Granted that what Lieberman is proposing is loathsome, how is it exceptionally loathsome relative to the very foundation of Israel and its continuing refusal to allow the return of the expelled Palestinians? Were not the Palmach troops composed of and led by émigrés? Isn’t the very expression of “exceptional” outrage here a mean to normalize and naturalize the original outrage?

The expulsion of 1948 is not only the foundational act of Israel’s creation. Crucially, it is the foundation of the distribution of wealth in Israel. By and large, Israelis possess wealth to the extent that they or their families were close to this act of original dispossession. The wealthiest, most powerful, most connected Israelis, which Gurvitz identifies, following Kimmerling, as “ahusalim” (secular Ashkenazi veteran socialist nationalists), were those whose families directly profited from the expulsion. The domination of this group over other subordinated groups was and is based on the control of the resources primarily grabbed through that expulsion. Itzhak Laor, reviewing Kimmerling, explains what happened next:

One by one, Kimmerling enumerates the sequence of cracks that appeared in Ahusal rule: Gush Emunim, the ultra-Orthodox, the Mizrahi Jews who have their origins in the Muslim countries and Shas, the immigration from Russia, the deprived Arabs. All these groups were created by the Ahusalim, or more precisely, were shaped by the Ahusalim into dependents, potential voters in return for loyalty, and turned into forces that at one stage or another shook off the need to kiss the hand of the Ahusal.( )

Gurvitz thinks that being an “ahusal” is a pejorative. It needn’t be. It is the naming of a sociopolitical configuration. If you want to change a society, a good starting point is understanding it, mapping it, and indentifying how power flows in it. Political strategies follow from political analysis. For Gurvitz, the reason Israel is becoming more and more racist is because of the rise of various groups that are inherently more racist than the original ethnic cleansers. These groups are primarily religious Jews and Russians.

A clear political strategy follows from this racialized analysis of racism in Israel: we need to strengthen the power of the original ethnic cleansers and the people who benefitted most from that ethnic cleansing. The more power they have, the more liberal and democratic Israel will become. This is the upshot of Gurvitz’s homo sovieticus putdown for Lieberman. It is a plea for people outside Israel to support “ahusal” domination.

The alternative analysis that I propose, following Kimmerling, Laor, and others, is that, rather than other Jews being inherently more racist, it is precisely the various maneuvers of the ahusalim seeking to defend their privilege against challenges that has progressively moved Israel to ever increasing racism and violence. The original settlers opened the country to Arab Jews in order to avoid having to let the Palestinian refugees back in. Then the elite chose the economic path of militarization and war primarily to avoid having to share wealth with these same Arab Jews. Militarization lead directly to the occupation of 1967. After 1967, the territories became the tool for keeping the peace between the different sections of Israeli society, and in particular for building an alliance with religious Jews. This became even more important during Oslo, when settlements became an alternative welfare system while Israel itself went the neoliberal way, allowing the wealthiest Israe
lis to
become ever wealthier. Finally, the Russian immigration itself was welcomed and encouraged in order to check the rising power of Shas and restore white power.

The often noted absence of a class and race perspective from the analysis of the conflict presented by the Israeli left is not merely a matter of a moral failure. The Israeli “left” cannot deal critically with its own class and race position because it is the political expression of racially constituted elite. This elite is looking for “peace” when and to the extent that it perceives it as a useful strategy for maintaining power and privilege, not only vis-à-vis Palestinians but also vis-à-vis all other sectors of Jewish society. Unfortunately, this very strategy explains why reconciliation with Palestinians has such a small constituency in Israel and why challenges to the power of this elite manifest themselves primarily as expressions of anti-Arab racism.

The upshot of this analysis is also clear. Supporting white Ashkenazi (ahusalim, if one prefers) domination in Israel, in addition to having no moral justification, is, to the extent that the past is any indication, a recipe for further disaster. That is a good reason why the racialization of “fascism” in Israel as a Soviet import that Gurvitz offers as analysis should be politely turned down.

Jewish Peace News editors:
Joel Beinin
Racheli Gai
Rela Mazali
Sarah Anne Minkin
Judith Norman
Lincoln Z. Shlensky
Rebecca Vilkomerson
Alistair Welchman 
Jewish Peace News archive and blog:

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Dear Friends,

Five Items tonight.

The first, about Abu Rahmeh’s incarceration being extended, opens with an intro by me about brainwashing—that is to say, about how Israelis and others are brainwashed by the way news is presented in the press.

In item 2 Amira Hass argues that not the soldiers alone but the higher brass—military and government—should stand accused.  I agree.  But this, in my opinion, does not excuse soldiers of doing wrong.  True, they are brain washed, and believe that they are doing right.  But the argument in the Nuremberg trials and in Eichman’s trial here is that claiming that one was merely obeying orders does not excuse one from guilt.  Nor do I believe that Hass means to imply that it does.  But because she is not absolutely clear on this I feel it necessary to make the point.

Item 3. “The Demasking Law,” argues that the fascist bills before the Knesset reveal Israel for what it is, and, that as a result other countries will recognize Israel as being fascist and will act on it.  I agree thoroughly with the central argument, that is about what Israel is.  I have long insisted that in principle there is no difference between a pure Aryan state and a pure Jewish one (or for that matter between any ‘pure’ single religion or single ethnicity or single racial state)—the differences come in the means that a state employs to maintain its demographic purity.

Hopefully the author is right about the end result.  I am skeptical about the world.  Just look at how the Western powers react to Durbin (item 5).  These powers, or 8 of them, stated loudly and clearly of the 2008-09 Gaza debacle that ‘Israel has a right to defend itself.’  But if we can move bds sufficiently, and especially get banks to stop working with Israel, then we might indeed see a change that would benefit not only Palestinians but also Israelis.

Item 4 reveals that notwithstanding Israel’s crocodile tears shed over a quarter of its scientists being abroad, it does not do what is necessary to bring them home—i.e., create jobs for them.  No money?  Well Israel certainly has enough to pour into colonization in the OPT.  Just check out the figures of how many new structures and roads are under construction there. Since actions speak louder than words, it would seem that Israel has enough scientists without bringing those abroad home.

Item 5 relates that most Western powers (not to be confused with the term used, i.e., ‘democratic’) either voted against or abstained from voting on commemorating the Durban 2001 anti-racism conference, which (among other things) was critical of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and likened Zionism to racism. Israel and the US walked out of the conference, as might be expected.  Still, the fact that 121 countries voted for the commemoration should not be ignored, no matter how much Israel and its allies wish things to be otherwise.  Moreover, that the US and other Western powers claim that Israel is not racist is politically motivated.  It is  not reality.  Anyone who has read materials that I have sent just this year alone has had more than sufficient proof that Israel was and remains racist.

I apologize for being somewhat rougher in my tone tonight than usual, but I truly am furious about Abu Rahmeh, the brain washing (by no means new), and so much else that is happening here.  Shouldn’t take out my frustration on you. Tomorrow will be better.  Maybe.

All the best,



1.Item 1 is a clear example of brain washing, be that the intention of the reporters or not.  Most likely the material was furnished by the IOF spokesperson.  Take the statement “The protests often turn violent”—true, but not as the report claims because of rock throwing by protesters.  Rather, the violence is normally begun by IOF soldiers and/or border police against the demonstrators.  I am of course sorry for anyone who is injured or killed, but soldiers shouldn’t be stealing land if they do not wish to be injured.

Moreover, during all the years of demonstrations in various villages, so far as I recall,  but a single IOF soldier lost an eye due to rock throwing, whereas 20 or more Palestinians have lost lives in demonstrations due to IOF use of live ammunition or other weapons; other demonstrators, including Israeli and international, have been injured, e.g., Yonathan Pollack (tear gas canister to the head, which left him with serious injuries),  Matan Cohen (rubber bullet in his eye), Tristan Anderson (hit in head by tear-gas canister shot from close range, resulting in serious brain damage), a lawyer (whose name I don’t recall) shot in the back of the head with rubber bullet while walking away from the demonstration, Emily Hanochwicz, who lost an eye when struck by a tear gas canister shot at close range, not to mention other killings and injuries of activists in incidents not related to demonstrations against the route of the wall–as Rachel Corrie, Tom Hurendall (both in Gaza), and the injuries of Brian Avery, shot directly in his face, which as a result was badly deformed, , and more, many more instances of injuries and deaths by civilians due to IOF violence.

This list is far from complete, but is sufficient to give you some idea of what activists face vs what Israeli soldiers armed to the hilt face.

Another brain washing phrase is to claim that the protests are against the wall/fence.  And to claim that it is a security measure.  Nonsense!  The protests are not  against the wall but against its route, designed to steal as much Palestinian land as possible, and in the process uproot 1000s of trees. Furthermore, it, like checkpoints, is not a security measure. Numerous Palestinians without permits sneak into Israel to look for work or to go to jobs they already have (from time to time the new reports that 20 or 50 or 10 were caught trying to enter illegally).  Any Palestinian who wanted to blow him/herself up in Israel would be an idiot to go through a checkpoint, since everyone knows that Palestinians are thoroughly searched, and since there are other means of entering Israel.]



November 24, 2010

Detention of Palestinian anti-separation fence activist extended

Abdullah Abu-Rahmeh, who led weekly demonstrations against fence in village of Bil’in, was incarcerated for incitement.

By The Associated Press and Haaretz Service

The Israeli military has confirmed it is extending the detention of a prominent Palestinian activist, saying it believes he will resume leading violent demonstrations if he is freed.

Abdullah Abu-Rahmeh had been scheduled to be released this week after spending almost a year in prison on a conviction of incitement.

But the army said Tuesday that a military court has ordered him to remain behind bars until authorities decide on a request by prosecutors to lengthen his sentence. A court date hasn’t been set for the appeal. [my emphasis, D]

Abu-Rahmeh led weekly demonstrations in the West Bank village of Bil’in against Israel’s separation barrier for the past five years. The protests often turn violent with protesters throwing rocks at soldiers, who in turn fire tear gas and sometimes rubber bullets in efforts to contain the crowd.

The village of Bil’in has become the symbol of the struggle against the separation fence, serving as the site of dozens of joint Palestinian-Israeli demonstrations in recent years.

The European Union has criticized Abu-Rahmeh’s conviction as a violation of free speech.

In a strongly worded statement, the EU’s Catherine Ashton said she was deeply concerned by the guilty verdict against Abu-Rahmeh.

“The EU sees the barrier’s route as illegal and views Abu-Rahmeh as a human rights defender committed to nonviolent protest,” Ashton said.

Ashton suggested the conviction was intended to prevent him and other Palestinians from exercising their legitimate right to protest against the existence of the separation barriers in a nonviolent manner.


2. Haaretz,

November 24, 2010

IDF generals, not just soldiers, must answer questions on human shields

The Givati soldiers’ conviction essentially handed the post of chief of staff to Yoav Galant and bestowed legal immunity on political figures, in particular Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak.

By Amira Hass

The Givati Brigade soldiers who were tried and convicted of risking the life of a non-combatant Palestinian child are entitled to feel like victims. But why shouldn’t they feel patriotic pride? Their conviction essentially handed the post of chief of staff to Yoav Galant and bestowed legal immunity on political figures, in particular Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak.

They were just small cogs who were brainwashed about the might of the enemy. Look at the statements other soldiers made to the organization Breaking the Silence; some of them quickly realized their commanders had filled them with lies before the ground offensive on the Gaza Strip on January 3, 2009. But even if the two convicted Givati soldiers had the maturity and judgment to realize this wasn’t the heroic struggle for which they had been prepared, it’s clear they acted out of fear when they ordered a 9-year-old boy to open bags. They grew up in an atmosphere that one could do anything to the Palestinians in Gaza. They didn’t come up with that approach – they’re the lower rank soldiers that the system put under the spotlight.

Unlike a soldier who stole a credit card and went to jail, these two did not have to serve time. Their peers, who demonstrated on their behalf, must know: They weren’t the only ones who at gunpoint used civilians for military purposes. This practice was prevalent in the Golani Brigade. Civilians were bound, blindfolded and exposed to the cold so they could serve as human shields for soldiers in huge trenches and in houses that were turned into lookout points and from which soldiers opened fire. This was not the whim of an isolated few. There were soldiers who fired directly on civilians bearing white flags. On their commanders’ orders, soldiers prevented Palestinian rescue teams from reaching the wounded, so an unknown number of people, including children, bled to death. The multiplicity of similar incidents shows that the soldiers were acting in accordance with uniform guidelines.

Internal military investigations tend to focus on the individual soldiers who took part in the ground offensive. But most of the Palestinian civilians killed by the Israel Defense Forces were killed as a result of computerized fire from afar, whether from the air, the sea or land. Children on the roofs of their homes were killed in just these kinds of deadly video games – by the push of a button pressed by our anonymous warriors, who will not be brought to justice.

Col. Ilan Malka, the commander of the Givati Brigade, appears to be the highest-ranking officer questioned by military investigators, due to his order to shell, from the air, a home to which his own soldiers had brought 100 civilians. The order was based on his interpretation of images received by a drone. But it is not Malka who came up with the instruction that any Palestinian caught by a drone, engaged in civilian activities like speaking on a cell phone near a window, baking bread in the yard, looking for water or riding a bike, is a suspect to be killed. That’s why so many civilians were killed; they were hit by rockets fired from the air, not because they were caught up in a battle on the ground. It wasn’t Malka who came up with the cult of military high-tech or its depiction as a tool that’s never wrong. This cult greases the wheels of Israeli propaganda, which dismisses as a lie any Palestinian report of civilian deaths.

Malka is also not responsible for the concept that Israel must use force several times more deadly than the weapons the Palestinians have. So more civilians than armed combatants were killed? That’s their problem.

When one or two soldiers are tried, it’s easy for the military establishment to argue these are isolated exceptions whose actions are contrary to the spirit of the IDF. But the military establishment functions under the influence and authority of the civil establishment. Israeli society, for the most part, is indifferent to the killing of non-Jewish civilians. It supports the use of disproportionate force and is not interested in investigating all the incidents resulting in the deaths of Palestinian civilians. In such an investigation the incriminating evidence leads straight to the highest levels of Israel’s military and political establishment.


3. Forwarded by Ed Corrigan

Excellent article on Fascism in Israel. Translated from Hebrew  by
journalist Lia Tarachansky. I have corrected a few minor typos. The
Demasking Law, by Hanan Hever, Haaretz, November 18, 2010. I received
this article from Independent Jewish Voices (Canada). It should be
republished in Occupation Magazine. 

Ed Corrigan

Please forgive my poor translation skills…

Hanan Hever is the father of Shir Hever, who wrote the monumental book
The Political Economy of the Israeli Occupation.

Lia Tarachansky

Original in Hebrew:

Hanan Hever I The Demasking Law

The Loyalty oath law supports the stance of all the Zionist parties; It
demasks the take over of fascism in Israel.

The new citizenship law is a good law.  According to the latest trends,
it works in the interests of Israel.  First of all, it makes clear the
state of affairs in the country, that in the past year or rather since
the summer of 2010, the country’s fascist side strengthens.  It will
increase the international pressure on Israel and it looks like it may
be the only thing that can rescue Israel from the current bleak state of

In essence, we aren’t talking about a revolutionary law. It doesn’t
stand in opposition to the declaration of independence, rather it
ratifies it.  It is also not opposed to the position of all the Zionist
parties.  And hence, when the host of the Army Radio evening show, Yaron
Velinsky tried to gather from Tzipi Livni (as from other opponents) why
she opposes the law he got only verbal acrobatics.

Even Ehud Barak attempted to add to the Loyalty Oath the declaration of

independence, he did not differ from Avigdor Lieberman, and certainly not

from Benjamin  Netanyahu. He only strengthened the tight connection between

the law and the declaration of independence.  And indeed all the Zionist parties,
including SHAS, revolve around the contradictory model of a “Jewish and
democratic state”, when it is obvious that the country being Jewish must
come at the expense of it being democratic. 

Jewishness, that is race and ethnicity as outlined in religion, is an
essential element to receiving equal rights in Israel. That means that
the new law makes clear to non-Jews who wish to join that they will be
doing so as inferior tenants and that the Jewish Israeli society is
built on the basis of religious purity of blood, or strict religious
practice. Therefore, Israel, despite its statements, is essentially a
Jewish nation and is not democratic. It is one who occupies another
nation while discriminating against its Arab citizens.

In fact, most of the parties agree to this. Therefore the difference
between them and Lieberman is only in that he does what they appear to
suppress but in essence, and with a wink, approve.  That is, they don’t
object but prefer to hide behind a mask of democracy.  So Minister
Yitzhak Herzog’s opposition to the law isn’t opposition to the
disastrous concept of a “Jewish and democratic” country, but opposition
to the concept being openly revealed.

All this also explains why fascism will and is already coming here. The
basis of democracy is gone, among others due to the laws of emergency;
because of the break in legitimacy of an active and critical
parliamentary system; populism, nationalism, and xenophobia towards
minorities; the making of an all-purpose government and an all out war
against anyone who undermines the country’s founding myth – are the core
of fascism here. The new law suggests, like fascism, a vision of
totalitarian revival of ethnic nationalism.

Lieberman reads the political map clearly and understands that the
Zioinist parties will not be able to stop the process of suppressing
democracy for ethnicity.  But that they support his bending of democracy
for Jewish ethnocentrism. Netanyahu, it seems, won’t be taking a strong
position and then it will only take the foreseeable economic crisis for
Lieberman to come out as the leader of an Israeli fascism.

The only hope to stopping fascism won’t come from within. The weakening
of liberal and democratic forces, trapped in the grip of their
theological commitment to the Jewishness of the nation, is the first
sign.  In fact, examples in 20th century of fascism actually being
stopped from within rather than from external war are rare. Therefore as
the fascist face of the nation is unmasked more, the external forces
will grow, whether through the growing economic boycott or by other
means.  So the Loyalty Oath law and the string of laws that will come
after it (the Nakba Law, the Boycott Law, and others), will only
strengthen the international pressure on Israel and only then, maybe,
salvation will come.

Hanan Hever is a professor of Hebrew literature and the Hebrew University.


4. Ynet,

November 24, 2010

Returning academics: No room for us here

Israeli scientists working abroad yearn to return home, but without sufficient funding, shortage of academic positions, and absorption issues this dream seems out of reach,7340,L-3989279,00.html

Moshe Ronen

Is a lack of funding fueling the brain drain? Dr. Korenblit Sivan is one of 25 scientists returning to Israel after working for Ivy League universities out west, who have now returned to work at Israeli research centers.

“Five new positions have opened up at the Life Sciences Faculty in the Bar-Ilan University,” she said, addressing Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar. “Eighty Israeli scientists jumped at the opportunity. They all wanted to return home. Five were picked, and 75 remained abroad. As you can see, the issue isn’t the Israeli scientists’ unwillingness to return, but rather the lack of funding to bring them here.”

The education minister listened thoughtfully. He wrote down what she said in great detail and announced his intention to hold a personal meeting with the Education Ministry’s director general to discuss the issue.

The good news that came out of the conference for returning scientists held on Monday in Jerusalem was that Israel is still an attractive country in the eyes of researchers, who are otherwise very successful abroad. Most of the Israeli scientists working in Ivy League universities in the United States yearn to come back home and work at Israeli universities.

But this is just wishful thinking. The bad news is that almost all of them remain abroad. Only a small percentage of Israeli scientists working and studying abroad make it back to Israel.

With the current budgets, even after additional budget increases for this specific purpose, the Israeli academy can only take in so many of them. So instead of enriching the Israeli universities with thousands of researchers and lecturers that can lead Israel to great academic achievements – most Israeli scientists working overseas are forced to stay where they are.

About 25% of Israeli scientists work abroad. “This is the highest percentage in the world,” emphasizes Professor Manuel Trachtenberg, head of the budget and planning committee for higher education. “There is no other country in the world where a quarter of its scientists have left to work somewhere else. Canada is in second place with 12%, and they share a border with the US.”

So what is the Education Ministry doing about it? “The plan is to add 2,000 lecturer positions at universities in the next six years,” Trachtenberg says. “Within five years there will be an estimated 30% increase in positions for researchers and scientists. This year the universities received an additional NIS 620 million (roughly $170 million). Next year they will get another NIS 450 million (about $123 million), and so on in the coming years.”

Absorption Difficulties

In this week’s conference, held near the Presidential Residence in Jerusalem, 25 Israeli scientists, who returned home after a few years abroad and were successful in finding a job in Israel, were presented to the audience.


5.  Jerusalem Post,

November 24, 2010


UN General Assembly votes to commemorate Durban conference



Overwhelming majority of 121 to 19 countries vote in favor of commemorating the controversial anti-racism conference of 2001; Israel, US, Germany, Canada vote against; FM spokesman calls result “unfortunate.”

The United Nations General Assembly, in a vote of 121 for to 19 against late Tuesday night, voted to commemorate the anti-racism Durban conference of 2001 at next year’s General Assembly meeting in New York. Thirty-five countries abstained from the vote.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor responded to the vote by saying that it was “unfortunate  there are those who want to deflect from the fight on racism for anti-Israeli propaganda purposes.” By so doing, he said, they were “harming the real struggle” against racism.

Palmor noted that most of the world’s democratic countries either voted against the resolution, or abstained.

Officially known as the World Conference against Racism 2001, Durban I was marred by dramatic displays of anti-Semitism and attacks on Israel’s right to exist. Last year’s Durban II showcased Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s tirades against Israel as well as his denial of the Holocaust.

Among those voting against the intended commemoration were Israel, the United States, Italy, Australia, Germany, Canada, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania.

The United States, in a statement by Deputy Representative to ECOSOC John Sammis, expressed its disapproval of the commemoration in an accompanying explanation to its “no” vote.

“My delegation regrets that this resolution contains elements that require us to vote no, and we hope to work together to find common ground on concrete approaches that both protect freedom of expression and combat all forms of racism and racial discrimination,” Sammis said, adding that the US is “deeply troubled by the choice of time and venue for the 10th anniversary commemorative event.”

“Just days earlier, we will have honored the victims of 9/11, whose loved ones will be marking a solemn 10-year anniversary for them and the entire nation,” Sammis said.

“It will be an especially sensitive time for the people of New York and a repeat of the vitriol sadly experienced at past Durban-related events risks undermining the relationship we have worked hard to strengthen over the past few years between the United States and the UN.”

Fiamma Nirenstein, writing for the Italian newspaper Il Giornale, wrote Monday of her memories of covering the initial Durban conference.

“Those were just the days before the attack on the Twin Towers and never was a hate scenario better laid,” Nirenstein wrote. “Durban was the premise to Ground Zero. While from the podium speakers heaped on the US and Israel all the sins of the world and demanded that they pay the penalty, Jews wearing kippahs had to protect themselves against the demonstrators touting portraits of Bin Laden (which at the time I saw and reported on) and hounding the Jews.”

Recalling that Jewish centers in Durban were stormed and closed, and that an Israeli press conference was violently interrupted, Nirenstein wrote that Israel was compared to Nazism and accused of apartheid at Durban, while it was demanded that Americans “handsomely recompense Africa for damages from slavery.”

“The Durban declaration that they now want to resurrect and celebrate again singles out Israel as a racist state, without naming any other country in the world,” Nirenstein wrote. “The myriad types of ethnic and religious discrimination that infest the world, for the declaration, does not exist and it doesn’t even say a word about the thousands of massacres that have bloodied the globe for reasons of the color of one’s skin or beliefs.”

“Re-approving the Durban document means rekindling, with the elephantine power of the UN General Assembly, a whole series of institutional initiatives giving rise to cultural and economic boycotts, discrimination against athletes, artists and scholars and proliferating the accusations of war crimes to any Israeli official in sight,” Nirenstein concluded. “It means reviving manifestations of hate in which the swastika and the Star of David overlap and the hunting season on Jews is declared open, the result being an exponential growth in anti-Semitic incidents. This makes many people happy, very happy.”

Herb Keinon contributed to this report.

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Jeff Halper

Struggling as I have for the past decades to grasp the dynamics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and find ways to get out of this interminable and absolutely superfluous conflict, I have been two-thirds successful. After many years of activism and analysis, I think I have put my finger on the first third of the equation: What is the problem? My answer, which has withstood the test of time and today is so evident that it elicits the response…“duh”…is that all Israeli governments are unwaveringly determined to maintain complete control of Palestine/Israel from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, frustrating any just and workable solution based on Palestinian claims to self-determination. There will be no negotiated settlement, period.


The second part of the equation – how can the conflict be resolved? – is also easily answerable. I don’t mean entering into the one state/two state conundrum and deciding which option best. Under certain circumstances both could work, and I can think of at least 3-4 other viable options as well, including my favorite, a Middle Eastern economic confederation. The Palestinian think tank Passia published a collection of twelve proposed solutions a few years ago. What I mean is, it is not difficult to identity the essential elements of any solution. They are, in brief,


  • A just, workable and lasting peace must be inclusive of the two peoples living in Palestine/Israel;

  • Any solution must provide for a national expression of each people, not merely a democratic formula based on one person-one vote;

  • It must provide economic viability to all the parties;

  • No solution will work that is not based on human rights, international law and UN resolutions.

  • The refugee issue, based on the right of return, must be addressed squarely.

  • A workable peace must be regional in scope; it cannot be confined merely to Israel/Palestine; and

  • A just peace must address the security concerns of all the parties and countries in the region.

These seven elements, I would submit, must configure any just solution. If they are all included, a settlement of the conflict could take many different forms. If, however, even one is missing, no solution will work, no matter how good it looks on paper.


That leaves the third and most intractable part of the equation: how to we get there? Employing the linear analysis we have used over the years, you can’t. In those terms we are at a dead-end of a dead “process.” Israel will never end its Occupation voluntarily; the best it may agree to is apartheid, but the permanent warehousing of the Palestinians is more what it has in mind.

Given the massive “facts on the ground” Israel has imposed on the Occupied Territories, the international community will not exert enough pressure on Israel to realize even a two-state solution (which leaves Israel on 78% of historic Palestine, with no right of refugee return); given the veto power over any political process enjoyed by the American Congress, locked into an unshakable bi-partisan “pro-Israel” position, the international community cannot exert that required pressure. And the Palestinians, fragmented and with weak leadership, have no clout. Indeed, they’re not even in the game. In terms of any sort of rational, linear, government-led “peace process,” we have arrived at the end of the road.


And yet I’m optimistic that 2011 will witness a game-changing “break” that will create a new set of circumstances in which a just peace is possible. That jolt which smashes the present dead-end paradigm must come from outside the present “process.” It can take one of two forms. The first possible game-changer is already being discussed: a unilateral declaration by the Palestinian Authority of a state based on the 1949 armistice lines (the 1967 “Green Line”), which then applies for membership in the UN. This, I believe, would force the hand of the international community.

Most of the countries of the world would recognize a Palestinian state – including not a few in Europe – placing the US, Britain, Germany and other reluctant powers in a difficult if not impossible situation, including isolation and even irrelevancy. Indeed, a Palestinians declaration of independence within those boundaries would be a unilateral act but rather one done in agreement with the member states of the UN, who have accepted the 1949/1967 borders as the basis of a solution. It conforms as well to the Road Map initiative led by the US itself.


Such a scenario, while still possible given the deadlock in negotiations, is unlikely, if only because the leadership of the Palestinian Authority lacks the courage to undertake such a bold initiative. A second one seems more likely: in 2011, the Palestinian Authority will either resign or collapse, throwing the Occupation back on the lap of Israel. Given the deadlock in negotiations, I can’t see the PA lasting even until August, when (sort-of) Prime Minister Salem Fayyad expects the international community to give the Palestinians a state. Even if the 90-day settlement freeze eventually comes into effect, Netanyahu will not negotiate borders during that period, the only issue worth discussing. Either fed up to the point of resigning – Abbas may be weak and pliable, but he is not a collaborator – or having lost so much credibility with its own people that it simply collapses, the fall of the PA would end definitively the present “process.”


The end or fall of the PA would create an intolerable and unsustainable situation. Israel would be forced to retake by force all the Occupied Territories, and unable to allow Hamas to step into the vacuum, would have to do so violently, perhaps even invading Gaza again and assuming permanent control. Having to support four million impoverished Palestinians with no economic infrastructure whatsoever would be an impossible burden (and hopefully the “donor community” would not enable the re-occupation by stepping in to prevent a “humanitarian crisis,” as it does today). Such a move on the part of Israel would also inflame the Muslim world and generate massive protests worldwide, again forcing the hand of the international community.

Looked at in this way, the Palestinians have one source of enormous clout: they are the gatekeepers. Until they – the Palestinian people as a whole, not the PA – say the conflict is over, it’s not over. Israel and its erstwhile allies have the ability to make life almost unbearable for the Palestinians, but they cannot impose apartheid or warehousing. We, the millions supporting the Palestinian struggle the world over, will not let it go until the Palestinians signal that they have arrived at a settlement that they can live with. Until then, the conflict will remain open and globally disruptive. 


If any of these scenarios comes about and new possibilities of peace arise out of the violence and chaos that will ensue, the real question is: where will we be, the people who support a just, inclusive, workable and sustainable peace? Here in Israel/Palestine, unfortunately, there is no discussion over what may happen in the next year. Not only do we of the Palestinian and Israeli peace movements fail to give adequate direction and leadership to our civil society allies abroad, we tend to pursue “politics as normal” disconnected from the political processes around us, more reactive than pro-active. Despite its crucial importance to the Palestinian struggle, for instance, the BDS campaign moves along and accumulates strength, but is not accompanied by focused, timely campaigns intended to seize a political moment.

When the Gaza flotilla was attacked and Israel was reeling from international condemnation, Palestinian and Israeli activists from all over the world – including Palestine/Israel – should have kicked into action. Sympathetic parliamentarians (and members of Congress) the world over should have been induced to introduce bills saying that if the Occupation does not end in a year their governments will end all military aid to Israel and preferential treatment. They might not have carried the day, but imagine the public debate they would have generated at that point of time. Instead the political moment fizzled.


We are at the cusp of another such moment today, and we still have time – though not much time – to organize. Activist and civil society groups abroad should ask their Palestinian and Israeli counterparts for their evaluation of the political moment and suggestions on what to do should the Palestinian Authority collapse together with the “peace process.”

Though should be given over how to transform the BDS campaign and the infrastructure of resistance it is creating from a blunt instrument into one capable of more focused resistance – of mobilizing churches, trade unions and universities, for example, and by priming sympathetic politicians to act when the moment arrives? In the absence of an ANC-type organization to direct us, we have a much more difficult job of communicating and of coordinating our actions. But we are in touch with one another. The political moment looming just weeks or months ahead demands our attention.


Life in the Occupied Territories is about to get even more difficult, I believe, but perhaps we are finally approaching the breaking point. If that is the case, we must be there for the Palestinians on all the fronts: to protect them, to play our role in pushing the Occupation into unsustainability, to resist re-occupation, to act as watchdogs over political “processes” that threaten to impose apartheid in the guise of a two-state solution and, ultimately, to ensure that a just and lasting peace emerges. As weak and failed attempts by governments head for collapse, we must pick up the slack. 2011 is upon us.


Jeff Halper is the Director of The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD). He can be reached at <>.

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions is based in Jerusalem and has chapters in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Please visit our websites:


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In This Issue…


By Audrey Farber



Onions from the Wadi Nisas souk, Haifa. Photo by author.

One great thing about Israel is that all the produce comes from nearby – whether Israeli territory or Palestinian territory or Syrian territory or Bedouin lands (I am trying very hard to abstain from political opining regarding where farmlands may or may not lie, but that is inherently impossible) – and I don’t have to worry about buying locally, something that concerns me greatly in the vast agro-industrial complex that characterizes the US.

But this strike threatens that singular comfort I have with living in Israel. I disagree with just about every ounce of Israeli foreign and domestic policy, but I really like that the food I buy is grown and raised less than five hours from my apartment. But now, Israeli farmers are on strike to increase the quota of foreign workers permitted to enter the country, and to make it easier for the farmers to employ them. (See also this article.)

The government is resisting these changes, presumably because Thai farmworkers aren’t Jewish, and probably never were, and likely never will be. Like everyone else, they threaten the precious and rapidly dwindling Jewish demographic majority in this country. (The Israeli government even tried to deport hundreds of Israel-born children this summer, the offspring of foreign workers.)

But unlike, say, Palestinian citizens of Israel or recent Russian immigrants who aren’t as Jewish as they say they are, foreign workers are an easy target because it’s a subset of the population that no one seems to care about until they’re gone. And they never make a stink. In that sense, this strongly resembles the immigration debate in the US. Thai and Filipino workers – like Mexican, and Central and South American workers – are willing to undertake the thankless menial labor that Israelis and Americans, spoiled brats that we are, refuse.

So farmers hope these strikes, and the resulting lowered-supply-induced price increases they will create, will lead to popular pressure on the government (this is the democracy part) to allow more foreign workers into Israel. These foreign workers will continue grow the local produce that we have all come to know and love, and yet their very presence will perpetuate the vicious cycle of Israeli xenophobia.

One answer is, of course, that rather than allowing Thai workers in and killing the environment with all those long plane flights, the Israeli authorities could simply reopen the Territories and Israeli cheap labor could come from the oPT.

But that is a security threat: farmers could be terrorists. So obviously the best solution is to forbid the entrance into Israel of anyone who isn’t Jewish, thus understaffing Israel’s agricultural sector (comprising some 2.6% of Israeli GDP and 2% of labor) and import produce from abroad. They are thereby killing, in one fell swoop, local economies, local food, and the hopes and dreams of generations of young socialist-Zionists to move to the promised land, drain swamps, and turn forgotten wastelands into milk and honey. Oh, and any possibility for ethnic-religious diversity. So really, the world makes sense once again.

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November 25, 2010    


By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor,


( Former President George W. Bush planned to invade Iran in 2007, even though America’s military was exhausted and overstretched by two unsuccessful wars.  His own popularity, at a real 8%, was the reason, that and the economic collapse that he was trying to push back until he left office.  He believed a war would have saved his presidency, buried the $3 trillion dollars stolen by his friends and given him a legacy to be proud of, even if every family in America suffered.

Bush brazenly admits prettymuch exactly these things in his ghost written autobiography, an incoherent rant, that rambles between blithering and megalomaniac delusion .  The only thing that stopped this disaster was the National Intelligence Assessment, (NIE) that proved categorically, that Iran had no nuclear weapons program whatsoever.  Even then, Bush tried to hide this report and demanded that falsified intelligence be created as he had done for 9/11, Afghanistan and Iran. However, as a lame duck and failed president, nobody listened.

Integrity won out over insanity, greed and corruption this time.  It wouldn’t last.


Talk of war helps everyone,  It takes focus off the fact that both Russia and China dropped the dollar as a trade currency today.  Pushing that out of the news is important as it is real news.  Real news points fingers at real problems.  Instead, everyone is having fun with North Korea and Iran but 90% of the abuse isn’t toward the countries themselves.  No, its against the English language.

Joseph Schuman of “AOL News” call the centrifuges in North Korea “ultra-modern.”  Do they have fins?  Are the deco?  Is there a post impressionist aspect about them?  We also read the glowing description, “astonishingly modern.”  Did Picasso design them?  Is there a touch of Matisse?


More words are bandied about, “potential” and vague reference to, perhaps another facility, with even more “ultra-modern” or, perhaps “spectacular” or even “fabulous” centrifuges.  Schuman even describes them in the most fearful terminology of all, as resembling those from “Iran.”

All of the talk about uranium enrichment and “weapons grade” is purposefully vague.  The most dangerous possible materials either nation is capable of producing would be unable to duplicate the nuclear carnage America has wrong on Iran and Afghanistan.  Oh, you don’t know that, someone told you that DU, Depleted Uranium, another abuse of language, is harmless?

Worse yet, Depleted Uranium, which is “partially” depleted like being “partially” dead or “partially” pregnant, is one of dozens of radioactive compounds used in every American weapon system from penetrator rounds for the ancient M-2 .50 cal. machinegun to the bombs we drop every hour, many carrying “potentially” lethal doses of “murderous” uranium oxide.

Isn’t language fun?


North Korea is backward and dirt poor.  South Korea has an economy 300 times larger, if you don’t get that number correctly, picture one car in a restaurant parking lot and 300 cars.  One lot says long lines and great food, the other….food poisoning and no staff.

That’s North Korea, “food poisoning and no staff.”

They also have no money, no exports, no foreign currency, no economy, no technology to export, no money to buy technology but they have missiles, fancy new German built submarines and, supposedly have exploded two nuclear weapons so far, two vastly different weapons, two extremely strange weapons but certainly not two “ultra-modern” nuclear weapons.

Back in 2006, North Korea created a nuclear “fizzler.”  This is an explosion that has a nuclear signature but no fission or fusion reaction has occurred, no “chain reaction” like with a nuclear weapon.  Even stranger, the explosion itself, actually thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, enough to stimulate food production in North Korea and end their eternal famine.  Instead, North Korea put a plutonium “pit” from an unserviced and aged hydrogen bomb on a ship load of fertilizer and blew the whole thing up.

The United States had “misplaced” 3 or more hydrogen bombs back in 1991 off the coast of Somalia, weapons that were recovered by arms dealers that were part of a South African, Rhodesian, Israeli nexus that helped fuel, not only “Iran/Contra” but armed both sides of the Iraq/Iran war.

For those of you who don’t know, a hydrogen bomb has a Plutonium “pit,” small in size that is stimulated by a Uranium 235 “sparkplug,” essentially two separate weapons that, when used together, produce a fusion reaction, many times larger than that of a simply atomic bomb.  Oh, I forgot, there is a canister of tritium gas that helps fuel the reaction, an extremely rare gas that needs to be replaced often.  Old hydrogen bombs don’t work.

Thus, someone who bought such a weapon somewhere would need to have it serviced by a super-power or buy a “trigger.”  During the 1990s, the CIA led by Valerie Plame, and aided by Pakistan’s A.Q. Khan, offered such “triggers” for sale in order to locate and recover these missing weapons.

You now know a big secret.  You also know that, if one of these weapons harms someone, former Vice President Dick Cheney, the man who undermined this vital CIA mission, is responsible, not “Scooter” Libby, the “fall guy.”  With all the leaks around, you might wonder how all this was kept out of the papers?  Who owns “the papers?”  Who owns the news?

The signature of the Plutonium was odd.  The cover story is that North Korea got Plutonium, not by producing it, but “found” it inside centrifuges they bought from Pakistan.  This is the rough equivalent of finding enough spare change under the cushions of your couch to buy a new Ferrari.

North Korea does not have the technology to create, mold or machine Plutonium, almost no one has.  Breeder reactors create Plutonium but it is impossible to machine or mold without using special alloys which, of course, are traceable during any nuclear explosion.  North Korea has had two “nuclear” explosions and both have been traced.

Not one ounce of “North Korean” material was ever involved.

The 2006 explosion did have a nuclear signature, a North Korean explosion but an American nuclear signature.  That there wasn’t something worse, an implosion based explosion or, worse, a thermonuclear device demonstrates a partially successful CIA operation with Pakistan’s A.Q. Khan and Valerie Plane to thank, heroes the Bush administration tried to hound to death.  Why?


Then it happened, or did it?  North Korea built a nuclear weapon and exploded it, an 18.2 kiloton “Hiroshima” type “gun” weapon they built themselves?  This was May 25, 2009 when a country incapable of enriching uranium to “weapons grade” exploded the impossible nuke, or did they?

Yes, there was an explosion, North Korea theoretically became a nuclear state but, funny thing, the world never treated them as such.  Why is that?  What was the secret?  Why was this so quickly forgotten?

The answer is simple, North Korea bought a nuclear weapon, one identical to one exploded in 1979 by Israel and South Africa, one with a history.  Identifying the weapon was easy, the size and design said “Arms Core” and “Pelandaba.”  The technology was American, the designers and builders Israeli but the uranium signature was South African.

South Africa built 10, no, not the 6 spoken of, but 10 nuclear weapons.  The rogue regime in South Africa was aided by Israel in building nuclear weapons, an arrangement that begun in 1975, one violating every international law, perhaps the single most serious crime of its type in our century.  South Africa had used germ warfare in Africa, chemical weapons, spread anthrax, plague, small pox and now, with the help of Israel, had nuclear weapons.

But, South Africa was collapsing and was going to be forced to release Nelson Mandela from prison and turn the government over to him.  They weren’t going to give Mandela 10 nuclear weapons, though.  Britain and the United Nations were approached to dismantle the program in 1990.  Specialized equipment was designed to hold the weapons in 20 foot containers and the 9 remaining weapons, after one was tested on September 22, 1979, were to be shipped to the United States to be dismantled.  6 came to America.  3 were sidetracked by Margaret Thatcher in 1991, purchased for 55 million pounds and shipped to Oman to be kept as “blackmail” to frighten Saddam, or so it was explained.  In reality, Britain hired the same arms dealers that were responsible for Iran/Contra to move the weapons.

Dr. David Kelly, once considered a suicide, now known to be a murder victim, oversaw the project.  The bombs were stolen, Kelly knew and kept his mouth shut, for awhile at least, and then threatened to go public, not just about the bombs but about a 17,8 million pound “kickback” (backhander) paid by the bomb thieves to certain prominent British politicians.  Kelly was murdered, “they” tried to cover it up and now someone in Britain is going to jail over it, probably a “patsy.”

One of these weapons exploded in North Korea, an Israeli built nuclear weapon.  It passed through the hands of South African and Saudi arms merchants, one notorious Rhodesian and, we are told, into the open arms of those who built the weapons originally, the bomb designers from Dimona.  The scary part, of course, is that these weapons are “unattributed.”  Whoever controls them, and that is Israel according to reliable sources, is now capable much “evil doing” with these weapons:

  • One could be sold to a nation such as Iran or, as we have learned, North Korea, in order to foster international instability and peddle arms to both sides.  Today, Israel is one of America’s largest arms suppliers and the not so secret supplier for all armaments North Korea currently has in its arsenal, from American cluster bombs to German built submarines.  Israel’s primary business has always been selling weapons to rogue nations and North Korea is now customer #1.
  • With “secret” missing nuclear weapons, Israeli intelligence can tell America:
  1. Saddam has them and is “prepared to use them in 45 minutes” or ship them to Syria “by ambulance.”  Israel told the Bush administration both stories.  They believed the “Saddam” story but rejected the “ambulance” tale.
  2. Iran has them and has put them in shipping containers for a false flag attack on the United States.  Israel has informed the United States of exactly this.
  3. These weapons were shipped to Syria then to Lebanon where they were kept in a hospital X-ray room and that Hizbollah is planning to move them to Gaza where they can be smuggled by tunnels into Israel and used against the port of Haifa.  America would be forced to send in the Army Corps of Engineers to build a wall around Gaza and to support Israeli military incursions as being justified as searches for these weapons that Israel has had all along, one of which Israel sold to North Korea.
  • One of these weapons could mysteriously explode in an American city unless Israel, not only received the cash payoffs it normally gets but billions of dollars of munitions, shipped to Israel by the Pentagon, which Israel is allowed to sell, according to a highly illegal secret protocol, to, well, North Korea or anyone else.  These shipments are made regularly and if the weapons stores were actually kept as the public is told, Israel would be a bomb warehouse from one end to the other.


America is now, officially, two camps.  Fox News viewers, America’s most conservative and typically, most volatile “news junkies” are now being told that the 9/11 investigation was a coverup and the Building 7 demolition is proof of a massive conspiracy.  For America’s #1 news source to go this far, not on one show but two of their top rated journalists, Judge Napolitano and Geraldo Rivera, has been a serious blow for all those who supported the Bush administration and believed in the “war on terror.”

No other network, no newspaper is touching this story, this “third rail” which debunks two wars, debunks “Osama bin Laden” and makes the case for America being a nation of dupes.  It doesn’t just stop at America.  Most of the world got “sucked in” on 9/11, buying in on an even that now has gone from historical milestone as a disaster to the greatest scam in world history.

Bush admissions, though it is doubtful he understand the nature of such admissions and the criminal implications, over Iran and his willingness to send Americans to a hopeless war for his personal aggrandizement are only part of a pattern of which 9/11 itself was a part.  If, as Fox News claims, Building 7 was a controlled demolition, then all of 9/11 was staged.  Any other assumption is insane.  The only questions are whether to leap to blaming Israel as so many are willing or to see Bush himself as a prime mover.  Neither choice is likely to be promoted by either a government in bed with the Israel lobby, AIPAC, or still led by those who likely to be prosecuted.


The media has started in, on Iran and North Korea.  Again, Iran is “5 minutes away from being a nuclear power” and North Korea is ready to invade the South, armies on the move, donkeys fueled up, starving troops armed to the teeth.

Both nations, friendless, easy targets for American military technology, easy targets for the carefully orchestrated world press, serve one real purpose, to deflect attention from the thieves, the torturers, the drug barons, the ethnic cleansing in Gaza, from a dozen stories, especially from the ticking time bomb of 9/11.

With the world coming down around America, Afghanistan a hopeless quagmire, even by “Vietnam” standards, the dollar in free fall, AIPAC spying openly revealed in civil proceedings and Americans, by the million, abandoning traditional news media, the “nuclear option,” an attack on an American city by, well, Americans themselves, with or without Israel, becomes more likely.

The mechanisms are there, spy organizations, controlled press, a quick and dirty “whitewash” investigation such as with 9/11 “in the can.”

“Black ops” and intelligence groups, now little more than criminal fronts, psychopaths, misfits and degenerates of every kind, exist by the dozen, funded with billions in taxpayer revenue, defense, intelligence and, of course, the flood of drug money pouring in from Afghanistan.

What is believed by those Americans that other Americans should revile and fear?  It is believed that the only way of “moving forward” is the extreme path, totalitarianism, more government, fewer rights, gun seizures and, perhaps even those FEMA camps that “internet nutcases” and “conspiracy theory” types talk about.

The remainder of the Bush/Cheney gang are slowly becoming hunted animals.  They see it even if many Americans don’t.  Hunted animals are capable of anything.


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