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Israhell: The Next Nazi Holocaust


Egypt rejects Zio-Nazi offer to supervise the Gaza Strip after next military operation to topple Hamas

Egyptian sources have revealed that Egypt has rejected an Israhell proposal for Cairo to supervise following the next military operation planned to topple the Hamas government. The Zio-Nazi regime  of Benjamin Netanyahu has, it is claimed, already decided to launch another Holocaust at an unspecified time; Israhell is waiting to see if Hamas rule will end in any case. The Islamic Resistance Movement won the election in 2006 and pre-empted a coup engineered by Zio-Nazi Israhell and the US with a Pro-Zionist faction in Fatah led by Mohammed Dahlan in June 2007.

Egypt governed the Gaza Strip from 1948 until June 1967 but the reports say that the government in Cairo is opposed to any future role in the territory and military operations by Israhell. The sources added that Israhell’s refusal to hand the territory to the Palestinian Authority led by Mahmoud Abbas is one of the reasons why the new assault is being held back; Zio-Nazi Netanyahu doesn’t want to hand Gaza over to a weak authority in Ramallah as that might allow Hamas to return to power, nullifying the expected results of a military operation.

The current military manoeuvres by Israhell on the Gaza border are, it is claimed, a rehearsal for the upcoming operation against the Gaza Strip. This has pushed the Egyptian authorities to examine ways of securing the common border with the Gaza Strip in order to avoid being dragged into the conflict.

Instructions have been given within Egypt to make sure that no senior Gestapo officials are hosted by Cairo in the near future. This is to avoid a repeat of Zionist Puppet Hosni Mu-Barak hosting the then Zio-Nazi Tzipi Livni just a few days before Nazi Holocaust on the Gaza Strip at the end of 2008.

Dr Tarek Fahmy, an expert at the National Centre for the Study of the Middle East, told Almasryon newspaper that it is just a matter of time before another Zio-Nazi Holocaust against the Gaza Strip; not if, but when.

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Sudan Division: Mossad Wrote the Script


Israelis can tell the whole story of Sudan’s division – they wrote the script and trained the actors

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By Fahmi Howeidi

Now that we have been unable to defend the unity of Sudan, it might benefit us to understand what has happened there. Perhaps that will alert us to the fact that secession of the south is not the end, but is one of a series of splits intended to dismantle the Arab world surrounding Egypt.

From very early on, Zionists realized that minorities in the Arab world represent a natural ally to their state of Israel and so they planned to build bridges with them. Zionist representatives communicated with the Kurds in Iraq, the people in southern Sudan, the Maronites in Lebanon, Kurds in Syria, and the Copts in Egypt; Zionism adopted the principle of divide and conquer, and saw that the most effective way to fragment the Arab world was to create secessionist movements within it. In doing so, it sought the redistribution of power in the region in such a manner to make a group of marginal countries lacking unity and sovereignty, all the easier for Israel, in cooperation with non-Arab countries to control them one after the other later. All the rebel movements triggered by ethnic and sectarian groups in the Arab world have drawn support and advocacy from Israel, which has adopted these separatist movements, as witnessed by the Kurds in Iraq and the rebel movement in southern Sudan.

This situation helps us to understand Israel’s strategy towards the Arab world, which is designed to encourage minorities to express themselves so that they may eventually seize self-determination and independence from the state. What helps in all of this is that the Arab world, contrary to what the Arabs claim, does not consist of one cultural and civilized unity – the mythical “Arab nation”   but it is a diverse mix of cultures, religions, ethnicities and multilingualism. Israel has been used to  portraying the region as a mosaic that includes in its midst a complex network of multi-linguistic, religious, nationalism forms between Arabs, Persians, Turks, Armenians, Israelis themselves, Kurds, Baha’is, Druze, Jews, Protestants, Alawites, Sabians, Shiites, Sunnis, Maronites, Circassians, Turkomans, Assyrians and so on.

According to Israel’s view, when a land or part of a land has minority groups within it but no collective history, the real history is the history of each minority. This has the purpose of achieving two main objectives:

First, it rejects the concept of Arab nationalism and the call for Arab unity; Arab nationalism in the Israeli perception is an idea shrouded in mystery, if not irrelevant. Arab unity is a myth because the Arabs pay lip service to one nation, but live within mutually incompatible states. It is true that most are united by language and religion, but that is also the case with people across the English- or Spanish-speaking worlds, but that does not make them one nation.

Second, this is used to justify the legitimacy of Israel’s presence in the region as just one more to add to the mix of nationalities, peoples and languages, for which the perception of unity is an illusion. The logical conclusion of this train of thought is that each group of people (whether calling themselves a nation or not) has its own state; thus does Israel gains its legitimacy as one of many nation-states in the Middle East.

The preceding thesis is taken from a text book: “Israel and the South Sudan Liberation Movement”, published in 2003 by the Dayan Centre for Research on the Middle East and Africa. The author is retired head of Mossad Moshe Faraji. I have referred to him on more than one occasion. He is worth looking at again as the crop sown by Israel and its allies since the 1950s is beginning to bear fruit.

Another senior Israeli, former Minister of Internal Security Avi Dichter, referred to Sudan in his 2008 lecture delivered to the Institute for Zionist National Security Studies. “There have been Israeli estimates since Sudan’s independence in the mid-fifties that this country, although far from us, should not be allowed to become a force added to the power of the Arab world because if its resources continue under stable conditions, it will make it a power to be reckoned with.” Hence, Israel’s attention has been directed towards Sudan, hoping to exploit the situation.

Sudan provides strategic depth to Egypt. This was evident post-1967 when Sudan and Libya provided training facilities for the Egyptian air force and army; Sudanese forces were sent to the Suez Canal zone during the war of attrition waged by Egypt between 1968 and 1970. For these two reasons, Dichter added, Israel had to work on weakening Sudan and prevent it from becoming a strong, unified state. This strategic perspective is necessary, he said, for Israeli’s national security. It is worth noting that Dichter’s lecture took place almost thirty years after the peace agreement signed between Egypt and Israel in 1979.

When asked about the future of southern Sudan, Dichter replied: “There are international forces led by the United States that are determined to intervene in Sudan so that the South will become independent, and the same for the Darfur region, like the independence of Kosovo. The situation in southern Sudan is not unlike that in Darfur and Kosovo, in that the two regions aspire to independence and acquire the right to self-determination after their citizens fought for that.”

Israeli support for the rebels in southern Sudan has gone through five stages notes Colonel Faraji:

Phase 1 started in the fifties. For nearly a decade, Israel focused on providing humanitarian aid (medicines, food and doctors) and was keen to provide services to refugees who were fleeing to Ethiopia. The first attempts to invest in the tribal differences in southern Sudan itself began in order to intensify the conflict and encourage the South to secede from the Arab north. Israeli intelligence officers stationed in Uganda opened channels of communication with the leaders of the southern tribes to study the demographic map of the area.

Phase 2 began in the sixties with Israel providing military training in special centres established in Ethiopia. At this stage, the Israeli government became convinced that keeping Khartoum busy with internal wars was sufficient to make sure that it would be unable to provide any support for Egypt’s struggle with the Zionist state.

Proselytizing organizations active in the south encouraged Israel to send members of its intelligence services under the cover of humanitarian aid; the prime goal was to train influential people to sustain the tension in the region. At this stage, Israel also expanded its support to the rebels by providing weapons through Ugandan territory; the first of such deals was in 1962, with mainly Russian armaments which had been captured by Israel when it took part in the aggressive Suez campaign in 1956. Fighters were trained in southern Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya before being pushed over the border to fight inside Sudan.

Phase 3 extended from the mid-sixties into the seventies, when the flow of arms to Southern Sudan was facilitated by an Israeli arms dealer called Gabi Shafine, who was working for Israeli intelligence. Shipments of Russian weapons won by Israel in 1967 were dropped by Israeli cargo planes. Israel also established a school for infantry officers to train the cadres necessary to lead the rebel factions. Israeli elements were involved in the fighting to lend their expertise to the South. At this stage groups were taken to Israel to receive military training. At the beginning of the seventies another channel for the delivery of Israeli support to South Sudan through Uganda was opened officially.

When it seemed that the rebel movement was about to collapse in 1969, Israel made a tremendous effort to urge the rebels to continue their fight, and used every method available to them to persuade southerners that they were engaged in a national struggle between Arab-Muslims in the north who were dominating a Black-African-Christian-Animist south.

Phase 4 from the late seventies through the eighties saw the African continent witness several major diversions (e.g. drought in Ethiopia) which did not stop Israel from supporting the rebels; indeed, support increased after Ethiopia became a regular conduit for the delivery of weapons to the South. John Garang emerged at this stage as a leader supported by Israel; he was received in Tel Aviv and given money and weapons. Israel was keen to train his men in various martial arts; ten pilots were trained to use light fighter aircraft.

Phase 5 started in late 1990 with expanding Israeli support; shipments reached the south through Kenya and Ethiopia. Israel provided the south with heavy anti-tank weapons and anti-aircraft guns. At the beginning of 1993, the coordination between Israel and the SPLA (the southern army) included funding, training, armament, information and supervision by Israeli technicians of military operations.

It is clear that Israel has been eyeing southern Sudan for more than half a century.

A worthy observation is that the insurgency in the south began in 1955, one year before the Declaration of Independence of the state of Sudan. This illustrates that the oft-cited reason for southern secession – the implementation of Shari’a Law by the government of Al-Turabi in 1989 – is merely an excuse; this is a struggle that has gone on long before such proposals were even mooted.

While Israel was supporting the southern rebels with arms, Western countries were continuing their diplomatic efforts to arrange the division of Sudan through a referendum. The peace accord signed between the Khartoum government and the rebels was reached with British, American and Norwegian sponsorship. For more than fifty years, the people of Sudan have faced armed insurrection on one side and diplomatic pressure and dirty tricks on the other. If just a quarter of such an effort had been applied on the situation in Palestine, the problem would have been resolved decades ago. Self-determination appears to be acceptable, indeed highly desirable, if it will weaken a predominantly Arab state, but off the agenda when it involves the Palestinians obtaining their rights against the Zionist state of Israel.

They have planned for this division of Sudan and look set to get what they wanted. As for the Arabs, they have stood and watched as mere spectators. I hope that this is not a precursor for further disappointments to come.

Source: Al-Khaleej Times

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Germany issues new arrest warrant for Israeli suspect in Dubai hit


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China to Station Troops in North Korea: Report


Illegal Acts by Israel on Rise in West Bank: UN Special Rapporteur




Please check out the brand new book detailing Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS LIBERTY here

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Mossad Egyptian Spy


witnessed the Supreme State Security Court headed by Justice emergency Jamal al-Din Safwat preliminary hearings yesterday Tarek Razek accused of spying for Israhell and Zio-Nazi officers, the hands of Moshe and Joseph Demor. Fugitives. Witnessed a meeting that lasted nearly 30 minutes wrangling and protests between the accused and lawyers before the court decides to postpone the trial until tomorrow to attend a lawyers to defend the accused at his request.

The meeting had begun as soon as the accused from his cell at exactly ninth and 50 minutes and placed in the dock amid tight security, where the Court has to confront the accused the charges against him in the committal order Vonkerha all and then made two lawyers are Esmat Talat lawyer made appoint a formal defense for the accused and mandated by the Bar Association and the second, Abdulaziz Mohammed Amer, was not with him any power of attorney, which boycotted the accused the court, asking to speak from inside the cage, and said he did not know these lawyers present with him and that counsel Ismat mind worked for the security services as he claims during the stages investigation and that it made press statements, condemned it, while referring lawyer Abdul Aziz Amer, it was based on a power of attorney his family has to take over the task of defending him but that the defendant Tarek Razek expressed its categorical rejection of the presence of either of them to defend him as a student lawyer to allow him the sole defendant, even convinces him that a client of his family except that the defendant insisted on his refusal,

He added the accused from inside the cage that he adheres to that is defending him in the case, a lawyer and claims to Mahmoud Abdul Hamid, who asked about the court did not find among those present at the meeting or outside the courtroom, where court informed the accused agreeing to his request, noting that it had commissioned the prosecution enable it to communicate him and allow him to meet with the accused and to attend the meeting to express his defense

Declared lawyer Esmat Talat, commenting on the interview the accused Tariq Abdel Razek, refusing to attach the task of defending him that she had attended with the accused all the investigations and that he took his legal rights fully and that he does not have any other rights, calling him a traitor to his country for being admitted in the investigation of spying for the Mossad, and submitted to the Court a request Ptnhiha for advocate for the accused before the court 

Following the Chancellor Jamal al-Din Safwat, saying that in light of the decided by the lawyer of the accused that she had attended with the investigation to the fullest despite the decision of that. Traitor. Having said this word Ptnhitha court ordered him to defend

The President of the Court that the Egyptian constitution in article 67 and also article 375 of the Code of Criminal Procedure make it imperative that there be a defense lawyer for the accused to lead this lawyer work honestly and truthfully conform to all aspects of the defense core and secondary schools, pointing out that the court has the right if they felt the negligence of by the lawyer or that he has failed to meet a complete defense to step down from the case and assign another attorney to defend defendants charged with keeping his rights under the Constitution and the law no matter what the charge against him and the only rule became absolutely null and void, 

He pointed out that ensuring the defense of the accused are protected by the Constitution and the law and the conscience of the judge, regardless of the charge ascribed to it and nature, said President of the Court, addressing the defendant Tarek Razek that I instructed on behalf of enabling access to his lawyer and unilaterally by pointing out that the Treasury and the Ministry of Justice will have to bear the expenses and attorney’s fees that conquers the task of defense of the accused leading up to his duty to the fullest in the defense of the accused, 

The court heard the indictment read out by the Chancellor Taher Al-Kholi Attorney General of the Supreme State Security Prosecution, which pointed out that the three defendants during the period from May 2008 till early August a year being inside and outside Egypt Tkhabroa with those who work on behalf of a foreign country. Israel. The intention of harming national interests of the country, that it was agreed the defendant Tarek Razek while abroad with the accused the Israelis to work with them for the benefit of the Israeli intelligence and supplying reports and information on some of the officials who work in the field of Communications and the armed forces for the selection of fit them to cooperate with Israeli intelligence in order to harm Egyptian interests,

The prosecutor attributed to the first defendant, Tarek Razek also that the hostile action against the two foreign languages. Syria and Lebanon. Would expose the Egyptian state to the risk of cutting political ties with them, that the agreed abroad with the accused the Israelis and the Israeli intelligence service to provide it with reports and information on some of the Syrians and the Lebanese for the selection of fit them to cooperate with Israeli intelligence and the transfer of assignments from Israel to one of its customers and Syria, this would expose the Egyptian State risk of cut political ties with these two countries, “said Taher Al-Kholi Counsel Attorney-General’s Supreme State Security prosecution that the defendant Tarek Razek and before taking account of those working for a foreign country. Israel. Funds with intent to commit acts harmful to the national interest of the country, that the taking of the accused Israelis 37 thousand U.S. $ peer-to deal with them for the benefit of the Israeli intelligence to the detriment of national interests of Egypt and Zhar Counsel Kholi that the defendants Israelis fleeing jointly by agreement and assistance with the accused Egyptian in the commission of past crimes, that they agreed abroad with him and helped him to commit that durable travel expenses and Adah countries India, Thailand, Syria, Nepal, Laos, Macau, and other now flowing to your computer. laptop.Encrypted to be used in the maintenance of information and messaging with them through e-mail, signed the crime. Phone calls.

Building at that agreement and such assistance, as quoted by the Supreme State Security Prosecution to the accused the Israelis also said they they give the accused the Egyptian monetary amounts set out investigations 0.37 thousand U.S. dollars. The work of a malicious intent to commit the national interests of Egypt .. As quoted by the prosecution to the accused all three have been involved in Jnani agreement among themselves to commit the crimes earlier.

The Supreme State Security Prosecution, headed by Judge Hisham Badawi, the Attorney General have been attributed to the first three defendants, they were during the period from May 2008 till early August 2010 the first defendant, Tarek Razek 0.37 years. While abroad, in agreement with the accused the Israelis to work with them for the benefit of the Israeli intelligence and Amdadahma reports and information on some of the officials who work in the field of communications for the selection of fit to cooperate with them. Mossad. In order to damage Egypt’s interests.

Also attributed to the first defendant, Tarek Razek also that the hostile action against the two foreign Syria and Lebanon would harm Egyptian interests cut off political ties with them that the agreed abroad with the accused the Israelis and the Israeli intelligence service on supplying reports with information on some of the Syrians and the Lebanese for the selection of fit them to cooperate with. Mossad. And the transfer of assignments from Israel to Syria, one of its customers and this would endanger Egypt to cut the risk of political relations with those countries.

The defendant admitted Tarek Abdel Razek, a detailed operations recruited during the investigation for the account. Mossad. Which began in the light of his initiative to send a message to the Mossad on the Internet, offering a desire to cooperate with them and informed them that the Egyptian resident in China

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And What About the Sperm?



The Jewish state has decided; we will let you be a Jew as long as you are willing to kill for us.

The Knesset recently passed a bill allowing the State to approve IDF conversions without the permission of the Chief Rabbinate.

Apparently this law has been approved today by Shas’ spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who has decided to legitimize all conversions performed in the Israel Defense Forces in recent years.

I guess that for some, it is much easier to become a Jew riding a Merkava Tank over a Palestinian village than learning Halakha law for seven years. 

Yet I am slightly confused. I also learned this week that  ‪‪Rabbi Dov Lior, another genius Talmud scholar,  announced that Jewish Law prohibits sterile couples from conceiving using non-Jew’s sperm, as it causes adverse traits. According to Rabbi  Lior, a baby born through such an insemination will have the “negative genetic traits that characterize non-Jews.”

Rabbi Lior indeed solved a lot of questions that have bothered me for years. All those Jewish outlaws such as mega swindler Bernie Madoff, war criminal Paul Wolfowitz, ethnic cleanser David Ben Gurion, mass murderer Ehud Barak, you name it, must have been conceived from a gentile sperm. They had better look for their real fathers.

And what about the sperm of the newly converted soldiers? Will it cure on the spot?  I guess that Tel Aviv university biology department will have to look closely into this question. The morality of future Jewish generations seems to be at high risk.

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Vera Macht Reports fron Gaza


The air is filled with the noise of the Israeli F-16s, which are flying so low that it’s almost like the

air is trembling. You can positively feel the bombs before they fall, before they explode with a horrendous bang, that is unmistakable, with a pressure wave that breaks the windows of the houses in the whole surrounding area, and makes the walls shake miles away.

And even if you know rationally that you are not in an immediate danger, this bang triggers a primal fear, the feeling of vulnerability, of being absolutely exposed. “We people of Gaza die hundreds of times”, a young Palestinian woman said. “In our thoughts, we are buried every night under the rubble of our crumbling house, we are shot every morning by a sniper on a carelessly chosen path, we may starve to death every day, because no more food is coming in.”

This night four bombs fall, three in the middle area of Gaza Strip, one in Khan Younis. All places have been declared “terrorist targets” in the official statement of the Israeli military, including a Navy police building.

They fly overhead for about an hour, and you try to ignore the noise by focusing on something else, on your laptop, the text before you. The people of Gaza might watch TV, but the images are constantly disturbed by dozens of drones in the sky above. Their pervasive, never-ending buzz can drive you crazy, not to mention the prospect of how they record every single detail of each house, each car and each movement of the people, of yourself.

Always aware of how they can transform into a deadly weapon at any moment. And perhaps their bombs aren’t aimed at yourself, but at the car next to you, the person behind you, or at the friend on the motorcycle seat in front of you. This happened yesterday afternoon in Khan Younis, as a resistance fighter was executed in broad daylight as he rode his motorcycle with a friend.

Whoever writes about Gaza, whoever writes about the buffer zone without writing about the rockets, which are shot from there to Israel, is accused of writing only half the truth. Half of the truth about farmers being killed, stone collectors who are shot at, and bombs in the night. The other half of the truth would then be the approximately 20 mortar shells and missles that have landed in Israel since the beginning of the year, the Israeli soldier who died by “friendly fire”, which was actually aimed at a Palestinian, and the Thai workers, who were injured by fragments of a missile. The whole truth would then be a mutual terror, incited on both sides, and in which both parties would be equally responsible for the spiral of violence.

If there were two equal parties, then each Israeli police station would be a legitimate target, any Israeli soldier who, on his day off, rides with a friend on his motorcycle through Tel Aviv, would be a legitimate target for execution. That is how Israel operates. The discourse is, however, not about equality, it is about self-defense and protection of a state on one side, and about terrorism on the other side.

What about the safety of the people of Gaza? One wonders, living here. What about the safety of the children in the schools near the border that are shot at, of the pregnant women, over whom the F-16 circles? Where is the protection of the baby, who was sleeping in his bed, as a few weeks ago the bullet of an Israeli tank shattered the wall above him? All of this is a response to the terror of the Islamists, says Israel and the mainstream journalism.

The terrorists are called Muqawima here in Gaza. The people who sneak at night to the border with homemade rockets and Kalashnikovs, and they come from the whole political edge spectrum of Gaza, from the Communist and the radical-Islamic, but not from the government. That it’s Hamas supporters who throw missiles at Israel is a common propaganda myth. Since the massacre in Gaza two years ago, there is a truce between Hamas and Israel, and Hamas is abiding by it, in contrast to Israel. Not only that, Hamas cracks down on those militant factions which don’t. Right now, Hamas would take little advantage from a war, and that is what they act upon.

The firing of rockets is thus punished heavily, many fighters of these groups have been arrested before doing anything. Israel doesn’t even claim that the missiles come from Hamas. The Israeli rhetoric is that they “hold solely Hamas to account for everything happing in Gaza”. It is not Hamas from which this Muqawima, resistance in English, comes.

If it’s not Hamas, from whom Israel officially has to protect itself, who is this resistance then? What drives these men to the border at night, with homemade rockets and Kalashnikovs?

When one wants to apply oneself over the allegedly other half of the truth about Gaza, one must deal with the militant resistance in Gaza.

In Europe the rhetoric of the media and politicians differentiates traditionally between Western and Arab resistance. “When justice becomes injustice, resistance becomes a duty,” said Bertolt Brecht, and this is probably the general moral guideline by which Western resistance is measured.

Israel is committing blatant injustice in Gaza, not just from an emotional, but from a legal point of view. The entire population of Gaza lives under a total siege, the nutrition of 55% of the Palestinians in Gaza is not ensured, and 10% of children show impairments caused by malnutrition. During the Israeli attack on Gaza 2008 / 9, phosphorus bombs were used. According to article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, collective punishment is prohibited. Article 55 of the Fourth Geneva Convention states that the occupying power has the obligation to maintain the nutrition and medical care for the population to the maximum extent possible.

The Additional Protocols of 1977 to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 explain that the use of incendiary weapons against civilians, or in a manner in which it can easily result in so-called “collateral damage”, is prohibited. Those are only the most serious examples of a long list of Israel’s injustices toward Gaza.

Is it resistance in the Brechtian sense then, which drives the fighters to the border? Maybe, that’s what the supporters of the militant wing of PFLP, the Communist Party, would say, perhaps they have read Marx. They mostly fight against Israeli incursions into Gaza’s land, when the soldiers come with tanks and bulldozers to uproot the fields.

Two big questions remain for everyone who condemns violence, and deals with the resistance at the border. Even if one accepts that words, at some point, are not enough anymore, that at some point you have to actively defend yourself, the first question arises: How can you accept that from these the missiles children can potentially be killed? Perhaps we should say that these missiles are not better than fireworks, that they normally cause little damage, maybe this won’t change the fact. Amira Hass, an Israeli journalist, has asked this question to a leader of the Qassam Brigades, who answered: “We want the mothers and children in Israel to have the same fear that our mothers and children feel every day.”

The second big question is about the absolute pointlessness of this kind of resistance. Any better firework, which leaves a hole in the Negev, is repaid by bombs, which shake the houses of Gaza, and bury innocent people among them. Any better firework, which leaves a hole in the Negev, produces an outcry in the Western media, which is a hundred times louder than any voice that speaks of the incredible suffering in Gaza, about the open-air prison in which people are living here, under-supplied with food and medicine, which speaks of injustice, and a racism which deprives the Palestinians of their most basic human rights.

When you deal with this pointlessness, the way is short to  hopelessness, which runs like a thread through the lives of those who go as martyrs to the border, with their homemade rockets and Kalashnikovs. Their death is almost certain, the border zone is a maximum security zone, hardly anybody comes back alive.

And when you visit the families of these martyrs, the basic constants you find are poverty, unemployment and hopelessness. They come from the smaller villages around Gaza City, from the border area, from the camps, from refugee families who have settled in small concrete houses. Their fathers may have worked in Israel as long as there were permits for that. In Gaza there is no work, the unemployment rate since the blockade is 45%.

There is also nothing for the children, barely enough to eat, let alone money to study. “The only thing we have left is God”, one often hears, the other crucial constant is religiosity. For it’s the radical Islamic factions which send these martyrs to the border, the best known of them is probably Islamic Jihad. It’s the children of those families who go to their death, believing there is a paradise, with all those things they can’t hope to acquire on earth.

They are in their twenties, often younger, and convinced that in their lives they will never have liberty, nor work, nor the money to get married. Convinced that the only thing they can decide about themselves is the time of their death, and the way. Maybe they think they help their people.  Maybe they don’t know about the voice, which tries to be heard outside, and which speaks of the blatant injustice and the suffering of Gaza, maybe they just don’t believe it can possibly help. Who knows, you can’t ask them afterwards, and the next potential martyrs are almost impossible to find beforehand.

The people of Gaza you encounter in your daily life, the fruit-seller, the taxi driver, your friends and colleagues, they all speak with respect about the bravery of those who confront the Israeli soldiers in the way of David and Goliath. They don’t feel protected by them, but they esteem those that at least try to resist.

What about the ones who launch missiles into Israel, you then ask. Here in the center of Gaza City, where people’s lives differ from ours more in the way than in the outline, in which they are engaged in a normal everyday life, locked in terror and fear, here you can hardly find someone who can understand them. In some shoes you may have to be born to know what it’s like to walk in them.

After one year in Gaza you can only approach the answer to the two big questions of the militant Palestinian resistance.

After one year in Gaza, while sitting at your desk, the air full off the noise of the Israeli F-16s, so loud that it makes things tremble, and you can positively feel the bombs coming, you know something else. You know that when you speak of Israeli terror in the buffer zone, of dead farmers and bombs in the night, you don’t write only half of the truth.

 Vera  Macht:

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Beyond Satir, Captain Israhell Fights the Snake of BDS


This is surreal. JVP’s Muzzlewatch has an article on Stand With Us’s latest production. The right-wing Zionist group, Stand With Us has recently produced a children’s magazine which Muzzlewatch correctly points out is racist. Unabashedly in-your-face racist. Muzzlewatch focuses on the figure of the BDS-serpent which Captain Israel slays in issue 2 (no, I’m not making this up) and the serpent’s resemblance to traditional antisemitic portrayal of the Jewish menace. In their words:

Where on earth did they get the inspiration to portray the Palestinian and international human rights groups that support the BDS movement as a big, fanged, serpent? As vermin? And then I remembered I had seen it in different (Genesis inspired) anti-Semitic propaganda about ‘conniving’ Jews, and thought, why not just call them all “cockroaches” and get it over with?

The cockroach reference indexes both Nazi language and the word that former Israeli PM, Yitzhak Shamir used to describe Palestinians. Strong, insightful analysis, complete with said antisemitic cartoons. Myself, though I was more caught with the figure of Captain Israel, because when I saw him, there was an immediate click in my brain. I had seen this person before. The brilliant American-Jewish cartoonist Eli Valley had already portrayed him in a series of cartoons as Israel Man. The resemblance is almost too perfect to be coincidental. What was for Valley a way of satirising Zionism has moved beyond satire. It is now an approved way of portraying Zionism.Muzzlewatch makes the point that ‘Perfect, shining Captain Israel needs a diseased, less than human “other” to give him his all-man mojo’. For Valley that ‘other’ was Diaspora Boy, the Zionist diaspora Jew whose pronouncements against his loathsome self have become self-fulfilling prophecies. For the Los Angeles based Stand With Us, such criticism is too close for comfort, much as they revere the Israeli muscle Jew ideology first propounded by (need it be said) a diaspora Zionist who never moved to Israel/Palestine, Max Nordau.

Whenever Valley’s cartoon’s appears, he is of course accused of being a kapo nazi self-hating rat, somewhat proving his point about Zionists excoriating diaspora Jews, even (especially?) when they too are diaspora Jews. More ‘thoughtful’ critiques said that his cartoon wasn’t funny since the satire was too crude, too extreme. It seems now that it’s no longer funny, since it’s no longer satire.

Posted by David

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Zionist Hypocrisy One Again Proven!


By Dr. David Duke

Once again we see proof of Zionist hypocrisy. Here is a reproduction from the Zionist Chabad website called “Ask Moses.” In it their rabbi tells fellow Jews how “millions” (historically ridiculous numbers) of Jews in Egypt did not intermarry. The article brags that only “one lone Jew was fathered by an Egyptian.” He goes on to say how the Egyptians tried to corrupt Jewish girls into intermarriage. The article can be found at under “Did the Jews Assimilate in Egypt.” Assimilation and joining the Egyptian “melting-pot is characterized as the worst of sins.

Of course, these radical Zionist condemn Egyptians for trying to corrupt Jewish women into intermarriage, But the Jewish media establishment promotes the same “corruption” for European women and girls — and hardly anyone points out the hypocrisy.

Before suggesting that this viewpoint is a small minority among Jews, one should note that practically every large Zionist organization in the world, from the American Jewish Committee to Israhell itself, has programs fighting against intermarriage of Jews with Gentiles.

But, interestingly enough, while Zionist organizations work against assimilation, against the “melting-pot” speak derisively of Egyptian efforts to mingle and intermarry with Jewish girls, the overwhelmingly Jewish Hollywood and global media establishment to promote interracial sex and marriage as fashionable and desirable for non-Jewish women.

If intermarriage is viewed by Jews as a great evil, then they must know that it is an evil for those that they foist it upon!

We believe that every people should have the right to preserve their unique character and identity, and that this right is a human right for all people, not just Jews. Wanting the destruction of a race of people is the height of racism and ultimately is genocide. We don’t believe in racial suppression. We believe in the human rights of all people to live and to be free and independent. We believe not in destroying a race but allowing all races to flourish in their own unique beauty and culture.

But Zionist-led groups like the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) and the ADL (Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith that supposedly oppose racism, never expose the Zionist racism. You see, it is not racism to simply want to preserve your own people and way of life, but it is racism to suppress and seek the destruction of a people.

Our people, just as Jews, Tibetans, Indians, Africans, should, and must have a right to live, to go on, and to be free!


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By Alison Weir in Counterpunch


Tom Hurndall Shot in the Head by Israeli Sniper

There is something particularly horrifying when someone is shot in the head. Perhaps it’s the gruesome image, the destruction of the brain, the clear intent to kill. The recent shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is made even more nightmarish by the location of her devastating injury.

Those of us who focus on Israel-Palestine are acutely aware of this horror.

Several years ago, I was researching the cause of death of Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces during the first months of the Second Intifadah, the Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation. As I counted up the numbers, I was chilled to discover that the single most frequent cause of death in those beginning months was “gunfire to the head.”

In the past 10 years Israeli forces have killed at least 255 Palestinian minors by fire to the head, and the number may actually be greater, since in many instances the specific bodily location of the lethal trauma is unlisted. In addition, this statistic does not include the many more Palestinian youngsters shot in the head by Israeli soldiers who survived, in one form or another.

Below is a small sampling of those who died. (The term IDF stands for “Israeli Defense Forces,” although these forces are, in reality, an occupation army and are almost always deployed offensively; the incidents below took place on Palestinian territory):

Sami, 12, died of head wounds from IDF gunfire during a demonstration. Abdul, 9, was killed by IDF gunfire to his head during a funeral. Ala, 14, died of head wounds from IDF gunfire while on the terrace of his home one hour after injuring an Israeli soldier with a stone. Omar, 11, died of head wounds from IDF gunfire during a demonstration. Diya, 3 months, was killed, along with her older brother, by Israeli settler gunfire to her head and back. Bara, 10, was killed by IDF gunfire to his head while near his home. Ayman, 15, was killed by IDF tank fire to his head while farming. Khalil, 11, was killed by IDF tank fire to his head while playing with a friend. Rami, 13, was killed by IDF helicopter fire to his head while playing in front of his house. Yaser, 11, died of head wounds from an IDF rubber-coated bullet fired at close range during a demonstration…/1/

Imagine if these names were Bobby… Michael… Susan… Melissa… Jimmy…
and that the foreign troops killing them were invading Arizona, Connecticut, Ohio…

I remember seeing one little brain-dead boy when I was in Gaza in February of 2001; long before any rockets had been fired out of this already assaulted enclave. It’s not a sight you forget, regardless of the name or nationality.

A 2009 article in the UK Telegraph entitled “Bullets in the brain, shrapnel in the spine: the terrible injuries suffered by children of Gaza,” investigated a situation in which doctors at a hospital near Gaza were “almost overwhelmed by the number of Palestinian children needing treatment for bullet wounds to their heads.”/2/

The article began: “On just one day last week staff at the El-Arish hospital in Sinai were called to perform sophisticated CAT brain scans on a nine-year-old, two 10-year-olds and a 14-year-old – each of whom had a bullet still lodged in their brain, after coming under fire during the Israeli ground assault on Gaza.”

Asked about the nature of these shootings, a physician replied:

“I can’t precisely decide whether these children are being shot at as a target, but in some cases the bullet comes from the front of the head and goes towards the back, so I think the gun has been directly pointed at the child.”

Israeli soldiers in a group called “Breaking the Silence” have provided chilling testimonies about Israeli military culture; the titles alone tell a great deal. Following are a few:

“The battalion commander ordered us to shoot anyone trying to remove the bodies”, “The commander of the navy commandos put the muzzle of the rifle into the man’s mouth”, “They told us to shoot at anybody moving in the street”, “You can do whatever you feel like, nobody is going to question it.”/3/

Another person shot in the head by Israeli forces was 21-year-old Tom Hurndall. The anniversary of his death is this week.  Hurndall, a student and photographer, had wanted to “make a difference” with his life. In 2003 he went to Gaza to join the nonviolence movement against Israeli aggression and to photograph what he saw. /4/

On April 11th he was nearby when a group of children who had been playing suddenly came under Israeli rifle fire. Most of the children fled, but three, aged four to seven, froze with fear. Hurndall dashed over, rushed one small boy to safety and returned for two little girls. Just as he was reaching to lift one up, an Israeli sniper shot him in the head.

Despite the urgency of his injury, Israeli officials delayed his transport to specialized medical care for over two and a half hours. A British television crew in the area filmed a powerful on-the-scene report that was aired on England’s Channel 4 /5/ but has never, to my knowledge, been shown on American television. Tom remained in a vegetative state for nine months, finally dying on Jan. 13t, 2004.

From the end of 2002 to the spring of 2003, Israeli forces killed four internationals and shot another in the face. One of the dead was a UN official, Iain Hook. As with Hurndall, Israeli forces retarded efforts to provide critical medical care. /6/ Another was filmmaker James Miller, who had been waving a white flag. He was shot in the throat. /7/

Two recent non-Palestinian victims shot in the head, in this case by high velocity tear gas canisters, are 37-year-old Tristan Anderson /8/ and 21-year-old Emily Henochowicz. /9/ Both have survived, Emily without an eye and Tristan in a wheelchair. Part of his right frontal lobe has been removed, he is partially paralyzed, blind in one eye, and it is unclear to what degree his cognitive abilities will return. After shooting him at close range, Israeli forces twice delayed his ambulance to a hospital.

It is difficult to know how many of the 45,000 Palestinian men, women, and children killed or injured by Israeli forces since September 29, 2000 /10/ have been shot in the head. Quite likely the number is staggering. Former Yale professor and author Mazin Qumsiyeh describes one:

[Mohammed] was 12 years old when Israeli soldiers shot him in the head with a rubber coated steel bullet, fragmenting his skull and damaging part of his brain. Ten years later, Israeli army officers severely beat and tortured him.  He got married… the young couple received a blessing in the form of a donation of a very small plot of land from their uncle and they built a humble one room house… they lived in this house for 3 years…Then the Israeli army demolished the home saying that it was built without permit (Israel gave no permits for any houses in the village since the occupation began in 1967.)  The family rebuilt the house but Israeli threats forced them to not live in it (Israel wants also some NIS 20,000 for the cost of destroying the home and wants to levy other fines on the family.)  So the young family came to live in a small dwelling underground… /11/

A Dec. 23rd news story by the International Middle East Middle Center mentions another:

“After being brought to the hospital, 22-year old Salamah Abu Hashish succumbed to his wounds. He had been shot in the back by Israeli troops stationed at the border. Another of the victims was a 14-year old boy who was critically injured when he was shot in the head while collecting rubble near where Abu Hashish was tending his sheep.” /12/

The stories go on and on.

Gabrielle Giffords

Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shot in the Head at Public Event

Ironically, the American Congresswoman recently so tragically shot in the head has been extremely close to the Israel lobby, which has played a critical role in enabling the tragedies sketched above. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) works year after year to ensure that the approximately $7-8 million per day of American tax to Israel /13/ keeps flowing regardless of how many civilians its troops kill. /14/

Giffords has been known as “a safe pro-Israel vote in the House” /15/ and could be counted on to support AIPAC’s various initiatives to shield Israel from negative consequences for its ruthless and illegal use of American weaponry. /16/

She called a 2001 visit to Israel a turning point in her life (Israeli forces killed 103 children that year, 31 of them shot in the head) and wrote in 2006 (a year in which Israeli forces killed 665 Palestinians, 139 of them children, and Palestinians killed 23 Israelis, two of them children) that “the United States must do everything possible to secure Israel’s long-term security.” /17/ Palestinian victims – killed first and in far greater numbers – seem to have been invisible to her. /18/

Giffords, of course, wasn’t the only victim of the Tucson shooting; 14 were injured and six were killed. It is deeply saddening to read about the dead and to imagine the unending grief for their survivors. /19/  It is particularly difficult to view the sweet, smiling picture of nine-year-old Christina Taylor Green, knowing that her bright life is no longer before her.

It is equally tragic to read of nine-year-old Akaber, killed by Israeli gunfire to her head while riding in her uncle’s car to get medical stitches removed, and of the 29 other nine-year-olds killed by Israeli forces in the past decade, eight of them by Israeli gunfire to the head.

It is too late for Akabar, Diya, Mohammed, Tom, and the multitude of others. But there is hope that Gabrielle Giffords is going to survive. Let us pray that she recovers fully, that she is able to return to Congress, and that she then works to prevent others – including Palestinians – from being shot in the head.

We have better uses for our money than to fund atrocities.
Notes and Citations

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Lies about iran persist; Some Truth for a Change Seems prudent


According to a January 10 posting on Coteret, a news, analysis and opinion website from the Israeli print and electronic media, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was ‘infuriated’ by comments made last Thursday at a briefing with outgoing Mossad Director Meir Dagan. Dagan told reporters that Iran would be ‘unable to develop a nuclear bomb before 2015.’

By Jennifer Loewenstein in CounterPunch

By making this assertion, Meir Dagan has done more than disagree with Netanyahu; he has accepted earlier judgments rendered by declassified US National Intelligence Estimates (NIEs), one from 2007 and the other from 2005. The 2007 NIE stated plainly that “Iran does not currently have a nuclear weapon,” something no intelligence expert would have claimed. 

A host of rightwing media pundits and pro-Israel fear-mongerers often tried to maintain [that Iran is pursuing and will have a nuclear bomb threatening our national security, facts aside].

In 2005 an NIE stated that even if Iran were to pursue a nuclear weapons’ program, a prospect that was by no means certain, it would take at least ten years for them to build a bomb. It is unclear why Dagan chose to back this more realistic stance publicly if he were previously so concerned about a nuclear Iran; nonetheless it is slightly reassuring to read that he has done so.

Neither Israeli nor American political, military, or intelligence circles have so far proposed constructive engagement with the Middle East. Nevertheless we have to hope that there continue to be a few more semi-rational policy-makers than neocon extremists determining US foreign policy in Washington for the time being. Without them, the prospects for the Middle East in the next few years would be grim indeed, but for the immediate future, anyway, a military strike on Iran is unlikely. Let us hope this remains true, not only because of the catastrophe such a strike would unleash but because it gives activists a little more time to counter the prevailing mythology that Iran: a) wants nuclear weapons; and b) would strike Israel if it had them. Both claims are simply untrue.

A recent article from the Associated Press printed in the Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, Wisconsin) quoted US Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, warning Americans about the imminent threat of the Iranian bomb, a statement that is not only ignorant but irresponsible and dangerous given the drum-beating and war-mongering that is so often pervasive in Washington and elsewhere across the United States.

Mullen, who frequently consults with the top Israeli military brass, was speaking from a US airbase in Manama, Bahrain –a base that would be on the frontlines of any military confrontation if hostilities were to break out between Iran and the US or one of its many Gulf Arab allies. To prevent or at least lower the chances of another illegal and devastating act of aggression in the region, it is critical that more people understand that Iran does not want a stockpile of nuclear weapons. Indeed it is fair to say that to build a single nuclear bomb is against Iran’s strategic security interests, and those who hold ultimate power in Tehran understand this keenly. Neither the regime in Tehran nor the Iranian people are suicidal, and both understand that to possess a single nuclear weapon would serve as an ideal pretext for either the US or Israel to “obliterate” the country, as Secretary of State Clinton has threatened to do.

What Iran would like to acquire is the technological capability and the materials essential to produce such weapons. This would upset the balance of power in the Middle East in which Israel alone has a first strike nuclear capability. Ultimately, Iran seeks deterrence, or the military capability by which to prevent or reduce the likelihood of unchecked aggression against it and other Middle East states. “Nuclear threshold” technology could therefore have a profound effect on regional stability by putting an end to Israel’s role as an unchecked dominant regional power. The prospect of Iran and, over time, other states in the Middle East and Asia obtaining nuclear weapons or, somewhat less threateningly, the technological know-how to produce these unspeakably destructive weapons is hardly one to relish. Sadly, however, it is more likely at present than the prospect of getting Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and give up its deadly arsenal altogether.

Iran, it should be noted, is already a signatory of the NPT and as such has the right to enrich uranium even up to weapons’ grade; it does not have the right to produce nuclear weapons, however. Militarily speaking, Iran is neither a threat to Israel nor to the United States, and has, at best, strictly defensive, conventional armed forces. Why then is Iran consistently portrayed in the US as a looming and deadly threat to Americans?

US’ foaming at the mouth over Iran has much more to do with the influence Iran has gained regionally — in part as a direct result of our irresponsible and lethal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In both countries the US has directly enabled pro-Iranian forces by carrying out military policies that have left both countries devastated and internally divided for years –if not decades— to come. In Iraq, the ardently anti-American, Iranian ally, Muqtada Sadr, has recently joined the coalition government of his Shi’a counterpart, Nuri al-Maliki. Sadr only recently returned from nearly 4 years in Iran. In Afghanistan many of the anti-Taliban forces the US has aided with arms, money and training are pro-Iranian as well.

In seeking to develop civilian nuclear energy, Iran is attempting to avoid the trap of having to import refined oil by relying on its own renewable resources. Greater economic, strategic and military ties with China may enhance Iran’s independence and assist the development of its vast natural gas resources that could make Iran an important energy exporter in the future.  Within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, in which Iran has observer status, the stage is being set for just these kinds of connections.

One last observation, but by no means the least important: those in the United States, Israel and elsewhere railing on about the dangers of allowing Iran to acquire weapons of mass destruction ought to look at their own histories, recent and past, before carrying on about the need to “strike,” “hit,” or “obliterate” another nation, city or village. Read the latest (Dec. 30th, 2010) report on birth defects, infant mortality and cancer rates in Fallujah, Iraq that have skyrocketed since the 2004 US attack on that desperate city. That report and half a dozen  others released since July 2010, verifies that the effects of US weapons-of-mass destruction on Fallujah are worse than what was recorded at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. ‘War Contaminants’ – such as depleted uranium, white phosphorus, and other deadly chemicals and metals have poisoned the environment around Fallujah for generations to come.

Those who speak so cavalierly about the possibility of war – with Iran or any other country – need to read just one of these detailed and disturbing reports, see the pictures of babies born with congenital malformations, heart defects, neural-tube defects and worse. They should be required to understand the effects of these poisons on the people at the receiving end of massive aerial bombardments and ground invasions; of shock and awe and molten lead. Speak to the women experiencing the spontaneous abortions; live with the parents tending children with leukemia, babies with deformed limbs, unexplained diseases, damaged brains and defective hearts. This is the reality of modern warfare and weaponry; this is what war is to the un-embedded and unprotected civilians unable to flee the fighting, forced to try to survive the towering waves of a deadly onslaught, and then to subsist on food grown in contaminated soil, to breathe in poisoned air, drink polluted water and live on an earth tainted by the venom of hatred and greed. Sadly, I doubt that Meir Dagan, Benjamin Netanyahu, Mike Mullen or Barack Obama have given a moment’s thought to these lasting and horrible repercussions of war.

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