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American Zionist bad-mouth Egyptian protestors



Protests in Iran in 2009, left. Right: Protesters in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, Jan. 28, 2011

It’s hardly a secret that Israel is worried about the events in Egypt, which signed a peace treaty with the Jewish state in 1979 under the leadership of Hosni Mubarak’s predecessor, Anwar Sadat. More recently, Egypt has cooperated with Israel on the blockade of Gaza.

By Justin Elliott at Salon

The Israelis are worried about, among other things, the possibility that an Islamic movement could gain power if the Mubarak regime were to fall. So I was interested today to see reaction from pro-Israel groups in the United States — which were favorably disposed to the democratic aspirations of the Green movement in Iran in 2009 — to the Egyptian pro-democracy protests.

This afternoon I spoke with Alan Elsner, senior director of communications at the Israel Project, an influential D.C.-based pro-Israel group. He has an analysis that is leading the group’s website today that argues the Arab protests highlight Israel’s “stability.” But the piece does not explicitly support or oppose the Egyptian protests. I asked Elsner if the Israel Project is taking a position.

“Obviously, like all Americans and Israelis and others, we are watching with great attentiveness,” he said. “We understand very well that this is a regime that has been there for 30 years and is an authoritarian government. It hasn’t allowed free and fair elections — we understand that. We also understand that this is a government that made peace with Israel in 1979 and Mubarak’s predecessor paid for that peace with his life.”

Elsner said that while it is too early to tell what a post-Mubarak government could look like — and whether Mubarak will even fall — there are concerns: ”He has observed the treaty and that treaty has become a bulwark of stability. Should Mubarak go, there is concern about the kind of government that would replace him, and whether it would be inclined to maintain that treaty.”

I asked Elsner about the Israel Project’s previous support for a “Stand for Freedom in Iran” rally in September 2009, held in the wake of the Green Movement protests, which emphasized lofty ideals of human rights and democracy. Why is the group not supporting the same ideals in Egypt? 

“There is a huge difference between the governments of Iran and of Egypt. The government of Egypt has a peace treaty with Israel and has observed it,” Elsner said, also noting the antagonistic view of Iran toward Israel.  He said the Israel Project is not to his knowledge planning any programs in support of the Egyptian protests, saying it will likely ”be regarded as an internal matter for the people of Egypt.”

Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, had much the same view when I spoke to him this afternoon. 

“We’ve always supported the movement toward democratization,” he said. “At the same time, you don’t want to see upheaval that could be exploited by extremist elements in the region. We would be very concerned that elements would come into power that would not sustain the involvement of Egypt in the peace process and sustain the commitments in the peace agreements.”

Hoenlein added: ”Getting rid of Mubarak will create such disruption and potentially dangerous change” — he would prefer an orderly process of reform to revolution.

So for now, at least, don’t look for American pro-Israel groups to do much in the way of supporting the Egyptian protesters.

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Zionist Mu-Barak shameful cries for more repression


Egypt President Hosni Mubarak’s shameful cries for more repression

After firing the Cabinet, Egypt’s president said the country needed dialogue, not violence.


Protesters march in Suez Image Credit: Reuters

CAIRO: Four days after angry protesters first took to the street and with at least 27 people killed in subsequent street battles, a stoney-faced Mubarak said he had sacked his Cabinet but refused to step down in an address broadcast shortly after midnight on Saturday after a day of unprecedented violent protests.

Here are excerpts of his speech.

“I have asked the government to resign and tomorrow there will be a new government,” Mubarak, 82, said on state television as protests raged in Cairo and other cities despite a night-time curfew.

“We will not backtrack on reforms. We will continue with new steps which will ensure the independence of the judiciary and its rulings, and more freedom for citizens,” he said.

“I have been closely following the protests and what they were asking for and calling on. My instructions to the government have stressed on providing it with an opportunity to express the opinions and demands of the citizens …

“I deeply regret the loss of innocent lives among protesters and police forces …

“The government stayed committed to those instructions and that was obvious in the way police forces dealt with our youth, in taking initiative to protect them … before those protests turned into riots that threaten the system and obstruct the daily life of citizens …

“There is a fine line between freedom and chaos and I lean towards freedom for the people in expressing their opinions as much as I hold on to the need to maintain Egypt’s safety and stability …

“Fellow citizens, those protests came to express the legitimate expectations for more speed in halting unemployment and enhancing living conditions, fighting poverty and standing firmly against corruption …

“Egypt’s youth are its most valuable asset and looting of public and private property, destroying what we have built, is not the route to follow …

“My conviction is still set to continue political, economic and social reforms for the sake of a free and democratic Egyptian community … I am convinced that the economy is too big and serious to be left to economists alone …

“What happened throughout these protests extends beyond looting, chaos and fire to a larger scheme aimed at shaking stability and an attack on legitimacy …

“It is not by setting fires and by attacking private and public property that we achieve the aspirations of Egypt and its sons, but they will be achieved through dialogue, awareness and effort …

“The path of reform which we have chosen is irreversible and cannot go backward. We will proceed with new steps that affirm our respect for the independence of the judiciary … new steps towards more democracy and freedoms … new steps to face unemployment and increase the standard of living and services … new steps to stand by the poor and those with limited income. Our choices and our goals are what will determine our fate and our future …

“I carry the foremost responsibility in protecting the security of the nation and the people …

“I have asked the government to present its resignation today (Friday) and I will name a new government starting from tomorrow … to effectively deal with the priorities of this current phase …

“I will defend Egypt’s safety and stability and its people’s wishes, for that is the responsibility and the trust endowed in me when I swore an oath in front of God and the nation to protect it.”

Protesters who have been demanding Mubarak step down, as well as an end to endemic state corruption and police brutality that have become systematic under his rule, dismissed the speech as too little, too late. “We don’t care if the government resigns, we want him to resign,” said demonstrator Khaled, 22, in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria.

Student Abdo, 20, said: “Prices are still high, the problems are still there, this doesn’t solve anything.”

In Cairo, hundreds of demonstrators defied an overnight curfew and gathered in the city centre, climbing onto army tanks and throwing rocks at police.

Thirteen people died in clashes with police on Friday in the canal city of Suez, at least five in Cairo and two in Mansura, north of the capital, with many fatalities caused by rubber-coated bullets, medics and witnesses said. Seven more people died on Wednesday and Thursday.

Key allies including the United States, Britain and Germany on Friday expressed concern about the violence, with Britain saying the protesters had “legitimate grievances.”

Thousands of people ignored an overnight 6pm (1600 GMT) to 7am am curfew in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez announced by state television, with many protesters urging soldiers to join them.

“The army and the people, together!” protesters chanted outside the television building.

Soldiers made V-for-victory signs near Cairo’s opera house more than two hours after the curfew began, as some civilians clambered aboard the armoured vehicles.

Protesters poured out of mosques after Friday prayers and ran rampant through the streets, throwing stones and torching two police stations. Police chased them with batons, firing tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets.

Demonstrators torched the Cairo headquarters of Mubarak’s ruling National Democratic Party, with television showing footage of the building overlooking the Nile still burning on Saturday morning. In Suez, protesters overran a police station, seized weapons and set fire to security force vehicles.

The demonstrations, inspired by events in Tunisia, are the largest in Egypt in the three decades of Mubarak’s rule, sending shock waves across the region.

In addition to the 27 people reported killed, hundreds more have been injured and some 1,000 arrested since the protests erupted on Tuesday.

In Washington, the Pentagon said the visiting Egyptian army’s chief of staff and other senior officers departed on Friday, cutting short a planned week-long visit.

SOURCE: Gulf  News


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Rand Paul & The Left Find Common Ground in Outlaw ‘State’ of Israhell

Israel killed 34 crew members (naval officers, seamen, two Marines, and one civilian), wounded 170

Republican and Tea Party-affliated Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has called for an end of aid to Israel and has been getting slammed ever since by U.S. Democrats and pro-Israel lobbies.

By Elleen Fleming, Founder of We Are Wide Awake

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on 26 January 2011, Paul said, “Reuters did a poll, and 71 percent of American people agree with me that when we’re short of money, where we can’t do the things we need to do in our country, we certainly shouldn’t be shipping the money overseas.”

Blitzer inquired if Paul wanted to halt the over $3 billion that go to Israel annually, and Paul replied affirmatively adding that Egypt also receives almost the same amount.

As we see in the video below the people of Egypt have risen up and are demanding a change in that regime as they seek to seize their unalienable human rights:

Egypt Revolution Tribute January 25, 2011

Paul did misspeak when he allowed, “Israel [is] a democratic nation, as, you know, a fountain of peace and a fountain of democracy within the Middle East.”

In the May 28, 1993 edition of Yedioth Ahronoth, Ariel Sharon rebutted the notion, explaining:

“The terms ‘democracy’ or ‘democratic’ are totally absent from the Declaration of Independence. This is not an accident. The intention of Zionism was not to bring democracy, needless to say. It was solely motivated by the creation in Eretz-Isrel of a Jewish state belonging to all the Jewish people and to the Jewish people alone. This is why any Jew of the Diaspora has the right to immigrate to Israel and to become a citizen of Israel.”

Professor Jeff Halper, American Israeli, co-founder and coordinator of Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions and Professor of Anthropology, illuminated:

“An ethnocracy is the opposite of a democracy, although it might incorporate some elements of democracy such as universal citizenship and elections. It arises when one particular group-the Jews in Israel, the Russians in Russia, the Protestants in pre-1972 Northern Ireland, the whites in apartheid South Africa, the Shi’ite Muslims in Iran, the Malay in Malaysia and, if they had their way, the white Christian fundamentalists in the US-seize control of the government and armed forces in order to enforce a regime of exclusive privilege over other groups in what is in fact a multi-ethnic or multi-religious society. Ethnocracy, or ethno-nationalism, privileges ethnos over demos, whereby one’s ethnic affiliation, be it defined by race, descent, religion, language or national origin, takes precedence over citizenship in determining to whom a county actually ‘belongs.’” [1]

Senator Paul did hit the nail on the head for this fiscal conservative with libertarian leanings, “The debt is all- consuming and it threatens our well-being as a country.”

However, Congresswoman Nita Lowey, Ranking member of the Appropriations Subcommittee on State and Foreign Operations, called Paul’s initiative “shocking” and she also exposed the rampant ignorance in Congress stating that, “Israel is the only democratic nation in the Middle East and one of our most stalwart allies. A stable and secure Israel is in our national security interest and has been a staple of our foreign policy for more than sixty years.”

8 June 2007

On 8 June 2007, I attended the 27th annual American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee’s Washington, D.C. Conference and learned from the moderate Republican, Congressman Paul Findley who stated:

“I was here for the first convention 27 years ago and I still have a fire in my belly for the civil and human rights of Arabs. It is time to speak openly and honestly about Israel. But, in American politics, that is still forbidden.

“Pity that we cannot seem to shed our fear of Israel! We are afraid to speak out on Capitol Hill, for fear of losing the next election. They are more like trained poodles jumping through hoops than leaders!

“Why this fear? How did we get here?

“Forty years ago to this day, June 8, 1967 the change occurred, the floodgates opened and money poured into Israel as never before. When President Johnson heard about the U.S.S. Liberty being attacked by Israel he ordered the rescue fighter planes to return to the deck. The rescue mission was aborted and the survivors have said they heard LBJ’s voice tell Admiral Giess, ‘Get those planes back on deck. I don’t care if the ship sinks, I will not embarrass Israel.’

“LBJ also threatened to court martial anyone who reported what had happened. Johnson accepted Israel’s false claim of “mistaken identity” and he knew it was a lie. That is when the change began and Israel learned they could get away with murdering U.S.A. soldiers.”

The attack on the USS Liberty also remains “the only incident of damage to a major US ship since the sinking of the USS MAINE in Havana Harbour in 1898, prior to the Spanish-American War, that has not been investigated by the US Congress.” [2]

Congresswoman Nita Lowey also opined, “Using our budget deficit as a reason to abandon Israel is inexcusable. It is unclear to me whether Rand Paul speaks for the Tea Party, the Republican Party, or simply himself.”

I contend that Senator Paul speaks for all people of conscience who comprehend that America’s blind allegiance to the state of Israel is at the root of why so many people in the world do not trust US-with good reasons- to be an honest broker for justice and peace in the so called Holy Land which is in pieces:

In his statement, Republican Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matthew Brooks said, “we are concerned that Senator Paul may not grasp the fundamentals of our alliance with Israel. In 2007, the U.S. and Israel signed a ten-year ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (MoU) to govern U.S. assistance going forward. A critical aim of the MoU was to preserve Israel’s qualitative military advantage. Accordingly, any concern that U.S. assistance might undermine Israel’s security is groundless.”

The “Memorandum of Understanding” increased U.S. military aid to Israel by 25% over the next decade!

America is the worlds largest arms supplier to Israel and under a Bush negotiated deal with Israel, that Obama signed into law in December 2009, we the people who pay taxes in America are also providing another $30 billion in military aid to Israel over the next decade!

Israel has also consistently misused U.S. weapons in violation of America’s Arms Export Control and Foreign Assistance Acts (U.S. Public Law 90-829) which prohibits the use of U.S. weapons against civilian targets and although militant Palestinians have indeed attacked Israeli civilians with their dirty bombs, those weapons were not provided by the US!

On 17 March 2006, the 7th day of my third of seven journeys to Israel Palestine, Professor Jeff Halper, informed me, “I don’t want to depress you too much but the issue of the occupation is a global issue that transcends boundaries and Israel Palestine impacts all global realities. We have a country created by the UN and supported by the USA that has a brutal occupation while International Law defines occupation as a temporary situation.

“The USA is complicit in starving the Palestinians and it is going to get worse. We have a situation in which America and Israeli actions are illegal. Three weeks ago in the USA the Pentagon issued the QDR: Quadrennial Defense Review, which is a twenty-year plan to contain China and commit to a long war with the Islamic Empire. The USA sees Iran as the center of its war against Islam and wants to make the entire world safe for the USA and wants to contain any power who will rise and challenge America. The USA will shield itself so it can continue to extract 35% of the earths resources. The American lifestyle is not sustainable.

“When you incorporate occupied territories, highways, settlements and use resources it is all illegal according to the Fourth Geneva Convention which states the status quo must be retained so that negotiations can happen. Unilateral actions are illegal. The occupying power is responsible for those under its control.

“Tony Blair said 70% of all the conflicts in the world can be traced back to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. What gives us hope is that as this conflict worsens maybe Europe will figure out that American policies are against their interests and intervene.

“This conflict impacts the global community and especially everyone in the USA. If we do fix this conflict it would be a tremendous step forward in global reconciliation. This whole issue is based on Human Rights and it is a global issue requiring global intervention. Israel is not a democracy, it is an ethnocracy: full rights to Jews, but not Palestinians.”

When I returned to Israel Palestine in October 2006, Jeff informed me, “It has been said that the Israeli’s do not love this land, they just want to possess it. There have been three stages to make this occupation permanent. The first was to establish the facts on the ground; the settlements. There are ½ million Israeli’s and four million Palestinians here. They have been forced into Bantustan; truncated mini states; prison states. It is apartheid and Bush and Hillary are both willing collaborators. In 1977, Sharon came in with a mandate, money and resources to make the Israeli presence in the West Bank irreversible.

“The second stage began in April 2004 when America approved the Apartheid/Convergence/Realignment Plan and eight settlement blocs. This is just like South Africa! The Bush Sharon letter exchange guaranteed that the USA considers the settlements non-negotiable. The Convergence Plan and The Wall create the borders and that is what defines Bantustans. Congress ratified the Bush plan and only Senator Byrd of West Virginia voted no and nine House Representatives.

“Israel has set up a matrix of control; a thick web of settlements guaranteed to make the occupation permanent by establishing facts on the ground. Israel denies there is an occupation, so everything is reduced to terrorism. It is our job to insist upon the human rights issue, for occupied people have International Law on their side.

“When Jerusalem was controlled by Jordan, and the East side was 6 sq. km. Since 1967, Israel has added 64 km. The West side was 38 sq. km until ‘67 and is now 108 sq. km’s. Israel plans to develop 17 settlements. Israeli policy is to maintain a 72% Jewish and 28% Arab population. Palestinians cannot get building permits to build upon their legally owned land. The Arab land has been re-zoned as green space, and the green space will be re-zoned for the settlements. Every single Palestinian home in Jerusalem has a demolition order. The entire West Bank has been zoned as agricultural land by Israel, and that will also be re-zoned again for more settlements.”

Orwellian doublespeak has also been employed by US Media, which refers to the illegal colonies as ‘neighborhoods’ but every West Bank settlement is illegal under International Law!

The pro-Israel Jewish lobby J Street issued a statement in response to Paul’s comments saying it was “alarmed” by his suggestion and that, “Senator Paul’s proposal would undermine the decades-long bipartisan consensus on U.S. support for Israel. Any erosion of support should concern Israel’s friends on both sides of the political aisle.”

True friends will always tell you the truth and if they truly love you they will confront you when you are being self-destructive and behaving in ways contrary to your self-interests.

To thank Senator Paul please call his D.C. office at 202-224-4343 or email his foreign affairs aide at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

1. Jeff Halper, An Israeli in Palestine: Resisting Dispossession, Redeeming Israel, Page 74

2. Captain Joseph Tully, commanding officer of the USS Saratoga, page 175, Operation Cyanide by Peter Hounam.

All quotes by politicians provided by Haaretz.

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Egypt Uprising




The revolution in Egypt–a genuine uprising on the part of oppressed people but will it be used to further Israhell’s interests? Internationally-esteemed journalsit Dahr Jamail and co-host Mark Dankof join the program to explore this question.

Listen Here


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