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Israel never respected the so-called 1979 ‘Peace Treaty’ with former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat as it is still occupying Palestinian lands and stealing more.  A murdering thief who steals people’s homes should neither be allowed to keep any nor be allowed to use stolen property as a bargaining chip.  In a civilised world, stolen property must be returned to their owners under pain of sanction.  For over 30 years the so-called 1979 ‘Peace Treaty’ was used as a weapon to make war against Palestinians in occupied Palestine and Muslims in Egypt.  Sadat’s effective War Treaty with Israel has been the cornerstone of instability, repression and Jewish terror in occupied Palestine and interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries. 

The European-Israeli occupiers of Palestine invaded the Sinai, Egypt in 1967.  In 1973, under President Anwar Sadat, the Egyptian army, led by Egyptian Chief of staff, Saad El Shazly, breached and penetrated the Bar Lev line set up by Israeli military in Sinai along the eastern coast of the Suez Canal and destroyed most of the Israeli air force.  The war stopped after the US threatened to enter the war on the side of the Israelis and poured in more sophisticated weapons into Israel.  However, behind the scenes, the US offered to finance the Egyptian government if they entered into a ‘Peace Treaty’ with Israel which, in turn, would vacate the Sinai and dismantle all Jewish squats therein.  Like any other corruptible Arab leader, Anwar Sadat allowed himself to be corrupted.

However, in his address to the Jewish Knesset, 7 October 1977, Anwar Sadat said that any treaty with Israel should not be at the expense of giving the Israelis a single inch of Arab land : « Expansion does not pay. To speak frankly, our land does not yield itself to bargaining, it is not even open to argument.  We cannot accept any attempt to take away or accept to seek one inch of it nor can we accept the principle of debating or bargaining over it. »  It is too easy for the strong to invade people’s lands and then bargain with the owners pretending that the invaders are making concessions in exchange for ‘peace’ or other benefits. 

A murdering thief who steals people’s homes should neither be allowed to keep any nor be allowed to use stolen property as a bargaining chip.  In a civilised world, stolen property must be returned to their owners under pain of sanction.  However, the so-called Peace Treaty entered between Anwar Sadat and Israel in 1979 did not have the approval of the Egyptian people.  Moreover, Israel never respected the treaty as it is still occupying Palestinian lands and stealing more.  It also used this treaty to build its nuclear arsenal while the Arabs were left behind.

Muslims in the Arab world were shocked by such a treaty, even by most within the ranks of Anwar Sadat himself, including in his military.  Some members in the Egyptian military assassinated President Sadat in 1981 and wounded his Vice President Hosni Mubarak.  Many analysts believed that the US used dissidents in Sadat’s military to assassinate Sadat because they did not trust him after he gave Israel a bloody nose in 1973 and always insisted for Israel to cease its occupation of Arab lands.  Their obvious choice was Hosni Mubarak who succeeded Sadat. 

They financed him and his army with billions of dollars of sophisticated military hardware short of the Israeli military which they dotted with nuclear weapons.  They used him as a ‘democratic’ figurehead allegedly elected by Egyptians when their military aid was used to ban opposition parties not to their liking, to murder, torture and suppress Egyptians.  US-Israel kept their puppet Hosni Mubarak in power for nearly 30 years.  During that time the so-called 1979 Peace Treaty was used as a weapon to make war against Palestinians in occupied Palestine and Muslims in Egypt.  Egypt joined the Zionist entity in staging a blockade against Palestinians and facilitated the bombing of Gaza by Israelis and the killing of Palestinians.  The Egyptians never approved this treaty through a referendum.  It is a warmongering treaty used to benefit the occupiers of Palestine and a few of the Egyptian financial, military and political elite.

When the Egyptian Revolution started on 25th January 2011 with hundreds of thousands, later millions, of protesters converging in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, called Liberation Square, Alexandria and elsewhere in Egypt, the US and other European powers kept on interfering in Egyptian affairs by telling their puppets what to do and what to say, and when.  While pretending to understand the aspirations of Egyptians, the US neo-con administration kept on supporting the Mubarak’s regime.  On 5th February 2011, the Zionist Frank Wisner, a special envoy for US President Barack Obama, said that Hosni Mubarak « must stay in office to steer national concensus ». 

When the freedom protestors swelled and Mubarak’s position weakened, Obama alleged that Wisner was only talking in his personal capacity and not for his administration, which is a blatant lie.  On the other hand, the tune of French President Nicholas Sarkozy also changed in line with the developments given the grip of France on her former other dictatorial colonies of Algeria, Morocco, and given that the revolution first started in her former Tunisian colony.

The Egyptian Mujahideen (Freedom Fighters)

It is very odd for the European western media to refer to the Egyptian revolutionaries as « pro-democracy protestors » when the Egyptian tyrant was elected four times 1987, 1993, 1999 and 2005), which elections the UN found to be ‘free and fair’ while the majority of Egyptians always said that the elections were forged with the help of the US and Israel.  Does this mean that the millions who demonstrated against the Iraq War in the streets of London were also « pro-democracy protestors »?  This is just another example how the Zionist-controlled western media manipulate people’s minds.  The Egyptians revolutionaries were not fighting for democracy, which is a corrupt system under which they were victims for 30 years.  They were fighting for their freedom from such corruption and tyranny.  They are freedom fighters (mujahideen).  Their jihad (struggle) is for a free Egypt based on justice and fairness with the capability to defend itself against any form of interference and aggression.  No more will Sinai be occupied again and Palestine must be freed.

Lamis Andoni, Al-Jazeerah’s Middle East correspondent said in his article « The resurrection of pan-Arabism », 11 February 2011, that « The Egyptian revolution has resurrected a new type of pan-Arabism, based on social justice not empty slogans. »  He also said that « The overwhelming support for the Egyptian revolutionaries across the Arab world reflects a sense of unity in the rejection of tyrannical, or at least authoritarian, leaders, corruption and the rule of a small financial and political elite. [..] The Palestinians have been betrayed, not helped, by leaders who practice repression against their own people. [..] The Arab failure to defend Iraq or liberate Palestine has come to symbolise an Arab impotence that has been perpetuated by the state of fear and paralysis in which the ordinary Arab citizen, marginalised by social injustice and crushed by security apparatus oppression, has existed. »  Andoni went on to report that, in Ramallah, protesters are calling for an end of internal Palestinian divisions and demanded an « end to negotiations with Israel ».

Mubarak’s resignation

After trying several tricks in the Zionist book of deceit, Hosni Mubarak finally resigned as President on 11th February 2011 and left the country in the hands of his military while he and his family fled to the Egyptian holiday resort of Sharm-el-Sheikh.  After so many television appearances to tell Egyptians that he is staying put, he did not even have the decency and courage to tell Egyptians he was leaving as they demanded. He let his appointed Vice-President and accomplice Omar Suleiman, nicknamed « The CIA’s man in Cairo », break the news to the people and informing them that Mubarak had handed over authority to the Supreme Military Council he had put in place.  The « highest-ranking figure in Egypt is now Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, the country’s defence minister and head of the supreme council. »  But the people want the whole regime, including the top military figures, to step down and be brought to justice for their democratic corruption and crimes.


Mubarak’s US paymaster, Barack Obama, is now urging what remains of Mubarak’s regime to honour Sadat’s ‘Peace Treaty’ with Israel, which seems to be his administration’s main and real concern rather than the Egyptian people, in order to continue their war against Palestinians and Muslims in Egypt.  For over 30 years, Sadat’s ‘Peace Treaty’, War Treaty rather, has been the cornerstone of instability, repression and Jewish terror in occupied Palestine and interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries.  The top Mubarak’s military men, who have close links with the US and Israeli military, quickly assured the US and Israel that « The Arab Republic of Egypt is committed to all regional and international obligations and treaties ».  The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, while pledging a smooth transition to civilian rule, is not speaking about the wishes of the Egyptian people.  It is already telling them what their future administration should accept without a referendum on their wishes.  This is where the real danger lies while the Mubaraks’ are at their getaway resort, perhaps with the hopes of returning with a vengeance.

In addition to the determination of Egyptian mujahideen, which the world is proud of, the Egyptian soldiers have to be congratulated for identifying themselves with their people who they hugged and, in many ways, even supported to the displeasure of the military elite taking their orders from the US and Israeli administrations.  The soldiers even prayed behind the freedom demonstrators.  Those cracks in the military were apparent from the early days of the revolution.  Even though Mubarak sent his US F-16s fighter aircrafts and helicopters over the heads of the mujahideen to intimidate them in an attempt to break the will of the Egyptians’ struggle for freedom, the Israeli orders to their Egyptian counterparts to shoot fellow Egyptians were not followed. 

Hundreds of members of the much hated Police marched in solidarity with the freedom protesters in the Suez Canal city of Ismailiya claiming that they had been ordered against their will to shoot protesters.  This is the reason the Police originally fled and abandoned their posts.  However, now that Mubarak’s military is running the country, things may well take a new turn as the Mubarak’s top military brass praised the ousted President and promised to carry on with the Zionist policies with an allegedly new civil administration while the Head of the military ordered the army to demolish the tents of freedom protesters who refuse to vacate Tahrir Square because the demonstrators argue that no changes have yet been implemented.

The latest is that the Egyptian military has dissolved Parliament and suspended the constitution.  They say they will remain as rulers for six months until elections are held, but no date has yet been set.

M Rafic Soormally
13 February 2011


  1. M Rafic Soormally says:

    Please correct the year 1079 to 1979 in the title.
    Many thanks.

  2. Othman Ali says:

    People who insulted Mr Anwer el Sadat and called him traitor, r the same people who r begging in UN to get what EL Sadat offered, what a pity
    Good luck with this, but i think i will kick back and watch the humiliation!


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