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Racist Beack ties Islam To The antichrist



by Adam Shah

On today’s edition of his Fox News show, Glenn Beck tied Islam to the Antichrist described in the New Testament. He even had a side-by-side comparison of the Antichrist and the “12th Imam” or “Mahdi” (terms Beck uses interchangeably to describe the figure many Muslims believe will guide believers in the end times) on his chalkboard.

And to help Beck discuss this connection, Beck hosted Joel Richardson, an anti-Muslim activist who says that Satan will use Islam “to fulfill the prophesies of the Bible” and has written a column headlined “What Obama and the Antichrist have in common.”

Here’s Beck’s chalkboard:

 Beck chalkboard

Although Beck says during the show that only a minority of Muslims have beliefs that should scare you, Richardson makes no such disclaimer. Rather, Richardson suggests that all Muslims (or at least all orthodox Muslims) desire the return of the Antichrist. Here are a couple of things he said:

  • “You have the bad guy of the Bible. He primarily persecutes God’s people, the Jews and the Christians. … [The imam] likewise causes Jews and Christians either to submit to Islam or be killed. … It’s abundantly found throughout the Islamic sacred traditions known as the Hadith.”

  • “According to the Bible, the mark of the beast is a mark that is put on the foreheads that essentially condemns someone to hell. On the Islamic side, the Muslims have picked up on this tradition, except in Islamic tradition, the beast is a good guy, and he marks the  foreheads of all true Muslims, and so, in essence, Muslims are desiring that they would receive the mark of the beast.”

  • “On the biblical side, Jesus returns to deliver his people from having been defeated and crushed, persecuted. On the Islamic side, the Muslim Jesus returns and tells the Christians of the world, you’ve had it wrong all along. Your Bible is corrupt. I never claimed to be the son of God. I never died on the cross. Islam is the true religion. Follow the Mahdi or die.”

  • “Most orthodox Muslims would say that this is sacred scripture that you cannot discard.”

One more point: During the segment Beck also hosted Zuhdi Jasser, a Muslim. Jasser said that “The Quran talks about a few signs of the end of times,  but most of the details you gave are from the Hadith,” the oral sayings and deeds of Muhammad that are treated as holy by Muslims. Jasser continued: “Reform is I think going to happen in Islam when we start to discard parts of the Hadith that are not legitimate, that have been fabricated. And this is where there is some disagreement. So some of these stories come out of, I think, illegitimate Hadith, but others may be legitimate.”

This is where Richardson states: “Most orthodox Muslims would say that this is sacred scripture that you cannot discard. He’s essentially saying that it’s discardible.” So, Richardson is basically telling Jasser (a Muslim) that the more peaceful view of Islam is un-orthodox and that traditional Muslims hope to be united under the rule of the Antichrist who will kill Jews, Christians and nonbelievers. And Beck has given him a platform on national television.

Video from tonight’s show below the fold:


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Why the field of genocide studies is idiotic?



Because genocide scholars inhabit an academic field erected around a conceptual shrine to the shoah and then quibble over the semantics of mass-murder. From the Forward:

“My only concern is that we have a debate in which the tone is between civilized academics, discussing things in an appropriate way,” Schabas, a professor of international law at the National University of Ireland in Galway, told the Forward. “Charny’s comments were too intemperate. So we apologized to Shaw and let the debate continue.”

But to Charny, this was one more sign that a field that was started as “a civilizational response to the horror of the Holocaust” has been turned against the Jewish state. “This is ultimately a story of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, including among genocide scholars,” Charny told the Forward.

Charny makes it clear that he does think Jews committed what he calls “genocidal massacres” during the war of 1948, like the infamous shooting of civilians in the village of Deir Yassin, in which more than 100 unarmed people were killed in a brutal raid. But he does not consider the “ethnic cleansing” that took place as constituting genocide, nor does he think, as Shaw contends, that the Zionists had any genocidal objective.

“I do not believe the war was undertaken by us with a genocidal intent at all — it was in self-defense for the establishment of Israel per the U.N. mandate and our cherished Zionist dream,” Charny said. “And I do not at all believe that we had any grand genocidal plan in our warfare or in the collective mind-culture in which the Yishuv [pre-state government] was operating.”

According to the United Nations’ Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, adopted at the end of 1948, genocide is legally defined as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.” Nowhere does it specifically mention what we would think of today as ethnic cleansing, but there are those scholars, like Shaw, who believe that ethnic cleansing does indeed fall within the convention’s initial meaning.

Shaw thinks Charny’s reaction is indicative of those scholars he calls “pro-Israel,” those who he thinks are incapable of applying the same critical eye to Israel and its past that they do to other peoples’ histories.

“He’s an American Jew who’s gone to Israel, and he has invested a lot of his identity in Israel — whereas criticisms of the recent attack on Gaza don’t necessarily bring the whole existence of the state into question, this seems to him as an argument that strikes at the foundations,” Shaw said, speaking of Charny. “The other issue is that there is a problem with the language of genocide with anything having to do with Jews. For some Israeli and pro-Israeli scholars, genocide is something that happened to the Jews; it’s not something that Jews could ever really be involved in.”

This current conflict between the scholars in some ways cements what was already an ideological rift.

In 2005, a group of genocide researchers, many of whom had been part of IAGS, decided to start their own rival organization, calling it the International Network of Genocide Scholars. The reason they say they broke away was twofold: They felt that IAGS had become too American in its perspective, and that it had become too politically activist. Unofficially, according to Shaw, the feeling was that the association was “overtly pro-Israel.” Shaw cites the example of a resolution that the association issued in reaction to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s comments about destroying Israel. The resolution condemned this as a threat of genocide. Shaw did not believe it was the place of genocide scholars to make such a pronouncement.

Israel Charny is a tribalist idiot, there’s no question about that, and there’s no question of the “legitimacy” of the Zionist state. It has none. But what a bizarre academic field in which one engages in debates over whether the massacre at Deir Yassin was “genocidal,” or not (Not. So what? Are we supposed to shrug at body counts less than 11 million? Sorry, folks, a couple more have to bite the dust and then we’ll talk genocide) Massacres don’t need to be the twin of the massacres committed by the Nazis in order to be massacres and in order to be intolerable. Charny may even have the better arguments here, because the game is fixed: Shaw claims that “genocide is a general sociological concept which can be applied to many historical cases, and does not imply a comparison to any other specific case,” which is precisely the problem because it was the shoah that prompted the concept’s creation. Shaw thinks you can fix the cultural disease called Holocaust Sacralization by cramming other massacres into the mausoleum without changing its name and structure. I have a simpler idea: take it apart or rebuild it to accommodate the massacres that led up to the shoah, too.
Omer Bartov (he who spazzed out on Norman Finkelstein in the 90s) is also a bit funny, contesting (!) “the idea that there is a link between assertions of the Holocaust’s centrality and uniqueness and the legitimization of the State of Israel as a colonial entity with its own history of ethnic cleansing and genocidal potential.” He should read Idith Zertal. If pressed for time, he could scan Gideon Levy’s column yesterday in Haaretz. The first line reads,
More than half of Jewish school children in Israel have visited Auschwitz; each year more than 10,000 go on a trip to Poland or on the March of the Living, a pilgrimage to the death camps. They come back shocked and nationalist. These tours mislead the weeping students for a moment as they wrap themselves in the national flag, before and after downing a Vodka Red Bull in their rooms.
That is Israel Omer. Deal with it — not that you live there anyway.

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Iran And Bahrain, What Do They Have in Common?

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That theme is seen across the Middle East today, as the Toronto Star reports:

“MANAMA, BAHRAIN—As international leaders urged Bahrain to use restraint following a predawn raid that left five dead and hundreds more injured, its foreign minister justified the crackdown as necessary because protesters were “polarizing the country” and pushing it to the “brink of sectarian abyss.”

Khalid Al Khalifa told reporters the violence was “regrettable,” as soldiers and tanks patrolled the streets and public gatherings were banned in the capital.

However, the crackdown has only ignited more fury among the protesters who sought refuge in the parking lot outside the Salmaniya hospital Thursday.

Their calls to oust the unelected prime minister and his cabinet have grown to targeting a man long seen as untouchable in this Gulf island kingdom: King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.”

MSNBC describes what happens in Bahrain:

“Bahrain’s a small country with a large Internet population, and it hasn’t hesitated before to smack down websites or bloggers it doesn’t like, long before this week’s protests began. Internet service, though, had remained somewhat constant, at least until recent days, according to reports.

Bahranian users of Batelco’s high-speed Internet service, one of the more prominent in the country, said they were starting to notice “service degradation” as of Wednesday.

Meanwhile in Libya:

“At one person has been killed in protests across Libya on Thursday in what anti-government activists described as a “Day of Rage”.

Amnesty International says a man was shot dead when security forces opened fire in the city of al-Bayda.

Police and protesters also clashed in Zentan and Benghazi, where one witness told the BBC at least 16 people are believed to have been killed.

This week’s protests are the first in Libya, where dissent is rarely allowed.”

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Nazi commander refuses to allow Nazi murder victim funeral


Zio-Nazi regime  told the family of murder victim Husam Rweidi that his body would not be returned unless they agreed to a set of conditions, relatives said.

Husam Rweidi, 24, was stabbed to death Friday by a mob of racist  Nazi Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem’s city center.

The victim’s cousin Firas Baydoun said Zio-Nazi regime stipulated that his burial must take place at midnight, and that a maximum of 10 mourners could attend the funeral.

Baydoun said Rweidi’s body was being kept in the mortuary of IsraHell Greenberg National Institute of Forensic Medicine in Tel Aviv. 

Zio-Nazi commander said the family could not take Rweidi’s body to the Al-Aqsa Mosque for funeral prayers and Islamic rituals, Baydoun said.

“The body must be carried to the Al-Rahma cemetery directly,” the commander told the family.

Rweidi’s father refused the demands, and Zio-Nazi commander eventually agreed that the funeral could be held at 8 p.m. But the commander insisted the body must not be taken to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The family is considering taking on legal council to challenge the conditions, and to ensure Rweidi is given a decent funeral, Baydoun said.

1 ) Colin Wright / USA

13/02/2011 18:31

Lemme consult my crystal ball here… No Jews face or will ever face serious charges concerning this matter. Sadly, this thing never works for stock prices. I can always predict what will happen if an Arab is killed in Palestine, though.

2 ) Tobias / US

13/02/2011 23:03

I looked up the name “Husam Rweidi”, but could find
no report of how he lived and died, and since
calls him a “murder victim”, it remains unclear whether he was:
a murder, a victim, or both !!!!

Does anyone know what he was doing, just before he was stabbed ?

3 ) Kathy P / USA

13/02/2011 23:10

What madness is this? To hold a corpse hostage?? To set conditions on when, and how to lay the corpse to rest? To limit the size, age, and number of mourners? No cameras.. No lights.. Midnight.. Such moral depravity…

4 ) Outsider / EU

14/02/2011 00:35

A stunning order. Any news about charges following the death?

5 ) John / USA

14/02/2011 00:49

The “Master Race” at work…..

6 ) Kameel / Palestine

14/02/2011 13:02

To Tobias(comment #2): it appears that you are blind or blind minded. the title mentioned victim of a murder, phrased as a ” Murder victim”. Or are you one of those who believe in Jewish values which prohibits murdering victims, which anyhow does not apply in Israel. As to what he was doing before he was stabbed, this is none of your business and matters in no way to the fact that he was stabbed…by settlers.

7 ) Lukas / AntiZionist

14/02/2011 13:04

The true face of the sick ideology called Zionism.

8 ) carine / UK

14/02/2011 20:29

Poor Tobias – you must have such a dull life that you have to trawl the Internet looking for details of murder victims.
You should get yourself a hobby, you ghoul!
FYI – Ynet carried a report of this on Saturday. You must have missed it….

9 ) Philip / Ireland

14/02/2011 21:48

Tobias, Let us look up your name and see if we can find you and how you live !!!!

10 ) Amarein / Palestine

15/02/2011 17:40

Disgusting!!!!! no dignity even in death!!!

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Wikileaks: The economic reasons behind the siege on Gaza



FEB 15, 2011 

This article was originally published by the JNews Blog and is republished with permission.

The ripple effects of the Wikileaks documents are still being felt, but until recently Israeli officials continued to boast that the documents were ‘good for Israel’

As opposed to the way the Palestinian Authority (PA) was portrayed in leaked cables, leading to scandalous revelations, for a while Israel suffered no such scandal from the documents pertaining to its conduct. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu evencame out in support of the leak of the papers, suggesting that the documents can do no harm to Israel’s foreign policy. 

He spoke too soon. More recent cables have provided unflattering revelations about Israel’s policies in the Gaza Strip, quoting Israeli officials spelling out their attempts to keep the Gaza Strip on the brink of humanitarian catastrophe. They have also described how corruption is rife at the checkpoints through which goods are brought into Gaza. Yet this information failed to shock. It was already well-known and widely reported by UN bodies, NGOs, scholars and journalists. 

One cable, however, does contain some new information and has so far received no coverage at all. The cable, titled “Shin Bet Talks Gaza Economics,” was written by David R. Burnett, Economic Counselor in the US embassy in Tel Aviv. It describes a briefing given to Embassy officials by senior members of the Israeli Shin Bet*, on how Israel uses the banking system in Gaza to increase the political influence of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Gaza, by attempting to starve the Hamas government of cash. 

The Shin Bet informed the US embassy that banks in Gaza know that they must neither allow Hamas members to open bank accounts nor have salaries deposited into existing accounts. If the banks disobey, they will lose their stamp of approval from the Palestinian Monetary Authority (PMA), a branch of the PA that is under constant pressure by Israel and the US to prevent any dealings with Hamas members. The Shin Bet expressed satisfaction that the Gaza banking system has indeed been cowed into submission. Meanwhile, the PA is allowed to continue to pay wages to its employees in the Gaza Strip, thus creating a privileged class in Gaza with reliable income as long as they do not cooperate with the Hamas de-facto government. While the Shin Bet officers gave no evidence that Hamas uses its budget for terrorism, they did give an interesting breakdown of Hamas’s overall budget. However, considering that this is a Shin Bet estimate, one should take the following figures with a grain of salt. 

According to the leaked cable, Gaza’s de-facto Hamas government spends an estimated budget of US$290 million annually, on a population of approximately 1.5 million residents. The PA’s budget is four times bigger, at approximately US$1.24 billion in 2010. The PA provides services to about 2.4 million residents in the West Bank, as well as covering some of the costs of certain services for Gaza’s residents. The Shin Bet estimates that Hamas uses US$40 million (13.8% of its budget) for military and security needs, and invests the remainder in administration and civilian projects. Israel, by comparison, ran a budget of US$96 billion in 2010 (for a population of 7.6 million), and spent 18.6% of it on military and security purposes – so that, ironically, even according to Shin Bet estimates, Israel spends proportionately more on its military than Hamas spends. 

The report further elaborates that the circulation of Israeli Shekels (NIS) in Gaza is increasing, while foreign currency supplies are dwindling. This is clearly a direct result of the almost total ban on exports from Gaza (although Gazan merchants may stillimport certain products) – yet the Shin Bet kept silent regarding the reason for the shortage in foreign currency. One wonders why Israeli officials feel more threatened by, say, vegetable exports from the Gaza Strip than by imports of materials into Gaza. What possible security justification can there be to keep Gazans from earning their living by exporting products?

The Shin Bet’s argument – and that of the Israeli government – seems to be that Israel should keep Gaza’s standard of living low, because Hamas somehow gains popularity when Palestinians are able to make a decent living. However, the Shin Bet did acknowledge in their briefing that Israel’s policy is to maintain the predominance of the Israeli currency in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt). This admission can perhaps shed light on another, undeclared reason for the ban on exports.

This document demonstrates that the Israeli government is in fact strangling the Gazan economy in order to turn Gaza into a captive market for Israeli products and maintain demand for the Israeli shekel – all in the name of “fighting terrorism.” It also demonstrates that the international community – and especially the US – have allowed this policy to continue.

* The Shin Bet or Shabak, officially called the Israel Security Agency (previously the General Security Service) is Israel’s secret police, and is directly subordinate to the Prime Minister’s Office.

Shir Hever is an Israeli economist and commentator who researches the economic aspects of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.

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by crescentandcross  



The Winds of Change in the Arab World: Aborting the Palestinian State


‘Death to Arabs’ spray-painted in village


Thousands call for death of Iran opposition leaders


Obama calls Abbas over UN vote


Rabbis to get immunity?


Jordan: Muslims demand ban on nightclubs


New Afghan War Plans to Cost Extra $125 Billion


Iran Warships Suez Canal Passage ‘Back On’


Zio-Nazi Army Targets and Arrests Children in Order to Repress Palestinian Dissent in West Bank


9 out of 10 attacks by Zio-Nazi’s on Palestinians lead to no indictment or punishment


Barghouti warns that IsraHell is exploiting regional events to push Judaisation of Jerusalem


West sponsors terrorism: Iran lawmaker


US report: Iran not after nuclear arms


Bahrain Henchmen’s opens fire on protesters


Lebanon sentences Zionist spy to death


Man denied compensation after acquittal


 US-led airstrike kills 37 Afghan civilians

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