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Who did Zio-Nazi Gestapo ”Mossad” catch – terrorist or engineer?



Palestinian engineer Dirar Abu Sisi attends a court session in the southern Zionist town of Beersheva on April 4, 2011 (See Abayov)

A Palestinian engineer has been charged with ‘terrorism’ by an Zio-Nazi court. Dirar Abu Sisi, who was kidnapped from a train in Ukraine by Zionist Gestapo’s agents in February, is also accused of conducting training for Palestinian militants in Gaza. 

“The rocket godfather of Hamas” – that is how Zio-Nazi has labeled this Palestinian engineer. Zionist claims this man was behind the development of Qassam rockets and missiles that can penetrate steel.

“He’s accused of developing Qassam and Grad rockets, and creating rockets with a range of over six kilometers. Belonging to Hamas is a simple accusation. There are charges referring not only to weapons design and military training, but to planning a murder attempt. Such accusations may send him to prison for many years,” explains defense lawyer Tali Linor.

Meanwhile, his Ukrainian wife Veronika claims Dirar has always been an ordinary engineer.

“He has always abstained from politics and any freedom fighters. His only involvement in politics was that he watched the news on television. But that is called awareness and not terrorism. I’m sure Israel wants him simply because he knows everything about the only power station in Palestine, where he worked,” she says.

Abu Sisi went missing in Ukraine in February – allegedly kidnapped from a train. A month later, Zio-Nazi Prime Minister confirmed that the man was behind bars in IsraHell.

Eyes and suspicions turned to Zionist Gestapo ‘Mossad’. Zio-Nazi intelligence is known for striking without warning, just like last year, when a suspected Hamas militant was assassinated in Dubai without any consent of the Emirate’s security services.

This time authorities in Kiev also raised their eyebrows.

“Not a single intelligence service turned to us to assist in arresting a criminal. We have received no notifications of a special operation either,” says Vladimir Rakitskiy, Deputy Head of the Ukrainian Security Services.

Experts say the trial would probably last for months, as it is unclear what evidence against Abu Sisi will be produced. Meanwhile, Veronika has already turned to dozens of human rights organizations and even the UN to have her husband released. Her last hope may rest with those in power in Kiev.

A delegation from Ukraine’s interior ministry will be heading to Zionist regime in IsraHell this week. Their mission will be tricky indeed trying to get answers from the Zionist regime as to why the special operation was performed without any warning. Something experts describe it as a breach of a country’s sovereignty.

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Women, Children and Young Men Killed By Zio-Nazi Thugs…
One a Single Typical Day in the Gaza Concentration Camps —

November 8, 2006

On Any Palestinian Youth Who Still Walks Atop the Earth


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Weep The Dead Voiceless Moslem Children and Women

Wiped From the Earth Tonight by Racist Fiercely Armed Zionist
Allies of the Racist Scum in the U.S. Who Give Them Bombs


One of Them Is Your Nephew

It Is Anti-Semitic To Seek Revenge.
But You Know You Will Strap on a Bomb.

High Over Your Head in Honor

While Inside Your Heart You Plan to Kill Zio-Nazi’s
So Their Deaths Will Not Be In Vain

Murdered This Man’s Beloved Son in Gaza Tonight

Vile Zio-Nazi  Militants Wield American Weapons
While U.S.-IsraHell Conspiracies Destroy the Mideast Peace

After Zio-Nazi War Criminals Attack Gaza Citizens

The Zio-Nazi Launch Missiles Against Defenseless Civilians
Trampling Peaceful Gaza with Zionist Jack-Booted Thugs

As Nazi IsraHell Sails Missiles Into Gaza Strip

Zionist Hate Arabs and Do Not Care How Many They Kill
As Long As Racist Zio-Nazi Supremacists Can Control Everyone

Victim of Zio-Nazi Blood Lust Is Rolled into Hospital

Despite International War Crime Agreements
IsraHell Continues to Cleanse Its World of Islam and Christianity

Carried by Neighbors Who Witnessed this Massacre by Zio-Nazi’s

Boys Like This Mean Absolutely Nothing to Nazi Soldiers
Who Consider Non-Zionist Boys to Be Inferior

Never to See The Sunlight or Taste a Fresh Olive

Each Dead Child Killed by Zio-Nazi from IsraHell
Remind the World of the Hateful Horror of Tel Aviv

Saw the Nazi’s Shoot Dead the Kids in this Vehicle

All Their Lives Are Lived In Zio-Nazi Concentration Camps.
Zionist Killers Roam their Streets and Bomb their Skies.

This Nazi Concentration Camp Boy Who Had Nothing At All

Because the Zio-Nazi Stole His Family’s House and Nation
He Enters the Grave, One of Millions of Dead at Zio-Nazi Hands

On Any Palestinian Youth Who Still Walks Atop the Earth



Goldstone To Visit IsraHell


by Saed Bannoura

Only a few days after retracting his report on Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip, South African Judge, Richard Goldstone, said will be happy to visit Israel next summer, starting his tour with Sderot settlement, south of the country.


Richard Goldstone - wikipedia

Richard Goldstone – wikipedia

Goldstone said that he “bears great love to Israel” and looks forwards to tour the country, Israeli daily, Yedioth Aharonoth, reported.

For the first time since he published his report in which he said that both Israel and the Hamas movement in Gaza committed war crimes by targeting civilian areas, the United States and Israel cheered for Goldstone after withdrawing his report, while a number of Israeli officials demanded him to offer an official apology.

Yedioth Aharonoth reported Tuesday that Israeli Interior Minister, Elie Yishai, had a phone conversation with Goldstone on Monday evening and invited him to visit Israel.

Goldstone grabbed the invitation immediately and said that he will be glad to visit Israel and be hosted by the Interior Minister.

The paper added that former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, Dan Gillerman, who was part of the phone interview between Goldstone and Yishai, spoke of the “good relations that linked him with Goldstone”, when Gillerman worked as Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations”.

Yishai and Gillerman said that this visit will “improve the image of Goldstone in front of the Israeli public”, especially after his report the condemned Israel for its atrocities in Gaza.

They added that Goldstone’s visit will have positive effects, especially since he will be visiting the Israeli Negev settlement of Sderot.

US Department of State, also cheered for the latest events, while State Department Deputy Spokesperson, Mark Toner, said that the stances of the United States remained the same since the Goldstone report was published, adding that “no evidence was presented to back the claim that Israel targeted civilians”.

Meanwhile, a UN Human Rights Council spokesperson, stated that the report cannot be withdrawn without going through the official channels, as Goldstone need to file an official request to the Council in this regard.

Visiting Washington, Israeli President, Shimon Peres, met on Monday with US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, and the two discussed the strong relations between Tel Aviv and Washington in addition to discussing Goldstone’s latest statements regarding withdrawing his report.

Peres plans to hold a meeting with American President, Barack Obama, on Tuesday.

Goldstone’s report was on the three-week Israeli offensive against the Gaza Strip (December 27 2008 – January 18 2009) in which Israel bombarded civilian areas including hospitals, mosques, schools, infrastructure and UNRWA facilities killing at least 1419 Palestinians, while thousands were injured, hundreds seriously.

Israel used Phosphorous shells that, by International Law, cannot be used against civilian areas.

The majority of the casualties were civilians, including children, infants and elderly, in addition to medics and members of the civil defense and emergency services.

On the Israeli side, 13 Israelis were killed; nine of them were soldiers invading Gaza, and at least three of the soldiers were killed by friendly fire.

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Attack on UN Staff in Afghanistan


By Yousaf Alamgirian


No one can ever appreciate the attack on UN staff members serving in Afghanistan as UN staff was always there to facilitate the aggrieved masses. It was an unfortunate that innocent lives have been taken during the attack. No community can declare the same as a justified move. But one thing which has to be kept in mind that why the Muslims world over have come out for protests. It was the fanatic Terry Jone’s dirty resolve to set ablaze The Quran. It seems even advanced societies are behaving so radical that they are not prepared to honor each other religions. The societies where one can’t hurt any individual’s self esteem and even staring at someone is considered a crime how comes that a Terry Jones can take so big a decision which has now instigated the Muslims all over the world to come out to the streets to protest the same. This was the only objective which Terry would have been interested to achieve. He wanted to hurt the feeling of the Muslims and to bring them to the streets chanting slogans against Zionists and the super powers which failed to show power to stop a stingy Terry.

West has to understand that it is not wise to indulge into such confrontations. Ill minded Terry Jones resolve has given a path to the uncontrollable wave of protests world over. Afghan’s protests were one example of it. Protesters may not be aware that UN had nothing to do with the Terry’s act to set ablaze the Quran, however may be they are of the opinion that why UN all the times fails o address certain issues. Protesters are showing their anger for the Terry’s act and their affection with Allah’s sacred book. Western scholarly people have to understand that certain activities will lead the world towards destruction, because with Terry’s mindset inter religion harmony can’t prevail.

Many people have been killed so far in new wave of protests against the desecration of the Holy Quran by a fanatic US pastor. Protesters killed UN staff in Mazar Sharif. It was the first ever incident against the world body in Afghanistan since the 2001 invasion. Obviously its blame goes to Terry Jones and the nation he belongs to. Why his native country failed to stop him. If he was pertinent to do so he should have been put behind the bars. Terry has really proven to be a suicidal bomber for the international peace. Only in Afghanistan the fresh protests began in the centre of the main southern city of Kandahar and spread as police clashed with crowds marching towards the UN offices and provincial administration headquarters. Police had fired into the air to try to deter thousands of protesters heading towards the buildings. The protesters had damaged government and private buildings and torched vehicles.

It is good that US President Barack Obama condemned the attack while UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said it was “an outrageous and cowardly attack.” Yes obviously it is a cowardly act and it can never ever be promoted at any cost still there was a need to find out the reasons why such protest have all of sudden emerged. Are the same in retaliation to the extremists mind set which depicted from the Terry‘s resolve. Or there were some other faction behind the Terry who used him to instigate uncertainty and anger among the Muslims and to prove them as terrorists.

The 15-nation UN Security Council held a special meeting on the incident, calling on the Afghan government to step up protection for UN workers. It is obviously the responsibility of the concerned countries to stop Afghan like protests and the Terry Jones of their respective societies.  It was a sheer brutality that the way UN staff was attacked and killed in Afghanistan by the protesters against Quran desecration. Obviously this was not the way to respond certain incident. If one Terry had gone mad to do such a nasty act the opponent community must not retaliate in the same mood. It would have been good at the part of US establishment to send Terry to some mental hospital to justify the theme that he was not in his senses. If the Terry is being appreciated for his sin Muslim community will obviously feel embarrassed and humiliated.

Although Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) has condemned the dreadful act of burning the Holy Quran by Pastor Wayne Sapp at the Church run by Terry Jones in Gainesville, Florida, United States still its active role is yet to been noticed. Muslim scholars must come forward to ask the Muslims world over to stay calm and peaceful on this act as killing the innocents and burning international body’s buildings is not the right solution. OIC must take this issue to the UN and launch a strong protest with the Terry’s homeland, USA.

Till the time international community is not going to stand up against such incidents which undermine religious intolerance and create an environment encouraging to violence and retaliations the things will keep on going bad to hurting. USA is said to have an ideal judicial system. The other world yet to see its judiciary to take an appropriate action against the individuals involved in such acts of prejudice, intolerance and provocation to violence against Muslims. These have not only humiliated the Muslims but have brought a very bad name for the self-styled moderate and advanced societies.

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Endless Kashmir Movement



An Endless Journey Must End

By Sajjad Shaukat


India claims that Kashmir movement has slowed down and the situation is returning towards normalization. But since the partition of the Sub-continent, after passing through various faces, this war of Kashmir’s liberation has become an endless movement which continues unabated.

As regards the latest phase of Indian state terrorism, like the past, intermittent curfews, crackdowns, arrests, detentions and massacre by the Indian forces have continued against the non-violent mass uprising (Intifada) of Kashmiris. Thus more than 3000 innocent people have been killed during this new phase of the struggle.

In this connection, on July 10, 2010, a rigid curfew was imposed in most of Indian-held Kashmir (IHK), while shops and businesses were closed and public transport was off the roads after the All Parties Hurriyat Conference declared a strike. During strike, none of the nearly 60 newspapers published from Srinagar for four days.

Rocked by intermittent violence and unrest, the intensification of the uprising in the Indian controlled Kashmir could be judged from the fact that the Valley is now facing the threat of a civil disobedience as seven senior civil and police officers have refused to take up their duties. A large number of officers have refused to accept challenging assignments in different districts including Srinagar, Baramulla and Kupwara and preferred being posted in relatively peaceful areas of the state. Last year, following the killing of a youth in Baramulla district, the state government had ordered a reshuffle in the police administration.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International has urged India to immediately release the jailed persons in the Indian occupied Kashmir and repeal a harsh law that allows detention for up to two years without trial.

The current phase of Kashmir struggle began on August 12, 2008 when Indian forces killed Hurriyat Conference leader Sheikh Abdul Aziz along with five other persons who were protesting against the government decision to give land to the trust that runs Amarnath, a shrine of Hindus.

However, many innocent people have so far been massacred by the Indian security forces in the controlled territories of Kashmir since the new uprising started. It also includes the people killed by the Indian forces in the fake encounters. While, the issue has moved beyond the land allocation to the Kashmir’s Muslims, sparking a massive movement of Kashmiris, calling for their genuine right of self-determination.

Unlike the past, this time, Indian occupied Kashmir has become a special focus of world’s attention including India itself.

In this respect, Washington Post had reported on August 28, 2008, “Despite the government’s use of force, many Muslims in Indian controlled Kashmir seem determined to find peaceful ways to voice their aspirations as the nonviolent movement by the unarmed protesters flourishes, especially among the young.”

New critical situation has also affected other parts of India and its gravity could be judged from the fact that even Indian intellectuals have favoured the independence of the occupied Kashmir.

In its editorial, the editor of The Times of India wrote, “On August 15, India celebrated independence from the British Raj. A day symbolising the end of colonialism in India became a day symbolising Indian colonialism in the Valley.”

The editor further elaborated, “We promised Kashmiris a plebiscite six decades ago. Let us hold one now, and let Kashmiris decide the outcome, not the politicians and armies of India”. It was also admitted that subsequent state elections were also rigged in support of leaders nominated by New Delhi.

On August 16, 2008, Hindustan Times wrote: “Nothing has really changed since 1990s. A single spark such as the dispute over Amarnath land can set the whole valley on fire—Indian forces are treated as an army of occupation. New Delhi is seen as the oppressor”. The paper further indicated, “The current crisis in Kashmir is a consequence of Indian establishment, raising the confrontation to a new level”. It realised that during the present demonstrations, “there is active hatred of India, threatening to further internationalise the present crisis. The world looks at us with dismay”. This Indian newspaper clearly suggested a referendum in the Valley, writing, “Let the Kashmiris determine their own destiny—whatever happens, how can India lose? If you believe in democracy, then giving Kashmiris the right of self-determination is the correct thing to do”.

It is of particular attention that demanding immediate withdrawal of Indian Army from the Indian controlled Kashmir, a renowned Indian author and book prize winner, Arundhati Roy, while criticizing the Indian media had already pointed out in 2005 that it failed to highlight the plight of ordinary Kashmiris, exposed to brutalities perpetrated by the Indian security forces.

As regards Indian delaying tactics in connection with the solution of Kashmir dispute, it has become fashion to blame Pakistan and its intelligence agency ISI for infiltration, using it as a pretext to crush the Kashmiri’s war of liberation which is indigenous as recognized by even Indian media.

Under the cover of ISI, New Delhi also wants to distract the attention of the west from its own atrocities, being perpetrated on the Kashmiris. In the recent past, hundreds of unidentified graves with more than 3000 bodies were discovered in the Indian-held Kashmir. Sources have accused Indian RAW of the custodial killings of the Kashmiri people through brutal methods. In this context, even the European Parliament has passed a resolution, condemning New Delhi for human rights violations.

Since 1989, India has deployed more than 500000 troops to quell the freedom movement of Kashmiris, but it cannot eliminate it at present as it could not do so through many years of oppression. Instead, a study report, prepared by Indian government revealed that Kashmirviolence has been affecting Indian forces’ psyche. In this connection, the report has disclosed that disturbances in Jammu and Kashmir have had adverse psychological problems found especially among the officers and Jawans such as an increase in short tempers, quarrelsome attitude, mental disorders and abnormal behaviour. Sometimes, the situation leads to suicide attempts or attacks on their seniors and colleagues.

Nevertheless, the Kashmir movement has entered the stage of ‘now or never’ due to the failure of Indian continued tactics of state terrorism such as curfew, firing at innocent Kashmiris, killings and arrests which could not reduce the strong determination of the people of the Valley, calling for freedom of their land.

At present, it is a turning point for the liberation of Kashmir as the Valley is burning and bleeding. It is ample clear that India still wants to equate the innocent Kashmiris with terrorism and is keen to continue its state terrorism in Kashmir. It does not show any serious willingness to settle this issue in accordance with the wishes of struggling Kashmiris. Every body will agree that it is the right hour to resolve this old dispute on which Pakistan and India fought three wars.

Nonetheless, the magnitude of the current movement is unprecedented in the history. The slogans for liberation in every nook and corner of India have strained New Delhi since independence. No doubt, Kashmir has reached the phase of solution. Taking cognizance of the new developments seriously at this sensitive juncture, Pakistani and Kashmiri leaders must take steps, making combined efforts to resolve this thorny issue. In this context, Pakistani government, Kashmir leadership, other Kashmiris, living in the Sub-continent and abroad must keep the tea pot boiling by highlighting the dispute, voicing the aspirations of the people for freedom.It is hoped that the day is not far away when the Kashmiris will be blessed with the fruits of independence.

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The story of a generation who became disenchanted with traditional power politics.



By Adam Curtis


The idea of “humanitarian intervention” which is behind the decision to attack in Libya is one of the central beliefs of our age.

It divides people. Some see it as a noble, disinterested use of Western power. Others see it as a smokescreen for a latter-day liberal imperialism.

I want to tell the story of how this idea originated and how it has grown up to possess the minds of a generation of liberal men and women in Europe and America.

It is the story of a generation who became disenchanted with traditional power politics. They thought they could leap over the old corrupt structures of power and connect directly with the innocent victims of war around the world.

It was a grand utopian project that began in the mid-60s in Africa and flourished and spread across the world. But in the 1990s it became corrupted by the very thing it was supposed to have transcended – western power politics.

And the idea seemed to have died in horror in a bombing of a hotel in Baghdad in 2003.

What we now see is the return of that dream in a ghostly, half-hearted form – where the confidence and hopes have been replaced by a nervous anxiety.

This modern phase of humanitarian intervention begins in 1968 with the Biafran war. It is a fascinating moment because it is where the framework – the contemporary filter through which we now perceive all humanitarian tragedies – was first constructed.

The Eastern part of Nigeria had declared independence and called their new state Biafra. In response the Nigerian army attacked the rebel government. Things went very badly for the Biafrans, but no-one in the West cared. While the British government happily sold lots of arms to the Nigerians.

But then the Biafran government found a very odd Public Relations firm in Geneva, called MarkPress who set out to change the way people in Europe saw the war.

I have discovered a great documentary in the BBC archive which tells what then happened. It is shot inside the PR company’s offices and interviews the men running the campaign.

It shows how they turned a war that people saw simply as a political conflict in a faraway land into something heart-wrenching and dramatic.

It became a moral battle between evil politicians in Nigeria – aided by cynical and corrupt politicians in London who were selling the arms – and the innocent victims of the starvation caused by the war.

The British newspapers went for it in a big way. And a new movement grew up. It was driven by moral outrage, fuelled by a disgust with the old British political class who were prolonging the suffering through arms sales.

Celebrities joined in. They held a 48 hour fast in Piccadilly Circus over Christmas. Here are some frame grabs from the news report. The one that shows what was really happening is the placard that says BATTLE OF BRITAIN 1940 – BIAFRA ’69.

The conflict was being fitted to the template that was going to define the whole movement. It was the Good War. A justified resistance against evil to protect the innocent wherever they were being threatened in the world.

Just like the struggle against fascism in the Second World War.

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Sailors and dogs…


by Dale R. Suiter


Following the [left wing directed] RVN debacle many folks said that Americans would never again denigrate Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and CoastGuardsmen. True that mom, dad, sisters, brothers and other family members for the most part are proud of our military. Sure there are exceptions but for the most part, families stick by their sons, daughters, moms, dads, cousins, aunts, uncles and other family members that are in the military. Many Americans are supportive and proud of the American Military. There are, however, many people in America that is destructive, insulting, demeaning, denigrating, derisive, superior to, degrading and view the Military as “bottom feeding low life’s” (borrowing a term from a well know right-wing radio personality). Many leftist contributors to online programs delight in deriding the military. Consider the following:

Quaint little saying:
“Sailors and Dogs Keep off the Grass.” The preceding quaint saying may have been posted on lawns outside of the massive Navy base at Norfolk Virginia. It is attributable to civilian residents and business interests in the Norfolk area.

The “Sailors and Dogs Keep off the Grass” quote is very tame. There are people that contribute to this site that identify with the writer noted below:

New Leftwing hero Ian Murphy… “F… the troops”


A Beastly Opinion
By Ian Murphy
So, 4000 rubes are dead. Cry me the Tigris. Another 30,000 have been seriously wounded. Boo f…ing hoo. They got what they asked for—and cool robotic limbs, too.

Likely, just reading the above paragraph made you uncomfortable. But why?

The benevolence of America’s “troops” is sacrosanct. Questioning their rectitude simply isn’t done. It’s the forbidden zone. We may rail against this tragic war, but our soldiers are lauded by all as saints. Why? They volunteered to partake in this savage idiocy, and for this they deserve our utmost respect? I think not.

The nearly two-thirds of us who know this war is bullshit need to stop sucking off the troops. They get enough action raping female soldiers and sodomizing Iraqi detainees. The political left is intent on “supporting” the troops by bringing them home, which is a good thing. But after rightly denouncing the administration’s lies and condemning this awful war, relatively sensible pundits—like Keith Olbermann—turn around and lovingly praise the soldiers’ brave service to the country. Why?

What service are they providing? I don’t remember ordering 300,000 dead Iraqis—although I was doing a lot of heavy narcotics back in ‘03. Our soldiers are not providing a service to the country, they’re providing a service to a criminal administration and their oil company cronies. When a mafia don orders a hit, is the assassin absolved of personal responsibility when it’s carried out? Of course not. What if the hit man was fooled into service? We’d all say, “Tough s..t, you dumb Guido,” then lock him up and throw away the key.

As a society, we need to discard our blind deference to military service. There’s nothing admirable about volunteering to murder people. There’s nothing admirable about being rooked by obvious propaganda. There’s nothing admirable about doing what you’re told if what you’re told to do is terrible.

We all learned recently that the Bush administration instituted its policy of global torture during quaint White House meetings. And we already know this war was started with lies. Shame on them. But what about the people who physically carry out these atrocities? We’ve seen bad apples punished and CEO despots walk free, but all verbal and written denouncement is focused on our leaders. Surely, they deserve that and more—decapitation, really. But why can’t we be critical of the people who have actually tortured and murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens? We deride private contractors like Blackwater for similar conduct—why are the troops blameless?

Take John McCain, or “McNasty,” as they called him in high school. While the conventional wisdom says that Obama gets a pass from the media, McCain is clearly the least scrutinized presidential candidate. He diddles lobbyists, sings about bombing Iran and doesn’t know Shiite from Shinola, yet he remains unscathed, cloaked in his Vietnam “hero” legend.

Again, what is heroic about involving one’s self in a foolish war, being a s…y pilot or getting tortured? Yeah, it must have sucked, but getting your ass kicked every day for five years doesn’t make you a hero—it makes you a Bad News Bear.

Here’s where America’s military lust becomes a true perversion. If we truly valued military prowess, John McCain would be viewed as a failure. But duty alone is enough to inspire our gratitude. Hence the left’s tendency to obligatorily praise the troops while decrying the sum of their actions. Good thing, too, because this war is unwinnable.

George Washington warned that the biggest threat to the young United States was in keeping and deploying standing armies. An overextended military is a drain on any nation—eventually it will break. It also pisses off the people your army is standing on. We’ll never heed this warning and break the cycle of violence, so long as military service is so reflexively praised.

People want to be respected. And in a country with an abysmal education system and disappearing economic opportunities, they seek respect wherever they can find it—as street corner toughs or as government-sanctioned thugs. It beats McDonald’s. But this kind of victim-of-circumstance-sympathy for the troops turns them into automatons, neither deserving of praise or damnation. Disregarding the Stop Loss back door draft travesty, they had a choice.

We’re a squeamish people; we eschew heated debates and, in principle, strive for political correctness when arguing with those who hold contrary views. The left does anyway; the right makes no such pretense. That’s one of the reasons liberals have taken such a beating in the last few decades.

As plainly stupid as religious belief or participating in immoral and illegal wars may be, the castrated left can only argue against these things by appealing to reason. In America, that fails every time. We respond best to partisan venom and ad hominem attacks.

The right has no problem painting their opponents as cowards or godless heathens, but liberals—instead of sticking to the merits of their arguments—fight those accusations by leaning right, praising god and guns, and pandering to the people who cling to them. The left has taken to appeasing bullies as their only course to victory. And that’s no victory at all.

Liberals need to start calling a moron a moron—and openly mocking that moron if his positions or actions are indefensible. Just as Limbaugh or Hannity insults the left, tilting the battlefield so liberals are left scrounging for their patriotic bona fides, the left must begin attacking stupidity whether in the form of religious nonsense, “free market” capitalism or military worship.

Instead of blo…g the troops every chance we get, to prove our patriotism and insulate ourselves against attacks from the right, liberals should grow a pair and start dishing the damnation.

How despicable must a military campaign be before Americans turn on their beloved troops? After chiding the “War on Toddlers” as fool-headed and pointlessly barbaric, would Keith Olbermann still thank the troops for their service? After the “Great Grandmother Slaughter of 2010,” will the press remove the fat military cock from its mouth? Following “Operation Murder Fluffy Kittens,” will the left finally nix the “honored service” crap? No. No, they won’t.

Condemning the “troops”—a term coined during the Gulf War—is almost unthinkable. And it won’t win you any awards. “Troops” are a monolithic entity, a cohesive group of pride-inspiring order-takers. Whereas an individual soldier is accountable for his or her actions, the “troops” are too abstract to blame. For Americans, there are only bad apples, never bad orchards.

But what kind of world would we rather live in: one where fools are admired for being fooled and murderers are extolled for murdering, or one where we have the capacity to step back and say, “I don’t care who told you to do what and why; you’re still an asshole!” Personally, I’d rather live in a world where people who act like retards are treated like retards: executed in Texas.

Americans fear the truth. It’s the slipperiest slope of all. Once we start extending responsibility beyond those who gave orders to those who took them, it won’t be long before we’re blaming ourselves. And we can’t have that.

Well, guess what, kids? The Iraq debacle is a pointless bloodbath—and every time you applaud those who “bravely” fill that tub, you’re soaking in it.
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Consider another liberal viewpoint:

“It can be difficult to place blame on troops since they are just products of a system, but many of them are war criminals.” (ibid.)


John F. Kerry Thinks US Soldiers Are Uneducated
By Warner Todd Huston | October 31, 2006 | 10:39
The Pasadena Star News yesterday reported on a rally for failing California Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Phil Angelides, at which John Kerry warned students in the audience that if they didn’t get an education they would have no other alternative than to be forced into the US Armed Forces.
“Kerry then told the students that if they were able to navigate the education system, they could get comfortable jobs – ‘If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq,’ he said to a mixture of laughter and gasps.”
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Other general left wing points of view for the Military include (but are certainly not limited to):

The Military are:

  • Mindless robots

  • Can’t think for themselves

  • Baby killers

  • Rapists

  • Imperialist tools

  • Militarists

  • Militaristic

  • Warmongers

  • Corpsmen as “corpse men”

How about liberal Brits?
There’s too much praise, even worship, of people in uniform these days. Now we’re being told in Britain that former members of the military should get privileged access to and healthcare because of their great sacrifice for us all. This is balderdash. Most people in the military are just stupid people who couldn’t get any other job. They’re not braver than anyone else. They’re not more patriotic than anyone else. They have two distinguishing qualities : Stupidity and sociopathology.
Most People Who Join The Military Are Stupid

O.K. Liberals – lots of good reading for you on the web. Go to it and have a good time! Enjoy your protected birthright to demean and insult the Armed Forces.

People use their First Amendment rights to complain, criticize, ostracize, and ban from liberal cocktail circles any positive comment about The United States of America and our Military. There will always be an enemy. There will always be a need for brave citizens to become professional members of the Armed Forces. Someone has to satisfy the liberal need to adapt a “I am superior to you” and “I know what others must think and how they should live” front.

Freedom – an individual value protected by those who sign the blank check to you the people.

Dale R. Suiter
United States Marine
United States Solider (ret)


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Goldstone’s U-Turn


by Gilad Atzmon



If I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a different document,’ writes Richard Goldstone in an attempt to retract his own UN report.

And yet I wonder: how different would it be?  How different could it be? Goldstone is impressed with Israel dedicating some  “significant resources to investigate over 400 allegations of operational misconduct in Gaza’, but it somehow leaves me bewildered.

Let us assume that at the time Goldstone and his team looked into the cold blooded murder of more than 1400 Palestinians, they would also be aware of an Israeli enquiry. What difference would it make?

‘For example,’ says Goldstone, ‘the most serious attack the Goldstone Report focused on was the killing of some 29 members of the al-Simouni family in their home. The shelling of the home was apparently (according to the Israeli investigation) the consequence of an Israeli commander’s erroneous interpretation of a drone image, and an Israeli officer is under investigation for having ordered the attack.’

For some peculiar reason, Goldstone allows Israel to reduce its institutional responsibility for a colossal war crime, into a chain of local errors, made by a few low rank officers who may, or may not, face criminal charges.

One should remind Goldstone that the decision to use artillery and carpet bombardment in Gaza wasn’t taken by ‘some’ military commanders on the ground: these decisions were taken by a democratically elected Israeli cabinet. Furthermore, these decisions were supported at the time by 94% of the Israeli Jewish population.

 The decision to rain barrages of white phosphorous over the most populated place on this planet was a strategic decision, and it was taken by Israeli military high command.  The fact that Israel (may) sacrifice the military career of one Moishe’le or two Yank’le doesn’t change the validity of Goldstone original report at all; it only proves that Israel fails to take responsibility for its actions.

The Israeli ‘enquiry’ should actually be interpreted as a typical act of Zionist cowardice, for the Jewish state fails to admit its collective responsibility for the atrocities it committed in the name of the Jewish people, and in the name of the Goldstones of this world. Instead of taking responsibility then, Israeli politicians now want to put the blame on Israel’s soldiers.

 And for some reason, Goldstone would like the Hamas to do the same: Goldstone (the new master of the U-Turn) foresees the Hamas behaving like Israel i.e.  involved in spin and deception. He basically expects the Hamas to zigzag like himself.

But the Hamas is clearly made of better material — unlike Israeli politicians and Goldstone, the Hamas takes full responsibility for its actions. It openly and proudly resists the racist Jewish state. It is not trying to place the blame on some anonymous grass roots freedom fighters — The Hamas is sending love letters to the Palestinians’ stolen land. Indeed, some send messages in bottles; the Hamas send them in rockets. But the message is beautiful, simple and clear.

 ‘My lands, my soil, don’t lose your hope on us. We are here surrounded by barbed wire, but time will come soon for us to unite.’

In his convoluted Washington Post apology, Goldstone reveals a severe lack of understanding of Israeli militarism, its role, and its operational philosophy. Israeli strategy is based on the power of deterrence. Israel is there to terrify its neighbours, through death, and carnage.  Israel believes that through shock and awe, it can exhaust the Palestinians, and break their spirit. Every so often, the Jewish state exercises a genocidal act — and the numbers of Palestinian fatalities speak for themselves. More than 1400 Palestinians died in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead: they died because Israel believes that Jewish future security is a function of the pain it inflicts upon others. The Goldstone report exposes the criminality that is imbued within Israeli militarism, and Goldstone’s current attempt to dismantle his own report cannot wash away his original findings.

I tend to agree that Goldstone’s U Turn was surely inevitable: the history of Jewish animosity towards dissidents has long been firmly established, and in the last two years Goldstone and his family were subject to enormous pressure and social exclusion. It is more than likely that Goldstone was torn apart by it all. 

But the time has surely come to admit that we have reached the point of no return: we have to free our intellectual, spiritual and ethical life from any trace of Zionist ideology, from people who may have Zionist views or may have even been affiliated with Zionist philosophy.

I believe that ethical discourse should move beyond any form of Judeo centric ‘ethical zigzagging.’

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Muslims Dare Not Put the Bible on Trial



“Muslims dare not put the Bible on some despicable trial; this is beyond any Muslim’s wierdest imagination”

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat


Pastor Terry Jones (left) and his son Luke walk into the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Fla.

“We’re not big debaters. We’re not very well-educated; we’re just simple people trying to do the right thing.” Said Luke Jones, the son of the Florida pastor who finally carried out his most ignorant plan and burned a copy of the holy scripture of Muslims (Qur’an)
Adding to what Luke had said, I tend to believe that he and his father, Pastor Terry Jones, along with the 30-person Christian congregation at Dove World Outreach Center are amongst the most clueless and deluded people on earth.
According to this Jones and on March 20th – or what he designated as  “International judge the Qur’an day” – he burned a copy of the Qur’an after he had thoroughly judged the book which he found dangerously guilty.

What a joke,

What a silly joke.

If we were told that every day there were some persons who thought of or actually contrived to kill their stepfathers, whom they had suspected of being accomplices to the murder of their deceased fathers, would that incriminateShakespeare and his masterpiece play “Hamlet”?
Could we by any chance or logic for that matter, judge the book of Shakespeare and find it guilty of inciting violence and the killing of one’s next of kin.

Does that make any logic?

To develop a better Understanding of any Literature or Holy Scripture you should rely on your heart not your mind.

Logic and religion are irreconcilable.

Did you know that the Bible contained more violence and fairy tales than all Harry Potter’s parts put together? But is that enough reason for Muslims to ridicule or demonize the Bible or put it on trial for that matter.
Every time I read Hamlet, I can’t help myself sympathizing with the deeply tormented and mourning prince who cherished so dearly the memory of his late father he was sincerely willing to give up his own life to see his lord’s betrayal avenged.

Foolishness breeds more foolishness…
And extremism will definitely breed more extremism.

Qur’an is the most sacred book on planet earth for Muslims; for the sake of its reverence they are willing to give their lives just as little and dispensable Hamlet thought of his life when the memory of his king had been desecrated.

You don’t disgrace other people’s most dignified text and expect them to react in a dignified way. Hamlet himself couldn’t do it, he couldn’t restrain himself. Once he knew of the disgrace and the calamities that befell his Lord he went insane. That’s how Shakespeare went about it and I believe no one could have managed better.

The world doesn’t need more madness right now.
We have got all the madness we need for the moment.

Muslims will dare not burn the Bible back in return. But they’d rather die than witness the sanctity of their Qur’an violated.
Muslims dare not judge the Bible for it is equally sacred to them as the Qur’an is.

Jesus and mother Mary are equally revered as prophet Mohamed by all Muslims. Muslims dare not put the Bible on some despicable trial; this is beyond any Muslim’s weirdest imagination.

William Shakespeare

To be or not to be ..
This is how we should be judging ourselves?
To be tolerant,
To be civilized,
To be caring for others,… or not to be.

That is the question.

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