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By Gordon Duff

When we were told that the 3 towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed by nuclear demolitions, possibly assisted by specialized thermite compounds, it began to make sense.  When hundreds of firefighters died of radiation sickness and it was blamed on mysterious and unnamed and classified “toxic soup,” we had proof.  When was reported in the London papers but not New York or anywhere else in America, it told us something is seriously wrong.

A decade after 9/11 and first responders are dying at unprecedented rates of cancers that could only be caused by high level exposure to radiation.  This is hard science, not conjecture.  The buildings, the 3 towers, hundreds of tons of steel vaporized, sites now duplicated only by Japan’s reactor meltdowns, radiated  massive and continuing heat for over two months.  9/11 was a nuclear event.

If you are looking for proof of a coverup, simply check the news;

Pick up today’s New York Times.  The “9/11″ news: In Reversal, 9/11 Plotter to Be Tried by Military Panel

Pick up today’s UK Daily MAIL.  The “9/11″ news:  9/11 firefighters ARE getting cancer at a faster rate than others, chief medical officer reveals

Not reporting the cancers from ground zero, and let us be clear, they are radiation cancers, they are “radiation sickness,” has become “policy.”  So far radiation cancers have killed at least 345 firefighters. Ten times that number may have died, misdiagnosed, or simply left off the lists.

This isn’t just a coverup, its one that “keeps on giving.”  Those who need screening aren’t getting it.  Ten years later, hiding the truth to “protect the public from panic” isn’t going to fly.

10,000 have sued with an undisclosed number having cancers and other “suspicious” illnesses tied to “ground zero.”  The total numbers sick, in particular those who develop leukemia or other cancers over the the next decade and more could top 50,000.

This is the “why” that explains the censorship, the classified studies and the refusal to investigate 9/11 and the mysterious demolition of Building 7, the tower never hit by anything a building that came down though virtually untouched.

As Dr. Alan Sabrosky has said repeatedly, “If one tower was destroyed by controlled demolition, then all three were.”


Why is the issue radiation sickness if two airplanes took down three huge steel buildings?  Oh, you didn’t know there were three buildings, not two?  You may also have been unaware that the molten fires under “ground zero” were finally extinguished on December 15, 2001 though the jet fuel blamed on the destruction was burned off in less than 2 minutes at temperatures unable to warp the fender of a Yugo, much less vaporize hundreds of tons of 3 inch structural steel.

YouTube – Veterans Today –


Then again, you are probably unaware that the FBI flew to Bangkok, Thailand in 2007, to interview former Soviet nuclear intelligence officer Dimitri Khalezov.  Khalezov told them that he was briefed by the Soviet government, based on their treaty with the United States, of nuclear demolition charges embedded well below the WTC buildings, all of them.

Khalezov has agreed to take a lie detector test.  Remember, Khalezov is the person who told us that Mike Harari, Mossad operations director, claimed responsibility for 9/11.


About a month ago, I learned, from the New York Times, that one firefighter had died of radiation cancer, multiple myeloma.  Now I find the real number is admitted to be at least 345, a number that could only be possible if the firefighters were exposed to radiation from a nuclear blast within 72 hours of the explosion.

There is simply no other explanation, certainly not the “toxic soup” story being spread around.

If jet fuel caused cancer, we all would have been dead long ago, our air is filled with it.  Was the World Trade Center a massive storage area for toxic chemicals as is claimed?  Steel?  Glass?  Aluminum?  Carpet?  Particle board?  Gypsum?  Polystyrene?  Shouldn’t we all be dead?  Wouldn’t every house fire, ever smoldering junk pile be, by the standards of the Department of 9/11 Fantasy and Mythology, an environmental disaster?

I think we just covered 99% of it there, all things in any house fire, in fact much less dangerous than the typical house fire and absolutely nothing that causes Leukemia or Multiple Myeloma, the diseases killing off the New York City Fire Department and unknown “others” that nobody is tracking, nobody is checking on.  We call those “others” the people of New York.

For those out there who still try to believe that airplanes knock down the largest steel buildings in the world, largest and strongest, that even buildings hit by nothing at all simply dissolve into their own sub-basements, the idea of nuclear weapons being used has to have a wild and conspiratorial sound.

Then again, there is proof, scientific proof, that and testimony.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Steel doesn’t dissolve on its own.  Very little steel was hauled away from “ground zero.”  Most simply disappeared.  Yes, I have heard the story about the ship built “with” steel from the WTC.  I also have seen the photos and heard the testimony of rivers of molten steel pouring off the building and burning for two months in the mysterious cavern below, a virtual volcano.  Weeks later, workers had boots melt from the overheated soil.  Jet fuel is kerosene.  You can use it to start your barbeque.  If it catches fire on your hands, put it out quickly or you might get burned.


A few weeks ago, as mentioned earlier, news crept out of a single firefighter dying of radiation sickness. At the same time, I reviewed Jeff Prager’s online magazine, Dust II.  Prager had been way ahead of the curve on all of this.

I spent a couple of hours with Jeff Pragers “Dust I” and “Dust II” last night. This 108 page E-magazine, mostly science with amazing photos of “ground zero” from 9/11 is an analysis of the nuke v. thermite theories on 9/11. It is the first comprehensive piece on 9/11 that touches on absolutes, energy use, thermal energy and such. Some of the “hard science” checks out, enough to debunk NIST certainly. He is also fair and open on the thermite issue and leave the door open there as well. Prager makes a strong case for 9/11 being a nuke event. I sent it out to weapons science guys and will get back to you on this. What is clear is that there are more government spies involved in 9/11 theories than infiltrated the militia movements of the 80s and 90s. The medical evidence of radiation exposure at ‘ground zero’ is in already. First responders were “zapped.” Some reviews in this morning on Prager’s piece say he is abusing science more than a bit. Perhaps we have a potential debate going here…always a good thing.

So often I hear, “How could a nuclear weapon be exploded in New York City.  Wouldn’t people die of leukemia and radiation exposure?”

Wouldn’t they, though.

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Judge Goldstone Alters His Verdict



Indeed, a short list of Israeli massacres runs to 57, and those are just the major ones.

Given such a consistent pathological pattern, what are the odds that the estimated 773 civilians who died in the invasion of Gaza were killed accidentally, just collateral damage?

by Dr. Lawrence Davidson


It will be recalled that after the September, 2009 issuance of the Goldstone Report suggesting that Israel might be guilty of war crimes, Judge Richard Goldstone was barred from attending grandson’s bar mitzvah. That is how much resentment was produced by the critical report that bares his name. Well, Richard Goldstone has just assured himself access to all future family celebrations. He has accomplished this by calling into doubt his offending investigatory work.
Part I – Judge Goldstone Has Second Thoughts

In a Washington Post op-ed, “Reconsidering the Goldstone Report on Israel and War Crimes,” published on 1 April 2011, Judge Goldstone declared that new information coming from Israeli investigations, allegedly conducted “transparently and in good faith,” now indicate (at least to him) that “civilians were not intentionally targeted as a matter of policy.” Since there was no policy of targeting civilians, all of the non-combatant victims (the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem tells us that of the 1,387 Palestinians killed in the invasion, 773 were civilians) become mere “collateral damage.” Voila! Israel is off the hook when it comes to the charge of war crimes. Or so Goldstone now believes.

But hold on a moment. In a thorough analysis of Judge Goldstone’s new position, Adam Horowitz, writing in Mondoweiss, turns things around once more. Horowitz points out that since the Goldstone Report, which was admittedly a preliminary document, there have been other investigations by the UN Human Rights Council and the UN Committee of Independent Experts (CIE). These inquires suggest that Goldstone’s faith in Israel’s investigations is seriously misplaced.

For instance, in his Washington Post op-ed Goldstone cites a major case where Israeli forces killed 29 members of the al-Simouni family. This was an important piece of preliminary evidence of a possible war crime sited in the original Goldstone Report. He now tells us that an Israeli investigation has shown that it was all a mistake, “an erroneous interpretation of a drone image.” Further, Goldstone is now “confident that if the officer [who misread the drone image] is found to have been negligent, Israel will respond accordingly.” There are, of course, several problems with this position.

1. Israel’s so-called investigations into the Gaza invasion were episodes of the IDF investigating the IDF. Exactly the same so-called investigative procedure Israel used after its illegal attack on the Mavi Marmara. These “investigations” were not “transparent” because they were not public. Nor did the Israelis share the nature of their evidence with outsiders. As Horowitz points out this way of conducting business is not episodic, but rather official standard operating procedure. It is a reflection of structural problems, mostly having to do with obvious conflict of interest issues, that make Israel presently incapable of carrying out an objective investigation of its own actions. It must be noted that the original Goldstone Report had pointed to these problems. In paragraph 1756 the Report stated “The Mission found major structural flaws that in its view make the [Israeli investigatory] system inconsistent with international standards….there is the absence of any effective and impartial investigation mechanism and victims of such alleged violations are deprived of any effective or prompt remedy.” Nothing has changed on this account since the issuance of the Goldstone Report except that Judge Goldstone has ceased to see the situation as a problem. This leaves Horowitz, and no doubt many others, puzzled. “Why Judge Goldstone is now ignoring this issue is unclear.”

2. The Israeli findings in the specific case mentioned above are contradicted by the investigation of the CIE. That finding indicates that there is suggestive evidence that a senior Israeli military commander purposely targeted an area in which he knew civilians had congregated. He knew it because he had been informed by his own ground units that they had ordered a number of civilians to that location. Using the drone photos as justification he went ahead and called in an air attack on the site anyway and then kept ambulances from approaching the scene. Was this just the action of a rogue officer operating in contravention of policy? Almost certainly not. According to Israeli media reports, an IDF “special command” investigation of the incident carried out ten months later found that the air attack happened after a “legitimate interpretation of drone photographs” and “there had been nothing out of the ordinary in the strike.”

The key words in the Israeli “special command” report is “nothing out of the ordinary.” The behavior of the Israeli military during the January 2009 invasion of Gaza cannot be abstracted from the entire history of Israeli aggression against Palestine, its inhabitants and surrounding Arab lands as well. Indeed, that behavior has been remarkably consistent–so consistent that it is virtually impossible to see any particular manifestation of it as accidental. Was Dair Yasin (1948) an accident? Was Sabra and Shatila (1982) an accident? Was the shelling of west Beirut (1982) an accident? Was Qana (1996) an accident? Is the on-going inhumane and illegal blockade of Gaza an accident? The answer to all these questions is no. They were all done under officially rendered orders. Indeed, a short list of Israeli massacres runs to 57, and those are just the major ones. Almost all of them were neither accidental nor rogue operations. Given such a consistent pathological pattern, what are the odds that the estimated 773 civilians who died in the invasion of Gaza were killed accidentally, just collateral damage?

Part II – Prime Minister Netanyahu Says ‘I Told You So’

One suspects that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had advanced notice of the Goldstone letter. Within a very short time after the letter appeared he was calling on the United Nations to retract the original Goldstone Report. “Everything we said proved to be true. Israel did not intentionally target civilians and it has proper investigatory bodies.” Defense Minister Ehud Barak simultaneously declared, “We always said that the IDF is a moral army that acted according to international law.”

What a convenient combination of events! Israel investigates itself, exonerates itself, gets its biggest name critic to buy the procedure as legitimate and then back off his criticisms. The only question left is how many others will also buy into what really looks like a prearranged set up? My guess is every single country which wants to get around the issue of Universal Jurisdiction (see my analysis on this subject dated 12 February 2011) will soon be quoting Goldstone’s op. ed. as if it is a legal document.

Part III – Shifting the Focus To Hamas

While Judge Goldstone praises Israel for its “investigations,” he chastises Hamas for its lack of inquiry. Goldstone tells us that “Hamas has done nothing.” Well, at least we can say that Hamas has thereby refrained from insulting our intelligence with mock investigations leading to predictable if dubious self-exoneration.

Goldstone approaches the acts of Hamas and those of Israel as if they are on a par. He tells us that “The laws of armed conflict apply no less to non-state actors such as Hamas than they do to national armies.” At least in the case of Israel, such an approach denies context. Historically, the violence of the oppressed tends to rise over time to the level of the violence of the oppressor. That is what has happened in Israel-Palestine. It is not the Palestinians who have set the standards for violence in this conflict. That role has been played by the Israelis. As the list of major massacres cited above suggests, long before their was ever a suicide bombing or an attack with small rockets lacking guidance systems, the Israelis were massacring Palestinians, stealing their land and generally evicting them from their country. In some ideal moral world, Richard Goldstone’s conclusion that the violence of the oppressed must be judged by the same criteria as the violence of the oppressor might make sense. Unfortunately, it does not do so in the real world we have created for ourselves.

Part IV – Conclusion

Richard Goldstone has always had a deep attachment to Israel. Thus it stands in his favor that throughout most of the time he led the UN investigation into the 2009 Israeli invasion of Gaza he maintained a level of objectivity which made possible a glimpse of just how brutal the Zionist state is. It is no secret that since the Report’s release Goldstone has come under much pressure to alter his views. He has been accused of everything from“perpetuating a blood libel against Israel” to singlehandedly supplying Israel’s enemies with their most influential document. As suggested at the beginning of this analysis, some of this reaction led to his being ostracized by friends and family. Now 75 years of age and at the end of his career, it would seem that Judge Goldstone has made the decision that he does not want to be remembered as a important critic of Israel. He wants to come in from the cold and so he has begun to make amends. I am afraid he will find this a difficult task. People in Goldstone’s position, who change directions in this way, tend never to be trusted again–by either side of the struggle at issue. This is so even if the change is justified, which in this case it is not. So Richard Goldstone has dug himself a deep hole at the bottom of which he is likely to dwell alone.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Davidson is the co-author of A Concise History of the Middle East and author ofAmerica’s Palestine: Popular and Official …Read Full Bio

Israeli Apartheid and The Nakba

By Anthony Lawson

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Afghan President Hamid Karzai



by Zabi Rashidi

Orders Probe Robe Into Deadly UN Protest

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has ordered his government to investigate deadly Koran-burning protests that killed up to two dozen people, including seven foreign UN staff, his spokesman said Monday.

Angry protests over the burning of a Koran by a Florida pastor, Terry Jones began in the relatively peaceful northern town of Mazar-i-Sharif.

Seven members of the UN mission to the war-torn nation were killed when the protesters attacked the world body’s office. A Norwegian, a Swede, a Romanian and four Nepalese guards were among the dead.

Five Afghan protesters were also killed in clashes with police.

A dozen other people were killed in two days of violent protests in the southern city of Kandahar.

UN Office Attacked

Karzai on Sunday “issued two separate decrees and assigned two committees for Kandahar and Mazar-i-Sharif,” his spokesman Waheed Omer said, responding to a question from a journalist about police failure to prevent UN casualties.

“They are tasked to investigate the factors which turned the demonstrations to violence, and what caused the failure of police that could not prevent this,” Omer told reporters, giving no further details.

The Kandahar provincial administration said that a delegation appointed by Karzai to investigate deadly unrest in the city began work on Monday.

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UK-Israel mutual admiration provokes ‘Technicolor Yawn

Posted By: Sammi Ibrahem
Chair of West Midland PSC

There can be few spectacles more contemptible than ministers of the British crown canoodling with a thuggish regime that has trampled the Palestinians’ legitimate aspirations for 63 years.

Stuart Littlewood


Last week a stomach-churning love-in was conducted between the British Government and the racist state of Israel at Chatham House, also known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The theme was ‘Sixty Years of British-Israeli Diplomatic Relations’.

Britain’s foreign secretary William Hague, in his keynote address said the UK’s relationship with Israel goes far beyond the realm of diplomatic relations. “It is based on bonds between families and communities as well as shared values and common interests. Israel is a friend and a strategic partner of this country in the Middle East, and we are very grateful for that.”

Dear reader, you can see where this is leading. You are strongly advised to have a sick-bag ready…

“…This Government is firmly opposed to those who seek to deligitimise Israel, and… we are firmly opposed to boycotts,” continued Hague. “It is my personal hope that the ties between Britain and Israel will thrive and grow even stronger in the future than they are today. When I sent our excellent new Ambassador to Israel I gave him very clear instructions to work to advance the peace process and to build the best possible relationship with Israel.”

Does he have the electorate’s approval for this tosh? Was aiding and defending a belligerent foreign power and serial abuser of human rights in the Conservative Party election manifesto? No, this is a private agenda for which Hague and Cameron have no mandate..

“In the last six months we have launched a UK/Israel Life Sciences Council, a UK/Israel Regenerative Medicine fund, a major push to promote links between our high tech economies and a new Film Treaty to expand our cultural cooperation. In 2010 trade between the two countries went up 30% compared to the year before.”

And what, you may be asking, has lawless Israel done to deserve these rewards?

Equally strange is why Mr Hague is such an adoring fan and has been since his schooldays. Could it have been Miss Israel winning the Miss Universe title in1976 that fired up the impressionable 15 year-old?

Or was it boyish hero-worship of the terrorists who created the Israeli state… like Tzipi Livni’s father, a saboteur and chief operations officer of the Irgun terror outfit?

The speech continued with the usual childish attempt to demonise Iran. “Iran’s treatment of its own people, as well as its attitude to Israel and posturing in the region show that it would be a disaster to let Iran acquire nuclear weapons,” said Hague, omitting to mention the hundreds of nuclear warheads already in the hands of Israel’s delinquent leaders. “Iran should therefore not doubt the resolve of the international community to address the concerns about its nuclear programme. We and our partners will be working hard over the coming months to increase the pressure on Iran to negotiate seriously.”

Negotiate what? Iran has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which is more than can be said for Israel, a rogue state that’s bristling with nukes and a serious menace not only to the region but also Europe. Has the IAEA actually established a divergence in Iran’s nuclear programme from civil into military?

“To conclude,” said Hague, “I never forget that Israel is a country that has been repeatedly attacked through its brief history, that has been at war with all its neighbours for some of its history and with some of its neighbours for all of its history.”

He was clearly determined to induce what our Australian friends with their customary delicacy refer to as a ‘technicolor yawn’. “I remember that Israel has been shelled repeatedly from Gaza and from Lebanon and that it has suffered grievously from terrorism. And I am deeply conscious why the Jewish people – of all peoples – have cause to believe that they must look after themselves, and never rely on others to keep them safe.”

A 4-times increase in Jews-only squatter units on stolen Palestinian land

Naturally Israel’s president Shimon Peres was in town for the occasion. Earlier in the day he met prime-minister David Cameron. On leaving Downing Street after their discussions Peres told reporters: “Britain and Israel see eye-to-eye in their support for freedom-seeking people in the Middle East.”

This happened to be the day when the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics released a report showing that in 2010 Israel built 6,794 Jewish-only housing units on occupied Palestinian land, four times more than in 2009.

As Messrs Hague and Peres know perfectly well, under the Fourth Geneva Convention it is illegal for an occupying power to transfer its population into territory it occupies.

The report also notes that Israel’s separation wall has confiscated around 733 square kilometers of Palestinian land in the West Bank. Israel says it’s to prevent attacks, but the wall’s route runs deep inside the West Bank, often as far as 22 kilometers according to the UN. Land between the wall and the ‘Green Line’ has been used for illegal Israeli settlements and military bases.

As most people now realise, the wall is carefully routed to enclose and steal the Palestinians’ precious water resources.

And while US President Obama says Israeli settlement building is an obstacle to peace, his administration vetoes UN resolutions condemning it. How confused can the poor guy get?

In the week leading up to the love-fest, according to the Palestine Centre for Human Rights, the Israeli Occupation Force conducted 52 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and two into the Gaza Strip. The IOF arrested 27 Palestinian civilians, including 14 children, then moved into Beit Ummar town, north of Hebron, and arrested 18 Palestinian civilians.

Israel continued its total siege on the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the Gaza Strip. The IOF carried on its settlement activities in the West Bank while Israeli squatters under its protection continued to attack Palestinian civilians and property. The IOF, laughingly claimed to be “the most moral army in the world”, even destroyed 3 water wells in Bethlehem.

Netanyahu throws another tantrum

This gathering of Israel’s gruesome groupies also coincided with the Israeli government’s threat to the UN Security Council and the EU that it would resort to “unilateral countermeasures” if the international community dared to recognise Palestine as an independent state at the UN General Assembly session next September.

Tel Aviv sent a classified cable to more than 30 Israeli embassies abroad ordering them to lodge diplomatic protests at the highest possible level in response to Palestinian efforts to secure long-overdue international recognition of statehood within generally accepted 1967 borders.

Cameron and Hague would have known about this before the Chatham House tryst. There can be few spectacles more contemptible than ministers of the British crown canoodling with a thuggish regime that has trampled the Palestinians’ legitimate aspirations for 63 years, plundered and subjugated the Holy Land, and now throws a tantrum at the prospect of being thwarted in its ambition to deprive its neighbours of their freedom, their lands and their resources permanently.

Are these really the people with whom Hague and other elected servants of the British public enjoy “shared values and common interests”?

Last week also saw the House of Commons pass plans to enable the British government to block arrests of war crimes suspects. In future the permission of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) will have to be sought before a court can consider issuing an arrest warrant, instead of allowing a senior District Judge to issue one if presented with sufficient evidence. This politicises the whole process, enabling the DPP, following advice from the Attorney General, to block the arrest of war crimes suspects arriving from ‘friendly’ countries. If the measure passes the House of Lords we can say goodbye to the impartial and transparent application of the law.

A handful of honourable MPs including Jeremy Corbyn, Jon Cruddas, Kate Hoey, Glenda Jackson, Rt Hon Sir Gerald Kaufman, Caroline Lucas and John McDonnell, voted against the change. The rest were happy to shame us by shirking Britain’s obligation under the Geneva Convention to ensure there’s no hiding place for war crimes vermin.

Peres, on many people’s ‘wanted’ list for crimes against humanity and for questioning about the Qana massacre, was warmly welcomed in Downing Street and Chatham House.

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Humanity mourns



By Mazin QumsiyehJerusalem

Juliano Mer Khamis – RIP


We are shocked.  Juliano Mer-Khamis, a friend and fellow peace activist, was murdered in Jenin.  The masked killer/s whoever they were were cowards whose madness will not deter those of us who continue to work for justice and peace for all. If they thought they could kill coexistence and love in the holy land by killing a symbol and a great activist, they are mistaken.  Juliano symbolizes what many of us have worked for: a transformation of our homeland into a pluralistic democratic state where every human being regardless of his religion (Jewish, Christian, Muslim) would be treated with dignity and respect.  Fundamentalist notions of superiority were at odds with this message. His killers will not get their way and justice will prevail.  But Juliano’s loss is a shock to all of us.

Juliano was a superb human being who embodied the best qualities of activism and dedicated leadership for human rights, justice and peace.  He was my age and I first met him a few years ago when we brought him for the Connecticut screening of the film Arna’s children, the story of his mother and the Children of Jenin Refugee camp (see Arna’s Children Trailer for scenes from the film and Juliano’s words).  On numerous occasions over the past few years I visited Jenin Freedom Theater that Juliano cofounded and that injected so much beauty and hope into the lives of the people at Jenin Refugee Camp.  See

Juliano took the characters of compassion and caring of his Israeli Jewish mother (she herself worked to challenge Zionist supremacy and fundamentalist idiocies for decades) and gentile love of land and people and pacifist characters of his Palestinian father. He exemplified everything that I and millions of others aspired to: coexistence, tolerance, nonviolence, peace, love, passion for life, richness in diversity and so much more.  He had a two year old child and his wife as I knew was pregnant or may have just delivered their second child.  His absence will be felt but I for one will work to ensure that his work continues and accelerates.  The best answer to violence is to intensify our work and build on the vision thus never allowing these forces of hate to destroy the future.  As to who killed Juliano: all humans are guilty.. our inability to rise as a species beyond violence is largely due to our apathy and indifference to the suffering of fellow human beings.  It is telling that many political leaders (from Hamas, Fatah, Israeli leaders) remain silent on the murder of Juliano when they so readily spoke at other convenient political junctures.  Those who are apathetic are just as guilty as those fundamentalist racists who ordered this killing or pulled the trigger to shoot fellow human beings.  I for one will have a lot of pain in my heart for Juliano, for Bassem, for Jawaher, for Rachel and all the other friends we lost along the way.  We must make sure that their murders do not go in vain and the best thing we can do is increase our efforts to continue the path and bring others to this path.  Killers must know that 10 will rise in place for every peace activist they kill. Those of us active in the same cause of coexistence and peace must intensify our work.

Ironically, I had yesterday given a sermon at a Unitarian Universalist congregation addressing the issues of violence and nonviolence.  It is copied below and is appropriate for this occasion. But first, I urge all to join the biggest chance to get attention for the  Palestinian cause in the U.S.  the weekend of April 9 when tens of thousands will march against the wars, occupations and the apartheid in Palestine and elsewhere.   April 9 at noon will see a huge rally and march in New York City.  A major speaker is Omar  Barghouti one of the founders of the boycotts, divestment and sanctions campaign.  In the march there will be a “United Palestine Solidarity Contingent” full of banners and flags.  On the next day in San Francisco there will be a similar demonstration.   For more information see or <>   Over 500 endorsers include Ali Abunimah,  Mazin Qumsiyeh, Ann Wright, Ilan Pappe, US Palestinian Community Network, Al-Awda NY, Code Pink, Palestine Right of Return Coalition, Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights, SJP’s from many campuses, Middle East Crisis Committee,  Middle East Children’s Alliance, and many others.

Sermon at a United Universalist Congregation-Sacramento

About a year ago, I came back from a trip to Azerbeijan and was questioned as usually happens in crossing the bridge from Jordan to the West Bank (the only entry/exit point for us Palestinians).  The obligatory good cop/bad cop pair of Israeli officials questioned me for a very long time.  At one point I suggested they just google my name since everything about me is on the web somewhere.  But they kept questioning me.  At one point the main interrogater asked: “you are a Christian?” I answer “yes, and a Buddhist, a Jew, a Muslim, and an agnostic among others”.  He said angrily: you are making fun of me.  I said, no I believe there is truth in all these traditions.  He pointed at my ID card in front of him and said but it says here you are a Christian.  I simply said “but it is you all who put that
there not me”.

My family is indeed a mixed family like most humanity: my father was greek orthodox, my mother Lutheran, my sister converted to Mormon Traditions, my wife is Chinese American who comes from a Buddhist background, my son was born in West Texas (I guess some would call that beinga  red-neck) who is exploring his world, some of my relatives married Jews, my friends are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and atheist of all gender identifications.

I cannot give you a sense of the suffering that is inflicted on 11 million Palestinians; 7 million of us are refugees or displaced people.  For that I suggest you do what Doug Kraft and others have done before: come see it for yourself.  Spend a night or two at one of the refugee camps.  Spend a day or two at one of the villages like Al-Walaja in the seam zone between the wall and the Green line.  Spend an hour or two at the next demolition of
Al-Araqeeb, a village in the Negev that was demolished 18 times already.  If you are adventurous you may join us in nonviolent actions taking place every day.  The smell of spiked tear Gas and even the feel of tight handcuffs or a shove by a burly security officer will be a totally unforgettable experience.  You can join us in morning those murdered by the mindless violence of those with hate in their hearts.

But maybe I will simply stand here before you as this one fallible human being and tell you about me and how I feel and what influenced me.  I was born literally down the hill of the Church of Nativity where tradition holds that Jesus was born.  Our village name “Beit Sahour” is Aramaic for the house of those who stay up by night – in reference for the Shepherd’s who watched over their flocks and saw that star.  As descendant of those Aramaic speaking shepherds, we Nebatean Canaanites took our mission of telling it to the world seriously. While we adopted different and newer religions and rulers came and went, we remained the people of that ancient land and we were and remain pioneers.  We were the first to develop agriculture (hence the designations of fertile crescent and land of milk and honey). We were the first to domesticate plants and animals. We were the first to develop an alphabet – proto Aramaic alphabet evolved to the Arabic and Hebrew alphabet right in this great land of Canaan.  We were the first to develop law, astronomy, math, and shipping.

The origin of the Aramaic word Canaan is debated and we see things like qna’ translated as satisfied or lying obedient or referring to the color purple (hence the greek Phoenicia for that part of the world meaning also purple). In our land various religious beliefs evolved and many people took them up and used them for good or for evil.  Our religions have statements that clearly support the distinction between challenging and correcting evil and harming the evil-doers.  In  Christian traditions loving our enemies does not mean accepting the evil perpetuated (Jesus turned the tables in the Temples).  In Muslim traditions, yakrahu al-munkar (hate the evil) wala yakrahu almunkireen (not thating eth evil-doers).  This is the essence of nonviolent transformation.

The problems for us are not the different religious beliefs or our own tendency to spirituality. But it is religious dogma especially when married to state power and uses violence to advance its agenda.  Christianity became state religion that led to the horrors of the crusaders.  That is what my friend and Jewish Theologian Marc Ellis calls  “Constantinian Christianity”. Ellis argues that Zionism today is essentially “Constantinian Judaism”.

I was reminded of this when I read a letter by Thomas Jefferson to Mordecai Noah,  May 28, 1818:

“I thank you for the Discourse on the consecration of the Synagogue in your city, with which you have been pleased to favor me. I have read it with pleasure and instruction, having learnt from it some valuable facts in Jewish history which I did not know before. Your sect by its sufferings has furnished a remarkable proof of the universal spirit of religious intolerance inherent in every sect, disclaimed by all while feeble, and practiced by all when in power. Our laws have applied the only antidote to this vice, protecting our religious, as they do our civil rights, by putting all on an equal footing. But more remains to be done, for although we are free by the law, we are not so in practice. “

He goes on to explain how religions would do well to keep the private myths and discourses in the confines of their buildings while lending the more common and respectful ideas to the public sphere (e.g. the golden rule).  We are reminded of these insightful and prophetic words of Jefferson about how sects when feeble demand equality and when in power exercise discrimination and violence.

The unfolding popular nonviolent resistance in the Arab world reminds us of the power of such movements.  We Palestinians have engaged in such nonviolent struggle for over 130 years which I summarize in my recent book. People can be very innovative in these nonviolent struggles.  Palestinian women thus were the first to use cars in mass demonstrations: 120 cars were gathered and moved beeping their horns in a parade down the old city streets of Jerusalem in October 1929, a spectacle at that time.  When flying the Palestinian flag was punishable by 9 months in jail, Palestinians hung laundry in the colors of the flag.  In 1988, Palestinians in my village founded the Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People which brought internationals and even Israelis to nonviolently break the siege and curfew laid on our town during the tax revolt.  There were so many inspiring and innovative acts of nonviolent resistance that were successful in so many ways.

The key to understanding the power of these movements is to just look at the history of how we got women’s right to vote, civil rights, the 40-hour work week, ending the war on Vietnam, ending support for apartheid South Africa, and many others.  It is when people shed their fears, fears usually stoked by those elites in authority, that they realize that nothing can stop as as individuals working together nonviolently.  In the 1960s civil rights movement, the saying was “free your mind and your ass will follow”.

Once we free our minds, nothing can stop us.  That is what Egyptians, Tunisian, and others have realized.  That is what we Palestinians of various religions realized.  That is what humanity is realizing. Howard Zinn said, you can’t be neutral on a moving train.  The choice before us as individuals and as societies has always been between fear and courage, between hate and love, violence and popular resistance to violence.   Join us in Palestine July 8-16 for a week of activism and peace building. Thank you.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mazin Qumsiyeh teaches and does research at Bethlehem and Birzeit Universities in occupied Palestine. He previously served on the faculties of the University of Tennessee, Duke and Yale Universities. He served on the board/steering/executive committees of a number of groups including Peace Action Education Fund, the US Campaign to End the Occupation, the Palestinian American Congress, Association for One Democratic State in Israel/Palestine, and He is now president of the Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People. He advised many other groups including Sommerville Divestment Project, Olympia-Rafah Sister City Project, Palestine Freedom Project, Sabeel North America, and National Council of Churches of Christ USA. He is an active member of a number of human rights groups (Amnesty, Peace action, Human Rights Watch, ACLU etc.). He published several books of which the most acclaimed “Sharing the Land of Canaan: human rights and the Israeli/Palestinian Struggle” which was also translated to spanish.

Arna´s Children Trailer


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Samouni Family Responds to Justice Goldstone Backtrack on Israeli War Crimes



It seems that the world in which we live in, a world of impunity for the favoured Israeli state, is set to continue.  Unless of course we the people decide enough is enough.

– Ken O’Keefe

Samouni Family in Gaza with Ken O’ Keefe

During Operation Cast Lead Israel committed massive war crimes for all the world to see.  Among these crimes the use of White Phosphorus in densely populated areas, use of Depleted Uranium, bombing civilian targets of all sorts without military necessity, destroying civilian infrastructure with no military justification and the infamous massacre of the Samouni family… among many other crimes.

In the aftermath of Cast Lead, Justice Richard Goldstone, a Zionist Jew, was commissioned by the United Nations to write a report on the alleged war crimes.  Although the report did not go nearly far enough in exposing the brutality of all the crimes committed, crimes committed by the fourth largest military in the world against a essentially defenceless and captive population, it did allege that Israel (and Hamas) was almost undoubtedly guilty of war crimes and possibly, crimes against humanity.

But on April 1st, 2011 Justice Goldstone had an apparent change of heart and effectively said that he was wrong.  With regard to the Samouni family he said, Israel simply made a mistake.  It seems that the world in which we live in, a world of impunity for the favoured Israeli state, is set to continue.  Unless of course we the people decide enough is enough.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ken O’Keefe (born July 21, 1969) is an American born activist who renounced his US citizenship on March 1, 2001. He has since acquired Irish, Hawaiian and Palestinian citizenship. He replaced his US passport with a World Citizen Passport, proclaiming “ultimate allegiance to my entire human family and to planet Earth.” He is a former U.S. Marine who served in the 1991 Gulf War. He is widely known for leading the Human Shield Action to Iraq (2003) and as a survivor of the Israeli attack on the Turkish Aid ship MV Mavi Marmara (2010) in which he participated in “defending the ship” and “disarming two Israeli Commandos”.

Also see:

Ken O’ Keefe : World Revolution Now in the Face of Lies [Video]

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United Against the Nation of Iran




By Kourosh Ziabari


Those who regularly follow the developments of Iran might have come across to the website of “United Against Nuclear Iran”, a “non-partisan, non-profit advocacy organization” that seeks to “prevent Iran from fulfilling its ambition to become a regional super-power possessing nuclear weapons”

UANI has compiled an elaborate list of the foreign companies and firms which do business with Iran and calls on its readers and visitors to send condemnatory letters and complaints to these companies so as to persuade them to withdraw their capitals and resources from Iran and stop doing business with a country which the United States and its European allies consider to be an emerging nuclear threat in the Middle East.

Interestingly, UANI has listed each and every foreign company which is active in Iran, from the food production companies to internet service providers, medicine manufacturers, industrial conglomerates, news agencies, transportation infrastructure providers and private consortiums, and its objective is to convince these companies to put an end to their activities in Iran.

UANI runs a divestment campaign which contains pressuring foreign corporations to stop conducting business with Iran. So far, it has succeeded in pulling out General Electric, Caterpillar and Ingersoll Rand from Iran’s market.

UANI’s advisory board consists of a number of U.S. government insiders and big shots who have close ties with the U.S. statesmen including R. James Woolsey, the former head of CIA, Fouad Ajami, a John Hopkins University professor and a close associate of the Council on Foreign Relations, Henry D. Sokolski, the former Deputy for Nonproliferation Policy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and Gary Milhollin, the director of the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control and the publisher of “Iran Watch” website which is dedicated to promoting financial sanctions against Iran.

The activities of UANI, however, are not limited to lobbying for the intensification of sanctions against Iran. Each year and on the advent of UN General Assembly, UANI runs an advertorial campaign to prevent New York hotels from accommodating Iranian President and his colleagues and dissuade the city’s convention centers from hosting events in which the Iranian officials are slated to deliver a speech.

By publishing propagandistic reports and articles on the purported hazard of Iran’s nuclear activities, UANI also functions as a mouthpiece which is exclusively dedicated to fear-mongering and spreading falsehood about Iran.

UANI’s President is Mark Wallace, the former United States Ambassador to the United Nations and a close companion of ex-President George W. Bush. Wallace had played a key role in the Florida election recount of 2000 which finally resulted in the installation of Bush to the presidency of the United States. Wallace also presides over Tigris Financial Group Ltd, “a multifaceted investment, advisory and asset management business with areas of focus that include resources and the natural resources sector, real estate, art and collectibles.”

UANI is a well-funded group which regularly runs anti-Iranian TV ads on cable news stations. With budgets which are seemingly devoted to UANI by the U.S. government, this “advocacy organization” produces anti-Iranian materials which are on sale in its online store. These materials include lapel pin, bumper sticker, baseball cap, yard sign kit and T-shirts on which several anti-Iranian slogans are printed.

This anti-Iranian group which is spearheaded and funded by the extremist neo-conservatives in the United States has emerged as a duplicate of “Freedom’s Watch”, a lobbying organization which pursues similar objectives to those of UANI in confrontation with Iran and its nuclear activities. It’s chaired by Ari Fleischer, a former Press Secretary to ex-President Bush and Matthew Brooks, the executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition. American billionaire businessman Sheldon Adelson funds this group sumptuously and helps them in running political campaigns and TV programs against Iran.

According to peace activist and political journalist Richard Silverstein, the website of UANI is backed bu Henley MacIntyre, a former Bush political operative who was involved in the RNC/White House email scandal. Times reported in April 2007 that more than 50 White House staffers violated the Presidential Records Act by “inadvertently” removing 2,400 pages of electronic documents which were relevant to the discriminatory firing of eight U.S. attorneys by the direct verdict of President George W. Bush.

A little bit of research demonstrates the fact that UANI and its major players are not afraid of a nuclear threat by Iran. It is Israel that is the sole possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. Why have they turned a blind eye to the striking reality that it’s only Israel that poses a fundamental threat to the global security with its hawkish politicians who don’t know anything of peace and stability? The specifications of Dimona nuclear facilities in Israel are almost known to everyone. If nuclear disarmament was the intention of UANI’s actors, they would start by disarming Israel and the permanent members of United Nations Security Council whose nuclear arsenals are filled with thousands of atomic warheads. If UANI was looking for peace and nuclear non-proliferation, it would have advocated a nuclear-free Middle East by demilitarizing the sophisticated arsenals of the Zionist regime.

UANI claims that its goal is to prevent Iran from possessing nuclear weapons, so it persuades foreign firms and companies to stop helping Iran in ways which could lead to the development of nuclear weapons. Had they been honest in their claims, why do they target Iran’s food, communication, housing, pharmacy and oil sectors? What do these industries have to do with nuclear weapons?

In a nutshell, UANI is a fraudulent organization that merely seeks impairing the Iranian nation. They already know that Iran is not after nuclear weapons, because the power of Iranian nation does not essentially emanate from military might. They already know that the Iranian nation is unique and strong against those who nurture malicious intentions for this powerful and robust country. UANI wants a weak, demoralized and unstable Iran without an active role in the international community. UANI is not United Against Nuclear Iran, it is United Against the Nation of Iran.

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The US Government’s Usage of Atomic Bombs – Domestic – WTC 911





Declassified August 1958: “Mere fact that the U. S. has developed atomic munitions suitable for use in demolition work.”

Declassified January 1967, “The fact that we are interested in and are continuing studies on a weapon for minimizing the emerging flux of neutrons and internal induced activity.”

Declassified March 1976, “The fact of weapon laboratory interest in Minimum Residual Radiation (MRR) devices. The fact of successful development of MRR devices.”

The factual evidence indicates that our government is using and has used 3rd or possibly 4th generation hydrogen bombs domestically and internationally. The evidence for international usage is not quite as strong as the domestic usage, but when domestic usage is considered, the international usage seems inescapable.

Posted Imageclick for full size

The process of exclusion based on the known facts leaves only one viable option for the destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) buildings – a relatively pure hydrogen bomb.


Just some of the facts are:

widespread cancer in the respondersmolten steelmelted carssteel beams hurlehundreds offeet, aerosolized metalsvaporized steel witnessed and videoaerosolized and pulverizeconcrete, elevated tritium levels, vanishing (vaporized) victims, only sliver fragments of victims on roof tops, EMP – Electro Magnetic Pulse effects on communicationshundreds of eyewitness testimony ofancillary explosions by heroic rescuers and victimsmassive dispersal of debris, demolition expertstates hydrogen bomb needed for this type of demolition, audio of a massive explosion prior to collapse, video of ancillary explosions, audio of ancillary explosions, significant reduction in debris pile, ancillary thermate found in wreckage, shockwave of a mini yield nuclear blast knocked people off their feet, vaporization of 200,000 gallons of water, removal of wreckage without investigation, only remnants of fire in one tower minutes after the plane collision, unprecedented history of 3 skyscrapers collapsing secondary to fire, early miscalculation stating WTC building 7 ‘pulled‘,towers fall at demolition or free fall speed, foreknowledge of WTC 7 immediate collapseslow-motion video evidence of plane appendage with smoke and explosion immediately prior to impactof both planes, unprecedented NORAD non response to variant flights, FEMA drill scheduled for same day, military ‘exercise‘ of exactly what was taking place to prevent NORAD response, most of NORAD protection planes sent far away in another ‘exercise’ to prevent response, prevention of examination of wreckage by those assigned to investigate, seismic evidence of a mini yield nuclear explosion, Cheney takes over NORAD response command, Cheney prevents NORAD response, WTC towers designed for 757 collision and fire, 911 used falsely for previously planned war, government fabrication of ‘evidence’ correlation for starting war, hundreds of people found themselves trapped by locked doors and missing escape routes above and below the impact zone, and not all inclusively, but finally, Bush brands anyone noting any of these facts a terrorist.

The spectrum and percentages of cancer are massive. There are at least 4 classifications of blood-cell cancers: leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s and myeloma. There are many more classifications of soft tissue cancers. There is brain cancer. There is breast cancer. For most of these there are subclassifications of many different types of specific cancer in each, so far not publicly disclosed. There are huge percentages of respiratory distress and loss of function. Multiple reports of ‘irregular cycles’ (miscarriages?). Most likely there will be several more types of cancer to follow. In particular, responders should be checked for thyroid cancer and function. There has been no noting of birth defects which also needs to be done. There is one thing and only one thing that can cause all these cancers and problems – RADIATION.

In response to this myriad of disease, a statement of environmental mercury has been claimed. That claim is not verified in testing of air and particle debris samples by private citizens and organizations. It is possible the mercury quotes are from the federal source of science, the United States Geological Survey’s analysis of the WTC dust debris. The USGS’s leached analysis did show mercury at the 3rd lowest concentration of metals at the mean value (mv) of 0.011 parts per Billion (ppB). The most abundant element concentration in the leaching tests was Strontium at 1,000 ppB (1 ppM) – 100,000 times more than the mercury value. It appears that the leaching of the sample was only partial and inadequate as the reader will see from the spectrometry values.
Why would only mercury be quoted when there were so many other more dangerous elements at higher concentrations than mercury? While the regular elements like Copper – mv 136 ppM, Silver – mv 1.66 ppM, and Vanadium – mv 31 ppM, some of the other significant elements were: Barium – mv 533 ppM, Strontium – mv 727 ppM, Cerium – mv 91 ppM, Yttrium – mv 57 ppM, Lanthanum – mv 46 ppM, Molybdenum – mv 11 ppM, Thorium – mv 9 ppM, Uranium – mv 3 ppM, Beryllium – mv 3 ppM, and Cesium – mv 0.6 ppM – partial listing. For readers that are not familiar with most of these elements, here is a link to their relevance.

There is also a claim of environmental benzene that ‘permeated’ the area in jet fuel as the cause of all of these problems. Once again, we have the quoting of the miraculous jet fuel that burns up in a massive fireball in the first few minutes, then like Christ’s feeding the multitudes, still causes a massive fire inside that reaches the temperatures of a Hades that weakens massive fire proofed steel beams and trusses, then resurrects itself on the permeated ground to cause cancer in one hour of limited exposure.
In less than 1 hour, the first WTC building had collapsed and covered Manhattan, in at least 1/3 of a Million Tons of particulate debris. Unless the jet fuel makes a final appearance and is again resurrected by NIST in its 3rd miracle, benzene is buried under 1/3 of a million tons of particulate debris after 56 minutes of exposure. Benzene is also a component of gasoline. The assertion that cancer was the result of 56 minutes of exposure to minimal amounts of benzene is ludicrous. If that was true, everyone in the US would be suffering from cancers. As the 3rd WTC building falls, Manhattan is covered in two Billion pounds of pulverized and aerosolized building.

Two billion pounds seemed like an extremely large amount of particulate matter from buildings whose total weight has been quoted at around 3 billion pounds. Debris removal has been quoted at 1.2 billion pounds. Based on these rough numbers 2/3rds of the building was indeed turned to dust or vaporized.
“Live loads on these [perimeter] columns can be increased more than 2,000% before failure occurs.” “One could cut away all the first-story columns on one side of the building, and part way from the corners of the perpendicular sides, and the building could still withstand design loads and a 100-mph wind force from any direction.”Engineering News-Record, April 2, 1964

Posted Imageclick for full size

Take a look at a collapsed 10 story building in Pakistan. Note the height and size of the collapsed building’s remnants compared to the other 10 story buildings. The debris pile is about 30 feet, approximately 1/3 of the height of the erect building. This ratio is consistent with a collapsed building’s rubble height. Note the almost complete lack of fine particles. The 47-story WTC 7′s building debris should have contained at least five times (approximately 15 stories) the amount of the Pakistan debris as WTC 7 was also built with significantly stronger materials. Yet, WTC 7 remains are casually noted in the government propaganda article as a 2 story debris pile. Look at the Pakistan debris ‘collapsed’ picture again, then imagine that debris with 4 more piles on top of it and finally try to imagine the awesome power it would take to break it into 53 micron or smaller dust particles.

Posted Imageclick for full size

The only estimates of the two 100 story WTC building debris piles are ‘several stories’. In the very few area photographs of the debris piles published, the amount of debris in the range of several stories is minimal at best. There is also quoting of debris 6 stories high, however, if the reader looks at the rare pictures, the only debris of that height are portions of outer beam skeleton towering significantly higher than the general debris. Not one official measurement of the debris piles is noted. The building residue height is deceiving on 2 levels. First, all of the buildings had craters of a depth of ‘several stories’. Secondly, since the craters were in tiered sub-level flooring, the area of the bottoms of the craters would be significantly smaller than the area covered at ground level.

In a failed demolition, a 20 story concrete building, Zip Feed Mill in South Dakota, of significantly weaker construction than the WTC buildings, takes a 4 story dive while the top 16 floors remain intact.

Posted Imageclick for full size

Of the cumulative facts previously noted that deal specifically with a major explosion and its effect, the only single possibility for all is a thermonuclear bomb placed by the US government. Even when taken individually, the only possibility for some of the facts is a thermonuclear bomb. The next logical step is “Do bombs with the needed characteristics exist?”

The government’s answer to that question is a super-top-secret response that will not be given. Both political parties sequestered Operation Northwoods and more for 40 years, so they are certainly not going to answer the question truthfully. The following evidence clearly shows a mini yield semi-pure hydrogen bomb existed in 1958 and that it has had 40 years of refinement. The graphic in the upper right corner depicts the only published diagram of an atomic bomb in which public general knowledge of atomic weaponry is known. This is not the bomb that would be required for the WTC demolition. The bomb is a 2ndgeneration atomic bomb of the ‘hydrogen bomb’ category. The H-bomb pictured is not a pure hydrogen bomb which is actually very closely related to the already developed ‘neutron bomb’.

In reality, this 2nd generation H-bomb is nothing more than a fission bomb used for a trigger with hydrogen fusion used for extra power. This bomb produces the results of which the general public is aware – massive power, radiation and millenniums of radioactive devastation. It is at least 30 to 40 year old, late 2nd generation technology that has been phased out for lower yield 3rd generation atomic weapons which have a longer half life, easier maintenance and an inserted energy source.

Note the use of DU in the weaponry. DU is used as the casing and as the container for the fusion reaction which becomes part of the fissionable material. This is important in the current international 3rd generation H-bomb usage and the hybrid fusion bomb. At first it was believed that the DU casing and the DU fusion container would most likely not be part of the late 3rd generation or 4th generation weaponry used in the WTC demolitions as it is too dirty (long term radioactive residue) for the pure hydrogen bomb needed. However, subsequent information of dust analysis, hybrid fusion, old known facts of pure fusion bombs, early low yield semi-pure warheads, neutron bombs, and knowledge that debris would be removed as classified information makes either scenario viable.

According to brave activist, Howard Morland, in his article The Holocaust Bomb: a Question of Time, second generation atomic bombs got their start in 1950 and came to fruition in 1956 with Eisenhower’s announcement of a 95% clean bomb. In 1958 the Mk-41C was tested for a 9.3 Megaton yield, 4.8% of the energy was from fission with 95.2% from fusion. Less radioactive (more fusion and less fission energy) or semi-clean H-bombs were known then and were used for testing purposes only. The more powerful, mostly fission bombs were deployed for usage in a cognitive effort to produce maximum destruction on ‘enemies’ for generations and no forethought of the worldwide consequences. Among various other types of hydrogen bomb warheads, the W54 nuke was developed in 1961.

The W54 was a micro-nuke that weighed 51 pounds and could be fired from a slightly modified ordinary bazooka. Different versions of the W54 ranged from .01 kt to 1 kt yield. Between the mid 1950′s and the mid 70′s both types(large yield dirty and small yield clean), of 2nd generation H-bombs were refined.
Focused nuclear explosions were envisioned in 1959 as a possible concept for propulsion of the spacecraft Orion. The mere directing of the yield was obviously known prior to 1959. Samuel Cohen has stated that a low yield neutron bomb may be tailored to direct yield and proposed the concept more than 35 years ago. An underground detonation causes shaping of the direction of yield as well.

Around 1960, the relatively pure H-bomb was modified for selective effects creating the first 3rd generation H-bomb – the Neutron bomb, Enhanced Radiation Warhead, or a mostly fusion bomb. The neutron bomb’s energy was mostly based on fusion using Deuterium/Tritium with only a small fission component to ignite the fusion reaction. The neutron bombs are designed to release at least 80% of its yield as neutrons at the expense of blast and heat as compared to previous fission-fusion warheads. It was not until around 15 years ago that the existence of the neutron bomb was noted.

It was during this period that a trial regarding Chinese espionage forced the revelation of the neutron bomb. Shortly thereafter, Reagan deployed the W70 version with a yield range of 0.8 kt to 1.6 kt. At least 2 years after the neutron bomb had been developed and tested, declassified May 1963, “The mere fact that the U. S. is “interested in pursuing” a program to determine the characteristics of an “enhanced radiation” weapon (neutron bomb).” The standard policy seems to be to develop the weapon, inform congress for development of the weapon and then to inform the public after they have been informed there is a need for the weapon.
Very little has been released about the specific selective refinements of 2nd and 3rd generation weapons in the last 40 years since their development. The fact refinement was taking place is proven by the Orion spacecraft and the neutron bomb. EMP effects have been another area of concern and refinement. While these effects were noted in 1950′s testing, there was elevated interest in 1962 with the high altitude (HEMP) detonation producing a massive EMP effect. In November 1972, the following sentence was declassified: “The fact of existence of weapons with tailored outputs, e.g., enhanced x-ray, neutron or gamma-ray output, that we are hardening our weapons to enhanced weapon outputs and that high-Z materials are used in hardening nuclear weapons against high-energy x-rays.” Note – the date is the declassification date, not the development date.

How small can a nuclear reaction be? Through hydrodynamic experiments for triggering fusion, extremely lows yield nuclear explosions have been generated on the magnitude of “several Pounds of TNT.” As noted above, in 1961 .01 kt was unveiled in 1961. In 1956, the Tamalpais with a yield of 0.072 kt was declassified. Prior to the demolition of the WTC buildings, the largest imploded building, Hudson’s Department Store was 2.2 million square feet with 33 levels and required 2,728 lbs of explosive. The WTC buildings were significantly stronger than the Hudson’s building, but it is doubtful more than a 0.01 kt bomb would be needed for the 47 center columns designed to hold many times the weight of the buildings.

This program produced (partial list) the following information for a regular 0.01 kt yields, air ignition: Fireball max light radius = 25.4 meters, Max time light pulse width = 0.011 seconds, Max fireball airburst radius = 10.6 meters, Time of max temperature = 0.0032 seconds, Area of rad. exposure = 0.12 sq. miles; Blastwave Effects: Overpressure = 5 lb/sq. inch (160 mph) radius = 0.09 km, 1 lb/sq. inch radius = 0.26 km; Underground ignition: Crater diameter = 56 feet with a Richter magnitude of 3.52. Thermal radiation damage range is significantly reducedby clouds, smoke or other obscuring materials.

Surface detonations are known to decrease thermal radiation by half. A neutron bomb produces much less blast and thermal energy than a fission bomb of the same yield by expending its energy by the increase in the production of neutrons. Even the older neutron bombs produce very little long term fallout, but made considerable induced radiation in ground detonations. The half life of induced radiation is very short and is measured in days rather than years.

Summing up known information, an underground explosion of a pure (most likely) or semi-pure, Minimum Residual Residue direction focused 0.01 kt yield hydrogen bomb with selected enhanced radiation dispersal – most likely neutron since that radiation would be absorbed by the ground and building, and would decrease the blast and temperature effects.

Posted Imageclick for full size

In 1993, Joe Vialls exposes some facts about single explosions that were very similar to the 2001 WTC bombing. The article, Micro Nukes in London, notes the sudden usage of massive explosions in business districts by the IRA with a brief mention of the 1993 bombing of the WTC. In the supposed first mega-bombing by the ‘IRA’, an eyewitness stated, “The ground shook under our feet. There was a brilliant white flash and a tall vertical column of smoke.” Significant information about the Special Atomic Demolition Munition (SADM – the general class of the W54 warhead).

While the government was working on the usage of a conventional bomb to the corporate media, there was accidental filming of investigators of the bombing in full radiation protective gear. Description of the crater created by the second explosion reveals a hole 60 feet wide and 40 feet deep. Quotes of physicists’ Galen Winsor, John McPhee and Theodore Taylor are prophetic for the usage of micro nukes. Taylor specifically notes the future usage of an extremely small micro nuke being used in the WTC in the year 1973.

Posted Imageclick for full size

Another crater 22 feet wide and 5 feet deep is noted in the article Bali Micro Nuke – Lack of Radiation Confuses Experts. Within 48 hours the Bali government found traces of C4 explosive. Next came the revised explanation of explosives on top of gas containers. After that failed to explain noted facts, the next theory was explosives with napalm. The final explanation from London quoted a reliable source that an IRA style bomb mixture was used. Still, there were significant problems with the story as the IRA had detonated 1,000 pounds of the mixture and there was no crater produced.

The US bomb, BLU-82 – used for clearing helicopter landing zones in the jungles of Vietnam – contains 6.3 tons of high grade military explosive with an aluminum additive for increased heat, but does not create a crater. The 1/4 inch steel encased explosive is parachuted to its target and detonated 1 to 2 feet above ground. Approximately 40 people close enough to be vaporized simply vanished without a trace. Insights on Israel’s .01 kt Dimona nuke are also related in this article. According to the information presented, the bomb uses highly enriched Plutonium 239, 99.78% pure, and only emits alpha radiation which is invisible to most Geiger counters.

Another Vialls article dealing with the supposed vehicle bombing of the Australian embassy in Jakarta, Zionists Nuke the Australian Embassy in Indonesia, reveals significantly more information on the nuclear attributes of the explosion. A surveillance camera caught the underground nuke explosion and is included in the article. There are pictures of the resultant mushroom cloud compared to a typical nuclear cloud. The crater left by the explosion was 18 feet in diameter and almost 10 feet deep. Pictures and information of the American Special Forces detonation of two trucks loaded with 1,000 pounds of Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil (ANFO) compound are shown. Multiple links to Vialls’ special coverage of ‘terrorist’s’ bombings throughout the world are included at the end of his article.

Any terrorist truck bomb with less load capacity than 6.3 tons of explosive that creates a crater is a thermonuclear explosion until proven otherwise.

Based on the above information it is quite clear that our government has murdered citizens, friends and families. Our government used their tyranny to further destroy our God given rights affirmed by the Constitution and to extend their fascist powers worldwide in war. Once you have seen the facts, you can no longer say you are innocent of being an accomplice unless you act by trying to end the tyranny, murder and destruction by this government.

Either act to end it or know that you are an accomplice of traitors, tyranny, murder, maiming, and torture. The following three paragraphs will show you how and where to react to the extent of your degree of involvement. There are other ways to resist. Find one that is effective if you don’t like any of my options. If you do nothing, you will never escape the disdain and dishonor of your inaction. Expect no sympathy when your name is called to be the next sacrificial lamb of this government’s tyranny. The time is NOW for Action!

For almost a century, both democrats and republican regimes have eroded the rights of The People and strengthened the authority and powers of government with the assistance of the corporate press. The public can no longer vote for the lesser of 2 evil parties. Third parties have failed to form a viable coalition toward a legitimate national candidate. Those looking for return of Constitutional rights must unify and choose the best candidate for return of those rights regardless of political party affiliation. Currently voting is nothing more than a farce and will continue to be so until there is no longer a secret vote, or until the Brennan recommendations for electronic voting are enforced. Preferably, both voting reforms should be initiated to stop this charade of voting for a candidate.

(Reporter’s note: The embedded links in this article contain a tremendous amount of information. The use of these links is highly recommended.)


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Who Is Attacking Balochistan?



By Hamid Waheed

Covert operations under media support have emerged as one of most powerful tool to psychologically defeat a community and force it to follow desired line of order.  The hostile media controlled by the global and regional powers  focus on molding ideas, building perceptions, and convincing under educated people of poor third world countries. Pakistan in general, the province of Balochistan in particular presently face this hostile media onslaught on lines of Kurd Model. The main theme projected says that security apparatus is the main coercive tool being used against the natives to deprive them of their livelihood.

They blame Pakistani media for not reporting on the brutal realities of Balochistan in any meaningful manner. Despite the fact that the province is of great strategic interest to the world, its people suffer from persistent, systemic and widespread human rights abuse  by state authorities .The Human Rights Watch gives verdict by  saying “indisputable” evidence points to the hand of the FC, the ISI and its sister agency, Military Intelligence are behind the killings and kidnapping. However they fail to convince the general public on issues like the killings of eleven people by unidentified armed men at a Frontier Works Organization (FWO) camp in Palari area of Balochistan’s Gwadar district, targeting “settlers” and government officials and killing at least 16 Punjabi speaking individuals in the Bolan area last August. The responsibility of all such incidents though has been publically accepted by insurgent groups like BLA or BRA. They also have no logic to explain army’s contributions specially under General Kiyani in Balochistan for a common Balochi.

The covert hands support insurgency in Balochistan, through safe havens provided to the militants in different countries to destabilize Pakistan. It is not a secret now that of Government of Balochistan in exile (GOB Exile) established by militants in April 2005 has it’s headquarter in Jerusalem as is evident from the website anyone can go and have a look. Very interestingly Balochistan Legal fund (BLF) has address originating from Washington DC. The ban on jihadi organizations and their assets freezing is common international phenomena but such support originating from Washington?

I am reminded of a document How India’s intelligence establishment see the Balochistan situation written by Kanchan Lakashman which says “While the US is broadly committed to the general ‘stabilization’ of Pakistan, it does have a vested interest in delaying projects that would establish a dominant Chinese strategic presence in the region, particularly the Port of Gawadar. Thus military analyst predicts some US interest will be persistent, through low grade, violence in the province and this is where Indo –US interest converge.” According to Wiki leaks, also Americans are interested to increase their influence in Gawadar and other part of the Balochistan. A regional think tank says, damaging China-Pakistan joint venture of development of Gawadar port is one of the main US interest in Balochistan.

A  report published in The Gulf Times says, “Investigations into the case of Raymond Davis, have revealed that the US spy agency, CIA is indulged in heavy recruitment of local agents in Pakistan’s south-western province Balochistan to locate members of the so-called Quetta-based Taliban Shura.” The probe also indicates around 300 more CIA contractors were present in various parts of the country, apparently to keep an eye on Taliban and ALQ leaders that the American suspects too have taken refuge in various cities and towns across the country. According to a source “It has also been revealed that the CIA is indulged in heavy recruitment of local people as agents in Balochistan to locate members of the Quetta Shura, a term used by the Americans for Mullah Omar-led Taliban commanders.

The New York Times moves to support Quetta Shura perception by providing space to Carlotta and publishes a report saying Taliban commander Haji Khalil of Marja was killed in Quetta and gives credibility to Quetta Shura. Whereas ISAF Joint Command Evening Operational Update, published onFeb. 11, 2011confirms his death in action in Musa Qualah district, Helmand province, on Feb. 9. . Carlotta writes quoting The Associated Press of Pakistan(APP) that Manzoor Ahmed, the former Taliban sports minister, was shot four times by unidentified assailants on the way to his office in the border town of Chaman on March 3.However, no such report of 3rd March on APP was found about Mullah Manzoor Ahmed. This news was available on The Baloch Hal News whose website is already banned by Pakistan Telecom Authority because of its anti Pakistan editorial policy. This further substantiates the linkage between covert hands the local handlers and the media.

America is not the only interested player in Balochistan. The activities of Mir Suleiman, Khan of Kalat operating from U.K, holding anti Pakistan rallies and maligning Pakistan for forcible annexation of Balochistan has its own dimensions? Presence and involvement of Indian Consulates in Afghanistan bordering Balochistan along illegal arms supply route, arrest of Gazin Marri in Dubai in March 2006 for channeling funds to BLA from Dubai, and arrest and release of Harbayar Marri in UK and facilities of Indian visa to insurgents leaves many unanswered question. Moreover, the pictures obtained from Raymond show sensitive areas of Pak India border which have more relevance for India rather than America adds new dimension to joint covert operations. This may be that foreign hand at which our political and military leaders often hint but never speak.

The most surprising move has this time come from India, its first initiative for cricket diplomacy to improve regional relationship. Such initiative must be taken as a positive step but future must be predicted in light of history. India has always had hegemonic approach towards its neighbours and its goodwill gestures have mostly concluded with economic or militarily strangulating projects for the neighbours. May it be the construction of a barrage at Farakka, near the border with Bangladesh or Wullhar Barrage over River Jhelum to dry up the water resources for its neighbours.

For the downstream riparian country, freshwater availability depends on the share of water diverted by upstream India, and as a result Bangladesh has experienced a 50% decrease of dry season mean flow amounts since the commissioning of the barrage in 1975. Such drastic reductions have caused a series of problems including drop in agro and fish productivity, saltwater intrusion and ecological imbalance. Pakistan is locked in other territorial disputes with India such as the Siachen Glacier, Sir Creek and construction of dams including Baglihar Dam built over the River Chenab in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Similarly China, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka all have host of problems leading to mistrust in relationship. The cricket diplomacy has this time coupled with a news that India is all set to build 558 roads at a cost of Rs 500 billion along the border with two hostile neighbours — China and Pakistan — in a bid to effectively counter the former, which is working at a high speed to execute world-class infrastructure projects along the Indo-China and Indo-Pakistan border region.

Decision has also been taken to build an all weather road along the 1,417 km long Indo-Myanmar border region besides construction of at least 50 helipads to ensure quick reaction from the air force and the infantry, in case of any eventuality. India has redrafted its military doctrine on building border infrastructure as a force multiplier in a real war situation. This needs attention in back drop of Indian Army Chief’s statement of taking on both Pakistan and China simultaneously through its cold start doctrine.

The above may have been yet another conspiracy theory for the so called liberals calling shots for Aman Ki Asha (quest for peace) but may be such reminders from history brings the required caution, however caution should never undermine the emotions as emotionalism speaks of a living nation. More important for us is the realization of dangers we are currently facing. The answer lies in understanding, developing and cementing our house from within to guard against  implosions and work out a sutto voce notion at national level which should commensurate with the present global and regional challenges  being faced by Pakistan.

It’s not the Pakistan Security Agencies or the Military that’s attacking Balochistan but a clear hand of CIA-RAW in clandestine operations is visible even to a blind eye. With such covert operations being aided and abetted by CIA, the US should not expect that Pakistan would help her to destroy us under any circumstance. Raymond Davis arrest has lifted the lid off the box where all plans for Pakistan’s destruction were kept. What appears that there are three parallel governments running within the US. State Office, Pentagon and CIA; where does Whitehouse stand is anyone’s guess.

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Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem
Chair of West Midland PSC


BDS will soon start biting in Australia 


Posted: 07 Apr 2011


Dismiss this global movement at your peril (and BDS is in a growth phase, acknowledges this Jerusalem Post editorial):

The visiting head of the Business Council of Australia says the boycott campaign against Israel is “a complete and utter joke” that is being ignored by the Australian business community.

“It has no credibility,” Graham Bradley, who is leading one of the highest-level Australian trade delegations ever to visit the country, told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday.

“None of it has any traction in senior government or business circles in Australia.”

The campaign against Israel has hit the headlines in Australia in recent weeks, after federal senator-elect Lee Rhiannon, of the left-wing Greens Party, pushed for a boycott to become Greens national policy.

Bradley, who is in Israel for the first time, said Australian trade delegations to Israel, which are sponsored by the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, typically come to learn about Israeli technological innovation. Nevertheless, he said he was also interested in learning about how Israel had managed its urban planning and immigration policies.

Settler leaders think about Palestinians but continue to build illegal colonies 


Posted: 07 Apr 2011


How touching that some settler heads actually spend a few minutes considering the rights of Palestinians before continuing to oppress them. Farcical:

Danny Dayan, the chairman of the Yesha Council of West Bank settlements, told U.S. officials that some settlers would be willing to move to Israel proper in exchange for financial compensation, according to confidential State Department cables obtained by WikiLeaks.

Dayan also said he was opposed to some of the tactics employed by Israeli settlers and that he was in favor of removing roadblocks and checkpoints to ease conditions for the Palestinians.

His statements, which were made in closed-door meetings with U.S. diplomats in Israel in recent years, came in response to questions about a potential evacuation-compensation bill in the Knesset. When asked about the issue, Dayan replied: “I’m an economist, and I know that some people will take it if the price is right.”

Dayan also told U.S. Embassy officials that he was aware of the Palestinians’ attachment to the West Bank. He acknowledged that he was “shamed and embarrassed” by the desecration of Palestinian mosques and the vandalism of Muslim gravestones. Dayan added that settlers were guilty of “morally horrific” things, including attacks on Palestinian property as retribution for Israeli government efforts to rein in settlement construction, also known as the “price tag” policy.

The WikiLeaks cables report that Dayan told the U.S. officials that this policy was “a mistake that will not serve the interests of the settlement movement.”

According to the documents, Dayan’s sentiments were echoed by Elyakim Haetzni, a founder of the Yesha Council. Haetzni expressed concern that settler rabbis were not doing enough to dissuade the so-called hilltop youth in the West Bank from harming Palestinians.

Dayan also supported the removal of checkpoints and roadblocks in the West Bank so Palestinians could enjoy greater economic prosperity and human rights. During one meeting with U.S. diplomats, Dayan said he was “deeply attached” to the West Bank, adding that the settlers had a “moral right” to settle there. Dayan said he understood why the Palestinians felt a similar tie to the land.

Another new Wikileaks release on Israel:

Israeli left-wing non-government organization Peace Now has urged the U.S. to pressure Israel into evacuating West Bank outposts, according to an American diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks, adding that the group regularly updated both Washington and the Defense Ministry on ongoing settlement construction.

A 2006 U.S. diplomatic cable quoted Peace Now head Yariv Oppenheimer as telling U.S. embassy officials that Israel may “evacuate a few outposts to show the U.S. that it is doing something, but in exchange it is trying to co-opt the settlers by retroactively approving some outposts and giving them a freer hand in building in the West Bank.”

The documents also reveal that the Defense Ministry used Peace Now’s services to track West Bank settlement construction, with Eitan Broshi, an aide to Defense Minister Ehud Barak, quoted in 2008 as being “eager” to meet Peace Now representatives to discuss the issue.

A Peace Now representative reportedly told U.S. embassy officials that Broshi “did not appear to be aware of the recent construction in some settlements and questioned the legality of construction in some others.”

Corporate media giving narrow view on post Mubarak Egypt 


Posted: 07 Apr 2011


A pretty average report from Australia’s Channel 10 on Egypt’s supposed move to democracy. Thank God all the people interviewed are friendly looking and not openly Islamist:


The deep insecurity of Murdoch press and Zio lobby over Palestine 


Posted: 06 Apr 2011


Who knew that anti-Semitism was everywhere? Jews are currently hiding in their houses for fear of being attacked by crazed anti-Zionists.

Or not.

Murdoch’s Australian newspaper wants to create an image of rampant anti-Israel sentiment everywhere because growing numbers of people are recognising the deep racism within Israeli society. The paper has been running a daily campaign for a while now claiming the Australian Greens are really the new Communists, secretly bringing Arab propaganda into the mainstream; the kind of message accepted by millions of Australians (who vote for the Greens). It’s like the crazy old soldier uncle banging on about the mad Japanese…back in 1944.

Today the paper leads with this hilariously “shocking” piece on the Greens talking about Palestinian human rights (what will come next, abiding by international law?):

Two Greens senators have publicly supported calls for Australian sanctions against Israel over the Middle East conflict, putting them at odds with party policy and their leader Bob Brown.

West Australian senator Scott Ludlam last year demanded an arms embargo on Israel, which he described as “a rogue state”, while South Australian colleague Sarah Hanson-Young addressed a rally where protesters called on Australia to sever ties with the Jewish state.

The stance by the two senators conflicts with Senator Brown’s assurance last week that his federal party was not anti-Israel and did not support the NSW branch of the party advocating sanctions against Israel.

The Coalition last night labelled the Greens “reds”, while the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council called on Senator Hanson-Young to visit Israel before jumping to conclusions.

Senator Brown yesterday refused to comment on the activities of his senators and directed The Australian to his party’s policy on Israel, which clearly advocated a peaceful two-state solution.

Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan, whose care of human rights can be determined by whether he’s been wined and dined by Western-friendly dictators, thinks the Greens are mad:

The depth and longstanding nature of the Greens’ visceral hostility to Israel reveals something very unpleasant about the nature of the Greens themselves.

They are essentially a party of extremists. Like most extremists operating in a democratic space, they try to garner support on broadly populist issues while still servicing their extremist activist base with extremist positions and campaigns.

The language of a number of the Greens senators about Israel – rogue state, apartheid, should be boycotted – is the language of political sectarianism and prejudice.

It is, of course, too much to expect that the Greens should actually display any knowledge of this subject, but are they aware of the rapid economic growth in the Palestinian West Bank territories?

Do they think this could be maintained in the face of widespread boycott of Israel?

Would the Greens wish to boycott the Israeli power station which provides electricity for Gaza?

Would the Greens like to boycott the Israeli hospitals that routinely treat patients from the West Bank?

Would the Greens like to boycott Israeli-funded schools in East Jerusalem?

Would the Greens like to boycott the Peres peace centre Aussie rules team that brings together Jewish Israelis and Palestinians to play Aussie rules in a single team?

Do the Greens propose that the government should ban the annual Israeli film festival in Australia?

Do the Greens support dialogue with every government in the world except the Israeli government?

The madness of the boycott policy is not an aberration by the NSW Greens. It reflects the political culture of the Greens.

The astonishing thing this time is that someone has actually called the Greens to account for that political culture.

And then the paper’s editorial continues the onslaught:

The Greens’ anti-Israel posturing is wrong and dangerous.

Anti-Americanism was a fundamental tenet of the Left in Australia and around the world during the Cold War and some of it continues to this day, often expressed through the proxy of antipathy towards Israel. This is the only plausible way to explain the foolish and dangerous anti-Israel posturing of the Greens, exposed in our pages again today.

For many years the Labor Party was forced to quash this sort of theatrical railing against Israel but it has been largely relegated to the past because leaders such as Bob Hawke, Kim Beazley, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard have demonstrated a solid commitment to the US alliance and a healthy respect for the democracy of Israel. Sadly, the Greens have been all too willing to take up the ground vacated by Labor’s lunar Left. Former NSW Labor premier Bob Carr warned about this trend recently, saying the conservationists in the Greens are being “overtaken by the hardline leftist Greens”.

Labor and the Coalition are longstanding, robust and bipartisan supporters of a two-state solution and harsh critics of the Hamas extremists. If the Greens are to be taken seriously as responsible contributors to federal governance they will have to develop a credible and consistent attitude to foreign policy rather than have senators and state MPs free-ranging. The Greens need to inform themselves and contribute to an intelligent debate.


This daily campaign against the Greens and its rational and sensible policy on the Middle East isn’t because Murdoch and his merry mates are feeling confident about Israel. It’s because they see world debate is shifting and less people buy the line that the Zionist state is a “democracy” – colonisation of land makes you anti-democratic by definition – and they want to make sure nobody speaks out of line here in Australia.

Mature people who believe in something welcome public debate. Israel isn’t a protected species, it’s a rogue state that occupies and kills Palestinians. That’s something to be rejected, but then again this is from a media empire who loves every Western-led war that targets Muslims.

“Fox [News] is one of the only places you will find truth” 


Posted: 06 Apr 2011

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