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Zio-Nazi Control of Population


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Three and a half million Palestinians in the occupied territories live under a severe military regime since 1967, devoid of basic civil liberties and subject to arbitrary repressive violence by the Israeli security forces. 

In the West Bank, over two million Palestinians are divided into dozens of fragmented enclaves; eleven of them are the major, crowded population centers that make up Area A. The enclaves are separated and surrounded by a system of roadblocks, fences, walls and barriers, terminals, checkpoints, as well as Israeli settlements and roads designated for the exclusive use of Israelis. Palestinian movement between roadblocks and separate enclaves is controlled by an elaborate system of permits. Permits are allocated by the Israeli authorities according to secret security and economic considerations. Hundreds of thousands are blacklisted and cannot pass any checkpoints – including for travel inside their own enclave – to the next town or to the surrounding area.

Vast areas of the West Bank are either closed off to Palestinian movement altogether or require extremely rare permits: the Israeli-only roads, the Israeli settlements’ jurisdiction areas, the “seam-line expanse” between the Apartheid Wall and the Green Line, the Jordan Valley, areas annexed to Jerusalem and Jerusalem itself. The arbitrary movement restrictions separate families, severely limit the Palestinians’ access to health care, education and employment, and hinder the economic and geographic viability of Palestinian independence.

In the Gaza Strip, a million and a half people live in extremely crowded conditions, completely surrounded by fences and walls, constantly controlled by Israeli military forces from air, land and sea. Movement of people, goods and services in or out of Gaza is almost completely blocked; on-going military attacks cause mounting destruction and casualties; the trade, utilities and financial embargo of the Hamas regime has added to the economic collapse and the resulting humanitarian crisis.

In the Palestinian occupied territories, Israeli military presence is not restricted to any one area, and Palestinian towns and homes are raided by the Israeli military forces looking to intimidate, arrest or assassinate Palestinian activists and militants. Military regulations do not permit freedom of speech, organizing or protest by Palestinian civilian residents, and Israeli military courts sentence Palestinian civilians to long prison terms. All resistance is met with military violence, including the routine and officially-sanctioned use of live fire on non-violent demonstrators. Collective punishments in the form of house demolitions, curfews, closures and mass arrests are common. Presently, about 10,000 Palestinian residents of the occupied territories are held in Israeli military and civilian prisons as political prisoners. Hundreds are held under “administrative detention”, i.e., without having been charged, tried or sentenced.

Private Security in the OccupationOne of the fastest growing industries in Israel is that of private security. In recent years, many military responsibilities were handed over to civilian companies. Private security firms guard settlements and construction sites in the occupied territories; some are also in charge of the day-to-day operation, security and maintenance of some of the checkpoints.

The Wall and CheckpointsThis section of the database includes all companies involved in the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of the intricate mechanisms of physical separations and restrictions of movement. This includes businesses ranging from contractors that build the ditches, civil engineering firms that supply ready-made watch towers or raise razor wire fences, to suppliers of biometric identification systems and high-end surveillance technologies.

Ackerstein IndustriesAfcon Industries GroupAllied HoldingsAM GeneralAri AvtahaAS&E American Science and EngineeringAshtrom GroupAthlone Global Security (AGS)Avi CranesB.G. Ilanit Gates and Urban ElementsBarad Company for Landworks, Development and RoadsBezeq – The Israeli Telecommunication CorporationBiri Barashi Land Works, Development, Infrastructure and RoadsBobcat CompanyCape GateCaterpillarCEIA Costruzioni Elettroniche Industriali AutomatismiCement Roadstone Holdings (CRH)Chemonics InternationalChevroletClal GroupComodan Far EastControp Precision TechnologiesD.N. Kol GaderDataCard Group (Credentia)DefenSoftE.D.I.G Construction ManagementEl Go TeamElbit SystemsElectronic Data Systems (EDS)Eli Yohanan EngineersEltal TechnologisticsEmcolF.K. GeneratorsFalcon TechnologiesG4S Israel (Hashmira)Garrett Metal DetectorsGilat Satellite NetworksGroup4securicor (G4S)Ha’argaz Technopach Metal IndustriesHaosef ServicesHewlett Packard (HP)Housing and Construction – Solel Boneh Infrastructures (formerly Solel Boneh)Housing and Construction Holding Co.ICx TechnologiesIDB GroupIsra Marine Manufacture of StructuresJCB (J. C. Bamford Excavators)K-9 SolutionsKalRam YacobowitzL-1 Identity Solutions (Visionics)L-3 CommunicationsLiebherrMagal Security SystemsMalam TeamManitouMayer’s Cars and TrucksMer GroupMikud SecurityModi’in EzrachiMomentum S.O.S.Mordechai Binyamin and Sons Earth WorksNesher Israel Cement EnterprisesNew Way TrafficNuctechOberthur TechnologiesOlenik Transportation Earth Work and Road ConstructionsOr GidurOrad GroupOrcal Industries and MechanizationOTI On Track InnovationsPhoenicia America-Israel (Flat Glass)PolimilRal Electric Holdings (formarly: Adir Electric Boards)Rapiscan SystemsRecognition Systems (RSI), Ingersoll RandS.B. Security Systems (Shmira Ubitahon)Shaham Arica and SonsShamrad ElectronicsShamrock HoldingSheleg LavanTerexVolvo GroupYehezkel MoradYehuda Welded MeshZoko Enterprises (Zoko Shiluvim)

Specialized Equipment and ServicesAt this stage in our project, we have decided not to investigate the arms trade and supply of weapons to the Israeli army. We will focus our attention instead on civilian firms that supply the Israeli army with equipment and services specific to the needs of the military occupation. This will include, for example the specially armored D9 bulldozers supplied by Caterpillar, specially designed simulators and software, specialized anti-demonstration equipment, and services to soldiers stationed in the occupied territories.

Aeronautics Defense SystemsAM GeneralArtivision TechnologiesAS&E American Science and EngineeringAthlone Global Security (AGS)B.G. Ilanit Gates and Urban ElementsBlueBird Aero SystemsBO TechnologiesCaterpillarCEIA Costruzioni Elettroniche Industriali AutomatismiChemonics InternationalChevroletCombined Systems. (CSi)Comodan Far EastContact International (Kalia Israel Ammunition Co.)Controp Precision TechnologiesDataCard Group (Credentia)DefenSoftEl Go TeamElbit SystemsElectronic Data Systems (EDS)Eltal TechnologisticsFalcon TechnologiesG.M. Advanced Fencing and Security TechnologiesG4S Israel (Hashmira)Garrett Metal DetectorsGilat Satellite NetworksGroup4securicor (G4S)Ha’argaz Technopach Metal IndustriesHewlett Packard (HP)HidromekKalRam YacobowitzL-1 Identity Solutions (Visionics)L-3 CommunicationsM.R. HunterMagal Security SystemsMalam TeamMatrix ITMayer’s Cars and TrucksMer GroupMerkavim Transportation TechnologiesMIRS CommunicationsMotorola IsraelNew Noga LightNuctechOberthur TechnologiesODF OptronicsOrad GroupOTI On Track InnovationsPhoenicia America-Israel (Flat Glass)PolimilRadwinRapiscan SystemsRecognition Systems (RSI), Ingersoll RandShamrad ElectronicsStar Night TechnologiesTiltan Systems EngineeringVolvo GroupY.D. BarazaniY.D. BarazaniZoko Enterprises (Zoko Shiluvim)

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After Kenya, Malaya


The British Government has done it again, tried to hide its crimes and murders:

“The documents, released by Malaysian sources ahead of a judicial review related to the massacre, also reveal how a Metropolitan police investigation in 1970 into the allegations was “terminated” because an incoming Conservative government did not want the darker aspects of Britain’s colonial past exposed.

The plantation workers were shot in cold blood by a 16-man patrol of Scots Guards in December 1948. Many of the victims’ bodies were found to have been mutilated and their village of Batang Kali was burned to the ground. No weapons were found when the village was searched during a military operation against Chinese communists in the post-second world war Malayan emergency.

The British government has refused to apologise for the incident or offer reparations, and last November it said it would not hold a public inquiry into an incident that campaigners dub “Britain’s My Lai massacre”. A recent letter from Treasury solicitors indicates that the government is not prepared to discuss whether the killings were lawful or not.

News of the suppressed investigations follows last week’s disclosure of government reports in the high court revealing the extent of British brutality during the Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya.”

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Beneath the Bombs



Via Karl Schembri’s Journey to Gaza (the click-through is graphic):

Death looms ominously once again over the blockaded Gaza Strip, and innocent blood is once again falling down like rain. The sound of Israeli drones buzzing high above 24 hours a day set the scene the tremors every 30 minutes or so.

Since Palestinian militants struck an Israeli school bus on Thursday afternoon, injuring critically a child and the driver, the spectre of another war on Gaza became frighteningly real again, just over two years since Israel’s aggression that left 1,400 Palestinians dead.

The morgues are back in business – in just two days, at least 18 Palestinians have been killed, 10 of them civilians – women, elderly and children, and more than 50 injured.

The numbers alone are shocking and rising by the minute – the deadliest escalation since Israel’s last war on Gaza. Until early Saturday afternoon we have witnessed the launching of 56 home-made rockets into Israel, another 17 longer-range Grad missiles and two type 107mm rockets and 66 mortars. Israel responded with 36 air-to-ground missiles, 57 mortars and tank shells and repeated naval fire.

But it is the clanking sound of Al Shifa Hospital morgue’s iron door, on Friday around midnight, that brought me to my senses.

“We’ve got two martyrs,” the watchman told me. “Why did you come so late? We had another two earlier from Beach Camp. These two are from Shajaiya.”


“A 12-year-old and a 22-year-old student,” he tells me as he opens the first compartment. The corpse is completely rapped around a shroud full of blood. As the watchman moves forward to uncover him, he makes a sign to me to tell me he is headless.

Hell no, I scream. Leave him covered. I take a shot. Just one. His name is Bilel Al Areir, he was walking down the street when the F-16 dropped the missile.

“And this one was playing football in the same street,” the watchman tells me, opening the next cold steel container.

His chest and face scarred by the deadly shrapnel, Mahmoud Al Jerou was, until Friday night, the latest civilian victim of Israel’s military assault. Before him, a mother and her daughter, an elderly man and more than half of the total of Palestinians killed were the new “martyrs” in the long Palestinian tragic address book.

These are not victims of human error or collateral damage. Israel’s highly sophisticated weaponry make its killings religiously accurate, whether they’re targeting a militant on a motorbike, an operative in Sudan or an underground fuel pipe in Rafah.

Just as it is inconceivable to think of the Sammouni family massacre two years ago – when an entire extended family was made to gather into one house in Zeitoun only to be shelled soon after leaving 29 dead – as a mistake, irrespective of whether or not the judge appointed by the UN to investigate this war crime and others has had a change of heart.

What Goldstone did this week was to legitimise Israel in responding in whatever way it felt fit, guaranteeing its long-standing impunity. Because while the Palestinian militants targeting Israel with their rockets are undoubtedly committing war crimes, those pulling the trigger from the remote-controlled drones have been told it’s OK to bomb children to pieces.

“I’m not afraid to die, I’m just worried for my children,” Mohammed Khdeir, a gardener selling plants in Gaza City, told me today. “Whenever they hear the drones and the fighter jets they just panic. I don’t know what to do to protect them.”

Hamas has meanwhile called for a ceasefire, convening all factions and asking for restraint. But the Islamist movement’s own military wing, the Al Qassam Brigades, was lobbing more of its rockets towards Israel, saying it could not let its enemy’s assault go unpunished. Netanyahu replied Israel would “step up” its attacks.

“Have they ever stepped down their attacks,” my grocer, a refugee from Beersheba where some of the rockets tend to land nowadays, told me. “Have we ever stopped dying in vain since we’ve been chucked out of our land?”

As the escalation enters its fourth day, desperation, cynicism and the terrifying feeling that ordinary civilians have nowhere to hide are slowly sinking in. Cast Lead II is in the making.

Via comrades Khalil and Vik

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Dorothy Online Newsletter



Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem
Chair of West Midland PSC

Dear Friends,

First of all, I apologize for the mess in yesterday’s message.  The items were all in it, but some 3 or 4 pages below the intro.  This morning I was in a huge rush to leave and only glanced at one or two emails before dashing out.  One of these informed me that the items were missing.  So without looking I resent them.  When I returned home I found them on the original email, but only by scrolling a long ways down.

Also, I forgot 2 very important points when commenting on Dershowitz’s muck raking of Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  1. Even if every argument that Dershowitz made to ‘prove’ that Israel is not an apartheid state were true, each and every one of the so-called proofs was besides the point.  It did not prove the contention.  2.  Dershowitz focused on the condition in Israel.  But Desmond Tutu’s criticism is against the occupation and Israel’s treatment of Palestinians who live under it.  See, for instance,–

Old, but not outdated.

Of the 7 items below, one (item 6) is a link to a 5-6 minute video of a protest demonstration yesterday, in which you see the non-violence on the part of the protestors, and the violence on the part of the IOF soldiers.

As for item 1, I find it highly amusing—a plan to form a “pro-Israel” international news network similar to BBC and Al Jazeera, that will not be propaganda but will tell the truth.  Tell me folks, how can a news media be a-priori pro-Israel and not deliver propaganda???

Items 2,3,and 4 are about the present Gaza-Israel violence.  2 and 3 are Israeli viewpoints, 4 a Palestinian view point.

In 2, PM Netanyahu with typical gusto and bravado announces in response to the Hamas offer for a cease fire that ‘Israel will decide when to stop firing.’  Item 3 is also bravado—announcing that one of the 20 individuals that Israel killed was involved in the kidnap of Gilad Shalit.  While reading these I was listening to the radio news, which informed me that Hamas had fired over 150 missiles of one sort or another since the current exchange began.

When Netanyahu made his boast did he really have in mind the Israeli citizens who live under the barrage, who have spent most of the past 3 days in shelters, whose lives have been disrupted?  Instead of saying ‘a cease fire is a good idea,’ he wants to continue!  What an ego-show!  The same can be said for the announcement of 3, which Hamas denies.  Instead of talking about the cost in damage, in fear, and the rest, it ties a killing to Shalit’s capture, hoping that way to get Israeli approval.

Item 4 looks at the present situation from the Palestinian point of view.  But while I have all the sympathy in the world for the people who are suffering from Israel’s means of fighting back, and even though Israel started this round when it killed certain Hamas operatives, the use of violence to retaliate was stupid!  What have Hamas and the other groups gained except 20 dead (maybe more by now) and many more injured, not to mention destruction of residences and other structures. Violence is not the way to go.  Militants won’t win against Israel’s might so long as the US furnishes Israel the means to cause Palestinians hell.  Palestinian violence only gives Israel an excuse to cause as much damage as it can and to kill as many as it can.  Meanwhile, the people on both sides suffer!  One point in the commentary I agree with: the world is at fault for much of what Israel does.  Governments at the most shake a finger at Israel.  Only when they begin actual punishment, as for instance bds, will Israel’s leaders begin to change their policies.

Item 5 relates how armed settlers fortified by IOF soldiers attacked a Palestinian village.

Item 6 is the link to the video.

Item 7 is a new report by Who Profits.  This one is about wines.

Still hoping for a better day tomorrow, at least for a cease fire—enough dead, injured, and damage!  Enough!!!



1.  Ynet,

April 9, 2011

Coming soon: Jewish ‘al-Jazeera’

Dr. Alexander Mashkevich announces plan to form pro-Israel international news network. ‘It won’t be a propaganda channel, but will simply tell the truth,’ he tells Ynet during Jewish leaders conference,7340,L-4054096,00.html

Liron Nagler-Cohen

WASHINGTON – Dr. Alexander Mashkevich, president of the United Israel Appeal’s annual conference of Jewish leaders in Washington, has announced his plan to form a pro-Israel international news network, similar to al-Jazeera and the BBC.

This year’s conference focused on attempts to deal with the de-legitimization campaign against Israel, and was attended by some 200 Jewish community leaders and key philanthropists.

Al-Jazeera studio in Washington (Photo: MCT)

An announcement on the creation of the international news network was made at the end of the conference, with the aim of dealing with anti-Israel defamation in the media and influence public opinion.

Mashkevich, who also serves as president of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, said that the network would offer programs in English, French, Arabic and Spanish, focusing on news only.

“My intention is not to create a propaganda channel,” he told Ynet, “but simply a channel telling the truth.

“Unfortunately, in the current situation most channels simply don’t tell the truth about Israel,” he explained. “Every day that passes we lose the battle for Israel’s image. I am sure that Goldstone is a decent person, who didn’t want to damage Israel consciously and intentionally, but if everything he gets from the media every day is anti-Israel propaganda, I assume it’s hard to make the right decisions.”

Presentation within 3-4 months

Mashkevich, whose fortune is estimated at some $3.7 billion, plans to recruit other philanthropists and senior businesspeople for the mission. “The international de-legitimization has become a huge risk for Israel,” he adds.

Anchor Anderson Cooper. ‘We’ll get talents from everywhere’ (Photo: AP)

“It’s unthinkable that Israel has no television network like the channels operated by countries such as the United States, Britain and Russia. The creation of such a channel is necessary, and does not require something out of nothing, as there are existing models we can work according to.”

The channel is in the thinking stages, without a target date for the launching or even a revelation of the other names behind it. All Mashkevich agreed to say was that it would be a private, independent channel.

“We are preparing a work program, and in about three-four months we’ll hold a presentation in Israel. We’ll purchase talents from all other channels,” he promised. “From BBC, CNN – everyone.”

‘If we don’t fight back, we’ll be in trouble’

The conference was also attended by outgoing Israeli Ambassador to Britain and newly appointed Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor, and Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, who analyzed the anti-Israeli incitement on international media.

Student protest in UK (Photo: Leon Ferri)

“We deal with creating awareness,” said Prosor. “Today there isn’t one university campus in Britain which I, as an Israeli ambassador, can enter without facing horrible protests. If we don’t fight back – we’ll be in trouble.

“The current situation is that Jewish students in Britain feel uncomfortable in their own campuses. What I saw in Britain could definitely be seen here, in the United States, in the coming years,” he warned the Jewish community leaders.

Prosor told Ynet that the organizations behind the de-legitimization must be exposed, denounced and suffer a counter attack. “We have no choice but to strike back at them, to give a ‘price tag’ to those who demonize Israel. Too much is at stake here. We are all at the front, but if we coordinate, we’ll be able to win the battle.”

‘Situation like in 1947’

“It’s time for us to stop complaining about how bad Israel’s PR is,” added Hoenlein. “It’s not just Israel that’s in danger – but all of us. The entire Jewish people are under attack, and this is about the future of all the Jewish people.

Hoenlein with Peres. ‘World recognizes Jewish power, Jews don’t’ (Photo: Avi Hayun)

“Those who undermine Israel’s right to self-defense – hurt the entire Jewish people’s right to self-defense. We are not talking about a situation like in 1967, but like in 1947 – about the entire Jewish people’s right to exist.

“If we unite, others will join us too. So we must launch a well-coordinated campaign. It’s unthinkable that according to research we’ve conducted, the European governments are more committed to Israel than the public opinion in those countries. These are the enemies rising to destroy us – from the inside and the outside.

“Jews today have power, and the entire world recognizes it – apart from the Jews. We can make a difference, if only we remember that it’s a battlefield. We must educate our children from an early age – know what to answer.”

Hoenlein believes the establishment of a news network like al-Jazeera is vital. “People are influenced by it,” he says, revealing that he has already held several meetings in a bid to strike a collaboration with media organizations and Israeli governmental bodies.

Mashkevich lives in Britain and has an Israeli citizenship as well. He is considered one of the most influential Jewish oligarchs in the world, and a “warm Jew” who donates in many fields close to his heart. He built seven synagogues in different countries, named “Beit Rachel” after his mother, and donated 17 Torah scrolls. He also participates in the bringing in of each new Torah scroll.

“I still remember as a child, how difficult it was for me to get to the synagogue, which was far away and crowded,” he said.

His parents fled the Nazis and gave him “a proud Jewish education”. His childhood in Kyrgyzstan contributed to shaping his Jewish awareness as well. “In Soviet Russia people would never let me forget I was a Jew, not for one day,” he said.

“I feel the persecution of Jews on my skin. We can’t just be indifferent. Every year the situation gets worse, and we monitor it. People tend to think that the American Congress members know the truth about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but it’s not true. All their information comes from the media.

“Seventy percent of what the international media reports in terms of the conflict is of anti-Israel nature. We check the ‘anti-Semitism index’ in 27 countries, and there is definitely a rise in anti-Semitism, which I believe is a direct result of what the media reports.”


2.  Jerusalem Post

April 9, 2011

Photo by: REUTERS/Charles Dharapak

Netanyahu: Hamas will not set new rules



During late-night consultations regarding escalating violence in south, PM said Israel’s “response will be determined, harsh and ongoing”; Danny Ayalon: There is a heavy price for terrorism.

Israel will not allow Hamas to set the rules of the game, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Saturday night during consultations regarding the escalating violence in the south.

Netanyahu said that raising the level of violence whereby a tank missile is fired on a school bus, and thinking this is just part of the ongoing status quo, is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

“Even if we are not interested in an escalation,” he was quoted as saying, “the response will be determined, harsh and ongoing.”

In addition to holding security consultations, Netanyahu’s bureau also held discussions with various international officials examining ways to dampen down the violence. Netanyahu arrived into the country on Friday before Shabbat from a two-day trip to German and the Czech Republic. Earlier that day, following his meeting with the Czech President in Prague, the prime minister said, “The attack on a school bus crossed the line. Whoever tries to hurt and murder children will be held accountable.” He is expected to address the issue further at Sunday’s weekly cabinet meeting.

Deputy foreign minister Danny Ayalon, speaking at a cultural event on Saturday in Beersheba, said that Israel knows how to get Hamas to understand that there is a heavy price for terrorism, and will do everything to protect its citizens.

“Terrorism will not defeat us,” he said. “Israel has always known how to unify against threats and we are all with the citizens of the south. Unfortunately Hamas only understands strength.” Ayalon called on UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to condemn only Hamas, and to distinguish between Israel’s defensive actions, and Hama’s terrorist actions.

Meanwhile, European foreign policy Chief Catherine Ashton issued a statement Friday condemning Thursday’s mortar and rocket attacks coming out of Gaza which she said “once again hit the innocent civilian population, and must stop immediately.”

Ashton, who said she was “deeply concerned by the escalation of violence,” also said she deplored the loss of civilian life in Gaza and called on Israel to “show restraint.” “The lives of civilians must be spared everywhere and in all circumstances,” she said. “Only an immediate cessation of all violence can bring back the calm necessary to allow for a lasting truce in the Gaza strip.”


3.  Haaretz,

April 09, 2011

Hamas militant killed in Gaza strike was ‘physically’ involved in Shalit kidnapping

Senior Hamas militant Tayser Abu Snima was killed in Israel air strike overnight in retaliation for attack on Israeli school bus; IDF spokesperson says Shalit family being updated on details of Snima’s involvement in Gilad Shalit’s kidnapping.

By Jack Khoury and Haaretz Service

Tags: Israel news Gilad Shalit Hamas

The Hamas militant whom Israel killed in a retaliatory air strike overnight on Saturday had been involved in the kidnapping of Israel Defense Forces soldier Gilad Shalit, an IDF spokesperson said on Saturday evening.

Israel said that Tayser Abu Snima was “directly and physically involved” in the 2006 capture of Gilad Shalit, which occurred during a cross-border raid.

The IDF spokesperson said that Shalit’s family was notified of the incident.

Snima was also “in charge of executing a terror attack from Sinai, firing rockets at the city of Eilat,” the IDF spokesperson said.

The Israeli air strike which killed Snima was carried out in retaliation for the Hamas attack on an Israeli school bus on Thursday, which left a teenager critically wounded and the bus driver moderately wounded.

Since Thursday, tensions on the border have escalated dramatically, with over 120 rockets, mortars, and Grad missiles being fired from Gaza into Israel. Eight rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.

Abu Ubaida, a spokesman for Hamas’s armed wing, said Snima’s killing “will not affect our work” and dismissed Israel’s claims.

He said Israel “does not have the information about Shalit’s capture to be able to say who among our leaders had a role in its execution.”

Israeli forces attacked 11 Gaza terror cells over the course of the weekend, an IDF spokesperson said.

Palestinians in Gaza say that 18 people were killed in Israeli air strikes over the weekend and over 60 wounded. Paramedics in the strip say that many of those wounded were civilians, including women and children.

Ubaida also accused Israel of “looking for an achievement as a cover for their crimes,” referring to Israel’s punishing retaliatory strikes on the Strip.


4.  From: Neta Golan <>

Date: Apr 9, 2011

Subject: Please post nd send out to Palsolidarity

To: Pal Reports <>

Press Release: A New Israeli Massacre in Gaza

by Haidar Eid on Saturday, April 9, 2011 at 7:40am

Press Release


A New Israeli Massacre in Gaza

Besieged Gaza, Occupied Palestine,

The latest round of Israeli massacres committed against the people of Gaza has resulted in the brutal killings since Thursday afternoon to sixteen, including a mother and daughter, 4 children and an elderly man.  Over the last 5 days, Gaza City has been bombed by Apache helicopters and F16 and E15 fighter planes. These terrible massacres come only one day after a statement issued by the disgraced Ehud Batak, the Israeli Minster of War, in which he calls upon his generals to intensify the attack against Gaza .

The slow motion genocide itself has killed more than 600 patients far. We condemn in the strongest possible terms these heinous crimes and reiterate our call upon all civil society organizations and freedom loving people to act immediately in any possible way to put pressure on their governments to end diplomatic ties with Apartheid Israel and institute sanctions against it.

Gaza has been enduring Israeli policies of extermination and vandalism since June.2006. We equally condemn the international conspiracy of silence and impotence in the face of these continuous Israeli crimes. Not a single action against Israel has been taken by the UN. The failure of the United Nations and its numerous organizations to condemn such crimes indicates complicity. We therefore reiterate our urgent appeal, not to the United Nations and the sanctimonious international community, but rather to all civil society organizations and solidarity groups to intensify the anti-Israel sanctions campaign to compel Israel to end to its aggression against Gaza. We also reiterate our call on all Arab revolutions to compel their governments to sever their diplomatic ties with Apartheid Israel. This was the demand of thousands of Egyptian men and women who demonstrated opposite the Israeli embassy in Cairo yesterday.

We ask, how many more dead corpses of Palestinian children and women does the international community need to see in order to act? What more do Arab governments need to see to translate their words of support into action? What would convince the UN and its Security Council that Palestinians are also human beings?

One Democratic State Group

Palestinian Students’ Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel

University Teachers’ Association in Palestine

Association of Al-Quds Bank for Culture and Information



5.  ISM Saturday,

April 09, 2011


Armed Settlers supported by Israeli army attack Palestinian village.

At 8.30am this morning around fifty settlers, some masked and armed with guns, descended from Yitzhar settlement onto the Palestinian  village of Assira Al Qibliya. International observers from the UK and Ireland witnessed the settlers threw rocks at homes and people on the outskirts of the village injuring one local, who is being treated in hospital.

Within thirty minutes an army jeep carrying Israeli soldiers arrived. They stood in front of the settlers on the hillside approximately one hundred metres from the Palestinian homes yet did nothing to prevent their attacks. The soldiers could be seen firing guns into the air and directly towards the Palestinians who had come out of their homes to witness and document this attack on their village.

During the attack four settlers broke away from the main group and made their way to a Palestinian quarry. Two armed with machine guns stood on a ledge while two descended onto the side of the road and set fire to a car used by the Palestinian workers.

For video footage and more information please contact ISM media

Tel :00972597606276


Notes for journalists

The settlement of Yitzhar was originally established as a military outpost in 1983 but demilitarised and turned over to residential purposes a year later*. Yitzhar is home to a Jewish orthodox community of over 100 who have in the past decade attacked the residents and properties of Assira Al Qibliya and neighbouring villages on numerous occasions using rocks, knives, guns and arson**. These attacks often happen on Saturdays, the religious holiday of Shabbat.

Yitzhar is home to Rabbi Elitzur who published a book last November entitled “The Handbook for the Killing of Gentiles”, condoning the murder of non-Jewish babies, lest they grow to “be dangerous like their parents”***. Rabbi Elitzur is vocal in his encouragement of “operations of reciprocal responsibility” such as the arson attack made on Yasuf mosque in December 2009****

Despite West Banks settlements’ status as illegal under international law, Yitzhar was included in the Israeli governments’ 2009 “national priority map” as one of the settlements earmarked for financial support. Yitzhar also receives significant funding from American donations, tax-deductible under U.S. government tax breaks for ‘charitable’ institutions.





The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) is a Palestinian-led non-violent resistance movement committed to ending Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land. We call for full compliance with all relevant UN resolutions and international law.

For specific media inquires such as interview requests, photo usage, etc. please email the ISM Media Office at


6. From: israel putermam


Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2011 5:43 AM

Subject: [againstwall] An-Nabi_Salih 8-4-11


Forbidden Fruit:

The Israeli Wine Industry and the Occupation

Who Profits from the Occupation

March 2011

A new report by Who Profits maps the involvement of the Israeli wine industry in the occupation of the West Bank and the Syrian Golan Heights and traces some of the ways in which it masks this involvement. For this purpose, this report surveys the Israeli wine industry, maps the vineyards and wineries in the occupied territory and traces the connections between the main Israeli wine producers and this settlement industry.

The full report is available here:

Our report demonstrates that all of the major Israeli wineries use grapes from occupied territory in their wines.

Despite being part of the Zionist colonization project as early as the mid-nineteenth century, the Israeli wine industry as we know it today is a fairly new development and was only established in the 1980’s. Currently, the Israeli wine industry comprises six large wineries (Carmel, Barkan, Golan Heights, Teperberg 1870, Binyamina and Tishbi) and dozens of medium and small wineries, totaling over 150 wineries, and about 12,000 acres of vineyards.

This report provides detailed information about these wine producers and their connection to the settlement wine industry (see table below). Additionally, it includes a survey of almost all of the settlement wineries in the Golan Heights and in the West Bank.

While the wine industry is known for being very meticulous in providing information about the origin of grapes that are used in the production of wine, there are several methods which are used in the Israeli wine industry to conceal information concerning the use of grapes from settler vineyards in occupied territory. Investigating the connections of the Israeli wine industry to settler vineyards, we found that while grapes from the Golan Heights are used quite openly, the wineries that use grapes from West Bank vineyards most often use a myriad of methods to conceal their origins.

Our report describes some of these methods, from those used by government export agencies to those used by individual exporters. For instance, the Israeli export institution redraws the map of the wine regions of Israeli wine in a way that deliberately blurs the distinctions between areas inside the State of Israel and areas of occupied territory. Israeli manufacturers of wine conceal information concerning the exact location of the vineyards from which they receive the grapes, by using vague descriptions, by not providing full disclosure of the location of vineyards or by detailing vineyards in the West Bank only in their publications in Hebrew.

This report also provides a comprehensive portrayal of the incentives of the Israeli wine industry to cultivate grapes and to develop wineries in occupied territory. Our report has found that in addition to the benefits that all commercial activities in settlements enjoy, including readily accessible land, tax benefits and other financial incentives provided by the Israeli government, the wine industry in the West Bank enjoys particular benefits and support from several government offices.

For instance, Israelis who cultivate vineyards on occupied territory are allocated subsidized water quotas; they receive funds from the Ministry of Agriculture for planting and building agricultural facilities, from the Ministry of Defense for paving roads and for fencing in the plots and from the Ministry of Tourism for turning the vineyards and wineries into tourist attractions.

Developing vineyards and wineries provide additional advantages for settlers in the West Bank. Due to a combination of legal and physical conditions, the planting of vineyards is a relatively easy and highly accessible means for taking over Palestinian land. Additionally, settlers both in the West Bank and in the Golan Heights have found that the wine industry can be used in order to develop tourism to the settlements, for local and international visitors alike. Tourist attractions do not only serve as an additional source of income for the settlements, but, more importantly, they operate to normalize and promote the entire settlement enterprise.



Carmel Winery(Also sold under the Yatir brand name)

Owns vineyards in the occupied Golan Heights and uses grapes from additional vineyards in that region. On one occasion, grapes from a settler vineyard in the West Bank were documented as being harvested and brought to a Carmel winery. Our report found additional indications that the company may be using grapes from settler vineyards in the occupied West Bank. The winery denies using grapes from the West Bank.

Barkan Winery

Owns vineyards in occupied regions, including the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

Golan Heights Winery

All of the wines that the Golan Heights Winery produces are manufactured on the Golan Heights, from grapes from vineyards in this region, which is occupied territory.

Teperberg 1870 Winery

Owns vineyards in the occupied West Bank. The company does not provide information as to the origin of the grapes in each of its wines.

Binyamina Winery

Owns vineyards in the occupied West Bank. The company does not provide information as to the origin of the grapes in each of its wines.

Tishbi Winery

Owns vineyards in the occupied West Bank and on the Golan Heights. The company does not provide accurate information as to the origin of the grapes in each of its wines, especially in its English publications.

Who Profits Newsletter

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Dutch Nazi Party Introduces anti-Islam Bill





Anti-Muslim Dutch politician Geert Wilders

Ed note–we can just imagine the shrieking, wailing and gnashing of teeth were ANY country around the globe to propose a law banning “kosher” or even forbidding Mohels (rabbis who perform circumcision) from sucking the blood out of a baby boy’s penis, part of the Jewish religious rite of circumcision. However, bashing Islam and Muslims is perfectly fine, because it serves Israel’s interest in fostering the clash of civilizations between Islam and Christianity.

The Netherlands’ far-right Freedom Party has taken another Islamophobic measure, introducing a bill that — if passed — would effectively ban Halal meat in the country.

The bill, which would make the Islamic slaughter of animals illegal and thus effectively cutting the supply of Halal meat, is expected to be put to a vote in the Dutch Parliament later this month, the Associated Press reported. 

The bill claims that the Islamic as well as Jewish methods of slaughtering livestock violate animal rights.

According to the Netherlands’ Director of Halal Correct Abdulfattah Ali-Salah, Dutch Muslims now feel as if animal welfare is preferred to their rights.

The Muslim population of the Netherlands stands at about 1 million.

“If the law goes through now there’s nothing else to do but protest,” Ali-Salah said.

The Freedom Party, led by xenophobic politician Geert Wilders, is the third-largest political party in the Netherlands.

Wilders gained notoriety for making an anti-Islam short movie titled “Fitna” in 2008, prompting angry protests across the world.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon described the movie as “offensively anti-Islamic.” The European Parliament also banned the screening of the film, saying it provokes hatred.

In 2009, a court appeal in Amsterdam ordered his prosecution for “the incitement to hatred and discrimination.”

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Will rabbis allow brainy Shabbat driving?






Ed note–notice, these rabbis are not ‘kibbitzing’ to discuss anything of any real moral value. Are they getting together to question the inherent anti-gentile racism of Judaism is pleasing to God? No. Are they bothering to ask whether Israel’s murder of Palestinians, her role in driving the US to war against Iraq and Afghanistan and her dominance in such ventures as organ harvesting, pornography, and the international trafficking in sex slaves is morally permissible? Persish the thought.

Instead, they get together to ask whether God is pleased over Jews using some form of machinery on the Sabbath. People wonder why Jews have been,  are (and as long as the rabbis are in charge, more than likely will) suffer from serious tunnel vision when it comes to the more important moral questions in life, and the answer is simple–they are products of a religion that is the handiwork of their religious leaders who do not bother to ask the bigger questions in life but rather waste their time debating such trivial matters as those being discussed in the following article.

Rabbis will be debating whether a vehicle one merely sits in and drives solely with brain activity can be used on Shabbat.

As the interface between brain and machine moves from science fiction to reality, rabbis will be debating whether a vehicle one merely sits in and drives solely with brain activity can be used on Shabbat.

This intriguing thought was discussed on Thursday by Rabbi Dr. Dror Fixler, an electrooptics engineer at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, who was one of the speakers at Thursday’s 18th Torah and Science Conference of the Jerusalem College of Technology, Yeshiva University in Israel and BIU.

The all-day conference, which attracted around 200 men and women, was hosted by JCT president Prof. Noah Dana-Picard, a leading theoretical mathematician who heads the colleges for religious young men and, separately, young women, who study engineering and related subjects.

Fixler showed a recently released clip of a “proof of concept” vehicle that has a person inside who merely thinks of how to maneuver it. The vehicle drives itself safely, turning corners, slowing down and giving more gas. While this is “not something one should do at home,” the Autonomos company successfully tested the proof-of-concept car a few months ago, said the BIU engineer.

The person wears a special cap with 16 sensors on the surface that trains the car computer by examining the human brain’s electromagnetic signals.

Merely by pointing to the left and the right, the human is able to teach his movements to the computer without saying a word; from them on, the vehicle could maneuver through an empty section of a Berlin airfield with no problem except a short delay between thinking and the computer carrying out the mental demands.

Fixler said that the issue of the brain thinking and action – which could or could not be approved by rabbis as permissible Shabbat activity – could raise halachic arguments. Even though the person does not take any physical action to manipulate and move the car, just thinking about it could be forbidden on Shabbat, he said.

But there are those who could contend that just thinking does not constitute a “melacha” – prohibited activity on Shabbat that was necessary for the construction of the Tabernacle taken by the People of Israel through the desert after the Exodus from Egypt. There are 39 such types of “work” and their subcategories that cannot be performed on the Sabbath.

The discussion would discuss whether an bionic artificial limb that is moved with brain pulses – which is much closer to actual use than think-only cars – or a bionic eye that could enable the blind see – could be used on Shabbat.

Fixler noted that even without seeing something work such as a remote control it could be argued that the tool was under the user’s control without actually being observed as doing something; it is much more complicated if only the brain is in control, he said.

The BIU engineer noted that these unbelievable developments are the accumulated experience and knowledge of 40 years of brain science, but while bringing improvements by serving society, they can also spark intense arguments among rabbinic arbiters about when and if they can be used.

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US president rebukes Bashar Assad over violent crackdown on protestors




Ed note–keep in mind as we consider Obama’s “moral outrage” that he and his entire administration suffered absolutely NO moral indigestion when Israel was massacreing 1,500 innocent men, women and children in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead, nor will they when Israel launches YET ANOTHER of her perennial Gentile holocausts in Lebanon.

President Barack Obama sternly rebuked Syria on Friday about violence there in which sources said 22 pro-democracy protesters died.

“I strongly condemn the abhorrent violence committed against peaceful protesters by the Syrian government today and over the past few weeks. I also condemn any use of violence by protesters,” the president said in a statement.

Sources said that 22 died in the southern city of Daraa during a day of pro-democracy protests across the country as demonstrations entered a fourth week of defiance of the government and against the rule of President Bashar Assad.

“I call upon the Syrian authorities to refrain from any further violence against peaceful protesters,” Obama said.

”Furthermore, the arbitrary arrests, detention, and torture of prisoners that has been reported must end now, and the free flow of information must be permitted so that there can be independent verification of events on the ground,” he said.

Obama added: “Violence and detention are not the answer to the grievances of the Syrian people. It is time for the Syrian government to stop repressing its citizens and to listen to the voices of the Syrian people calling for meaningful political and economic reforms. “

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1,500 killed in Pakistan blasts in 2010



A recent photo showing the scene of a bomb blast in northwest Pakistan

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik says at least 1,500 people were killed in more than 1,330 bomb attacks across the Asian country in 2010.

Malik also told Pakistani lawmakers on Friday that 4,968 people were injured in the 1,331 bomb explosions last year, a Press TV correspondent reported.

Taliban militants have recently waged a campaign of bomb blasts in northwestern Pakistan, where government troops are fighting militants in the tribal region bordering Afghanistan.

In the last several years, Taliban also destroyed hundreds of schools, especially in the areas of Swat Valley and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, previously known as the North-West Frontier Province, as part of their activities.

Pakistan has a history of unrest since it secured independence from Britain in 1947.

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World: News**News**News


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More US anti-Muslim Hearings Held


by crescentandcross


In the US state of New York, another hearing similar to Republican Senator Peter King’s last month hearing on the ‘radicalization of Islam’ has been held, promoting Islamophobia.

The hearing was held by Republican New York Senator Gregory Ball and focused on US Homeland Security preparedness, a Press TV correspondent reported.

From the Council of American Islamic Relations, Cyrus McGoldrick criticized Senator Ball’s choice of witnesses critical to radical Islam, who were also a part of King’s hearings.

”At the testimony, people like Nonie Darwish and Frank Gaffney should not be accepted as any type of expertise related to HomeLand Security or anything about Islam,” McGoldrick told Press TV.

Holding the same view, New York Council of Islamic Relations’ Zead Ramadan said, “He kind of poisoned the water by bringing in the two, because they are infamous. All scholars and academics denounce their rhetoric, because it’s not based facts, or law enforcement statistics.”

The Director of the Arab American Association of New York, Linda Sarsour, was also invited.

“We are also concerned about radicalization. We’re concerned about terrorism as well, but we want to make sure that it’s just not focused on one community. There are true threats from Neo Nazis and other hate groups in this country,” she said.

The American FBI director was not invited, because he disagreed with the hearings entirely.

Peter King’s hearing last month drew much attention as massive protests broke out across the country against his looking into “the radicalization of American Muslims.”

King, who years ago had been linked with the Irish Republican Army, a known terrorist group, has been quoted in the past of having complained that there are too many mosques in the US, and that 85 percent of American mosques and their leaders are radicalized, a figure not backed by accredited statistics.

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