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Are liberal politicians shaking down McDonald’s?



Liberals Versus McDonald’s

by Jeff Davis

The War On Ronald McDonald continues apace in liberal-land. A CBS News article reports: “San Francisco’s already done it, and now New York may follow suit. [Black] New York City Councilman Leroy Comrie thinks the city should consider a ban on Happy Meals and similar fast food promotions aimed at kids unless those meals meet certain nutritional standards. Comrie planned to introduce his own bill Wednesday that would essentially rewrite what could currently be considered a Happy Meal. The bill would require establishments that offer toys with food make sure the meals are 500 calories or less and have low fat and low sodium totals. Penalties would be steep: between $200 to $2,500 for repeat restaurant offenders who use toys to sell unhealthy meals.”

Someone should explain to this imbecile that it’s none of his damned business what people eat. Too many liberal politicians think they have the power to micro-manage our lives. Well, they don’t.

CBS goes on: “Comrie said fast food restaurants know exactly what they’re doing. ‘It comes as no surprise that these ads and meals are also targeted in low income and minority neighborhoods that are already at risk for childhood obesity. These are the same communities that have limited access to supermarkets, limited access to healthy food options,’ Comrie said.”

They have limited access to supermarkets because the last supermarket in their all-Black neighborhoods went out of business due to shoplifting –by the Blacks. Today insurance premiums for supermarkets in bad neighborhoods would go through the roof, and the hygiene problems alone would be staggering. Would you want to buy fruit and vegetables that have been pawed over by negro junkies and illegal immigrants from every hellhole in the Third World?

Most likely this Black politician is trying to do a shakedown aimed at McDonald’s. Perhaps they’ll donate to his next election so he shuts the heck up. McDonald’s might also introduce some new salad item that not one single Black or Latino kid will ever order, but it’s all just a big game.

In the larger scheme of things, the liberals have hated McDonalds for generations because it is a symbol of successful capitalism. McDonald’s provides entry-level employment for young people and others who otherwise would be on a government check of some kind and beholden to the Democrats. And we can’t have that, now, can we?

But not to worry, New York. Your Big Mac is safe. Mickey D’s will probably be able to fight this one off with a few discreet campaign contributions to Democratic lawmakers.

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Men Die, Lions Rise




by Jonathan Azaziah


Is the sky falling, are there pigs flying…

I mean, is this still the same doomed reality…

Yes, because there’s still Iraqi, Afghan, Somali, Pakistani and Palestinian kids dying…

And yes, your eyes are truthful about this cruel brutality…

Peering through the fallacy…

They’ve put a mask on it, so its easier to consume the savagery…

Why they’d take him, he was a brother of peace, like harmonious music and love…

They are the sons of the beast, executioners and Lucifer’s thugs…

Vittorio Arrigoni, it’s so hard to grasp that you are gone…

But you left here as something different than what you were when you were born…

At birth you were a man, but in death you became a lion…

A martyr, a hero who in life gave a voice to those living in pain and silence…

A beacon of courage who gave everything to expose how deep the occupation’s reign of crime is…

You sought to have truth rain on the baneful tyrants…

We know that they hated you, we know that you were a target of heavy hate…

We know that they watched you, moving and marking your every place…

Now they want to convince us that your Palestinian family murdered you with their own hands…

Like we aren’t familiar with the usurping entity’s cold plans…

As if the ritualistic and brutal way you were murdered didn’t give all of the clues…

As if we would let justice slip away, as if we would be okay with them slaughtering you…

If so, they were dead wrong, we would never believe the liar’s wisdom…

We know damn well that Vittorio Arrigoni is a violent victim of Zionism…

He joins the martyrs of the Freedom Flotilla, murdered on the vibrant seas…

Murdered in cold blood for striving to break the occupier’s siege…

He joins Rachel Corrie, when monsters bulldozed her, humanity wept…

She was the definition of a pure soul, her passing made us all wonder how much of the world’s sanity’s left…

He joins Juliano Mer-Khamis, who fought for Palestine’s struggle via film…

Jenin went black when he was killed…

Masked militants, please, your stories are old…

We refuse to let your vicious hasbara taint the memory of Vittorio’s soul…

We know that IOF trains special units to pose as terrorists…

You can bulldoze our sister but you cannot our bulldoze her memory or bulldoze our reverence…

Bassem Abu Rahma, and his sister Jawaher…

Heroes murdered by Israeli tear gas, stood up to vile tyrants with not a drop of fear…

These are the lions that Vittorio rose up to join…

Their martyrdom and bravery is the cure to the Zionist entity’s colonial poison…

He was a lion who stayed with Gaza during Cast Lead…

A lion who pitied IOF, showing them their humanity was past dead…

A lion who was tasered and imprisoned but remained in the Strip…

Remained to expose Zionist crimes and to show Israeli democracy is a dangerous myth…

A lion who protected children as phosphorus fell…

A lion who walked through Israel’s tanks, bombs, rockets and shells…

To defend the Palestinian babies of Gaza, now I want the media to say again…

That Palestinians murdered a man they considered their own, what a lie, a falsehood, a dose of propaganda from hellacious men…

They can print their lies Vittorio, through their TV shows and Zionazi papers…

But the truth will emerge, for al-Haqq is a force that cannot be vanquished…

And when it does, the world will see…

That you lost your life at the hands of men who hated you most, Israel is on an international murder spree…

Your mother is coming to Gaza, we will pray for her…

And when we will see her beautiful face, this is what we will say to her…

Your precious son didn’t meet death, you see he is still alive…

And when the tears fill her eyes…

We will ball too, right next to her, kneel and cry…

Umm Vittorio, men die but lions roar and rise…

And your child was a lion in every sense, you can see his face shining in Gaza’s gorgeous skies…

Your child fought for us, and for him, we will never lose hope or flee…

Umm Vittorio, you’re not alone in burying your son because so did we…

Humanity was the language Vittorio spoke to his last breath, he stayed fluent…

He taught us that division was nothing more than a strained illusion…

Rest in peace brother, we know that you will eternally “Stay Human…”

“Al-Shaheed Vittorio!” shakes Gaza as the battlecry…

The spirit of a lion, forever wrapped in the flag of Palestine…

~ The End ~


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Washington’s Long War Against Africa



The US bombing of Libya in support of rebel clients in the spring of 2011 is part and parcel of a sustained policy of military intervention in Africa since at least the mid 1950’s.



According to a US Congressional Research Service Study[1] published in November 2010, Washington has dispatched anywhere between hundreds and several thousand combat troops, dozens of fighter planes and warships to buttress client dictatorships or to unseat adversarial regimes in dozens of countries, almost on a yearly bases. The record shows the US armed forces intervened 46 times prior to the current Libyan wars[2]. The countries suffering one or more US military intervention include the Congo, Zaine, Libya, Chad, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Ruanda, Liberia, Central African Republic, Gabon, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Eritrea. The only progressive intervention was in Egypt under Eisenhower who forced the Israeli-French-English forces to withdraw from the Suez in 1956. Between the mid 1950’s to the end of the 1970’s, only 4 overt military operations were recorded, though large scale proxy and clandestine military operations were pervasive. Under Reagan-Bush Sr. (1980-1991) military intervention accelerated, rising to 8, not counting the large scale clandestine ‘special forces’ and proxy wars in Southern Africa. Under the Clinton regime, US militarized imperialism in Africa took off. Between 1992 and 2000, 17 armed incursions took place, including a large scale invasion of Somalia and military backing for the Ruanda genocidal regime.[3] Clinton intervened in Liberia, Gabon, Congo and Sierra Leone to prop up a long standing stooge regime. He bombed the Sudan and dispatched military personnel to Kenya and Ethiopia to back proxy clients assaulting Somalia. Under Bush Jr. 15 US military interventions took place, mainly in Central and East Africa. The Obama regime’s invasion and bombing of Libya is a continuation of a longstanding imperial practice designed to enhance US power via the installation of client regimes, the establishment of military bases and the training and indoctrination of African mercenary forces dubbed “collaborative partners”. There is no question that there is a rising tide of imperial militarism in the US over the past several decades.

Most of the US’ African empire is disproportionally built on military links to client military chiefs. The Pentagon has military ties with 53 African countries (including Libya prior to the current attack). Washington’s efforts to militarize Africa and turn its armies into proxy mercenaries in putting down anti-imperial revolts and regimes were accelerated after 9/11. The Bush Administration announced in 2002 that Africa was a “strategic priority in fighting terrorism”.[4] Henceforth, US imperial strategists, with the backing of liberal and neoconservative congress people, moved to centralize and coordinate a military policy on a continent wide basis forming the African Command (AFRICOM). The latter organizes African armies, euphemistically called “co-operative partnerships,” to conduct neo-colonial wars based on bilateral agreements (Uganda, Burundi, etc.) as well as ‘multi-lateral’ links with the Organization of African Unity.[5]

AFRICOM despite its assigned role as a vehicle for spreading imperial influence, has been more successful indestroying countries rather than in gaining resources and power bases. The war against Somalia, displacing and killing millions and costing hundreds of millions of dollars, enters its twentieth year, with no victory in sight. Apart from the longest standing US neo-colony, Liberia,there is no country willing to allow AFRICOM to set up headquarters. Most significantly AFRICOM was unprepared for the overthrow of key client regimes in Tunisia and Egypt – important “partners” in patrolling the North African Mediterranean, the Arabian coast and the Red Sea. Despite Libya’s collaboration with AFRICOM, especially in “anti-terrorist” intelligence operations, Washington mistakenly believed that an easy victory by its “rebel” clients might lead to a more docile regime, offering more in the way of a military base, headquarters and a cheap source of oil. Today the US depends as much on African petroleum as its suppliers in the Middle East. The continent-wide presence of AFRICOM has been matched by its incapacity to convert “partnerships” into effective proxy conquerors. The attempt to foster “civil-military” programs has failed to secure any popular base for corrupt collaborator regimes, valued for their willingness to provide imperial cannon fodder.

The continuing North African uprising, overthrew the public face of the imperial backed dictatorships. As the popular Arab revolt spreads to the Gulf and deepens its demandsto include socio-economic as well as political demands the Empire struck back. AFRICOM backed the assault on Libya , the crackdown on the prodemocracy movement by the ruling military junta in Egypt and looks to its autocratic “partners” in the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula to drown the civil society movements in a blood bath.

The growing militarization of US Imperial policy in North Africa and the Gulf is leading to a historic confrontation between the Arab democratic revolution and the imperial backed satraps; between Libyans fighting for their independence and the Euro-American navel and air forces ravaging the country on behalf of their inept local clients.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: James Petras is a Bartle Professor (Emeritus) of Sociology at Binghamton University, New York. He is the author of 64 books published in 29 languages, and over 560 articles in professional journals, including the American Sociological Review, British Journal of Sociology, Social Research, Journal of Contemporary Asia, and Journal of Peasant Studies. He has published over 2000 articles. His latest book is Read Full Bio

[1] Lauren Ploch, Africa Command: US strategic Interests and the Role of the Military in Africa (Congreessional Research Service Nov. 16, 2010.

[2] Richard Grimmett, Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad 1798-2009 (CRS 2010).

[3] Edward Herman “Gilbert Achar’s Defense of Humanitarian Intervention” (ZNET April 8, 2011)

[4] The White House, National Security Strategy of the United States (September 2002).


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Now IsraHell Is Free to Declare Its Innocence before the International Court of Justice



United States Congress has once again jumped to the fore as defender of the beleaguered state of Israel by writing a letter to the UNHRC

Let us present this case as objectively as we can… A few photos of Israeli use of white phosphorus will accompany this article if possible.

William A. Cook


Thank God Judge Goldstone recanted his judgment on Israel and its IDF forces in the slaughter inflicted on Gaza during its Christmas invasion in 2008-2009; both are now innocent of wrongful intent to kill Palestinian civilians since the Israeli military courts investigated Goldstone’s allegations and determined he was wrong. Now the good Judge has found, with the military court, that the Israeli government, that refused to cooperate with the United Nations investigation, did not intentionally send its forces to kill and destroy but only to kill and destroy Gaza; that the civilians were killed is simply a sad consequence of war. How astute, how learned, how compassionate; how absurd, how facetious, how despicable.

Yet, good may come of this decision. Now Israel is free to declare its innocence before the International Court of Justice since it is Israel’s investigation that can be presented as its case, with the good Judge as co-defendant. After all, isn’t this exactly what the Israeli government has wanted from the start, a way to demonstrate to the world that its Army is the most moral on the planet, its government the most democratic, acting only to defend its people, its weaponry the most sophisticated state of the art precision ordinance available, and its actions always proportionate to the crimes it seeks to address? Knowing now what they did not know before Judge Goldstone recanted his report, the government of Israel has nothing to fear from the ICJ but the justice it so rightfully deserves. Certainly it makes no sense for Israel or the UN to do nothing now that the report has been brought into question. The world has castigated Israel because of the report, now it’s Israel’s turn to seek revenge and put before the world how righteous and how legal its actions have been. How fortunate this turn of events.

And how opportune a moment since our United States Congress has once again jumped to the fore as defender of the beleaguered state of Israel by writing a letter to the UNHRC that it should expunge the report from history since it is biased against the Jewish state and this would help make amends. (“Congressional initiatives targeting Goldstone report” April 11, 2011 JTA) But why expunge it? Israel, after all, knows it did no wrong; it has done its own investigation and declared its innocence. What an opportunity to show the world that it has been maligned, that it has obeyed all international laws relative to individual rights, that as an occupying force under Geneva Conventions and the Charter of the UN it has observed all requisite responsibilities toward the people of Gaza, and finally that it had rights to invade that the international community must recognize since it was only defending itself.

Let us present this case as objectively as we can by using the words in the Israeli Gaza Operation Investigations: the means used to investigate, the difficulties that impeded the investigation, their presentation of the investigation concerning white phosphorus, and the conclusions drawn by the Military Advocate General, oh, and the convictions leveled on those found guilty. We’ll follow that presentation with some eye witness accounts of the Gaza operation, the effect of white phosphorus and its legality, and the impact of DIME explosives on humans and the environment. A few photos of Israeli use of white phosphorus will accompany this article if possible.

Consider the facts as articulated by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs as it labeled Cast Lead as Hamas war against IsraHell.

Zio-Nazi soldier looks impatient as he watches over a load of bombs destined to be fired at Gaza

[My apologies; I’m interjecting a subjective comment on Israel’s calling Operation Cast Lead “Hamas’ war against Israel.” In the 8 years preceding Cast Lead, Hamas or other resistance groups in Gaza, fired 6000 home made rockets at Israel, roughly 750 a year, or 62.5 per month or 2 per day. Twenty three people were killed. In that same period Israel killed more than 1000 Palestinian children and in Cast Lead killed an additional 352. A total of 1084 Israelis were killed between 2000 and 2008, but 6430 Palestinians were killed. Yet it was Hamas’ war against Israel. One final observation: Israel’s launch of one of its American supplied missiles that cost $300,000, a fraction of the 8.2 million per day we supply to Israel’s military, a precision state of the art weapon that hit a home where the IDF ordered people to go, in less than one minute killed 21 members of the Samouni family, nine of them children.] (figures from and see this author’s article “Consider the Realities of Gaza,” Counterpunch, Jan. 5, 2009). Back to our sources and let the reader be judge.

Gaza Operation Investigations: An Update Jan 2010.


Zio-Nazi’s fire massive weapons of destruction toward the population of Gaza

1. Israel’s investigative system has multiple layers of review to ensure impartiality and independence. These include the Military Advocate General’s Corps (MAG), which determines whether to initiate criminal investigations and file charges against IDF soldiers. The Military Advocate General is legally independent from the military chain of command. Israel’s Attorney General provides civilian oversight, as any decision of the Military Advocate General on whether or not to investigate or indict may be subject to his review.

2. The Operation in Gaza: Factual and Legal Aspects, which addressed a range of factual and legal issues related to the Gaza Operation. The Operation in Gaza also set out the legal framework governing the use of force and the principles – including the principles of distinction and proportionality – that apply in such a conflict. It also described the IDF’s efforts to ensure compliance with these principles during the Gaza Operation and the modus operandi of Hamas, in particular its abuses of civilian protections that created such acute operational dilemmas.

3. Describing the application of these mechanisms to the Gaza Operation, the Paper notes that the IDF to date has launched investigations of 150 separate incidents arising from the Gaza Operation. A number of these were opened at the IDF’s own initiative. Others were opened in response to complaints and reports from Palestinian civilians, local and international non-governmental organisations, and U.N. and media reports.


183. The Gaza Operation presented complex challenges to Israel and the IDF. While the need and obligation to respond effectively to the thousands of Hamas rockets and mortars that had terrorized Israeli civilians for years was clear and acute, the strategies adopted by Hamas, and in particular its systematic entrenchment in the heart of civilian areas, created profound operational dilemmas. [A second interruption if I may: consider the reality of the Palestinians’ plight; they can go nowhere, they cannot escape through the Israeli gates, they can not flee by car, rail, air, boat or on foot, and they are caged in a steel enclosed land area blocked on the west by Israeli gunboats. They have no army, no air force, no navy; but they were training police to help provide order inside this cage of chaos, and Israel began its operation by killing 50 of the graduating class on December 27, 2008.]

184. These challenges did not end with the close of operations. A key element of respecting the Law of Armed Conflict is a commitment genuinely to review military operations after the fact, and thoroughly investigate allegations of unlawful activity. Fulfilling this commitment in the context of Gaza is demanding, and requires serious efforts to obtain evidence from battleground situations and to make arrangements to enable residents of Gaza to give their accounts. It also requires an awareness that, in complex combat situations, errors of judgment, even with tragic results, do not necessarily mean that violations of the Law of Armed Conflict have occurred. [Note that Israel refused to cooperate with the UNHRC investigation that became the Goldstone Report.]

Palestinian doctors carry the bodies of children killed by an Zio-Nazi tank shell, to the morgue at Shifa hospital in Gaza (images:

187. Israel recognizes the importance of engaging in dialogue and sharing best practices on theconduct of investigative proceedings with other democratic states facingsimilar challenges and committed to upholding the rule of law.

Obviously this article cannot provide a complete rendering of the Israeli investigation and its conclusions regarding proper conduct under international law. However, one of the more telling concerns raised about the IDF was its use of white phosphorus. Here is the comment from the Israeli operation cast lead investigation on that subject. Section IV contains others.



89. Israel is aware of concerns raised regarding the Gaza Operation. As discussed in detail in The Operation in Gaza, and as outlined above, the deliberate strategy of Hamas to blend in with the civilian population made it difficult for the IDF to achieve the objective of the Gaza Operation – reducing the threat of deliberate attacks against Israeli civilians – while also avoiding harm to Palestinian civilians. To be sure, the IDF undertook strenuous efforts to minimise such harm. It intensively trained its personnel on the requirements of the Law of Armed Conflict. It delayed, diverted, or refrained from attacks to spare civilian life. It provided numerous and varied types of concrete warnings before launching attacks.

88 Nevertheless, Israel’s efforts to comply with the Law of Armed Conflict do not lessen its regret for the loss of innocent lives and damage to civilian property.

93. The unique difficulties involved in the investigation of alleged violations of the Law of Armed Conflict in the battlefield should not be ignored. They include: the inability to secure the scene for forensic and physical evidence, either during a battle or after, when the territory is under enemy control; the possible destruction of evidence during fighting and the possible  manipulation of the scene by the enemy; the need to recall reserve soldiers back for questioning; the difficulty of accurately identifying the location of an incident, when it is described in local and unofficial terms and slang; and the need to locate the adversary’s civilians as witnesses and overcome their natural suspicion and fear of reprisals by their authorities.


90(v) The use of weaponry containing phosphorous

117. This investigation dealt with the use of weapons containing phosphorous by IDF forces during the Gaza Operation. The investigation focused on the different types and number of weapons containing phosphorous used during the Operation, the purposes for which they were used, the applicable professional instructions and rules of engagement, and the extent of compliance with those instructions and rules. Some of the findings of the special command investigation are detailed in The Operation in Gaza.107

118. The Military Advocate General reviewed the entire record of the special command investigation. With respect to exploding munitions containing white phosphorous, the Military Advocate General concluded that the use of this weapon in the operation was consistent with Israel’s obligations under international law.

119. With respect to smoke projectiles, the Military Advocate General found that international law does not prohibit use of smoke projectiles containing phosphorous. Specifically, such projectiles are not “incendiary weapons,” within the meaning of the Protocol on 106 Id. ¶¶ 436-45. Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Incendiary Weapons,108 because they are not primarily designed to set fire or to burn. The Military Advocate General further determined that during the Gaza Operation, the IDF used such smoke projectiles for military purposes only, for instance to camouflage IDF armor forces from Hamas’s antitank units by creating smoke screens.

120. The Military Advocate General found no grounds to take disciplinary or other measures for the IDF’s use of weapons containing phosphorous, which involved no violation of the Law of Armed Conflict. Nevertheless, the Military Advocate General’s opinion did not address a number of specific complaints that were received after the investigation concluded and which are being investigated separately.(vi)

Palestinians were burned alive with illegal weapons during Zio-Nazi Holocaust in Gaza.

Based on information from B’Tselem and, the determinations by the Israeli investigation resulted in the following charges: “In the over two years since Operation Cast Lead, Israel and the Palestinian side have failed to conduct genuine investigations, and where appropriate, prosecutions. To-date one Israeli soldier has served 7.5 months in jail for the theft of a credit card and two others have received three month suspended sentences for using a Palestinian child as a human shield. These three convictions, and the ongoing trial of a fourth soldier, have been the only concrete judicial outcomes of Israeli Operation Cast Lead investigations. It is noted that neither these indictments nor the sentences handed down for the human shield conviction reflect the gravity of the actual crimes committed. It appears that the majority of other investigative procedures have been closed without charge. All alleged international crimes must be subject to genuine investigation, and, if appropriate, those responsible must be prosecuted in accordance with the requirements of international law. In light of the domestic authorities’ failure to conduct such investigation, the International Criminal Court now constitutes the most appropriate forum, as recommended by the Human Rights Council on 25 March.(

To date, no independent investigation apparatus, empowered also to investigate the responsibility of the political and military decision-makers, has been established. According to the report that the Foreign Ministry provided to the UN in July 2010, the Judge Advocate General’s office ordered 47 Military Police investigations with respect to Operation Cast Lead. B’Tselem is aware of 20 Military Police investigations of incidents in which a suspicion arose that soldiers in the field violated army regulations. Four soldiers have been prosecuted for three incidents that occurred during the operation. In the first case, a soldier was convicted of stealing a credit card and sentenced to seven and a half months’ imprisonment, a conditional sentence of seven and a half months, and demotion from sergeant to private. In the second case, indictments were filed against two soldiers alleging they used a nine-year-old child as a human shield, ordering him to open suspected booby-trapped bags. The two soldiers were convicted and sentenced to a three-month suspended jail sentence and demotion in rank from staff sergeant to private. In the third case, an indictment was filed against a soldier for killing an anonymous person and conduct unbecoming a soldier. In three other cases, disciplinary proceedings were instituted against six officers. B’Tselem is aware of at least six cases in which the Attorney General decided not to indict the soldiers. (B’Tselem).

Now let us return to the arguments for a UN investigation that can provide the people of the world with deliberations that place the Israeli Operation Cast Lead before an International Court of Justice.


Phosphorous Bomb Rain Over Northern Gaza

Hiyam Noir, in Palestine Free Voice, January 13, 2009, reporting from Gaza observed

“Blankets of white clouds covered the skies over Gaza, including the refuge camps in Khan Younis, Beit Lahia and Gaza City.  On Saturday Israeli F16 warplanes launched attacks using phosphorus bombs on the Block 2 section inside the densely populated Jabalya Refuge Camp. Many residents of Jabalya escaped the area covering their faces, searching for a safe shelter in the home of relatives and friends in the neighboring Beit Lahia from the Israelis “Cast Lead Operation”. Gaza has always been the Israelis “testing ground” – from nerve agents used in Khan Younis in 2003, to Sonic Boom “phantom air raids”, and the use of DIME in the Israelis massacre called ” Operation Summer Rain” over Gaza year 2006.”

In that same article, Noir notes, The Human Rights Watch senior analyst Marc Garlasco said in an interview on France Chanel 4 TV that ..”Israeli artillery bursted fire of white phosphorous shells over Gaza City.”Garlasco said ..”I have been standing at the border for the last few days ,watching Israeli artillery firing white phosphorus shells into refugee camps”.

Press TV on 4 March 2011 reported that cancer cases in Gaza had increased by 30 per cent, and that there was a link between the occurrence of the disease and residence in areas that had been badly hit by Israeli bombing. Zekra Ajour from the Al-Dameer Association for Human Rights told the channel that Gaza had been a testing ground for illegal weapons.

In a separate article, Richard Lightbown argues that Israel’s use of white phosphorus and other toxic metals, and its suspected use of depleted uranium, in the war against the people of the Gaza Strip has put the whole of the Strip’s population and its environment – air, soil, groundwater and possibly seawater – at risk of serious long-term injury and contamination. He also observes that The goldstone report mentions phosphorus in paragraph 896: Medical staff reported to the mission how even working in the areas where the phosphorus had been used made them feel sick, their lips would swell and they would become extremely thirsty and nauseous.

The toxicity of phosphorus is also recorded in a report by New York medical staff:4

‘Oral ingestion of white phosphorus in humans has been demonstrated to result in pathologic changes to the liver and kidneys. The ingestion of a small quantity of white phosphorus can cause gastrointestinal complaints such as nausea, abdominal cramps, and vomiting. Individuals with a history of oral ingestion have been noted to pass phosphorus-laden stool (“smoking stool syndrome”). The accepted lethal dose is 1 mg/kg, although the ingestion of as little as 15 mg has resulted in death.’

Although an Israeli army spokesman told CNN on 7 January 2009, “I can tell you with certainty that white phosphorus is absolutely not being used.” the chemical had been used by Israeli forces since the beginning of the war.12 The Goldstone Report stated that Israeli sources later claimed their forces had stopped using white phosphorous on 7 January 2009 because of international concerns. This was also untrue as there is evidence that it had been used after that date. Goldstone declared the Israeli armed forces to have been “systematically reckless” in using white phosphorous in built-up areas (paragraphs 884, 886 and 890).

Lightbown also discusses DIME: “Evidence of the use of depleted uranium against Gaza is tenuous and Goldstone merely recorded in paragraph 907 that it had received allegations which it had not further investigated. Much of this evidence came from Action des citoyens pour le désarmement nucléaire (ACDN: Citizens Action for Nuclear Disarmament). Their report of July 2009 hypothesizes that the GBU-39 bunker-buster bomb is packed with 75 kilogram of depleted uranium. (A UNEP report also ambiguously refers to bunker-buster bombs containing depleted uranium.) The US delivery of 1,000 of these bombs to Israel arrived in early December 2008 shortly before the start of the war. The GBU-39 is considered one of the world’s most precise bombs and Boeing, the manufacturer, claims that the bomb will penetrate three feet of steel-reinforced concrete. (UNEP suggests that it can penetrate reinforced concrete to depths ranging from 1.8 to over 6 metres.) Boeing’s patent on the weapon mentions depleted uranium.6

It is not known how many bunker-buster bombs were used against Gaza but it seems reasonable to assume that the number could run into hundreds. It is thought that they were used mostly in the Philadelphia corridor against the tunnels. Desmond Travers, the former Irish army officer who was a member of the Goldstone Commission, would only say that depleted uranium may have been used during the war, although he did agree that it would have been well suited for attacking the tunnels where maximum penetration would have been desired.7 He was also in agreement with ACDN that the use of below-ground targets would have considerably reduced the levels of aerosol uranium that was dispersed into the air.

In April 2009 Jean-François Fechino from ACDN was part of a four-person team which went to Gaza for the Arab Commission for Human Rights. Samples that the team brought back were analysed by a specialist laboratory which identified carcinogens: depleted uranium, caesium, asbestos dust, tungsten and aluminium oxide. Thorium oxide was also found, which is radioactive, as are depleted uranium and caesium. The analysis also identified phosphates and copper, along with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are a health hazard, especially to children, asthmatics and elders.9

Depleted uranium burns at almost 1200 degrees Celsius. (TNT by comparison burns at 576 degrees Celsius.) 10At this temperature the fire vaporizes any metals in the target which in combination with uranium are released into the air in aerosol form. After deposition the aerosols have the potential to contaminate groundwater. (The Gaza aquifer, which is the Strip’s only water source, is also connected to ground water supplies in Egypt, although water only flows into Gaza from Israel.11)


The Goldstone Commission was unable to confirm that DIME munitions were used by Israeli forces during Operation Cast Lead. Col Lane had told the commission in testimony that there was no actual proof. He then went on to testify that he had been given samples in Gaza which analysis in Dublin had shown to contain DIME materials consisting mostly of tungsten with traces of iron and sulphur. He was of the opinion that ordnance had been used that had some sort of DIME component. He also mentioned that he had read of unusual amputations, and that tungsten and cobalt would have this effect. Weaponry had been found with DIME components which was capable of amputation and there are Palestinian amputees, yet neither Col Lane nor the commission was prepared to say that DIME weapons had been used by Israeli forces.

DIME bombs cause a high proportion of amputations particularly of legs, while patients often suffered internal burns as well. The bombs consist of powdered tungsten alloy mixed with an explosive material inside a casing which disintegrates on explosion. The tungsten powder tears apart anything it hits including soft tissue and bone, causing very severe injuries. Tungsten alloy particles, described as “finely powdered micro-shrapnel”, are too small to be extracted from the victim’s body and are highly carcinogenic. (Goldstone, paragraphs 902-4)

The whole Gaza population and their environment, including generations yet to be conceived, have been put at risk of serious long-term injury from heavy metal pollution of the air, soil and groundwater (and possibly the seawater too), while the causal pollution is likely to cross state borders into Egypt and even into Israel. Reassurances of the legitimate and responsible use and the reduced lethality of weapons (an opinion in part shared by Col Lane) are callous and inadequate in the context of the dangerous reality that has resulted. Meanwhile, the impacts of Israel’s illegal assaults on Gaza remain ignored and its deeds uncensored by the wider international community.”

Certainly it makes good sense to have the Israeli investigation brought before the ICJ. What possible reason exists not to do this, from either the Israeli perspective or the UNHRC. The perspectives presented above demonstrate the necessity; truth requires it, justice demands it, and the dead cry out for it.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Prof. William A. Cook is a professor of English at the University of La Verne in southern California and author of The Rape Of Palestine: Hope Destroyed, Justice DeniedRead Full Bio

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NOTE: The footnotes below are from Lightbown’s article which can be accessed at

I would also note that the pictures that accompany or may accompany this article are from Dr. Arthur Billy’s Memorial to the People of Gaza available at You tube or as contained in an article titled “What does it profit a congressman to retain his office but suffer the loss of his soul?” A google search will give you access.


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“Got kids? How are they with guns? They are going to be needed again soon. The last batch is pretty much used up..”

By Gordon Duff

Its happening again.  Its starting.  America is being primed again, another “take down,” another mysterious and convenient terror attack, more bugaboo enemies, more gutless political hacks portrayed as heroic saviors by the media.  Get ready to say goodby to your job, your retirement account and your home, if you still have one.

Got kids?  How are they with guns?  They are going to be needed again soon.  The last batch is pretty much used up.

You would think we had enough by now.  You might even think “they” are afraid we may have wised up by now.  We have so little to lose, we have suffered so much, you might think America might reach out, like a hand from the grave.

But, then again, we all know better.  Look at the people around you.  Have they changed?  Do they look smarter?  For years, Glenn Beck told Americans to hide under their beds.

Now it’s my turn.  I’m telling you to be afraid, not of imaginary terrorists or even the very real radiation that has already begun poisoning America, a deadly menace spewing from Japan.  America’s real enemy has always been homegrown.  Lincoln and FDR warned about it, Kennedy’s were killed over it.  Our biggest enemy is ignorance, fed by fear, race hatred, class envy, regionalism but with a new twist.

Our modern day prophets, the trend setters, those who guide and educate, those once destined to lead, are little but jesters, cheerleaders and Judas goats. Nowadays, as we are all so well aware, positions of trust and responsibility are rationed out like writhing maggots to the starving.  Those who gratefully accept the meal and kiss the feet of the master believe they rule or “govern” as they call it.

We know better.  They “serve” and the ignorant among us, the thronging masses, are their “fodder.”

If you are seeking truth or prophesy, you might want to look to those whose views are described as “repugnant” or “loony.”  Were Christ with us today, there is little doubt he would be in prison or a mental hospital or have died, much as last time, but on the floor of a prison cell – Gitmo,” Bagram or a secret CIA detention facility in Egypt, Bulgaria or one of a dozen countries.

Christ might just be “doing time” in Australia for “Antisemitic Acts.”  He wouldn’t have had to physically throw the Pharisees, genuine Semites, out of the temple as described in the Gospel of John.  Me might just as well “suggested” that what they were doing was improper.  Even that is a crime in Australia (and dozens of other countries…soon America will join the list)

He would have gotten a 12 year sentence.  A judge would have called him “repugnant.”

America, what exists of the America those of us knew, is like a pig being led to the slaughter.  The continual decline in standard of living since 1980 isn’t an accident, no more than the look of hopelessness most Americans see in their children whose choices have dwindled to nothing.  America’s young are paying for the depredations of our “least generation,” for the frenzy of fear, hate and hubris that has characterized the post-Vietnam era.  Damned to a life of third rate education, fourth rate health care, dead end jobs, a life in a society of extremes, privilege and wealth for the few, endless war, poverty and despair for the majority, call it “conservative” or “neocon” if you will, the results are certainly biblical.

As Romans (6:23) tells us “the wages of sin is death,” so Proverbs, Galatians and even Dante denotes “greed” as chief among the faults noted by Paul as denying hope of achieving the “kingdom of heaven.”  The signs are there for those “with eyes to see and ears to hear.”

So base have many become that the notion of “free will” itself is denied.  According to scientists, decades of “thought control” may well have “genetically engineered” a new sub-species of human, one that stands upright but neither reasons nor shows any survival instinct:

YouTube – Veterans Today –

An excuse?  A pardon?  Yesterday’s neocon morons, repudiated by the planet itself, are now resurfacing.  Hear the rocks turning over?

The peddlers of poisoned drugs-food-water-air-land, counterfeit money, nuclear power, the purveyors of unbridled greed have plans in motion.  Where are they taking us?  Look around you.  You may well be on the last ride, approaching the gates of the slaughterhouse.

Didn’t your mother tell you:

There is no free lunch.”

An America of homeless and starving, of closed schools, of crime ridden neighborhoods even for white suburbia, an America with NO health insurance, no minimum wage and no workers rights.

Expect an endless war in Iran, a war America will be “forced into” after one or more key assassinations and a nuclear “incident.”  We stumbled on this some time ago, it is now racing to fruition.  Stories out of Washington confirm that Bush & company had been “tasked” by their handlers, rumored to be a rough mixture of international super-villains, so called “Zionists” and the “usual suspects” with orchestrating a war with Iran.

Plans put into motion in 1999 were to include an attack on Iraq as a base against Iran and a series of “false flag” terror incidents to whip the American public into a war hysteria.  9/11 was one of these.  Another, set for a 2005-7 time frame, was to push America to war with Iran.  These plans, including a staged attack on American naval forces in the Persian Gulf and a terror attack on the American military in Bahrain, were thwarted.

Both attacks were tied directly to the White House and the Joint Special Special Operations Command.

The Obama presidency has, despite continual protestations by “conspiratorialists,” derailed, albeit temporarily, attempts to destroy the United States in stages:

  • Undermining the dollar and collapsing the credit markets

  • Gutting the economic power of the middle class (done!)

  • Destroying America’s institution, the free press (done!), rule of law (done!) and trust in government (done!)

  • “Balkanizing” the United States as was done with the Soviet Union

The American people, flawed as they are, are the victims of a calculated attack, call it “game theory warfare” or “psyops” or “propaganda and manipulation,” the plan is in motion, moving faster and faster each day.  The goals are clear, little question about them, it’s the methods that prove our stupidity.  Look at a few anomalies, things that would have any sane person scratching their heads:

  • The media is repackaging Donald Trump as a presidential frontrunner.  There is no other person in America who manages to be both rabidly pro-Israel and utterly “Hitleresque” than Trump.  When polls proved no qualified Republican could beat Obama, the really nasty special interests wrangled up Trump.  He is perfect.  He has never shown a single political or moral position in his life.  He can be anything they want him to be.  Expect the worst, he will exceed it easily.

  • After pushing America into bankruptcy and permanent war, the Republicans are now peddling the “snake oil” of “balanced budget.”  Their plan?  Re-deregulate the financial markets that killed us last time, eliminate Medicare and Social Security, crush trade unions and set up state governments under rule by private corporations that “rule by decree.”  Their real program is to find what few assets America’s middle class still has and bleed them into foreign banks for their globalist buddies.

  • The drug problem, the new “stealth” issue, has swollen to epidemic proportions yet is never mentioned.  With over two million Americans in the criminal justice system tied to drugs and the Social Security and healthcare systems as well overburdened, an overall annual cost including not only expenses but lost revenue of over $800 billion, no single issue, not even war, has so negatively impacted America economically.  However, the silence on America’s drug catastrophe is “deafening.”  What isn’t being said is that the “globalism” so often spoken of as “guns-oil-banking” is primarily drug revenue driven with our wars being more “turf wars” for our real allies, the drug cartels and the global banking issues more simply competition in the only real growth area anymore, laundering money.


“The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist.”
— Charles Baudelaire

Not a bible quote, though most remember it from the Kevin Spacey film, “The Usual Suspects.”


YouTube – Veterans Today –

Between now and the upcoming presidential election we will face challenges.  What you learn, think you learn, believe you know, even from sources purported to be altruistic and courageous, are likely to be “all but.”

The more dramatic, the more mythical and heroic, the more debased and false, that can be bet on.

How can you tell?  If you hear of them, see them, if they are written about or spoken of then they are Satan.

Expect openly Satanic figures to emerge on the scene.

Satan now believes he has only to prove he does exist.

It has already begun.


The US, Gulf Kings and Brutal Repression in Bahrain



Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem Sr

Chair of West Midland PSC


Adam Hanieh:


US policy in region based on Gulf Cooperation Council ability to suppress opposition


Brutal Bahraion pro-Zionist regime

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Reflections from the march on New Scotland Yard…



Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem
Chair of West Midland PSC

Life on Wheels

There are huge positives to take from the Smiley Culture demonstration on Saturday. An under-represented section of society took to the streets to demand freedom, justice and an end to police brutality. Two and a half thousand people, over-whelming Afro-Carribbean, of all ages, marched with pride, determination and joy in their hearts. No arrests were made; the people were organised, united and refusing to be silent.

During the rally outside New Scotland Yard, Merlin Emmanuel made the essential point – this is only the beginning. So, where do we go from here? We must build on the momentum of the Smiley Culture case not to ask, but to demand justice for every victim of police brutality.

We do not need to negotiate with the forces that oppress us, but rather, we must set the parameters for how we want our future to be. Do we want to continue to live in a society where we are constantly harassed by the police, and the police are accountable to no-one for their actions? Or do we want to build a society where every person in the neighbourhood looks out for one another, and where the police’s only role is to serve the community, not attack us.

We must challenge the powers that be on every level; politically, in the media and on the streets. As Che Guevara once said, we are fighting imperialism from within the belly of the beast, so we should also connect our struggle against the British state at home with the struggles of people abroad. We must recognise that the African people of Libya, being bombed with British weapons, are fighting the same struggle as us. So are the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, who continue to resist against US and British led military occupations.

However, as we look outwards to show solidarity with all the victims of our government’s actions, we should recognise that the best way of expressing this solidarity is on a local level. Not every one has the time or money to travel into central London, so why not organise meetings, demonstrations and occupations in Brixton, Stockwell, Peckham, Hackney, Tower Hamlets and other local areas?

The only way we can succeed in our struggle is by providing an alternative to the rampant capitalism and racism presented to us by the government as the only way of living. We believe that a different society is possible, a society that is not reliant on the exploitation of the others, but which stipulates the equality of all human beings.

They can call us dreamers, but as a united force, we will win.

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Itamar attack: ‘My son was tortured into confessing’


by crescentandcross

Families of two Awarta teens who confessed to murdering Fogel family still maintain their innocence. ‘Israel wants to cover up crimes it committed in our village,’ mother of Hakim Awad says

The families of the two terrorists who confessed to murdering five members of the Fogel family refuse to believe the two committed the massacre. Hakim Awad’s mother, Nawef, claimed that her son was at home the night of the murder and never left the house. “Five months ago Hakim underwent a surgery in his stomach and I’m sure he was tortured and forced into confessing.”

Disbelief in Awarta

Awarta stunned over Itamar attack revelation; ‘They’re just kids’ / Elior Levy

Awarta village neighbors of two suspects in Itamar massacre stunned by their arrest. Village chief says confessions must have been coerced, demands international probe

The mother claimed that Israel was trying to cover up for crimes it committed in Awarta last month and noted that their home in the village was very far from the settlement of Itamar.

Hakim, 18, is not the only member of the family involved in terrorist activity. His father Mazen Awad is active with the Popular Front and had previously served in prison in connection to the murder of his cousin whose body was burned. He has recently been arrested.

Hakim’s uncle, Jibril Awad, was killed in a clash with an IDF force in December 2003 and was involved in a terror attack in Itamar in 2002. The attack left the community’s security officer and four family members dead.

Another member of the family, Salah Awad, agreed to cover for the murder and handed over the weapons to a Popular Front operative in Ramallah. Two other members of the family are suspected in connection to the affair.

The family members of the second suspect, Amjad Awad, also deny any connection to the massacre. They are claiming Amjad was in the village at the time of the murder. “The Israeli narrative is filled with lies and is a distortion of the truth,” one family member claimed. He also asserted that the two suspects are not friends. “One went to university, the other is in high school.”

He claimed that had the two been guilty, Israel would have captured them long ago. “Why weren’t the culprits’ identities revealed in the first days after the murder? The whole world knows about Israel’s advanced investigation abilities and its use of sophisticated means,” he said.


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Salafist Group Claims No connection With Murder Of Italian Activist


by crescentandcross



The Tawhid and Jihad fundamentalist Salafist group in Gaza, claimed it has no connection with the murder of Italian peace activist, Vittorio Arriogoni, whose body was found hanged on Friday at dawn.

The group published a statement on the internet claiming that it had no connection with the death of Arrigoni, yet stated that what happened is “a natural outcome of the practices of the Hamas-led government against Salafist groups in Gaza”.

The body of Arriogoni was found in an area, north-west of Gaza city.
The group, or an affiliated group, initially published a video on YouTube of Arrigoni before he was murdered.

Arriogoni entered Gaza with an aid convoy in 2008, and showed utmost passion to the Palestinians and their struggle against the Israeli occupation.

He was one of a few international reporters and activists who were in Gaza during Israeli Cast Lead offensive in late December 2009, especially since Israel prevented foreign reporters from entering the besieged enclave.

The Hamas movement in Gaza strongly denounced that killing of the Italian activist and described it as a shameful and a dangerous terrorist attack.

Hamas spokesperson, Fawzi Barhoum, stated in a press release on Friday morning that the group behind the murder is acting on creating chaos and insecurity in the streets of Gaza, and accused it of attempting to sabotage the strong ties between the Palestinian people and their supporters around the world.

Barhoum stated that this outlawed group is acting in accordance with the enemies of the Palestinian people and their cause.

The International Solidarity Movement, ISM, expressed shock and deep sadness after hearing the news of Arrigoni’s murder. The ISM described Arrigoni as an inspiring activist and a generous soul.

The Tawhid and Jihad Salafist fundamentalist group has Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, as one of its main sworn enemies, and went into several gun battles with Hamas fighters and members of the Hamas-led security forces in Gaza.

The group is responsible for several previous abductions and for killing Hamas fighters in the Gaza Strip.

In its video, the group demanded Hamas, and Prime Minister of the dissolved government in Gaza Ismail Haniyya, to release all “mujahedin held in Gaza jails” in exchange for releasing the activist.

In August 2009, Hamas’ security forces cracked down of Salafist extremist groups in Gaza and killed 26 members of the group and its leader.

The group also blasted the car of a Hamas leader outside of his home in Gaza. Its members are also believed responsible for several bombings of internet coffee shops in Gaza.

The Salafists believe that Hamas failed to impose Islamic law in the Gaza Strip and blamed the group for maintaining a ceasefire with Israel.

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Military Court Orders Nabi Saleh Protest Organizer, Bassem Tamimi, Remanded Until the End of Legal Proceedings



Posted by: Sammi Ibrahem
Chair of West Midland PSC

Tamimi’s political arrest was extended indefinitely by an Israeli military judge today despite problematic evidence. His trial will open on May 8th.


The arrest of Bassem Tamimi, a 44 year-old protest organizer from Nabi Saleh and the coordinator of the village’s popular committee, was extended indefinitely today at the Ofer Military Court. Tamimi will remain in detention until the end of legal proceedings in his case. The indictment against Tamimi, filed two weeks ago, is based on questionable and coerced confessions of youth. He is charged with incitement, organizing unpermitted marches, solicitation to throw stones, disobeying the duty to report to questioning, and a scandalous obstruction of justice charge, for allegedly giving youth advice on how to act under interrogation by the police in the event that they are arrested.

The transcript of Tamimi’s police interrogation further shows the police and Military Prosecution’s political motivation and disregard for suspect’s rights under interrogation. During his questioning, Tamimi was accused by his interrogator of “consulting with lawyers and foreigners to prepare for his interrogation” – no doubt a legal right.

Tamimi’s trial will open on May 8th, when he is expected to plead not guilty to all charges, admit having organized peaceful demonstrations against settlement expansion and argue that it is in fact the Occupation that should be standing trial.

For more details: Jonathan Pollak +972-54-632-7736

Bassem Tamimi is a veteran Palestinian grassroots activist from the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, north of Ramallah. He is married to Nariman Tamimi, with whom he fathers four children – Wa’ed (14), Ahed (10), Mohammed (8) and Salam (5).

As a veteran activist, Tamimi have to date been arrested by the Israeli army 11 times and spent prolonged periods in Israeli jails, roughly three years, though he was never convicted of any offence. He spent roughly three years in administrative detentions, with no charges brought up against him, and on so-called secret evidence and suspicions, unknown even to himself or his lawyer.

In 1993, Tamimi was falsely arrested on suspicion of having murdered an Israeli settler in Beit El – an allegation he was cleared of entirely. During his weeks-long interrogation, he was severely tortured by the Israeli Shin Bet in order to draw a coerced confession from him. During his interrogation, and as a result of the torture he underwent, Tamimi collapsed and had to be evacuated to a hospital, where he laid unconscious for seven days.

As one of the organizers of the Nabi Saleh protests and coordinator of the village’s popular committee, Tamimi has been the target of harsh treatment by the Israeli army. Since demonstrations began in the village, his house has been raided and ransacked numerous times, his wife was arrested twice and two of his sons were injured – Wa’ed, 14, was hospitalized for five days after a rubber-coated bullet penetrated his leg and Mohammed, 8, was injured by a tear-gas projectile that was shot directly at him and hit him in the shoulder. Shortly after demonstrations in the village began, the Israeli Civil Administration served ten demolition orders to structures located in Area C, Tamimi’s house was one of them, despite the fact that it was built in 1965 and expended already in the year 2003.

Legal background

On the March 24th, 2011, a massive contingent of Israeli Soldiers raided the Tamimi home at around noon, only minutes after he entered the house to prepare for a meeting with a European diplomat. He was arrested and subsequently charged

The main evidence in Tamimi’s case is the testimony of 14 year-old Islam Dar Ayyoub, also from Nabi Saleh, who was arrested from his bed at gunpoint on the night of January 23rd. In his interrogation the morning after his arrest, Islam alleged that Bassem and Naji Tamimi organized groups of youth into “brigades”, each with its own responsibility during the demonstrations: some are allegedly in charge of stone-throwing, some of blocking roads, etc.

During a trial-within-a-trial procedure in Islam’s trial, motioning for his testimony to be ruled inadmissible, it was proven that his interrogation was fundamentally flawed and violated the rights set forth in the Israeli Youth Law in the following:

  1. Despite being a minor, he was questioned in the morning following his arrest, without being allowed any sleep.

  2. He was denied legal consul even while his lawyer was present at the police station.

  3. He was denied his right to have a parent present during his questioning.

  4. He was not informed of his right to remain silent, and even told that he is “expected to tell the truth” by his interrogators.

  5. It was acknowledged by the interrogators that only one of the four interrogators was qualified as a youth interrogator.

While the trial-within-a-trial procedure has not yet reached conclusion, the evidence already revealed has brought the military court to revise its remand decision and order Islam’s release to house arrest. The military prosecution appealed this decision, and a ruling by the Military Court of Appeals is expected any day now.

Over the past two months, the army has arrested 24 of Nabi Saleh’s residents on protest related suspicions. Half of those arrested are minors, the youngest of whom merely eleven.

Ever since the beginning of the village’s struggle against settler takeover of their lands, in December of 2009, the army has conducted 71 arrests related to protest in the village. As the entire village numbers just over 500 residents, the number constitutes a gross 10% of its population.

Tamimi’s arrest last night corresponds to the systematic arrest of protest leaders all around the West Bank, as in the case of the villages of Bil’in and Ni’ilin.

Only recently the Military Court of Appeals has aggravated the sentence of Abdallah Abu Rahmah from the village of Bilin, sending him to 16 months imprisonment on charges of incitement and organizing illegal demonstrations. Abu Rahmah was released last week.

The arrest and trial of Abu Rahmah has been widely condemned by the international community, most notably by Britain and EU foreign minister, Catherin Ashton. Harsh criticism of the arrest has also been offered by leading human rights organizations in Israel and around the world, among them B’tselem, ACRI, as well as Human Rights Watch, which declared Abu Rahmah’s trial unfair, and Amnesty International, which declared Abu Rahmah a prisoner of conscience.

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