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Zio-Nazi Gestapo’s violent raid on Tareq Ibn Ziyad school in Al-Khalil




Palestinian Information Center


The Zio-Nazi occupation forces (ZNOF) on Thursday morning violently stormed Tareq Ibn Ziyad school in the Old City of Al-Khalil and terrorized its students and teachers.

Eyewitnesses said the (ZNOF) encircled the school, knocked down its main gate before spreading in its courtyard.

They also broke into classrooms in a violent way forcing students and teachers to gather in the school yard.

The (ZNOF) have not given an explanation for such savage act.

In another incident, the (ZNOF) and Zio-Nazi settlers intensified their attacks against Palestinian citizens and their property in Al-Khalil city on the occasion of their purim holiday.

The (ZNOF) stormed many villages and towns in Al-Khalil city during this Jewish occasion and erected barriers throughou Zio-Nzi the city searching cars, checking IDs, and detaining citizens.

The armed  Nazi settlers, for their part, under military protection carried out many burglaries and acts of sabotage against the Palestinians and their agricultural property, while the Zio-Nazi occupation authority (ZNOA) issued decisions ordering some Palestinian farmers and villagers to evacuate their lands and hand them over to Nazi settlers.

In the same context, Zio-Nazi settlers on Thursday morning started to carry out construction activities to expand an outpost near Itamar settlement that was build on the territory of Awarta village southeast of Nablus city.

Palestinian sources said the (ZNOA)  soldiers, for their part, embarked on building a road leading to this new outpost that Nazi settlers established in response to the killing of five settlers from Itamar.

The (ZNOA) also proceeded to set up electricity towers in the area to power three mobile homes and three tents erected by Zio-Nazi settlers.

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