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Snipers, attackers kill five across Syria


by crescentandcross


Syrian state television shows weapons, ammunitions and wads of cash, belonging to an ‘armed group.’

At least five people have been killed across Syria during attacks on the crowds heading to bury the victims of the recent unrest in the country.

On Saturday, unidentified snipers gunned down three mourners and wounded another in Douma, a Damascus suburb, AFP reported. 

Two others died and several more sustained injury during an attack on a procession, which had departed from the southwestern city of Daraa.

Since mid-March, Syria has been struggling with protests that have left around 200 people, including security forces, dead.

Syrian authorities blame armed groups and foreign elements for the violence.

The tension comes despite Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s recent introduction of a new package of reforms, which he has said would meet the demands of the protesters.

Assad has also granted amnesty for all those detained during the recent protests, aside from those who Damascus says have committed criminal acts against the homeland and its citizens.

Earlier in the month, Lebanese security forces intercepted two vehicles carrying weapons and ammunitions to Syria.

The Syrian interior ministry has pledged to suppress the ‘armed revolt’ undermining security in the country.

“The latest incidents have shown that… armed Salafist groups, particularly in the [western] cities of Homs and Banias, have openly called for armed revolt,” the ministry said.

The term Salafists refers to the Saudi Arabians, who practice Wahhabism — an extremely intolerant interpretation of Islam.

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