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‘RFK hit man was Manchurian candidate’


by crescentandcross


67-year-old Sirhan Bishara Sirhan

Lawyers for convicted assassin Sirhan Sirhan claim that he was manipulated in a mind control plot to kill Senator Robert F. Kennedy and that Kennedy was not shot by bullets from Sirhan’s gun.

Sirhan’s attorney, William F. Pepper, alleges that his client was under hypnosis and subjected to mind control and was actually “handled” at the murder scene by an unidentified mysterious woman in a polka-dot dress, who helped stage the assassination and gave the cue that triggered a “brainwashed” Sirhan to fire a gun in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel, the Daily Mail reported on Friday.

Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, a 24-year-old Palestinian immigrant, now 67, who allegedly shot Robert Kennedy dead in a crowded hotel kitchen in Los Angeles shortly after midnight on June 5, 1968, made the claims this week in federal court documents that also detail extensive interviews with Sirhan during the past three years, some done while he was under hypnosis.

Daniel Brown, a Harvard University professor and expert in trauma memory and hypnosis, interviewed Sirhan for 60 hours with and without hypnosis, according to the legal brief.

Describing the events before the shooting, Sirhan said he went into “range mode” and believed he was at a firing range.

“I thought that I was at the range more than I was actually shooting at any person, let alone Bobby Kennedy,” he added.

He also suggested that he fired a gun in the pantry as a diversion and that someone else killed Kennedy.

Through the years, Sirhan has claimed to have no memory of shooting Kennedy and said in recent interviews that his presence at the hotel was an accident, not a planned destination.

A large portion of the new documents seek to prove the bullets that hit Kennedy came from a different direction than the spot where Sirhan was standing. The papers do not name any other possible shooter.

According to some reports, several senior CIA officers were present on the night of the assassination, including David Morales, who was the chief of operations of JMWAVE, the CIA’s main anti-Castro station based in Miami, and Chief of Psychological Warfare Operations George Joannides.

Many experts say Sirhan’s description of the events indicates he may have been a victim of the CIA’s MK ULTRA mind control program.

Sirhan was denied parole in March by a panel that said he had not shown sufficient remorse for the killing.

Kennedy’s body lay in repose at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York for two days before a funeral mass was held on June 8. His body was interred near his brother John at Arlington National Cemetery.

Robert Kennedy’s murder changed the course of US history and world history. Kennedy was on course to win the Democratic nomination and may well have beaten Richard Nixon in the 1968 presidential election.

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