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IsraHell Bitch charged with assaulting Palestinian posted anti-Arab comments on Facebook



Shani Sevilia


‘Whoever likes Arabs should be given payback by God,’ wrote Shani Sevilia, accused of assaulting a Palestinian teen in custody.


Shani Sevilia, the Border Policewoman who is accused of assaulting a Palestinian teenager in custody, has posted a number of inflammatory comments about Arabs on her Facebook page that may shed light as to her motives.

“For heaven’s sakes, another incident in which two Arabs stabbed two girls!! This didn’t happen abroad, but here near our house! Sons of whores!!!!” she wrote.

In another posting, she wrote: “Whoever likes Arabs should be given payback by God.”

On her profile page, she posted a video entitled “How Arab children in Gaza are taught to swim,” as well as clips warning against relations between Jews and Arabs.

On March 27, she updated her status to read: “Somebody called me a Nazi,” followed by a long series of exclamation points. “From my point of view, this was good work.” She then attached a “smiley” face to the end of the sentence.

This status garnered 11 “likes” from her friends. One of them even asked for the name and address of the person who called her a Nazi, but she replied: “I want people to go and spread the word that there is a Nazi at the checkpoint, haha. Just kidding!!”

On April 22, she posted a comment wishing her friends “Shabbat shalom to everybody, and may God take the leftists.”

Sevilia’s Facebook page has been removed from the network.

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