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Nimat Allah Al Hardini from Hardin (Lebanon)

By Basheer Soormally, Reader of The Ugly Truth

I HAD 101 titles in mind for the above; but don’t ask yourself or me why I chose this one!  Two of the imagined titles were: “Early Christian Mysticism” and “From Messiah Christ to Clown Obama”.  I have seen unfolding in front of my very eyes, utterly powerless, the live enacting of endless myths, lies, deceptions, mass murder and global plunder where the perverted money changers and their armies of assassins have created havoc on GOD’s earth, whether acting on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church, the Roman Empire, the promoters of the so-called Enlightenment, the European Colonial Empire or its modern military industrial complex now engaged in a Renewed Crusade against 1.5 billion Muslims, and their religion Islam, which although being the first Christian Reformation has been refused all legitimacy by Western Christendom on the grounds of their claim to the superiority of the white European race and the inferiority of the Arabs, the white non Europeans and the non whites alike, and because of their visceral hatred for the Arabic language and for Islam.  They accepted all the other Christian “denominations” or reformed groups because they are all white European Sects although they have now sort of accepted the Black Christian denominations as well.  This white European racism has caused most Muslims to forget that Christianity is part of their religion, and they always refer only the 1400 year-old Islam, but I don’t.  Islam started with the very first Creation.  I recently even witnessed the resurrection of the dead: Muslim Sheikh and Mujaahid Usama Bin Ladin, a well documented twenty first century miracle performed by an “American” clown-god with a Yiddish soul – Baruch Obama!

I expect most Christians (even some Muslims) of The Ugly Truth to feel that I am showing no respect for their religion or even insult their faith.  The truth is that I have the utmost respect for the Christian and Muslim faiths as long as they do no harm to self or to others and are truthful.  I never insult people’s faith.  Islam does not allow this.  As, for Christianity, I claim to be Christian (a name given by outsiders) and it is the perfect right of other Christians to disagree with me, but not to lie about me and the statements I make here.  I have only one religion and way of life and there is no risk ever that I will convert to any other religion and this is the religion of Truth and Justice whatever name people may give to it.  I believe only in Truth and Justice for all, and Love for all true, sincere and good people.  Mainstream Christians believe in loving the sinners and criminals, but I don’t, because my understanding of love, compassion, sin, crime and punishment is different.  People can call my religion by different names: Hinduism, Israelitism, Christianity or Islam.  I have no objection at all to be called Hindu, Israelite, Christian or Muslim as long as it does not go against Truth and Justice.  This exposé will respect the truth as far as the facts I will refer to are provable to be true.  But, I stress that it is not about religion, but only about the survival of mankind as a moral, spiritual and human creation of some invisible force beyond our limited human comprehension.

Mysticism is not about religion or faith or intellectuality, but about spirituality, and this can be of any faith, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian or Muslim.  I cannot unfortunately include Jews in my list, although I would like too, as I have seen them to be the farthest from any kind of spirituality because of their inherent perverted and criminal ways, their racism, arrogance, superiority complex and total lack of humility.  To be a mystic, we do not have to believe in any particular GOD although mystics try to experience a mystical union or a direct communion with the ultimate reality that many call GOD.  It is a personal (subjective) quest that is not necessarily founded on a particular Holy Scripture.  Subjective experience on the higher plane of spirituality is good and not in the sense the term subjective is commonly used.

When people tend to concentrate too much on the Scriptures alone, for example, Christians and Muslims, most tend to loose contact with reality, with GOD Himself because they have turned GOD into a kind of personal property that nobody else can ever possess or even understand.  This is the case mainly with Jews.  Their God is a personal God and they are the Chosen ones of that God.  All the others, the inferior ones, are the REJECTED ones of God.  But, I am no friend of those Chosenites and I wish my Christian and Muslim Brothers and Sisters would always keep in mind that we were and should remain ONE big family, and must remain united against all the forces of evil from outside as represented by the Jews and their likes as well as from inside from our own ranks.  The enemies are countless, but the worst one is within our own selves, our own communities, and our own governments, which means that egocentrism, fanaticism, and blind patriotism and nationalism are also our enemies.  The truth is that we do not even have a consistent religion although we claim to be part of one.  The all powerful state makes us change our religion on a daily basis because of mass mind control and manipulation.  The Godless State very cleverly takes advantage of our passions and our addiction to worldly things and total indifference to truth and justice with the catastrophic result that we damaged our spirit and lost our soul, which they claim we do not have anyway, calling us rational beings with an animal body and mind and no spirit.  Our early Christian fathers knew about this pathology of the human heart and mind they called the eight passions later made up into the Seven Deadly Sins of the Roman Catholic Church.  The more the Christians were made to believe that they had sinned, the more (tax) money came into their coffers because they sold indulgences!

I once read a book on Omar Shariff (Michael Salhoub).  He says in it how he felt the overpowering presence of GOD when he was shooting Lawrence of Arabia in the desert.  His father taught him both the Bible and the Qur’ân when he was young, and he was convinced that Christians and Muslims worshipped the same GOD contrary to what millions of Christians believe and preach.  Their rejection of the Muslims’ belief in GOD is responsible of all the hatred the Church-indoctrinated and Zionist-manipulated Christians have for Muslims and Islam.  But, when you visit the desert and the mountain monasteries you see, feel, know that there is GOD, and that He is ONE because you can experience it there more easily than in the artificial towns and houses we are living in where we tend to lose our humanity or humanness more and more and our GOD consciousness and see our character moulded by materialism and consumerism and our culture destroyed and nation enslaved by crony capitalism!  Our saintly early fathers have mostly been replaced by modern gurus, televangelist clowns and charlatans, Buddha, Hindu and Earth deity worshippers which are being promoted by the Christian New Agers and the Zionist controlled media including the UN.

My belief is founded on personal first hand knowledge and experience and not on acquired beliefs where everybody fights everybody else’s beliefs without realising that modern (Jewish made) culture has contaminated their respective belief systems.  They made Jesus Christ too human, always speaking of his “body” and occulting the spirit which is the very essence of Christianity which our early fathers saw as essentially mystical, or too much of a God.  While the Muslim Sufis are looking to join up with GOD, Christians adopted the reverse by dragging GOD down to earth to be incarnated into the human body.  They fail to realise that Hindus already believed in this kind of religion and have those avatars by the tons including incarnations into animals.  Whether modern Christians like it or not, the truth remains the truth and Western Christianity is not early Christianity and is so remote of Christ and his teachings.  Modern Christianity is a Catholic and Reformed religion without its roots, and this is the main cause of its weakness!  I am just trying to indicate some reasons why and where it went wrong by relating my personal experience (despite my fallible memory).  Christianity is profoundly mystical, but Zionism is certainly not!

At this stage, let me try and go back to that almost abandoned Catholic Church in Paris where I lived (or was it another one?).  I see myself praying in an almost empty Church.  GOD was right there, but nowhere outside those old walls.  I see a well dressed and quite dignified Black lady with a head scarf deep in her act of devotion or prayer.  I finish my act of worship (mistakenly called prayer or supplication by most of us) and look around.  Then, I walk out of the Church.  The lady comes up to me, grabs both my hands, kneels down and asks me to bless her.  I bless her and cannot help the tears gushing out of my heart.  She says she has some serious health problem and asks me to come to her house to do something for her.  I cannot remember exactly.  I have a feeling that I wrote about this somewhere, may be right here on The Ugly Truth.  It was my beard maybe.  I have never seen any of our early Christian fathers without a beard, but because of the modern Western hatred of the beard, I even read that Jesus did not have a beard and did not ever cover his head!  In a desert, 40 days with no head covering?  The West did everything they could to fabricate a Jesus to their personal taste and liking: white, tall, blond, blue eyes, Greek features, beardless, hatless, hippy long hair, speaking non Semitic languages and speaking more like a Greek philosopher rather than like a Semitic Prophet or Messenger of GOD and his man-made fictitious and artistic portraits made him lose all the mystery behind that pure Son of GOD.  May GOD bless Mel Gibson for bringing back the Aramaic speaking Jesus on to the cinema screen in The Passion of Jesus Christ!

That blessed day in Church, the settings of that spiritual or mystic encounter may not be very clear in my mind as there is always a risk of embellishment in the narrative as time goes by, but the very deep emotional experience was real and I am convinced it was not a simple coincidence for that lady to approach me.  This reminds me of the Hollywood-made Brothers Karamazov in which the Russian Orthodox Christian mystic bowed down in front of Dimitri Karamazov (with his head touching the floor as Jesus Christ and all early Christians did and as all Muslims have always done to this very day when worshipping GOD).  The Christian mystic then stood up, looked at Dimitri in the eye, clasped Dimitri’s right hand and raised it to his lips, then to his eyes and forehead.  This was my best part of the film and I do not think that any other actor can ever play that role again better than Yul Brynner because the interaction between him and the mystic was so vivid and so mystical.  I felt and lived every gesture, silence and uttered word of the moment.  It was not just a Hollywood “prostitute” playing a part for money, but a profoundly spiritual man (Dimitri) just being himself on the screen, and the actor playing the Christian Orthodox mystic was excellent.   No wonder the Roman Catholics who constitute the majority of Christendom do not accept Orthodox Christianity!  They have long since lost all the mystical aspect of their religion because of their imperialist and colonialist bloodthirsty adventures and Crusades.

The Russian mystic is teaching us all a lesson about Christian spirituality.  This is how we bless anything human or even an animal.  I did not learn this from books although I may have seen it practiced by humble and many religious Muslims.  Watch the sequence in the film and see for yourselves.  You must live that strongly spiritual moment where the Divine manifested Himself in two pure human souls.  I devised a way to control my inner “self” or what some call the animal instinct in us by teaching my two grand children (girls) to hold up their right hand to me whenever they see me getting angry, on the verge of getting angry or when they are scared of being punished after having done something they feel is wrong or that has been forbidden to them.  As soon as I see any one of them stretching their little angelic hand up to me, it would immediately have an extraordinary effect on me.  I would freeze. All my bestial instincts would be immediately and completely neutralised.  I would mechanically just extend my right hand, take the offering hand and kiss it, then raise it to each of my eye in turn with my soul turned to GOD.  My little angel is thus saved from being punished when I get angry.  Sometimes they would do it without me having even noticed that they have done something wrong.

Prostration is humility and a show of deep spiritual love and devotion to the other or to GOD.  In my experience, the kneeling custom adopted by Western Christians is just half way to full spiritual communion with GOD, although I have seen Christian priests prostrating with their head down on the floor (or the entire body flat on the floor) in the Vatican and in monasteries during their acts of devotion.  In one of the Gospels, we see the host rushing to remove the guest’s sandals and wash his feet, an Arab and Middle Eastern custom, but Western imposed modern culture and even laws (against hijaab, head scarf, niqaab, etc.) are destroying all our religious Traditions.

When a Western Christian walks into a Lebanese, Syrian, Arab, Coptic, Russian or Slav Church, everything is (seems) weird and alien to him or her without realising that those Churches are the closest to early Christianity and to Christ.  I walked into many Protestant (Reformed) Churches and Kingdom Halls, but I never saw or felt GOD there or anywhere near and including in the Baptist Church were I live!  The Catholic Church, despite all its idols (or maybe because of them), had (some still have) more of GOD’s presence.  I could feel it especially when it is empty.  The vast and often gloomy and cold vast space inside definitely contribute to its air of mystery.  Despite the fact that Islam forbids statues, I believe I am unique among Muslims to have experienced closeness to GOD by merely putting my hands on one of them, whether a Christian or Hindu idol.  The rosary and the Holy Qur’ân have in a way replaced the idols in Islam because many (most) humans need that sense of touch while worshipping the Almighty.  (I know some will say it is outrageous, but I said this is my personal experience.)  What they fail to realise is that the very soul of all Western churches, cathedrals and basilica come from the very caves of Syria, Arabia, Palestine and Lebanon where the first Christian congregations (ecclesia) met and where Muhammad obtained his Revelations (or inspiration).  Rome was not interested in the episode when Paul stayed in Arabia.  Why?

But, what Rome and the West destroyed of Christian mysticism, Holy Russia preserved it.  But, in the last century, whatever the Slavic people inherited from Early Christianity was destroyed for ever by the contact with the materialist West and their Jewish hordes.  All that has remained today is the souvenir of the horrible ethnic cleansing wars where, for example, Communist Serbs, many of which claimed to be Orthodox Christians, with the help of the now Godless West, mass raped Bosnians as well as Serbs because they were Muslims or even Christians and others who were allied with Muslims with more rapists and assassins provided by the mercenary Chetniks trained in Russia. Jack Straw spoke of the Serbian “factories of rape” even in Kosovo!  Today we have US and other Western recruited professional killer, torturer and rapist mercenaries (bounty killers) called Blackwater-Xe “contractors” used in all legality in their renewed Crusade against Muslims.   As it is quite clear, these monsters cannot be called Christians by any stretch of the imagination although this is how most Muslims will sadly perceive them to be, as the invaders are also trying to forcibly convert the Muslim victims and survivors of their deadly attacks to Christianity.  But, Muslims can never be converted to Christianity, but only to apostasy and atheism, yes, whereas any Christian can embrace (not convert to) Islam and stay a Christian (of Christ) as Christianity is part of Islam.

My personal deep love for Jesus Christ does not come from the modern Zionist controlled Churches, but from the ancient Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, desert and mountain monasteries where our early Christian Fathers were real Mystics with both a pure heart and a soul and were real HOLY men and martyrs, real SONS OF GOD like Jesus Christ, as compared to the vain beardless Western Church leaders and Popes of today.  As soon as they ‘found out’ (or Jews told them!) that shaving does not diminish masculine virility, they rejoiced and soon homosexuality became rampant, Christ suddenly lost his beard, the Popes and Clergy lost all spiritual links with Early Christianity and Christ, and they got rid of the mystery Latin provided in their liturgy.

But, Muslims kept the beard and Arabic and all the mystery (and “magic”!) is still intact despite all the attempts of the West to destroy it.  As soon as the Muslims listens to the Holy Qur’ân of timeless wisdom beautifully recited in Arabic (without any accompanying music) they immediately travel back to the Source of the Divine, to their roots and leave this material world for some time.  This is the reason the Western military superpowers, despite all their deadly weaponry, fear the Muslims and their Qur’ân so much.  Yet, they are convinced they have enough fire power to blow them up all, the entire 1.5 billion people and they do have such a diabolical Freemasonic plan, anyway, not only to exterminate Muslims, but more than 90% of mankind, Christians included. Shall we all, Christians and Muslims wait and squabble continuously among ourselves about the tenets of our religion while the Jews are laughing at us, rejoicing in our face, perverting our culture and religion and murdering us at will?  For the Jews, it is “PURIM EVERDAY” as says Brother Mark Glenn!



  1. TruthSeeker says:

    Well-done, well written, profound, truthful…an opener for those who have an “eye” to “hear” and an “ear” to “see”.

    Thank you.


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