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Nuclear whistle-blower Vanunu requests revocation of citizenship



Mordechai Vanunu sends letter to Interior Minister Eli Yishai asking for his citizenship to be stripped based on new Citizenship Revocation Law.


Nuclear whistle-blower Mordechai Vanunu has requested the revocation of his Israeli citizenship in a letter written to Interior Minister Eli Yishai that was released to the media on Saturday.

Vanunu spent 18 years in prison for revealing state nuclear secrets to London-based newspaper, The Sunday Times, in 1986. He made his request in light of a new Citizenship Revocation Law, passed by the Knesset on March 28, 2011.  According to this law, those convicted of treason lose their right to Israeli citizenship.

“After the treatment and ‘care’ which I got from this country and its citizens, I cannot feel myself a wanted citizen here,” the letter says. “I have no interest in Israeli citizenship, I don’t want to go on living here.”

Vanunu goes on to say that he still feels “imprisoned” and like “a prisoner of war and a hostage, held by the state and the government.” He states that, “I wish to exercise my right to the Freedom of Conscience and the Freedom of Choice, by choosing not to be a citizen of Israel.”

Vanunu was released from Ashkelon prison after serving an 18-year term in 2004, under what his letter describes as ” severe restrictions.” Since then he has resided in Israel. He was imprisoned for 10 weeks in 2010 for breaking the conditions of his parole.

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