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Armed Pro-Zionist gang kill 10 Syrian civilians



An armed gang shot dead ten Syrian civilian workers on their way back from Lebanon in a bus ambush near the Syrian city of Homs Sunday, the official state news agency said.

The agency quoted a doctor at a hospital in Homs, where tank backed army units earlier stormed three districts to crush pro-democracy demonstrations, as saying the bodies bore the mark of bullets shot at close range into the head, chest stomach.

The authorities have blamed armed gangs backed by foreign powers for the violence during Syria’s seven week uprising against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad.

Human rights campaigners cast doubt about the incident near Homs, where army and security presence is heavy. They said scores of unarmed protestors had been killed by security forces in the city and no independent observers were allowed to verify official accounts.

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Pakistan Prime Minister to warn US over Osama bin Laden raid



Pakistan's Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani addresses a press conference in Paris



Pakistan’s prime minister will on Monday warn the United States it will defend its air space if American forces mount another raid on terrorists suspected of hiding inside the country.
Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani addressing the press conference in Paris Photo: AFP/GETTY IMAGES By Dean Nelson, Javed Siddiq and Rob Crilly in Islamabad 8:18PM BST 08 May 2011
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Yusuf Raza Gilani will seek to restore some dignity in an address to the nation after the humiliation caused when American forces killed Osama bin Laden at a compound close to Pakistan’s main military academy in Abbottabad last week without alerting Pakistan.

A senior government source close to the prime minister said while Mr Gilani will take an aggressive stand to shore up the government’s position.

The source said: “The Prime Minister will say that the United States should not have bypassed Pakistan. We have made a huge contribution in fighting terrorism. We’ve arrested close to 100 al-Qaeda people, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

“We’ll take appropriate action if any further violation takes place. We will defend our air space by any means we have.”

He will say that Washington’s decision to launch the raid without consulting Islamabad had plunged military and political relations between the frosty allies to a new low.

The country’s Air Chief will establish a committee of inquiry into the air warning failures which allowed American helicopters to fly undetected into the heart of the country’s military establishment in Abbottabad.

Mr Gilani is also expected to announce his own inquiry and to consult opposition leaders about the future of Pakistan’s relationship with the United States.

The prime minister is under intense pressure from opponents, including his own former foreign minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi who has called on him and President Zardari to resign over the issue.

Mr Gilani’s warning will raise the threat of military confrontation between the two after new information discovered at bin Laden’s compound was said to disclose the whereabouts of bin Laden’s deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri inside Pakistan, potentially leading to another raid.

President Obama’s spokesman last week said he continued to reserve America’s right to strike at terrorist targets in Pakistan.

The by US Navy Seals had taken place just weeks after Pakistan Army chief General Kiyani had met his US counterpart and agreed to increase military and intelligence co-operation, according to Pakistani government sources. The relationship had already deteriorated after CIA operative Raymond Davis shot dead two motorcycle gunmen in Lahore in January.

“The Army is very much hurt. There was an understanding to continue our co-operation in the war on terrorism and then in the following weeks they did this. It shows how much they trust us. The Americans think they can do whatever they want, but the Pakistan people are full of hate for them,” the government source said.

The CIA chief Leon Panetta last week said the US had decided not to inform Pakistan of the imminent raid because it feared its plans would be leaked and thwarted.

In a move that will heighten American anxiety over Pakistan’s reaction, local media named the CIA’s Islamabad station chief, raising suspicions that intelligence officers had leaked it in revenge for the bin Laden operation.

Sources in Pakistan said the name was incorrect, however.

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The Book of Zionist Joshua (Muravchic) Prophetic on Arab Democracy





Two years ago at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in Washington, DC., Joshua Muravchic spoke about his book, “The Next Founders: Voices of Democracy in the Middle East.” In “The Next Founders,” he profiles seven people from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Palestine, Kuwait, and Syria. It’s especially noteworthy that the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) advisor was not promoting democratic voices only in regimes that would be considered unfriendly to IsraHell.

There to discuss Muravchik’s book was Tamara Wittes, another longtime pro-IsraHell advocate of democratic reform in the Middle East and author of Freedom’s Unsteady March: America’s Role in Building Arab Democracy. The then director of the Saban Center’s Middle East Democracy and Development (MEDD) Project is currently Deputy Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs (NEA), where she coordinates democracy and human rights policy for the NEA Bureau and supervises the State Department’s Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). According to an April 18 Washington Post report, MEPI has funneled up to $6 million to Syrian opposition groups since 2006. Wittes commented:

“There are a lot of organizations in Syria and other countries that are seeking changes from their government. That’s an agenda that we believe in and we’re going to support.”

Presumably, those “other countries” included Egypt. After all, as far back as 2005, while she was still working for Haim Saban’s IsraHell-protecting think tank, Wittes had written a critical piece on Hosni Mubarak entitled “Elections or no, he’s still Pharaoh,” in which she predicted that Egyptians would soon “start thinking, along with other Arabs, about hitting the streets.”


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Ship Sinks, Why No News?


At the moment, events in Libya are followed with great scrutiny, yet scraps of information are coming in to suggest that a boat carrying 600 people may have sunk on Friday

Perplexingly, it is not too clear if that is the case. The ship left port on Friday and witnesses in another ship say they saw debris etc:

“A boat carrying more than 600 migrants capsized off the coast of Libya Friday and many of the passengers are believed to have drowned, the United Nations said Monday, marking what may be the deadliest chapter yet in an escalating immigration crisis unleashed by the conflict in the North African country.

Migrants arriving in Lampedusa over the weekend told staff of the United Nations’ refugee agency that they witnessed a boat brimming with hundreds of migrants—who were predominantly Congolese, Eritrean, Nigerian, Ivory Coast and Somali nationals—sink near the port of Tripoli, said Laura Boldrini, spokeswoman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. A spokesman for the Libyan government in Tripoli declined to comment on the matter.

Jean-Philippe Chauzy, a spokesman for the International Organization for Migration, said it was unclear how many people survived the shipwreck, but that some of the people aboard the capsized boat managed to swim ashore. He added that migrants have often drowned in similar incidents, because they don’t know how to swim. One woman who swam ashore told IOM staff that her baby drowned in the shipwreck. Mr. Chauzy said that once ashore, she and other migrants were “herded” by armed men onto another boat that eventually reached the tiny island of Lampedusa. “

It is bewildering. How could you lose a ship full of 600 people between the Libyan coast and Italy, and not know?

How can 600 people be thrown in the sea and it doesn’t get reported (or hardly) in the Western media?

Or is it simply a case of “No WASPs, Europeans or Westerners involved, move along, no story”.

Surely, a record of the ship leaving must have been kept, its Captain, its destination and when it didn’t arrive, why weren’t questions asked promptly?

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NATO leader: ‘Gadhafi’s time is over’



Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi stands outside a tent erected at his Bab al-Aziziya residence in Tripoli on April 10, 2011.


(CNN) — NATO’s leader confidently proclaimed on Sunday that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s days are numbered, but he couldn’t foresee how long the alliance’s grinding mission to protect besieged civilians will last.

“The game is over for Gadhafi,” NATO’s Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told CNN’s “State of the Union.” “He should realize sooner rather than later that there’s no future for him or his regime.”

Rasmussen, a former Danish prime minister, believes Gadhafi will be ushered out of power amid the “wind of change” sweeping across North Africa and the Middle East, and the dramatic military strides in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“This week we have seen a major blow to al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden’s evil vision of conflict as a means to create conflict between the Muslim world and the rest of the world. And in Afghanistan, the Taliban is under pressure everywhere, so basically I am very optimistic,” he said, making reference to the killing of bin Laden by U.S. Navy SEALs on Monday in Pakistan.

The alliance has been carrying out a U.N. Security Council resolution calling for the protection of civilians from the Gadhafi regime by any means necessary, and since March 31, its planes have been pounding targets across the country.


Misrata: Horror movie comes to life




She fled Gadhafi, wants to see family





According to NATO’s latest daily operational update, NATO planes struck several targets on Sunday, including an ammunition storage site in the Zintan region, tanks in Misrata and Ajdabiya, military vehicles in al-Brega, and headquarters compound buildings and ammunition and vehicle storage facilities in Hun, south of Sirte.

There have been widespread assumptions among experts that the conflict between pro- and anti-Gadhafi forces will continue to be a stalemate for some time. Rasmussen was asked when the NATO operation would be completed but all he could say was “it needs an end of the mission.”

“We have defined three very clear military objectives,” he said. “Firstly, a complete end to all attacks against civilians. Secondly, a free and unhindered and immediate access for humanitarian assistance. And thirdly, a withdrawal of Gadhafi military forces and paramilitary forces to their bases and barracks. When these objectives are fulfilled, our mission is accomplished.”

He said “it’s hard to imagine” that the “outrageous and systematic attacks” by pro-Gadhafi forces against Libyans will halt as along as Gadhafi stays in power.

He said there needs to be a political and not a military solution with a “peaceful transition to democracy” as Gadhafi leaves power.

But the conflict rages on. The Tunisian state news-agency reported on Sunday that 50 people were injured when government forces and rebels clashed near the Tunisian-Libyan border on Saturday.

Gadhafi’s forces on Saturday bombed key fuel depots in the besieged city of Misrata, destroying six containers and causing a massive fire, a rebel spokesman said.

Meanwhile, in the de facto rebel capital, Benghazi, the Libyan opposition said Saturday that Italy has agreed to arm the rebels.

Abdul Hafiz Ghoga, deputy chairman of the National Transitional Council, said opposition representatives have flown to Italy to finish the deal.

The Italian Foreign Ministry categorically denied it will send weapons to Libya. A press office spokesman said Italy will only go as far as sending non-lethal weapons such as satellite and radar systems to aid the rebels.

The rebels, intent on winning on the ground without foreign troops, have been asking for arms supplies as the war rages in cities like Misrata.

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Pakistani Ambassador–”We would have taken action if we knew of bin Laden’s hideout




WASHINGTON: Pakistan on Sunday said if it knew Osama bin Laden was hiding in the country, it would have acted against the al Qaeda leader, who was taken out by the US forces in an operation in Abbottabad.

“If any member of the Pakistani government, the Pakistani military or the Pakistani intelligence service knew where Osama bin Laden was, we would have taken action,” Islamabad’s Ambassador in Washington, Hussain Haqqani, told ABC This Week. “Osama bin Laden’s presence in Pakistan was not to Pakistan’s advantage,” he added.

Pakistan is pursuing an investigation to understand how the al Qaeda leader could have been hiding in a prominent town.

“It is premature to reveal details of the investigation,” said Haqqani, adding, “Punishment, if warranted, will be delivered,” he added. “Heads will roll once the investigation has been completed,” Haqqani said.

“Now if those heads are rolled on account of incompetence, we will share that information with you, and if somebody’s complicity is discovered, there will be zero tolerance for that as well.” The channel reported that Pakistani officials have interviewed at least one of Bin Laden’s wives. “We understand that one of the wives never left the same floor as Osama bin Laden because they were paranoid of physical movement, they didn’t go to windows, they didn’t have any fresh air,” the Pakistani ambassador revealed.

US National Security Adviser Tom Donilon, appearing in the same programme, said there was no indication that Pakistani political, military or intelligence leadership ever knew about Osama bin Laden’s presence in a compound in the hilly town of Abbottabad.

As to whether Pakistan will grant the United States access to the wives and the material in Pakistan’s possession, Haqqani stuck to a diplomatic script. “What we do, Mr (Tom) Donilon will know.” “Critics of the US-Pakistan alliance exist in both countries,” Haqqani said, adding, at the end of the day, it was a mutually beneficial relationship that will continue despite ‘complaining and carping.’

He also asked people in the United States to understand the Pakistani perspective and the ground realities. Islamabad, he said, has noted with satisfaction that bin Laden had been eliminated but it objected to any foreign intervention in its territory. app

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Scepticism in Pakistan over bin Laden’s alleged role


Pakistani security officials reacted with scepticism on Sunday to a U.S. assertion that Osama bin Laden was actively engaged in directing his far-flung network from his compound in Abbottabad where he was killed on May 2.

Washington said on Saturday that, based on a trove of documents and computer equipment seized in the raid, bin Laden’s hideout north of Islamabad was an “active command and control centre” for al Qaeda where he was involved in plotting future attacks on the United States.

“It sounds ridiculous,” said a senior intelligence official. “It doesn’t sound like he was running a terror network.”

Pakistan, heavily dependent on billions of dollars in U.S. aid, is under intense pressure to explain how the al Qaeda leader could have spent so many years undetected just a few hours’ drive from its intelligence headquarters in the capital.

Suspicion has deepened that Pakistan’s pervasive Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency, which has a long history of contacts with militant groups, may have had ties with bin Laden — or that at least some of its agents did. The agency has been described as a state within a state.

Pakistan has dismissed such suggestions and says it has paid the highest price in human life and money supporting the U.S. war on militancy launched after bin Laden’s followers staged the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on America.

The Obama administration has seen no evidence Pakistan’s government knew bin Laden was living in that country before his killing, the U.S. national security adviser said on Sunday.

Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani is scheduled to “take the nation into confidence” in parliament on Monday, his first statement to the people more than a week after the incident embarrassed the country.

Pakistani officials said the fact that there was no internet connection or even phone line into the compound where the world’s most-wanted man was hiding raised doubts about his centrality to al Qaeda.

Analysts have long maintained that, years before bin Laden’s death, al Qaeda had fragmented into a decentralised group that operated tactically without him.

“It’s bullshit,” said a senior Pakistani security official, when quizzed on a U.S. intelligence official’s assertion that bin Laden had been “active in operational planning and in driving tactical decisions” of the Islamist militant group from his secret home in the town of Abbottabad.

On Saturday, the White House released five video clips of bin Laden taken from the compound, most of them showing the al Qaeda leader, his beard dyed black, evidently rehearsing the videotaped speeches he sometimes distributed to his followers.

None of the videos was released with sound. A U.S. intelligence official said it had been removed because the United States did not want to transmit bin Laden’s propaganda. But he said they contained the usual criticism of the United States as well as capitalism.

While several video segments showed him rehearsing, one showed an ageing and grey-bearded bin Laden in a scruffy room, wrapped in a blanket and wearing a ski cap while watching videotapes of himself.

“This compound in Abbottabad was an active command and control centre for al Qaeda’s top leader and it’s clear … that he was not just a strategic thinker for the group,” the U.S. intelligence official said in Washington.

“He was active in operational planning and in driving tactical decisions.”


The duelling narratives of bin Laden reflect both Washington’s and Islamabad’s interests in peddling their own versions of bin Laden’s hidden life behind the walls of his compound.

Stressing bin Laden’s weakness makes his discovery in a garrison town just a few minutes’ walk from Pakistan’s military academy less embarrassing for Pakistan, but playing up his importance makes the U.S. operation all the more victorious.

The competing claims came as senior Pakistani officials said bin Laden may have lived in Pakistan for more than seven years before he was shot dead, a disclosure that could further strain relations between the two countries.

One of bin Laden’s widows, Amal Ahmed Abdulfattah, told investigators bin Laden and his family had spent five years in Abbottabad.

Abdulfattah, along with two other wives and several children, were among 15 or 16 people detained by Pakistani authorities at the compound after the raid.

She said that before Abbottabad, bin Laden had stayed in a nearby village for nearly two-and-a-half years.

Residents of the village of Chak Shah Mohammad, at the end of a bumpy road flanked by fields of wheat, were both puzzled and a little scared to find themselves at the focus of the investigation.

“Everyone in the village knows when a cow has a calf so how could bin Laden and his family hide here?” Mohammad Naseer, a 65-year-old retired soldier, said as he took a break from working his fields. “I can say for sure he wasn’t here.”

The village is made up of about 120 small, brick buildings, homes and sheds, and has a population of about 400 people, although many have left for work in cities.

Pakistani security agents have been going house to house, searching for clues.

“Police never used to come to our doors but now these guys are turning up all suspicious of us,” said school teacher Ahmed Sultan.

“My young kids are asking ‘Dad what happened, what did you do?’” he said. “We have nothing to do with bin Laden. We’re Pakistani … We don’t feel anything for him.”

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An Offer You Can’t Refuse




Well, well, pardon my French, but you really got your tit caught in a wringer this time, didn’t you now? The little jackal has finally bitten off more than he could swallow and picked a fight with a mammoth who’s had just about enough of his heals being nipped. Now it’s not just a small town in Europe or Russia wanting your collective head on a silver platter, but almost the whole world, and of those, 1.5 billion Muslims who have already demonstrated clearly that they cannot be bought off or bullied when it comes to calling in that I-O-U they have been holding since their lands were invaded and their women and children murdered en mass.

No, I am not gloating per se…It’s just that I–like many people who have been waiting a long time for this–am ‘savoring the moment,’ as the old saying goes.

It’s a lesson that’s way-past due and high-time you folks learned–crime does not pay. Whatever gains you might make in the short term through lying and thieving, eventually it all evaporates into thin air and what remains is a bill 100 times higher than what the original score netted. When the bottom line is finally tallied at the end of the day, what intelligent people find is that it is much more profitable to just play by the rules and live honestly rather than to get involved in some get-rich-quick scheme that 11 times out of 10 is rooted in something crooked.

But then, this has always been your way, hasn’t it? Fast-moving shell games, Ponzi schemes and shortcuts. Rather than playing fair and paying the piper what you rightfully owe him, of doing an honest day’s work by the sweat of your brow, instead you always insist upon half-assing it every step of the way. Cut corners here, cut corners there until the whole thing just falls apart (or blows up) right in your faces. Just like Cain, everything about the way you do business has to be mired in shortcuts and short-changing, and then when it doesn’t work out the way you want, out come the temper tantrums, the scheming, the violence and subsequent cover-ups.

And now, we have the ‘mother’ of all your screw-ups and fly-by-night deals, the state of Israel…The source of all unrest in the world today and the fountain from which flow waters of nothing but trouble and woe. The ‘Great Experiment’ in Jewish self-rule that’s turned out to be a big goose egg for 6 billion people on the planet. Talk about fraudulent investment schemes that leave naïve investors holding a piece of paper worth less than a bubble gum wrapper. One day it will be remembered as the biggest scam, the biggest black hole in mankind’s history, like the search for the Fountain of Youth or trying to turn some worthless metal like lead into gold. An entire half century now of ceaseless warfare resulting in the deaths of millions of people, the loss of billions of dollars and the spilling of trillions of gallons of blood and tears, and what does the world have to show for it?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing, except of course that mountain of suffering you’ve created for your victims. The rest of us have been forced to expend our most precious resources and sacrifice the peace and order of our respective nations just so that you Jews–one seemingly insignificant group of self-absorbed people–could have your turn at bat and have the one thing that you’ve not been able to achieve on your own through hard work and ingenuity throughout your entire history–a country of your own, and with it the reason for which countries exist–stability, peace and prosperity.

In all fairness though, you don’t deserve ALL the blame for this disaster. The rest of us should have known from history that nothing of any good could come from this boondoggle. After all, we knew from the beginning it was going to be built with the same kind of construction materials you’ve always used when erecting your slums and ghettos, meaning Judaistic thinking. This being the case means that there could only be one result, which is that today’s monument to Jewish ingenuity–Israel, that ‘blessing upon mankind’–is nothing more than a backwards, violent, dishonest, parasitic, predatory nuthouse built upon the same gangster principles that have always been the philosophical lifeblood of your people and which have always gotten you into trouble, ever since a guy named Abraham sold his wife to Egypt’s pharaoh by claiming she was his virgin sister.

Rather than spending the last 4,000 years learning from your mistakes, rather than learning to cooperate with others and to pull yourselves out of that ghetto mindset that has time and again caused the rest of us (in the interests of our own survival) to react negatively towards you, instead you sat and brooded, clutching these collective character flaws as if they were gems of some incalculable value until you could regroup and start the doomed process all over again. And now, not merely content with wallowing in your own misery, you have decided to take the rest of us down with you, just as your famed military historian Martin Van Creveld threatened would happen.

But as I said, none of us should really be surprised at this. After all, do we really entertain for a moment the notion that the Almighty decided to prevent this cancer from taking root in the body of mankind just because He was some kind of anti-Semitic/neo-Nazi/lover-of-Hitler/Islamofascist hatemonger? No, He knew what He was doing. His eyesight was (and is) a hell of a lot better than that of us mere mortal men and knew that allowing this thing known as the Jewish state–Israel–to stand was a disaster in the making. He knew damned-well that the worst thing that could happen to the well-being of everyone–Jew and non-Jew alike–would be for a group of rebellious, covetous, dishonest, violent-minded narcissists to acquire their own state where they do not have to mind their p’s and q’s. It would be like Al Capone and his gang getting a nation of their own, along with the military force to back up their criminal agenda. Being that the Jewish state was (and always would be) founded upon the twisted logic of Judaistic thinking (the essence of which is that of an exalted group of people given a blank check to do unto others whatever the hell they feel like doing) was obviously not something that a just, merciful God could allow to take place.

And this is the reason why you people have never had a country of your own, because the Father of all is a wise, just, and merciful God, all your historically-documented spiteful statements about Him notwithstanding. His laws of nature–survival of the fittest being just one–are the reasons why for the good of all mankind the Jewish state has never thrived. This is why on those few occasions when the attempt was made to bring forth this child known as Israel what was produced was a lifeless, sickly stillborn, unable to survive on its own without assistance, because the qualities necessary for the survival of a nation–justice, fair play, honesty, mercy, equity–all these are traits not part of the same Judaic mindset that revels in dishonesty, usury, envy and exploitation of others.

And now, here we are, on the brink of that thing mankind has been awaiting with dread for thousands of years known as Armageddon, where the very real possibility exists of all life on the planet being wiped out, and again, all because one small group of people insist upon having it ‘their way’ 110% of the time instead of learning to live in peace and harmony with others.

Now, I realize–based upon your folks’ history–that there is not much of chance of you having ‘second thoughts’ about bringing the world down with you. Nor is there much chance of you ‘turning over a new leaf’ with regards to your collective character. I realize there is a lot of truth to that saying regarding an old dog learning new tricks and that in the end this stands a better chance of being a big waste of time rather than being productive, but I am going to give it a try nevertheless. For the sake of posterity, let it be known and entered into the record that a formal offer was made in the interests of peace between you ‘chosen people’ and us Gentiles:

1. Abandon this congenital madness known as ‘the Judaic mindset’. There is no such thing as one tiny group of ‘God’s chosen’ who are destined to ‘inherit the earth’ and rule over the rest of humanity with a rod of iron. I realize this may come as a big shock to you, but we are now in the 21st century A.D., not B.C., and this means we know conclusively that the earth is not flat and the use of leeches does not cure disease. Likewise with your ‘chosen people’ myth, it is only that, a myth, and as credible as the stories we read in the tabloids concerning Elvis, Bigfoot, Nessie, the half-man/half-alligator thing and UFOs. The idea that God would prefer a particular group of people who pride themselves on their collective character traits of haughtiness, callousness, violence, dishonesty and viciousness defies all the rules of reason. These are the traits of sub-humans, not enlightened beings who were made in the image of God. Now, if you will abandon this mindset, then the current state of war between us and you will cease to exist, and there will be peace…

2. Stop murdering us, and in particular those in the Middle East. Quit shooting innocent women and children, claiming that they were terrorists. Stop bombing peaceful, productive Gentile cities inhabited by innocent people who just want to live in peace. Quit blowing things up and then putting the blame for these acts on others. If you will stop your murder and mayhem, then the current state of war between us and you will cease to exist, and there will be peace…

3. Quit coveting our lands and our prosperity. We worked hard for what we have and we deserve to enjoy the fruits of our labors without having to deal with you pick-pocketing us to death. Get a job and do something worthwhile so that you can stand on your own two feet without having to mooch off of us. If you will stop bleeding us dry, then the current state of war between us and you will cease to exist, and there will be peace…

4. Stop deceiving us all the time through your media outlets. Stop filling our minds with lies that leave us confused and senseless and unable to make sound decisions. If you will stop lying to us, we will begin (eventually) to trust you and then you not be considered a dishonest, parasitic people, and thus the current state of war between us and you will cease to exist, and there will be peace…

5. Stop corrupting our political systems through bribery and intimidation. Let our leaders do the job they were sent to do, which is to look out for the well-being of their respective peoples. Get rid of your AIPACs, ADLs, WJCs and all the other mechanisms of political corruption that have rotted out our nations. Stop screwing around with our civil liberties and our constitutions, they have worked very well for a good number of years, long before you came along and decided to start tinkering with them, thank you very much. Allow us the same rights of free speech and free association that you demand from us whenever you feel like saying something course, derogatory and defamatory about something that is near and dear to our hearts. If you will stop corrupting our leaders and let them do the jobs we pay them to do, then the current state of war between us and you will cease to exist, and there will be peace…

6. Stop destroying our children. This is not Egypt and you are not the angel of death sent by God as a punishment upon the enemies of Israel. Quit murdering the bodies of our young people in your abortuaries. Quit murdering their minds with your media and academia. Quit sending them off to fight and die for all your military expeditions. If you will stop destroying our children, we will stop seeing you as dangerous predators you are, and then the current state of war between us and you will cease to exist, and there will be peace….

7. Stop attacking our institutions. Stop defaming the name of Jesus. Despite what your religious leaders tell you in the Talmud concerning Jesus being a sorcerer who is in hell for speaking out against the Pharisees, the truth is that He was not such a bad guy. All He was trying to do was to liberate you from this paralyzing mindset that has all but destroyed you now. Stop making up things about Him such as that he was gay or whatnot. Allow us the God-given right to revere Him without fear of lawsuits or prison. If you will stop your ridiculous agenda of trying to erase the memory of this good man, then we will stop seeing you as a bunch of obnoxious anti-Christian bigots you have made yourselves out to be, and then the current state of war between us and you will cease to exist, and there will be peace…

8. Stop lying about the Muslims. They are not terrorists, they are only tired of having their lives destroyed. Stop imputing upon them all the character flaws that you yourselves possess–the small-mindedness, violence, ambitiousness and all the rest…Tell the truth about them and about their Islamic religion. Reveal the passages of the Koran which speak of Jesus, his mother Mary and the Christians–not just favorably, but reverently. If you will do this, if you will simply tell the truth for once, then the current state of war between us and you will cease to exist, and there will be peace…

There are probably a million more, but this is a good start, and besides, we simply do not have the time.

So in sum, what it all boils down to is this–If you–the Jews–will simply learn to live by the golden rule and treat others as you yourselves would like to be treated, then you will find that all your woes will cease to exist. Granted, this would mean abandoning that 4,000 year old dream of ruling the world, but who wants it anyway? What is there in this life so important that it warrants such a ridiculous effort? Peace is priceless–peace in the heart, mind, home and nation.

You are legendary for being deal-makers, and so this is the deal being laid out on the table now. It is more than fair, and much more than you really deserve, given the history of your deeds. As such it would be wise for you to keep this in mind as you consider it. Personally, I think it is not only fair and equitable, but critical. You simply have no other option, other than to be wiped out. The rest of us are not simply going to lay down and allow ourselves to be destroyed. There are way more of us than you, and we have righteousness in our camp, whereas you do not. Give it up, it has never worked before and it isn’t going to work now, despite the amazing amount of power you have amassed.

And with all this before you, keep the bottom line in mind and what stands the better chance of being profitable at day’s end, and I think that when you do this–with that sound, superior intellect you always boast of having– what you will find is that it is not just a good deal, but rather an offer you can’t refuse.

Mark Glenn


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