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Letter to U.S.A Congress

Dear Members of Congress,

Israel has established 150 settlements, populated by a half-million Jewish Israelis, in the occupied Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem in contravention of the 4th Geneva Convention, which prohibits the transfer of civilians to occupied territories. The State Department concluded in a 1978 legal memorandum that these settlements are “inconsistent with international law” and the Obama Administration has repeatedly called them “illegitimate.”

Non-profit organizations registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as 501(c)(3) organizations are supposed to be charitable and educational in nature. However, many 501(c)(3) organizations exist to support Israel’s illegal settlements and operate in ways counter to IRS regulations to finance their distinctly non-charitable purposes. Individuals donating to 501(c)(3) organizations are allowed by law to take a tax-deduction. Therefore, money going to these organizations deprives the U.S. Treasury of badly needed tax receipts.

Members of Congress have a responsibility to ensure that charitable organizations are not fraudulently taking advantage of the tax code to funnel money to non-charitable purposes that conflict with IRS regulations, U.S. law and policy, and international law.

Please take the necessary and immediate steps to correct these illegal practices.

Concerned Citizens

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