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US wants to remain in Iraq another 25 Years – MP



source–Aswat al-Iraq:


The U.S. desires to extend its military presence in Iraq for another 25 years, until the Islamic rule in Iran is toppled, an Ahrar MP declared today.

Amir Al-Kinani of Ahrar bloc, affiliate with  the Sadrist Trend, told Aswat al-Iraq that the majority in the Iraqi Cabinet and Parliament support the extension of U.S. military presence.

The U.S. embassy in Baghdad said that the political parties that signed the strategic and security agreements are representing the Iraqi people, not the Sadrist Trend.

Embassy spokesman David Ranz added that “the Sadrist Trend position on U.S. withdrawal does not represent the public opinion of the Iraqi people, they are an important component and have the right to express themselves.”

Kinani added that the Iraqi public opinion rejects the U.S. presence.

Accordingly, the Sadrists are not expressing their view points, but rather the demands of public opinion.

Sadrist spokesman Salah Al-Obaidi had declared on 9 April 2011 that “if the U.S. forces do not withdraw, the Mehdi Army (militia) will escalate military resistance, as well as peaceful resistance.”

He divided the Iraqi political arena into two categories, one appointed by the occupier and the other the nationalist one.

On 7 May 2011, Jawad Al-Hasnawi, from the Ahrar Bloc of Karbela, disclosed that there is a plan to escalate military, political and civil resistance to be implemented by the next year, if the US military presence continues on Iraqi soil.

“There is a plan to incite problems in some provinces through agitations and explosion,” Kinani added.

This matter was disclosed yesterday (Thursday) by the Iraqi Parliament, noting that the latest explosions in Basra were connected to foreign elements and the U.S. embassy, to send a message that the situation is unstable which will give them an excuse for demanding the extension of U.S. forces.


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