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Ghada Karmi’s Pullout Update




In spite of Jewish ‘anti Zionists’ bragging about themselves being the force behind Ghada Karmi’s ‘pullout’ from a panel event with me this Tuesday,  Ghada just wrote to me and asked me to quote her.

“I’m delayed here (in Jordan) and will not be back in time for the event, and that is the reason for my not attending.”

I guess that Tony Greenstein and his Jewish political allies may want to consider  being  slightly more gentle with the Palestinians whom they claim to support.

It may as well be important to mention that John Rose also made it clear that he would attend a panel discussion with me anytime. His reason to pullout was due to a disagreement with organizers of the panel event regarding the title of the event.  I guess that he may have a point. Though, I am very happy with the title (Zionism, Jewishness and Israel), I agree that other panellists should have been consulted.

Panel Event: Zionism, Jewishness and Israel

Time:            Tuesday, May 3 · 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Location: University Of Westminster – Cavendish Campus

A panel discussion examining Israeli Criminality in the wake of the Goldstone Retract.

Alan Hart, Gilad Atzmon and others

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