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Chance For Humanity


Shabana Syed

In the coming days I will be publishing feedbacks from last night panel event


Gilad has managed to steer the international discourse through skill, knowledge and intellect into the most taboo subject in western countries, Jews and Israel. The meeting held in Central London on the subject of Zionism Jewishness and Israel headed by Gilad Atzmon included Alan Hart, Sameh Habeeb and Karl Sabbagh was a continuation of this discourse – a discourse that many Zionists and its Jewish supporters have tried to suppress.

In a world where one cant mention the ‘J’ word without being labelled anti Semitic Gilad not only mentions the J word  and Zionism but also attempts to highlight what is the driving force that fuels the criminal barabaric policies of the state of Israel.  According to Gilad “Jewish identity politics is foreign to humanism and universalism, it is tribal and has evolved as an outcome of an exilic culture.”

The meeting was a breath of fresh air where democracy was in full swing, the one subject that is least discussed out of fear of being labelled an anti Semite, or due to Zionists suppressing any debate – was aired by a group of intellectuals, Jews and non Jews to understand  where was and is the humanity when thousands of Palestinians, women and children are being systematically killed, bombed and starved to death by Israel – why and how, as the bombs were raining down on Gaza, Israelis families sat on hill tops viewing and cheering the carnage while they were having a picnic?

Why the Mavi Mara taking aid to Gaza was attacked by Israeli soldiers and 9 people were horrifically killed?

Instead of just calling the Israelis and its Jewish supporters around the world misguided or evil Gilad takes a step further to explain where this mode of behaviour stems from, he looks at the historical scriptural influences, and as he explains it ” I come from them and I know how they think”.

Gilads stance gives heart to Muslims who are suffering a violent form of Islamophobia and discrimination as a result of Zionists and its Jewish supporters propogating and perpetuating hatred against Muslims through a media to some extent owned and dominated by them and don’t be fooled there is method in their madness:The more hatred they ferment against Muslims the less there will be an uproar as they continue to annihilate the Palestinians.

Gilad is instigating a much needed debate which if a Muslim attempted, he or she would be called a terrorist or a Jihadist and dragged off to Guantanamo!!

If more and more people join this debate there may be a chance for humanity – thanks Gilad.?

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Winners and Losers



By: Gilad Atzmon



Despite relentless underhand efforts by Israeli operators in the UK and their close allies within the Jewish ‘anti Zionist’ network to block a panel event discussing ‘Jewishness, Zionism and Israel’ , the debate went ahead as scheduled yesterday.

It was a tremendous success. Speaking to a full hall, Alan Hart, Karl Sabbagh, Sameh Habeeb and myself elaborated on the  meaning of ‘Jewishness’ and the essence of Zionism.

But we also tried to understand once and for all; why is it that some of the Jews who claim to be the most sincere ‘supporters of Palestine’ — are always amongst the first to stifle debate on such crucial issues?

Six years ago, I was shocked to learn about the destructive impact of elements within the UK Jewish ‘anti Zionist’ network: at the time they were intent on burying  ‘Deir Yassin Remembered’ (DYR), probably the most significant Nakba memorial group in the history of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement.  Unfortunately, they succeeded-by putting into action the most repulsive Zionist tactics, the Jewish ‘anti Zionists’ did eventually manage to bring down DYR.

But in doing so, they also inflicted some serious damage on themselves. They were exposed for what they are — a bunch of crypto Zionists. They smeared and defamed other activists; they lied, and they mounted pressure on Palestinian officials. They exposed the ugliest possible form of Zionist politics. I did not like what I saw and published a satirical expose of their tactics which I titled “The Protocols of the Elders of London”.

Click to read more …

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Panel Event -Zionism, Jewishness and Israel, Is Now Online (Must Watch)

Panel Event -Zionism, Jewishness and Israel, Is Now Online (Must Watch)


I am very proud to announce that our last week panel event is now online (see bellow).

In spite of the pathetic attempts by Zionists and their Jewish ‘anti Zionist’ allies to crash the event, the panel was a great success. The room was packed. We explored some of the  most complicated issues to do with current world affairs. Some of London Jewish activists broke away from their segregated ‘Jews only cells’  and marched with us.

Interestingly enough, our detractors who promised to picket the event didn’t dare showing up.

I believe that the panel was a crucial  contribution to this movement and freedom of thought.

I vow to do it again and again and again. I will keep you posted.

To watch the panel:



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1. Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook & Gilad Atzmon


I was grilled yesterday by Chris Cook. Good questions, I hope that the  answers were adequate.  I could hardly hear Chris, but I think that the outcome is interesting.

To listen to audio:

Gilad Atzmon is known for his unsparing criticism of the policies of his former home-country, Israel and the complicity in those policies of his ex-compatriots and their supporters within the Sayanim community of diaspora Jews. He has been assailed from all sides for his uncompromising determination to speak out for human rights denied the occupied Palestinian people, remaining one of the most thoughtful and ardent proponents of justice for the victims of Israel, while his writing and lectures serve as clarion for a more humane world.

Gilad Atzmon is currently on the road, touring the USA to “meet with friends and supporters to talk about Israel, Palestine and the power of the beauty.” He is using the tour to fund raise for various humanitarian causes concerning Palestine, and will join us from San Francisco in the first half.

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Pakistan: Pak-US Ties



Parliament backs review of Pak-US ties

By S.MHali


Following an in-camera briefing by the ISI and Pakistan Air Force to the joint session of the Parliament, it was unanimously decided to review Pak-US ties. It is ironic that since 1954, when Pakistan entered the US fold firmly, becoming a strategic ally, joining defence pacts like SEATO and CENTO, its relations with the US have swung like a pendulum from one extreme to another. Despite sticking its neck out for its arch ally US, Pakistan has not only been left in the lurch but to add insult to the injury, sanctions have been slapped on it, thus making Pakistan the most allied ally of the US to the most sanctioned one. The 1960 U-2 incident, which occurred during the Cold War on

May 1, 1960, during the presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower and during the leadership of Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, when a United States U-2 spy plane was shot down over Soviet Union airspace, is one example. The U-2 was being operated from Pakistan’s airbase at Peshawar clandestinely to spy over Soviet territory without taking Pakistan into confidence. It was only when the U-2 was shot down, its pilot Gary Powers made a Soviet prisoner and Nikita Khrushchev threatened Pakistan of dire consequences that Pakistan became alive to the situation. In 1965 and 1971 Pakistan-India Wars, despite being a member of SEATO and CENTO, the US did not come to the aid of its ally Pakistan and instead imposed sanctions on it. In early 1971, Pakistan played an important role in the US-China rapprochement, by organizing a secret visit of US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to Beijing, which became the forerunner of then US President Richard Nixon’s historic visit to China, which broke the ice of Sino-US relations.

In April of 1979 the United States suspended all economic assistance to Pakistan in accordance with the 1977 Symington Amendment to the US Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 over concerns about Pakistan’s nuclear program. The irony is that in 1979, immediately after the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union, the US was on Pakistan’s doorstep once again, when it sought its support to defeat the Soviets. Pakistan not only agreed but became a front-line state, providing its territory for CIA to train Afghan Mujahedeen to launch a guerrilla war against the Soviets. For the next ten years, subsequent US Presidents continued to provide waiver towards Pakistan’s nuclear ambitions so that US aid could continue to Pakistan. No sooner the war ended, the US invoked the Pressler Amendment to slap sanctions on Pakistan and stop all military transactions. So much so that weapon systems and platforms including F-16 fighter aircraft, for which advance payment had been made, were embargoed by the US and Pakistan again became a pariah state. The situation worsened with Pakistan’s nuclear tests in May 1998, which were made in retaliation to the Indian nuclear explosions.

9/11 changed the scenario and Pakistan reappeared on the US radar of allies and friends. Pakistan bent backwards to accede to US requests.

The same Afghan Mujahedeen and Arab Jihadis including Osama bin Laden, who were recruited, trained and equipped by the CIA, became Frankenstein and a threat to

the world.  After 9/11, Pakistan, led by General Pervez Musharraf, reversed course under pressure from the United States and joined the “War on Terror” as a U.S. ally. Having failed to convince the Taliban to hand over bin Laden and other members of Al Qaeda, Pakistan provided the U.S. a number of military airports and bases for its attack on Afghanistan, along with other logistical support. Since 2001, Pakistan has arrested over five hundred Al-Qaeda members and handed them over to the United States; senior U.S. officers have been lavish in their praise of Pakistani efforts in public while expressing their concern that not enough was being done in private. However, General Musharraf was strongly supported by the Bush administration – a common theme throughout Pakistan’s relations with the U.S. has been U.S. support of military dictators to the detriment of democracy in Pakistan.

In return for their support, Pakistan had sanctions lifted and has received about $10 billion in U.S. aid since 2001, primarily military. In June 2004, President George W. Bush designated Pakistan as a major non-NATO ally, making it eligible, among other things, to purchase advanced American military technology. It is ironic that even the 28 F-16 fighter aircraft embargoed in the 1990s, were returned to Pakistan.

Pakistan has lost thousands of lives since joining the U.S. war on terror in the form of both soldiers and civilians, and is currently going through a critical period. Suicide bombs are now commonplace in Pakistan, whereas they were unheard of prior to 9/11. The Taliban have been resurgent in recent years in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Hundreds of thousands of refugees have been created internally in Pakistan, as they have been forced to flee their homes as a result of fighting between Pakistani forces and the Taliban in the regions bordering Afghanistan and further in Swat. In addition, the economy is in an extremely fragile position, since Pakistan has expended over US $ 65 billion in the war on terror.

To make matters worse, when the US-led allies and NATO forces faced stiff resistance from the resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan, they turned on their ally Pakistan to do more. Not only did its demands reach unreasonable limits, it appears that Pakistan became passé for the US as what were earlier media reports, became pronouncements by US administration that certain elements in Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency ISI were in contact with Afghan Taliban. The discovery of the Raymond Davis network, a CIA operative, who was clandestinely garnering contacts with detractors of Pakistan, the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, the Al-Qaeda and other miscreants to the detriment of Pakistan, soured relations further. The May 2 operation Geronimo to clandestinely enter Pakistan and transport Osama bin Laden’s dead body was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Not only was Pakistan’s security breached, but intimidation and threat is being exercised through coercion to pressurize Pakistan to do more in the war on terror.

Donald Trump, the prime Republican candidate for the next Presidential elections has openly come out to threaten Pakistan to give up its nukes if it wants the renewal of its aid. President Obama, in his interview in the TV program “60 Minutes” admitted that he had directed the US forces “to fight their way out” in face of possible Pakistan retaliation to the US raid. This is not how allies are treated. In the face of continued hostility, humiliating treatment and barbs and snide comments, the unanimous acceptance of the proposal by the Pakistani Parliament to revisit the Pak-US ties is a sensible approach.

Pakistan must redefine the rules of engagement. There is no need to snap ties or turn hostile, but the level of cooperation and coercive diplomacy tactics adopted by the US must be brought to an end. The drone attacks, which are causing collateral damage to innocent Pakistanis and have become a source of serious concern, must be terminated. The presence of CIA personnel under the guise of diplomats, operating in Pakistan should cease forthwith. The use of Pakistani airspace, bases and ground routes of the logistic supply to US troops in Afghanistan need to be renegotiated.  Pakistan is a sovereign country, whose sovereignty must be respected and it should be treated with equality and on egalitarian basis.

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The death of Osama

By Dr Ghayur Ayub


The Abbotabad attack on May 2nd put many Pakistanis in shame. They felt like this back in 1971 when half of the country was lost and over 90 thousands Pak army surrendered. But there is a difference between the two feelings of shame. This time, without losing part of the country, the state sovereignty was blighted dropping the anvil on the government and army/ISI. In this article I will highlight on three points. First, was OBL a sectarian fanatic like his followers in the Taliban?; Second are there any discrepancies in the findings produced by the White House and our army team; Third what could be the possible fallout of this attack.

When Gen Kayani took over as Army Chief, the army image was at the lowest ebb because of Gen. Musharaf ‘s policies. Gen. Kayani cleansed this image in a short span of time. His success against the Taliban in the Swat operation, his role in helping the victims of the floods, and his stand on the Kerry Logar Bill or presentation on war on terror in Brussels proved that the Pak army can achieve its goals militarily, socially and politically. He also played the role of a wise man in the restoration of Ch Iftikhar as CJP. However, when the newly liberated judiciary started interfering in the malpractices of executive, some important political figures started feeling the pinch. According to news items Mr. Asif Ali Zardari had complained to the Americans about army interference in his work. The army which already had unhealthy relationship with a few opposition parties became soft target of the government.

The relationship between CIA and ISI was strained starting in December 2010 when a federal court in America made ISI a party in a case pertaining to the Bombay terrorist attack of November 2008. Obama’s government did not help ISI in the case, infuriating the agency. A few weeks later, Karim Khan from North Waziristan filed a lawsuit in Peshawar High Court against the CIA station chief Jonathan Banks, on charges of providing operational guidance for the drone attacks which killed his son and brother. Americans saw ISI’s hand in the case and hurriedly retreated Mr.Banks from Pakistan. As if that was not enough Raymond Davies arrest put Obama, his administration and CIA on the mat. The blame fell on ISI. The world saw ISI playing a superior spy game beating its American counterpart and for that matter the Obama administration. After a day long exclusive meeting between the army chiefs of the two countries in Oman, Raymond Davies was released. The army/ISI which always had cozy relationship with the Americans became the hard target and the Americans started waiting for an opportune time to hit back.

According to reports, the precursor to May 2nd episode started when ISI passed on information to CIA about infrequent suspicious messages on financial transactions through a SIM. One of the messages was sent from the house where OBL lived. It was then that CIA agents who were given visas by Hussain Haqqani without ISI clearance rented a nearby house and started collecting human intelligence about the occupants. Once they confirmed the high valued target could be OBL, they started waiting for the time to attack. May the 2nd turned out to be perfect for the following reasons;

  • It was this very day eight years ago when George Bush announced ‘mission accomplished’;

  • The deadline for the passage of American budget is on August the 2nd.. Because of strong Republican opposition its failing could adversely affect war on terror in Afghanistan.

  • The Al-Qaeda attacks in Afghanistan increase from this month onwards;

  • Obama’s rating was falling rapidly;

  • The planned American reduction of forces in July was coming closer;

  • The performance record of ISI vis-a-vis CIA was spiralling up.

A well designed plan was executed excellently by Navy Seals achieving most of the targets throwing the image of Pak army and ISI in the gutter. The rest is history. According to news reports the CIA personnel who rented the nearby house have vacated the property leaving no evidence behind.

Irrespective of whether OBL was killed on May 2nd or died before, one thing is clear that he is officially dead confirmed by his own group, Al-Qaeda. After this background, let me take up the first point, whether OBL was a sectarian fanatic Muslim or not. A good number of Pakistanis believe he was not. According to those who met him say that he kept a delicate balance between his living in Afghanistan as guest of Taliban and their sectarian beliefs putting him in a precarious position. They say he tried to help Taliban government in business deals with foreign governments and large corporations. After interfering in a major oil deal between Taliban and a known US corporation his relation with the Americans deteriorated from bad to worse. He announced Jihad against America and promised to make Americans scared all over the world snatching away the feeling of freedom they like flaunting. In doing so he wanted to become a legend in Islamic history. Time will tell whether he succeeded in his aims.

On the second point; so far, we have seen many discrepancies in reports issued by the White House. Enough is written on that and the list keeps piling up everyday. As reported, the military investigative team is busy collecting its own findings. Let us wait for those findings and see if more discrepancies surface. Most probably the report will try to blacken the picture painted by the Americans. But one thing makes political sense that both CIA and ISI know that they need each other in the war on terror just like American political forces want Pakistan on their side in this war. At the same time the Americans would like to keep Pakistan and its army under pressure at a level that it does not go out of hand and erupt as street protests in the likes of the Middle East and North Africa. That would be a disaster for the American interests in the region.

The third point pertains to the possible fallout of May 2nd incident which could take the shape of;

  • The army clearing its image through its own investigation and recover from its fallen grace;

  • Resurfacing of workable relation between ISI and CIA.;

  • Heating up political tension between politicians;

  • The government nosediving in popularity especially after the budget;

  • Increase in the drone attacks;

  • Increase in the terrorist attacks;

  • The fear of a technocrat government recently expressed by Asif Ali Zardari becoming a reality. In other words, the Abbotabad hammer might fall on the political government. After all, in past the Ojhri camp disaster fell on Juneju’s government and the Kargil episode fell on Nawaz Sharif’s government. The Americans usually prefer army over the political set-ups in Pakistan. But keeping the present global environment in mind, they do not want to see army taking over the driving seat. So they wouldn’t mind seeing the May 2nd attack on Osama becoming a prelude to a much talked about technocrat government provided the process is carried out without violating the Constitution of Pakistan.

The end


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Pakistan: Our Wuthering Sovereignty!


By General Mirza Aslam Beg


The Abbottabad episode of 2 May 2011 provides the opportunity to restore our national sovereignty and establish new level of relationship with our immediate neighbors and countries beyond. “It is a blessing in disguise” to restore national honour and dignity. In fact, the 2/5 episode was a hoax and a big lie, the same as 9/11 episode was a big lie for an excuse to launch the Crusade against the Muslim World.

Osama’s look-alike prisoner from Bagram, was picked-up and brought to Abbottabad and killed in cold blood, in front of his family members, who were living there. In fact, Osama had been killed in Afghanistan some time back and his body may still be lying in a mortuary in Afghanistan. They showed a bullet-ridden picture of Osama, which was two years old and another photo which had no resemblance with him. His body was dumped into the sea, so hurriedly to hide the crime, committed in such a clumsy manner. The 2/5 episode was the finale of the 9/11 lies and was meant to achieve three main objectives: (One) With mission accomplished, Obama was to gain political advantage in the forthcoming elections; (Two) To find an excuse for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. (Three) To defame the Pakistan government, the Pakistan Armed Forces and the ISI. On all the three counts Obama has gained and Pakistan now is reeling under pressure, blaming its own Armed Forces and the ISI, for the failure to safeguard territorial sovereignty, not knowing that we ourselves have pillaged Pakistan’s sovereignty as a matter of political expediency. It’s a sad story but needs to be remembered.

With the first military take-over of Ayub Khan in 1958, the American entered Pakistan and established their tentacles and got so entrenched, that they were able to boot-out Ayub Khan, when found “getting too big for his boots. Ironically a political movement was launched to replace him with Yahya Khan, who became the catalyst for the dismemberment of Pakistan. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, took over as the first elected Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was a visionary leader and a statesman, and didn’t fit into the ‘American agenda of Great Game on the Global Chess-Board.’ Thus he became an unwanted leader, because he opened the way to China; he gave the idea to King Faisal to assume the leadership of the Muslim World, and he laid the foundation for Pakistan’s nuclear programme. Therefore, he had to be punished and “made a horrible example” at the hands of military dictator and a compliant judiciary.

General Zia joined the American war against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan from 1980-88. During this period, the CIA established a vast spy net-work in Pakistan, gaining access into our national institutions, the media and the civil society. After the Soviet retreat, Americans turned their back on Afghanistan and Pakistan, denied power sharing to the Taliban and induced a civil war and got Zia removed from the scene, because he was promoting the Mujahideen cause. Benazir Bhutto took over in 1988, and soon came under pressure to “clip the ISI wings” because the Americans were awed by the ISI’s professional prowess of defeating the Soviets in Afghanistan. The ISI was ruthlessly purged and Pakistan lost its eyes and ears into Afghanistan. In 1998, when Nawaz Sharif carried out atomic explosions in response to the Indians, he became “an undesirable person”. A political movement was started, supporting military take over in 1999. This was the time, the Americans were ready to launch the Crusade against the Muslim World and played the 9/11 drama. Musharraf was pressurized to accept all the seven conditionalities forced on him. He decided to join the war against our brotherly Muslim country and subsequently allowed the American marines and the CIA to monitor the entire Pak-Afghan borders and pulled-out ISI from these areas, thus bartering away the territorial sovereignty of Pakistan. By this time RAW had already established its spy network in Afghanistan and joined hands with the CIA, infesting Pakistan’s entire border region with enemy agents and provocateurs, and by 2005, succeeded in turning the Afghan war on Pakistan. The recent Raymond Davis arrest has revealed that the CIA and RAW had penetrated deep into Pakistan and were responsible for insurgency in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhawa provinces and most of the terror attacks taking place in Pakistan. Therefore our government rightly decided to reclaim the lost territory, using the Pakistan Army and the ISI. They are in action, and have earned the ire of US government, who are feeling so uncomfortable.

It is interesting to note that for 9/11 episode the Americans did not blame their armed forces or the intelligence agencies for their failure to protect the country from the catastrophe. Similarly, after the attack in Mumbai in 2009, the Indians did not blame their armed forces or the intelligence agencies. Rather, they pointed their finger directly towards Pakistan, while the Americans put the entire blame on Osama and Al-Qaeda. No wonder, the CIA and RAW joined by sympathizers in Pakistan, now are putting the blame on Pakistani Armed Forces and the ISI, who have sacrificed so much in blood and sweat, to safeguard national sovereignty.

The Americans made a monster of Osama and Al-Qaeda, who, after 1990, in fact had no role in Afghanistan, nor in Pakistan. The Al-Qaeda may have carried-out a few suicide missions against American targets, while sitting idle in Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, but the western media blamed them for most of the terror acts in Afghanistan and the region, “to create an Enemy” and to demonise the freedom movement of the Afghans. In fact, after 9/11, Osama had been hiding in caves and culverts and had lost his clout and that is the reason that on his death, there has been no visible reaction. Osama’s myth, so assiduously created, has exploded.

The 2/5 episode “is a blessing in disguise” for our government, the Armed Force and the intelligence agencies, to act in concert and weed-out enemy agents and provocateurs, ruthlessly. In fact a kind of “large scale fumigation campaign would be necessary to eliminate the termites, eating into our very foundation.” The process has already begun in Balochistan and must be expanded to cover entire Pakistan. Once our national sovereignty is restored, it will provide the foundation to establish, meaningful relationship with our neighbors and countries beyond. In fact, a complete re-think is needed, to re-structure our relationship with the United States of America, in particular.

The Elegy. The Pakistani nation has had such high expectations from the democratic government to deliver a sovereign parliament and an independent judiciary –the guarantors of national sovereignty, but unfortunately both the institutions have been so methodically suppressed to render them ineffective. In fact, our national sovereignty has been debased and humiliated by one and all who mattered in Pakistan, in the same manner as Mukhtaran Mai, the helpless Pakistani woman, lost her honour in broad day light. Don’t cry Pakistan!!


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Stealing The Victory


The US is a brute killer of innocent people by hundreds and thousands in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan not to mention the millions killed in other countries. Who will hold these killers accountable, bring them to charge and pay blood money to the kin of the killed? Raja Mujtaba


By Yousaf Alamgirian


America by going for a single handedly operation against Osama Bin Laden has tried to overcome its decade long failure to defeat Taliban resistance in Afghanistan. Despite huge bombardment and using the state of the art technology America and its allied forces botched to achieve the set target. They placed a puppet as the president of Afghanistan who played double games with its master, the US, and with its nation as well? However the United States attacked Afghanistan to get Osama and other Al-Qaeda leadership but couldn’t achieve any of the remarkable success.

Now after Abbottabad operation it is claiming that Osama was hiding in Abbottabad but has failed to provide any evidence to support his claims. The USA is in fact on a weaker wicket as for as the Osama issue is concerned. Lot many theatrical shifts have been seen in this regard. Their statements are changing on daily basis. They are only showing the pictures of died Osama and no video footage is being shown to the world. For over ten years, they are killing the innocent masses to quench their beastly thirst for human blood. Now it is the right of heirs of those brutally killed by United States in the garb of war on terrorism to show them the proof of Osama’s killing. They must be taken on board as for the assurance of Osama‘s killing is concerned. USA knows many of the nations specially the masses of south Asia don’t trust it. So it must adopt transparent measures to take the world into confidence that it is dragging along to fight the war.

Pakistan being frontline state of United States has faced massive disaster in the shape of suicide bombing, terrorist attacks, subversive activities ruining its normal routine life of the Pakistani citizens, destroying its economy and above all defaming Pakistan all over the world for being the nursery of the terrorists. American secretary of states Mrs Hillary Clinton herself admitted that it is the America who supported Mujahdeens during Russian invasion. America used these elements and then left these actors unattended to play their game the way they want. America supported the people from all over to world to come to south Asia to fight against Russia. Obviously America was part of the game and was well conversant of the fact that many of the terrorists from other world had settled in Afghanistan and in the western border of Pakistan as their native countries despite Pakistan’s requests refused to take them back. So they had to live in this part of the region, married, and had many children. This is how they managed their influence in the region. Even Osama’s native country kingdom of Saudi Arabia canceled his citizenship and asked him to shift to some other place. He remained in Yemen many years then again came back to Afghanistan. He was in Afghanistan on 9/11. America asked Mullah Umer to hand over Osama to them but he refused on the plea that if Osama admitted he was involved in the attack then he will be given to USA and reportedly Osama informed Mullah Umer for not being involved in the attack.

So despite Mullah Umer’s policy stand that Osama was refusing his involvement in the same He and his Taliban government which was considered one of the best govt in Afghanistan history had to face American aggression. There was no issue of law and order, justice was being provided to the masses. So much so hundreds of millions of Afghan refugees residing in Pakistan were also slowly and gradually shifting to their native country. But after the America and its allied forces attacked Afghanistan another big number of Afghan refugees poured into Pakistan causing issue of lawlessness, crime rate high, smuggling, dacoit, and many of the allied problems. The refugees are still launched on Pakistan economy and Karazai government is hesitant to take his citizens back. This shows inacapabilty at the part of his gioverenemnt. American also feel that Karazai government’s major issue is corruption and bad governance as despite the huge funds and aid form the world over no development is seen in Afghanistan and its citizens still prefer to settle in Pakistan which itself is hard pressed because of numerous kinds of internal and external problems.

Coming back to the issue of war on terror even the American establishment admitted many times that Pakistan has given a lot many sacrifices in this war. Only the recent most attack in which frontier constabulary’s newly passing out recruits were targeted has caused as many as 80 innocent lives. 65 out of 80 were FC recruits. Yesterday night, on May 13th I was watching a BBC report covering the funeral ceremony of the 9 people killed in an earthquake in Spain. Obviously that was a sad occasion and people were weeping and mourning the incident but at the same day there were lying 80 dead bodies of the innocents in Shabqader, Pakistan but no one was there to talk much about them

However it may be a useless effort to apprise US and the western world as they are least pushed regarding the day to day killings of Pakistani citizens. They are more concerned about showing about their own embedded success stories to make their masses satisfied that for the last ten years American army was fighting for the national cause. In fact there were all political reasons. Now Obama had to contest for the second term so they designed Abbottabad drama. The question stands if so ever the Osama was here why United States didn’t involve Pakistani counterparts on whose intelligence sharing they got the clue of Osama. They just wanted to grab the victory in fact. Their mindset is like a Hollywood script writer who writes fictitious stories to boost up the morale of his nation.

Almost more than ten top Al-Qaeda leaders were apprehended with Pakistan’s intelligence support as reported by a major English news paper of Pakistan in its May 03, 2011 publication. It narrates “history shows that till date, nearly a dozen of al-Qaeda’s most important leaders have either been arrested alive or have been killed in this part of the globe since the 9/11 episode.” Abu Zubaidah , Khalid Sheikh Mohammad , Yassir al-Jaziri, Tohir Yuldashev , Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani , Abu Faraj al-Libi or Mustafa al-Uzayti , Mustafa Setmarian Nasar etc were among those who were arrested alive or were killed during the encounter. Pakistan played an active part in their apprehension. So how comes that American doubted Pakistan’s capability to apprehend Osama bin laden. Matter of the fact is that US got Osama’s clue on Pakistan’s intelligence sharing in way back in 2010. But when USA was all set to get hold of Osama it didn’t share anything with the Pakistan authorities. They wanted to show other world and specially the American citizens that American force is second to none in the world. Whereas it was only few months back when Pakistan army troops’ team won a Gold Medal due to best performance in a three day Cambrian Patrol exercise, 2010 organized in United Kingdom. During the three-day event in UK, Pak army team infiltrated enemy lines and performed multiple tasks. 86 teams participated in the exercise, including 70 British and 16 from other countries, including USA, Canada, Germany, France, India and Pakistan. However, Pakistan Army displayed an excellent performance and won a gold medal.

So they Pakistanis have not only proved their worth in the military competitions but in WOT as well. They have sacrificed more than 35 thousand lives still American doesn’t trust in Pakistan. It is obvious USA has done Abbottabad operation single handedly only to grab the title of WOT victory and also to undermine sacrifices of allying country, Pakistan. (End)

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Challenging AIPAC’s Abuse of Taxpayers



U.S. citizens bankrolling Israel’s system of occupation, racial discrimination and denial of basic human rights with billions annually without knowing what they were funding and why

By Omar Barghouti

The Arab democratic spring, striving to end authoritarian rule and establish freedoms and social justice, has not been welcome by all. Israel and its main lobby in the U.S., the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), for instance, appear to have been caught off guard and visibly disturbed by the seemingly irreversible transformations that these uprisings promise to bring about in the Arab world and, to an extent, the world at large.


Having stood on the wrong side of history during the Tunisian and then the Egyptian revolutions, supporting the despots and authoritarian regimes against the people, Israel has a lot to lose from the democratic winds of change in the region. When Hosni Mubarak was about to be overthrown by the people’s revolution in Egypt Israel launched a diplomatic campaign to convince key Western capitals to support him lest stability is lost and Israel’s other tyrannical friends in the region feel abandoned.

In Tunisia, as well, the vaunted electronic surveillance apparatus of the former dictator Ben-Ali was run in close cooperation with Israel, as exposed by Tunisian civil society organizations. With more of Israel’s friends in the region being dethroned, it is becoming abundantly clear how much Israel and its Western partners have invested in safeguarding and buttressing the unelected, autocratic regimes in the Arab world, partially to make a self-fulfilling prophecy of Israel as the “villa in the midst of the jungle” — the myth often repeated by AIPAC. The impact of debunking that myth cannot be overstated.

Israel has, for decades, extracted billions of dollars, not to mention diplomatic, political, and scientific support from the U.S. and European states partially based on this misleading image of Israeli democracy, and despite all the evidence to the contrary. A state that has been imposing an occupation regime for almost 44 years on Palestinians in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and Gaza, that has denied on racial grounds millions of refugees their UN-sanctioned right to return home, and that is regularly condemned by its chief benefactor and ally, the U.S. government, for its “system of institutional, legal and societal discrimination” against its own Palestinian minority carrying Israeli citizenship cannot reasonably be regarded as a “democracy.”


The fact is, U.S. citizens have been bankrolling Israel’s system of occupation, racial discrimination and denial of basic human rights to the tune of billions of dollars annually without knowing what they were funding and why. AIPAC is the main culprit in this process of defrauding the American people, while one cannot ignore the fact that the U.S. military and oil establishments have also stood to gain from Israel’s colonial expansion, endless bloody wars of aggression, and role as the police of the region, preventing popular revolt from threatening the pillage of its vast strategic resources.


For many years AIPAC has falsely advertised Israel as a democratic state that best serves U.S. interests in a turbulent and unpredictable part of the world, covering up Israel’s suppression of human rights and its very nature as a state premised on fanatic militarism, racial segregation and injustice, contrary to the supposed “shared values” with the “West” that AIPAC has fed to the American public so effectively with its well-oiled media machine and its unmatched power of intimidation as well as suppression of debate and dissent by anyone who dares to slightly step out of line and question the “Israel-first” agenda.

But given that Israel in the last few years, especially since the start of the recent Arab revolutions, has largely and quite demonstrably failed in hindering the outbreak of popular uprisings and democratic transformations in the Middle East, leading pundits have started to raise serious doubts about the taken-for-granted mantra of convergence between Israeli and American interests.


Furthermore, at a time when average Americans are losing jobs, benefits and hope, should the U.S. be spending billions to help Israel maintain its regime of oppression and violations of international law? When schools and hospitals in the U.S. are being closed, and when hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers are mired in endless wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and elsewhere, where they sow mass destruction and death among the populations of these countries, while they themselves suffer increasing casualties, should U.S. taxpayers continue to fund this immoral war agenda? Should Israel and its lobby groups be allowed to pull the U.S. into more wars or to continue to justify Israel’s own brutal and patently illegal wars of aggression, as the one against Palestinians in Gaza in 2008-09 and on Lebanon in 2006?

If members of the U.S. Congress dare not ask these critical questions for fear of AIPAC’s wrath – perceived and carefully marketed as invincible – and an almost certain loss of career, shouldn’t the working people of the U.S. pose them and demand accountability and, indeed, democratic regime change?

It is in this context that one cannot but highly admire the courage, creativity and resilience of human rights and advocacy groups in the U.S., like CODEPINK, the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, Jewish Voice for Peace and many others that insist on challenging AIPAC’s domination of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and beyond and its detrimental and deeply corrupting influence over U.S. decision making in general. The CODEPINK-led campaign to “expose AIPAC and usher in a new foreign policy,” to be launched in Washington, DC in May is a badly needed and truly inspiring effort that should be widely supported by all those who care about the cause of justice and peace in the U.S. and, by extension, the entire world.

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The Birth of Zio-Nazi State and Pain of Palestine



by Eileen fleming

“On the day of the termination of the British mandate and on the strength of the United Nations General Assembly declare The State of Israel will be based on freedom, justice and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel: it will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion it will guarantee freedom of religion [and] conscience and will be faithful to the Charter of the United Nations.” – May 14, 1948. The Declaration of the Establishment of Israel

In 2008, the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation sponsored a competition to express the Palestinian narrative from 1948 in the form of visual arts, poetry, essays, music, video and digital media. I received Honorable Mention, which follows, because as Don Hewitt instructed his “60 Minutes” staff

“The formula is simple and it’s reduced to four words every kid in the world knows: Tell me a story. It’s that easy.”-Don Hewitt

And by the way, in 2006 I snail mailed “60 Minutes” -and many other of the top USA Media outlets a DVD copy of “30 Minutes with Vanunu” and also hand delivered 50 copies to members of Congress.

I still have NOT received a reply from any!

Keep Hope Alive

The wailing of families throughout Majd Al Krum could be heard for miles that cold night in October 1948. In single file, under the cover of darkness, Khaled, his sister, two cousins and hundreds of neighbors guided by only the light of a crescent moon trekked through the Galilee to Lebanon fearing for their lives, for the Israeli army had surrounded their village.

Twenty-one hours later they reached the town of Bint Jubayl and the family joined the end of a queue at a water well. The land owner offered them drink and hard crusts of bread and Khaled told him of their twenty-one hour odyssey of terror. Their host sighed and shrugged, then handed Khaled a blanket and pointed them down the grove where they could sleep amongst thousands of other Palestinian refugees. When they found an unoccupied olive tree they spread the blanket atop the dirt and roots and huddled together beneath the tree’s broad canopy and fell into an exhausted sleep.

The next day, a mile from the grove, the young family found a vacant, unfurnished room in an unfinished building and sat down. For two days, they moved in a cloud of unknowing as more refugees flooded into Lebanon. On the third day Khaled announced, “We must move on. I say we go to Damascus. I have my teacher’s certificate with me. I will teach the children of wealthy merchants, and we will eat and sleep without fear until we can return home.”

He smiled, remembering the fierce joy of Khaldiyeh and Latifah when they erupted into song and dance, and Little Mo asked, “Why not?” It was their first laugh since leaving home.

The only transportation available was a decrepit old train that had once carried livestock. Hundreds of refugees were packed in like standing sardines and people relieved themselves and vomited all around the young family. After five hours, Khaled noticed the girls looked ready to pass out and announced that they must all jump off.

“I will count to twenty, and then we must all jump at the same time. Are you ready?”

The girls were visibly trembling, but nodded yes. Little Mo appeared stoic, but quaked within. Khaled counted slowly as they all stood at the edge of the open car holding hands. When Khaled screamed “twenty,” he, Little Mo, and Latifah jumped, but not Khaldiyeh!

With astounding power Khaled ran after the train, climbed back aboard, grabbed his sister, picked her up, and jumped off once more. The siblings were scraped and bruised, but grateful to get off that wretched train. They all laughed for the second time since they had fled Majd Al Krum.

The young family walked the remaining mile to Beirut, where they spent the night wide awake in a bus depot, waiting for their ride to Damascus. They were filled with idealistic, youthful hopes, until their connection arrived, carrying thousands of dazed and confused Palestinians.

After disembarking from the long, silent ride, Khaled led his family into a dingy gray Damascus neighborhood. He was able to afford a few nights in a sparsely furnished attic room. On the third day, he ventured alone into the center of the cradle of civilization.

The Damascus streets sights and smells overwhelmed Khaled’s senses. His gait slowed to a shuffle as he inhaled and savored the pungent spices of meats and the sweet perfume of fresh fruits. He stopped at a booth displaying rugs and despaired at the thought of his family sleeping another night on a bare floor.

With a crooked smile the Syrian merchant inquired, “Which carpet is it that you desire?” Khaled pointed to the thinnest scrap and asked “How much?”

“Only 125 Syrian liras. It is a bargain, and it is a fine eye you have for excellent quality. I see you are a smart young man, who will not pass up my gracious offer.”

Khaled was shocked into silence. The amount was five times more than he possessed. He turned to leave, as the rug merchant shouted, “How much can you spend? You cannot just walk away from me. What can you afford? You cannot treat me this way! You must answer me. How much can you spend?”

Khaled never had experienced such a verbal assault from any of the merchants in his hometown, and blurted out, “I have twenty-five Syrian liras.”

The rug merchant’s face clouded over with concern, and he asked, “Ah, young man, are you a refugee?”

Khaled sighed and nodded sadly.

The merchant smiled broadly as he extended his palm to receive all that Khaled had and effusively expressed, “I am so very sorry for all of you refugees. My dear boy, I will lose a lot by accepting your offer. But I feel so sorry for you. I will suffer the loss to make a poor refugee happy.”

Khaled ran and danced his way home, proudly carrying the scrap of wool high above his head. The young family danced with joy on top of their new rug until a booming knock on their door startled them into silence. Khaled opened the door and in popped their landlady, “Just what is all the commotion about? I thought you were coming through the ceiling; you all made so much noise,” she complained.

Khaled proudly pointed to the rug and told of the excellent bargain he had made. The landlady stood upon the scrap and sniffed twice. She spoke through a smirk, “Oh, I have the same rug and paid only nineteen Syrian liras for it.”

One month after fleeing their comfortable home in Majd Al Krum the family traveled on bus and train for the two day journey to Khaled’s new job as a math teacher in the town of Hasaka, Syria.

The train was unheated, and the bus carried people, goats, sheep, and chickens that spilled out from all sides. They traveled on rocky dirt roads and saw only homes made of mud. By midnight, they arrived at the town of Hasaka and checked into the nearest hotel. Khaled was aghast when he opened his thin wallet and handed over the first night’s rent. They were now out of money.

Their senses were assaulted by the damp, musky smell that permeated the tattered building on the way to their room furnished with only four thin mattresses on a wooden floor, a chipped table, a cracked water pitcher, and a naked light bulb set in an old wine bottle. The three fell asleep immediately, but Khaled remained wide awake engulfed by dark, tormenting thoughts of suicide and homicide in those last few hours before he reported to his first day on the job.

At three AM, the door shot open, and in charged two Syrian policemen. The girls screamed and the police accused them of prostitution. In fear and trembling, Khaled recounted the events of the past month as the police examined their papers and it was nearly dawn before the police were satisfied and left.

Khaled’s dark mood turned more bitter with every step towards the school building on that frigid damp morning. He sighed and fumed as he waited for the Principal, Mr. Hamza to arrive. When he did, Khaled could barely mumble a greeting and followed the regal Kurd in a daze, to his classroom where Mr. Hamza introduced him to the students, waved and left

Khaled looked into the eyes of thirty adolescent boys, picked up the math book and demanded to know just what they did and did not know. The bravest boy in the class blurted out indignantly, “What is your problem? We just want to learn, not fight with you.”

Khaled retorted, “You all may be too stupid to learn anything, but I will try.”

At the end of the school day, the students cut and ran from Khaled and descended upon Mr.Hamza’s office demanding he fire the new math teacher. After hearing them out, Mr. Hamza found a trembling Khaled sitting in the darkened classroom and softly inquired, “What happened in here? Is it money? Do you need money?”

Without waiting for a reply, Mr. Hamza opened his wallet, took out a month’s worth of wages, and handed it to Khaled. “Now Khaled, go home, feed your family, and get some sleep. And make sure you report back to work tomorrow morning. Don’t thank me, but help another whenever you can.”

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