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Zio-Nazi commemorates the establishment of apartheid 63 years ago with massacre



Four people were reportedly shot dead by Zio-Nazi Gestapo Sunday as they opened fire on large numbers of infiltrators trying to breach

Dozens of Palestinians crossed the Israeli border and entered the village of Majdal Shams in a Nakba Day protest, May 15, 2011.

Syria’s southern border with Palestine. Another four people were said to have been killed on the Lebanese side of its shared frontier with Palestine, as Palestinian protests for the annual Nakba Day, which mourns the creation of the Zio-Nazi State of IsraHell, took hold across the region.

In Majdal Shams, which runs along the Palestine-Syria border, scores of Palestinian refugees from Syria spilled into the town. The Magen David Adom rescue service said about a dozen others had been wounded. The Israel Defense Forces confirmed opening fire on infiltrators.(Haaretz)

Zio-Nazi soldiers respond to unarmed civil protest in the only way IsraHell knows, deadly violence. This coordinated protest by Palestinians refugees happened on four borders. But the Egyptian border was apparently quiet thanks to Zionist Mu-Barak clones who still rule Egypt. The Egyptian military government, still eager to serve the US and its unhinged mini-me, IsraHell, blocked the roads to Sinai, because “the timing was inappropriate.”  But the time is always appropriate for sucking up to the empire.

The Zionist press called the protesters “infiltrators,” reviving a term used in the fifties for the thousands of Palestinians refugees who tried to get back to their homes after the expulsion. Between 1949 and 1954, Zio-Nazi army, with shoot to kill rules, murdered about 5,000 Palestinians caught near the borders.

The term was offensive already then, declaring people “infiltrators” in their own houses, fields, and country. But today the term is also misleading. Those murdered in the fifties were mostly trying to be invisible and to get home. The eight murdered today were involved in a direct action commemorating the Nakba, inspired by the massive Arab awakening that has swept the region from Tunisia to Yemen. Like Assad, Qaddafi, and the kings of the Gulf, Nazi generals believe that if they kill enough people the protests will peter out. One cannot say that this strategy never works. It is a double-down strategy. Like every double-down strategy, whether it works or not depends on the quality of credit possessed by the player. If the defiance of the people remains steadfast, or, as often happens when people are martyred, grows stronger, sooner or later the carnage is too much for key allies and constituencies, and then it is over for the regime. But the Nazi Junta believes it has enough credit to withstand any bloodbath. Given Nazi’s dependence on the good grace of its Western supporters, we all have a role to play in seeing that it doesn’t.

Apartheid is Murder. The time for ending it is yesterday.

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