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J Street reacts to “violence in, around Israel”:

J Street is deeply alarmed by the serious outbreaks of violence in and around Israel today.

We call on Palestinian leaders and the Israeli government to work to minimize further violence and casualties, and to prevent further escalation. We urge governments and communal leaders in surrounding states to similarly avoid escalation.

So the Saudi/Gulf Cooperation Council/Al-Jazeera lobby, AKA J Street, has decided that even Palestinian non-violence is violence. And why would J Street issue this call for the non-violent mobilizations to stop? Because J Street is working in the Beltway, and insurrection from below — violent or non-violent, Katyushas or BDS — is not what it wants. To that end J Street urges “governments and…leaders in surrounding states to…avoid escalation,” and especially to avoid the independent mobilization of the people of the region. Don’t worry. Everything will be figured out on the grassy swards of the White House and retreats at Camp David. Just shovel us some cash so we can lean on Obama. It wants a nice de-militarized two-state solution with an Israeli customs envelope enclosed inside a Jordanian-Israeli military alliance and with the support of the Saudis and the Lebanese government and the Egyptian military authorities that scandalously prevented the Egyptian march to Rafah. 

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