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Suspected bomb maker arrested



By: Coerscentandcross

Police detain Hanan Yadgarov, 36, for allegedly constructing four explosive devices with intent to harm. Suspect has criminal record.

Ed note–WHAAAATTTT???? A JEW building bombs??? NOT AN AY-RAB???? INCONCEIVABLE. Obvously the police who arrested him, the prosecuting attorney charging him and the newspaper running the story must be anti-Semites. NO WAIT, THEY ARE IN ISRAEL,  so that obviously means they are all self-hating Jews.

Seriously folks, the real story here is that more than likely this guy was part of some far-right, ultra-religious and fanatical version of Meir Kahane’s Kach movement responsible for perpetrating violence against Arabs (sanctioned quietly by the Israeli government) and part of the same group that was planning to blow up mosques and blame it on someone else. Until the rest of the world–and especially Americans–learn this fact, that False Flag Terrorism is THE ace in the sleeve of worldwide Jewry, we will never get anywhere with fixing today’s problems viz-a-viz the Middle East and the ability of sovereign nations to develop their own rational foreign policies.

Jerusalem police detectives arrested Hanan Yadgarov, 36, a few weeks ago under suspicion that he assembled four explosive devices, which were ordered by criminals, with the intent of targeting other criminals.

Yadgarov admitted his involvement, and was remanded to police custody. An indictment is expected to be filed against him on Thursday.

The covert investigation began after Jerusalem police detectives received a tip about Yadgarov’s involvement in assembling explosive devices.

After following him for a few weeks detectives discovered he was building a sophisticated demolition charge in his home, activated by remote control and containing large amounts of shrapnel, nails and metal parts.

On May 4, around 2:00 am the investigations spotted Yadgarov as he was driving his car in Jerusalem and arrested him.

A medium-sized demolition charge intended to target criminals and a bag with bomb making components were found when investigators searched his home. Yadgarov later confessed to making the explosive device.

Investigators examined other devices they had discovered across the country to check whether they matched the components used by Yadgarov. They found three matching bombs in Jerusalem and in Lod.

Yadgarov was released from jail only a year ago, after serving five years behind bars for a similar offense, according to police.

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