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US court: Iran must compensate terror victims’ families




A federal court in the United States ordered Iran to pay $600 million in punitive damages to the families of American citizens murdered and wounded in terror attacks in Israel.

Iran was named liable for its support of the two terror groups that carried out suicide bombings in Jerusalem and Gush Katif.

The first case involved a 2003 Jerusalem bus suicide bombing, which Hamas claimed. Plaintiffs in the case said Iran was legally liable in the deaths because it provided financial and material support to the Islamist group.

US District Court Judge Royce Lamberth in Washington agreed and awarded the plaintiffs $300 million in punitive damages.

The second case – also awarded $300 million in punitive damages – involved a 1995 Islamic Jihad suicide bombing of a bus, that killed eight people and wounded dozens of others.

“The court … expresses hope that the sanction it issues today will play a measurable role in changing the conduct of Iran – and other supporters of international terrorism – in the future,” Lamberth said.

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