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YOUR ARE IN ZIONIST HAND: Ofcom decision-makers: a quick look


In line with the British government’s scenario to pressure Press TV, the Office of Communications has issued an unfair ruling against the news channel that calls for a glimpse at the communications regulator, its key decision-makers and their affiliations.

The government-approved regulatory authority that regulates the TV and radio sectors, fixed line telecoms and mobiles, plus the airwaves over which wireless devices operate was formed under Communications Act 2003 that brought five different British media regulators together to form Ofcom. A quick look at the senior decision-makers at Ofcom shows that the regulator is mostly formed of former Channel 4 and BBC members with several figures who have Pro-Zionist politicians approval. Colette Bowe, the 63-year old Ofcom chairperson, is paid £200,000 a year to coordinate the body’s different committees. Bowe enjoyed the exclusive support of Peter Mandelson, the main economic planner of the Labour party who is a Jewish politician with a Zionist mindset. Millie Banerjee, who was reappointed to the Board of Ofcom in October 2007 after serving for a five-year term, held a non-executive post in Channel 4 TV between 2000 and 2002.

Another board member, Norman Blackwell, who is known as Lord Blackwell among Conservative politicians, has been the head of Prime Minister John Major’s Policy Unit from 1995 to 1997. Blackwell is also a board member of the Centre for Policy Studies, which has been rallying support for close ties with the Israeli regime. Tim Gardam who was appointed to the Ofcom board on January 1, 2008, is a broadcasting sector veteran with a 25-year career that began at the BBC. He has been the Director of Programmes at Channel Four and has been in close contact with both broadcasters over his career down to the present. Gardam is currently a member of Content Board and chair of Ofcom’s Nations committee, a member of the DTT Allocation Committee and a member of the Nominations and Remuneration Committee. Ofcom’s Chief Executive Ed Richards has served as Senior Policy Advisor to former Prime Minister Tony Blair for Media, telecoms, the internet and e-govt and Controller of Corporate Strategy at the BBC.

Richards who is effectively Ofcom’s most powerful official has also worked as an advisor to former PM Gordon Brown. Christopher Woolard, Ofcom’s Executive Committee and Content Board member is responsible for content, international and regulatory development. He was formerly Deputy Director of the BBC Trust. Earlier, he was earlier a senior civil servant at the Department for Trade and Industry while leading the bill team for the Communications Act 2003. Woolard contributes to Ofcom’s strategic decision-making and offers the body tactical broadcasting advice. This comes as although Ofcom is officially exempt from examining the content and the accuracy of BBC programs, the latter is entitled to introduce candidates for positions at the regulator body. It should be mentioned that Ofcom oversees the technical aspects of BBC programs but not he content.

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