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Arizona Cops Blast Marine Veteran to Death on Bad Info



Jose Guereña photo: KGUN 9 on Your Side


Not Allowed to Live…

by Tim King –

(TUCSON, Ariz.) – Having survived two tours in Iraq, Marine combat veteran Jose Guereña in Arizona was gunned down in front of his family, inside of his own home, by the Pima Regional SWAT team earlier this month. They fired 71 rounds in seven seconds, striking him 60 times.

Then, to add insult to injury, the deputies under the command of Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, blocked paramedics from approaching the scene for well over an hour, and of course that cut off any chance of Guereña surviving.

After all, it was only 60 police rounds that struck him, certainly the man was still dangerous.

Jose’s wife, Vanessa Guereña, told reporters with KGUN Channel 9, “I was going to touch Jose because he was [moaning],” she said. “And I saw his stomach, and all the blood on the floor.”

Officers did say that he drew a weapon and shot at them, and that was the only reason for “returning” fire on Mr. Guereña, which many people could understand, as that equates to self-defense.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

But then it was discovered that this Marine veteran actually didn’t fire; he never took his weapon off safety, probably because he realized they were police. Marines are the best riflemen in the world and their mistake ratio in combat is lower than other military combatants in the world.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Working Man

On this fateful day of 5 May, 2011, Jose had worked the graveyard shift at Asarco Mission mine. When everything went mad, about 9:30 a.m., this sleeping father only had time to hide his family. Based on what his wife told him, he only knew at first that he had ‘men with guns’ in his house. Thank God his wife and little son survived.

The police said he fired at them, then Deputy Erin Gibson with the Pima Sheriff’s Department said, “Guerena did have a gun in his hand and pointed it at the officers, but he did not fire it.” The police said he was a drug dealer, but they sealed the search warrant. In fact they found no evidence of drugs in his home. Then they changed their story again, and said he was a suspect in home invasion robberies. Arizona’s Pima County clearly needs federal intervention.

New America Media wrote:

The explanation by the Pima County Sheriff’s office for the home invasion has changed since the May 5 shooting. First reports by the Sheriff’s office were that the SWAT team’s mission was to break up a suspected drug ring and that Jose fired his weapon before the SWAT team fired back. That story was later reversed when it was discovered the safety on Jose’s AR-15 was still locked.

The Guereña family before Pima County got to them: Semper fi Brother

The motive for the SWAT team’s mission was then changed by the Sheriff’s office, which now says that “someone in the home” had been suspected of a connection with a home invasion robbery ring. The search warrant and court documents that would reveal what the SWAT team was looking for in Guerena’s home have been sealed by a judge and are unavailable to the public.

No drugs, cash or criminal evidence of any kind were found in the home. Neither Jose nor his wife Vanessa has a criminal record. In an attempt to discredit Guerena’s character, a lawyer for the AZCOPS law-enforcement union, Michael Storie, told the media that rifles, handguns, body armor and a portion of a law-enforcement uniform were found inside the house where Jose Guerena was shot. However, Storie was forced to admit that if SWAT members had entered the home without incident, those inside “probably … wouldn’t have been arrested.”

Brass Tacks

U.S. Marine Widow Vanessa Guereña

Now the police have been fully exposed, but will it matter? Is it not just one more case of an innocent man fighting for his country, only to be slain by ‘legal’ quick on the trigger thugs with badges?

This isn’t even like the others we have reported in the past, where veterans with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) went into a rage, often involving alcohol, and ended up dying in a gun battle. This one is far worse than anything I have personally ever heard of, with regard to the rampant number of police shootings we have reported.

I am horrified after reading about the tragic police SWAT (Strategic weapons and tactics) shooting death of this U.S. Marine Veteran whose biggest ‘crime’ appears to be the fact that he was Hispanic and falsely accused of being a drug dealer. Would the agency have handled it differently if the man’s name was not Hispanic?

Here is what News 13 in Tucson wrote: Vanessa Guerena was in her son’s room, she says, when she saw a man outside pointing a gun at her.

“I was yelling ‘Jose, Jose, somebody’s here. Wake up, wake up!’ so he can hear because the door was closed.”

26-year-old Jose Guerena, a Tucson native and former Marine, jumped up and asked what was wrong. When his wife told him, he grabbed an assault rifle and told her to stay in their son’s room.

“The only thing he told me, the last thing he told me – Vani, go into the closet with the kid. Go!”

So that’s what she did with their 4-year-old son.

It was the last time she saw her husband of nearly nine years alive.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

The story sounds like something you might hear coming out of Palestine, where the slaughter of human beings is always casually dismissed, and ambulance drivers are frequently blocked from accessing dying patients, but instead it is right here in the USA; cops slaughtering combat veterans over bad information, lying about it, getting caught, changing their story, on and on.

And will any of these cops pay for their crime?


It will be ‘justified’ no matter what, that is because review boards are a joke. (Please don’t take my criticism of Israel as ‘anti-semitism’ because fights for and is critical of all oppressive governments at all times. Israeli criticism is exactly that; objections to the behavior of a government, not a religion.)

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik infamously stated last January, that Arizona is a “Mecca for prejudice and bigotry.” That agency and all who operate like it, need a major overhaul in policy before its too late. People have been losing faith in law enforcement for some time, but events like this are a turbocharger of sentiment. It’s too bad for the good cops out there trying to weather the storm with a semblance of decency. It must be tough.

As published by The Arizona Daily Star: Why were search warrants sealed after the shooting, and was that done according to legal procedures? It’s easy to second-guess actions taken in a split second. But a man was killed at the hand of law enforcement officers and the circumstances surrounding the shooting raise serious questions about what happened.

None of us should ever forget about U.S. Marine veteran Jose Guereña, whose life was violently blasted to shreds because deputies with Pima County had “bad information” and were brutal, not thoughtful, with regard to public safety, their ultimate responsibility.

“This is in memory of former Marine Jose Guerena. He was shot over 60 times on May 5th, 2011, by the pathetic Pima County, AZ. SWAT Team during a botched Pot raid. He leaves behind a wife and two sons’ ages four and six. End The Drug War! Stop The Police State!”

YouTube – Veterans Today –



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