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Pakistan Army: US Allegations of Collusion with Insurgents ‘False and Malicious’


Insists US Intel About ‘Bomb-Making Factories’ Was Wrong

Pakistan’s Army issued a statement today denying US allegations that they are secretly colluding with militants in the tribal areas, saying that they never shared US intelligence with any insurgent group. They termed the US claims ‘false and malicious.’

The denial comes after last weekend’s visit by CIA director Leon Panetta, during which Panetta claimed the US provided the Pakistani government with intelligence about ‘bomb-making factories’ in the tribal areas and that raids on them failed because the military tipped off the operators.

Pakistan’s Army disputed this in particular, saying they had never told anyone about the putative factories and that the raids were unsuccessful because the US intelligence about what was at the sites turned out to be wrong.

Tensions between the US and Pakistan have grown progressively worse over the past few months, with US officials making constant allegations and Pakistan complaining about unilateral US raids into the country, including an apparent attack today against a military post in Mohmand Agency.

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