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The Ugly Truth Podcast


We’re back! Mark Dankof joins the program to discuss the latest presidential candidates’ genuflecting before Israel as well as the recent case involving Israeli American spy arrested in Egypt and what it all portends for the future.

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One Response to “The Ugly Truth Podcast”

  1. Donkeys says:

    Romney is like G.W. Bush number II and the same thing is this Santorum. Their speech, their program is just like program of Bush, it is program of lobbysts and establishment, which back them. It is only mindless blabling hypocrisy and their campaign is led thanks to money of global speculators and military lobbysts ( and they take money from pockets of usual citizens)and thanks to masters of campaign ( some guys, who have ideas and can speak english properly, but they lie topromote their candidates ). Why did such Bush win in your country? he couldn´t even speak english properly. Maybe nobody has understood what this guy has said and everybody has thought yes, it is just wise, political language led to perfection ( nobody understands what he says about ) Sch presidents as Romney, Santorum will kick your as..s and you will bear consequences of their politics. It will be END of freedom, end of democracy and end of prosperity and even end of peace ( which was even not begonnen ). And you as nation will suffer, you will not survive the next bushlike president and your country will not survive it too. You have this only man: Ron Paul, who has common sense, sanity, good program, who supports and wats to restore: prosperity, peace, freedom, democracy. What is the problem? Vote him. Don´t vote the next morons of bush´s type. They will give you nothing, they are antiamericans in reality. Even Bush was suprised one time and he has said:,,I was running against peace, against prosperity, but i am president,,. What is going on with you?


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