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Is Palestine Solidarity Campaign {PSC} a Zionist Tool ?


This is the constitution of the corrupt West Midl;and Liberal Zionist element in West Midland  Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (PSC) the group has a bogus definition of Anti-Semitism they conceder the calling of IsraHell a Zio-Nazi state is hate speech-not free speech.

Sickening and abhorrent PSC are liars and they insist that everyone else believe their lies or face social ostracism.

” And we gave (Clear) warning to the children of Israel in the Book, that twice would they do mischief on the land and be elated with mighty arrogance ( And twice would they be punished) !

” Al-Isra: 17:4)



1] Name:

1.1 The name of the Organisation referred to in this constitution shall be West Midlands
Palestine Solidarity Campaign Branch, hereinafter referred to as ‘the branch’.

1.2 The Palestine Solidarity Campaign reserves exclusive rights over the name ‘Palestine
Solidarity Campaign’ and the logo of Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and may
withdraw the right of use from a branch. ???

2] Objectives:

2.1 The objectives of the branch shall be in accordance with those of the PSC mission

statement and objectives.

In addition there shall be the following:

Ÿ  Recruit members for the PSC and the local branch.

Ÿ  Organise local meetings and events to promote the objectives of PSC.

Ÿ  Raise awareness and disseminate information on Palestinian issues at the local level.

Ÿ  Fundraise to ensure financial viability of the Branch.

Ÿ  Contribute generally to the building of PSC and the raising of funds to assist the work of PSC.

2.2 The Branch is committed to an equal opportunities policy which will be pursued without
regard to age, colour, disability, ethnic origin, gender, religious faith, sexual orientation a
and political affiliation.

* (Equal opportunities is big lie Same Sh*t new Dawn the group controlled by Zionist puppets ) Shoah

2.3  The Branch shall remain independent of any political party or religious organisation.

* Is that include Respect and the IsraeHli Information Centre in Birmingham ?  Chris Khamis will answer that.

3] Membership:

3.1  Membership of the branch shall be open to anyone who agrees with the objectives of the
PSC and have been accepted by the branch, hereinafter referred to as ordinary

* Did You believe in free discussion off-curs not.Your objectives is two state one 89% for the Zionist 11% for the Palestinian’s and you say you Campaign for the Palestinian’s ? Your Shameful relationship with Zionist Worker  Union The Histadrut.

3.2 The Branch Committee shall determine the membership subscription of the branch f
following a consultation with ordinary members of the Branch.

3.3  Branch members will be encouraged by the Branch committee to join PSC.

* God why someone will join such a Group with Zionist element’s ?

4] Branch Officers and Committee:

4.1 Administration shall be vested in a Branch Committee elected at the Branch AGM

* Elected  your puppets ?

Chair { of the puppets}

Vice-Chair { Vice -for the puppet}

Treasurer { Leader of the Thieves}

Branch Secretary { The Propaganda Minister }

8 Committee Members { The puppets and the Thives}

The Committee may co-opt up to 5 additional members.

* Moore Thives if needed}

Committee members must be current members of PSC nationally. Members of the Committee may stand for re-election.

4.2 No member should normally hold more than one post on the Branch Committee.

4.3  The quorum for Branch committee meetings shall be 4.

* Hi Martin QUORUM corrupt Branch!

4.4 The Branch Committee may, by a two thirds majority, pass a motion of no confidence in
any officer of the branch. The decision will be referred to the (national) PSC Co-ordinating
Committee (CC) who shall receive a report from the branch and determine how the matter
shall be dealt with.

4.5 Branch committees shall nominate representatives to the CC.

4.6 Branch Committees shall forward to the CC a written report of its activities once a year.

5] Branch Meetings, Annual General Meetings and Emergency General Meetings

5.1 A Branch Committee Meeting may be attended by any ordinary members, who shall hold
observer status.

5.2 The Chair shall have a casting vote in the event of any tied votes.

5.3 The minutes of all Branch Committee meetings shall be kept by the Secretary and  will be
made available to any branch members on request.

5.4 A Branch Meeting must be advertised 28 days in advance.

5.5  An Annual General Meeting shall be called each year after the AGM of the PSC, not later
than six months after the end of the financial year, and shall constitute the Governing
Body of the branch, and may alter or reverse any decision by the branch Committee at the

branch AGM.

5.6  The AGM shall:

Ÿ  Receive a report from the Committee on activities for the past year;

Ÿ  Receive the Annual Accounts of the branch;

Ÿ  Elect a Branch Committee for the ensuing year.

Ÿ  Discuss the implementation of PSC AGM decisions

Ÿ  Discuss local campaigning priorities for the next twelve months

5.7  An AGM must be advertised 28 days in advance. Motions must be submitted 14 days
before the AGM and must be circulated to ordinary members.

5.8 An Emergency General Meeting shall be convened either:

Ÿ  by a special resolution of the Branch Committee;

Ÿ  by a request in writing by thirty three percent of the ordinary membership of the branch.

5.9  If either of these conditions are fulfilled a meeting shall be convened within 14 days.

6] Finance:

6.1 Any debts incurred shall be the sole responsibility of the Branch Officers of the

Branch Committee at the time the debts are incurred.

6.2 The Treasurer shall keep accounts of the financial transactions of the branch which
shall be available to members of the Branch.

6.3  The Branch Committee shall compile annual accounts for presentation to the AGM.

7] Affiliation:

7.1 The Branch shall affiliate to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and shall at all times take
account of such guidelines and amendments to the Branch Code of Practice as shall from
time to time be approved by the PSC Co-ordinating Committee.

7.2 If a Branch is deemed to have grossly infringed the Branch constitution, Code of Practice
or brought the PSC into disrepute, the Co-ordinating Committee can disaffiliate the

7.3 An affiliation shall not be made to any body not connected with the Palestine Solidarity
Campaign without agreement having been obtained from the PSC Co-ordinating
Committee. The branch shall pay an annual affiliation fee to the PSC as set by the AGM.

8] Amendments:

8.1 This Constitution may be added to or amended by a two thirds majority of those present
and voting in favour of the proposed amendment at the AGM.

9] Interpretations:

9.1 All questions of interpretation of this branch constitution shall be referred to the PSC
Co-ordinating Committee.

10] Revocation:

10.1      All previous PSC branch constitutions are hereby expressly revoked.

[ As amended at WMPSC AGM 9 July 2007, then at AGM 5 July 2010 ]

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