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Richard Falk, Cartoon and the Lobby


Richard Falk has removed the controversial cartoon from his personal blog. The cartoon was not anti-Christ or anti-Islam which are considered kosher as part of ‘freedom of speech’ in the West. The cartoon, in fact, depicted a dog wearing a shirt labeled “USA” and a yarmulke marked with a Star of Zion devouring a bloody human carcass. Lady Justice stands by blindfolded, holding the dog’s leash as it urinates on her feet.

According to Falk the cartoon was meant to show Washington’s double standards related to the International Criminal Court’s arrest warrants for Libyan President Qaddafi and his son. In all practical sense, ICC is a ZOG Judicial setup. A few years ago, it issued arrest warrant for another sitting Muslim President of Sudan. However, it refuses to prosecute the US and Israeli mass killers.

Obama administration along with several Jewish organizations have demanded that United Nations’ dismiss Professor Richard Falk(Princeton University), its special rapporteur on Palestinians’ rights under Jewish occupation – for posting an ‘anti-Semitic’ cartoon on his website.

Interestingly, Dr. Richard Falk (born 1930), who claims to have Jewish family background has been under attack by the Israel-Firsters and Jewish groups for being critical of Israel in his fact-finding reports to United Nations.

The little unknown reason for Zionists’ hatred of Richard Falk is his meeting withImam Khomeini in France in 1979. On February 16, 1979, Falk wrote an Op-Ed titled Trusting Khomeini, in the New York Times full of praise for Imam Khomeini while refuting western lies about the Imam and the Islamic Revolution.

“Ayatollah Khomeini said recently, in France, that in any well-governed
society “the ruler does not live very differently from the ordinary person.” For him, to be religious is to struggle for these political goals, yet the religious leader’s role is to inspire politics, not to govern. Hence, it is widely expected that he will soon go to the holy city of Qum, at a remove from the daily exercise of power. There he will serve as a guide or, if necessary, as a critic of the republic.

In looking to the future, Ayatollah Khomeini has spoken of his hopes to show the world what a genuine Islamic government can do on behalf of its people. He has made clear frequently that he scorns what he considers to be the so-called Islamic Governments in Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Pakistan,” wrote Falk.

On March 22, 2011 – Richard Falk was interviewed by Kevin Barrett PhD, during which Falk said: “I would add one word about Ahmadinejad; I had a message from a friend in Lebanon who said his recent visit to Lebanon was greeted with the greatest enthusiasm expressed toward any foreign leader in the history of the country. This is an indication of how far we, in this country, and our media, are disconnected with the mood and climate of opinion elsewehere. Lebanon is a country that wasn’t particularly thought of as even being in the Islamic world, it’s as a divided country. But Iran did a great deal to help the reconstruction of Lebanon after the 2007 devastating air attacks by Israel, and the people of the country recognize this, and express their thanks and gratitude toward Ahmadinejad, as well as his position on the Israel-Palestine conflict. I think it is very, somehow, important that like your own try to break through this wall of deception that the American people have been living behind for so long now that they don’t even understand that they are being manipulated in a very dangerous and self-destructive way”.

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Syria: Zionist Mobilization Kicks Into High Gear


Al-Jumhuriyyah al-Arabiyyah
as-Suriyyah, the Syrian
Arab Republic, is under
internal assault from
Zionist destabilization forces.
by Jonathan Azaziah 

Editor’s Note: WARNING – Photos and hyperlinks in the ‘conclusion’ section of this essay are of extremely graphic nature. They have been included in this piece due to their unequivocal importance to the overall view of what is taking place in Syria.

The hasbara (propaganda) that is spread throughout the Zionist-owned mainstream media is identical in nature to a house of cards. No matter how imposing the house may be, remove one card from the structure, and it shall immediately collapse in an almost glorious fashion. It is due to its foundation; its towering essence is overshadowed by its flimsiness. The Zionist media imposes its hasbara in terrorizing fashion; like the usurping Israeli entity’s bombs falling upon illegally besieged Gaza or Lebanon, the hasbara enters the psyche as an F-16 bombardment. But unlike the bombs, which are so unstoppably and menacingly destructive, the hasbara is weaker than the web of a spider coming in contact with a machete. Remove just one element, one detail from a news story laced with hasbara, like the house of cards, the aforesaid story will crash to the ground, broken and dismembered.

This house of cards is what has been built upon the events unfolding in Syria, where President Bashar al-Assad is facing an uprising not seen since his father’s days. The Zionist media, in partnership with ‘Arab’ media giant Al-Jazeera, painted a rosy picture of heroic, peaceful demonstrators rising up against the dictatorship that has ruled their nation repressively for more than four decades. But that is all that it is, a picture; a story not rooted in reality or fact. Al-Jazeera has finally admitted, that the opposition has lied and exaggerated about casualties and protest numbers (1), to ‘further its cause,’ of course, in typical hasbara fasion, but this small admission, this small card removed from the frame, brings the house of cards crashing down.

Al-Jazeera’s admission only gives further credence to what has already been exposed: the Zionist entity and the House of Saud, allied with the US, Turkey and Jordan, have launched a full-scale destabilization operation against Bashar al-Assad and his government. Mobilizing its forces from certain ‘hotspots,’ or joint operations rooms, the Zionist-Saudi axis has used its agents ex-Syrian VP Abdel-Halim Khaddam, AIPAC member Farid al-Ghadry, Brookings Institution Fellow Ammar AbdulHamid, State Dept giant Jeffrey Feltman and multiple Syrian Muslim Brotherhood leaders to fund, incite, train, guide, organize and direct its agents within Syria to drive the Assad leadership into the ground in hopes of replacing it with an anti-Iran, anti-Hezbollah regime subservient to the Zionist-Saudi axis. With weapons being provided by Jordan and armed operations initiated by Zionist agent Muthanna al-Dhari, Syria has been plunged into chaos (2). Feltman’s role is crucial, as he developed the final phase of this plot with Saudi National Security Advisor ‘Prince’ Bandar bin Sultan, spending $2 billion in the process (3).

The Zionist entity’s hopes of prolonging the ‘kiss of democratic death’ destablization operation and weakening Syria, prior to invading it, destroying it and colonizing it as it did with 13 years of sanctions against (occupied) Iraq, seem to have died down. It seems the next phase has already arrived. Events in the last week have spun out of control at lightning speed and Zionist mobilization has kicked into high gear.

Amnesty International,

tool of Zionist-globalist

hegemonic dominance,

has falsely accused

Syria of ‘crimes against


Syrian Crimes Against Humanity: Fact or Pretext For Invasion?

Amnesty International (AI) has a long, disturbing history of collaborating with globalist powers to foment illegal wars and conquer indigenous resources and territory. A corporate member of the Chatham House and bankrolled by Zionist billionaire war criminal George Soros, AI is a ruthless organization that has fooled a great deal of people due to the mask of ‘human rights’ that it parades around in. Most infamously, in the ‘incubator babies’ scandal, it represented an integral wing of the Zionist operation against Iraq just prior to the criminal Gulf War, disseminating horrific propaganda across the globe, portraying Iraqis as animals and baby killers to justify the invasion. The story was revealed to be false on absolutely every level, but AI’s mission had already been accomplished: the Zionist war against Iraq had begun. Over the years, AI has directed mountains of hasbara against Syria, specifically towards Bashar al-Assad’s father, the late Hafez al-Assad (4).

On June 6th 2011, Amnesty International accused the Syrian government, under the direction of Bashar al-Assad and his top officials, of committing crimes against humanity in the town of Tell Kalakh. AI stated that ‘scores of men’ were arbitrarily arrested, tortured and at least 9 had died in custody. Seemingly infuriated, AI thundered in its report that the Syrian regime would respond to nothing but ‘concrete international measures.’ The report was a call to the UN Security Council and International Criminal Court to take action against Bashar al-Assad. A very gripping account indeed; one that pulls right at the heart strings in a whirlwind of emotion. A civilian population under siege at the hands of a monstrous dictator and his security apparatus. But a problem exists within this account; a very prominent, drastic problem. AI obtained all of the information from ‘eyewitnesses’ in Lebanon in addition to telephone conversations (5).

First and foremost, how can ‘crimes against humanity’ accusations be made without any physical evidence provided? Secondly, how can an ‘independent’ NGO have such power that it can demand action to be taken against the nation it is accusing of such crimes from the highest international bodies on earth and be taken seriously? Thirdly, with Amnesty International’s track record of fabricating ‘humanitarian crises’ for the benefit of Zionist hegemony, how can such accusations even be considered credible?

Soldiers shot dead and

wounded by Zionist-Saudi-backed

‘protesters’ in the Syrian town

of Tell Kalakh; not reported by

Amnesty International.

Fourthly, if villagers are armed and firing on soldiers and policemen, they are not civilians; ‘eyewitnesses’ be damned. And if they’re not civilians, ‘crimes against humanity’ are out of the question. On that note, why hasn’t AI reported on the hundreds of Syrian security forces shot dead across Syria by armed Syrian Muslim Brotherhood fighters (6)? Specifically, why hasn’t AI reported on the Syrian security forces shot dead in Tell Kalakh? At least 2 were killed and more than 7 were badly wounded (7). This crucial piece of evidence simply reaffirms that these are not peaceful protesters but gunmen. It reaffirms that what is unfolding in Syria is not a ‘peaceful uprising’ but an armed insurrection. And it reaffirms, that AI’s ‘crimes against humanity’ accusations against Syria are monstrously false.

With that said, who are these so-called ‘eyewitnesses’ that AI met in Lebanon? And why were the meetings held in Lebanon? Why not Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, the Zionist regime itself or any other neighboring entity? Were these ‘eyewitnesses’ provided to AI? If so, by whom? The reason why these particular questions are so vital, is because former Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri’s Future Movement has worked closely with Zionist Near East Affairs asset Jeffrey Feltman and US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro in organizing the press campaign against Syria (8), shaping public opinion in the region, and it would by no means be out of the ordinary if AI’s ‘Lebanese sources’ were provided by the Feltman-Hariri-Shapiro coordination, considering AI’s history of collaborating with Zionism and the role being played in Syria by the aforementioned three men.

Yet again, Amnesty International has been exposed manipulating and fabricating information to justify a take-down of what the Israeli entity and its allies commonly refer to as a ‘hostile environment.’ Yet again, Amnesty International shows that its true colors are not its typical yellow, but Israeli blue and white.

The US Ambassador to Syria was

recently in the Syrian town of

Hama with his French

counterpart, doing the

dirty work of Zionism.

Arrival of The Ambassadors: Incitement and Subversion

Just two days after Amnesty International submitted its (now-debunked) ludicrous claims of Syria committing crimes against humanity in Tell Kalakh, the US and French Ambassadors to Syria made an unauthorized trip to Hama, a stronghold of the Zionist-Saudi axis’ operations against the Bashar al-Assad government. The US State Department called the visit a ‘show of solidarity with the protesters.’ And the solidarity was reciprocated. ‘Protesters’ disgustingly placed olive branches and roses on the vehicles transporting the Western ambassadors as they chanted ‘down with the regime!’ The perturbed Syrian Foreign Ministry, rightfully, blasted the unauthorized visit as incitement. Also, it is not a coincidence that enemies of Al-Jumhuriyyah al-Arabiyyah as-Suriyyah would travel to an anti-government hub as the government prepared to hold a national dialogue and end the nightmarish unrest in the country (9).

There is another element that the US State Department did not reveal to the public. An element behind the curtain, behind the ‘solidarity.’ The primary reason why US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford traveled to Hama was to deliver tapping devices to the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood-dominated opposition. The devices were meant to capture images of their protests to later be amplified prior to airing them with the international Zionist media. The devices were also meant to spy on Syrian security forces, including the army and police in anti-Assad areas. While Syrian security forces dismantled a good deal of these apparatuses, many of them still exist in the Saudi-Zionist-backed opposition’s strongholds (10).

US Ambassador

to Syria,

Robert Ford.

This is simply another example of foreign powers meddling in the internal affairs of Syria to accomplish the mission of toppling Bashar al-Assad and replacing him with a puppet that will happily bow before the international dominance of Zionism. It is excessively important to document that this batch of incitement, while blatant, is nothing but the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Weapons, monies, intelligence and military support have been provided to the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoots by the Zionist-occupied governments in the EU, US and Jordan to drown out the cries of the peaceful reformists who have been fully acknowledged by the Assad leadership (11).

The Ambassadors’ incitement and delivery of materials represents the culmination of more than 3 months of destabilization at the Zionist-led coalition’s hands; an overt act of subversion on top of all of the various covert operations. This infuriated the Syrian people, who have marched in the millions over the last few months in support of the Bashar al-Assad’s Resistance government (12). Their fury was expressed in the streets as hundreds marched to the US and French embassies in Damascus. Protesters broke the embassies’ windows and thunderously chanted against the Western regimes’ meddling (13).

Hillary Clinton,

seen here bowing before

AIPAC, says that

Bashar al-Assad has

‘lost legitimacy.’

In the aftermath, avid Zionist and murderous war criminal Hillary Clinton responded to the rage of the Syrian people and sharpened her sword of rhetoric. She explicitly stated, “He (Bashar al-Assad) has lost legitimacy, he has failed to deliver on the promises he’s made, he has sought and accepted aid from the Iranians as to how to repress his own people. He is not indispensable (14).” The arrogance of Clinton is nauseating; as if she and her government, who take their orders from the Zionist regime that has stolen al-Quds, have the right to dictate who will or who will not lead Syria; as if the majority of the Syrian people who support the Assad government and its Resistance don’t exist.

If the elements of the ‘Syrian Revolution’ that are calling for Bashar al-Assad’s ouster were actually indigenous, legitimate,  honest, ‘pro-democracy’ protesters and not a militia-type force that is being armed and directed by an axis of foreign powers led by the Zionist entity and Saudi Arabia, why did they welcome the US and French Ambassadors to Syria with roses? Why would those who claim to represent the typical Resistance-based mindset that the righteous, dignified and strong Syrian people tend to have, show solidarity with nations that are enemies of Syria and are actively pursuing its downfall? And knowing that Syria has been a target perpetually locked in the crosshairs of Zionism and its allies, why would these ‘protesters’ pander to such powers? The answers to these questions are of course, rhetorical.

President Barack Obama, who has served the Zionist entity so well since being placed into office he has had an illegal settlement named after him (15), echoed the words of Hillary Clinton on July 13th as Western governments work closely to fight Russian and Chinese blocks and pass a resolution in the UN to take action against Syria (16). Though it would be an utterly devastating scenario for the Syrian people, it seems that another ‘humanitarian’ invasion is right around the corner.

Zionist asset

Bernard-Henri Lévy

helped bring about a

campaign of destruction

in Libya and is now

looking to produce

the same result in Syria.

Bernard-Henri Lévy: Globetrotting Zionist Asset

The French ‘intellectual and philosopher’ Bernard-Henri Lévy is no stranger to anti-Zionist writers and solidarity activists. He is known from one end of the globe to the next for infamously and disgracefully stating, “I have never seen such a democratic army (IOF), which asks itself so many moral questions (17).” Needless to say, Lévy is an ardent Zionist who is wholeheartedly dedicated to defending the criminal existence of the Israeli ‘state.’

Most recently, Lévy has been seen in Libya, playing an exceedingly prominent role, if not the most prominent role of all, in getting the West ‘involved’ in the murderous bombing of the oil-rich North African nation. Lévy single-handedly secured meetings for the CIA-proxy Libyan rebels with Zionist French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Hillary Clinton. He warned Sarkozy that if the West didn’t intervene, there would be a ‘bloodbath in Benghazi,’ Libya’s second largest city (18).

Thanks to the efforts of Lévy and the Zionists of the Foreign Policy Initiative who ordered President Obama to attack Libya (19), there isn’t just a bloodbath in Benghazi but a bloodbath across Libya. The NATO coalition led by the US, France and Britain has murdered at least 1,108 Libyan civilians and wounded over 4,537 others since the genocidal, colonial effort began at the end of March (20). Lévy, who is very good friends with mass murderer and Zionist war criminal (Israeli Prime Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu, conveyed to his friend that the Libyan rebels are ready to recognize the Zionist entity as a legitimate state and that they will be ‘concerned with Israeli security (21).’ Lévy’s high-level meddling in Libya has led to a scenario right out of Qaddafi’s worst nightmare: the CIA-proxy, Israeli-advised rebels are prepared to let the Zionist regime establish a base in eastern Cyrenaica on a 30-year lease (22). These activities confirm that Lévy is no mere Zionist; he is a high-level sayan (helper) doing the bidding of Tel Aviv.

With Libya now in complete disarray at the hands of NATO and Israel, the globetrotting Zionist Lévy has set his sights on Bashar al-Assad and Syria. Lévy led a conference last week in Paris’s Cinema St. Germaine against the Assad government, likening Bashar al-Assad’s ‘crackdown on pro-democracy protesters’ to that of the Nazis. The conference was comprised of Zionists, former French officials, Syrian opposition figures and a Syrian Muslim Brotherhood representative. The point of Lévy’s conference was to mobilize the ex-French regime officials to lobby Russia and China in dropping their support for the Syrian Resistance government and getting both nations behind Libya-like resolutions against Bashar al-Assad. Lévy demanded that Syria be referred to an international tribunal (23).

Ammar Qurabi;

fake human rights activist,

closet Zionist.

The most disturbing of the attendees of Lévy’s meddlesome conference is a ‘Syrian opposition figure’ named Ammar Qurabi (24). Qurabi is the main source of information, statistics and rumors throughout the media institutions owned by the sheikhdoms of Qatar and Saudi Arabia and has repeatedly delivered fraudulent information and inflated protest numbers to the Zionist media (25). Qurabi’s wife writes for the London-based Saudi Arabia propaganda outlet, Elaph (26). He is frequently quoted as a ‘credible source’ by Western wire services like Reuters and AFP in regards to the ‘civilian death toll’ of the ‘Syrian Revolution.’ Qurabi however, is anything but credible. If the information initially presented doesn’t indicate that he is a stooge of the House of Saud, Qatar and Zionism, the following revelation most certainly will.

Prior to establishing Syria’s National Organization for Human Rights, Ammar Qurabi worked for Human Rights Watch and the Syrian Human Rights Committee. Human Rights Watch, handsomely funded to the tune of $100 million by billionaire Zionist war criminal George Soros, has a long history of working with Zionist think tanks and intelligence agencies in fostering war propaganda, specifically against the now ravaged nation of (occupied) Iraq. The Syrian Human Rights Committee is a promoter of Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International and an affiliate of the Patriotic Union Of Kurdistan, a Mossad-linked Zionist political party in northern Iraq with a militia trained by IOF (27). Do all ‘human rights activists’ work with elements of the Zionist war machine? Clearly, Qurabi is no ‘Syrian human rights advocate.’ He is an agent of the Zionist-Saudi axis’ destabilization operations against Syria.

With Ammar Qurabi keeping the lies flowing throughout Eastern and Western media and Tel Aviv’s ‘man in France’ Bernard-Henri Lévy upping the ante on the international front, Syria just cannot get a break from the Zionist entity’s mobilization.

Turkey and France

have signed a

malevolent agreement

to further cooperation

in destroying Syria.

Turkey’s Deadly Role In Syria Corroborated

The most diabolical character in Israel’s plot to take down Syria is the government of Turkey. In the two-part series on Syria preceding this piece, this author laid waste to the theory that Turkey represented Resistance in the region and exposed the Ankara regime as a willing participant in the ongoing destabilization operation in Syria, providing intelligence, military support, safe havens and meeting grounds to Syrian Muslim Brotherhood fighters, leaders and operatives and also facilitating contact between the Zionist-occupied American government and the Brotherhood. This treacherous, duplicitous behavior is part of a 1993 Turkish-Israeli Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that unites the two entities in military-intelligence cooperation on a large scale. The focus of this cooperation is to undermine Syria, Iran and Iraq; all enemies of the Zionist entity. The Zionist-run operations are funded with the billions in annual Turkish-Israeli bilateral trade (28).

As documented in the previous sections with the vital role of Bernard-Henri Lévy and the incitement operation in Hama carried out by the French Ambassador to Syria, as well as in the aforementioned series with France leading the European charge in sanctioning Syria, the government of Nicolas Sarkozy has played a major part in fomenting the violent unrest in Syria. Sarkozy did excessive spy work for Mossad in the 1980s and remains a high-level sayan to this day (29); his allegiance to Zionism is undeniable. Multiple sources have now confirmed to Mask of Zion that the French and Turkish governments have drawn up their own MOU, to strengthen the 1993 Turkish-Israeli MOU and to focus more intimate cooperation in toppling Bashar al-Assad. The leaked MOU document was initially provided to Mask of Zion in French and then translated by a second source. The French-Turkish MOU is between PM Erdogan himself and French Foreign Minister Alain Juppé.

Below is the document in its entirety, which fully corroborates the evidence revealed in the ‘Kiss of Democratic Death’ series:

The Juppé – Erdogan Agreement:

France, through its Foreign Minister Alain Juppé, attentively views that Turkey joining the  European Union will greatly serve an important role in the Middle East. Only France has decided to provide the necessary support to the entry of Turkey into the European Union. This support was to be provided after a documented promise was made via the implementation of this agreement which serves the regional and international interests of Turkey, France and the European Union.

1. France provides the necessary support to Turkey to facilitate its entry into the EU before the end of 2012.

2. Turkey is to provide support to France on its strategic position in the Middle East, particularly Lebanon, Syria and Israel.

3. Leaving Turkey and Israel to continue military activities in Turkey as per the 1993 MOU while France provides support to both of the military units.

4. France will in turn provide the necessary support to Erdogan’s upcoming parliamentary elections, to change the Turkish Constitution to serve the process of joining the European Union.

5. Turkey to facilitate the work of the Syrian opposition by organizing meetings of the Syrian opposition in Turkey and France, under the supervision of the representative of the European Union.

6. Turkey is ready to impose pressure on the Syrian regime to control the Middle East and bring down the Assad regime’s rejection of what it views as corrupt international policy in the Middle East.

7. Turkey to facilitate the entry of the Syrians displaced and allow the French media, or any other media allies, access to Syria.

8. Enable Turkey to control the regions of Aleppo and Idlib, northern Syria in exchange for France and Britain to control the rest of the occupied Syrian territorties.

9. Despite reluctance, Turkey is to help establish a U.S. military base in the east of Deir Al-Zour, Syria and France will provide the necessary support for this.

10. France is enjoying its status within the European Union to adopt a UN resolution on the Kurds of Turkey and to propose the creation of a Kurdish state in northern Iraq as a solution for them under the direct supervision of Turkey and France.

11. France is committed to using the veto on the costs of rights of Turkey as it deems appropriate boundaries between themselves and the alleged Kurdish state established in northern Iraq.

12. Facilitate business operations through Turkish territory to Syria and Lebanon, and not check the contents of the French tanks’ transit from Turkey to Syria and Lebanon.

13. The ongoing commitment of Turkey to the Convention on the Turkish-French business in Lebanon.

14. France provides the necessary support to Turkey and unconditional support on the outstanding issues between Turkey and Cyprus.

15. France to give Turkey $45 billion in the accounts of the European Union to support development operations in Turkey after Turkey’s commitment to the provisions of this Agreement and such amounts will be disbursed in tranches based on Turkey’s obligations to the provisions of this Agreement.

Turkey and France:

United in carrying

out Zionist objectives

in Syria.

The document clearly (and disturbingly) speaks for itself. It is interesting to note, that like Turkish-Israeli trade, French-Israeli trade is just as lucrative, with annual profits skyrocketing to over 2 billion Euros ($2.8 billion) last year (30). The money funding the operations of the Tel Aviv-Ankara-Paris axis in Syria is awash in innocent blood, as every cent of it has passed through Zionist hands. Undoubtedly paid for by this blood money and as per number 5 in the Juppé-Erdogan Agreement, Turkey recently hosted yet another Syrian opposition conference in Istanbul on July 13th, 2011. While spouting usual, malicious rhetoric against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Lebanese Resistance movement of Hezbollah, this meeting soared to new heights and is arguably the most dangerous to date, as attendees flamboyantly called on the Syrian armed forces to turn on Bashar al-Assad and help ‘the people’ overthrow the regime (31). As the Juppé-Erdogan Agreement and all of the evidence provided here display, it is not ‘the people’ doing anything, but a murderous nexus with the illegitimate Israeli regime sitting at its head.

13-year old

Hamza Ali

al-Khatib; the story

of his death as

reported by the Zionist

media is a grossly

exaggerated farce.

Conclusion: A Tale Of Two Children

Over the course of the last several months, one story that has permeated nearly all of the Zionist media’s coverage on Syria is that of 13-year old Hamza Ali al-Khatib, the first boy in this ‘tale of two children.’ He has become the ‘face of the Syrian Revolution,’ as many news outlets, including Zionist-created Al-Jazeera, have declared. The story goes something like this: seeking freedom and dignity like every other Syrian participating in the ‘peaceful, pro-democracy’ protests in the Dara’a Governorate, little 13-year old Hamza Ali al-Khatib hit the streets of Saida Village on April 29th, or the streets of Jiza Village, as ‘eyewitnesses’ can’t seem to be able to make up their minds. He was picked up by Syrian security forces in a routine ‘crackdown’ operation and tortured in custody for almost a month before being delivered back to his family with lacerations, bruises and burns to his elbows, face, knees, chest and feet, bullet wounds and castrated (32). Another sensational, shocking tragedy brought to the world by the Syrian Revolution.

The information, extracted from a Youtube video, is said to be congruent with reports from Human Rights Watch (HRW) about the types of torture used by Syrian security forces. HRW, all of its media glory and hype aside, has been exposed as nothing more than a tool of Zionist-globalist hegemony, fabricating reports whenever the Zionist entity and its allies need justification to prepare an ‘enemy’ country for regime change (as aforementioned), so how can any claim made by such an organization be taken seriously?

How can this Soros-funded band of propagandists and liars possess an almost infallible credibility when the foundation of its ‘legitimacy’ rests on pure illusion? In simpler terms, reports from HRW can’t be congruent with anything because HRW doesn’t tell the truth. The nail in HRW’s coffin comes with placing its senior researcher on Syrian Affairs, Nadim Houry, under a microscope: he’s also done work for the Rothschild-founded mega think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations, and he previously worked for the law firm Sherman and Sterling LLP, a group admittedly dedicated to furthering the interests of international bankers through privatization and globalization (33). What kind of human rights advocate also works for organizations solely dedicated to wiping out human rights worldwide through criminal wars and occupations? That is yet another rhetorical question.

Beyond that, a closer look at the Youtube video reveals that there is no evidence of torture at all, and most certainly not at the hands of Syrian security forces. The body is so discolored and disfigured from the discoloration, that one cannot be sure that it is even the body of 13-year old Hamza. It certainly looks to be someone else entirely. The video is definitely graphic, but at no point does the video show that the body has been castrated. Most bizarrely, the Arabic-speaking narrators of the video continue repeating ridiculous slogans about freedom and dignity. Where is the emotion and outrage of what has supposedly been done to the child? Where is the indignation? And casting further doubt on the entire matter, at the end of the video, the narrators call on the UN and Amnesty International to take action against Syria. Suspicious does not begin to describe this footage.

Contrary to reports in

the Zionist Western press and

Al-Jazeera, this is NOT the body

of Hamza Ali al-Khatib.

There is an alternative view of what happened to Hamza Ali al-Khatib, a view that has not even been given a fraction of the coverage that the mainstream (i.e. Zionist) view has. The alternative view is: Hamza indeed did take part in ‘pro-reform’ protests in the Dara’a Governorate and was indeed killed. However, the boy was not ‘murdered’ by Syrian security forces. He was caught in the crossfire of Saudi-Zionist-trained armed fighters and Syrian security officials at the Saida military housing compound. The armed brigade captured several children, including Hamza, and led them to the compound at gunpoint. They then opened fire on army, police, security forces and civilians. In the April 29th battle, a Syrian security chief was gunned down along with several others. Hamza’s body was taken to the hospital and once he was identified, he was transferred back to his family. Bashar al-Assad himself traveled to the family’s home to offer his condolences. The body in the now-infamous Youtube video belonged to that of a still unidentified man in his 20s, which was photographed and taped by Syrian opposition members (34).

This information is quite congruent with previous documentation regarding opposition attacks on Syrian government targets. This information would also mean that the opposition lied about Hamza Ali al-Khatib, which is also congruent with previous documentation. Zionist-backed Syrian opposition forces have already played this game before by faking the death of a 10-year boy named “Ayham al-Ahmad.” The video quality was so poor however that the international media did not pay it any mind (35). A week and a half after the Ayham story failed, the news of Hamza, much more brutal, sensational and heart-wrenching, emerged on the international scene. Psychological warfare is the name of the game and it must not be forgotten that Mossad’s psychological warfare unit, LAP, maintains a cozy working relationship with the Zionist media (36).

14-year old Malik

Ahmed Suleiman

after he was

strangled to

death for supporting

Bashar al-Assad.

The second boy in this ‘tale of two children,’ is one that the greater majority of those who follow mainstream news and even those claim to be activists have never heard of. This boy isn’t marketable, nor is he profitable and unlike Hamza, his story cannot be manipulated, mutated and transformed into a media fiasco. This boy’s name isMalik Ahmed Suleiman. He was only 14 years old. Young Malik was from the city of Homs, a major battleground between the Zionist-Saudi axis’ destablization operatives and supporters of President Bashar al-Assad. He was the son of Syrian Army Colonel Ahmed Suleiman, a supporter of President Assad and a staunch Syrian nationalist. On May 29th, while the world was incessantly clamoring about the false stories regarding Hamza al-Khatib, Malik Ahmed Suleiman was strangled to death with a belt in front of his home for holding up a picture of Bashar al-Assad during an anti-government protest.

Young Malik was targeted because his family had rejected the ‘Syrian Revolution’ and stood in solidarity with the majority of the Syrian people in their support for Bashar al-Assad. Why hasn’t this heinous murder been spoken about by mainstream media? Firstly, because the Suleiman family stands with the Resistance. And secondly, because Malik Ahmed Suleiman’s tragic story would invalidate the Zionist narrative regarding Syria’s ‘peaceful revolution.’


An ‘island’ of



What about Al-Jazeera? Why hasn’t Al-Jazeera reported on this horrific crime? Because Al-Jazeera is nothing more than the Arab wing of the Zionist media and since 2004 alone, it has suppressed hundreds of stories of Zionist atrocities in occupied Palestine and it deliberately ignored the Zionist regime’s admission of dropping millions of cluster bombs on Lebanon during the genocidal July War (37). Ghassan Bin Jeddo, who stepped down from his post as Al-Jazeera’s Beirut Bureau Chief because the network launched a ‘smear campaign against Syria,’ said, “Al-Jazeera has resorted to gutter journalism. It is now an operations room for incitement and mobilization (38).” Malik Ahmed Suleiman doesn’t help Al-Jazeera ‘incite and mobilize’ against Syria, he blocks it.

What unites Malik Ahmed Suleiman and Hamza Ali al-Khatib is that they are both victims of a deadly, ominous destabilization campaign launched against Syria by the Zionist entity and the House of Saud. It is a campaign that has claimed the lives of police, civilians and soldiers alike and like a shark that smells blood in the water, it will not stop until it reaches its prey: Bashar al-Assad.

Malik Ahmed

Suleiman before

he was murdered

by Zionist-Saudi



The Zionist end game is to fracture Syria into multiple states of ethnic-sectarian distinction (39), ripping apart the unified fabric of the society that has prospered under the leadership of the Assad family for decades. The means of achieving this end lies within the savage opposition, a creature of Zionist-Saudi cooperation. This creature must be exposed for the Israeli-engineered beast that it is and the plot that it represents now more than ever as Zionist mobilization continues its climb towards all-out invasion. It must be exposed for Malik. It must be exposed for Hamza. And it must be exposed for the millions of other Syrians and their children whose lives are very much at stake. It is up to the people of conscience to reject the status quo, break free from the mainstream shackles and do so.

~ The End ~


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* See: Maskof

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Zionist King of Jordan & the people uprising


“In areas outside Amman, the capital, the king is becoming the subject of angry chants that tie to him to corruption, protesters say. Amid the calls for reform among the demonstrators in Amman on Friday, a smattering of people could be heard calling for the downfall of the regime. 

Several opposition groups decided not to participate in the demonstrations, citing mistrust of the Muslim Brotherhood’s intentions and tactics.”

Jordanian Police Break Up a Peaceful March With Beatings


Moises Saman for The New York Times

Police beat an antigovernment protester during clashes after Friday Prayer in central Amman, Jordan. Several journalists covering the unrest were also beaten. More Photos »


AMMAN, Jordan — Riot police officers wielding wooden clubs broke up a peaceful demonstration near a square in this city’s downtown on Friday afternoon, beating protesters and journalists. The episode was a sign of rising tension over the slow pace of political reform in the kingdom.


Moises Saman for The New York Times

An injured anti-government protester is carried away from the scene of clashes between protester and police in central Amman on Friday. More Photos »

Organized by youth groups and attended by members of labor unions and a large contingent from theMuslim Brotherhood, the protest began after Friday Prayer at the Husseini Mosque. By about 1:30 p.m., hundreds of protesters were marching through a market district, chanting, “The people want to reform the government,” and “We are citizens, not subjects.” Police officers surrounded the march. 

Half an hour later, the protesters faced off against a small group of government loyalists, and a youth leader called on protesters to stage a sit-in. Dozens of police officers charged the gathering and gave chase as protesters ran.

Against a shuttered shop, a cluster of more than 10 officers struck a man with truncheons as frightened fathers hurried their children away from the violence.

Several Jordanian and foreign journalists covering the clashes were also beaten, including a writer for the newspaper Al-Arab Al-Yawm, Sami Mahasneh, whose arm was broken. At least two police officers were injured, the authorities said; they included an officer who said his leg was broken and another who the authorities said had been stabbed.

Protests in Jordan have persisted since the beginning of the Arab Spring, driven by anger at corruption, the lack of government transparency and King Abdullah II’s absolute hold on power.

One person was killed and more than a hundred people were injured during a protest in March, but for the most part, the demonstrations have not been as large or sustained as the ones that toppled autocrats in Egypt and Tunisia.

Opposition leaders have faulted the king for offering what they say are inadequate concessions, including a vague promise that the country’s prime minister would be elected, not appointed, in the future. The antigovernment protesters blame internal divisions and the tactics of the security forces for their lack of momentum so far, but they say they will escalate their protests.

In areas outside Amman, the capital, the king is becoming the subject of angry chants that tie to him to corruption, protesters say. Amid the calls for reform among the demonstrators in Amman on Friday, a smattering of people could be heard calling for the downfall of the regime.

Several opposition groups decided not to participate in the demonstrations, citing mistrust of the Muslim Brotherhood’s intentions and tactics.

After police officers wearing blue uniforms had dispersed the marchers with beatings, dozens of other officers marched into the intersection, smacking their truncheons against their shields. By early evening, armored cars had arrived as well, carrying more officers.

Some of the dispersed protesters gathered again in a nearby square, chanting and singing a Bedouin wedding song, and were left alone by the police.

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US Airstrike kills 50 people in Yemen



Tribesmen intent on ending the regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh fought Friday with government forces, resulting in at least four deaths in the city of Taiz, according to medical staff in Freedom Square.

Another 17 people were wounded in the violence, the medical staff said.

North of Taiz in the capital city of Sanaa, peaceful pro- and anti-government protests were held after Friday prayers, with many thousands of people in attendance at each event.

They occurred a day after a U.S. drone strike targeting militants in southern Yemen killed at least 50 people, two Yemeni security sources said.

The United States and the Yemeni government have stepped up their efforts to target militants, including those Islamists who’ve taken over several cities in recent weeks.

The government said that a U.S. drone was not involved in the attack and that its air forces conducted the raid. The Interior Ministry said on its website that nine fighters were killed and dozens were wounded and that the number of deaths was expected to rise.

There was no immediate comment from U.S. officials.

Both sources, a security official and a senior security source, didn’t want their names used because they are not authorized to speak to the media.

The airstrike occurred in al-Wathee district in Abyan province. One of the sources said more than a dozen people were wounded.

The strike targeted a police station that had been taken over by suspected al Qaeda fighters, the sources said. U.S. drones had been seen flying over the area in recent days, and more attacks were expected, the sources said.

At least seven vehicles and other equipment belonging to the fighters were destroyed.

“The casualty toll is high because fighters were gathered in that area with family members,” said the senior security source in Abyan.

Two witnesses said that at least 30 civilians who had been hiding from the attacks were among the dead.

“No one knows who is dying in Abyan,” said Yousra Bandar, a mother of three. “We want to leave the province, but go to where? Leaving the province is a slow death for all of us.”

Two years ago, a U.S. drone attack in Abyan killed 62 people.

There has been instability in the province, with an Islamist extremist group called Ansar Sharia fighting the government since May.

Saleh remains in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he is recovering from a June 3 attack on his compound that left him with extensive burns on his face and body.

He will return to his country Sunday, a homecoming that also marks the 33rd anniversary of his rule, a senior ruling party official said Wednesday.

Zaid Thari, a political adviser for Saleh’s ruling General People Congress Party, said that the president’s health was improving quickly and that Yemenis would celebrate his return.

Thari said that a massive celebration is being planned for the president’s homecoming and that Saleh will decide upon his return “what is best for Yemen and the ruling party.”

But even during his treatments — which included eight surgeries — Saleh has been under pressure to embrace a political transition plan developed by the Gulf Cooperation Council that included plans for him to step down following months of widening anti-government protests and sentiment in his country.

Officials in Sanaa have rejected calls for Saleh to leave office, saying that no power has the authority to force Saleh to step down.

John Brennan, U.S. President Barack Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser, has urged Saleh to sign the Gulf Cooperation Council’s political transition plan.

Saleh has voiced agreement with the plan, which would ensure his gradual departure from office, but he has not signed it. Saleh told Brennan that the initiative laid the groundwork for exiting the political crisis through national dialogue involving all political parties, Yemen’s state-run Saba news agency reported.

Ahmed Bahri, head of the political department at the opposition Haq party, has accused the United States of doing too little. “The Yemeni revolution vowed to stay peaceful, but now is the time to review that stance,” he said. “The use of force might be needed to oust the Saleh regime from power.”

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‘Iran ready to foil US intelligence plots’



Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi says Iran remains in complete readiness to counter all plots hatched by enemy intelligence services, particularly those of the US and Israel.

Moslehi said on Friday that the Intelligence Ministry was responsible for identifying and thwarting all enemy plots and conspiracies in all cultural, economic and social capacities.

He went on to highlight enemy soft war tactics to topple the Islamic establishment and with the aim of spreading their cultural and political dominance to obstruct Iran’s development

“Some with their unintelligent analysis refuse to accept that the enemy seeks [the] ouster [of the Islamic establishment] but this is a serious warning, it is not an analysis, it is based on precise and credible information.”

“The enemy in its plots is seriously seeking to create negligence among the people and officials in order to promote frustration and lack of a sense of responsibility among the elite,” he added.

The Iranian Intelligence Minister said that the only way to thwart enemy plots is by completely obeying the guidelines of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.

“Given this Ministry’s intelligence awareness and the measures taken [by it] the enemy will find nothing but disappointment [in its efforts to obstruct Iran’s path],” Moslehi said.

Moslehi added that the main purpose behind enemy conspiracies and its promotion of soft war is preventing Iran from becoming a role model for Muslim World and humanity.

“The Islamic Revolution [of Iran] is considered a model not only for the [Middle East] region and the Muslim World but it is considered a role model all of humanity,” he added.

Moslehi said latest intelligence shows that the most important agenda of the US, UK and Israeli spy agencies is to creating a rift in the Islamic Republic.

He said that the ministry would soon disclose more information about the Iranian intelligence apparatus penetrating counterrevolutionaries which had greatly unhinged them.

“New opinion polls [carried out by] foreign websites indicate widespread concern about Iran penetrating expatriate counterrevolutionaries,” Moslehi added.

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Leon Panetta a Defense Secretary With a Long History of Cooperation with IsraHell


Leon Panetta Takes Over As U.S. Secretary Of Defense

Differences Loom in Background on Unilateral Israeli Action on Iran

by Nathan Guttman

Learn how the new Pentagon chief, Leon Panetta, a Catholic budget wonk, became a friend of Israel and won the trust of American Jews.

Washington — Four decades in the political limelight have made newly minted Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta a familiar and trusted figure to the Jewish and pro-Israeli communities.

A middle-of-the-road politician known for his management skills, Panetta has taken the helm at the Pentagon at a time when defense cooperation between the United States and Israel is as strong as ever, a trend that should continue under his guidance, Israeli and American officials say.

During his recently completed stint as CIA director, Panetta worked closely with Israeli intelligence, which reportedly has shared information about Iran and about terror threats.

“It is important to understand that despite differences on Middle East policy, the military and intelligence relations between the U.S. and Israel were extremely strong,” said Jim Colbert, policy director of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. “Director Panetta was closely involved on these issues.”

Despite Panetta’s strong relationship with Israel, the security relationship between the two states could still be heading into troubled waters as each side decides how to deal with the nuclear threat posed by Iran.Panetta already entered the fray on Iran when he made an unannounced visit to Israel in January 2010 as CIA chief. According to press reports, he warned the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against venturing into a unilateral attack against Iranian nuclear sites. Panetta was later quoted as saying that Netanyahu “understands that if Israel goes it alone it will mean trouble.”

The warning that Panetta carried was reiterated publicly shortly afterward, by Michael Mullen, then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Both Israel and the United States have made a point of denying any discord on Iran. Israeli leaders made clear that, for now, they support the administration’s drive to influence Iran through international sanctions.

As CIA director, Panetta did not take the Iranian threat lightly. Although his focus was on Afghanistan, an issue that provided him with his highest achievement to date — the killing of Osama bin Laden — he also oversaw a reform process in the CIA that led to the changing of the official stance of the United States toward Iran’s nuclear program. Under Panetta, the CIA revised its 2007 National Intelligence Estimate, which had originally concluded that Iran was not aspiring to achieve nuclear weapons. The intelligence-working assumption Panetta is leaving behind in the CIA is that Iran is indeed in pursuit of military nuclear capabilities.

The Pentagon did not respond to request to interview Panetta for this article.

Panetta, who took over at the Pentagon on July 1, comes to the post after a long career in public life that has growing links to the Jewish community.

A son of Italian immigrants, Panetta took his first steps in politics on the Republican side, where he served in the Nixon administration, working on civil rights issues. Frustrated by what he saw as a rightward turn in the GOP, Panetta switched sides and ran for Congress as a Democrat in his home district in California. He served nine terms and won the influential position of chairman of the House Budget Committee before being asked by President Clinton to be his White House chief of staff.

At first, Panetta showed practically no sign of interest in Jewish issues.

“He didn’t stand out on issues that the Jewish community worked on,” recalled Doug Bloomfield, who at the time was a lobbyist for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Panetta had little to do with issues relating to Israel and was focused mainly on government budget concerns. “He has a reputation of a no-nonsense guy,” Bloomfield added.

Chuck Schumer and Leon Panetta

That changed to some extent during his years in Inside the Beltway Democratic politics. Panetta shared a house in Washington with a prominent Jewish roommate, Democratic New York Senator Charles Schumer. This partnership helped lead to Panetta’s first visit to Israel.

In 1991, Schumer helped put together a congressional mission to Israel, organized by the Anti-Defamation League. Panetta was the senior congressman in the group, which also included Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat George Miller and Rep. Martin Russo, an Illinois Democrat. Both Miller and Russo were also roommates of Schumer and Panetta.

The numbers cruncher made an immediate positive impression on the Israelis.

“He was very open and very interested,” recalled Jess Hordes, the former ADL (Anti Defamation League) Washington director who accompanied the group in Israel. Panetta, a devout Catholic, showed special interest in Israel’s Christian religious sites. “He was very sympathetic to Israel, its story and its people,” Hordes added. Panetta’s immediate challenge as secretary of defense involves dollars. He entered the Pentagon just as the White House announced plans to shave $400 billion off the defense budget. Panetta, who spent the better part of his career advocating budget discipline, will now be tasked with accepting the needs for spending restriction in a government branch that in recent years was seen as immune to cuts.

See original article in : Jewish Daily Forward

Contact Nathan Guttman at

Also see:

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9/11: Starting Over With The Truth



by Susan Lindauer/9/11 Whistleblower and author of Extreme Prejudice

The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq

Dedicated to TJ Bronco and Eddie Sengola—Semper fi

When I recall the summer of 2001 and our last days of innocence before the 9/11 attack, I often think of Guy Clark’s old song, “Like Desperadoes Waiting for a Train.”

I remember the heartbreak of it vividly. That’s because our team gave advance warnings about the 9/11 attack in precision detail. On command of my CIA handler, I also delivered threats to Iraqi diplomats at the United Nations of the consequence of War should Baghdad withhold actionable intelligence about the 9/11 conspiracy.

Throughout that hot summer, we understood exactly how 9/11 would play out— with airplane hijackings and a strike on the World Trade Center. We had a good idea of the timing. And we projected the use of a miniature thermo-nuclear device. Yet for all that we tried, we could not stop it. Forces had been set in motion. Responsive actions to our urgent appeals for help— which should have been automatic—got ignored.

Above all, we could not fathom that another competing team would sneak in and wire explosives to bring down the Towers—And that’s exactly what happened.

We shouted from the rooftops. We joked in phone conversations that “the NSA should wake up and pick up the phones. You guys at NSA have been tapping our phones for years, so you could catch this call. Don’t sleep through it now. Hello NSA. Pick up the phone!” When new neighbors showed up with a moving van that July, I joked they might go back where they came from, if they heard our conversation about this World Trade Center attack.

After 9/11, I wept for those conversations. By August, our team was so anxious about the “imminent” timing of the attack that my CIA handler, Dr. Richard Fuisz instructed me to go the extra mile to notify the Justice Department and the White House, so both sides of U.S. intelligence and law enforcement could mobilize together to block it.

Our actions that August will be outlined in my next article. It put our team—including Dr. Richard Fuisz and Paul Hoven— at the eye of the storm that would become the 9/11 cover up. Our efforts robbed the Bush Administration of deniability, making us a serious threat to the story they desired to sell on the FOX News Channel and the Sunday morning talk shows. Notoriously, I would get slapped with the Patriot Act and locked in prison on Carswell Air Force Base in Texas. When incarceration failed to break my spirit or frighten me out of speaking, they threatened me with forcible drugging with Haldol, Ativan and Prozac to chemically lobotomize me into silence.

Because truth does matter. So much of America’s national security and terrorism policy has been predicated on mistaken assumptions about that day. Ignorance has inflicted a terrible cost on America’s foreign policy, pushing the United States into two catastrophic Wars, and drowning our Middle Class in red ink and deficit spending to beef up profit margins for defense contractors.

Once Americans understand 9/11 as a collision of special interests, our country should be able to sweep away the false construct that has become the War on Terrorism. We should be freed to create a more effective strategy for protecting our nation’s security, without exaggerating threats and manufacturing fresh hostilities against us.

Because there was no external enemy threatening our country on that terrible day. Just Us. It was always Us.

Argumentum Ad Numeram

That’s not what the corporate media wants America to think. The official 9/11 story relies on a principle called “argumentum ad numeram–” the notion that an idea becomes truthful because large numbers of people believe it. I have choked to hear the babbling of the media describe 9/11 with post-it sticker smiley faces. It’s glib and trite and inaccurate.

The Corporate Media guessed wrong in the first hours and days after the attack. Over the years the media discredited itself further by protecting those mistakes, rather than confess that pundits had no idea what they were talking about in the first place.

Americans aren’t fooled. They know the official story is bunk. People want to know what really happened. And they have a right to know.

Citizens 9/11 Commission Campaign

For those reasons, I wholeheartedly endorse the new Citizens 9/11 Commission Campaign Organizers intend to file ballot propositions in Oregon, Massachusetts and other states. When passed, the ballot initiative would create a powerful, independent 9/11 Commission vested with subpoena authority and the ability to collect testimony under oath. Largely free of governmental interference, the Citizens 9/11 Commission would be headquartered in the first state to pass the ballot measure.

“We believe we have a winning approach: the method of direct democracy—” says former U.S. Senator Mike Gravel and President of the Democracy Foundation, which has launched the 9/11 Campaign. Gravel is best known for his Senate filibuster that ended the draft after Vietnam, and for reading the Pentagon Papers into the Congressional Record.

“The 9/11 movement’s successful decade of citizen education can now give way to an actionable citizen’s plan for change that will create a new investigation!”

For myself, an opportunity to testify before a 9/11 Citizens Commission—no holds barred— would be a huge relief. These articles scratch the surface. There’s much more depth that could be related under oath.

Hijackings or Demolitions?

An effective 9/11 Citizens Commission would do more than demolish the official 9/11 story. It would also shatter the false constraints imposed by the 9/11 Community on itself.

The trouble is that Americans are inclined to trust a limited range of options. Either they believe airplane hijackings alone brought down the towers— or they insist that only a controlled demolition of the Towers using explosives accomplished the deed— as if the two must have been mutually exclusive events.

Both are mistaken. The World Trade Center suffered BOTH hijackings AND a controlled demolition.
Fire fighters and building maintenance crews reported explosions popping through the Towers like fireworks.

And they weren’t shy about reporting it. However for reasons that are incomprehensible and grossly irresponsible, the corporate media took the government bait, and oversimplified the 9/11 conspiracy to erase nagging inconsistencies from human consensus. 9/11 was groupthink at its most refined.

Once you understand how competing events collided during that sweltering month of August, 2001, you will understand how and why.

Motive and Opportunity

Any police officer will tell you a crime requires two things: motive and opportunity. That’s been missing from the 9/11 debate until now. Advance knowledge about the hijacking conspiracy created “opportunity” for taking 9/11 to the next level of absolute destruction. Iraq upped the ante, and created motivation to guarantee maximum destruction—a competing agenda that collided with efforts to stop the attack.

Most importantly, the decision to go on a War footing against Iraq, in response to the hijacking attack, was made before 9/11 occurred, not after. That’s critical to understanding why Cabinet level officers of the White House took no action to deploy NORAD or post an anti-aircraft battery on top of the Twin Towers, which would have been very easy to do. Advance knowledge of the consequence of War with Iraq created an overwhelming provocation for an orphan team to wire the building with explosives. Likewise, knowledge of the timing of the attack, its method of operation—and the low sophistication of the hijackers’ flying skills (watched by foreign intelligence)— had been identified far enough in advance that it was relatively easy to prepare the explosives. It was easy enough to anticipate that a dramatic collapse of the buildings would maximize the media impact, which could be exploited to stampede Americans into War with Iraq.

Yes, that’s despicable. And it’s exactly what they did.

U.S. Threats to Iraq

The dynamic building into 9/11 started in April, 2001. I was summoned to my CIA handler’s office in Great Falls, Virginia to receive a message for Iraqi diplomats—exactly what my back channel existed for. The message demanded that Baghdad hand over any fragment of intelligence involving airplane hijackings, or face military retribution if the U.S. discovered Baghdad had possessed that knowledge and took no action to warn us.

At that very moment, two special things were happening: 1) international loathing was pushing an end to U.N. sanctions on Iraq, which had caused the deaths of 1.7 million Iraqis, including 1 million children under the age of 5, according to World Health statistics. And 2) unbeknownst to Americans or the international community, the U.S. and Baghdad were engaged in highly productive back channel talks for a comprehensive peace framework that would have achieved all U.S. objectives, including preferential contracts for U.S. corporations after sanctions in oil, telecommunications, hospital equipment and pharmaceuticals, transportation and non-dual use factory equipment.

In April, my first instinct was to soft pedal the U.S. threat. No need to upset diplomatic advances, right? As it happened, in February, 2001 Baghdad had already invited the FBI to send an Anti-Terrorism Task Force into Iraq—seven months before the 9/11 strike. So when I requested intelligence on the 9/11 Conspiracy in April, the Iraqis responded enthusiastically. They welcomed the United States to go ahead and send the FBI right away, so the U.S. could get what we wanted. (The original 9/11 Commission never got to hear about Iraq’s welcome to the FBI, either).

When I reported back on my trip to New York, I was quite pleased. However Dr. Fuisz stormed his office yelling that I had not sufficiently conveyed the force of the U.S. threat. I was to go back to the Iraqi Embassy forthwith, and inform Baghdad that “Iraq would be bombed back to the Stone Age, worse than anything they had suffered before if it was discovered they had concealed any fragment of intelligence involving airplane hijackings.”

Dr. Fuisz instructed me to warn Baghdad those “threats of War did not come from him or anyone at the CIA. Threats of War originated at the highest levels of government far above the CIA Director and the Secretary of State.”

Only three men fit the bill: President George Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Of course I did as instructed. Observing his fury, I understood with a jolt that the hijacking threat was considered “highly credible” and “validated.” In June and July, weekly meetings with Dr. Fuisz got more agitated. We talked about 9/11 practically every week. We regarded the terrorist scenario as inevitable, if intervention failed. I began to tell civilian friends with ties to New York that the CIA expected a major attack on southern Manhattan involving airplane hijackings and a strike on the World Trade Center.

Dr. Parke Godfrey, a professor of computer science at York University in Toronto, would later testify in the Federal Courthouse for the Southern District of New York— 1,000 yards from where the Twin Towers had once graced the skyline—that several times over the spring and summer I told him that we expected “airplane hijackings and a reprise of the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center that would finish the cycle.” I told him the attack was expected in “late summer, early autumn.” And I told him we expected “mass casualties” and speculated about the “possible use of a miniature thermo-nuclear device.”

On August 2, 2001, the Senate held confirmation hearings for Robert Mueller to head the FBI. Dr Fuisz suggested that perhaps the FBI Director’s chair would be vacant when the 9/11 attack occurred.

That’s when Dr. Fuisz and I mapped out a path of action that would undercut the entire 9/11 mythology, and paint a bulls eye on my back for the 9/11 Cover Up.

Alas, no good deed goes unpunished in Washington. Somebody would have to pay for knowing about 9/11, and it would turn out to be me.

As luck would have it, the Feds didn’t count on one thing that would scotch the government’s plan to imprison me indefinitely for up to 10 years with forcible drugging to boot— and torpedo the official 9/11 story out of the water:

When Dr. Fuisz told me in August that the 9/11 attack was considered “imminent,” I called my friend, Parke Godfrey, whose family lived in the wealthy suburbs of Connecticut.

I warned him to stay the hell out of Manhattan.

Next in this series: August, 2001— Organizers of the Citizens 9/11 Commission Campaign have asked me to lay out evidence, but not draw conclusions. They argue, quite reasonably, that the Citizens 9/11 Commission should be the appropriate body to draw conclusions once all evidence and testimony have been taken from every possible source.

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Society’s Finest Propaganda



Making Common Cents from Government Non-Sense

by Dex Artist

It’s so funny how drinking alcohol is widely accepted in our society but it’s linked to about 75,000 deaths per year in the United States of America. Yet, Marijuana is demonized an is linked to 0 deaths per year world wide.

Our society is set up that most people between the age of 18-35 go out every Friday & Saturday night to consume alcohol in a bingeful manner.

When you are intoxicated with alcohol you become impaired with your judgement and coordination; in some cases, belligerent. Marijuana, on the other hand, is most likely the safest sedative known to man.

I just can’t believe when I was growing up and in high school that I was taught that marijuana is a harmful drug. So when I was younger I had to evade from police and school staff on a regular basis to commit that “illegal act”.

But really it’s our constitutional right to smoke marijuana.

Learning over the years, I became aware that our constitution over-rules every law & act if you exercise your rights as a natural person.

“Free enterprise” is also in our constitution. Which begs the question “Is selling prohibited drugs actually your human right?”.  The answer is “YES it is!”.

I came to realize that to live the way you want to you must master and undestand the Interpertation Act, CONTRACT Law, Admiralty Law, Bill of Rights, the Ammendments & of course, the Constitution itself yada yada yada. I know, it sounds like a lot of work but it most definitely is worth the knowledge.

One of my most favourite statements I hear from people is “I think you should talk to a lawyer about this”. To be honest, it always cracks me up, because with a little self-knowledge, in most cases, no lawyer is ever needed.  You just need to know your rights.


Moving on, to another funny subject on this matter. People are convinced you have to “register” your business.

Well, I guess if you want the Queen of England to own your business and pay taxes then by all means do so. Taking a step back there is no law that says: you, a “natural person”, must  pay taxes.

“Paying your taxes is the law” is a fictional concept which almost every persons believes to be true.

However, it becomes the “law” when you CONTRACT with our GOVERNMENT also know as a CORPORATION OF THE CROWN. It becomes law for the CORPORATE ENTITY that is. Notice that on all your government identification your name is in all CAPITALS? This goes back to CONTRACT LAW & the Interperation Act.

You, a natural persons real name is not all CAPITALS, is it?

No, it is not.

Just keep in mind I don’t CONTRACT with the police at all anymore. What you have been all waiting for is here

Does debt apply to a “natural person”? No, it does not.

How about the question: “Do you need a license to drive a car?”. No, you do not.

The right to travel is a constitutional right.

I’m a firm libertarian that lives by the constitution. In a nutshell this means, do whatever you want to do as long as you are not infringing on anyone elses rights.

I believe the government should act only as our servant and never as our master, especially if we are paying them. Anyways I will leave you with this last message. Smoke marijuana, It’s your constitutional right.

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A Murdoch Note


A Word Or Two on What Isn’t Being Said

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Today the British papers not owned by Rupert Murdoch “rumored” that he might be jailed.  Americans, even Brits, have little or no idea  what is at risk here.  There is simply no one who can report it when the individual who, not only controls the world’s largest news organization turns out to be, well, what?

Who is Rupert Murdoch?

What he is not is an Australian “right wing” billionaire.  Murdoch, though born in Australia is an Israeli citizen and Jewish.  Why is this important?

Murdoch is now admitted to have controlled the political systems in Britain and America for two decades.  He has had the power to choose national leaders, make policy, pass laws at will.  Where did the power come from?

We now know it came from spying, blackmail, bribery and propaganda.

What is his agenda?  Ah, there’s the rub.

Was it about selling newspapers using scandals or spying in the name of Israel to push Britain and the United States into wars for Israel?  There is a simple answer.

Murdoch’s primary motivation isn’t even that he is “for Israel.”  Murdoch is, perhaps, the most influential Israeli, more powerful than Netanyahu.  The problem with that is that his beliefs are what we call “ultra-nationalist.”

This makes him a threat.  Ultra-nationalists are known to support wars, plan terrorist acts, manipulate populations into strife and racism, foster fear and panic, even financial ruin.

What are we describing here?

If you aren’t totally brain dead, you realize I am describing Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.

Murdoch owns Fox News and so much else you may not have a time to look at the list.  If he doesn’t own it he doesn’t want it.

Fox is a network and Murdoch, owning so many newspapers across America and being a foreigner shouldn’t be able to control such a thing.  How did he do it?

Reagan “appointed” Murdoch an American citizen.  Murdoch promised to have Fox News support Republicans and say whatever was needed, no matter how false, how stupid or, as we  have seen now for decades, how genuinely evil.

What he really did, however, was use Fox as a base to allow Israel to run spy operations.

These went two ways:

1.  Israel got lots of military technology and secrets they could sell to America’s enemies for money.  This is good “Murdoch” business sense, as we all see now.

2.  Murdoch helped Israel gain control of congress.  They literally run the United States.  The tools?  As in Britain, bribery and blackmail, police, military and congress.

No surprises for anyone.

Murdoch has, in fact, engineered the last 20 plus years of American history, picking politicians, throwing elections, establishing policies.  Were the decisions his own?

I don’t think so.  I think Murdoch represents a group, mostly financial, making up the Rothschild family, the Federal Reserve Banks and organized crime.

There is an Israeli or Jewish aspect to some of this but not in the sense of being “pro” or “anti” Semitic.  The Murdoch empire, married to the “lily white” “no Jews allowed” Republican Party simply put their own very powerful spin on the good old “New World Order,” pushing it into drug running, arms and human trafficking, manipulated international currencies and debt on a massive scale, ran America and the European Union into economic collapse, worked with oil companies to set up price fixing schemes…

This is what Murdoch and his friends have done, all the while pointing their fingers at Osama bin Laden and the evil “liberals.”

They divided Britain, starting at first as “conservatives” and then changed to “liberals.”  What they did in Britain is undermine legal government, destroy the nation and the public’s trust in the government, Blair, Cameron, it doesn’t matter, Murdoch chose both and ran and runs both like hand puppets as he did with Bush and his friends.

The ideas are simple.  Bilk the countries out of every last cent, use a portion to bribe or blackmail politicians, buy police and get even more money.

Then you lie to the people, give them enemies to hate, arrange wars for them to fight and stand back and watch them destroy themselves.

Are there people really this evil?

Yes there are, Murdoch, the gang at his companies, the gang at Fox News, the folks in the US called “neocons,” the Israeli lobby in the US, the ADL, AIPAC and the Likudist faction in Israel run by Netanyahu.

These folks hate the United States.

A similar group hate Britain.  Australia has their own, he runs that place entirely, right into the ground.  He also runs Germany, Canada, he runs much of what was once the “free world.”

Am I describing Satan?

Pretty much.

His strongest advocates, those who have stood with his thieves and liars against all that is decent, all that is good, all that is right is the Evangelical and “Zionist” communities in the United States.  They were and are the “fertile ground” for his message of hate and deceit.

Who does Murdoch claim to hate?

Muslims for sure, they are all bad.  Everything he touches in his hundreds of publications and TV shows or the phony news his gang of cutthroats create, hate of Muslims is always on top.  This pleases his Israeli friends.  If things keep going as they are, he may need to hide out there and Israel will always protect him, maybe plow down a few Palestinian homes to give him a grand estate.  After all, Muslims are an easy target, living in petty dictatorships run by thieves who we have now learned have always run to Washington and Tel Aviv for orders.

Take out a second.  Think the word “Palestinian.”  Do you also think “terrorist?”  Do you see a child being killed by an Israeli helicopter or innocent people killed by a TV villain, almost invariably played by Jewish actors, perhaps a sick “inside joke” of Murdoch’s.

The Islamic people of the world have been played, exploited and crushed since 1919.  History will show it carefully planned and financed by a certain European banking family, one that 6 years earlier had established an illegal banking system in the US.

Learn about the real Balfour Declaration and how it was gotten through blackmail, learn who wrote it and to whom it was sent.

The story reads exactly like the things that are coming out in Britain day after day.

Murdoch tells his followers to hate “smart people.”  There has to be fear of the educated, the “elites.”  You can’t have rampant racism and blind ignorance until you destroy public trust in the natural leaders, until you destroy real culture and replace it with mechanized music, scandal mongering, dirty sex and endless conspiracies.

Murdoch is the real king of conspiracy theories.

Look at the endless list of wild accusations that came from Fox alone.  Then look at the others, the accusations, the wild and insane things that were written into history but likely planned by Murdoch.

9/11 probably had Murdoch’s hand in it as did the London bombings on 7/7.

There could be no great conspiracy without control of the news.

Now we find the news itself controlled the governments and may well have written the scripts to the wars, the rigged elections, the acts of terror and the misdirection that sent America into a decade of cruel and useless bloodletting after terror groups that never existed in the first place.

Now, today, as our British cousins are reeling in the revelations that their government for decades has not been their own, a diseased hybrid of crazy old man, Israeli spies and the paid stooges that the people thought were serving them….

And it goes on in America, full blast, Murdoch and his creatures, planning the future of America.

One of his creatures is Boehner.

Another is Palin.

Then there is Gingrich.

There was the entire Bush administration.

But, to get to the dark heart of evil, first you look at Fox News.

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Freedom Flotilla II: Final Thoughts


by Stephen Lendman


Palestinian analyst/advocate/author and former journalist Nadia Hijab is right, saying “(i)t was never about aid.”

In her article titled, “Freedom Flotilla II: No to a Kinder, Gentler Siege,” she said like earlier and new initiatives to come, it’s “a political act” against Israel’s illegal occupation/Gaza blockade – forced isolation, in fact, since 1988 “permit system” terrorism was instituted.

In 1991, closures began, “institutionalized” in 1993, then a 1994 electronic wall, and continued repression by lawless incursions, air attacks, home demolitions, targeted assassinations, mass arrests, daily intimidation, Cast Lead, and virtually anything Israel can dream up to collectively punish 1.6 million people, guilty of being Arabs, not Jews.

Flotillas and other humanitarian efforts aren’t about delivering “goods,” said Hijab. They’re about freedom, self-determination, and ending Israel’s lawless chokehold, violating international laws, norms and principles grievously for decades, complicit with rogue partners against justice, shamelessly supporting crimes of war and against humanity.

Blocked but not defeated, Freedom Flotilla II endorsers sent a July 10 open letter to European Commission President Joseo Manuel Barroso, saying in part:

“Squeezed between Scylla and Charybdid (twin evils), the zionist state of Israel and the ‘democratic’ Greece, our nutshell JULIANO with” European citizens from Sweden, Greece and Austria “on board still tries to (fulfill) its mission of peace and solidarity with the Palestinian people.”

Is isolating them behind “prison-walls” your choice, or is “freedom of the seas….freedom of expression, and the mandate of peace the (EU) constitutional treaty prescribed you to fulfill?”

It’s shameful that EU nations and other Quartet members bow subserviently to Israel, complicit with “its constant violations of Human Rights against the population of Palestine.”

“Don’t forget that history….always….punish(es) those who have allied themselves with the oppressors. In the name of the same (EU) democratic order,” global peace, and justice you and others endorse, “we therefore demand:


On behalf of JULIANO participants, signed:

  • Dr. Leo Gabriel

International Council of the World Social Forum

  • Maria Pia Boethius

Swedish writer

  • Jabar Amin

Member of Sweden’s Parliament

  • Stellan Vinthagen

Swedish Professor of Sociology/Ship to Gaza participant

  • Takis Politis

Greek Professor/member of the Hellenic Federation of University Teachers Associations Executive Committee

  • Orestes Kolokouris

Greek Parliament member

America’s Media Pro-Israeli Bias

Typical distorted Flotilla reports came from Ethan Bronner, New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief, exposing his pro-Israeli bias like on July 2 headlining, “Setting Sail on Gaza’s Sea of Spin,” saying:

Some saw “a parallel with the Exodus, (when) Jewish refugees (tried) to break” Britain’s 1947 blockade. Others wondered why participants bring aid “when it is no longer needed.” Bronner obviously knows nothing about Gaza, perhaps never visited, and for sure doesn’t care.

“Still others,” he said “note the way the Israeli authorities portray the organizers as violent Islamists when most are middle-aged European pacifists.”

Correct, but not that “challenging Israel’s blockade (reflects) something else, part of an unstated effort to recast the Israeli-Palestinian narrative in extreme terms, (bringing) out the public relations demons on all sides.”

Bronner downplayed Israel’s May 2010 massacre, claimed enough goods now enter Gaza, ignored the deplorable humanitarian crisis, and said if activists want to deliver aid, they “should take it to either Israel or Egypt and it will be delivered by truck. Sea access must remain blocked to prevent weapons smuggling.”

In fact, Gaza is sovereign Palestine. So are its offshore waters. Israel’s blockade is illegal. Every state may defend itself, especially against rogue aggressors like Israel, committing regular atrocities by land, sea and air.

Moreover, Flotilla activism isn’t about aid. It’s about liberation, what Bronner, and others like him, don’t understand or support. Instead, he claims it’s about “delegitimizing Israel and killing its soldiers.”

Allegations like that and quoting Israel’s public diplomacy minister, Yuli Edelstein, saying “representatives of different terror groups” joined the Flotilla make yellow journalism look good.

Nonetheless, he continued, regurgitating other spurious claims, exposing his intellectual dishonesty the way Times writers always do. As a result, they present one-sided pro-Israeli, pro-war, pro-imperial, pro-corporate, anti-justice reports, opinions and commentaries, mocking equity, justice, democratic values, and real journalism – siding with villains, not victims.

Israel v. Flytilla Activists

An Israeli no-fly list prevented 200 or more from arriving. Others came and were targeted repressively. On July 10, International Middle East Media Center writer Saed Bannoura headlined, “Israel Deports 36 Activists, 82 Still Detained,” saying:

“Israeli Immigration spokeswoman Sabine Haddad” said 22 deported were Belgian, 13 German, and one Spanish, 82 others imprisoned in Beer Sheva, Al Ramla and Tel Aviv. Most are French. Others are American, Belgian, Spanish and Dutch.

They represent hundreds of “Welcome to Palestine” Campaign (WPC) activists, challenging Israel’s illegal blockade and occupation. On July 10, WPC said:

“Israeli authorities set stringent conditions for release of (WPC) prisoners. (Most) are still incarcerated under brutal conditions,” in Al Ramla and Beer Sheva detention centers.

“These friends of Palestine, among which there are minors and elderly persons with medical conditions, have been and are being mistreated and subjected to unnecessary brutality.” As a result, they began a hunger strike, protesting their illegal arrest, detention and mistreatment.

On July 12, WPC said members illegally imprisoned may rightfully refuse deportation for the following reasons:

  • – they’ll illegally detained;

  • – denying them entry to Israel is unjustified;

  • – deportation will normalize it and “create a precedent by which the Israeli authorities are ‘permitted’ to decide on who has the right or not to come visit Palestine;”

  • – WPC activists came to challenge Israeli lawlessness;

  • – doing so keeps the issue alive; and

  • – foreign governments and airlines should be pressured to explain and justify their complicity with Israeli crimes.

Arriving members were mistreated as follows:

“held together in one room and then attacked, forcefully handcuffed and dragged into separate transfer vehicles. They were then forcefully transferred to the (Al Ramla) detention facility….Lawyers have been trying to reach the Ministry of Interior to gain access to (them) to assure they receive their right to legal representation, to visits from their country consular staff, and to call their families.”

Moreover, supportive Israelis were denied entrance to Ben-Gurion Airport. Each visitor was asked to confirm travel plans or name arriving passengers they wished to meet – checked against inbound passenger lists.

Those who circumvented security procedures “were immediately attacked even as they peacefully” awaited WPC arrivals. Six, in fact, were arrested.

“We urge (everyone) to write to the media, to their governments, and to all fellow human beings,” saying: “enough is enough. Israel must be forced to respect basic human rights, allow free travel, (and) end apartheid and colonization.”

Urgently, “Western governments must insist that Israeli authorities release those they kidnapped, afford them all protections due them, and punish officials who mistreated our guests.”

The Free Gaza Movement and Palestinian Boycott National Committee (BNC) called for an “immediate embargo on Israel,” saying:

“Freedom Flotilla II, and Israel’s attempts to thwart it through outrageous acts of intimidation, lies, political pressure, threats of violence, and sabotage, has reminded the world (about) the criminal blockade on the Gaza Strip,” violating fundamental international law.

Israel is a lawless rogue state. “In the name of freedom, equality, justice and peace,” it must be held fully accountable, starting with a full embargo, followed perhaps by UN expulsion for violating its charter principles and dozens of resolutions.

A Final Comment

On July 12, US Boat to Gaza/Audacity of Hope participants Ann Wright and Regina Carey emailed that Greek authorities cut off electricity at 10AM Athens time, “leaving us with no power” in over 100 degree heat “inside the boat, and a Russian ship loading grain is spewing (it) and dust over the entire area.”

Since blocked from sailing, remaining passengers have effectively been imprisoned. Six stayed on board to protect the boat from sabotage. Four are over 60.

The Papandreou government sold out to Israel and Washington, partnering with lawless criminal acts.

Wright, Carey and others demand the right to sail, asking supporters to call Greek embassies, consulates and Washington embassy at 202-939-1300. Flood their switchboards with righteous outrage. Let them know millions care.

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