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Is Gaddafi a Rothschild?


Qaddafi the Jew, the Rothschilds & the Mossad

by Chris Bollyn

During a discussion on IsraHell Radio they just dropped this little tidbit. There is a Jew left in Libya. His name is Muammar Gadhafi. – “You won’t believe this…Gadhafi’s mother was Jewish”, 22 February 2011

Of his early life little is known, and even less is certain. He was born, it is said, in Sirte, a desert town, the son of a goatherd. Other versions suggest that his real father may have been French, and his mother Jewish.
– “Colonel Gaddafi is turning into a mellow megolamaniac” (comments), The Telegraph, 13 June 2009

Colonel Gaddafi’s close ties to the Rothschild family and the Mossad make complete sense when we consider the fact that he is a Jew, the son of a Jewish mother, according to a report aired on IsraHelli television.  How much oil money has the brutal Libyan dictator secretly stashed away in IsraHelli banks?

YouTube – Veterans Today –

When an Arab journalist told me that Muammar Gaddafi was Jewish and that his mother’s relative lived in IsraHell and had been on IsraHelli television, I thought it must be some kind of joke.  But it’s not.  Here is the IsraHelli program in which his second cousin and another relative explain that the “Madman of Libya” is actually a Jew.  According to the relatives’ testimony on this show, there is no question that Gaddafi is a Jew under Jewish – and IsraHelli law.  Gaddafi’s Jewish blood explains his very close connection to the Rothschilds and their preferred intelligence agency – the Mossad.  Now it all makes sense.

An IsraHelli television program in which Gaddafi’s Jewish roots are discussed, by his second cousin in IsraHell.  “With a Jewish Grandma, and a Jewish Mother, Gaddafi may seek refuge in IsraHell”, according to IsraHell Insider.

The IsraHelli television program discusses Gaddafi’s Jewish mother and grandmother.  This is how IsraHell Insider explains the connection:

IsraHell’s Channel 2 News last year interviewed two IsraHelli women of Libyan origin who claimed to be relatives of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, IsraHell Today’s Ryan Jones reminds us.The older of the two interviewees, Guita Brown, claimed that she is Gaddafi’s second cousin: her grandmother was the sister of Gaddafi’s grandmother. The younger of the two women, Rachel Saada, Brown’s granddaughter , explained in more detail:

“The story goes that Gaddafi’s grandmother, a Jewess, was married to a Jewish man at first. But he treated her badly, so she ran away and married a Muslim sheikh. Their child was the mother of Gaddafi.”

While Gaddafi’s grandmother converted to Islam when she married the sheikh, according to Jewish religious law (and common sense), she was ethnically still Jewish. And that makes Gaddafi’s mother a Jewess. And if Gaddafi’s mother is a Jewess, what does that make Gaddafi?At that point in the news report, the anchor exclaimed, “So, the point is that Gaddafi doesn’t just have Jewish relatives, he is Jewish!”

That may come in handy. According to IsraHell’s Law of Return, anyone with a Jewish grandparent is entitled to become a citizen, no questions asked.

Gadaffi’s Ties To The Rothschilds

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, who is seen as the Libyan dictator’s most likely successor, was also a guest of billionaire financiers Jacob and Nat Rothschild at their Corfu villa where the Business Secretary stayed a week…days before it emerged that the Lockerbie bomber was to be freed.

  • – “Gadhafi’s stolen billions stashed in London”Daily Telegraph, 25 February 2011The evidence indicates that Muammar Qaddafi, who controls the largest oil reserves in Africa, works closely with the Rothschild family and the Mossad.  This makes complete sense, if, as the IsraHelli television program reported, Qaddafi is actually a Jew. Fighter aircraft were bombing civilians on the streets of Tripoli, this is unprecedented violence.”

  • – Ali al-Essawi, Libyan Ambassador to India, 22 February 2011Gaddafi’s youngest son Khamis was reportedly bringing mercenaries from African countries to fight against anti-regime protestors.  Identity cards from Guinea, Niger, Chad, Mauritania and Sudan were found on individuals wearing Libyan uniforms and killed in the eastern city of Benghazi and other locations.

while other suspected African mercenaries stand in a room in a court in Benghazi as they are held by anti-Qaddafi protesters, February 24, 2011.

The Qaddafi family is closely tied to and invested with the Rothschild family, which raises the question:  Is Muammar Qaddafi, the brutal and mercurial Libyan dictator, working with Israel’s Mossad?  The evidence suggests that he is.

We need to remember that the Mossad works hand-in-hand with the Rothschild family, which controls global mining and oil production operations.  Libya has the largest proven reserves of oil in Africa and exports about 1.5 million barrels per day and has important refineries that supply essential petroleum products to Europe.

Let’s look at the evidence that Qaddafi is working with the Rothschild family and their intelligence agency, the Mossad.

First, Libya invested a reported $500 million into Allen Stanford’s money laundering operation that was exposed two years ago this month to be a scam in which some $8 billion disappeared.  Stanford’s operation, based in Antigua and Houston, was one in which senior Mossadniks were both investors and recipients of investments from Allen Stanford.  The IsraHelli venture capital funds which received millions of dollars from Stanford are all closely linked to the Mossad.  Yair Shamir, the son of the infamous terrorist leader Yitzchak Shamir, was one of the investors in Stanford’s “bank” in Antigua.

Yair Shamir (inset), the son of the notorious Zionist terrorist Yitzchak Shamir, is chairman and managing partner of the Catalyst Fund, a Mossad venture capital fund that received tens of millions of dollars from the Allen Stanford money-laundering operation.  Shamir was also an investor in the Stanford bank.

Qaddafi invested the $500 million in Stanford’s operation three weeks before the fund collapsed owing investors some $8 billion.  The Stanford bank was reportedly a Mossad money-laundering operation funded with illegal drug profits.

Libya, however, has never made a claim for the lost $500 million.  Why would Qaddafi invest half a billion dollars in a Mossad-linked scam and not ask for the money back?Secondly, there is the Rothschild connection to Qaddafi, through his son Saif.

As the Daily Mail reported on February 24:

The friendship of oddball financier Nat Rothschild, 39, scion of one of Europe’s most distinguished Jewish families, with Colonel Gaddafi’s epicene son, Saif, is remarkable.  Colonel Gaddafi confiscated all Jewish property in Libya when he came to power. All debts to Jews were cancelled and emigration legally prohibited.  But in 2004 – the year Tony Blair befriended the Libyan madman – Gaddafi said he would discuss compensating Jews stripped of their possessions.  It’s said Saif – who hoped to succeed his father – was behind these moves.  A sop to Nat Rothschild?

Nat Rothschild works closely with the Qaddafi family.

Gadhafi Money Stashed in Rothschilds Banks

Nat Rothschild works closely with the Qaddafi family.

The Daily Telegraph published an article entitled “Gadhafi’s stolen billions stashed in London” that points out the Gadhafi family ties with the Rothschilds:

This was painfully revealed when Saif, a supposed friend of the West, spoke on Libyan television this week. Saif took the awkward manner of an international plutocrat, forced only by circumstances out of his usual exalted milieu of Blairs, Deripaskas, Mandelsons and Rothschilds, to address Libya’s “little people”…Swinging London is but one hub of Gadhafi Inc. – a useful networking site where the Rothschilds were able to point Saif Gadhafi to investment opportunities in marina complexes in Montenegro.

In a profile piece on Saif Gaddafi, The Observer provides more details about the Gaddafi family’s close ties to the Rothschild family:

Saif is an acquaintance of Lord Mandelson and met the former Labour minister at a Corfu villa [of Jacob Rothschild] the week before it was announced that the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, would be released from a Scottish prison. The two men met again when they were guests at Lord Rothschild’s mansion in Buckinghamshire.Rothschild’s son and heir, Nat, also a close friend of Mandelson, held a party in New York attended by Saif in 2008. Saif in turn invited Nat Rothschild to his 37th birthday party in Montenegro, where the financier is investing in a luxury resort.

Saif Gaddafi met with Lord Mandelson (left) and Jacob (4th Baron) Rothschild (center) at Rothschild’s villa in Corfu in August 2009, one week before it was announced that the “Lockerbie bomber” would be released from prison.  Rothschild’s father (Victor, the 3rd Baron Rothschild) worked in British intelligence during World War II in disinformation and espionage. Victor is alleged to have been a Soviet spy, which led him to state in December 1986, “I am not, and never have been, a Soviet agent.”

Then there is the fact that Tony Blair serves as an adviser to Muammar Qaddafi. But who is Blair serving? It is well known that Blair is a Zionist-controlled politician who has sacrificed hundreds of British lives in the criminal fraud known as the “War on Terror”. The Daily Mail reported in July.

2010 that Blair had secret talks with Qaddafi in Tripoli

Tony Blair was flown to Libya for secret talks with Colonel Gaddafi just days after denying he was an adviser to the dictator.  Mr Blair was ‘entertained as a brother’, a senior Libyan government source has revealed.  He told the Daily Mail that the former prime minister had offered Gaddafi, with whom he is on first-name terms, ‘a great deal of invaluable advice’.

Tony Blair is just one of the many Zionist-controlled politicians who have embraced the madman of Tripoli.  Silvio Berlusconi of Italy, for example, who is very close to Qaddafi, was given the “Distinguished Statesman Award” by the Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith in September 2003.  If Qaddafi were really the terrorist behind Pan Am 103, would Berlusconi and all these other Zionist-controlled western leaders be allowed to embrace him as a friend?

Lastly, there is the claim made by Victor Ostrovsky in his books about the Mossad that Israeli agents based in Tripoli had sent messages that appeared to have been sent by Qaddafi’s government.  These counterfeit messages were picked up by American intelligence and were used to build their case against Libya.  If Mossad was running such sophisticated intelligence operations in Libya in the 1980s it is more than likely that their penetration of Qaddafi’s government had deepened in the 25 years since.  The evidence strongly indicates that is the case.

SARAH IN TRIPOLIThe revolt and bloodshed in Libya will certainly lead to the end of the 42-year-old regime of Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi and his thugs.  There is very little television footage coming from Libya, but the BBC Newhour program (of February 20) had an excellent telephone interview with a young Libyan woman named Sarah, in Tripoli.  This is a very powerful and moving interview that helps one understand what is really happening in Libya.  The interview with “Sarah in Tripoli” begins shortly after minute 26 and 30 seconds into the program.  One can use the time button and begin listening at 26:30.The interview can be heard on the BBC World Service website here:

Gaddafi and Silvio Berlusconi of Italy are quite close.  Libya has many investments in Italy, the Guardianreported, ”These include a stake of about 2% in Fiat, 7.5% of Juventus football club, a 2% stake in – and joint venture with – Italian aerospace and defence group Finmeccanica and 7.5% in UniCredit, the bank.”

Britain’s Tony Blair, who is controlled by Zionist money, was quite willing to embrace the madman of Libya – the same Arab tyrant who is said to have been behind the terror bombing over Lockerbie.  How much sense does this make?

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Was Norway Massacre a reaction to BDS Israeli Boycott


by  Gilad Atzmon

I learned last night from an Israeli online journal, that two days before the Utoya Island massacre, AUF’s (Labour Party’s youth movement) leader Eskil Pedersen gave an interview to the Dagbladet, Norway’s second largest tabloid newspaper, in which he unveiled what he thinks of Israel.

In the course of the interview, Pedersen stated that he “believes the time has come for more drastic measures against Israel, and (that he) wants the Foreign Minister to impose an economic boycott against the country.”

Pederson went on to say, “The peace process goes nowhere, and though the whole world expect Israel to comply, they do not. We in Labour Youth will have a unilateral economic embargo of Israel from the Norwegian side.”

The AUF Labour Party Youth Movement have been devoted promoters of the Israel Boycott campaign, The Dagbladet newspaper reporting that “The AUF has long been a supporter of an international boycott of Israel, but the decision at the last congress, demands that Norway imposes a unilateral economic embargo on the country and it must be stricter than before.”

“I acknowledge that this is a drastic measure”, stated Pedersen, “but I think it gives a clear indication that we are tired of Israel’s behaviour, quite simply”.

Yesterday we also learned that mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik was openly enthusiastic about Israel.

According to a variety of internet outlets, Behring Breivik was a regular poster on several Norwegian internet sites, notably the blog, which is run by Hans Rustad, a former left-wing journalist.

Hans Rustad is Jewish, extremely pro-Zionist, and warns against ‘Islam-isation’, violence, and other social problems he assumes to be connected with Muslim immigration.

Norway Blogger Hans Rustad

Alongside the UK’s infamously Islamophobic Harry’s Place and other Jewish pro-war Zionist blogs, the observant amongst us are becoming more and more aware of an increasingly pervasive trend of Jerusalemite internet journals that — ostensibly – like to give the impression of ‘rallying for the preservation of Western culture,’ and of ‘standing up for democratic values’.

For the most obvious of reasons, these blog pages are almost exclusively focused on ‘the problem of Islam,’ and on Muslim migrants’ ‘troubled and reactionary’ communities and politics, whilst all the while, simultaneously, relentlessly and forcefully propounding a propagandistic Zionist agenda.

Interestingly enough, other immigrants are routinely depicted on these blog pages as being ‘harmless’, or as ‘positive contributors to society’ –

–you won’t find Hans Rustad or Harry Place criticising the Jewish Lobbies, the Lord Levy’s or the Russian Oligarchs’ disastrous impact on ‘Western culture’ or on ‘democratic values’ any time soon.

Gordon Duff wrote yesterday in “Veterans Today” that the “car bombing carries the signature of an intelligence agency. Nobody else bothers with such things.”

And indeed it is after all, pretty clear that a car bomb of such magnitude, and an operation of such sophistication is not exactly something a layman can put together with such apparent ease: it would surely take some specialist knowledge, and the question here is, who could provide such knowledge, and such a vast amount of lethal explosives?

I am not in a position at present to firmly point a finger at Israel, its agents, or its sayanim — but assembling the information together, and considering all possibilities may suggest that Anders Behring Breivik might indeed, have been a Sabbath Goy.

Within its Judaic mundane-societal context, the Sabbath Goy is simply there to accomplish some minor tasks the Jews cannot undertake during the Sabbath. But within the Zion-ised reality we tragically enough live in, the Sabbath Goy kills for the Jewish state. He may even do it voluntarily.

Being an admirer of Israel, Behring Breivik does appear to have treated his fellow countrymen in the same way that the IDF treats Palestinians.

Devastatingly enough, in Israel, Behring Breivik found a few enthusiastic followers who praised his action against the Norwegian youth.

In the Hebrew article that reported about the AUF camp being pro Palestinian and supportive of the Israel Boycott Campaign, I found the following comments amongst other supports for the massacre:

24. “Oslo criminals paid”

26. “It’s stupidity and evil not to desire death for those who call to boycott Israel.’

41. “Hitler Youth members killed in the bombing of Germany were also innocent. Let us all cry about the terrible evil bombardment carried out by the Allied…We have a bunch of haters of Israel meeting in a country that hates Israel in a conference that endorses the boycott.. So it’s not okay, not nice, really a tragedy for families, and we condemn the act itself, but to cry about it? Come on. We Jews are not Christians. In the Jewish religion there is no obligation to love or mourn for the enemy.”

Who-What Really Made Him Pull the Trigger So Many Times

The full facts of the Norwegian tragedy are, as yet, unknown, but the message should by now be transparently and urgently clear to all of us:

Western intelligence agencies must immediately crackdown on Israeli and Zionist operators in our midst, and regarding the terrible events of the weekend.

It must be made absolutely clear who it was that spread such hate and promoted such terror, and for what exact reasons.

Boycott (2)

Courtesy of Ron Paul Forums
Boycott (1)
Boycott I
Boycott (2)
Norway Blogger Hans Rustad
Who-What Really Made Him Pull the Trigger So Many Times








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Arab world outraged by Norway attack allegations



Prior to killer’s apprehension, local, international media blamed Islamists for carnage, triggering Arab media’s furor. Meanwhile, Muslim web surfers accuse ‘terrorist Zionist state’ for attack

Less than two days after the fact, everybody knows who carried out the shocking massacre that took place in Norway onFriday: Anders Behring Breivik, a Norwegian driven by extremist right-wing ideology. But before Breivik’s apprehension, the local and international media alluded to an extremist Islamists link for the double attack on Oslo and Utoya island – triggering the rage of many Arabs and Muslims worldwide.

The London-based Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat claimed Norway feared Islamist operatives much more than rightist extremists despite a significant growth of such groups in 2010. Another London-based international Arabic publication, Al-Hayat, added that the attacks were perpetrated by a Christian extremist who deplored Islam and Europe’s cultural pluralism.

Forty-eight hours before Friday massacre, teens participating in ruling party youth camp met with Norwegian foreign minister. Some called for boycott of Israel

Meanwhile, a short time after news of the attack spread, many Arab and Muslim web surfers claimed that it was Israel who was responsible: “A criminal operation of this magnitude is not carried out without the support and planning of a terrorist state, which stakes out opportunities to shuffle the deck. It is the Zionist state, in collaboration with the extremist Zionist Christians, that wants to hurt Islam in its allie, Norway,” a surfer named Omar Ali commented on Al Jazeera’s website. “It’s not al-Qaeda. The Zionists carried out the attack to punish Norway for supporting Gaza.”

‘Mossad behind operation’

Another web user accused the Israeli secret service for the attack, and explained why: “Before Europe and the US rush to blame us for terrorism, know that the body behind this operation is none other than the Mossad. And why the Mossad? Because Norway recognized the Palestinian state two days ago, and what does it mean when a gas- and oil-rich nation like Norway supports the Palestinians? Israel would never allow it.”

A third commentator said that it was clear to him that an intelligence agency, like the Mossad or the CIA – was behind the attack. Yet another surfer, from Jordan, accused the US, adding that “as usual, the American intelligence is pressing Norway to declare that Muslims carried out the bombing.”

Another theory attributed the act of terror to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, in light of his threats to retaliate against the NATO strikes. Others yet blamed the Syrian regime for trying to divert attention from what is going on in their country.

Shortly after the extent of the tragedy became known, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, which counts 58 nations among its members, released a statement condemning the event, calling it a “terrorist attack.”


  1. Ingrid B. says:

    The home-grown, Norwegian terrorist, has, this day, professed to being anti-Islam, and pro-Israel..

    He has also declared, that as many as 80 such “cells” are embedded in european countries, which are soft on muslims..

  2. The irony about this attack is that it did not happen in the USA. But instead the Americans get the home made terrorists who flew a private jet into IRS office in Texas. Totally missing the point of what was behind his own economic blight.,8599,1966476,00.html The thing to remember is that he (Anders Behring Breivik) was that he was not completely off base in explaining how his nations (Norway) Christian culture had been sever-ted. Without me reading his “Manifesto” or me reading about all the specifics on how Muslim culture had effected his nations culture. Which he perceived as negative. I can sure look at the pervasive influence of Jewish power in this country to know the New World Order abhors Christianities moral and ethical guidance in this nation.

    From the advent of the “Federal Reserve Banking System” that was designed from it’s very inception to keep Americans under crushing debt. From it’s birth as a monetary system it paved a way for WW I and WW II via usury. In which the Bible forbids Christians to take part in. But is considered a sacred duty of Jews following the Talmud. To the Political organization like AIPAC which insures are nation will keep supporting these wars in the Middle East to do Eretz Israel bidding for her. By buying are Politicians for 50 pieces of silver to keep getting elected. Keeping this nation in ethical and financial quagmire. To organizations like the ADL (Anti Defamation League) who has been around from the first part of the 20th Century who supported “Liberal Immigration Laws and Multi Culturelism to undermine European White Christian Culture.

    While claiming they were a “Civil Rights Organization.” But in reality was a intelligence arm of Israel from the very inception of that “Jews Only” state. A organization that gets tax exemption status. While at the same time lobby’s for Immigration Reform,Anti Hate Laws(for suppression of free speech) and even Gun Laws. To further are ethical down fall! To organizations like the “Liberal” American Civil Liberties Union who used the false argument of separation of church and state in Supreme Court to have the 10 Commandments removed from school class rooms. To totally secularize are society and take away are children’s moral compass on how they are suppose to conduct themselves in Civil Christian Society. And yes the ACLU was founded by mostly secular Jews! Believe it or not! There are many more examples I could expose in this comment line. But most here know the details better than myself.

    Being as I only became aware of this Jewish influence in our Foreign and Domestic Policies about 7 years ago. Compared to some who have been hacking at the root of this Jewish Problem of this Nation for 30 years or more. Yes Anders Behring Breivik is right. Christian Culture is under attack in his nation. This nation and the world. But it is not a religion that vehemently opposes Abortion,Homosexuality,Women acting like

    men,Pornography,Vice,Same Sex Marriages,Never Ending Wars and Usury. The source of the problem lies in a ethnocentric race. Backed by enormous financial remorse.To propagate and support the lowest of are human natures to destroy Christian Culture through out the world! With religious and philosophical views under pinning there allegiance to there own tribe at the cost of any nation they inhabit! To establish a Financial,Moral and Ethical reason to set up Israel as a “Light To The World” when in reality it is the establishment of World Government. What has been called a “New World Order” by some. But never really delving into the agent cause or roots of this beast system we are in the beginning throws of now! Which Jesus himself called “The Synagogue Of Satan!”

  3. Mark Propheter says:

    Post note to last comment.
    About five years ago I predicted. That at some point the Main Stream Media would coin a new word for right wing fundamentalists in this country and abroad. Similar to “Muslim Extremist” or “Muslim Terrorists.”
    Right now they are calling Anders Behring Breivik a “Christian Extremist.”
    Only a stone throw from being called a “Cristian Terrorist.” Which I told friends and family about.

    If this nation and the world doesn’t wake up real soon! The word “Christian.” will become synonymous with the word “Terrorist.” Just as much as the word “Conspiracy” is synonymous with the word “Theory.” This is a really scary story on just that premise alone!
    George Orwell was off about 27 years. But I think Newspeak is really going to show it’s ugly head in regards to Christians now. “Christian Terrorist” seems to have a “1984″ ring to it! Sorta like Mandatory Volunteerism (A word are Government came up with to describe a bill to conscript young people into the Armed Forces about 5 or 6 years ago) or War Is Peace or Ignorance Is Strength!! The only question is.

    Is there some form of a cult organization of “Cristian Extremists” cells in Europe. Or worse this country like Anders Behring Breivik claims there is? Could another attack happen in this country using these so called “Christians” in furtherance of a harder Police State crack down! No matter if this was a MASSAD opp or not. It seems to be following a pattern I talked about. Even before I understood what Jewish influence was in this country.

    The shear fact I saw these scenarios and talked about them with others coupled with this Zionist connection with this guy or group. Is making me wonder further in how eventually they will make Christian and Muslim one in the same. To the point that they work with each other in furtherance of Terrorism! Call me crazy if you like! But I truly see this as a next step to that end! Please God let me be wrong on this!

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UN report on Gaza flotilla delayed due to Zio-Nazi request to continue Turkey talks


Publication of UN report on IsraHell’s raid on Gaza-bound ship last year set for August 20 after delayed for third time; still unclear whether IsraHell-Turkey reconciliation talks making progress.

The publication of a United Nations report on the events of the 2010 Gaza flotilla has been delayed for a third time, a senior Zionist official said Sunday, in order to allow Zio-Nazi regime and Turkey to continue negotiations in an effort to end the diplomatic crisis between them.

The official said that the UN report on Zio-Nazi seizure of a Turkish ship that participated in last year’s Gaza flotilla was due to be published next Wednesday, but following an Zionist request, its release date was delayed by another three weeks to August 20.

Zio-Nazi Defence Minister Ehud Barak already hinted Saturday that the UN report will be delayed. “I hope we do not need to discuss it this week and we will be given more time to examine the issues in depth,” he said.

A forum of the eight senior-most Zio-Nazi ministers was due to meet in Jerusalem on Sunday to decide whether to accept the draft of an agreement aimed at ending the diplomatic crisis with Turkey. However on Sunday afternoon, the ministers were told the subject was changed and the meeting will cover regular defense issues.

It is unclear whether the delay of the discussion is a result of a progress in talks with Turkey or the consequence of a setback in talks. Some Zionist officials believe that Zio-Nazi Prime Minister Benjamin Naziyahu preferred to give up the discussion at this point in order to prevent any leaks that could have harmed negotiations with Turkey.

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It’s the Zionism, Stupid ?


So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all culturalMarxists/multiculturalists. “

Anders Breivik, Hero of the Muslim Haters

I will not shed a single tear for the Norwegians. This is just payment for their obsessive anti-semitism and anti-Israel position. They love the Arabs and the Palestinians. This is the price they pay for their rose-colored glasses view of Arabs and the Middle East crisis.This is the price they pay for allowing a powerful Islamic minority into their country. The tragedy is that the Norwegians will not change , even after this deadly demonstration of their errors.

A heart-warming quote from an American commenting on Ynet (before Brevik was named)

1.Okay folks the fix is in. The “American” (and I use that term very loosely) Main $tream Media  is trying to portray mass murderer and ardent Zionist Andres Breivik as a Nazi and  is deliberately ignoring his strong support of Israel.

Let’s start with the favorite paper of all the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr, the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post [JEWNYTP] which has just one article today on the massacre and Breivik entitled “Diary reveals suspect’s preparations, ideology”.  Oh, so what do we learn about his ideology? Very little and nothing at all about his love of Zionism and Israel. How odd, considering that Breivik mentions “Israel” 223 times in his screed and always in a supportive way. Funny how Will Englund, Michael Birnbaum and Alice Fordham all managed to miss this.

Well, may as well go to fountain of Zionist Bullshit, the New York edition of the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post and see what they have to say about Breivik’s ideology.

“Killings in Norway Spotlight Anti-Muslim Thought In the US.”

Somehow  Scott Shane manages not to notice that Pam Geller and Robert Spencer and Breivik are all Zionists. Zionism and Israel are never mentioned. Hmmm? But on the other hand the article tops  the Washington version of JEWNYTP because it is actually a thinly disguised defense of Spencer and Geller. In fact, Scott gives the impression that he agrees that there is a “threat from Islam”. The opening paragraph goes like this. (Note to Shas Party members, the red highlights are mine.)

“The man accused of the killing spree in Norway was deeply influenced by a small group of American bloggers and writers who have warned for years about the threat from Islam, lacing his 1,500-page manifesto with quotations from them, as well as copying multiple passages from the tract of the Unabomber.”

Note also that this obvious act of terrorism is called a “killing spree.” As we all know (and as other bloggers documented over  the weekend) this paper only thinks something is terrorism if it is done by them there Mooselims.

Then we come to CNN. CNN makes it look like Breivik is a Nazi even though he clearly states he is anti-Nazi and why. CNN’s piece even has the logo from Stormfront  right at the top failing to note that Breivik points out that he was kicked off of Stormfront – probably due to his support for Israel, support for Israel that CNN, surprise, surprise, fails to mention. It does manage to mention, a la William McCants, Breivik’s comparing his movement to al-Qa’ida.

Breivik is a hateful murderous Christian Zionist terrorist whose ideology is right there with low-life bigots and Zionist agents like Geller and Spencer and many others, some of whom even fancy themselves as experts on Arabs and Islam though they are not, but I digress.

Oh, I can hear you all saying “Murderous Christian Zionist terrorist, picky, picky, picky. ” But I’ll comment on that  later.

If you give a shit about what’s going on you must  understand that Breivik is part and parcel of the whole zionist-inspired anti-Islam hate campaign that is orchestrated by Zionists like Geller, Spencer and the rest of the gang.  That is why the media won’t delve into it. The  effect of Israeli anti-Muslim propaganda  is  huge and the media knows to avoid looking at any of the real underlying causes in part because the media is one of those underlying causes.

2. Xymphora hits it on the yarmulke-wearing head here. Read it and think.



  1. Ian says:

    July 26, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    HE IS NOT A CHRISTIAN!!!!! You CANNOT be a freemason and a Christian both! You just can’t! Contrary to all Masonic prevaracations to the contrary. And that he WAS a Freemason is a known fact, therefore HE CANNOT BE A CHRISTIAN. I’m sick to death already of this wannabe-Jew vermin being portrayed as a Christian. What lies! This is phase two of the Jewish Trotskyite plan to spread terror around the world. Now its the “Christians” (yeah right) who are the terrorists. When will the world wake up and realize that the solution is to eradicate the cult of Judaism? mind you, it is NOT the Jews who must be eradicated, but Judaism – the cultic idea – must must must must be exposed for what it is and utterly eliminated. Completely. Anyone who wishes to practice the cultic rituals of “Judaism” should have to do it on the moon. Period. It is NOT “it’s the Zionism, stupid.” It’s the JUDAISM, Stupid.

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Palestine, IsraHell, Germany- The Boundaries of Open Discussion

This is a very important conference!!!

September 10-11, 2011

Freiburg, Germany

Freedom of speech and expression are recognised by many as primary human rights. However, when it comes to discussion on topics concerning Palestine, Israel and Germany we  often face rigid and concrete boundaries that clearly suppress free and creative discourse. We  somehow grasp what we are allowed to say but are also conscious of a variety of thoughts we better keep unsaid.

Yearning for humanism and willing to bring a change about,  the conference seeks to liberate the contemporary ideological, spiritual, cultural and political discourse. We will try to identify the mechanisms that stifle freedom of speech, with the hope that sometime soon, we will be able to say what we think and to mean what we say.

The conference ‘Palestine, Israel and Germany – Boundaries of Open Discussion’ will elaborate on some ‘contentious’ topics such as suppression of truth, history, narration, mainstream-media complicity and media coverage, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism vs. criticism of Israel and responsability. We will also try to show practical solutions for Palestinian self-determination.

Issues to do with boundaries of discourse will be located as key elements in a long overdue consciousness shift.

Don´t miss the opportunity to listen and to discuss on these issues with some of the most creative writers and commentators!

Gilad Atzmon History, Truth and Integrity 

Ramzy Baroud A Gaza Story: Challenging History through Narration 

Ibrahim El-Zayat Antisemitism and Islamophobia 

Alan Hart The Mainstream Media´s Complicity in Zionism’s Suppression of the Truth of History 

Evelyn Hecht-Galinski How much Criticism of Israel should it be? 

Hajo G. Meyer Germany’s Second Capital Sin 

Ken O´Keefe Boundaries of Discourse – Practical Solutions for Self-Determination in Palestine 

Sabine Schiffer Media Coverage of the Middle East
Exhibition of graphic arts Viqar Ali & David Borrington

10th September at 21:00 a concert by Moamen Khatib (oud), Gilad Atzmon (sax & clarinet)  & Frank Harrison (piano). From 23:00 till late,  Arabian night with DJs from Palestine.

Location: Jos Fritz Café
Wilhelmstr. 15/1
79098 Freiburg

11th September

10:00-20:00- talks & discussions

Location: Bürgerhaus Zähringen
Lameystr. 2
79108 Freiburg

Contact details and registration:

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Zio-Nazi Ambassador Michael Oren to visit Zionist Spy Pollard in prison


Sources close to Pollard say US envoy will visit Israeli agent in North Carolina jail; would mark first such visit by Netanyahu gov’t.

Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren will become the first representative of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to visit imprisoned Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard since Netanyahu’s term began.

Oren will visit Pollard¹s North Carolina prison cell on Tuesday, sources close to Pollard said Sunday.

There were reports in March that Welfare and Social Services Minister Moshe Kahlon would visit Pollard. But at the time, sources close to Pollard immediately denied the reports because his poor health would prevent him from greeting visitors.

This time, Pollard¹s wife, Esther, already left Israel for the US on Sunday to join Oren on the visit, though there was still a chance that her husband¹s ailing health could prevent the meeting.

“Jonathan is facing surgery due to the deterioration of his health, and it is not known yet when the surgery will be, but we hope the visit happens,” said Pollard activist Adi Ginsburg.

Oren caused an uproar when he suggested in an interview with a Washington radio station last June that Pollard had been part of a rogue operation.

“Jonathan Pollard occurred in the mid-1980s,” Oren told the station. “Now, we¹re talking about an event that was run by a rogue organization in the Israeli intelligence community. That was, what, 25 years ago?”

Netanyahu released a rare statement refuting his ambassador following reports of the interview, saying that “Pollard worked as an agent of the State of Israel, and no one is trying to deny this.”

But Oren made a more favorable impression on Pollard when he worked unsuccessfully to try to get him granted compassionate leave to attend the funeral of his father, Prof. Morris Pollard, who died June 18.

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The Crusader


Anders Breivik as ideological blowback


It had to happen: the rise  of a “counter-jihadist” terrorist outfit that is the mirror image  of al-Qaeda. That it first arose in Norway, rather than, say, in the US,  is just a coincidence, although I’m sure Anders Behring Breivik, the  perpetrator of the Norwegian mass murder in Utoya, has his American  collaborators, as he claimed in his manifesto, “2083: A Declaration  of European Independence,” [.pdf] and an accompanying video. Indeed, a good  many of the sources he cites in “2083″ – which is basically a compendium  of previously published works by others – are American. Material from David Horowitz’s website,, figures prominently,  along with articles taken verbatim from the Horowitz-affiliated “Jihad  Watch,” run by professional hater and make-believe “scholar” Robert  Spencer.

Breivik’s “book” is  a mishmash, half diary of his careful preparations for the attack thrown  together with anti-Muslim materials and boilerplate conservative rhetoric  about the importance of faith, family, and community – Breivik lifts  an entire section of a screed on “Cultural Conservatism” by the  late Paul Weyrich – totaling well over a thousand pages. Thankfully,  we don’t have to plough through this disjointed “compendium,” as he calls it – which shows signs of being hastily thrown together  in preparation for his international debut as the Norwegian Timothy  McVeigh, just like his Facebook pageand his Twitter account. Breivik  created a much more coherent video version which gives us a lot more  clues about why he murdered 90-plus (at last count) of his fellow Norwegians  in the name of fighting Islam.

In the video, Breivik targets  the Enemy, which he calls “cultural Marxism.” So you thought communism  failed with the fall of the Soviet Union and the liberation of Eastern  Europe? Wrong! In reality – according to Breivik – the Marxists,  under the banner of the Frankfurt School theorists, infiltrated the  mainstream political parties, academia, and even exercised a dominant  influence on the “global capitalists.” Their goal: the eradication  of European cultural identity, to be subsumed under a multi-culturalist “EUSSR.” The present rulers of the West are cultural “traitors,” who are conspiring openly with Islamists to reestablish the old Ottoman  Empire in Europe and pave the way for the “Islamization” of the  entire continent. 

The second part of the video  details the threat posed by an inherently aggressive and implacable  Islam, the long history of Islamic imperialism, and the submission of  the subject peoples to “dhimmitude.” This section relies heavily  on the writings of the professional Islamophobes such as Robert SpencerBat Ye’or, Andrew G. BostomBernard Lewis, etc., that reads like  the table of contents for a routine edition of Horowitz’s online magazine. It is neoconservatism, of the old cold war variety,  with the only difference being that International Islam has taken the  place of International Communism as our unsleeping foe. 

Part three of the video is  the most successful and creative: it presents a pantheon of heroes – every European military figure or ruler who ever fought a battle against  the Ottomans – from Charles Martelto Vlad the Impaler, and even including  Czar Nicholas II. I have to add that all this is accompanied by soaring “Celtic”-sounding music, like something out of the Lord of the  Rings score: interspersed with images of Crusaders, and such historical  figures as El Cid, Richard the Lionhearted, and events such as the Battle  of Tours and the Ottoman siege of Vienna, this section links the sympathetic  viewer to a usable past, an heroic tradition of which he can feel a  part. This segues easily into the fourth and final part, which is chiefly  exhortatory – a call to action. The cultural Marxist “traitors” must be hunted down and exterminated: he is very clear about this. A  Cultural Marxist Hunting Permit is depicted, so as to make Breivik’s  strategic principle unmistakable. These new “Crusaders,” then, are  to be an army of assassins – a “Christian” Western version of  al-Qaeda.

The similarity of Osama bin  Laden’s vision and Breivik’s is remarkable, right down to the glorification  of martyrdom which prefaces part three of the video. It is as if someone  had sat down and deliberately limned bin Laden and the theoreticians  of jihadism, inverting the ends but consciously imitating the means  and the Manichean mindset. This is where the real passion comes across,  where the viewer is asked to identify himself as an heroic figure – all this kind of appeal lacks is a promise of virgins in the afterlife.  However, the powerful emotional punch packed by this very effective  propaganda ploy contrasts sharply with the odd, jerrybuilt nature of  Breivik’s rationale for his murderous enterprise – as if the involved  ideological narrative is almost an afterthought to the actual deed.  After all, Breivik rails endlessly against Muslims – but winds up  murdering Norwegians, none of whom were Muslim. I don’t quite know  what to make of this, except that the whole thing seems rather contrived,  although to what end is unclear.

What is clear, however, is  that the “Knights Templar Europe” is not merely the imaginary construct  of a deranged mind, but an actual organization that seems to have been  founded at a meeting in London which Breivik attended in 2002. He claims  to have collaborators, and he specifically mentions one “European-American” who attended the founding meeting. Norwegian police are saying he acted  alone, but this seems impossible: he began preparations for the attack  in 2009, and the sheer logistics of carrying out such an operation – undetected – would argue that he had help. 

It also appears as if Breivik  has links to the English Defense League, a virulent gang of violent  skinheads who target Muslims and have been gaining strength in the Clockwork Orange-y Britain of today. Financed by British businessman Alan Lake, the EDL has been endorsed by the  American “counter-jihadists” grouped around “Stop the Islamization  of America” and its European affiliate: Breivik’s agenda was eerily  prefigured by Lake, who stated on Norwegian television that “such  people should be executed,” referring to British Muslims and presumably  others he considers “seditious.”

For years, neoconservatives   have been telling us the decadent West is no match for the holy warriors   of Islam, and what is needed is a revival of the Crusader spirit so   that we can defeat our Eternal Enemy once and for all. We in the West   must be put on a permanent war footing, they tell us, in order to put   “an end to evil,” as two of them put it in a book title. Like the   neocons, Breivik and the EDL are staunch supporters of Israel: the Israeli flag flies at EDL rallies, and the Jewish state comes in   for undiluted praise in the Knights Templar manifesto. 

Before Breivik was identified   as the culprit, neocon columnist Jennifer Rubin rushed into print with   an assessment by two of her fellow neocon “experts” – Gary Schmitt   and Thomas Joscelyn – that this was the work of al-Qaeda, and concluded:

“This is a sobering reminder  for those who think it’s too expensive to wage a war against jihadists…. Some irresponsible lawmakers on both sides of the aisle…would have  us believe that enormous defense cuts would not affect our national  security. Obama would have us believe that al-Qaeda is almost caput  and that we can wrap up things in Afghanistan. All of these are rationalizations  for doing something very rash, namely curbing our ability to defend  the United States and our allies in a very dangerous world.”

Well, it is a sobering reminder,  but not in the way Rubin intended: it’s a reminder that ideas have  consequences. It’s not surprising someone took neoconservative propaganda seriously enough to go the terrorist route: Breivik is merely carrying  out the program advocated by the David Horowitz’s, the Robert Spencers,  the Pam Gellers of this sad and sorry world. The one difference is that  Breivik and his fellow Knights are taking direct action, without bothering  to employ the agency of government.

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Germany lends Libyan rebels $144 million as fighting rages


Libyan rebel fighters attend the funeral of comrades killed during clashes with loyalist troops in the city of Benghazi on July 22.


(CNN) — Germany announced Sunday it has agreed to lend 100 million euros ($144 million) to the rebels in Libya for “civilian and humanitarian purposes” despite staying out of NATO’s bombing campaign against Libyan government forces.

Germany had previously announced a loan of $10 million (7 million euros) for humanitarian aid to the Transitional National Council, the rebel movement that is battling to unseat longtime Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi.

“Because of Colonel Gadhafi’s war against his own people, the situation in Libya is very difficult,” German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said in a statement announcing the loan. “There is a major lack of funds to build infrastructure, as well as a shortage of needed goods, ranging from medical supplies to food.”

Germany has not participated in the NATO-led military effort in Libya and abstained from the U.N. Security Council vote that authorized military action to protect civilians from Gadhafi’s forces. But German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in June that her country shares the hope “that this NATO mission is successful.”

Merkel also said Germany was supporting the NATO mission by providing increased resources to the U.S.-led mission in Afghanistan, freeing other nations to contribute to the Libyan campaign.

Germany has recognized the rebels as the legitimate representative of the Libyan people and established a liaison office with the opposition in Benghazi in May.

Berlin indicated Sunday that the loan will eventually be repaid by the Transitional National Council, using frozen assets from the Gadhafi regime. The statement indicated the reimbursement would happen “when the U.N. Security Council unfreezes the assets for a legitimate Libyan government.”

By agreeing to the loan, Germany added itself to a growing number of nations, including Turkey and Qatar, that have announced plans to hand over millions of dollars in frozen Gadhafi assets to the rebel council in Benghazi.

In an interview with CNN last week, the finance minister for the internationally isolated Libyan government in Tripoli warned that the proposed reallocation of frozen funds would violate international law.

“The international monetary system cannot withstand action in this manner,” said Abdulhafid Zlitni. “If you are freezing, through United Nations Security Council action, funds for any country, then you can’t confiscate it. There are legal obligations of the banks.”

Also on Sunday, rebel forces fought to hold on to Qawalish, a key Libyan village along a major north-south route. Rebel fighter Talha Jwaili told CNN that Gadhafi forces advanced from nearby Al-Asaba using heavy machinery. The rebels called in a large rebel force from Zintan, a city 25 miles (40 kilometers) away, and “managed to repel the Gadhafi forces after a fierce fight that lasted almost four hours,” Jwaili said.

One person died in the fighting, Jwaili said — his 16-year-old cousin, Youssef Jwaili, son of the Zintan military commander.  Several others were injured, Jwaili said.

State TV, meanwhile, offered a different version of events. It reported “armed gangs and the colonialist crusader alliance” attacked a march of Libyan tribes at the entrance of Qawalish. It broadcast video of a convoy of civilian vehicles with passengers waving green government flags. It also showed video of people being treated at a hospital.

In a speech last week, Gadhafi called on his supporters to march — unarmed — to reclaim rebel-controlled cities and towns.

“A million should march to Benghazi and liberate it from the traitors without any weapons,” the strongman said. “Even without weapons, we can cleanse the western mountains by the march of men and women.”

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Europe’s Homegrown Terrorists


Gary Younge

Two weeks after the fatal terrorist attacks of July 7, 2005, in London, and one day after another failed attack, a student, Jean Charles de Menezes, was in the London Underground when plainclothes police officers gave chase and shot him seven times in the head.

Initial eyewitness reports said he was wearing a suspiciously large puffa jacket on a hot day and had vaulted the barriers and run when asked to stop. Anthony Larkin, who was on the train, said he saw “this guy who appeared to have a bomb belt and wires coming out.” Mark Whitby, who was also at the station, thought he saw a Pakistani terrorist being chased and gunned down by plainclothes policemen. Less than a month later, Whitby said, “I now believe that I could have been looking at the surveillance officer” being thrown out of the way as Menezes was being killed.

The Pakistani turned out to be a Brazilian. Security cameras showed he was wearing a light denim jacket and clearly in no rush as he picked up a free paper and swiped his metrocard.

“The way we see things is affected by what we know and what we believe,” wrote John Berger in Ways of Seeing. “The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled.”

When some Western commentators see a terrorist attack they are apparently far more comfortable with what they believe than what they know.

So it was on Friday when news emerged of the appalling attacks in Norway that have left an estimated seventy-six dead and a nation traumatized. Rupert Murdoch’s Sun in Britain (the bestselling daily newspaper) ran with the headline “Al Qaeda massacre: Norway’s 9/11.” The Weekly Standard insisted: “We don’t know if al Qaeda was directly responsible for today’s events, but in all likelihood the attack was launched by part of the jihadist hydra.” Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post then claimed: “This is a sobering reminder for those who think it’s too expensive to wage a war against jihadists.”

In just a few hours an entire conceptual framework had been erected—though hardly from scratch—to discuss the problem of Muslims in particular and non-white immigration in Europe in general and the existential threat these problems pose to civilization as we know it.

Then came the fact that the terrorist was actually a white, fundamentalist Christian and a neo-Nazi, Anders Breivik, raging against Islam and multiculturalism. Unlike Muslims in the wake of Islamist attacks, Christians weren’t called upon to insist upon their moderation. No one argued that white people had to get with the Enlightenment project. But the bombings—and the presumptions about who was responsible—suggest that the true threat to European democracy is not Islam or Muslims but, once again, fascism and racists.

The belief that Muslims must have been involved chimes easily with a distorted, hysterical understanding of the demographic, religious and racial dynamics that have been present in Europe for well over a generation, variants of which are also at work in the United States today.

The general framing goes like this. Europe is being overrun by Muslims and other non-white immigrants, who are outbreeding non-Muslims at a terrifying rate. Unwilling to integrate culturally and unable to compete intellectually, Muslim populations have become hotbeds of terrorist sympathy and activity. Their presence threatens not only security but the liberal consensus regarding women’s rights and gay rights that Western Europe has so painstakingly established; and overall, this state of affairs represents a fracturing of society that is losing its common values. This has been allowed to happen in the name of not offending specific ethnic groups, otherwise known as multiculturalism.

One could spend all day ripping these arguments to shreds, but for now let’s just deal with the facts.

There have been predictions that the Muslim population of Europe will almost double by 2015 (Oner Taspiner, the Brookings Institution); double by 2020 (Don Melvin, the Associated Press); and be 20 percent of the continent by 2050 (Esther Pan, Council on Foreign Relations). Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum told Sarah Posner of Religion Dispatches: “The number I heard is every 32 years the population, the European population of Europe will be reduced by 50 percent. That’s how bad their birthrates are. This is in many respects a dying continent from the standpoint of European-Europeans.”

This is nonsense. The projections are way off. While Muslims in Europe do have higher birthrates than non-Muslims, their birthrates are falling. A Pew Forum study, published in January 2011, forecast an increase of Muslims in European population from 6 percent in 2010 to 8 percent in 2030.

The Norwegian terrorist Breivik feared a Muslim takeover. But Muslims make up 3 percent of Norway. Black Americans have a greater presence in Alaska.

But even if these predictions were true, so what? There’s nothing to say Europe has to remain Christian or majority-white.

Nor do immigrants struggle to integrate. In Britain, Asian Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus all marry outside of their own groups at the same rates as whites. For most ethnic minorities in Britain, roughly half or more of their friends are white. Only 20 percent of those born in Britain have friends only from their own group. According to a Pew Research Center survey, the principal concerns of Muslims in France, Germany and Spain are unemployment and Islamic extremism.

In most of Europe the official politics of multiculturalism that the likes of Breivik and more mainstream politicians rail against—a liberal, state-led policy of encouraging and supporting cultural difference at the expense of national cohesion—is an absolute fiction. Last year German chancellor Angela Merkel claimed the “multikulti” experiment had failed. Earlier this year, British Prime Minister David Cameron said the same thing. The truth is that neither country ever tried such an experiment. “We never had a policy of multiculturalism,” explains Mekonnen Mesghena, head of migration and intercultural management at the Heinrich Böll Foundation. “We had a policy of denial: denial of immigration and of diversity. Now it’s like we are waking up from a long trance.”

The real object of their ire is the existence of “other”—meaning non-white—cultures and races in Europe: the fact of “other” cultures, not the promotion of them. The single greatest obstacle to integration in most of Europe is not Islam or multiculturalism but racism and the economic and academic disadvantage that comes with it.

And, finally, Muslims are nowhere near the greatest terrorist threat. According to Europol, between 2006 and 2008 only .4 percent of terrorist plots (including attempts and fully executed attacks) in Europe were from Islamists. The lion’s share (85 percent) were related to separatism. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem. But it’s not on the scale or of the nature that those first out of the gate on Friday claimed it was. Put bluntly, if you have to assume anything when a bomb goes off in Europe, think region, not religion.

But there are some in Europe who are struggling to cope with the changes taking place—who are failing to integrate into changing societies and who harbor deep-seated resentments against their fellow citizens. That is a sizeable and growing section of the white population so alienated that it has once again made fascism a mainstream ideology on the continent.

In Germany the bestselling book since the Second World War by former Bundesbank board member Thilo Sarrazin blames inbreeding among Turks and Kurds for “congenital disabilities” and argues that immigrants from the Middle East are a “genetic minus” for the country. “But the subject is usually hushed up,” he wrote. “Perish the thought that genetic factors could be partially responsible for the failure of parts of the Turkish populations in the German school system.”

A poll published in the national magazine Focus in September 2010 showed 31 percent of respondents agreeing that Germany is “becoming dumber” because of immigrants; 62 percent said Sarrazin’s comments were “justified”. In Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France and Italy, hard-right nationalist and anti-immigrant parties regularly receive more than 10 percent of the vote. In Finland it is 19 percent; in Norway it is 22 percent; in Switzerland, 29 percent. In Italy and Austria they have been in government; in Switzerland, where the anti-immigrant Swiss People’s Party is the largest party, they still are.

Breivik was from a particularly vile strain of that trend. But he did not come from nowhere. And the anxieties that produced him are growing. Fascists prey on economic deprivation and uncertainty, democratic deficits cause by European Union membership and issues of sovereignty related to globalization. Far right forces in Greece, for example, are currently enjoying a vigorous revival. When scapegoats are needed they provide them. When solutions are demanded they are scarce.

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